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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 28, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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alled.. tfterhe sir pmalllane >> > velim frothcbe s bay area udstthios isis kpixws5 ne. odgoni eve st lea rethe oppe lellkied er inaftetheir small ple ancrheasd to two homeous en ro te tthe ba odeaar. gong eveni. >>m elizh abetcook. i'm ken baidsta. fathe mily d hajust ftle focalirnia r aftea cheedirleango iompetit n toture trno n sa jo. th is soewme n devio th athas stju cometoin the wsnero. om a risecuty ca cmeraatesch the ple angiplunngro fm the sky. the u yoe sethe adshow and th it dippsa earsd anmos ment foter erise a ball of refi lledowpl by um esof k thic blk oksme. th ate plancrasd hemoments riaftetangkif ofomfr the veidrse ndmoiray apo. rt t nighwe veha nfcod irmethe
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aly on d boars wayiflng back tosan jose maa nettand that is e wherkps ix5'betty yu is distanng by toni ght. >> tty? rteeporr: atth's ri ght, ke aighninet mattn a sajose rpteort lling me tthhat at ple was due to land here y.toda sts is iwhitere is rmnoally ed. noweea l rnedwi thinthe last hourfrom rivee rsidauitthories th e threoppele are dead d an one of osthe survs ivors waivor wnthro from the anple on imctpa d cumirausloonly ly mihas nor juin. ries th e alsmanl ple was br okentoin rehunddsf opi ecesin a rirse idhbneigorodho nitoght umples of oksmile stl smdefrr om the two s home lyrect h itand tatolly ad. lsthr teoee pple e arde . so was a ballof flamesrt on i ju sttook off inrunng. i ntweun arod isth ercorn a ndi llbas offi reevheerywre.
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thwas on . firee e.hous erwae s a la. dy s e waon fire and we helped her,edpull herou t of the flam a>> nd isaw mesobo dyawcr ling tt ofhe usho e onthe gr ound iron fe and i testard screinamg pkeut her out! t puher out! and sothey, you , knowstartot ro h erand then th ey picked -- w saa couple guys pi ckher e pthand ey took her acssro th drreetndai ld r heon e th ivayew au>>teeporr:ri idverse thitorsaies y vefipe op le weren obod are thnacess, a hud,sban wife thand ree s. eener th we errnretuintog n sajose afr tea wed ekeneechrldiea ng erconfen ceat dilasneynd. ta crasd hemontmes r afte kef.of ficene pho vio deshs owe thgehu ret iarspke d. i>> seertpa tofhe anpl e in thrnco erburng inand th atwas otanlaher dy roacss the stre. et e sh saidshe was in e thanpl e. n e wafos thur oer peleop i ere.
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th>> rorr:te faa records show e ple anis regiersted to 'shajasiofori san jose. he an enexpericed lopit. he and his fewi went to tcwah mpeir angrddghauter's cheer con etitio sinn outher calivernia oe r thweenekd. agaiidriversore authities te re re ust tonighwethere these bodiin t hegewrecka, rvtwo su ivors. toofe themis in ersurgy tfirefiwiters ll beturerning toenhe sce in mothe g rninto for y anlepossib onadditial g mvicts. velin in sajo, settbey , yu ix5. t "igo >> sereveial nghrsbong alo tt ha erficry ash ensce. esca pethe scdehoribed hew ot g o. utnear >> g hotthot, e amflwhes aterev ani d idsa i t goto t geofout e reor i'm ingog to e,di ombo, yoknu crow, as h. i told my stsier.
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i llyeed. stmaybth'sat why my thatro ilhul rts a litt lebit. shjue . mped tlikehabut t maybe a ttlile loerud rer. can -- erloud. m agravideo u yo ca>> thisns iamtagr video you n thsee e oksme just urpoed t. >>tot nighsel verastenudts in eathe st y baare suspended dascanl,he tm? victi vide a highsc hoolniadmir.strato concghd toni t withe this in fallou t. r>>r:eportele at ast half a do udzen statents thiscoorncd hi hogh scol e arereith desuspenxpd or eelled over that nuo videof the male tdmini brator,igut tonsoht me ofhese tsstuden aryie sang it the scolhot tha twentoo fa r. p theriipncical pked uphe t co to the ceoffi. hu yoneo ed t uryogh dauteisr in the fiofce.> te reporr: e irenmanea'lls ugda htere on ofat least fi ve sten tsat cln aytocharr te thsoochspl suend deovall er adic p oturef a olscho mistnir.rato a udt entook e thotpho siinde
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a ive atthheal ubcl d an edrculat it g amonheotr . studen d>> ion't approve and i think t gu's dis sting. >>ep r orter:tsstuden we spoke tato conhamned tent studt r fo heking t picte,ur but eyth onalso c tdemnedoohe sch handng of e thinatvestigion. >> llhe olwhe soccerteam s wa caed in, e phonchseares sa>> ror ter: se niore gracjude id sc hoolcioffialcas lled hetoe thoffice omfr a iefr nd'scell anphone d deorred he r tognsi a lerease before g gointhh rougher phone. >> your otph aos tndt ex da, yonaur spct haand they go h througall yotaur insgram ac t.coun le r orter:hothe scol re aseda stt atemenngsayi it ta kes discnaipliry suises erlyd anner vemmco--ent ouserisly and r nevemmcoents pulyblic on any s seriouma tter d relateto stud. ents weal've so arled nenccoord cepoli are now lvinvoed. stenayts s spdeite nediscli anaryctthion ey have w wos.rrie he>> t snttudes are erconcned ts. ouriour gh >>epr:orte we were un ableto reacd concorlipo ce for so it'suneaclr whether the enstudtsnv iolved could cefa incrimalrg chaes in concord stchriin s,ayer
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pix5. an mewhile anin s anfrcisco o smebody thot upwo rests rantla stnight as omcusters were deinsi dg.inin rethe fit at the arst diina juntaura on argey restet. ste fivmitenus later the sendsh ot brokthe rough a owwind at e thab about -- a d,satr an in. jury bodywas hurt. it'sunr clea-- streau. rant nody s wa. hurt rgit'snc lear ifeyth rewe ta aetedttksac. 5'kpixs e joz vazquefound ou bot someiedy trd to warn the bucity, att th wniarng was out. me >>any d floovis ctim said if onlyth eyd haa w feremo montmes tinoceth, ey ulcod veha beaglved more of their gs. in anr scamepig llinout of
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de rsonreoiservr stla . weeka water diristct empl toyeeried outo snde thalm arwarning in e-mail onun sda y,brfeuary thth, atsh e was etprty resu cke ro rispngs neighborhood will flood in the approaching storm, but the water district's official aisdvy or one the evof rne storm was ncnohantla waing ofindecintal ngfloodi onalg the co yotewarste hed. aswe w noowkn, erthe was a mar oofl dingenevict whh haen edremo qckuindly a way ouths sand wereevuaac ted.dicd. asmany st erevyt. hing stoftoni ght,479 homes are meyel tllowaginged san jo se ang inlepeop can go insi de th.eis homebucat n't enspd e th e d floouscaed 0 $5miiolln in atprive opprer tymadandge a 23 miion in icpubl se ctormadage so far. w >>eae're rlly just sefocud on figut ng ouw howe can avoid thispphaeng inaiagn and re tagardlewh of o predovid what da, we owkn atth rockspngris d noeris vy obprably to floo we overthe nehrxt tee mo nths ve got more rainin comg.
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or repter: the mainyor sists hewa nts gtoet toe thbottom a e thflood rnwaing suise. wi riesof public inheargs llbe gin later th isekwe. kpinhe wsneroom joe zqva uez, 5. at> wh a diffener ce aco uple s. kema is is the ilorovle dam splw tay. oday lathe kele vel s hadrd oppe abt 60etfe. op erators awereble to shut off nowar teto asse ssthe madage. w isth is whatit okloed li ke e o tws thforce ofe thgushing r wate to e threconcte spayillw done ly00200,0 pe ople wnrestweam refo rcedto leave unthmer hos on short tinoce flr th reatof casttaicroph oongdi > >> thiswewit nteris shdiedng neme w lit gh onan old dete. hecan avy rainfall actually getrigr an eauarthqke? noll, rntus out the eransw is t cut and dry. zgeofizsigeophysacists y y sa ithaenpped in geanrmy d an
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wiin swi, erlandbut a ntscieist al pamenlo rk said atth's rely not en oughceeviden. >> red y odhas as t yeunveco twkind of a tirela onship beeen the rtea hquakeviactity >>anthose inrafa clls.ycle r anothetheory in onquesti, can akques be trigged reby mesoen scitis stevbelie the htweig of a rervseoir inindia 6019rts eahqkeuat thaedkill mo rethan 180 oppele. herein calirnfoia the ovoril le vesearn yes teaf r itwas que fished d anscisientts are stiltrying to oipinpnt exac y whatedcaus it. prnight enesidt trp umhas 4 a $5llbiion anpl. his pralopos? eras vondeica la uzcr tells itus, could meco at a hefty costto heotr goventrnme ea>> yh,z. li prthe est idenis ingettg y read dtoereliv hfiis rsjot mar esaddrs to a t joinsession of
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ngcossreor tomroniw ght. toy dahe predovid are p. view t s ump': plan tr hi tbus etdg wi ll bea icpubl fesandty a onnatial risecuty osidpresent umtrp's anpl? bot fedense enspdi ng $by54 iobilln atthe peexnse of stdomeicpr raogms and refoign ai d. >>e' wgore ing to doremo thwi ss. ig tonht some deatmocric erlawmake s arrealady ngfighti ba. ck>> n' we do t knowwhere the cuts miare cong bufrom, t it'sar hd seethwi this mae gnitudof cu tt haagonce ain lemidd cl , s oppele, woinrkg famiesli . e gog tobe hurt >>hehi whote use says the idpresent isjust ilfulfling prhis omise to keep amanerics >>safe cront's e of e thlaesrgt ineases insthiory. it's also t henuermb that tlowshere pntside tkeo ep oms prise to duune the >> tonight the roenvime ntal onotectien agcy is acbring focuts and demos cratare epprg arinfor a bu dgetbattle. e >> wre viewthe stngreth of oucoy untr to mbeead sure miour lirytat , bualinso the alheth and llwe being and the
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lfweofare the icameran peop. le >>the prest idensaid he will omlir on s hicagnmpai prtoises lower taxes d anre obplace e.amacar r foheboth t housed ansetena to act by mid-y mato create a 20ittrheional alth rainsunce by coit w h noindivialdu vegerada mante d anfewer s. agution >>it's an unbelievably complex u t.bjec noboth knew at cahealthre could be so mpcotelicad. >> drsprident trliump devers his ad ess tosscongre rrtomoow night gibenning at. 6:00 llwe wi veha a special itedion ofkpix5 newsstarngti at 7:30. >>so> al nitoght the se nate comenfird llbiirionae stinveor rlburotwah alys the mmcoerce, the vo2-te 727. ve >>onicade la cruz, kpix 5. lenitothght ers e'anotr he gasel k tbacr fothe trump adnirast. tion anfro cischas rejeedct a n sa juicstpae dertntmequ reestot dey lathe peapal of the idpresens t'blocd keeltrav b. an hango tnddefe t oheld o precoss utorwaedntbu to y meti is allow the miadnirast tionto sue a new ecexute ivdeorr
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onrein havg to defend the d ol th ther ord bd anneentry into e u.s.from n sevetrcounies for 90 days. lie uncoietrs e ar, iran, iraq an a,masoli a,n,suda risya n. eye ese pridt ensa id hepls an to ekwe. a new viresed deorr isth s. > n rtdepoing alcriminwill >>t tonighclour exe usivkpix5 usurveysa poll s showrostng eabay ar suppt orwhen it s come doto aleing the fedsouabt unedcumentra immignts who ug latcommted ouseris dr recrted im. es ce igto l do"is .e. % id.c i shldwa alysno be ti. fied liscbby hawoaf s r >>also tonioaght kland s haa new lipoce chiethf wi a big to yo. list may r libb sschaaf wore in iranne kckkpatri y,toda the ci fity's rst lefema top cop. of> torfpeorm the esduti of the fi ocef ch ief of, policecity klof oaand. >> i will. a trkirkpaick s takeover
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mepartnt sh akenby ansc dals ntrecelyin includg ra cial prinofilg inand voemlvthent wi a sex rkwoer and 'sit d hano chief for n sevemohsnt. shday e tlou inedher . >>ries gaortinizaon alllexceen. ce it is the reduioctn of imcre d itis e threstatorion d an budiiln ng ocounmm ity. i ntwapl peoe trto anm sfor itr inth kingouabt ponglici. foisalso true i n'dot suff er . >>isweess ll a tndhe w nechbrief in gsa actrk corerd of plimtiemenng rermols at pice depantrtmes t nighth iseisurv llance hoodin pullg off an atm heist e sae rafl. thk crooti eda pero arou nd atthe m lastnight at e thmarin r rporte officeon onanders dr ive. en thta he at chedthe otd her en yank the m atrothh ugthe and doass or s. poceli rerecoved the a tmin moinrn g inrimochnd. chsearing for the rgbular --
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ghtonit po liceare seinarchg e r thbur rglaacand cocempli. h e fog is kitang lla to on thgo ldengate bridge. it's tuacatally ef ing ofsome of the paint. to itnight e ere arplans tofix . arde pcos latecor vethe stalzont rasts ucht rustt -- ru tson e thtowe r. e tharforwd on e thsan tofransco desi is fully seexpod t heenelemts and the plesat there made of/4 1 inchstl ee e in prtyet d baapshe. n begiwo rkon tache fade next ye inclinudg acreplem entsd an a new infat job. >>w > noto a triptrult y ou ofh lis woe'd, wreta lking to th moonand ckba. it nusot jt for onastrauts e. r kp5'tes ca cirauguan ishe re thwiai detls he>> t man be hinda tesland exacon, el skmu, s plan to arse two atprive zecitins ou ndthe onmo anbad ck on . thown medi sp wiltr daveleeinper to acthe anany other mahun s ha nedoef bore. wo>> t, e,ono. zer
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>>f itwork s,it will be one sicolln vaey enretrepneur el mk usma kingone remo ldbo hirome. s mpcoany sp acexs plan to lachun twound nameoppele ar heound t moon and ckba the s avelerveha alrey ad paid a podesit for r theinalur tr. ip psn hichn mais a se nior ntscieis t. >>e hhas made bo ldcl aims be foreand th'veye come tr. ue keta theamr ateuspace urnewi ll avtrs elernear the mo on's e surfacand farther out into e spacberefo oploing ckba to h,eart a stdi ance of3 to 0 0,00mis.le eythll wi be oaabrd the caulpse crewagdron, a y fulltoaumad te specftrawi th non humapilo t, plthe ant se btola stoff late a . it xt cry ics sathe ti melinemay be too st to oworkut all th deta
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ng sigceflhts iryve, very das.erou the f cuum ospace ist no y anlelitt tnghiat th c an go wrg onthwi kill you. >>skmu knthows e riskbus t heys t rarewds e arrtwoh it. yeree arags o he sat down wi c bsnews' scott eypell. tolkta meout of sttiarng a g code mpy anit was ongoe frod ie nd ofmine anvif os oros cketblinowg up d dema mewah tce.thos all my money. at nt me to lose mu>> sk said henk this esthe moatsse miions wille mak nehey pe hos tounlach twssingers toacspcee on or ica e arye. thall esipe trs thaveo be edlicens by the a.fa ca uicaugran, kp ix5. >>gh> tonilkt ta about a short , ightsfo to a santrosa, ah. fltedaiesrlin dngoihe t ig tht hreetis mea y da starting in june. thcae r rrie madeth at ll wi bea 40 minu tefl ight on 50atse jet. goto4 00$5nd rou tp.ri
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to uned n hasot had a prceesen anin staa rossi20nce 01. >>tot nighsome bad news for neanyo w hoconsveers eltrec oi's gngto cost you. chtiarng dnwey esda&epg is ar ginga ratestrue.ctur ntesseiay llercustoms with low s llage wi see eithr moy nthlut asility lls goup byas chmu ho.11 usolehsids ungot ls of icectritwiy ll y passle. somepeleopin the ntceral thr ghhi power llbis in e th smmerubdisiusze ctorsme on thascot. im teder s cade of premovthent e life exctpe ancy whe itlepeop in icamera has ken a outrg blindowawnrd . turn duexpes y sasithe tuioatn is e ineagrt rtpa to e thidopio icidem. the arbea ing hu get,brun whe mi ddle agedwome n. lyon on5 allen ma rtinrertpos e they'rg gettinokhoed faster >>the pain medica, tione
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ddsut enly ienjust wt anclick d idi sa wow, thatfes elgood. et. lra kept r heugdr e usa ot i nic ede maybi s waa ittre mo short ertemped or i andn have as chmuat pe ienc d theni'd get the prcronipti and sudd enly evhierytngee stomed flowa lileit b ttbeer in myushoe i and was kitang reca ofrethe smkiall dsnd a it 'st a loof anrk d it's veryazcry at >>t stard tef ofwith crpresip tionopidios r foan inreild tabo. ne fobere she kn ew, itthe shhousife s waedhook. e waalys got her ugdrs y.gall sy wldouag exgetera my inpa mpmstoth to e doctornd a i haa do ctorwho was c. ttihe ra lau is on e ofthe nyma erams icanswt epup in theworst ugdrdi adctn ioepidicem ins.u. thisty,ut b's she the new cefa ofhose inbearg chmu of the unt,wh e,it lemidd edag and >>n ctfa, whe itddmilege ad won have hae d thbiggt es eaincrsen idooverse dehsat. >>th e emepidic is ingrowg
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every . year it'sdreniv byovexerngposi thpleto weporf ulpakiins.ller osafe edfect the most? thleag ed eswhit. osste mo kelily to die? ddmiagle ed white mewon. w>>onhat earth is gog inon thth ese mi ddleaged white >>? ople dr. andr ewlocodny is a leing rtexpe on idopio ctaddiioann d lyrecent spokeat a mpsym osiu bheldy the focalirn iacahealthre on. da s haa rytheo y whisth epemids ic i sowhite. >> i inthk elit rates to the inway h whicdoorcts prcresibe >>cots. hsae ys dos ctorare mo re kelitoly pscre ribeidopios to whes thanblksac. veseral stieuds in tipresgis ou dimejocal urlsnack ba him up. th>> e ordoct may be mo re nencerd ouabe t thpaentit blttinadctdied if eyth're ack or mae ybeythmo're re coerncabned out the tipaent seinlleig thr llpis ifeyth're blk acand ifthe patient is ite,th aeyprre esibcrasing er the's nointh ag atll to be rwoied abt.ou at ithk inis haenpping is atth racialte sypreotinisg nghavi a precot tivecteffe for
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nohinwopte pulations. obouvisly we oushld be pr ofescribiog cauttously l al our tspatien. >> adonditi, mewoarn e more esikely toe sea ctdoor, get a pripcrpation llinkierat a hierghos dane d to e usemth longer t m. the doctor says esthe drugs are lytual lsyou forchroc nius e. >>e ther iseven ideven cethat ngtaki ops ioidlaregurly can aike pn rswoe. >>au rawas soal abg usin l,coho t bushe's now moalst fourmo nthsbesor. wahaasmed tot ge s--he s wa meashad to get treaentmt. inyour active diadction. i' re bom some hdy whoprad a oblem d i dedecid to omdo setnghi abou the'nos e shamin that. so>> me deaccintal ovs erdoseoc cur omwhen wen x micoalhol 'sit a dead lycombatin ion. lealn mart, inkpix 5. l th epidemic is afctfeing al ers icanno ttmaer their race, >>icy itor > itis a inmaly clear ghnit
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rothutugho e thbay area, temperatures drog.ppin wewa'll kein up the 30s for a to k chunof e thbay area mo, rrowcutlrreny 43 in rmliveor ue, pper40s anoakld, e frscancio,-4 mid0s j sanos d a santsaro. atmperurvees orn tighton, ight 36 inorconcd, fifaireld 35, tamouninew vi 3an9 d ntsaa saro thfreengma rk . 32 atd saithe rain is gone. moe ghhi elioevatn owsn, llheo, unabt diloit, is nego as ll. rafao ll sfar this , yeara t. jaarrey mo tdohan ub leour e eragrafain feua wrygoill wndo with remo outhan dr ble ouagavere arwill m. likeec not bweause st'll art of rs on avery dry henote t fiupt cole ysda because of a esdiilgeng rid of high pr. sure ugthroh lastni ght,gave us ed hait s been raininl g alday in san egdio, the eswettt day in thsan egino 12 aryes, mo re an 2esinch ofrallinfa. moatrisphec r rivedown th ere. uswe jt d hatescatred owshers anwid ll see no shows ere th offutucasast yscl ou ds fs, horepartly nnsuy
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owmorr, mpcolylete dry. we andnesy willbe enev ermild wennsuier. tilwi hang onto atth e ridg it t abo fdarieny wh bens to mo vesoesuthwt of los thlege s,stwe of georan county. athe's wn thsomeing else llwi toget move ind angive us li kelysome owshers du ringe th lymain c nlearigs,hts lowin par r fothe course. e r,wate weerld slowly throutugho t he kan d. > eaplsant, owshers reinturng resu ay-- and eaplsa, ntowshers tug rninsu. nday 59d,klan unmotain view, orconcd , faird fieland sasen jo 60 des.gree hisunsneou, cldy andcoerol frayan tud sard, aysome rain onuny,dael liky eacl ringout onmonday. > >>o whhas the beasst bkealtbl >>etcuh rry d harea caer ,,,,,,h
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eqeir frlyuent fgrer pro 11th, eytoghant h d marc
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mi t'llovravel ther 11-ndousa le..s.ngstartiil in phiaadelphag thainst rse sixe.. grriorso oing tget a bo ost tinheir uefreqnt flyer aprogm. betww n noand marc11h th iles sttiarng inhi plpladehia lonsaie t thsirsxee , thtrip cren tougho make anyby od ac k,i suosppe. h stepcuy rrhad a ghnit to . heet a irballs a . shot cuy s wa0-11m frodownwnto, s hit worsooshting ghnit as a noesonsibual, t it maertted t, of coseurca, beuskee n vi dunt was backr aftemissg in tusa'srday mega awith hand . jury lo trehe, it we ntover the ckba board. klrsxeha ngg inouarbund, t enth ayow dthn wi the three ball. rrwa iorswin 9-11108 d anckpi wupin no. 50. rr> waio arst ren'the only te in the bay area viha ang n saanfro ciscatste nifish ed r theiye ar with23 nswi, e th st sie nc. 1939 , paulyodiu lld ca i t. moeir stea sson bensgi owmorr. i kethd hee ad coach last
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night on gameday why reticruing iso icdifful t ine onof the steate cs itiein e thworld. >>r foouver lel 'rwee alwa ys g. nit wehao ve twait l untithe dision a1sre nedo and stay whdeci twahey ntbe to rtpa of ov'r wee indog, thomey ce we to the mpcaus. gheet tm on the mpcaus and inan sis francthco, en they it tipa. ence withit. >>:00 tomoowrr at the swp,am d s angi antsin tsscotda. le aypl ckba, play ckba. t tell i-bgoodye. wadedal-4k. 5 talhe fin.. wadedal-4k. 5 talhe fin.. s rancisth s e a'wiinn a sebas adloed walk4.f 5- te> two gu ysare playg in nn iisn n safro anciscand ses at ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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2:09 am
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