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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm don dahler. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, february 9th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." right now millions throughout the northeast are bracing for a massive snowstorm with more than a foot in store for some places, while on the west coast -- >> yeah, you basically go to sleep just praying for the rain to stop. >> severe storms trigger devastating mudslides with more rain on the way. breaking overnight, protesters in arizona rally to block a woman's deportation, while her kids join the fight to keep her in the country. >> we're trying to stay strong
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and positive. we're out here with our community. and disheartening and demoralizing, nominee neil gorsuch attacks the juice dishl system. >> i think it's sad. i think it's a sad day. i think our security is at risk today. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning a major snowstorm is hitting the northeast. more than a foot of snow is expected in some areas including high winds and coastal flooding. power outages are expected and the storm is already impacting travel. nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled so far and the brunt of the storm is hitting nearing the morning rush. hena daniels is here this
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morning. good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the first flakes have started falling in new york city in columbus circle. the city is expecting to get about a foot of snow. crews have been prepping the roads here in new york city and across the northeast. crews loaded up salt trucks and treated roadways ahead of the biggest storm the northeast has seen so far this winter. >> we're ready to roll. >> the quick-hitting snow is expected to bring heavy winds, flooding, and up to a foot or more of snow for the region, right in time for the morning rush. >> it could be up to 3 inches an hour. that will create whiteout conditions. >> people in massachusetts and maine are gearing up to take the brunt of the hit. the national weather service predicts the state could get 12 to 18 inches of snow. >> we want people to stay indoors as much as possible. dress in layers when you are outside. >> reporter: the winter weather comes day after the people across the northeast here in no,
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soaked up seasonable like temperatures. >> reporter: as some spent the day riding bikes, others rushed to stock up on food, shovels, and other essentials for the storm. >> first thing this morning and it's mobbed. >> i'm sweating. >> reporter: they're expecting frigid temperatures as it moves out of the area by friday morning. and mayors in philadelphia and boston have already declared a state of emergency and thousands of kids across the northeast have scored a snow day today. anne-marie? >> they certainly have. unfortunately for us, no snow day. we're going to be working. at least you're dressed and prepared for it, hena. hena daniels in new york. thank you, hena. >> a major winter storm under way across the northeast this morning. we're looking at blizzard
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conditions possible across long island as well as portions of massachusetts where near the coast the winds will be strongest. it's a fast hitting snowfall as we head through today, but it's already gone as we head toward late tonight. by early friday morning it is long gone and out to sea. but it leaves behind a swath of snow, half a foot in philly and a foot possible in heartland and boston. the biggest the cities have seen this winter. across the west coast it's about rain. it's been a nearly record-setting wet season across california. high water levels. some rivers going into flood and significant rain today as well as through friday before things taper down. i'm meteorologist eric fisher with cbs news. all that rain has saturated the ground that's caused all kinds of problems. in santa cruz mudslides have
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closed several roads. one house was knocked off its foundation when a wave of trees and rocks came crashing down. the woman inside had to grab her daughter and make a run for it. >> thankfully she grab my daughter, ran outside, barefoot and everything. >> they escaped without injury but the house is scattered over a 200-foot area. a tornado damaged homes and buildings. 33 people were
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her back to mexico. her children were part of the protest aimed at keeping her in the states. >> we tried not to cry. we have to stay strong. i told her i loved her. >> she was part of an immigration raid, served si called the judge a so-called judge and continued his criticism to law enforcement
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officers. >> courts seem to be so political and it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what's right. >> the president says the law gives him the power to act and, quote, a bad high school student would understand this. today the senate is expected to vote on tom price for health secretary. yesterday following a bitter debate, they confirmed jeff sessions and attorney general. >> i hope and pray i can be worthy of the trust you've given me. i'll do my best to do that. >> democrats charge sessions is too harsh on immigrants and minorities and too close to the president. former nba basketball star charles oakley was arrested following an altercation at madison square garden. >> charles oakley is involved in
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something. >> a former knick was shouting at owner james dolan who he has an issue with. oakley was charged with three counts of assault. fans chanted his name as he was lead away, and he was released last night. a wild chase in downtown los angeles. >> whoa, whoa. that's what we were worried about. and look at that. so it collision. whoa, causing another collision right there. >> a shooting suspect smashed into two cars flipping one after driving recklessly on a major freeway. police grabbed the suspect and helped a woman trapped in the flipped car. five circus performers are recovering after they fell while rehearsing on a tightrope. the accident involved famed tightrope walker nick wallenda.
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they fell 30 feet to the ground. they plan to open tomorrow. >> the people are resilient. the show must go on. >> the circus says it appears some of the performers just lost their balance. coming up on the "morning news" now, pipeline progress. work is set to resume on a controversial pipeline that sparked months of protests. and a massive explosisparke. and a massive explosion at a chemical plant in china. this is the "cbs morning news." tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
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standards. big punishment for a big 12 power house and work is set to resume on a controversial power line. those are some of the headlines on the "morning news" stand. the hill reports that federal officials greenlighted the construction of the dakota pipeline. they confirmed the workers can run the pipeline under the missouri river. protesters say that can engager drinking water. "time" says it launched an investigation against emmett till. a woman recently said she lied when she said till made physical and verbal advancements on her. till who was just 14 was killed in mississippi by two men. till's death helped to spark the civil rights movement. the "houston chronicle" says the big 12 wants reforms in baylor's scandal-ridden athletic department. the conference is withholding one-fourth of the university's future sports revenue. the school will get the money
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once promised changes are made. reports of sexual assaults by baylor athletes are being investigated. and yahoo! sports explains a rule change pro baseball plans to test. a runner will be placed on second base at the start of each extra inning to speed up tied games. now, the plan will be tried this season in low-level minor leagues, and then it will be reviewed by the majors. still ahead, the president versus nordstrom. mr. trump attacked the department store in a tweet. we'll see how it affects the retailer's bottom line. then it becomes a sandwich as mighty as it is humble. easier to make than a mistake. as simple as a sunny day, but just as perfect. when you make a pb&j with smucker's, that's the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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here's a look at here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ for those who struggle to find a unique dress to wear, there's an app for that. google and h&m clothing are testing what they call coated couture. it monitors your phone to track lifestyle choices and designs a personalized data dress, and then if you're asked who you're wearing, you can truthfully say "me." on the "cbs moneywatch"
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president trump's tweet targeting nordstrom, and a cheesy wedding registry from a famous pizza maker. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morningmorning, anne-ma. more earnings reports are on tap for today including twitter. yesterday the dow lost nearly 36 points, the s&p gained a point and the nasdaq hit 8 hitting a a new record high for a second day in a row. the president said he was just protecting his daughter. the partners of nordstrom decided to stop selling ivanka's clothing line and president trump said she was tweeted so unfairly. nordstrom says they acted because of declining sales. nordstrom's shares dropped following the president's tweet but then shares rebounded, ending the day 2% higher. intel says the factory will employ about 3,000 works in a semiconductor factory. construction originally began in 2011 but was stopped. intel said the factory will
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build chips for data centers and smart devices. tesla says it's on schedule to begin production of its model 3 sedan. they will begin on february 20th. full production is scheduled to begin in july. more than 370,000 customers have already put down deposits. and the wedding season is just around the corner, and now you can create a wedding registry at domino's pizza. domino's launched its wedding registry yesterday. it offers gift cards in various amounts. so a $60 gift card covers a 2:00 a.m. bachelor party feast. a $100 gift card will get pizzas delivered to the wedding reception, and that card is sent to couples electronically. anne-marie. >> you can give a pizza to a betroegt to a bee tloegted heart. >> i know betrothed a pizza your heart.
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with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. caused a huge mess on area freeways. the clean up ahead of the next wave of rain. and flooding still lingering in area communities. where conditions are supposed to get even worse today. and new documents show -- city officials in oakland missed opportunities to do something about the ghost ship warehouse before a deadly fire broke out there. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's thursday, fe,, ,$8drw
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. katy perry is gearing up for her performance during the grammys. she psyched up her fans by sending them on a scavenger hunt. perry released a map listing a location of a few dozen disco balls around the world. the silvery balls can play her new sng "change to the rhythm."
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you can catch every note of the grammys right here on the cbs. james corden of "the late late show" will host the grammy awards on sunday night. that's at 8:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. central. amid the colorful lore of the old west, one story is often forgotten. about one half of the cowboys were african-american. >> reporter: they say it's the greatest show on dirt. >> we have the bull riding, bareback riding, calf roping and we have our juniors. >> reporter: the cowboys and cowgirls of the bill picket invitational rodeo named after the famous cowboy of the early 1900s are one of a kind. >> i didn't know it was a black cowboy. >> reporter: her late husband's lou launched the rodeo more than 30 years ago. >> well, you know, when the rodeo started, people did not know there were black cowboys or black cowgirls.
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they were not allowed to participate. >> reporter: so everyone here, it's family. >> it's family, you know, and a number of them call me mom, and i treat them like my kids. >> reporter: today women run the company. carolyn carter is manager and cowgirl. >> i represent the flag and people are going, oh, my goll', look at her. she's got all her teeth. she has hair. she's cute. >> reporter: the crowds keep coming along for the ride. >> every time i come here, i always be fascinated with just the little kids riding. >> reporter: more than just entertainment, it's keeping black cowboy tradition and history alive. danielle nottingham, cbs news, denver, colorado. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the co-founders of the photo-sharing site pinterest. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top stories this morning, a our top stories this morning, a powerful winter storm is blasting the northeast with heavy snow, powerful winds, and coastal flooding. the storm is fast moving but intense. preparations have been under way through the night. some areas can expect more than a foot of snow, and near whiteout conditions are possible. nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled, schools are closed in philadelphia, new york, and boston. officials are urging residents to stay off the roads if possible. and protests erupted after an arizona woman was taken into custody by immigration officials. guadeloupe garcia de rayos had
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appeared for a routine check-in. her family fears she'll be deported under president trump's new immigration policy. and we are learning more about a security threat to the president's inauguration last month. homeland security correspondent jeff pegues has found that hackers disabled much of the vast network of security cameras in washington and held them for ransom. >> reporter: eight days before president trump was sworn in, hackers breached traffic and security cameras around washington, d.c. the cameras were part of the security setup for the inauguration and were being monitored at this fbi command center. chris caruso is leading the investigation for the secret service. >> there was a great concern to figure out who did this, why they did it. >> reporter: within hours of being notified the secret service was able to zero in on potential suspects in britain. police arrested a man and a woman the day before the inauguration, but the investigation is expanding to
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more countries. secret services electronic crimes task forces are also now working the case. the malware that's affected the service has been identified as ransom ware used to take over companies and then used to take monies from cities, companies, and hospitals. >> did they make any demand? >> i can't speak specifically what the secret service found. >> if they did, you can't talk about it. >> that's right. no ransom money was paid. the cameras were fully operational for the inauguration. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington.
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