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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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side. chp says that's not a good idea. they got calls about the hole around 3 p.m. they immediately rushed to the scene. they have blocked off the area to all vehicles. no one was on the stretch of road when it gave way. this is a stretch of highway 35 that cuts right through the santa cruz mountains above los gatos. and it is pretty close to castle rock state park. and there's a look from the ground. a chp officer snapped this photo. nobody was driving there. you can see how wide the hole is, completely ruining that portion of the highway 35. because of the sheer size of this damage, it is unclear how engineers will even begin to restore the mountainside let alone get the road rebuilt. as you can imagine, highway 35 is closed indefinitely. and we are talking with caltrans right now. our betty yu is on her way to that scene and we'll bring you more information as we get it. thank you. also new at 6:00 havoc on
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highway 1. the north bay scenic coastal drive ruined by rain and crews are scrambling to keep up with the damage. the problem stretched from the panoramic highway in muir beach to jenner. kpix 5's emily turner is live in mill valley with the major repair job needed along the coast. >> reporter: that repair work is exactly why all of these barricades are right here. for a scenic highway this portion won't be seen by drivers anytime soon. it's california's coastal highway that's slowly crumbling towards the sea. >> it's always been doing this. every time there's weather, highway 1 takes a vacation. >> reporter: there have been plenty of big weather. the winter's inundation of rain has undermined the earth under the road. there have been slides. one shut the highway down before stinson beach and slumping here has half the road falling down the hill side.
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we flew "sky 5 drone" between panoramic and muir beach. it's closed and won't re-open until april. even with caltrans fast- tracking the repairs it, will be a major lengthy job. >> i wouldn't call that stream but it's pretty, um, intense. especially with the slope coming down like this. >> reporter: the southbound side of highway 1 is closed for obvious reasons near jenner. emergency crews have had to fly the chopper because they can't get out there. caltrans will close the whole road on monday and tuesday of next week because it needs to shore up the northbound lanes before more rain ruins those, too. >> it's a huge problem because the alternative routes are on very winding back roads. there's possibly landslides back there that nobody knows about. there's no cell coverage. so if you get stuck back there, you're stuck. >> reporter: drivers all along the coast have had to take
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detours to get inland and all the repairs have crews scrambling from one site to another staying on their toes so those on four wheels will be able to get by. >> it's very steep and the slopes are very slope-y and, um, mud wants to go downhill and it's going to continue to do that. we don't have any charge of that. >> it just goes a little downhill and we fix it again. >> reporter: caltrans is currently coming up with a detour for the jenner situation. the detour for this one is panoramic highway which we took this afternoon and let me tell you, there were several piles that were shoulder high on me of mud and clay that had to obviously have been pushed off the road from where they had fallen before. and driving by it, it's clear there will be more falling down. so if you are on the roads and heading to the coast or from the coast, please, be careful. reporting live in mill valley, emily turner, kpix 5. "sky 5 drone" gives us a unique look at the damage done from the storm. chief meteorologist paul deanno will break it down for you.
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>> keep an eye on the house in san rafael right there. cameras were rolling this week when a mudslide finished off the house on mountain view avenue. "sky drone 5" flew over the mudslide mess today for a view. no other camera can get to it. debris scattered everywhere. hard to make out what was in the house but you can see insulation, broken boards and a tree laying on top of the home. the two homes on either side of the crushed house have been red- tagged and now it's other neighbors who are worried. public works officials say the slide is unstable to do anything to it right now. we flew up the hillside. "sky drone 5" was able to see a waterfall carrying runoff from those storms. highway 37 in novato closed again tonight. "sky drone 5" shows dry spots as it begins to hover over the water covered roads. chp says this is the worst flooding they have seen since this all started back in early january. they are looking at a prolonged closure possibly into late next week. so what we don't need is additional rainfall.
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for most of today we were rain- free but kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar amazingly still tracking one or two showers over sonoma county and marin county right now. a few drops of rain in novato, north to petaluma, up toward cotati and santa rosa. we have a few light to moderate rain showers there. we have heard of a mudslide on 50, 80 and now the snow is still falling. winter storm warning for snow showers and black ice on our major roads. so still we have the mess to clean up, but we're dry. how long do we stay dry? we'll talk about that in weather in about 8 minutes. thank you. the massive mudslide on highway 17 back on the move causing even more of a headache for drivers. all lanes have been closed once again at summit road southbound and granite creek road northbound. kpix 5's jackie ward on why crews say they can't continue clearing the debris. jackie. >> reporter: this part of highway 17 is obviously empty. you maze the occasional car
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sneak through because chp is allowing local traffic to get by. but less than a mile from here, traffic is at a standstill. and chp is diverting it at summit road. to say this week has been rough on chp, caltrans and drivers who rely on highway 17 is an understatement. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: with yet another landslide, frustration is high. >> it's a beater. i mean, i have never seen it like this ever. i mean, this is the worst i have ever seen -- i have seen a lot of highway 17 action, but this is definitely the worst i have ever seen it. >> i'm a kindergarten teacher. i'm trying to get back home. [ laughter ] >> reporter: trying. >> i left this morning at 5:30 from aptos. made it to, um, work 10 minutes before 8:00. >> reporter: sadness is also running high here as the road crews mourn the loss of one of
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their own. 53-year-old bobby gill, a construction worker for "graniterock," died yesterday when he was hit by a truck as it attempted to clear the massive slide. that mess is only bigger tonight because of this oreland slide that's still moving forcing drivers to spend hours in their cars without making much progress. >> i was in los gatos and i just out of habit wound up on 17. i'm on my way to pacific road. hope to get there by tomorrow. >> reporter: we just learned that chp determined they will be able to open one lane of southbound traffic to allow two- way traffic. that will be happening within the hour. from highway 17, jackie ward, kpix 5. we are monitoring conditions along the russian river in guerneville. the river crested for the second time this week. the high water mark happening just after noon. the national guard has been on standby to help anyone during the flooding and the county has opened the emergency operations center to provide updates to
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residents. more storm coverage in about 10 minutes. new at 6:00 bay area tesla employees acclaiming they are overworked but the founder elon says that's outrageous! da lin live in fremont with the one worker who is now speaking out. da. >> reporter: stunning allegations made by tesla worker complaining of long hours, low pay and unsafe conditions. but elon musk calls the man a hired gun. it's the first time a fremont tesla worker is speaking up about the alleged conditions behind these walls. jose moran says he has been on the production line for four years. he says because of the push to make more electric cars, they do excessive mandatory overtime, clocking in 60 to 70 hours a week. he says preventable injuries happen a lot. machinery is noter nom cloudy compatible with our bodies with too much twisting and turning
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and extra physical movement to do jobs that could be simplified if worker input were welcomed. moran says a few months ago six out of eight people in my work were on medical leave at the same time due to various work related injuries. tesla's ceo elon musk fired back. >> tesla has invited me to come out and have a tour. >> reporter: this assemblyman is trying to bring both sides together. >> we expect to have a meeting together in the very near future where the employees and management can talk about the working conditions. >> reporter: the union says it's not paying jose moran. now, moran does want to form a union here at the factory. he says most workers make between 17 and $21 an hour. allen, that's well below the national average for autoworkers. >> da, have you been able to talk to mr. moran?
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>> reporter: no, i have not. now, the union did make him available for a phone interview after his shift this afternoon today. we are parked right in front of the factory and we wanted to meet with him in person to interview him. but the union says no. instead, they gave us a video of jose moran talking about this. but we did not want to use that video handout. is he making some very serious allegations against tesla. we thought it important to meet with him in person and ask him questions in person but the union said no. >> absolutely. all right, da lin, thank you. bart commuters know what it's like to be on a packed train and now a new plan to ease that crunch but not all riders will be happy about it. >> a frantic fight to protect the nation's callest dam. the crisis at lake oroville that could send water pouring over an emergency spillway for the first time ever. >> later more than 100 people on a waiting list to pick garlic. a major labor shortage in california. ,,
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during rush hour. but a new plan approved by bart directors has a tradeoff: it will be even harder to find a bart riders may soon find it easier to squeeze on a crowded train during rush hour but a new plan approved by bart directors has a trade-off. it's going to be harder to find a seat. kpix 5's susie steimle explains. >> reporter: when it comes to
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commuting on bart, apparently there's only one way to describe it. >> there are definitely times either mornings or evenings where you're packed in like sardinas. a bunch of packed sardinas. >> reporter: bart decided a temporary st. louis to crowded trains was necessary before the new fleet of train cars are released this year. bart will remove seven seats from 380 cars totaling 2660 seats systemwide. >> no way. >> reporter: that was kevin drone's response to this concept. most people who dislike the plan have long commutes like his. >> i'm going to el cerrito and then to vallejo. >> we think we would be able to serve 10000 extra riders during the commute period from the removal of the seats. >> reporter: she says not everyone likes the plan but something had to be done. >> what we're seeing are [ indiscernible ] you have been in line, waited for the train and you can't get in. >> reporter: we know bart surveyed its riders before deciding to go ahead with this
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plan and the majority of them approved. 20 cars have already had those seats removed and the rest will roll out in the coming weeks. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> bart directors have also approved funding for more bicycle parking at stations. 20 new electronic lockers are going to hold a total of 80 bikes on top of the 1400 lockers that already exist. they fill up quick on weekdays. officials think they can avoid plan b. the damage is at the lake or slowville spillway which dumps water into the feather river to prevent flooding. earlier this week concrete broke off the spillway creating a 200-foot-long 30-foot-deep hole and that hole continues to grow. but storm runoff started to decline late yesterday and operators boosted the water release so now it's less likely the lake will rise to the point
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where water flows into the emergency spillway. that emergency spillway has never been used in oroville dam's 48 years. it's right next to the damaged one but opens on the rugged hillside so officials want to avoid using it if possible. there is no flood threat to communities downstream. don ford shows us the work involved to get the emergency spillway ready just in case. >> reporter: next to the giant broken spillway the race is on. >> we are clearing brush below it see this if we had to use it it wouldn't be washed into the diversion pool and plug updates down below. >> reporter: never in history has the emergency spillway been used. trees and bushes have grown here for 50 years. all of it must go or risk being washed downstream if the emergency spillway is needed. >> then this. how is that looking today? >> today with the latest forecast it looks like we'll not reach the emergency spillway elevation and we won't
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have to use it. >> reporter: the work removing and prepping the hillside is not stopping. >> we are planning as a contingency plan in case we run into trouble with our controlled spillway gate and have to shut those down. >> reporter: pg&e is rushing to remove a major power line that's directly below the potential path of the water. helicopters rushing across the valley are lifting tower sections as fast as the ground crews can take them apart. >> we're certainly working with helicopters and bad weather so we are taking as many precautions as we can. >> reporter: engineers point out that every dam in california over 25 feet tall must have an emergency spillway. even though the emergency spillway now is not expected to top over this weekend, work to clear that ridge will continue as quickly as possible because as one dam official told me earlier, winter is not over. near the oroville dam, don ford, kpix 5. south bay water officials trying to lower a reservoir
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level quickly to reduce pressure on a shaky dam there. the anderson reservoir is in morgan hill a couple of miles east of highway 101. it is now at 91% capacity. of course normally that would be great but the reservoir is under a state order not to exceed 68% capacity after a 2009 study found the aging dam could fail if a strong earthquake hits morgan hill. the water district is already releasing water at the base of the dam but that's not enough. >> it's understood by the dam regulators that there are times like this when there's so much water coming in that you can't keep it to that level. so we just have to get it out as fast as we can by opening the outlet which are we've done. >> more coming in than going out. the water district expects the reservoir to top out next week and water will pour out of the main spillway for the first time since 1996. then it could take as long as nine weeks for the reservoir to get down to that safe level.
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and a retrofit on the dam still years away. it's ironic to be in this position after a drought. >> i have seen a couple of tweets saying why don't we release more water? people live along the river down street. if you release it all at once it's bad for those downstream. so a problem we didn't think we would have some weeks ago. we knew we were ending the drought but little did we know in late january it would be over. take a peek on the radar now because we are not completely dry. some showers through sonoma county, marin county right now. one just about to cross the golden gate. folks out for -- it's been sunny all day in sausalito. now get ready for the 6:30 dinner reservation and it rains. a shower over top of mill valley, sausalito and tiburon, that's it a couple of minutes of rain a minor inconvenience and there's nothing behind it. we are drying out on doppler
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radar. we have a lot of snow in the sierra. the south sierra is more than double average for this time of the year. snowpack 80% above average. if today was april 1, if it's not, your taxes would be due in two weeks, if today was april 1 we would still be 28% above average. clear skies over the san mateo bridge highs today in the 60s. san jose 63. concord 64. san rafael 65 degrees. low pressure now passing through far northern california. as it does it will take showers with it and high pressure ridge will build in. things are going to calm down. showers overnight. chance of fog in the north and east bay valleys. lowest temperatures livermore 43 and santa rosa 41. weekend is going to be nice. a nice word to use, nice. it's going to be nice outside this weekend. temperatures into the 60s. dry until the middle of next week. here's a look at what to expect. giants fanfest tomorrow. sunshine, 60 degrees. beautiful day for giants fans. pebble beach pro-am looking
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good, as well. a mix of sun and clouds. seasonal temperatures. the extended forecast look at all that gorgeous sunshine through tuesday. we are cloudy but dry wednesday showers do not return until thursday. we have earned some pleasant weather. we get the pleasant weather for your weekend. that's your forecast. thank you. more than a dozen train cars tumble into the water. the dramatic scene in sacramento where a freight train filled with food ended up in the swollen river. why we're not going to be talking about tiger woods for a while, and what good fortune for the head coach of the raiders. ,,,,,,
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we're told to live large, but maybe we've had it wrong all along. maybe our most extraordinary moments happen when we feel small. princess cruises, come back new.
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clouds at pebble beach. ...woods, who won a us open and a pro-am there...issued ng stating doubts about tiger woods' playing future as thick as the rain clouds at pebble beach. woods who won a u.s. open and pro-am there issued a statement this morning stating he would
6:24 pm
skip his next two events due to back spasm issues. that's next week in l.a. and the following week in florida. bill murray, oh, my gosh, allen. >> look out. >> going in for a smooch! pga stop we're barefooting with jim furyk, pebble beach round 2. this is how i play off the walkway. he is even through 36 holes. he is playing the pebble beach course today. he did put the shoes and socks back on. despite glass hill, wayne gretzky a little short game and yes. just jarred it. gretzky played with his son-in- law dustin johnson. jordan spieth 55, 10-under for the tournament. jason day is one stroke back. baseball at&t park, is where it's at tomorrow. it's the giants fanfest. who is the star buster posey or his wife kristin? >> she is probably oh, i have a
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few things. you know, it's the big list. the "honey do" list. >> she takes care of everything. so, i'm more than happy, more than happy, sweetheart, to help out. [ laughter ] >> man, that smile hunter pence he got married in november. pitcher ty blach did not get marry but enjoyed a harry potter vacation. jeff samardzija took a break and hit the streets of italy. >> do you recognize him? >> i think they think i'm [ indiscernible ] than me. i usually go over there and just act like i'm a soccer player. nfl, and the raiders!! how do they reward head coach jack del rio after a 12-4 play- off year? they ripped up his contract and gave him a new four-year deal. now, boy, we'll get out of here with this one the charles oakley story. the new york knick for 10 years
6:26 pm
thrown out wednesday night by security at madison square garden. knicks owner james dolan has banned him from the garden indefinitely. and dolan fired the head of security today. oakley who had paid for his ticket had been told he was not welcome because of negative comments toward the team's performance. the knicks have lost three straight and have a record of 22-32. i'm done with the noise. >> thank you. coming up in the next half- hour president trump comes back swinging after a stinging defeat to his travel ban. what he revealed about plans for a brand-new executive order to restrict immigration. >> fear and outrage as dozens of undocumented immigrants are arrested in southern california. the demand for answers after a series of i.c.e. raids. >> and he is transporting crowds to a different world with his unique mix of music and visuals. the bay area grammy nominee inspired by underground warehouse parties.
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it's my best buttery jack yet. the triple bacon buttery jack, with hickory-smoked bacon, bacon mayo, and my super secret ingredient...bacon butter! it's amazing. let's email the team. email? don't worry, we're not going to get hacked. we've been hacked! what! they got everything! everything!! everything. who could have done this!?! ...professionals. whoa. bacon butter. what!?! ooh, i haven't had lunch. ouch! the word is out. get my new triple bacon buttery jack before it's gone. storm damage around the bay area.. liz cook has an update on a highway 35 that now at 6:30, we're following dramatic pictures of the storm damage around the bay area. liz cook has an update on a stretch of highway 35 that's been washed out. liz. >> reporter: there's now a gaping hole where there used to be a portion of highway 35.
6:30 pm
it is now just been completely washed away. these images from chopper 5 show you how big it is. a big piece of the highway has been scooped out. the earth has fallen away. now, it's hard to see from the air, but the drop-off looks to be at least 50 feet! the gap in the roadway is several yards wide. chp says they started receiving calls it the 3 p.m. this afternoon. they rushed to the scene and have since blocked off the area. this is the worst washout we have seen all winter. this portion of highway 35 travels through the santa cruz mountains above saratoga and los gatos. engineers are trying to figure out what if anything they can do with this much damage. it's closed indefinitely. and take a look at these images from chopper 5. a whole section of the hillside in orinda has also broken off. thousands of pounds of rock and debris have flown into the home at the bottom. you may remember we told you
6:31 pm
yesterday the homeowner was inside when all that came crashing down. he was able to get out. but his home has been red- tagged. the storm is blamed for a train derailment in sacramento county. it happened just south of elk grove on highway 99. at least 14 cars carrying flour and tomatoes jumped the tracks. you can see from above some of them are in a nearby river which is running high due to recent storms. the derailment may have been caused by the collapse of a small rail bridge that was damaged by flooding. no word on any injuries. veronica? >> all right, liz, thank you. for the second time this week the russian river has risen past flood stage. anne makovec has details on how all had flooding is taking its toll on local businesses. >> reporter: the russian river continued to rise for the better part of day before cresting almost 2.5 feet above flood stage this afternoon. the national guard is on standby to help anyone who is
6:32 pm
trapped in their home. their armored vehicle to navigate through water more than 4 feet deep. floodwaters have overflowed along the banks of the russian river and the nearby creek with roads blocked, boats are back as means of street transportation. but some of the locals fear scenes like that are scaring tourists away. >> mainly it affects the people working in the community trouble getting into and out of town but other than that there much issue. >> reporter: the water has been higher. here's january 11 when the river crested at almost 38 feet. and this is the second time the russian river crested above flood stage this week. on tuesday, it crested about a half foot lower than its high point today but these folks are ready to dry out. in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. trouble this evening in the sierra. just getting word a mudslide has closed highway 50 east of pollock pines. no word on when it will re-
6:33 pm
open. an earlier mudslide shut down interstate 80. lanes are closed from colfax to the highway 20 junction at yuba pass. take a look at this. mud, rocks, trees have flown across lanes in both directions. crews have been on scene trying to clear the debris and re-open lanes. for now, chp is rerouting drivers through nevada city to state route 49. president trump is spending the weekend in florida alongside a foreign leader. kpix 5's ken bastida here with that. >> reporter: president trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe along with their wives arrived in west palm beach this afternoon. they headed out to the president's mar-a-largo estate for a couple of days but before that, at the white house, the talk was all about trade. >> we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair and reciprocal benefiting both of our countries. >> reporter: prime minister abe laid out the reasons why he thinks america still needs a trade agreement with asian
6:34 pm
countries even though president trump pulled the u.s. out of the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. the two will continue the trade discussions over the next couple of days at the president's home. president trump spoke with the president of china last night confirming that he will stick with the one china policy that the u.s. has maintained for decades recognizing china's sovereignty over taiwan. he will avoid the u.s. supreme court over the travel ban but he says he may issue new immigration orders as soon as next week. >> we'll win that battle. but we also have a lot of other options just filing a brand-new order on monday. could very well be. but i like to keep you -- i like to surprise you. we need speed for reasons of security. so it could very well be that we do it. >> that's after the ninth circuit court of appeals in san
6:35 pm
francisco decided yesterday not to reinstate the travel ban impacting 7 countries. president trump still maintains they'll end up winning whatever legal battle is up ahead but again, he says it will not happen at the supreme court. >> thank you. i had the chance to we speak with john dickerson host of "face the nation." he says even if there is a second travel ban, the president is certain to have another legal fight on his hands. >> um, and he would superseding executive order but then there could be challenges to that and then the courts would have to rule on those challenges. but presumably, with this second one, he would do more of the legal work than was done the first time. >> dickerson says that doesn't mean the legal battle will be any less vigorous. "face the nation" airs sunday morning at 8:30 here on kpix 5. immigration activists
6:36 pm
reporting increased raids in southern california. i.c.e. made 160 arrests over the past five days. it's a surge in enforcement and most of the people targeted have criminal records. immigration advocates say fear and anxiety over deportation is up. they blame the trump administration for the raids and say they are tearing families apart. >> they took my parents away. [ crying ] >> they took my family away. it wasn't just my dad getting deported. it was someone else that they came to look and they didn't even have -- [ pause ] >> they didn't even have i.c.e. on them titles. >> i.c.e. says it conducts sweeps every couple of months. dianne feinstein says that she is worried about the increased raids. these reports show the serious consequences of the president's executive order which allows all undocumented immigrants to be categorized as criminals and
6:37 pm
requires increased enforcement in communities rather than prioritizing dangerous criminals. homeowners in a sinking bay area skyscraper lawyer up. the legal fight over a fix to the millennium tower. >> and a girl scout cookie stand robbed at gunpoint. our first sketch of the suspect behind a brazen bay area holdup. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
a homeowners association for pe ing at the sinking um tower... now plans to take the developer to court. the high-rise in downtown san francisco has settled 16 inches a homeowners association for people living at the sinking millennium tower now plans to take the developer to court. the high-rise in downtown san francisco has sunk 16 inches in a few years and also leaning. attorneys have been in talks for months with the millennium partners. as a group the residents have not filed lawsuits but now they are hiring a prominent attorney
6:40 pm
and his firm. >> my view is that the courts will be very sympathetic to the needs of the association and the residents to get to the bottom of this to bring all responsible parties to justice and to get all the money necessary to fix this building. >> the lawsuits will reportedly go after both millennium partners and the agency overseeing construction of the transit project next door. police need your help finding a man they say robbed a bay area girl scout and her mother at gunpoint. it happened wednesday at a safeway in union city. the mother and daughter did not get hurt. police describe the suspect as a black teen about 5'5", thin build, and wearing dark clothing with a hoodie. a burglar arrested at a home in palo alto on colorado avenue. 20-year-old [ non-english name ] was taken into custody. he showed signs of being under
6:41 pm
the influence of drugs as he walked out the victim's front door with a purse and broomstick. officers say he ignored their commands, he was tased with no effect. so police were forced to tackle him. he is facing several charges tonight. coming up a garlic rush in california. a major farm makes a move. how it went from a labor shortage to a waiting list of more than 100 people. >> a partial lunar eclipse going on above san francisco in the bay area right now. right in time for that lunar eclipse some cloud cover rolling over the city so i can't show it to you with this camera. i can show you clouds and the pyramid. forget about clouds for now. we'll talk about how long we stay sunny next.
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after offering higher wages. kpix five's wilson walker shows 's motivating the new at 6:00 a major garlic farm in the south bay says it's seeing good results after offering higher wages. kpix 5'ss wilson walker shows us what's motivating these pay hikes. >> every day we can ship about a million pounds of garlic. >> reporter: things don't slow
6:45 pm
down much when you're the biggest producer in the united states. at christopher ranch they have decided to pick up speed when it comes to farm worker wages. >> while the state of california has taken good steps to eventually raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2022, we wanted to accelerate that movement and really get our employees a living wage. >> reporter: that means the 600 employees that were making minimum wage are now making $13 an hour with $15 an hour coming down the conveyor belt next year. two wage hikes that will add up for these workers. >> so as of today, we pay our employees $5,000 more per year than the california minimum wage. and by 2018, we'll be paying them $8,000 more than the california minimum wage. >> reporter: but it wasn't just a do the right thing move like every other ag business, christopher ranch is raising garlic on a fast changing landscape. >> it's changing with all the uncertainty with immigration reform we have seen a reduction in ag labor. >> reporter: what happened when they announced the wage hike? >> we have filled all the positions and a wait list of
6:46 pm
150 people. >> reporter: does this mean the price is going up? yes, it might. but produce costs are rising across the board and a large part of that equation is that the age of cheap labor is over. >> the same companies with competing for a limited pool of personnel and so i think we are ahead of the trend but i think we are definitely on trend. the era of cheap labor is over. >> in gilroy, wilson walker, kpix 5. the san francisco botanical garden's twitter account was happened today. people expecting flowers got porn. twitter notified them about 6 a.m. that a log-in was attempted from switzerland. the garden's profile picture was changed. one tweet with soft porn was pinned. the garden tweeted this shortly after being notified apologies to all that saw inappropriate content our our profile this a.m. we got hacked. have increased security now. thousands of people will line the streets of san
6:47 pm
francisco for tomorrow night's chinese new year parade. today the colorful floats got some finish touches. tomorrow they will move through downtown and chinatown along with people in costumes and the dragon. the parade starts at 5:15 at second and market streets and ends on columbus avenue. some breaking news on the storm watch. governor brown just called on president trump to issue a disaster declaration for california. it would allow the state to access federal funds to deal with all our storm damage. >> and getting new information on highway 17. one southbound lane will be re- opening at 7 p.m. and northbound lane will re- open tomorrow at noon. >> all good news, huh, paul? >> we could use some drying out. we're null tote bridge when it comes to reservoirs locally at least full when it comes to the ground being saturated. could use a break. hey, it's the weekend. let's get some nice weather for the kids to get outside mom and dad, too. radar is clear. not completely clear. there are just a few showers moving over san pablo bay. which means vallejo and american canyon between now and
6:48 pm
7:30 you may experience a couple of showers. aside from that we're dry. let's say it stopped raining, month, 2 months, how about 7.5 months, how about the next 232 days it doesn't rain a drop. if that happened to the end of the water year, santa rosa would still be 50% above average for the water year if it didn't rain for the next 7.5 months. san francisco is almost to the water year total already in february. 92% of normal. we are partly cloudy over san francisco right now. it's 55 degrees. concord dropping to 45. pacifica 47. santa rosa tonight 41. fog in the valleys. we have low pressure over northern california with showers. there's the rainfall that got us yesterday. it is now pouring in los angeles and san diego and las vegas and will be in phoenix soon. we have a ridge of high
6:49 pm
pressure upstream. that's going to pass over california and hang out for about five days so rather than clouds and rain and flooding, we will begin to dry out and enjoy a beautiful weekend day where temperatures will hit the low 60s in oakland, looking across the bay towards san francisco. a lot of blue sky coming up tomorrow. when will the rain come back? well, i said five days. so after those five days, there's a very active jet stream that's out there. that did not change. what did change is the ridge close to us. when it moves, we'll be watching the jet stream once again. it will be strong and return likely next thursday dragging in another storm into the bay area. let's enjoy the next couple of days while we have dry weather. san jose 61 degrees tomorrow. that's exactly average. concord 62. three degrees above average. sunshine for you in fremont with a high of 59. pacifica, 58 degrees and sunny. danville 60. pittsburg 63 vallejo 62. san francisco and alameda highs around 60 tomorrow. great day in napa and a lot of clean-up, up there.
6:50 pm
but 65 degrees with sunshine. same store for santa rosa. clearlake really high. 10 feet almost. sunday and monday sunshine, sunny tuesday valentine's day. we go cloudy on wednesday. mostly cloudy skies and showers do return thursday. that's your one chance of rain over the next seven days. that's your kpix 5 forecast. thank you. like it. all right. kpix 5 gearing up for the grammys this weekend. we profile a visionary bay area nominee inspired by the underground warehouse scene. how he is giving back to his community of fellow artists. >> after three weeks in office we're asking you what think, do you think president trump should slow down or are you happy with the speed he is moving at with decisions? tweet me your thoughts at #veronicadlcruz. we'll have your comments on nightbeat at 10 people on kbcw 44/cable 12. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 pm
annual grammy awards. music's biggest names... from beyonce to adele... are all ♪[ music ] final preparations are under way right now for the 59th annual grammy awards. music's biggest names from beyonce to adele are all set to be there. and a san francisco visual artist is poised to bring home music's top honor. betty yu reports on how underground and warehouse parties in oakland helped inspire his passion. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: inside the historic fox theatre in oakland, at a sold-out show -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- a group of musicians transports the audience into a completely different world. ♪[ music ] >> california feel electronics. >> reporter: meet [ non-english name ] an ambient music project headed
6:55 pm
up by scott hanson known for photographic and design work. >> i had this decision to translate with the visual work. >> reporter: he added music. >> it was an inspiring experience to as an adult find this new voice and a new way to express this other side of the vision. >> reporter: tyco is nominated for best dance electronic album. his music may be high-tech but his inspiration comes from the great outdoors. ♪[ music ] >> hanson grew up in rural sacramento. >> it really factored heavily into my -- the way i came to understand the world around me and what i thought the world was and what i thought the important elements of the world were. the spaces that i spent so much time in as a kid. the river and in the woods and stuff. all those things. i don't know why but i just gravitated towards those things early and that's what all this work has been about. >> reporter: the artist was first exposed to electronic music at underground and warehouse parties in oakland. after the ghost ship fire tyco played at a benefit concert
6:56 pm
raising money for the victims. >> you know, an event like that where you almost wipe out an entire community of people who are doing such an important thing for -- for the artists in the area i felt like anybody who is working as an artist owed it. >> reporter: in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. >> our grammy coverage starts at 4:30 this sunday with the red carpet special. then at 5:00 it's the grammys live with an encore presentation at 8:30 and a special edition of kpix 5 news at midnight. our betty yu is going to be live from the red carpet. it will be fun and entertaining. or news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44/cable 12 and see us back here tonight at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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