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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 27, 2017 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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g rninat 4:30. >> tlly'll a behe reto arstt ayur d. go nhtig. iocaptni sngorponsedy bcbs ( acheersland appuse ) ( ugerht ) >>ores bttu picre -- ug( laht )er > lland la. aounn:ncer is t' l"theate sh" wh itepsthen colbert. ghtonit,ph steen welmecoies conn tobritn,oe zyeu dtch,ic musal stloest ri mck, ennajon
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ewt,ar feangturi jon baetist noand w veli onap te from t ehed sullivanat theer iw n neyork ci,tys it'stheepnbe colrt! )♪chee a anduspplae >> gophte hen:!ey odo t see ya! ( eendrs a auspplae ) have seat! oh!oank u msouch! ladi g andenemtlen, wcoelme! ( ee )ring omwelce ttolahe "tew. sho" i'lam la la nd... soy, s i'mte cphenol.bert ( uglaerht )de hatr ldiide, d yeeou s t th n?ight at t washezi craesdit enng to thcae osrsin st ce itu ornedut fo( lahter )en w kr aiseso.ze
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r e thosof w youhoy onl wahee d thfithrst reure hos twand eninty ne teminus heof t "mcerenyoi, spleerr alt, oohtnlig" n wo pbestic.ture aueendrs a auspplae ) tiful.bu t 'shere harow wretyn beat faye aunawayednnounc cago.ry >> aca the awademy a.rd.. fobe pst.icture "lmen!ousse impoible. ( lla"and. ch aeersndla appuse ) >>( aueneace rcts ) unenteph: atthso is kntamforbl we toathech wn you owha wcot's ming. it lwaike tcnghian titic, ptexce ticitan allctuay bewon st ( eendrs a auspplae ) ye( pio )riff ah,ea yh.
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la sfeelo fobad r "lthe a la ndop" pele t andher poo foit sul bd'veeegrn a eamet mont r caafrin icameranuts, b the'was alysat a cch. ( know? lahtuger ) e'"hers oyoursc, arsobut me e whitfogelks t outo tch it ug( lahter ) ( pl )ause okpe?d it .( lahtuger ) wtheyer oe upn e,stag ryane whi ( inplg exaijaned zzth to em. lahtuger ) yodid u see thatov mie? se thaa t "llaan ld"ov mie? >>t s dephen: uo youannderstd izzow? >>t get i now. okay( teuen: yoit get . now erlaught ) noitw n' wast rrwaeaen bttany d unye daw'say. fault thaccoun itantn withe ngves ga wien an ve slopehongwi the nnf er otheve prio cusorategy lactst are, ss semmatone faor l d u haonb,e jo price rhwateouoose cpe!rs
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eon job! ( rschee appnd ala)use ththat it! at a'shell ty hado t do! >>on:es y. >>ph steenan: thk tgodhey dot run an.d s.t. clinic. er )laht ha'rl e alcln,ea j mr.oh.nson veic a ne i no,'m soy,rra emmstisone c, leanyou ( ve camiayd." lahtuger ) lellgay, ian cay smi ele ounoamou ills a c.lean spne lygall say t.hat ea okingf arheaktbreing akmistesdo, nald tp rum-- ( ee arsppnd ala)use ss a dond p trumwiddll are insst seio cn ofonsgres rrtomoowig nht. bebe'll d aoing lshive ow ca iuse,t'e s thonhily tng th s dlowsow dn myrig.nkin thokat je isas bed on ae tru ( y. noerught )
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w,do we n'owt kn elyxact what o say,t enid gt isoi tng bus word il he wilyfinall alreve hlais pn epto rlace rnaramace, h whichede teas this moing.>> g we'reo oing t arepealnd lue we havp come uwith a sohation talt's really, rely, i therk, vy odgo. hter )no w, h ie avto tyoell u,s it'an unevbeliabomly cplubex sje.ct ulco sd beo ( ug )hter au( cedien rs eact) wa fepl peoew. knee eoplkn.ew one oro. tw coapplse ) i uld thifnk o one guy -- yoll, gmi susle, ed to sitn i ur cirha -- it's just youid dtn' know. 'sthat lifike ifo perrmpeed on "wart rgtoery mo arrowndd, sai owno, kbodyneitw b would wet e! her"
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noug )hter w,wa to rmfo up r rrtomoow rion fda cy atpad c anweftnt aer onanymouaks les. >> a i'mga tinstheeo pthple at somakep iestors maand ke up urs.ce cesours ssunle ty heuseod seto u bosomedyam's ne. leeit thr bnamee ouput t e.ther t eith br nameoue put t. ssourceatays thd donaltrump is ae,orriblbl horrimae hun bein lethayem s itot fa my ce. >>te:phen sir -- ee( chrsnd ala appuse ) --t ulwo md bey horono t say
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ito your f.ace an wovalk eryo to urv tenscre d melet jgeust t t righup , "youdo tnaldruarmp, e a ( ee arsppnd ala)use ( m bngei." ripiano ff ) cose clor. co cmer.lose ee( chrs a andppe laus) 'lweeal clns thia lter. whmeanilhie, wtese hou press etsecrard y anbledeach mioinn sepian sceunr lach hedwnis o war agt ainsles akerby holngdi hondom pckne che ws ofhiteho stuse afrsfe.he t's gotomo do s.ethinghe no kwsor f a fact, erthe e's on tguy intehe whi hiuskewho epses ounding t un tngedwes et0 at 3:0 it'suts.
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( apause ) to fi him. so wthh all ngis goit' on, is snoe urprisonthat, da satury,tr eeump twi ted, "otwill n be ationnnondenci' assoe use plhier ts arye. ea wseevish er wyoneeldl anha reve a gniat eveng!" thatpo disap, intingitbut 's atnot s t.faul thht nig, 'shedy alrea rrschedue d to b kat theinreml coenespondnnts' dier.( aplaught ) he )plause 'sbl doue-okboed. g nothinhe can do. darn it!po orl p.anning 35t umpke sponsperso and -yolear-dho w stillgs han ar toundheor sority house cohurah ckeeabfe, ofre ad up whnginci agynalo tplo exain >>p trumwoskuld ip e thevent. veini thk kit'sin nd ofai was hito tnkha t ct wean all lko inta omro a for ce ouplof anurs d enpretd sthatome of thenat tsisnon i'tre the. saknonow, e tofhihe tngs we y hein t s, outhif g airl sct d eggeyoouur hseul, wod yobuoky coieoms fr her?
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( ug )hter >>te: phenyei ah, wod.ul 'sthat aprn exes wsione aluse l tithe me. j>> ron:ight, r.ight >>te: phendown sou,th the gi sscout are hblorrie, ibhorrle pe.ople buthl wilmu yrderou. t doi e lovthine th mtsin. ug( lahter ) d too baumtrnop's t g gointo go e causi'sum e re hwod ulhave gin laa hirispous eech. yocan u inimage? jiyou n'hat t m? it and now,el dgiverin01 his 27 whee housor cderesponnts' dieres addrass, ple weelcometo theiu podm pderesintal dond >>p! thanku. yo kthan you. yt owcrd. amkeou limi enees of the dranic people. ( p um sna)no nthing,eh? hu
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okay anyos latin inhe tnc audieeto t?nigh arve a it me,inut'r youe being be.sted la iuse like getting rid of tinos. i >> y suck! u tn' suck. knhoknow w thats? i ocnok, kck, who's t?herefa ke. thke news. is guyno kwsho w'm i talking abt. ( ugerht ) oklo! othe's nri weanyng a p!ants okay, it'spe hapning again! it! 's okay, d -onny- it'sus jt a m drea--'r youeot n egoven ing to w thehi hteouse ndrrespodients' hinner t ye. ctheyan'tu hrt you here. ethe w theed b! >>uh? wh? oonoooo! ( lauger ) >> aeersndpp ae laus) senteph: hwea ave grt eaowsh yor turigonht. ieconn bttris on ere fit,'l i ol bevethr
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oldkinfa nkewiews thn a .iend ( chrsee a andppe laus) weand 'rnne goa t gephthe one- hions phe, o uhutyo of u... asn sooas- [re]ington in [rgtone] ha i veo, tav i he ttothake is. ju lst aite tlh.pinc.. eeswrtthea, lei y ft mpheon insi- na [iudleibfl mufedoi vce] m i'nghavi e! , uhgowe're finna x this ,leneedsssa to y. oi[vctce-aivedatbl doue-]tone ay ok. miresungla py... ♪ icoh mkewhy itat a pdoy you n'trsunde♪tand snicrskeat® sis.fies y stubd s anba snkmetatenttos fi renae nc hyourome. hou w2s,pa orou y cou pldthush atut bton. [d ong][rlaocket chuning] ipskhe tan b sk,thkip epe parwk,or
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shldied s anco coanolswhyoile u e.shav ee( chrs a andppe laus)
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♪ ste:phen! hey weomace bk,ry evebo!dy maai ho tjon batteis " andstay hun"! come on!rs ande pplaus) uno kw,lk foies, lads and gent lmen, aittleli earner i hoe sw, standg inover tihere, trs tolking youut aboal dond umsp' hilosttie relaonship withheed mia. it h aew n lowri fday when at annf i pormingressef briing,
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ser spice rbannedrseporte fr come nn, thrknew yo, timespo d liticolothe s geanmeles tis auedbuzzfe. ( cedien rctea >>en steph:t' isps u,etting but tu haveo uannderstd, febuzzedas w excluded beuscaere spict didn'helike tan e swer hr got foch"whi gmoilre regirl a you." d chei lorel! anamthis c ae only h fewoursaf iter tr tp said--his >>th love rse fit kbodyno lwst oves ibetter e.than m>> 's steph: yeah. itth like ayey s -if- you set itee firnd ameme, nt i. it tt comedoback, len't t insshe prein briefg. d anotthe rol of als this ithat trp s callanory sty oehe dsn't li " nfakeews." ieechndrs a alappe us) ju mean, the whole things i st -- ju -st- rschee a anduspplae )
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>> s hphen:ey! it'ston st,ewarbo everydy! ch( ndeers aus appla ny ren, gato tyosee u. >> sice toee yous a well.ho yw didou get undery mde sk? raightomne tunl builstt frar the fm. the rm?ophen: hu cameomere fr r>>roight f fm thearm. >> syophen: u doou yr fag rminin manakeup d aie t?>> e i likooto lk ceni.( erlaught m?teenph:n joh-- hm>> ph steenyo: iu misst,'t don yu? chi es, miss it! >>ndeers aus applae ) ipe s wnd theayhole dli yelng la( )ughterp tomahe anils. have a bnar spider, don't owkn the ne,am wovese "pleaet g
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i job"nto a web! ogeeenphn,: jo iyof edu ne t realawm frothfae yorm, u' wa wysmeelco he.erwe e havaha cirig rhter he. yoere uo. g ( o i thiss nice! chrsee a andppuslae ) kei li this. 's a little ailtig tht. s>>:tephen, yesits. i so,on j. hajon, w yt doouhi tnk about trp mediaomthmae aminstre frbr that aiefing nnd himot dent'snnto theonorresp dier? c>> ianel't bie tve'she guy got thbas lletto g ay wa twithhat. coerceenn thacndon n es ias gu, d an'sthat cinomomg fr a y o whs hatecnn. ( ugerht ) oklois at th. >> gle 306 ealctor cleolge votei itguess he was tst biggeel l ectorae collegncwin sie naroeald rgan.
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>>ouue gross wng! ug( laht )er fbas wll smaerha tthn bo o ra ock'sbama ws inbiand ll cltoann ord gege.w hsh. bu. re t'sighe bge wstinin sce ev ianu f yodot n'tcoun er syoneineace rgan. buatt whut abos? thi >>hede murr iraten our becouny heis t hstighe ist ha en47 in yrsea. 47u d yoknowat th? . years evi'd y ithatn eea spch and erodybs y wasurirpbesed caeus thprs esn'doest llteli it ke its. >> erey we rpsuberised itcause 's notru te! been 4ear thstlowe is t' ins.5 year ( eechndrs a alapp)use vohe t on thisne is my farite. >> batb thre bs havedeeen maag jeainst enwish cllters a acroou the cn ntry ilathe stco f uple oweeks. mmthere lee peopre who a cts orre aisnt aemitic thg ateninto -- >>ouee sai, he sasd he w easyeso a aer vley simp nod its t. not airmplen,uestio fast queion. siokay, .t down
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i rsundetahend t rtes of your tiqueson nuso he'e s thstfoory lks, mbneer o, ami l theeast an-sicemit psoern yoveu'r eve enseyo in urir ente feli. i>>'t don tnkhis that'e! tru ( htlauger ) he( apau )se saidha t tto auy g wearing a nama! dou'ld, yo nreveot en the aneas clit-semicso pern tinhat ip we shod!we >>teenph: jon, the pntreside geexagras,te y butouan c't k'sw he lying on te>> sphyoen, u! can te>> sph:eno hw? e causheon ctlstany says he praseel "bieve me."
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ch'rlye"belvee" mes unls ( aeersndla appus)e ph steenca: n m youigh ge ivme n explame? on>> heyi , juwas st hngelpi teacy st outer hfe perctle sep wherbe, eliev me. at? itno, 'st jus aia gnt woonde hoe. whbelie me. at? modes cratinar disray?no h, theyave an. pla ebeliev. me( rschee a ande pplaus) s>>enteph: moc'e n, hdon'es rsaevbelie tmeofhat ten. >>2.oll 21 be be.ieve m lie evme. libelievme. bemeeve .be melieve . beev.e me evbelie me. evbelie me. , lie mee . oke e believme. lievliole me fks. li.eve me be.eve me beev, e mebeve-lie me. buevh-lie me.
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uh>> b-bl(ulep ble ). ug( laht )er ( plap )ause >> ssophen: a yougr weeith meth niat ban png theress is uneram?ican w,>> a is t'erunamic nanoot t i y,to surp yo wnihing. dia li ttao o lk tthmee ser a co.nd s>>enteph:ur soe, ghe aad. whic gcamera toesohe t medi>> en stephat: th one. ( ug )hter , heyed mia. hei doard na bld urokep thwi stgs l ae.ittl you fillthy t oughyod u'met urer p a abr-beh moutwhs o'as kiin-snn aedarnd nciisssastic aryou e. di( auen rces eact) noit o'sver! ie, ll rgoodidncdae. sa--y ckki -- m hi-- e th-- rbcu. >>( riano ff )lapp)use 'snkha you.
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ite timfoyor gu toetou y oogracve bk, med.ia lebe yuse,ouno k kw, youofind t uryo gselfo tta lileit b e thespaewst f yrsea. puyou t on aew fdi punts. insessg,4 2s houra y,daen sev "wt'dos upnny to?s thiongue y. yohed a saynyinthoug abt ?us u inth'sk he gnaone comon? doouhi te nk hlis keus? sn doe'tve even ha tcoo mshielf. anhe c jt usn!call ido stnny, pase! jus let uouknow yay're ok!" er )laug all the meole tie you'r ainteg afr m,hies the rt of usnkre thibuing, "tt can' ( sehee n 's a( eebl"p )? lahtuger ) "o n no,hao, tt'jus e! him imprs ariedoldna. atthus's jt ecel yollu'. seewe he canhae nghim! 'lgel est pridtienal!" hoah, w'thd orat wk t?ou itid dn't. owu kn w?hybe e caus70ea-yd r-olmen'n dot mege clessray nkacor risast ( by goes --
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un aeersndla appuse ) lehess ty enhapp tbeo it vised byee thr stspiri ie n thnight. i'lo,ia med, isgonongsayi t bhe ureakp intog ea be sy. swyooire gngo tyosee urx e tog inrifar ghwit veth ery m,ru d adge,ndre brtitba. aneyd th dblo ( eep ). eraucedien rs eact) >>ph steenjo: e'n, wrecb on s. (by m def,ensey the do le)!epdi >>iet g us cand?cele senteph: us? ( ugerht ) ee( chrsnd ala appus)e isthak breupas hen giv y aoun
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azamoping pounrtfoity r se-rlfctefleioann prd imovt.emen whhetrr isump umenan ricaor orif hthksin'r youe e thyenem ihef ei's bngea m yn toour o ife' hins gog ltoouet y bk acin yose.lfengfio s, dsothmefoing r utakep hoa bby. i cod mmenjoliurnasm. htlauger ) ( plseau ) ini thk bthisre iakups g gointo hahet besththing atr eve pp tenedo you. s>>enteph: reyou alhily tnk the a mediisoi go ng ttahike ts rtoppountoity sexelf-amanine d th getet bte tr atheobir j? i>>y realldo. belie me. >>lauger ) art,tejoen: n ewst neeryo! ♪ brton.beig racht bk thwini cone measured in zeros. out shldt n' bitabe tou firsts? bu and seconds? abhow out adding t a?hird
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we think trehe b's aajliilwaon yso turmease keliin makg yourod t dlergileggik le thp 'satuc a sce!ss can teaching kids in another country how to say "pony" kema a you sceucss? e theccorrt swans er iye.ah atwhbo a tutg akinpreid e invethryyoing u ?do fiinthg ure coagtoe dosothmeyoing u' nveevere? don dorngoiom sngethi nono eve's eo wene? se urk thinso. th iisats wh wcae ll... dosothmeyoing u' nveevere? don the new succoress sty d ilwhese succt s isn'abjust neout moy,oing u' nveevere? don noat mw ter homuchou ye, hav we think y douveeser e thncfinaial frdoeem to sepleik l ae thisnit ght. were-i t-a-a, and we're with you. t startoy daat t-a-iot-a d o.rg ♪ rtfoieifd.esred. heplenisd. geemer eryvewiday th eremn-gec cpaited wh vib ,taminsox anti, idantsolelectrytes
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usple morvimitathn c an ra10 whnoy elt fe ts hi egoodvedaryy? aergendee s.itathn c an ra10 ♪ ♪ ♪ lyont at&ofrsfe a youllou yr veliha csnnel an ond dvr youder s.vice ta te enrtnmai yent.ouwar y. only fro&tm at. (c te eerheoning tv)yoy u maw downn iorhisty, ouwith ybir twtter, d istelies. yoy u matr mod e in e th dveryirt,
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but ilstkel li d iust, rise. cayou n oosh wt meit hur yo words... n you camecut wh itieyour ls... u yocakin e ll mwi thuryo hefatssulne. stbut il ll,aiike r... r weise.
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,, alookt thall atne dinr r fo4 beand fooure y sutay b d'senny, osth2 e psstri ocof ban, eg 2 gs 2 and fy luffpaesncak are alcly r fo4 beand fooure y sutay b d'senny, we s: ay dat 4olrslas doeit real mlyr?atte eg 2 gs 2 and fy luffpaesncak are alcly r fo4 beandefo$4nny's ay all d,senny, er evalyday vm.ue sla pa 2 gs 2 and fy luffpaesncak are alcly r fo4 bethrt of ve 2468 malueenu.ny,
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( pbandla )ying ( eendrs a auspplae ) >>ph steen: yes,es y, my s!iend lcweomek! bac esladi and gleentmen, yrmy fstst gue i es anmm "fnad teesactrs knyou owm fro riniday ghght lits." anfrnaom "she,vill" e whershe di istn la ws eek'epe isod-- so srry,poerilrt ale! coieri b.ttoneme t very lovely ba( land pyi )ng ch( aeersndpp ae laus) fi>> is olso cd in here my ngsere havdy alrea skhrunwo t s.size te>> sph:en y andourgs rin are >>fallg f?of aiag s: phenni tceeeo s you stlae tim w seawh eac o, therwe 55weret ther pest'idens 55t >>th birdarty pay. a nndot trump. erdiffenret psi,dental y'l. yeph steengh: mit fbe aew
12:06 am
tobes ifore getnv iit bedack ttha pcela. >>e i fel the same. te>> sph nen:ice betiaulfuse hou. i te syephen: ah. iterndt whae' hnes do with ? >>ph steenst: juho psto of evelndf a goldea lf re.eyw mu so chol gead lf. te>> sph: en ithiss a big ietervw rfo b meecseaus thi is iryour fubst plic aeapprance nceou yr cctharaer rennaes jam di ltask. wee i>>w. knoceeas ct) it m'st y firspublicea apprance tncehen, too,nd a imyt's tirst men oou yrw! sho ( eechndrs a auspplae ) sot's weird for meau becse'm i ,dead but'm i here. haws wt'm iay sing? ho>>enteph:ig rht. won ldg di youy plao? ren s.>>yeive ar sphteyoen: uran f asre arnt p,onassiates. fan hi>> ts nis a amangziwd cro,y b thay w.
12:07 am
( eendrs a auspplae ) ca"nasil" le afansre t ofhis ber. >>te: phendo h youavye an coor ntingews fro your fs?an letrt's y akto mehe tni morng par. doou crhaerract ryeallea dd or es shee comback as an elvi itin wh a goae,te a orre szombieot h right? now t>> aheserere g >>teenphs: i sheea rlly dead? >> s ophen:h,h. gosad >>teenph: yh.ea he rlleay dade, i but inthek th tinw steisra idp is s>>enteph: m-hmmm. you kw,no it's "navish"lle. stwhatf theon lg, ltosn twi oheser com back? , and's sheuc sh aev dil! shllom ccke ba and be !>>orrle sept dhen:o u yo ahaveny wos forr youan fs? >> wldou t sayo my fan fs,irst shl al, i leovou y so mh,ucs thi owov loues y s mouch and tt,ha fow kn,a renl wile liv on
12:08 am waab tlelao pyt tha cctharaer,i wuly,italh yl m hrtea, i leov ju le ik wwhene loseeb somody oinur l, ivesthire spit lives on s>>enteph:nd a rers.un dan reruns. ( auapplse ) nd>> are the'ser runs. ph steeni: p wasreytt excio d tfiutnd out abos. thi ican show thisho ptoer he? >>when ya were yeroungan wom -- howa dre you. >> shetepn:yo -- uer wero llmates w sithenator kristin gi ribrandheight tre. atth t's thewo of. you oklokes li a couple ofun f girls ito runnto when yeou'r ckckpainoug arnd.>> we w'teren onlykp bacacngkiar weound, e wer in bjieing, inch s>>enteph: atwhr yeaar wee >>inabg out here? h doware. you ( ugla )hter sthat ide ru! >> s:tephen 2007. 2007,ea yh.>> te sphenyo: uer wen a asian >>studs jomar -- inchese?phenwi athus focn i
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ap( seplau ) thko yu,ne o ha steen:id dha ttom cen i ndyhi wle pnglayie lispiaeclly then. i kedud styingna chi because it lea me lrnut abo theeo pple antheor wld. ph steendo: youti sllav he y manridan? atth's it. mdaan)rin atth's all'v ie got. i>>ld cou sneay o thianng, d yojuaist sdhe t t ihing could ndy, a iud stied itou fr yes. send wthent ere with the jurtom fro norew yk,nd a you stai s tdhehi tng c i sanay. ph steen: h dowid you guys kt tonow each o?ther omros?mate colle,t sudying chinesetes i getoerth andmm rooatesn i g.ijin we you by yseourlf trasiipng?
12:10 am
ouarnd? co>> n weer we t iheren a lleeggr proam. e weret gtingo int tleroub. weer tee herin au smmerer tm. itent toar dthtmoule colge. s wasurhe fojuth of ly. th:tephenhe did tyra celebte e four othlyf jure the? >>o, n t buthe ires anri amecan pacohase, d aig bh fourtofy jul rtiky, le dyouo wnhe you're te>> sphalen: l the fwoirerks ulu cod sspo wiblya.nt la( erught ) t>>wahat sc alytualru te. tbut wha we dveiscore wdast tha th wey hereavg,in athe tir courthf lyju par, tyipa l scyn ksoinrist gilbrliand and two hainoug ttogether inei b,jing weer pformed ourip l sync marforncwhe waich s sinnggio t >>te s: phenan wdashi ts ai ht la( erught )
12:11 am
ue20 qstnsioon tight. >>ee i s w yhatou didre the, tan ok?'doikt let. i la( erught ) i'ma adtou y,ut b, reay,ll i d dioit t mysf.el te>> sph: en thene md ofy sto irys we wonth e lipyn scon ctestt athe aneric easmbnsy o touhe frth gi july inji being withst kriin nd.aib ph steeni: ie belve you dese be toeal suted. >>wh y didoun? wi mbeaye liktl liteme arinca fls on at sick. ovte: phenhongw lo w yereou er te?her ths. lik t mhreeon >>te:phen dido yur fyamil y worrabtou yoatu ll a? p>>blrobay. >>teenphat: wh ifou y got >>k oom sngethi leikha tt? w geot soic sk wnte we to eais bchow tn, ate whono kws weat, got so skic wead h to goos thihi cneseoc dtor and he >>ves u toad v.enom
12:12 am
toenteph: wyouerere the, o. wead i h to teak it. were allio vlylentll i.>> shetepn: theuy g said's it adtoom ven? >> y. es>> stehaen: tt's prtrident sump' aswneror f e.( amar apauplse ) >>tor wked! sphteen:gr conatulnsatio. riyolsre ao a.n u. aasmbr,sado ght? >>. yes amssoradaen: oo gd will w hooudo y seaprd good wi?ll t. j i yust,ouno kw,mi sle a lo( erlaught ) >>:tephens iou yr- job - y, sat' whas up?>> en steph's: whatap hpening in thisto phoer he? th'sou yt a the airport in nallshvie. weha tst wa inas nlehvil. rtlecenyre g neted aew rewene turd away bseecauf oe w beg oable te comheinto tedp u
12:13 am
intel ationatairpor and t the them. se >>enteph: llyove. k thanyosou h muc f boreing >>. yh.ea yote s: phenwa lsyovel t soee >>ha tounk y. >>ph steeni : yhopeouo dcome abacksou yr ownvi el twin, whheonr "ilnashvrle" o this show s>>enteph: "asnlehvil"ir as ayursd on l we'lbeac bk wh itzoey dh.eutc anstkr a!ound ( sok you h! muc ♪h aeersndla appus)e th e d worlisl fulof surirp msingom.ents
12:14 am
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12:15 am
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12:16 am
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12:17 am
s>>enteph: hey!welae ) balcome ck,ve e!rybodyfo s whoar gut aisesn actr and"red ingrdirty " andpa, yohy him u n caw nosee r hebein "fo ire pl".ll ea wsemeelco, dzoeyeuh!tc ee( chrsnd ala appus)e >>teenphce: ni t moeeto yu.
12:18 am
mi'ry sor iid dn't get aha cnce stoiay hef b toreheho sw. i ulysualik le toay s hi i but sywas buse becau a guyas w under my dske. tht is musldbe o h fator yoou t be oner cama. sh yveouon de loa ft o talk owans ufd stfik leha tt? >>l, wel tishis my fitavore. myam filsy'av feorit talk sw.ho stheep wn: iastn'i fg.shin .know >>teenph: it toko youlm aost 20ecdson s toayt. tha fo> m gdmrana ntse me a text bealre i wnked oge sta that idsa m, he'syor favite,on d't sitrew up. r>: tephenisay h to gndrama fo me. >> s:phen hi,. pamsh ine's dog great. yoursom i leia tn hompsowekn mow fro "backo t the future" d yuro fatherwa hordh, deutc
12:19 am
fromre ptty in pink. im trehe seomie movr staou y're prseesd by? ne>> o te imooi lkedhe at len mienrrth in e eyesnd a puty m thhands s ke thihrand tpew u in em. en steph: i'm sryor. ( ugerht ) >>plose d gok. bac eah. ph steenwh: sy wa tt?ha addlendnd e t ofhe sryto., nomuch else. re's a tellel-ta signt tha i ally love helenir mren. >>ph steen y:ou were so nes?rvou bo>> my ewdy kn beefor my >> steenphd: i haer h on the sh and sheke waldi rght up to andis ksed me onhe tth mou. >> i h.eard >>en steph: yea ih,ea hrd, too!fr
12:20 am
om my wife. th hat melenirnres iui qnte a titracvead ly. >> s: phenanyod rku woed 'shera attcteivansn. ap( seplau ) he s'soro appacblhande aoo cl. c>> iall himme a'srica thsweeea.rt he trhe geatest m ianen th i'gotoing slaay cp forha tt for sure. te>> sph: en ai'mll ionn acea hh,e waszi amang. wa tallyhest fir day i met him s theor mninge h was natomined forn a oscar. i.osca op stpeind to cbs and got a baoollndn a hdandeo thim and ia id, hi, i'm. zoe t'nd ldooke at it and itai sd, "is a" boy. hter ) s ne:tephen well,ow n, your wov mies i cleal id --t's fore il. fal tat'shat abo?ut a>> about yunoirg glha tt ovvelie s thla dstay ofer hif le
12:21 am
lend ave orga ain until she ar hnsoow tig rhter h w.rong moe win fhateelsik le aim te of uarnplealledea ms,nnes tshi ail fmbo aut leagrnin how to d anlyreal pudro of theov mie. s>>enteph: atth's aer vy eeswt tt.hough eah>urr irectois here. ( plap )ause atte s:phen them fil pirre-med un sdancehi ts year,ig rht? >>eah senteph: yodid u iliket i ther haeeve bn once. diyonu ejohey t fesvatil atsprehe i>>ast w m fyirstim te. i t sicks, alway i think i've >>ldw to yuyou gs tt.ha yophte sen:ure,nl oyn whe >> yreour hapespit. yh,eaht rig. i ti sllck a thee. tim i wassk aingut abolt aiteud ssckne a pndeeopl aikre le vioey it's jstu frea aoubt re >> sphen
12:22 am
i we tohe ten wom's >>rcreand thw up. sphteen:id d you heav teh t?ha >>he stepn: was itma a?zing itasm asit w a giantws snoto.rmle ss of aar mch and more of asl >> sjuphen: owst dnai the mn >>streethen. yes. s ay: tephenwiyou ll be pling una ol 'neiinhe t erling bpiioc. lo>>enteph: veha youd reaa t hofistu sff? i>> wasel dving i anto lot of tohishort stoesri heid dn'tt wan beu pisblhed andep ktid hden. atug eene ol''neis dauteghr. the was rallyci exting. >>ph steveen: ha you s readome of t ulencolctedtu sffe lik all"nd "ngirl i theer invtedat
12:23 am
stfore"?>> e you'r a hugege salinr fan! i kw youre we gngoi to -- >>ph steenea: yh,ec bauseou y m i'anbl (ee.p) laugerht ) 'mbut iap hpy i aboutt. thk u youcso mh..ou ch( aeersndpp ae laus) ll"> sph: enor"befe fai thens isri fday. eyzotc deuh,ve edyrybo! wel 'ligbe rhtac bthk wi a peorrfe mancbyor lkei mcnna. ee( chrsnd ala appus)e , him i'thine ettern. u'yo 'veotai m l! atwh y didouhi t'nk 'okd lo like? i'wim . re-y u'yo 'veotai m l! uhi , tulove s.ffgi vee m smoretu.ff ng(sing') we'nore ge stranlors to ve i lo tve hhat!eyi , aknow bchunof ppleowhe d o'lihake tt. ' who'ats th? th e rninteetov les wh ya'ou'reoi dng. so blduiit a se inde unr hanour. stfoart r freet addgoday. ♪.r..roun aunand sed dertou y inde unr hanour.
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'reyohen u t geheto wreou y ing ♪on f'tt orgetour tckn ba ndarou ♪he t tn helpexhe nt e on linine a♪s lwayst haye umblankid nd ( >> aeersndla appuse ) sphteheen: r bualthm, "e rdbi lenod fle rie,is" il avaab w! riloen mcknave edyrybo! ( we'lbeig r bhtack. chrsee a andppuslae ) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,
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s>>enteph: attht 's ifothr at"lowe sh." tu ifon r r ouli svehow li kroudosw, jh rneaesttwi blle toand nyoc rk. nostw arick ou fndamor jes o'enrd h andisue g csts,hris doelnnd l ansa brallareies. nigoodght! cptngioni sorponsedcb by s pt caiobyned meacdia ce gssroupwg at bh ssacce.wgbh.gor


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