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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and i'm kenny choi. good morning. it is monday february 27th i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. the rush is about to start. drivers hitting the roads, heading to work we are monitoring what to expect including your forecast. >> you know what is string 3:30 on the roads this morning a lot of cars. which was surprising to me. >> oscars party maybe. >> maybe. >> that would be a late night party. >> thinking that when i was driving into work. they are still partying in l.a.. [ laughter ] >> i had a lot of rain coming in. pockets of heavy rain. it was crazy because i jumped on 580 and i could see stars but i was in rain. >> okay. >> yeah. that will be the case today where the rain showers are moving out, and we'll have partly cloudy skies.
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live hi deaf doppler radar. sleet on highway 35-year-old and highway 9. so please be mindful of that. slippery roads this morning. winds dialing back will be increasing throughout the day today. temperature wise we are talking about the 50s across the board. still a cool winter day with brisk winds later today. 58-degrees in san jose through the rose garden. 54 pleasant hill. 57 in antioch and tracy and all the way back through discovery bay. high 50s in pleasanton. otherwise mid 50s across the north bay. we look into the far reaches of the north bay at 55 degrees. we do have the full forecast coming up featuring something we haven't experienced in a
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really long time. that sounds like a lot of sunshine. scott valley commuters. there is roadway on highway 17. it's one lane in each direction. crews work to prevent future storm damage because we had a lot of storm damage here with mud slides. this will be happening between 6:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. every day thrummer -- through march 3rd. i imagine there will be a lot of delays in this area. altamont pass we are moving along at 30 miles an hour. let's take a look at mass transit, bart, and muni are all on time. the city of oakland will have a new police chief today. >> kirk patrick is getting sworn in. she has a lot of work ahead of
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her. >> reporter: that is exciting. a little intimidating with all the issues oakland has. but it's happening a little less than four hours ago. kirkpatrick is inheriting a department that has been under federal oversight for years. but she has a track record of making reforms in chicago and elsewhere. she will be the the first woman to lead the opd. starting today oakland police officers have to report any unlawful parties that they come across. they have to let their commanders and special events unit know. a few weeks ago they gave conflicting orders on this. >> we clearly see opportunities to improve the coordination and communications among the different departments. >> the latest order took out the word warehouse. if officers report on illegal warehouses and the landlords
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kick them out, they will be homeless. mayor libby shaft has said their work on the comprehensive policy that will address illegal parties and housing situation. but of course this is only one of the issues chief kirkpatrick will have to face. in the next half hour we will focus on the sex scandal that rocked the department and effected dozens of bay area police officers. >> hopefully this is a start of ad in and good chapter. right now vallejo police are looking for the suspect that stabbed a man to death. it happened at a home off western avenue. his name has not been released and there is no details on what led up to the violence. >> there will be a news conference this afternoon in san francisco to address the officer involved shooting of a young immigrant from guatemala. lopez was killed two years ago. results from a second autopsy revealed lopez was shot four times in the back. public officials and community
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members will ask the district attorney to bring the case to court. in san jose crews have cleared almost every home for reentry following massive flooding. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in san jose with the hurdles still in the store as people take in the damage. >> reporter: i'm here in the rock springs neighborhood which was one of the hardest hit by last weeks flooding. there is still a pump here behind me in the roadway and over here a pile of debris that will continue to grow as people are allowed back into their homes. and assess their own damage. this weekend dozens of volunteers including the mayor sam liccardo helped some of the returning evacuees clear out the furniture from their flooded home. the process of damage assessment and cleanup will likely take weeks. >> very heartbreaking. we loved everything. >> reporter: mayor liccardo has vowed to launch an investigation into what went wrong on tuesday putting three
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neighborhoods under water. william street, park rock springs, and three mobile home parks off old oakland road. still trying to figure out if the flooding could have been prevented or at least better predicted. the next big part of the process will attempt to get state and federal funds to help out. the city of san jose is declaring a state of emergency at a council meeting tomorrow which will help expedite that process. live in san jose i'm anne makovec. >> what kind of help is the city giving out right now? >> reporter: the community center will be open all weekend through next weekend. possibly longer if they need to. but that is a one stop shop. they have the housing department there. the dmv. the state contractors licensing board. and free transportation to and from. so that is your place to go for the many services that are being offered. and also the city wants to
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point out that if you do head there, that you are safe regardless of your immigration status. michelle. >> thank you. we have learned the city schools are all back in session today. san jose high school, rocket ship discovery prep, and empire gardens elementary are opening their doors after being shut down during the worst of the flooding. later today crews will start to close up the oroville dam's emergency spillway. starting at 6:45 this morning they will gradually slow down the out flows from the oroville reservoir. once the out flow stops, crews will be able to clean up the debris. happening today president trump meets with the nation's governors. he plans to offer details tuesday on how he would overhaul obama care. this coming after divisions appear between republicans over
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whether an independent prosecutor should investigate russian interference in the u.s. election. >> you cannot have somebody, a friend of mine, jeff sessions who was on the campaign and who was an appointee. you are going to need to use the special prosecutors statue and office. >> if we get down that road, that is a decision that attorney general sessions can make at the time. >> also this weekend president trump's pick for secretary of the navy phillip builden withdrew from nomination. the initial order banned immigrants from seven of the muslim majority countries from entering the u.s.. the president is expected to announce the new details on wednesday. in southern california the ground work is being laid for safe houses that will eventually be used to protect undocumented immigrants. >> the effort is being spear headed by religious leaders and
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many worry the sanctuary churches provide could be threatened under the the trump administration. so they are creating an under ground network of private homes that have fourth amendment protections. >> people who may not agree with you would look at what you are doing and say you're simply aiding and abeddingth violations of federal law. >> i feel confidented that i answer to god at the end of the day. that is who i will see when i die. i hope we can live up to who we are. >> research center operates there are two million undocumented immigrants here in the state of california. new wall street journal poll shows president trump's approval rating is dropping. it's at 44%. a record lea for a newly inaugurated -- record low for a
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newly inaugurated president. bill cosby plans to ask the judge to bring in outside jurors. prosecutors pushed to get 13 accusers to support allegations that cosby drugged and molested a former temple university employee at his home outside of philadelphia in 2004. time now is 5:10. good news for commuters in the bay. when the golden gate ferry service will start running. >> the bay area forcing a steady upward growth of passengers flying out to different destinations. >> we have been monitoring rain falling over night. so we'll take a look at our weather watchers and see how much rain has fallen. >> it's 5:10. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that cash lane back up. i hope you center a fast track. we'll take a look at your bay area commute when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this just in: nearly three- dozen people are forced out their homes.. because of good morning it is 5:13. it's a brand now workweek and it is a cloudy start. we have scattered rain showers. we even have snow to talk about. we have our live hi-def doppler
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radar coming up. three dozen people are forced out of their homes because of an apartment fire. it came in around 1:00 this morning. it started in the unit on the third floor. pg&e had to shut off the power. it is expected to be restored later this morning. more bay area headlines now. golden gate ferry will start service between tiburon and san francisco. it is the first time in 40 years they have expanded their service. they approved a sublease agreement. there will be eight round trips between tiburon and san francisco. officials with the oakland international airport say passenger traffic son the rise. reports show passenger traffic totaled 908,000 for the month of january. that is up nearly 8% from the same time last year. airport officials credit the growing number of destinations and increased flight options
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and terminal renovations. bike share program for the community could take another turn tonight. the proposed five year contract would bring ten -- the city is expected to pay over $1 million for the equipment. time is 5:15. let's get a check of the roads with roqui theus. >> it's a pretty quiet morning out there right now. we do have a problem in the santa cruz mountain area. road work on highway 17 between glen wood drive and sugarloaf road. it's from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. it will be one lane in each text. make sure if you are heading in and out of scotts valley you do it before 6:00 p.m. because there will be delays in that area. let's move over to the ultimate pass. a lot of red arrows along the
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way. you are moving at 30 miles per hour through the air. once you get through livermore there is a live look at the commute. that will take you 15 minutes. let's head over to the commute from hey ward into foster city. that is a quick one of 13 minutes. traffic moving smoothly westbound and eastbound on 9:. and then 9: -- on 92. what is going on? possibly a personnel issue. if you have your fast track, you're looking good. but if you have cash to pay, you're in trouble. you will be sitting there for a little while. let's talk about mass transit. bart, ace train, muni all on time. roberta who was your favorite at the oscar's yesterday? >> i liked emma stone's dress. and hailey seinfeld. everyone looked beautiful. good morning everybody. a beautiful day in store for you today. we have a little bit of everything. we are starting off with rain
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showers. we've had so much snowfalling in the mount hamilton area. right now all of that rain right there that patch to the east bay it was pretty moderate at times. pharming ton seeing farmington seeing league rain showers. it's freezing in santa rosa. look at the difference of temperatures from the peninsula to the south bay to santa rosa where we have clear skies at 32 degrees. checking in with our weather watcher george hughes. he said in the last 24 hours he has picked up .2 inches of rain. three things i want you to remember, we've had the scattered showers bay side and the snowfall all the way down to 2500 feet. picking up sleet around highway 35 and highway 9 this morning.
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and then nothing but dry conditions for the rest of the week. flow kicking out to the east. high pressure way up there. going to build in. it will look like a blocking ridge of high pressure. one of the blocking ridges that put us in that drought condition from five years ago to recently that is the setup we have coming. nothing but clear skies. look agent a couple clouds off the coast. tomorrow morning at this time the coast will be clear and so will our inland areas as we forge ahead to next week nothing but clarity again with that offshore component due to the blocking ridge of high pressure. meanwhile across the state today we are talking 56 degrees. 50s in throughout the central valley. currently snowing at 22 degrees and the highs here going up to a high into the 30s and chilly conditions on tuesday. is up rise at 6:43. temperatures across the bay area i call it unseasonably
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cool. it should be around 63-64 degrees. and then you couple with the wind out of the north and northwest 10-20 during the afternoon hours. it will feel a little brisk at times. brisk winter day but we will become partly cloudy. check out your tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, all the way into the weekend. we are talking about 6-7 days of dry conditions. michelle, when is the last time we've had that? >> it's been a long time. the oscars are trending this morning. it's mainly for the best picture mixup. warren was give the wrong envelope and announced the wrong winner. and now people are posting memes on social media. the oscar goes to lemonade by beyonce. and hirsute one. hillary clinton with the caption this must be what happened in november. the official miss universe
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account got in on the fun. they tweet vd your people call our people. woe know what to do. #oscars. referring to the big mixup with steve harvey. steven colbert is going live again. colbert went live several times last year after the political conventions and debates. and some of tomorrow's guests include lisa dew doe and josh earnest. hang on for a wild ride at the daytona 500. it looked more like a smashup derby than the super bowl of nascar. >> what is cool about your school if you are a parent, teacher, or student. tell us about your school. e-mail your nominations to us and we may come to your school and feature it on our broadcast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, bay area i'm roqui theus. it's 5:23. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that cash lane backed up. if you are heading out to the bridge and have your fast track you are good to go. if you are paying cash, give yourself plenty of time. if you are traveling along the altamont pass, lots of red
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arrows. good morning everybody. at least the daytona 500 announcers had the right winner at the finish line. reporter for fox at daytona. jimmy johnson and the 48 car triggered the 17 car accident that took out kevin harvick and danica patrick. there were eight cautions and 16 of the 40 cars finished on the lead lap. kyle larson ran out of gas allowing kurt bush to take the lead. they beat oregon 65-69. stanford finishes the regular season 25-5. these guys quite a setup.
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rocky -- rookie fouler. the sf state gators begin play off basketball tomorrow night at the swamp. tickets still available tip off at 7:00. play of the day let's go back to the final round of the honda classic. johnny las vegas teeing off. >> here is johnny vegas staring this down. mark wilson gives it a little bit of a look as he walked by. he said that is good. real good. >> he's on. that is a hole in one for the native of venezuela. johnny vegas. he would finish tied for fourth thanks to that play of the day. cleanup continues in some of the neighborhoods effected by the floods in san jose. coming up, a look at where things stand and what residents
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are facing this morning. >> plus oakland's new police chief gets sworn in today and she's stepping into a department that needs a lot of help. we'll focus on the recent sex scandal next. ,,,, to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond
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telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. as president trump moves forward with repealing and replacing now on kpix 5 news. taking action as president trump moves forward with repealing and replacing obamacare. california lawmakers are making plans of their own. >> swearing in. the challenges oakland's newest top cop will be up against as she officially takes over the department later today. >> good monday morning for the kpix weather center. we've had a combination of rain. we've had snow and i'll tell you what to expect this afternoon. >> here's a live look at the nimitz freeway but how is the
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back of bay bridge toll plaza looking? we'll tell you. good morning. it is monday, february 27th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. in san jose crews say almost every home effected by massive flooding has been cleared for reentry. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in san jose on why their return home may not spell relief. anne. >> reporter: it is going to be a really long cleanup process here. i'm in the rock springs neighborhood which is one of the hardest hit. the city still has its water pump behind me. over here a pile of debris that is only going to grow. and we did see a police officer patrolling this neighborhood earlier. they are making sure that people aren't going into homes that i have red tags on them this morning. let's talk a little bit about this tagging process. all the homes in the previously evacuated areas, most of them do have a tag on them. if it's green, that means it's
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clear for reentry. if it's yellow, that means it's restricted. and if there is a red tag on the door, do not enter. it is not safe. this weekend dozens of volunteers including the mayor sam liccardo will help sol of the returning evacuees clean out the furniture. the process of damage assessment and cleanup will likely take weeks. >> couldn't save anything. pretty much everything went down the drain. i couldn't save anything. >> reporter: mayor liccardo has vowed to launch an investigation on what went wrong on tuesday that put these three neighborhoods under water. still trying to figure out if the flooding could have been prevented or at least better predicted. the next to apply for state and federal funds. before that the state has to declare a local emergency. that will happen at their
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council meeting tomorrow. >> donations are pouring in for the victims of the food. the san jose earthquakes raised $40,000. most of it came from the public. oakland athletics donated $10,000. it's going toward the silicon valley community fund. and the san francisco 49ers have also pledged $20,000. right now a community cut off in rural contra costa county. a stretch of morgan territory road in clayton is still closed because of a mud slide. county officials say it can't be repaired until the site is settled in the meantime residents are dealing with long detours along with a water main break that has left dozens of homes without water. we're told if there is a medical emergency in the area, victims would have to be air lifted out. time is 5:32. let's get a check of the forecast. >> i know that area very well. we ride our bikes through there. it's very hilly and a lot of
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trees. that is a big detour for people. >> we heard from one woman 2.5 hours now. >> just to get to brentwood. from the morgan territory. typically that should be 30-45 minutes. so yes, that is a big inconvenience. if you are driving around the bay area, i'm sure you've encountered a pothole or two. it's raining again this morning. most of the precipitation is due east of the bay area. expect for a line of showers now penetrating the santa cruz mountain. we have to zoom on in and see the activity south of santa cruz. i picked up some sleet this morning. around highway 35 and also highway 17. so please be very mindful of that. meanwhile our live weather bug camera look out toward the bay bridge. we have mostly cloudy skies. but visibility is not limited. we could see the light lights of the port of oakland. temperatures vary at 32-degrees to the mid 40s in san francisco. so far since midnight we have
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picked up .6 inches of rain. later today these winds will rotate around to the north and northwest. 10-20. so when you couple that up with temperatures into the 50s, a brisk winter day. all be it. dry later. we'll have partly cloudy skies. 57-degrees in cupertino. 56 in sunnyvale. throughout the neighborhoods of the rose garden neighborhood in the mid to high 50s. east bay numbers. 57 in danville. black hawk also alamo. back into di alabama low. 54 pleasant hill. 57 in antioch. with that brisk winter wind and stinson beach in the mid 50s. but the visibility again you can see all the way out toward the islands. 54 in petaluma. far reaches of the north bay 50- degrees in clear lake. it will dry out later. we'll talk about just how long you can expect that dry weather to stick around but first here is roqui theus.
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let's take a look at your bay area roads. pretty quiet morning so far. let's take a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. those metering lights are on. we had major cash lane backups and now we have cash lanes and fast lanes backup. let's take a look at the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city. san mateo traffic moving smoothly. and how is it looking through the south bay? you are looking good on 101, 280, and 87. if you'd like to avoid the wet roads, here's a look at mass transit. i'll send it to you guys at the desk. >> thank you. in a few hours the city of oakland will have a new police chief. >> and kirkpatrick will be sworn in by mayor libby shaft. jackie ward is joining us. >> reporter: there has been a
5:36 am
lot of turn over in this position. anne kirkpatrick will be the city's first female police chief and filling a position that has been vacant for months. one issue she has to face is the sex scandal that played out over several months and involved dozens of police officers. a teenager alleges she began having sex with police officers when she was just 16 years old. she says sometimes she would exchange sex for tips on prostitution stings and protection for arrests. about a dozen oakland officers resigned or suspended or implicated in this scandal. seven current officers face charges. kirkpatrick said she wasn't looking far job when this opening came along but she wanted to use the opportunity to transform the department. >> and coming from chicago she has to be pretty tough. >> you'd think so.
5:37 am
san francisco police are looking for a suspect that tried to rape a woman inside of her home. the woman says she was returning home when the suspect forced her inside and tried to attack heifer her. she was able to get away. the suspect ran off. there is no description. today witness testimony continues in the trial of antonin garcia torres who was accused of killing missing teen sierra lamar. she is also accused of trying to kidnap three other women. president trump has vowed to replace obamacare with something better and today he will have a chance to talk with leading health care officers.
5:38 am
>> we will have a it fixed and we will repeal and replace and i think you will see something very, very special. >> the president has also vowed that the transition to the new republican plan will be a smooth one and not take coverage from those that currently have it through the affordable care act. >> if obama care is repealed, california lawmakers are pushing for a state run health care system. it would be a single payer system and operate like health care. another option is to create a public state run health care. a state senator introduced the bills on friday. if passed, california would become the first state to adopt a single payer system. oil could start moving through the dakota access pipeline in a few weeks. hannah daniels has that story and more. good morning, hannah. >> reporter: this week we will
5:39 am
be watching to see what president trump has to say about taxes during his speech with governors. oil could be flowing through the dakota access pipeline in less than a week. hundreds of protesters are still in the area and there is debris that still needs to be cleared. native american tribes are continuing to fight the pipeline in court. naacp is taking a stand against north carolina's conservative policy. urging events to -- they are upset over what they see is unfairly drawn voting districts and state law limiting lgbt protection. trader joe is recalling three kinds of its unpolluted apple sauce. it may contain the last pieces and best before dates of
5:40 am
october and december of 2018. trader joes will offer a few refund. kahnemy back to yo. >> let's there -- >> reporter: if you are one of the more than 70% of taxpayers that will get a refund, the question is what do you do with your money? from experts device stocking it away for an emergency fund. but a good number of taxpayers say they will spend it to pay down debt or splurge on an item. >> saving it for a rainy day a lot harder to do than it really is. >> i've done it every year. can i say it's one thing i'm good at. i save my taxes. i always have for some reason. i'm just paranoid. >> very good. you're in that small percentage. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks. 5:40. expect it to increase. how much experts say california drivers could soon be paying to
5:41 am
fill up. >> and here's a live look out at 880 in oakland as drivers are making their way out to work. roqui theus will be back to let us know of the trouble spots out there this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be going good morning and welcome back to kpix morning news. your time check is 5:43. it is monday, february 27th. live look at sfo. definitely a cloudy start. we've had rain showers across the bay area. we had snow at mount hamilton. snow in the santa cruz mountains with sleet. we'll talk about your afternoon forecast and what to expect. it's traffic and weather coming up in four minutes. prices at the pump could be going up. it could jump as much as $0.80 per gallon. the increase is likely because of opec nations cutting production.
5:44 am
spring summer blend of gasoline will make its seasonal debut in april which is usually more expensive. prices could start going up now through memorial day. $0.80. that is a lot. >> i was in oklahoma and the gas is $1.67. >> what is that like? [ laughter ] >> you are using an suv and driving it all over the place. >> but then again you're in oklahoma. [ laughter ] not many places to go. it was gorgeous there this weekend. big blue skies. temperatures were in the 30s. >> that is pretty cold. >> you know what, they've had no snow this winter. and the people miss it. they miss the snow. i say come to tahoe. we are dealing with lots of snow. [ laughter ] let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. if you are head into marin county and san francisco you're looking good right now. that will take you 15 minutes before 580 and san rafael. moving over to a different
5:45 am
story. bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on and backing traffic up into the maze. so now i'm expecting a 15 minute drive between the maze and downtown. let's move over to the peninsula commute between hayward and foster city. traffic moving smoothly and not so smoothly along the altamont pass. look at that 17 miles per hour. here's a live look at that commute. let's move over to mass transit if you want to avoid the roads it is rainy out there. roberta, i'll send it to you and your viola davis red. she rocks anything she wears. she had the yellow on for the folden globes and last -- for the golden globes and last night gorgeous and red. we had rain showers push through the bay area. our weather watcher george hughes says he picked up .6 inch inches. all of this has moved due east.
5:46 am
as it does so with have the precipitation over the medesto area and river bank. that cell just pushed out. we have plenty of snowfalling through the mount hamilton area. i can't wait for it to brighten upright before 7:00 this morning with official sun up. cloud cover moving due east. you had the bright lights in the port of oakland. we could see them so the visibility is not limited at this hour. where we have the clear skies. santa rosa is reporting 32 degrees. we're in the 40s from the south bay to the peninsula into the bay. now scattered showers will continue on the santa cruz mountains this morning and dispate. higher mountain peaks have picked up the snow and it will gradually clear out. that is a huge dome of high pressure. we refer to it as a blocking bridge because of its proximity and last year and the year before that it stayed in place.
5:47 am
and that is what diverted the storms from the north and south and put us in a drought like situation. well right now we welcome it. watch what i'm referring to here. if that's hour future cast. otherwise tomorrow morning at this, as we approach mid midweek. we are entering a dry and gradually warming trend. meanwhile central valuely today skies cleared into the 50s. it's been snowing still with that winter weather advisory in place in the hi sierra 22 degrees. official sun up at 6:43. sunset one minute after the hour 6:00. temperatures today we should be around 63 in livermore. instead 55 degrees through the
5:48 am
trivalley. 50s over the lip of the bay today. and 58-degrees back into alan rock and cam bow and cooper tee moe. skies clear. have a great day. >> looks really good. thank you. people in the south bay may have felt their floors shaking this weekend after two earthquakes struck the area. the first a 3.5 magnitude quake hit near bautista around 11:00 a.m. yesterday. that rumbling came after a 3.6 magnitude quake that struck nearly three miles south of gilroy around 7:00 a.m.. there were no reports of damage or injuries after either earthquake. there is a state of emergency in massachusetts. powerful storms are causing massive damage and power outages. this is what the aftermath
5:49 am
looked like on the western part of the state. the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down. several homes are destroyed and crews are working to restore power across the region. the town of gatlinberg, tennessee is rebuilding after a massive wild fire. construction has started on some homes. others are waiting to get started after the property is cleaned up so building permits can be issued. contractors say small homes are taking three days while other larger properties are taking longer. >> it's bad. we've been waiting three months to get ours. >> the city says september 30th is deadline for debris removal while the county is giving property owners until the end of the year. if it's still not cleaned up, violators would be fined up to $50 per day. time is 5:49. in our consumer watch why canceling your credit card could have a negative impact on
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your credit score. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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good morning and welcome back to kpix 5 news. these are the temperatures you can expect as you head out the door. partly cloudy along the seashore. peninsula 55 degrees. 57 degrees cupertino, campbell. meanwhile around the east bay numbers stacking up in the mid to high 50s. typically we should be in the 60s this time of the year. there will be a breeze north and northwest of 20 miles per hour in mill valley. 54 sonoma. and hello windsor in the mid 50s. santa cruz commuters listen up. you have road work on highway 17 between glen wood drive and sugarloaf road. this is between 6:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. every day through march 3rd. in this morning's consumer watch, people who stop using
5:54 am
their credit card to save money could have their cards canceled and according to some banks it could damage your credit score. most banks don't specify what length of inactivity will prompt the closure. inactive accounts cost banks money to maintain. experts say if you want to keep a card, use it. otherwise it can hurt your credit score. >> you close an account, you lose the available credit for that account. so you have less available credit in total. make a small purchase $10-20- 30. turn around and pay it in full. good start to the year for new home sales. the census bureau reports new home sales in january rose nearly 4% over the month and 5.5% over the year. much of that was due to unseasonably warm weather in the united states. sales of existing homes are also strong last month. the national association of
5:55 am
realtors says sales were up and hit their highest level in a decade. loose laws around medical or recreational marijuana may be increasing the health risk to teenagers. that is according to the american academy of pediatrics. they warn that though pot smoking may be legal in a majority of states, it can cause abnormal and unhealthy changes in the developing brains of adolescents. most are not getting the sleep they need. nationwide survey tracking more than 5,000 people found only 48% of women with children were getting at least seven hours of sleep each night. having children in the house was not linked to how long men slept it's 5:55 this morning. oakland's new police chief officially starts her new venture. we'll highlight some of the challenges she'll face on day one. >> and most people have been allowed home after the mess created last week by all the flooding in san jose. but that is just what they are
5:56 am
facing. a mess now in their homes. we'll tell you where things stand next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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february 27th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. in j good morning, everyone. it's monday, february 27th i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. in a few hours the city of oakland will officially have a new police chief. >> she's hoping to transform the department and jackie ward is joining us live now. >> reporter: a big day for oakland and for her of course. it's all happening within three hours. anne kirkpatrick is inheriting a department that has been rocked by a prostitution scandal but she has a track record of making reforms in chicago and elsewhere. so of course many store fronts have left business owners with a hefty bill. several mom and pop stores have said while they typically
6:00 am
support the reason behind the demonstrations, they wish they had more help from the police. so perhaps kirkpatrick will be able to provide businesses with the security they are look for. antitrump protests have brought the largest crowds to the streets of oakland. steve snyder of the downtown oakland association has credited oakland police officers in riot gear for preventing businesses from getting even more vandalized than they could have be. he is quoted in the sf gate saying he believes the police department is going in the right direction and understands oakland will always be the center of protest activities. most business owners want it to happen without vandalism or violence so he believes more law enforcement will keep everybody happy and safe. we'll talk about warehouse safety and in that issue you have a lot of people to make happy. >> she's got a lot of responsibilities. >> she does for sure.


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