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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now with some spots seeing torrential downpours throughout the morning. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the drops on the camera and the road is definitely wet out there right now. right now, a major intersection in the north bay is closed. this is what it looked like at river road and sunset in forestville. crews are working to clean up a large slide there that's full of mud, rocks and branches. authorities say it could be closed through noon today. let's go to roberta, who has been tracking the storm all morning. >> as things brighten you will we'll see more and more cases of this. periods of heavy rain from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. the other side of the story are the gusty winds up to 45 miles per hour. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. it's been spot on all morning long showing where the flooding rains are and when you see the pockets of yellow, that's a concentration of moderate to heavy downpours. north bay starting to see a little bit of a break now as all this gradually slides to
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the south. marinwood, san rafael, uragoga long highway 101 through mill valley towards the golden gate bridge, pockets of heavy rain. san ramon valley pockets of heavy rain. walnut creek slammed all morning. meanwhile south bay near alviso, some light rain showers more moderate in concentration in santa clara and mountain view. heavy rains backing into the santa cruz mountains. ben lomond, boulder cream, when the heaviest rain arrives during the afternoon hours, that's when we are anticipating flooding on top of current heavy rain. the highlands very wet, san mateo bridge also a nasty morning commute. just got a report out of sfo, two-hour 46-minute delays on some arriving flights. city of san francisco, definitely wet this morning from chinatown back through the mission district. now, when you see the areas of red that encompasses for the
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most part sonoma and napa counties. that's where we have a flood warning in effect, with flooding occurring. yellow is flash flood watch. as you step out the door, there will be ponding on the roads. there will be some ponding on the sidewalks and downed trees. rock and mudslides very strong possibilities. this is the scene again looking towards the golden gate bridge where you can pick up the sheets of rain very showery in nature but being driven by wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. it's balmy out the door into the 50s and 60s. the winds have been blowing up to 45 at sfo now to 37 hours. 31 in san francisco. rim of the bay in the 20s. lighter winds to the east except for livermore at 23. 25 in vallejo. these winds are so ominous, the national weather service has extended the advisory until 1 p.m., then these winds will begin to subside but out of the southeast 20 to 30 throughout the morning commute. i wanted to break it down for you so you could plan your day
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accordingly. now through 10 a.m., windy soaking rains. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the heaviest rain shifts to the santa cruz mountains. this afternoon, the rains taper to scattered showers by the evening commute. but here it is right now. the atmospheric river has arrived and this funnels all the way back to the tropics. so later on this afternoon when it shifts to the south it is going to be like this firehose effect pouring more rain into the santa cruz mountains. that's our targeted area. here's your futurecast. high noon, still very wet throughout most of the bay area. towards the evening commute it's hit-and-miss scattered showers. but that santa cruz area, the one that will be hit hard. we start to see lingering showers on wednesday. we buy a break during the afternoon hours. and then more rain, flooding rains move in thursday. and so while we have the rains here locally, we are talking about up to about 3 inches of rain in some locations to the east and to the south. nearly 4 inches in ukiah, 47
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inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. over 2 in san francisco by thursday night. we are going to talk about the sunshine and when that will return, that's coming up later in the newscast. but we'll remain on storm watch. all right, roberta. thank you. crews will be keeping a close eye on the los gatos creek today. it's already overflowed from spillover from the vasona reservoir and it could only get worse with all this rain. people in the area say this is the first time they have ever seen the reservoir's floodgates open. and a wind advisory is in effect around the bay area forcing drivers to be extra careful on the bay bridge. and other roads. gusts could reach over 50 miles an hour in some areas. winds could knock down trees and spark power outages. you certainly want to be careful out the door this morning. and roqui, you and i were talking about driving over the bay bridge this morning. definitely two hands on the steering wheel. >> yes, michelle. it is definitely wet and
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scary out there! so it is 6:04. let's take a look at the traffic this morning. this has been in effect all morning long highway 12 at 121 in the sonoma-schellville area closed in both directions due to flooding. we have seen flooding here since the storm season has started so we'll keep an eye on that for you. if it's part of your morning commute and you can't avoid it take napa road and arnold drive instead. moving to another traffic alert this is in daly city, northbound 280 before highway 1, that's also known as 19th avenue, this is a solo rollover crash and our sensors are not telling you it's backed up but all lanes are open and you are not moving throughout that area. if you are traveling on southbound 101 in the area as well where you see the 39 miles per hour, there's a downed tree out there blocking a lane here at the south san francisco exit. so pretty rough conditions out there now. then head to oakland westbound 580 before grand avenue, it's a four-car crash blocking the left lane right now because of debris. the crash has been moved out of the road but clean-up crews are
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on the way to get the debris out there was so expect delays at 18 miles per hour in oakland. okay. a high wind advisory across the span into the peninsula of the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. that will take you about 20 minutes but you see traffic moving slowly because everyone is being careful out there. 10 and 2 again. a look at the altamont pass 20 miles per hour at north flynn road. 50 minutes from north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass. and, of course, if you want to avoid the roads because we suggest you do here's a look at mass transit right now. bart is on time. ace train is 12 minutes late but 3 is on time. muni and caltrain are on time, as well. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. right now senate democrats are in the middle of a marathon effort to derail president trump's pick of secretary of education betsy devos. you are looking live at the floor of the senate right now where they are about halfway through the 24-hour protest ahead of today's scheduled
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vote. and california senator kamala harris spoke last night about her concerns. >> harris: including her record and confirmation testimony and after speaking with teachers and students and parents from across california, it is clear she does not understand the importance or the impact of a public schoolteacher. >> protests against devos have popped up across the country over her support of charter schools and school vouchers and her lack of experience in public education. democrats need one more republican vote to block the nomination. otherwise, vice president mike pence will cast the deciding vote. meanwhile, the president is now insisting that the news media is intentionally ignoring terror attacks to down play the threat. he offered no proof to back up his claim. president trump made the statement to a military audience yesterday. [ applause and cheers ] >> hours later, the white house released a list of dozens of
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terror attacks since 2014 that the administration claims were underreported. the list includes last year's mass shooting at pulse nightclub in orlando, and the attack in nice, france, where 84 people died when a man drove a truck through a crowd. the president's comments come after a senior adviser kellyanne conway referred multiple times to a terrorist attack that never happened. she later said that she misspoke during her appearance on msnbc. but she has talked about the bowling green massacre at least two other times. conway now says that she was referring to two iraqi refugees accused of supporting terrorism back in 2011. this afternoon, a three- judge panel in san francisco will decide whether to reinstate president trump's ban on immigration from seven majority muslim countries. you can expect the fight to drag on after the ruling. >> whichever side loses has 14 days to ask for either a rehearing before a full panel more than 3 judges of the ninth circuit or they can just ask to
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go directly to the united states supreme court. >> today each side will get 30 minutes to make its case by telephone starting at 3:00. lawyers from washington and minnesota will argue that reinstating the ban would create chaos. the white house says that the ban is necessary for national security. in san francisco, a lawsuit might crush the city's plan to spend $300 million putting bus- only lanes along the geary street corridor. a group called san franciscans for sensible transit alleges that the public project leading to the approval on the environmental impact was flawed. the transportation authority stresses the project will prevent pedestrian injuries and improve bus arrival times. in livermore a major clean- up in store today after a fire gutted part of a religious center. it started around 8:00 at the vineyard christian fellowship on north livermore avenue. four classrooms were damaged and employees -- and one employee had minor burns after he tried to put it out with a
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fire extinguisher. investigators are now trying to find the cause of the blaze. time now 6:09. a bay area family devastated when thieves steal a wedding dress passed down among generations until an unexpected stroke of luck. >> and the plan to modernize caltrain service is now in doubt. details on the new roadblock. >> from the kpix weather center, good tuesday morning, everyone. we are under storm watch. the heaviest rain and the gustiest winds moving through the bay area right now. i'll tell you when to expect a little relief. >> all right. we have rain and that means mudslides. we have reported a few already this morning and now a new one affecting your bay area morning commute. we'll tell you exactly where it is when we come back. don't go anywhere. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces." ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ legalizing thousands of
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good morning. welcome to your soggy tuesday. time check 6:13. this is our live weather camera looking out towards sfo and on this stormy morning, we have delays at sfo now two hours and 46 minutes on some arriving flights. low clouds driving rain gusty winds up to 40 miles per hour. we have your traffic and weather coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. israel just passed a law legalizing thousands of settlement homes built unlawfully on private palestinian land. it was approved by lawmakers yesterday. the new law is just the latest in a recent series of pro- settler steps taken by israel's government. critics say the legislation enshrines into law the theft of palestinian land. it is expected to be challenged in israel's supreme court. new this morning, there's a new push to stop caltrain's electricification by state republicans. the party is pushing for president trump's administration to block a $650 million federal grant.
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the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that members of the state's gop sent a letter asking the transportation department to stop approval of a grant needed to electrify a caltrain line between san jose and san francisco. san francisco police are looking for the suspects involved in a violent home invasion. it happened on friday night on naples street near excelsior avenue. police say that four suspects forced their way into the home and beat the victims. one of those victims was pistol- whipped. the suspects reportedly stole cash and jewelry. in walnut creek, a woman passes away and a thief takes several valuables from her home. but learning a decades old wedding dress was gone left loved ones crushed. this dress was worn in 1961 at the wedding of marie clark mcentee's mom. but when she died in december a thief stole it plus a car, computer and jewelry. mcentee was devastated since
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four brides in the family had worn it. police recovered the dress and arrested the thief. >> no pressure on the younger generation. [ laughter ] >> but it's here if you need it if you want a free dress. it's really pretty. >> the lucky lady who wears it will find the name of the four previous brides to wore it embroidered on the bottom. it's so great they got the dress back. that's something that can be handed down over generations. >> i just love those stories of tradition and history. i watched one of the millennials saying i'm going to elope in vegas. don't need a dress. >> that's what i would have done but my husband said no. >> did you have a hand me down dress? >> do you keep it or still have it? >> i have to say i'm the only child so my parents are like, bam, whatever you want. i eloped. >> then we had, um, the big ceremony a year later. >> it's been a busy morning. it's been a mess. >> let's check traffic. the traffic alert the one
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we have been starting with all morning. this is the schellville-sonoma area highway 12 at highway 121 closed in both directions. so if this is part of your morning commute avoid it and take napa road and arnold drive. let's move to the newest traffic alert. eastbound 84 east of skyline boulevard in the san mateo county area and closed in both directions now due to a new mudslide. it's in the skylonda area. avoid the area. bay bridge toll plaza we have a high wind advisory across the span and traffic backing up towards the maze. it's going to take about 28 minutes. almost 30 minutes. there's due to high wind and rain in the bay area. moving to another traffic alert here in daly city, northbound 280 before highway 1 that's also known as 19th avenue we have a stole low rollover crash blocking all lanes there and then if you look to the right of your screen 39 miles per hour southbound 101 and that's
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closed at south san francisco exit due to a downed tree. moving over now to oakland we have slow traffic on westbound 580 before grant avenue due to a four-car crash off there off to the shoulder but we still have debris blocking roads. >> let's do this. this is our live hi-def doppler radar, we have under storm watch. we have pockets of pretty heavy and moderate rainfall and we have been seeing this all night long. buying a little bit of a break in the north bay as all this activity slides south. but still it's very wet from marinwood through san rafael off highway 101 as you make tracks into mill valley and as you work your way to the golden gate bridge. the heaviest concentration of precipitation for the past 2 1/2 hours happens to be right there in the san ramon valley. that's moderate to heavy downpours. i have been watching it carefully for the potential of an isolated thunderstorm. so far, i have not picked up any lightning bolts but that 580/680 corridor always dangerous. speaking of the santa clara
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valley, a gentle rainfall right now from san jose through willow glen. a little heavier precipitation as you work your way into the rose garden district. also, as you work your way into sunnyvale, the santa cruz mountains the targeted area this afternoon for flooding. we do have some pretty heavy rainfall there right now around san lorenzo park into redwood terrace. peninsula smacked hard. sfo now has delays 2 hours and 47 minutes on some arriving flights. visibility is an issue there right now. bayview district, hit-and-miss scattered showers into highway 101 as you work your way south towards sfo. flash flood warning in effect for napa and sonoma counties. this means that we do have flooding taking place right now. we do have for this huge yellow highlighted area a flash flood watch and many of you say what's that mean? that means heads up as you head out the door.
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a lot of ponding on the roads and sidewalks. temperatures haven't budged much at all. windy in the area. gusty winds as well 25 in the napa area. winds are so impressive today the national weather service has extended the high wind advisory to 1 p.m. this afternoon. then those winds will begin to taper. but i wanted to break it down for you: >> this is atmospheric river. so it dates all the way back to the tropics. it's tapping into that subtropical moisture. that's why it feels balmy outside and very showery. notice it's a rainout towards your lunch hour a bit of a break towards the evening commute. wednesday hit-and-miss showers
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to the north. thursday another batch of heavy rain moves back into the bay area. by the time it's all over, up to nearly 3 inches of rain throughout many places right here in the bay area. so we'll stay on storm watch. we'll be right back. ,,
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good morning. after almost three weeks kyle shanahan no longer has to choose his words carefully when asked about becoming the 49ers' next head coach. >> everyone wants to ask me what's going on and it's, um, i don't know. >> definitely isn't official because it's not allowed to be. >> so it's official this morning. shanahan's season with the falcons done, the 49ers have finally announced shanahan is the team's next head coach. he will get a six-year contract as atlanta's offensive coordinator he helped lead the falcons to the super bowl where they lost to the patriots 34-28 in overtime after leading that game 28-3. when tom brady was under center at serra high in san mateo no one could imagine he would win five super bowls except maybe kpix 5. in 1994
6:25 am
then sports director and hall of fame quarterback dan falk profiled brady while he was at serra. the story was found by our producer beth freeman who said he could see greatness in brady when they met 22 years ago. >> dan stood up all 6'5" of him and he looked at him and looked at me and said this is the guy. this is the guy to watch. >> tell me about tom brady the quarterback. what are your strengths? >> my strengths. so a pretty strong arm. which is good. i'm pretty accurate with it. and i think i need to work on my speed a little bit but hopefully that will come in time. >> that speed never came actually. by the way, tom brady had that jersey from the super bowl taken out of, um, his suitcase after the game and yesterday it was announced that the texas rangers not the baseball team but the rangers are now on the
6:26 am
case looking for that jersey that was stolen out of the locker room after the super bowl. update on that tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. today could signal the end of the staffing crisis in the san jose police department... reporter ad libs it is 6:26. a major announcement today could sarah palin the signal the end of the staffing crisis in the san jose police department. >> reporter: and it is an exceptionally wet and windy morning around the bay area causing a lot of trouble on the roads. we'll get you up to speed next. welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by the centers for disease control and prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. 29 million americans are living with diabetes and a third of them also have chronic kidney disease. that's a complication rutting from diabetes -- resulting from diabetes.
6:27 am
we are joined by dr. ann albright, director of cdc division of diabetes translation to talk about the dangers of kidney disease. it is good to have you here. >> thanks. >> tell us about the seriousness of this kind of kidney disease. >> the kidneys are the body's filter. chronic kidney disease is when those kidneys begin to shut down. >> so that we don't want to have happen. people living with any kind of diabetes, what can they do to prevent that? >> you want to understand the risk factors for chronic kidney disease. certainly having diabetes is one of the risk factors. avoid getting tribe ii diabetes. if you have any form of diabetes it is really important to manage your diabetes. if you have hypertension, high blood pressure, be sure you are controlling that. same with high cholesterol. if you have a family history of chronic kidney disease, keep a close look. if you are 50 and older, that's
6:28 am
a risk factor. >> as i understand it, one in three people who have diabetes have this chronic kidney disease also called ckd. that seems like a startling number. the medical implications are? >> if you have chronic kidney disease it can ultimately progress to end stage renal failure where you are going to need dialysis or a kidney transplant in order to survive. >> what do you need to be doing to be monitoring things so you don't get in the situation? >> it's why the tests and exams that people get to monitor kidney function are so critical. >> thank you. if you think you might be at risk for diabetes or chronic kidney disease it is critical that you get checked regularly. for more information visit thanks for watching. i'm joan
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confirmation battle for one of president trump's controversial cabinet nominees may have just gotten a whole lot tougher. weather ad libs the confirmation battle for one of president trump's's cabinet nominees got tougher. >> from the kpix weather center we have flood warnings and flood watches. we have a high wind advisory, delays at sfo, we're under storm watch. >> and over here in the traffic center, we have traffic alerts throughout the bay area that we'll give you the details on and also the mass transit updates you'll want to hear. good morning, it is tuesday, february 7. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego, time now 6:29. heavy rain and winds are making a mess of the morning commute. doesn't look bad on the golden gate bridge but you want to take it slow out there if you are heading out this morning. and right now, an intersection
6:30 am
in sonoma county is shut down due to flooding. heavy rains in schellville, two cars stuck in the water. the sierra is bracing for another round of storms. the area is under an avalanche warning. this is what it looked like in tahoe city yesterday. within the past day, some resorts are already seeing several inches of heavy wet snow. because of the conditions, parts of squaw closed yesterday and could remain closed today. time now 6:30. roberta has been busy on storm watch. >> they were getting gusts over 100 miles per hour above 8,000 feet. that's why they had to shut down the lifts. kenny, what was one of your favorite things to say about not driving through water? >> turn around, don't drown. >> that's right. >> take it seriously. >> we have to because we are seeing a lot of that on the roads. we have flood warnings and watches. let's get you to it right now. good morning, everyone. this is our live hi-def doppler radar all lit up.
6:31 am
actually north bay starting to see a little bit of a reprieve after being pounded in the overnight hours. plenty of rain around 101 out of mill valley this morning in towards the golden gate bridge. east bay that cell has been sitting over the 580/680 corridor for the past couple of hours. there's got to be some flooding over there at that interchange that's always very dire. and then as you make tracks on 680 south, heading towards fremont into milpitas until you land in silicon valley, we do have periods and pockets of heavy rainfall. i have been watching some of these cells carefully for the potential of an isolated thunderstorm. have not picked up any lightning strikes as of yet but pretty moderate rainfall at this moment in santa clara. this is going to be an area of concern later on this afternoon. heavy rainfall this morning in throughout the santa cruz mountains with more heavy rain expected for this afternoon. peninsula, we have two hours and 47-minute delays at sfo on some arriving flights. we are now beginning to see a little bit of a break in san francisco. flood warning in effect for the
6:32 am
huge red highlighted area, napa, sonoma counties for the most part. meanwhile, a watch for just about the entire bay area due to the flooding on the roads. 50s, 60s out the door right now. the other side of the story? windy conditions. right now, sfo 37. san francisco 31. tri-valley 23. napa 25. high wind advisory has now been extended until 1:00 this afternoon. then those winds will begin to dial back but i wanted to break it down for you so you could plan accordingly. from now through 10 a.m. the heaviest rain and windiest conditions until all this begins to shift towards the santa cruz mountains. that's when we'll see the heavy rain and flooding occurring there. and then the rain will begin to taper off to showers just in time for the evening commute. but we have a whole lot more rain coming up. we are going to tally it up and have that information coming up for you at 48 minutes after the hour. thank you. the rain is causing a messy commute all across the bay
6:33 am
area. kpix 5's anne makovec has been struck in traffic all morning and joins us live from millbrae. how is it now? >> reporter: it is really windy and really rainy [chuckling] really coming down. the wind died down a little bit but our truck has been wobbling all over the road as we have been going from place to place. there's been trees down, branches down. but i want to give you a look at this accident that did have us at a standstill on 280 about an hour ago. this is 280 northbound at highway 1. and, um, all lanes were blocked for some time. there was a red car that overturned. i'm not sure about the condition of the driver in that accident. but there is still slow traffic there northbound 280 at highway 1. just very difficult to get around this morning from the pop-up puddles that you'll see in addition to, um, the wind on the roadways and then the rain which is really just going
6:34 am
sideways sometimes. we also tried to check out there was a closure at devil's slide just north of devil's slide in pacifica because it was a tree down there. that was closing that road for almost 5 hours but that's now been reopened. we are also hearing of some trouble on the peninsula. a little bit further down right now at around 84 and 35 a possible mudslide. so we are just going around this morning in these conditions trying to find out what kind of things that you need to avoid. we'll do it for ya. live right now in millbrae, along 280, anne makevoc, kpix 5. on a morning like this i'm sure it doesn't take much to find a place that's been affected by all of the rain. >> yeah. >> and wind. >> pretty much the entire bay area has been affected this morning by the rain. let's get a check of traffic with roqui this morning. roqui. >> thank you, kenny. anne was accurate and thank you for her to be out there braving the conditions. okay at 6:34, let's check the roads starting with the richmond/san rafael bridge. we have a new traffic alert to
6:35 am
tell you about. eastbound 580 of the richmond/san rafael bridge at midspan, the right lane is blocked by an overturned big rig. now, chp is reporting that this is a high wind advisory across the span here so high-profile vehicles should avoid this bridge today. this is the worst bridge to drive on with the windy weather, fyi. moving to the golden gate bridge if you are heading from marin county into san francisco, that will take you about 20 minutes from 580 in san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza. and then a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights on traffic backed up towards the maze and rain coming down so a high wind advisory across the span and about a 20-minute drive from the maze to downtown san francisco. okay. moving over now to the peninsula commute it has slowed down significantly between hayward and foster city. so make sure you're talking on extra 30, extra 20 minutes to your morning commute so you can get to where you're going on time. a high wind advisory across the bridge, as well. in san mateo county we have a traffic alert in the skylonda area eastbound 84 east of
6:36 am
skyline boulevard and actually anne said this in her report closed in both directions from mudslide. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. happening today, antolin garcia-torres will appear in court for the sixth day of his murder trial. it's expected to resume again at 8:30 a.m. he is accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar almost five years ago. her body was never found. the case is heavily based on dna and other physical evidence which defense attorneys say investigators mishandled. on monday, several of lamar's friends took the stand as witnesses. two drifters have pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the 2015 shooting death of a canadian tourist and marin man. morrison lampley and lila alligood admitted to killing a woman in golden gate park, backpacking. then steven carter whose body was found on a trail near fairfax.
6:37 am
morrison and lampley could each face up to live in prison. three federal judges in san francisco will determine the immediate fate of the president's travel ban today. each side will make their arguments over the phone this afternoon. the judges will then decide whether to reinstate the travel ban affecting seven majority muslim countries. the justice department claims that the policy does not discriminate by religion, just by country of origin. state leaders in minnesota and washington disagree. >> clearly the law is on the president's side. the constitution is on the president's side. >> we care about national security. but we need to make decisions based on facts, not alternative facts. >> the hearing starts at 3 p.m. today. no matter the ruling, the case will end up in the u.s. supreme court probably. president trump's nominee for labor secretary has admitted to employing an undocumented immigrant. the admission by business magnate andrew puzder is one that's prevented past cabinet level nominees from being confirmed. he says he fired the
6:38 am
housekeeper when he learned of her immigration status. puzder heads the parent company that owns fast food chain hardee's and carl's, jr. this morning, alameda county's board of supervisors is set to vote on $750,000 in funding for immigrant refugees. if the motion is approved an anonymous donor will match the amount. the money will provide legal defense and protections for immigrants. 30% of the county's population is foreign-born. roughly 105,000 of those residents are undocumented. happening today, san jose's mayor and top cop will kick off a new hiring campaign. the leaders are hoping to boost department numbers amid a staffing crisis. in 2012, the community voted to limit benefits and pensions for city workers including police. it was blamed for the staffing shortage. but in november, voters reversed the measure. and now sjpd hopes to bring in a few new recruits. san jose police could be getting a big pay raise. city council members are voting
6:39 am
on the contract tonight. it would give officers a 10% raise by summer and another 10% phased over two years. authorities say that san jose officers are currently paid about $15,000 less than san francisco and oakland officers. time now 6:39. we finally know why some pg&e customers are seeing an unexpected increase on their monthly bills. >> and one bay area city announces a revolutionary plan to make higher education free for students. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a look. the dow is up 66 points. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." a break in the north bay that's been slammed all night. east bay hammered from 580/680 corridor making tracks across the sunol grade all the way into milpitas and in san jose. we have some heavy rain right now in alviso that's always very prone to flooding. light to moderate rainfall in san jose back through santa clara. it's raining hard in the santa cruz mountains. peninsula buying a little break near sfo but the damage is done. two hours, 42-minute delays on some arriving flights. traffic together in less than four minutes. uber could be taking off in the sky and a big quarter for
6:44 am
gap. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. such exciting news. it's easy to get tongue tied on it. uber is really getting serious about flying cars. it's hired mark mora a, a leading nasa engineer who published a paper on the feasibility of flying cars in the sense they would take off and land like helicopters but be smaller and quieter. obviously, reducing gridlock on the roads. now, mora tells bloomberg he knows there are hurdles to overcome but says it is possible with uber given that it's got 55 million active riders that he sees potential down the road or in the air so to speak for flying cars. gap is showing a bit of a turnaround. it's been trying to turn around its struggling business over the past year and gap reported that its 4th quarter sales were
6:45 am
better than expected. it saw sales gain in its flagship store, old navy performing and even though banana republic had a decline, better than last year so their shares are going up. a lot of rivals have reported very weak holiday season sales. stock market is looking to rebound after yesterday's slight decline. and in the early going the dow and the nasdaq each hit new record highs in the process. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. dow up by almost 90 points now. the nasdaq is gaining 13. and the s&p is up by 5 points. michelle and kenny back to you. >> thank you. looking forward to flying cars. >> it would be cool. >> that would be nice. jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you so much. san francisco is offering free schooling for anyone who lives in the city. city leaders have just struck a deal to provide more than $5 million for tuition. the money also includes extra
6:46 am
help for low income students for books and transportation. city college hopes all this leads to a jump in enrollment, which dropped sharply during a five-year accreditation crisis. time now 6:46. we could definitely use those flying cars today in this morning's traffic. let's check the morning commute with roqui. >> oh, flying cars. oh, how i wish. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's take a look now at a new traffic alert on the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is westbound san rafael bridge at the toll plaza so traffic moving smoothly here but on the eastbound sigh not so much. let's take a look eastbound 580 at midspan it's an overturned big rig blocking the right lane, and high-profile vehicles chp reporting avoid this bridge at all costs this morning if you can. it's the worst bridge to drive on with windy weather and there's officially a high wind advisory across the way there. so give yourself some extra time across the span of the richmond/san rafael bridge. same here across the span of the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on a lot of traffic backed up towards the maze. that's going to take up to 40
6:47 am
minutes from the maze to downtown. expect rain and high winds into downtown san francisco. if you want to avoid all the roads, i think this is a good idea, bart is on time, ace train 3 is on time, muni is on time. but huge news for the san francisco bay ferry. the 7 a.m. ferry from san francisco to harbor bay is canceled. the gale warning is in effect for san francisco bay waters some of those wind gusts up to 35 knots. very choppy on the bay this morning. very, very rainy with pouring conditions right now throughout much of the bay area. seeing a bit of a break across the north bay according to our live hi-def doppler. you were hammered all night long. we have scattered light rain around marinwood and san rafael along highway 101 as you go ahead and try to make your tracks in toward the golden gate bridge. east bay that's some heavy precipitation around the 580/680 corridor. lifting up to the sunol grade
6:48 am
into fremont wrapping around from milpitas and into the santa clara valley which right now has light to moderate rainfall around downtown san jose and mineta international airport. but it's pouring at the rose garden district. santa clara with heavy rain you just saw the shift in the activity around alviso and alum rock. that is heavy rain. the santa cruz mountains getting blasted right now with heavier rainfall later this afternoon. los altos hills along the peninsula 280 into loyola and into cupertino. it's a very wet morning commute. flash flood warning in effect for the napa river in saint helena. we are also seeing rising creeks in sonoma county. yellow is flash flood watch for the entire bay area. a lot of ponding on the roads. temperatures 50s and 60s. other side of the story, very gusty winds, 38 right now at sfo, 29 in oakland, 16 san rafael. pretty consistent winds 20 to 30 stronger gusts up to 40 miles per hour. this is why the national
6:49 am
weather service has extended the wind advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. then the winds will begin to dial back 10 to 20. i wanted to break your day down for you. so now until 10 a.m., windy with soaking rainfall. then all this shifts to the santa cruz mountains and then we'll have the rain begin to taper by the evening commute. you have to keep in mind this is atmospheric river conditions which means we have like a "firehose" effect all the subtropical moisture moisture all the way back to the tropics. it's taking a beeline to the santa cruz mountains with the pouring rain. we have rain through the afternoon hours tapering by the evening commute. wednesday more scattered showers and look what happens on thursday. bam! another big storm rolls into the bay area. between about now and thursday night, just about three inches of rain throughout most areas. 4 to 7 expected throughout the santa cruz mountains. 4 inches easily in the ukiah area. avalanche warning in effect
6:50 am
above 7,000 feet. we have "wet cement" snow. sun-up at 7:08. a little hint of sunset tonight just barely. temperatures today into the 60s. we are under storm watch today. lingering showers wednesday. another big storm on thursday. lingering showers through your friday evening commute. then we see dry weather on saturday through monday. in fact, all the way through valentine's day. with another round of rain by next thursday. but again, we'll remain right here on storm watch. roberta, thanks. we now know why some pg&e bills are going up because of the usage from the cold and wet weather recently. one utility watchdog group says that customers are also paying for pipeline improvements. state regulators approved the plan two years ago. some customers say that their bills have jumped nearly $70. the company says that you can ask for a bill review. time now 6:50. a protest on the floor of the u.s. senate is now in its 13th hour. the goal of the marathon demonstration. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 am
6:52 am
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6:54 am
,, so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. abuse. the company says it has begun a campaign to identify people who been banned for a this just in. twitter says it's cracking down on hate speech and abuse. the company says it has begun a new campaign to identify people who have been banned for abusive behavior so they can't create new accounts. and they are creating a safe
6:55 am
search feature that removes tweets from blocked and muted accounts from search results. a live look from the senate floor in d.c. that's where senate democrats are in the middle of a marathon effort to derail president trump's picture for secretary of education betsy devos. two republican senators will vote no. one more is needed to block the nomination. today a federal appeals court in san francisco will hear arguments on the immigration and travel ban. the same court refused to immediately reinstate the ban yesterday after the justice department filed paperwork in defense of the order. israel just passed a law legalizing thousands of settlement homes built unlawfully on private palestinian land. critics say the legislation enshrines into law the theft of palestinian land. it's expected to be challenged in israel's supreme court. in the middle of a staffing crisis the san jose police department is shopping for new
6:56 am
recruits. police chief eddie garcia will hold a news conference kicking off a new hiring campaign today. that comes as a city council vote happens this afternoon over given current officers a sizable pay raise. on the storm watch right now, the sierra is under an avalanche warning. this is what it look like in tahoe city last night. within the past days, some resorts are already seeing several inches of heavy wet snow. . [ pause ] i'm anne makovec live in millbrae along 280. the rain is coming down as you can see and it's been very windy this morning. it's made for a rough commute to say the least. check out this accident we saw on 280. this was about an hour and a half ago. but at one point all of the northbound lanes were blocked at highway 1. there was the red car that overturned. it was blocking all of the lanes. so still some slow going in that area just south of san francisco on 280. now, the next stop we're
6:57 am
planning on heading to is the peninsula. there is trouble on 35 and 84. we are hearing about a mudslide blocking lanes. so i think we are going to be bouncing around the peninsula and the bay area all day finding storm drama because it is rainy and the winds really kicking up. live in millbrae, anne makevoc, kpix 5. all right, thank you, anne. get somewhere warm, okay? it's 6:57. let's look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is the toll plaza heading westbound, traffic slow but we do have a problem on the eastbound side of the bridge here. it's a traffic alert issued by chp. eastbound 580 at midspan. it's an overturned big rig blocking the right lane. so chp is advising high-profile vehicles including big rigs to avoid the richmond/san rafael bridge today because of those high winds. it's the worst bridge to take during the high wind advisory. another high wind advisory across the span of the bay bridge and rain coming down on you guys, the maze to downtown now up to 40 minutes so give yourself some extra time to get
6:58 am
through here and some unfortunate news here a fatal crash lanes closed between north coach street and apple valley lane in santa rosa. chp is conducting an investigation. so expect delays in the area at north coast street. art, ace train, muni and caltrain on time. if you are heading to the san francisco bay ferry check for cancellations. they are having to cancel some due to the rain and capitol corridor has a systemwide delay. live hi-def doppler suggests heavy precipitation out of the north bay but still raining all day. we have a flood warning in effect for the napa river and saint helena for the creeks in the southeastern portion of sonoma county. santa cruz mountains getting nailed this afternoon. east bay you have seen lots of ponding on the roads already. this is by friday, we expect two to five inches of rain over the peninsula up to 7 inches of rain in the wettest locations. visibility an issue now at sfo two hours 47 minutes delayed on
6:59 am
some arriving flights. we are in the 50s and 60s. winds are very problematic this morning. 37-mile-per-hour winds at sfo, 18 pleasanton, 16 san rafael. up to 20 in napa. wind advisory extended until 1:00 p.m. then the winds begin to dial back. here's your extended forecast. we'll remain on storm watch with lingering showers wednesday, brand-new big storm on thursday, lingering into friday. a dry weekend. whew! thank you, roberta. >> right now in boston people are bundled up in their winter best for patriots victory parade. >> big crowds are lining the route to cheer on their winning team up close. this is a live look along the parade route. people are starting to come n looks like it's raining there, too. >> yeah. >> maybe snow. >> yeah. >> the shocking comeback sunday brought the franchise its fifth super bowl title. in the end they beat the falcons 34-28 in overtime. boston's police commissioner says his officers are ready and geared up for today's parade.
7:00 am
♪ ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, february 7th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump demands quick action as a appeals court reviews the travel ban and accuses reporters of downplaying terror attacks, and the facts show otherwise. and then one couple tells us it makes no sense to break up a family one 3-year-old has ever known. and then spending 15 hours to craft each trophy. we begin this morning


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