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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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odgoni eve ni> togha t erfiy sadi, ster afea strethe oppele llkied ter eithr small e plancrashed toin two meho rs eno oute tthe a odarea. gong eveni. >>m izelabeth . cook i'm ken idbasta. fathe mily had ju stleft riidverse in hesoutrn focalirnia teafr a cheaeerldingo iompetitn to rerntuo tn sa jo. se s iiss someew n video thatha justco metoin the wsne. room cuserity came craesatch the thlane unnggim froe thsky. ere u yoe see thshowad d an th it sadirsppea and memos nt lar erth e isa ball of refi llfo bowedy umples of thk ic blk acoksme. s af ane ascrhed moment tetar kingf ofomfr the verie rsidndmoayir a. port ghtonit weveha nfcoird mee th ck y on arbod was flying ba ton sasejo ttmanea and thatis e wherkps ix5'betty yu is distanng by tot.nigh >> tty? rteeporr: that's t,righ ke ait nighmattnen a sajose rpteort lling me tt hathat ple wae s duto landhe re
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y.toda sts is iwhitere is normally ed. nowern leaed inwith the stla hourfr omriidverse orauthities th rethe people e ardead and one of those suorrvivs s waivs. anmicuralylous on lyhamis nor a riinjues. e thl smalple anwas brok entoin hunddsre of piec esin a rirsveneide igorhb. hood ghtonit umples of oksme ilstl smdeolomr fr e thtwo hos me dict hlyit and tatolly yed. l . >>east tplee peoe e ardead i ran ou lt,d ookein frt on g. o justto okoff ruinnnm. nti we aunroisd th coerrn andi just seenfire ywever, here re. llof fire yweverhe p ran u tothe e.hous itwas on fi. re erths e waa . lady shwaons fireand we he lped he r,edpull her out of the . esam nd>> a isa w some bodyawcrli ng oft the e hous onthe ougrnd
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onir fe and i arstted scamreing li p uther t!ou put her ou t! soand they, u yoowkn, sttoart ro hllaner d then eyth piedck -- isaw a lecoup guys pickher the eyd th took her acssro the nd ad lair he on . >>ivay rorep ter:riidverse thauieorits fisay ve peleop rewen od boare thsscena, a tean d,wife anthd ree ens.ager therey we rnretuin g tosan jose cor a weekd eneechdirleang nd. erce ateydisnla crheasd ntmomes afr te keta off. pcellho nevio des showe thgehu firet ispar ked. s>> iee rtpa tofhe anple in ane rncoer buinrng d an thats wa other la dyac rossthe st. reet she sa ide shwas in the pl ane. in fowas urth oer people r>>teeporr: faa s recordsh ow hathe planis reergisted to 'sorsi ni of san jose. t. an riexpeenced lopi and s hiwife went totcwah mpeir angrghddautes r'r chee
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con etitio sinouerthn calivernia ower the d.eken agn aiidriversore authities te were res toghnit e ther these bodiin thekawrecge, rvtwo su ivors.on ni ofth emis in rgsuery to ght. ttoenhe sce in e thg mornin to for any poibssle tiaddional g , lin in sajose, y bettyu kp5.ix "i steter wlee ab to es capethe tt toiercrash ensce. arby sc man o whlives ne dehoribed w othe g. out se ot>> g h, otamthe flwhes eratev d i idsa t i goto t geouoft hereor m i'going to e,di , boom , u know crash.i told my stsier. . maed ybthe at'smywhy thro at l stilhurts a li ttlebit. ede jump le ikehabut t maybe a ttli erudre r. >>th in is stinagm radevio u yo can -- udloer. ca>> thnsis itaamgr video u yo n e sethe smoke justurpoed t. >>tot nighsel veraenstudts in
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eathe st bay are ensuspded dascanl, v theicm?ti vio r. highhosc olmiadtonistra s kpix5'inchristrs aye is in fallt. hd tonitht wi e th or>> rep ter:atle ast lfha a do udzen statents thisorconcd hi sugh scol e artheier dedeenxpd or eelled overatth nuo videof the male tofhese udstents are yisang so oo 'sthe olscho tt hawe tnt r. >>heri palncip pkeic td uphe one and sa idoh, you needo t ce. urautegh r is inthe fiof >>epr:orte ire enmaa'nells htdauger e onof at least five stenudts at clayton chr arte isth preictu of a hoscol ll er niadmistr.rato a enstudt tookthe otpho siinde ciivprheate al thubcl and udulat iedt onamg other >>. ents i't don prapove d ani think it gu's dis sting.>> or repte r:tsstuden wespoke tato conhamned tudt stent for heking t pie,ctur but eyth soal con tdemnedoohe sch handng of e thiginvest ation.>> llhe olwhe ersocc amte was caed in, phone chseares ep>> ror ter: orseni acgre jude
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idsa olscho fiofcicaals lled frtor e thof ficefrom a iend's cell phd one and ordere go r tosign a release be fore inthg roh ugr hee.phon your otphosnd aex tt esssag from the last o tw da, ysyourna st pchaand they go h througall nsyour i tagramac count. leep r orter:hothe scol reased a enstatemt yisang it kes diliscipnary issues sely d annever commen--t risloud y anner vecoenmm ts pulyblic on any ses rioumatt er d relateto sttsuden. d po've so arlened nccoor li ceare now voinlved. stenayts s spdeite nediscli anaryction they have w ieworrs. he>> t snttudes are nccoerned ts. out r ghri >>epr:orte we were leunab to cocoach ncord lipoce for mmt enghtonit. so 'sit eaunclr whr ethethe enstudtsol invvecod uld face imcrinalrg chaes in nccoord richstin erays, p5. an mewhile sinan fro ancisc smebody thot upwo restlarants st t nighas omcusters rewe siindein ding. stthe rsatt the star a indi ju auranton argey street. ste fivmis nutetelar the sendot sh broke thh rouga
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owwind at the ab about -- a nody s wahurt. ry it'seaunclr -- restntaura. itdy was rthu. rgnc u learif eyth were tatteted a. acks ixkp5's joe vauezqz found bot someiedy trd to warn the drcity, wt thatngarni s wa out. m >>any oofld s victimidsa if memonts tinothce, ey ulcod veha edlvag remo of their lobegsngin. anr scamepig llinout of de rsonreoiservr last ekwe. outo snde thm alarwag rninin ed ane- mail sonun day,febr uary 19th, that she was etprty resu thckro rispnengs ighborhood will flood in the approaching storm, but the water district's official advisory one theve of e storm s wancnonthala
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inwarng of deincintal fldioong g alonthe coyo terswatehe d. aswe w noowkner, the was a mar jodifloong enevt icwhh more wiredespad thanicpredted. mathounds rewe uaevacte d. asst lo everngythi. oftot,nigh 479 homes are ilstlll yeowag tinged san jose anmepeing op lecan go in side hoeir mes cabut n't enspd e th prthfld oouscaed 0 $5iomilln in ive atoppr ertymadagend a 23 miiolln in publicorsect madage >>. far w re'reeally justfocused on firioung t how we can oiavd th happg eninagain and dagaf less owho idproved wh at ta, we owkn that ckro ngspris ood w vy erabprobly to fl weerov the tnexthree hsmont g. got more raomin cin >>epteorr: the yomar siinsts he wants to get to the bo ttom a thflood warning suise. esseri of blpuic heinargs llwigi ben later thisekwe. kpn thenews roome jozqvaue z, 5. >>wh ata dienfferce acoup le th is the orilovle dam . thiloday tay
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e kelale vel s hadropd pe aterweors re able to shut off . wae ter to as sessthmae dage w no ithiss wh atit okloed like ju wetwo eks ago. fothe rce ofe thgug shintewar rethe corencte spilaylw art. wndoamstre rewefo rc edto leave detheimehos on t shornotice unr threatof tacaicstroph . floodi somenew light onan old dshding can avhey rainfall actually igtrr gean eartuahqke? noll, turns out e thswaner is t cut and y.dr seeofizhygeops sicistsay vel raevent --opgecihysists say it enhapped in angermy and thin swi, erlandbut a iescntist wi meo nlpark idsa that's alrely t no enoughevenidce. >> d y obodhas asyet veuncore twkind of a lareiptionsh beeen the eakerthquati acvity >>heanotr theoryin tiqueson,
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can quakes be getrigred by maadree rvse? oirs wesomecitienbests lie evthe ig ohta f sereoirvr ina indi 60actual igtrreged a lydead 19hqs eart tuakehat killed mo . renth 180 oppele he in carnlifoia e thovorille dam d a 5.8 mae gnitudquake n seveyes aritafter was shnied d anisscient ts are exac y whatuscaed it. nt prnight enesidt trump has $5a 4 billion plan. his alpropos? eras vondeica la uzcr tells cous, d coulmeco at a y heft agto other gomevernnt enesci ea>> yh,li z. the prenesidt isttgeing adrey elto div herfiis rsjot mar esaddrs to a injot sen ssioof recongssom troorghw nit. to day heprovedidre a pvi. ew trt s ump'plan: bu this etdg llwi be a blpuic tysafe a ndnaontial sericuty budg. et biboosnsdefee ensp ding $by54 don iothat e peexnse of meicstog prra msand refoign d. re we' ingog to do remo thwi
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le. >>onhtig meso demoatcric erlawmaks are adalrey tifighng ba >>e n'do t knowwhere the cuts toee with this udmagnite of har cu ttsonhat ceag ain lemidd cl ass people, inworkg fa, milies >> t whiteushoe says the president isjust lffuil ling prhis omise tokeep icamerans >>safe cront's e of e theslargt iteases inhist ory. 's also thenumber that alwshe tsi prede tntepo ke hiomprise toduune the rylita quser.este on tight the vienroalment preconticy agen isacbring focuts and deatmocrs are arpreping r foa budget ba. ttle e >> wewrevi the restngth of oucor y untrto be mreeasud miour li, tarybualt inso the heucioat n ofour ilch, drene th we thd anwe llinbeg d an . >>arof the amaneric oppele e thprenesidt said hellwi delir on his gncampai omprtoises lower taxes d anre obplace e.amacar ? the go bofor thhe t houseand tesena to act bymid-may to crea tea nu 20tritnahel alth insurance by 20h witno indudivial
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vecoanrage m dateand fewer tigulaon s. >>it's an unlibeevably x compleu bject. codybo knew that thhealcare d. be socotemplica prt esidentrumdep liverss hi niad ess torecongss motorrow ght beg ginnin at006:. of5 kpixwsne stngarti at . 7:30 >>so> al ghtonit the tesena comenfird iobillnae irstinveor wiurot ralh ways e th prenesidt'ses etcr ary of 27. mmce, the 2-vote 7 ronicade la cruz, kp ix5. > >>ghtonit erthe's anr othe galesel tbk acfor the trump . a mitistraon feradeapl alpeurs cot insan cifranschao s reedject a e sticdertpa mentreesqut to pry the peapal of the esenidblt's ocd ketrav belan. utosecorwas tntedo y butime suise a new ecexe utivdeorr to onrein havg to nddefe the old e. atther ord bd anneentry into e ths.u. from vesen uncotries for 90 days. bye osuncotrs iee ar, iraniraq, d a, a,somali sun,da a syri
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an ide present idsa he s planto issua new serevid deorr this . week als. > poderting incrimhe will >>t tonighclour exusive kpix5 usurveysa polls showstrong eabay ar sut pporenwh it s come dounedcumentra immignts o wh drug laoitted riseous reimted cres. ce igto l do"is sa70% id.e i.c. shldwa alysno be ti. fied liscbby hawoaf s r >>also tot nighoad klans haa new lipoce chwiief th a big to yostli. may r libbafscha sworein iranne kckkpatri datoy, the ci ty's first mafele top fi> torfpeorm the esduti of the off ce oofchief police, city oaof kland.>> i will. a >> kik patrictaerkes ov rertntme shak enby anscda ls celyntin clinudg raci alpr g ofilinvoand int lvemenwith a sex worker d anit's d hano toy e shinoutled her t. prriesti. ce. gazanialtion exceenll is the reioductn of imcre
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and itis e threatstorion d an bungildi ocon itmmuny. pwanteoe pltrto anm sfor isit also uetr i n'dot ffsuer >>foesishns . well ahend t new chieinf brgs a k tracrdreco ofplimemtienng res format police rtdepaments thnight is rvsuceeillan hoodin pullg f ofan atm t heis in sl. rafae ththe ootik a ed pero ar ound e m atlast t nigh ate thn mari aiorr te officeon rsandeon dr ive. en thta he atthched e enother d yanke thatm rothugh the and glas doors.po licecorevered the a tm in mo . > ing morichnd >>t tonighpolice are chsearing for the burglar -- ghtonit poli ceare chsearing fothe laburgr anacd licompce on >> e fog is taking toa ll thengold gategebrid. it's actuallyat eofing f someof the thnight e ere ars planto x fi it. cot de ptelaves cor the rintzoal rastucs ht rustt --
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wer. e on the to frd forwaron the san ansccio desi is fully exsepo ttoelhe emtsen and the esplat the made of 1/4 inchsteel arin etprty bad apsh the isidge dpltrict ans to n begi workon f theacade xtne a inincludg plreactsemen d an w nefainb.t jo >>w > noto ipa tr ultry out of to d,worl w e'retag lkin thonmo d anback. nit'sott jusfor onastrauts e. rym kp5'tes ca cirauguan is here >>withet. ails the n mabehi ndsltea and sendtwo ivprate ticizens o aroundthe moonbaand ck on thr ein owmedi. eyl wiltr daveleeinper to acspane th y another mahun s ha bdoneefe.or , >> twoerone, zo. >>f i itwo rks,it will be one d. iant ap for nkmain sicolln vaey entrreep neur pronusk maki ngone more bold s hiancompy spac expls anto la tunchwoun d namepeople ar heound t moonand ba the ertravelhas ve aly readidpa
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deposit r foeithr lunar . trip scn hips man isa seni or t. snt ha he s made boldclai ms befo and 'vtheye co me. true ce spax says e thjoury ne will ttakehe amatr euspace sutravers near the moon 's rfe acand farther out into space be foreoploing ckba to rteaa h, dianst ce of3 to 0 0,00mis.le eythll wi be aboard the ulcapse crewdragon, a fuy llautod mate raacecftwi th no mahun pilot, plthe ant seto b lastf of latea xtst ne itcry ics sae thnetimeli may be too st to rkwo out l al deta ng shtceflig is very, very da erous. foivrg ing.m ospace is not liany tt tle hingth catan go sp thwi llki you. acwae nts to kill u.yo sa t rhedsewar e arworth it. the aryeo s aghe sat do wn . cthbs ' newsscott llpeey i had so many opperyle ting
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a lkta me t ouof starting code mpy an itwas y.craz onode go ndfrie of mine tellecd a e wholse riesof anvide of ckroets inblowg up hemademe h watcosthe. stjun' didt wantme to selo >>l my mo ney. musksaid thes hinkthese pre ivatminsssio wiakll me hemoney pe hos to chlaun twen gersinto acspe onceor ice a arye thall esipe trs thaveo be lice nsed bye thfaa. ca cauiug ran,5.kpix flhtsf, o tontsaa rosa, short ye. uned airlesinng doi t he igflhrht teeti mes y a da ne. arng in ju cae rrr iema de that cenounme tnt. oday wiit ll bea 40mi nuteflig ht th a 50atse jet. st? goto4 $5ou00 rndp. tri uned n hasot had a presceen anin staa rossi20nce 01. anto> t nighsome d bawsne for yo wneho cos nserve elicectrit u. s goi tocost yo ngarti dnweesy da&epg is
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ure. senga tera stctru esy ntiallomcusters with low llage wi e setheir y monthlut biility lls go up by as chmu hos 11%. usdsehol u lsingots of sotriticwiy ll pay ssle. meop pele in the ntceral va lleyhave coinmplaed that suerub s csidizersustome on e the coast. pr afder decas of imt ovementhe life anexpectcy of itwhlee peop inamerica has a ken oua trblg inwndoward turn. ex pes rte say thiosituatn is due ingreat partto e thidopiop . idemic the osg bearingea hut, brun men. lydmile agedwo th on 5 allen martinporerts ey're geg ttinokhoed faster d ane arersuffing remo. the pa inmedication, ensuddlyt i wjustent k clicand >>i id wo w,th ats feelgood. lraau ptke r heugdr e usa >> nicotmaed ybe i s waa i tmo re t shormpteered or an'tav he asmuiech pate nc d enth i'd gee t th prcresonipti and sulydden evhierytngme seed to flowa lile bitbetter in my ushoe
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i and was kitang reca ofrethe kiall ds and it'sa t loof wo anrk d it 's veryazcry at s. e >>t arstted off with ipprescroption ioids for an inretad il. bone ewhousife s wahookedthe e shysalwa got her ugdrs lell y. mpsy ttomso e thctdo aornd i had a ctdo orwho was >>au irae s onof the many erams icanswt epup hein t wot rs hirugctaddiion epicidem in u.s. t bory,uthe she's t new face ofhose bearing much of e th fet, whit e,miledd edag and le. >>n , facte whitddmigele ad women have had the bit gges incrseeaov in ersedo atde. hs >> the idepemic is owgring erevy ye. ar 'sitiv dren by overpoex sing osthfee afct ede thmost? thledded ag whites. osste mo kelily to e?di lemidd edag e whitmewon. ha>> wt onearth is going on wi these lemidd aged white
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>>? ople dr. an drewcoy lodnis a leing exrtpe onioopid ioaddictann d ntrecekely spo at a mpsyosm iuhe bldy the unfoondati. alcathre hehas a thryeo y whisth icidem is so white.>> wa think rit elates tothe y in whctich doors espre crib naots.ic h>>yse sa docts orare more lylike ptorirescbe opidios to whesit th anksblac. rasevel iestuds in prtiess giou . >>dil urjo nalsckba him up the doorct may be more coerd net abouthe enpatit geinadg eddict if eyth're re lk or e maybeyth'rmoe nencerd ouabt the tipaent 're inthr eillpis ifeyth anack d ifthe patient is whe,th reey a pribescrinasg ifthe'ers innothg aatll tobe wh i k thinis enhapping is hahatalraci stereypotising vi nga ecprotti veefctfe for tenwhi pulopnsatio. bslviouy we should be ofescribiog cauttously all our paentits. li onadditime, won are more es lyto see a doctor, get a pripcrtion pakiinerllat a hi dgherose and to e usthem
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long term. thdoe orctsa ysthese drs ugare acal lly fousyor chc roni use. ta>> e eris enev idev encethat ki ngopios idrelagurly can ma pn aie.wors alho l,t bushe's now moalst r. o monthsbeso st fir h e? ass asmehad tot ge s--he s wa >> meto get treneatmt. t she hamemecos enwh yo u're in your tiac vediad ction.i' bom some hdy whoprad a oblem ani cideded to omdo sngethi abou ther s noshe amin that. >> some ciac dentalseoverdos oc cur wwhenomen mix alcohol 'sit a de adlycoatmbinion. thallertmain, kp ix5. is epidemic is ctaffeing l al ers icanno matter their race, > >> itis a malyin eaclr night ugthroho utthe bay eaar, ertempatures dropping. wewa'll kein up the 30s for a go k chunof the y baeaar lito, rrowrrcuy entl43 in veorrmppe, uer 40s kloaand, e frscancio,-4 mid0s j sanos anntsaa rosa. teeruratvees orn tighton, ight 36 in nccoord, irfafield 35,
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tamouninew vi 39 and santa rosa thfreeng ma rk32. atd saithe rain is gone. moe high atelevion owsn, hello, unabt dilo i, its gone as ll. rafao ll sfar this arye, a t. jaarrey mo tdohan uble r ou agerrae . infallfe thbrua wl ildogo wn wi thremo anbl doue our eravage . rainfa likeec not bweause 'll start of rs aon verydry tnotehe filet coup days e becaus of abu esildi rgeid of high sure. re meermbst that orm atth d move us hroh lastni ght,gave in a couple hos?ur hait s been inraing l alday in sadiego, the eswettt inday thth 2 inesch of rainllfa. eye 'rindealg with an spatmohec rir rivedo wne.ther uswe jt had atsctered showers anwid ll see noshs owerthe offutucasast ys cl ouds fs, horepa rtlynnsuy torr, owlecompte lydry. we andnesda willbe even ldmier wesunn ier. tiill hangtoon that rie dg it t abo fy ridawh en bens to movehwsoutest of los thgeles, stwe of anorge co. unty athe's wn thsomeing el sewill toget movein and gi veus li kelysome showers ngduri the lymain c nlearigs,hts lowin
11:22 pm
pathe s away omfr e thtewar, r r fothe urcose. d. ekanowslly thhorougut the >>sapleant, owshers retug rnin sunday -- d ansapleant, showers rnretuinsug nday. oad,klan tamounin ewvi, nccoord 59, faelirfid d anjosan se 60 des.gree hisunsneou, cldynd a cooler on s lday,iky elngclearit oun on monday. who has the stbe bastbkeall iteamn san anfr cisco? h setcuy rrd hacaa reer t. i a re mi bnginack just ment. ,,
11:23 pm
,, teinrcoursate th'sai p nfultodue mopenl ausachs.ange 's it nikot lel gy tooaw n ay oitn.s ow titmyook mt ossthone fd riento mhelpe sdohiometngbo at.ut i e shto mldeme prar vinalagin eacrn m cahe.lp it vi prodeess entrogs to hpelre bud ilnavagil sstiue titmyook mt ossthone fd riento mhelpe sdohiometngbo at.ut i keand maer intcoseuror mcoe blmforta e.em it vipragarin v cinalream hpelre bud ilntrtsea sstiue titmyook mt ossthone fd riento mhelpe sdohiometngbo at.ut i va gil nagechans eduto mopenause an ded mora-tteveo-sere fupainl teinrsrcoue ca busedy esthane chges. n'doe t usitf iveyou' h adusunuaval blginal dieeng, stbrea outr e erincaernc , bld oos,clot n'dovetlir obpr, lemsstkero h adusunuaorea artk,ttaceeng, e arrgalleico t iany ofts in iegrednts orhi tounk y'rpre ntegna. de si eecffayts m ilunc de heacadpehe, lv picain, eabraist pn,ag v inalbldieendng a vinag.itis de tr esogs eninmay crseeaur heacyo cnchafes ocain, geinttncg caerf o the erutstus, ros,keod blo ctsl, dortiemena seso u irt fo thore shte tstime se baoad on gndls a r.isks esentrogs ldshou n botede us ptore hventeaisrt dea,se he artat atck , st oroker dementia. ♪ ♪ k asyo durr octoabtouem prar vin caginalream.
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eqeir frlyuent fgrer pro 11th, eytonid t anmah rc le t'llovravel ther 11-ousand mists...arngtiil in phiaadelphag thainst rse sixe.. grriorso oing tget a bo ost tinhe ireqfruent flr ye l ey'lflovy 1,er 1000 miles beeetwnon d w anmah rc11th ngarti hiin plalpdehia t ainsthsie , xersthe trip ngloou engho tmake any ybod strk, i ossuppe. epcuh rry had a ghnit to foet. he airballs a sh. ot cuy rrwas 0-11 fm rowndo, town wohis rst ooshting ghnit as a t,no of coseur, cabekeuse n vi
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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