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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's start with a live look rning rush is good morning. it's thursday, march 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside this morning. the morning rush about to start. drivers hitting the roads heading to work monitoring what you expect including your forecast. and we have a very foggy day. >> funny when we talk about the morning rush and we look at the golden gate bridge. >> that's not like ever a morning rush. >> i'm going to the golden gate bridge picture again this morning because it clearly illustrates what we have to encounter as we head out the door this morning. it's a layer of low clouds and fog. and it's producing some very heavy drizzle along the coast into the bay marching a good 40 to 45 miles inland. meanwhile our temperatures due to the clouds in the 50s across the board. pretty uniform. limiting visibility at this hour around half moon bay and just dropped another half mile there. otherwise two mile visibility at sfo. i would anticipate airport delays on arriving flights
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there. petaluma down to 7 miles. and still doing okay in santa rosa nine mile visibility in napa. stray shower here or there. once the marine layer lifts and retreats temperatures above average. should be at 66. concord at low 70s. beaches low to mid-60s. partly cloudy in the peninsula high 60s and 70s back in atherton and pescadero, low 70s common around the santa clara valley. we swing around to the eastern portion of our bay area around the rim of the bay into the high 60s but the further east you go into the low 70s. and ons good morning to you 72 degrees. north bay numbers 63 degrees. west winds at stinson beach. once the marine layer lifts after sunrise we'll see sunshine in cloverdale and saint helena winchesterer and rohnert park. high 60s and low 70s. the
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forecast at 18 past the hour. here's roqui theus with the traffic report. the rush is at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lane cars have been backed up for a while. i'm not sure what's going on. maybe a personnel change in the toll but otherwise, i hope you have your fastrak heading into downtown san francisco. that's a quick 10 minutes if you do have your fastrak. moving over now to the caldecott tunnel, eastbound 24 inside the right bore there's a solo spinout blocking the left lane but not causing slowdowns yet. heading to the altamont pass that's not the altamont pass. okay we have new graphic. we're trying to work out some kinks here. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. slow also morning rush commute and if you are traveling on mass transit bart a's muni and caltrain are all on time. i'll send it to you guys. roqui, thank you. any minute now president trump is expected to announce his budget plan. it could give us an idea of how he wants to reshape the nation. anne makovec has what we can expect. >> reporter: this morning's
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release is going to be a blueprint of what to expect from the next national budget. if congress approves it, agencies would see spending cut. it's expected to be a $1.15 trillion budget slashing spending at a dozen apartments to financing a significant increase in the military and a down payment on the wall. we are looking at a boost in defense spending by 10% for homeland security of 6% and as far as the cuts, dramatic slashes to both the state department and the environmental protection agency. now, this budget does not have the force of law it's only used as a guideline for congress which ultimately has the power of the purse. the trump administration expected to release its full budget in may and that's supposedly when the 10-year projection on the border wall will be outlined. >> so what kind of deadlines are we talking about in looking for the passage of this new
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budget? >> reporter: you may remember last time we were talking about the federal budget we were talking about the buzz phrase the debt ceiling. congress would have to pass a new budget deal by late september because president obama raised spending caps through september. so congress would have to raise that ceiling again before the risk of default. michelle? >> thank you. just a short time ago a second federal ruling was issued against president trump's revised travel ban. version 2 of the order would have temporarily barred new visas from six muslim majority countries for 90 days. a judge in maryland just suspended the portion of the ban blocking the state department from issuing those visas. yesterday, a federal judge in hawaii ruled the executive order discriminates on the basis of nationality and would harm hawaii's tourism industry. >> the fact that there was such great pains to make the language more neutral shows that they were trying even harder to mask what was a
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religious animus. >> the justice department quickly blasted the ruling and speaking in nashville president trump continued to push for the original more restrictive version of the ban. meanwhile, the president's immigration crackdown has i.c.e. agents targeting courthouses. the "l.a. times" reports then arresting illegal immigrants at courts in other parts of california and elsewhere. the san francisco d.a.'s office says that's not happening here but they worry about the potential consequences. >> public safety will be impacted for everybody if illegal immigrants are fearful to come forward and work with local law enforcement. >> federal officials say courthouse arrests are only used as a last resort. it's called the eraser challenge and school leaders across the country are warning parents to look out for signs their kids are doing it. kpix 5's maria medina reports from san jose. >> reporter: this is the latest nge. it's actually an old dare but it started hitting social media just a few months ago. now, this is what the eraser challenge s you take an eraser
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and you rub it on your skin repeatedly and as fast as you can. now, kids are doing it across the country normally doing it while reciting the alphabet with another kid and comparing their burn marks and that's why school leaders are warning parents because it's leaving serious burns and open wounds on these kids. one school in north carolina posted on facebook a picture of the result of the challenge and advice on looking out for signs their kid is taking part in the eraser challenge. now, the goal for kids is to erase their skin as long as they can so they definitely leave burns and marks on their arms and on their hands is where they're doing it so those are the signs to look for if you are a parent. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. the man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping charges is set to be sentenced today in sacramento. matthew muller could face up to 40 years behind bars for snatching denise huskins from her vallejo home and tying up
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and drugging her boyfriend. muller's lawyers are fighting for a lesser sentence because they say he is mentally ill. animal control officers in san mateo are planning a one- day strike tomorrow over what teamsters call unfair labor practices. they say the peninsula humane society refused to agree to a 3% cost of living wage adjustment. but humane society officials say the pay increase should be based on performance. there are a lot of happy residents in brentwood this morning. late last night the city council approved a construction of a pedestrian and bike bridge over highway 4. it will connect oakland and brentwood through a trail. city council members are look into the possibility of a bart station in the future. time now 5:07. days after spacex was forced to delay its latest mission, the company makes another attempt to launch its falcon 9 rocket. >> how one bay area high school is helping to groom the future leaders of america through healthy debate.
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>> we have plenty of sunshine later today but that's about it. we have rain coming in. i'll tell you how many days it's going to rain. >> all right. it is 5:08. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that cash lane backup getting better. but we'll take a look at the rest of your bay area morning commute when we come back. don't go anywhere. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (jessica) i love
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forecast in just a few minutes. eech and debat good morning. your time check 5:11. 11 minutes after the hour of 5:00 on this thursday. march 15. looking at our live weather camera we're looking out toward the transamerica pyramid. we cannot see the top of it. we are shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. we have some heavy drizzle out there. but that's nothing! bona fide rain is on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up. by the way, kenny and michelle, it's the 16th of march, isn't it. >> it is. [ laughter ] >> yes, you're right. okay. its speech and debate team has been around for 125 years. the students in the forensics society are following in the footsteps of some titans in business, supports, government and education. lowell high school is this week's "cool school." reporter: these are the faces of lowell.
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supreme court justice steven breyer, the gap founder donald fisher worth around $3 billion. rick levin, former president of yale university. and larry baer, ceo of the san francisco giants. the list goes on. but it's the students who roam the halls now that fascinates their mentors. >> some of these students are so talented, i'm just curious to see, you know, where they're going to end up. >> american healthcare act projected to be about 10% lower than they would be with obamacare. >> reporter: terry oversees the forensic society which boasts 44 national titles including one recently won by one of the proteges. >> doing debate has really opened my eyes to how much policy affects our everyday life. just understanding the world around us. >> reporter: more than 100 students participate in speech and debate. the typical student puts in more than 10 hours a week. >> i don't know, you know, if the american healthcare act is the best. >> reporter: this year the political climate has led to
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some intense exchanges. >> debate makes you listen to the other side. if you want to winner, you have to argue to the other side and think about how they're thinking. >> it's a safe space for to us express our opinions because we debate a lot about politics. it's a safe kind of platform for us all to express our views and we're not judged harshly for them like we would be somewhere else. >> reporter: students graduate with an eagerness to argue their sides. >> it's not as scary. >> i had really bad grades before debate and debate made me more politically active. >> kids who come to me who aren't very good at public speaking aren't very good at english sometimes and they realize that this is something they need to improve on. and then they will come into the program knowing, hey, this will help me become a better speaker, present myself better. >> and they are gearing up for more trophy. the state championships are down in southern california next month. also, lowell high school established back in 1856, the
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oldest public high school west of texas. >> oh, wow, that's amazing. you can tell they are very committed. 10 hours a week. that's commitment. >> the teacher was saying that he is concerned about how many hours they sleep according to they have all their homework, they have all these extracurriculars including speech and debate and we also have another, um, person who went there, glennis one of our writers here at kpix 5 went to lowell high school. [ applause ] >> so what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. very good school there. all right. one silicon valley ceo is waking up to some great news. just a few hours ago elon musk's spacex team was able to launch the falcon 9 after days of waiting out winds. >> liftoff! >> pretty cool. the 229-foot-tall rocket separated just fine from its launch pad marking the third successful flight in a row. their company has plans to
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launch another satellite later this month. all right. time now 5:14. let's get a check of the roads with roqui. how are they looking out there? >> thank you, kenny. actually, they're looking pretty good. it's been quiet so far but we have a problem in orinda. let's head to the caldecott tunnel eastbound 24 inside the right bore it's a solo spinout involving a box truck facing the wrong way so a tow truck is on the way to move the truck and chp is advising to you stay out of the right bore and just use the left one there. moving to the slow traffic of the morning the altamont pass you're moving at just 17 miles per hour coming off 205 in tracy. slow there but that's the usual here. if you are heading through livermore where it frees up on to the dublin interchange here's a live look at the slow commute. moving to the san mateo bridge how's it looking into the peninsula? traffic moving smoothly from hayward to foster city. also traffic looking good on eastbound 92 from foster city into hayward. okay, let's move now to the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll step out the door so you
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can see there's a cash lane backup. how much your fast traffic. the maze to downtown 7 to 10 minutes. hope you have your fastrak. metering lights turn on at 5:30 and things really slow down. let's move to a very foggy golden gate bridge. just keep in mind this is out there so be prepared to drive safely. and slowly. and if you are taking mass transit this morning, bart, ace train, muni and caltrain are all on time. what's up with this fog, roberta? >> what's up with the fog? it's going continuing to linger past sunrise and finally dissipate and we'll have some ample sunshine with some clouds drifting through, as well. i want you to get set, get ready to see this every, single day next week. that's why i have it featured right now. it's live it's up and going our hi-def doppler. i want to make sure it's operating correctly not picking up any kind of rain showers at all. we are seeing heavy drizzle right there at the golden gate bridge. in fact, the marine layer extends inland at least a good 40, 45 miles. when i was driving in this
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morning i hit the drizzle at the sunol grade and also dublin grade as i headed on 580. temperatures currently are into the 50s across the board. our weather watchers have a couple of things in common this morning. steve in los altos reporting 57 degrees and overcast. george says it's cloudy in the mid-50s. katie says she has low clouds at 56. and jay says it's overcast in napa in the mid-50s. so it's mild in the mid-50s. it's overcast for the most part. we have march madness today here in the bay area with unseasonably warm weather. our temperatures well above average today and then friday for st. patrick's day, the east coast will be green with envy as we have temperatures soaring to 80 degrees away from the bay. weekend is really a difficult forecast for saturday and sunday. we do have a transition day. satellite and radar suggests first of all we have the clouds stacking up at the coast the marine layer. that will back off but we're still picking up some trailing
5:18 am
clouds from yesterday's weak disturbance that brought us stray showers. this blocking ridge of high pressure loss allowing the ridge of high pressure bringing rain to the bay area. we'll call it partly sunny, partly cloudy. meanwhile, as we forge ahead towards your friday again a few clouds otherwise very mild with that warmer air with the blocking ridge. 70s and sites. some rain to the north of us. 70s and 80s. mid-50s in the high sierra. squaw valley no new snow this week but we have plenty coming next week! if you are heading up for the weekend, mild conditions, chance of rain. mild in heavenly packed powder base more snow on the way by monday at north star. and don't forget the smores at 3:30 at the base of the mountain. that's always a fun treat for the kids. and the adults. temperatures here across the bay area today partly cloudy skies, a lot of blue skies, as
5:19 am
well. 60s and 70s. should be at 64 in concord. instead, 72 degrees. 73 today in san jose. here's your extended forecast. we increase the cloud cover, a chance of rain in the far north bay by saturday night. we will have rain showers likely monday through wednesday. remember, for st. patrick's day tomorrow, partly cloudy and mild in the mid-60s to 80 degrees. you have to wonder, michelle, st. patrick's day is it trending yet? >> it is! i'm sure it's trending. but that's not what we're talking about today. we have other stories trending today. if you are getting ready to catch the bus or bart you won't have to deal with this a big splash of snow. a man in new york captured this slo-mo video yesterday. people who were standing on the platform got blasted with snow as amtrak train came into the station and somehow he was able to hold on to his phone. but gosh, can you imagine? march madness is officially here and hopefully you have your bracket filled out. if not, you can get some last-
5:20 am
minute help from former president barack obama. he kept up the tradition and released his tournament picks on the men's side he has duke, kansas, arizona and north carolina in the final four. he picked duke to win it all. sorry, kenny. he didn't pick ucla. >> no. >> i know. what can you do? on the women's side notre dame, south carolina, uconn and washington in the final four and he predicts uconn will be the winner. speaking of basketball, there is one guy who needs to brush up on the court. mark zuckerberg, the facebook ceo stopped by the university of north carolina as part of his north america tour. that was an air ball. basketball team invited him on the court shot a couple baskets, completely missed. but it's okay. one of the tar heels assistants posted the video on twitter and his caption was not nothing but net, kenny. still invented facebook, though. good point. good morning, everybody. the raiders just lost a running
5:21 am
back. cal lost another coach. and can the uc-davis aggies win their first-ever ncaa tournament game? can you feel the madness? coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. somebody was burning the midnight oil in minnesota last night. because around 11:20, they
5:24 am
announced that they had signed former raider running back, latavius murray. cuonzo martin has resigned from cal after reportedly agreeing to a 7-year deal with missouri worth over $21 million. nearly tripling his salary at cal becoming the highest paid coach in mizzou history. so let the replacement search begin. randy bennett's name will likely pop up as a candidate to replace him at cal. his gaels played bcu yesterday. and once again saint mary's has a strong australian presence. seven aussie on the roster including the leader scorer. >> how much of an expert is your head coach on cricket, rugby, aussie rules? >> he has no idea about any of that stuff. [ laughter ] >> no. he tries to act like he's got the australian culture down but i don't think he does whatsoever. >> uc-davis in the tournament for the first time in school history taking on nc central in
5:25 am
a play-in game. aggies started with an 18-6 run. lamar scored three giving davis a nine point lead. they go cold down the stretch. nc central had a chance to tie it in the final seconds but they missed once, twice, and davis hangs on to win 67-63. they will face number one seed kansas tomorrow in tulsa and the march madness is, um, about to get under way here. we got princeton and notre dame beginning at 9:00. we'll have it all day long and i'll see you tonight with dan on the march madness postgame show following action here on cbs. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. ♪[ music ] the play of the day from the nba. spurs and blazers in an important contest with just a few weeks left in the regular season. [ play-by-play ] oh, man! someone dropped him out of the roof! >> strong move to the hoop. let's take a few more looks.
5:26 am
leonard with a vicious throwdown. portland wins the game improving their play-off hopes and putting the warriors a full game ahead of the spurs for the number one seed. president trump releasing his new budget plan this morning . coming up we have a look at the details and reaction from around the world. >> moms and dads, listen up. the latest dare leaving kids with serious burns. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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oh, here comes nancy.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. roof of a berkeley ice cream shop... e president fina a wild chase spans several bay area cities before ending up on the roof of a berkeley ice cream shop.
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>> and the president finally speaks publicly about his unsubstantiated claim that former president barack obama ordered a wiretap on trump tower. >> mild today, warmer on friday. but wait! get ready for several days of rain next week. >> the richmond/san rafael bridge coast is clear but how is it throughout the rest of the bay area? we'll tell you. >> good morning, it's thursday, march 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. just into the newsroom. president trump's budget plan. let's get to anne makovec who has the details. >> reporter: this is a blueprint that's really putting donald trump's promises to dramatically remake the federal government into action. it's a $1.15 trillion budget. it proposes a $54 million increase in defense spending, as far as cuts, we are looking at slashes to nondefense funding at the state department, the department of housing and urban development, the environmental protection agency, and many other federal programs could be ended
5:31 am
entirely. this budget plan will ultimately be in the hands of congress. secretary of state rex tillerson just spoke about the outline from japan. >> we are going to be undertaking a very comprehensive examination of how programs are executed, very comprehensive degrees of how we are structured, and i'm confident that with the input of the men and women. of the state department, that we are going to construct a way forward that allows us to be much more effective, much more efficient, and be able to do a lot with fewer dollars. >> reporter: it includes a down payment on the president's u.s./mexico wall. now, the former president of mexico tweeted about the budget saying that donald trump's budget for his [ censored ] wall will come from u.s. taxpayers. one more lie not only -- the only truth is that mexico is not paying!! we are watching for more reaction from u.s. politicians and international ones.
5:32 am
we'll keep you posted. >> you mentioned some programs that could be cut. what are some examples. >> reporter: some of them are the -- some of the departments that president trump has zeroed in in the past, the corporation for public broadcasting, the institute of museum and library services, the national endowment for the arts, and the united states institute of peace just to name a few. >> thank you. president trump is defending his wiretapping accusation against former president barack obama. yesterday he stood by his statement but still didn't give specific details. >> i will be perhaps speaking about this next week. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> mr. trump says obama had wiretaps the phones at trump tower during the election. attorney general jeff sessions says he hasn't seen any proof. [ yelling ] [ screaming ] >> in san jose, a federal judge denied the city's request to
5:33 am
dismiss a lawsuit on behalf of trump supporters. they claimed city officers steered them into a violent group of protestors back in june. the plaintiffs claim they were hurt during the protest. the san jose city attorney says they will continue to fight the allegations against the city and police officers. an east bay water agency says that it is now evaluating its options to fix an eroded bank before it swallows several backyards in pleasanton. homeowners showed up to a zone 7 water agency meeting last night and told board members that they have been hung out to dry. the affected homes are off foothill road near the arroyo de laguna creek. we are going to get a check on the weather today. fog and drizzle i had the windshield wipers on this morning. >> i hate when i do that after i wash my car. >> i rarely wash my car. >> it's a good time to wash your car because next week you
5:34 am
won't be able to so you have to use the wipers because of the condensation. that's all associated with that very deep marine layer this morning along the coast and night bay and even extends inland 45 miles. you know, i keep going on the same live weather camera shot because this is the best to cite low clouds and fog. temperatures into the 50s. 54 in santa rosa to 58 in oakland. visibility restricted along the coastside because of that marine layer as it deepens. one mile visibility half moon bay, three miles at sfo. sure to have some delays on some arriving flights at sfo. we'll keep you posted on that. otherwise, visibility hampered a bit in petaluma at 6 miles, 7 in napa. weak disturbance blew through the bay area yesterday causing a stray shower no accumulation. meanwhile, as that pushes on out, it leaves a trail of some clouds today.
5:35 am
so we'll call it partly cloudy overall. or partly sunny. temperatures slightly above average. at the rose garden district, 70. let's swing around to the eastern portion of our bay area. good morning to you in discovery bay at 72. >> rain, rain and more rain, in the forecast. details at 48 after the hour. here's roqui. >> thank you. it is 5:35. we have a problem in the caldecott tunnel and also on highway 24 so let's take a look at that. right after we look at the bridges. a lot of fog headed into san francisco from marin county so keep that in mind heading that way and metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. so you have about a 10-minute to 15-minute drive from the
5:36 am
maze to downtown. now let's talk about highway 24. eastbound 24 inside the right bore there's a solo spinout involving a box truck. there's a tow truck on scene trying to clear it out but it's taking a while so keep that in mind. the other problem is on westbound 24 now that's a four- car crash heading into oakland from orinda before the fish ranch road exit so as you can see up there near orinda area, there's a lot of red arrows there so make sure you keep that in mind out the door. you will have some slowdowns. if you are going from hayward to foster city, across the span of the san mateo bridge that's a quick 15 minutes. altamont pass still slow 15 miles per hour coming off 205 and then if you are heading to the dublin interchange, here's a live look at that commute. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. the latest social media dare hitting schools is leaving some kids badly burned. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with what's being called the eraser challenge. >> reporter: it is hard to watch these videos without cringing but this is the latest challenge and it started
5:37 am
hitting social media just a few months ago. >> did you see that little do it. there? this guy in my class, he has this big gash. you just get like blisters. this was a blister. so i have no idea. >> reporter: kids are doing it across the country. normally doing it while reciting the alphabet with another kid and comparing the burn marks. that's why school leaders are warning parents because it's leaving serious burns and open wounds on these kids. in fact, one school in north carolina posted a picture on facebook to show the results of the eraser challenge and for parents to look out for signs of children taking part in the challenge. the goal is to erase the skin as fast as you can and they are doing it mostly on the arms and hands so it's leaving serious burns and cuts and blisters so parents, if you are listening out there, that's what to look
5:38 am
for. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. we have learned how a pregnant teenager's final moments unfolded after she was shot by bay area police while riding in an suv. 16-year-old ebbie mondragon was killed tuesday night in hayward when fremont police fired at a car allegedly linked to armed robberies. her cousin arianna cabrera was sitting next to her. she and other family members say the teen was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i didn't really think anybody, like, got hit in the car until he made that right and my cousin grabbed her left side and she started screaming, she says i can't take it and her head fell. >> loved ones held a vigil for mondragon last night. hayward police say this is a tragic incident and one of the risks of trying to arrest high risk suspect. a wild chase through east bay cities ends on the roof of an ice cream shop in berkeley. it all started when police tried to pull over a pickup truck at 14th and harrison near
5:39 am
lake merritt in oakland. it ended about five miles away at ashby and college in berkeley. officers were trying to stop the truck before 7 p.m. last night but the driver rammed into the patrol vehicle and took off. one officer had a broken wrist. he then headed to berkeley where he crashed his truck into several cars outside an ice cream shop at ashby and college avenues. all this before leaving his passenger and climbing on the roof of an ice cream store. he was eventually talked down off the roof. in addition to the driver, officers also arrested a female passenger in the truck. police say that they found a loaded stolen gun in the vehicle. millions of americans could see their credit scores go up due to a change at the three main credit reporting agencies. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to tell us how the development could affect you. jill, good morning. so credit reporting firms they collect data on how you repay your debts and report the results to the scoring companies. what thanks are they making?
5:40 am
>> reporter: well, this week, the three agencies equifax, experion and transunion announced that they will be removing most tax lien and civil judgment data from credit reports. they will start doing that around july 1. now, as a result, nearly 12 million people have these types of things on their records could see their credit scores increase by about 20 points. this is an independent move. it comes two years after the agencies agreed to a broad settlement with lots of different states and that settlement they said they have to remove errors from your report quickly, they have to wait about 6 months before adding medical debt information tower credit reports. now -- to your credit reports. taken altogether these actions are important. the reason is credit information is used for more than borrowing and lending. landlords use it for potential tenants and in some states it's still legal for prospective employers to check your credit. >> remind us what is behind our
5:41 am
credit scores. >> reporter: fico, those scores range from 300 to 850. and the company says the 3 most important factors are, payment history, that accounts for about 35% of your score, your total debt outstanding which takes into account how many accounts you have and how close you are to your credit limit, and that makes up about 30% of your scores, and then 10% of your score is the number of inquiries. they are broken into two types, soft like you going in checking your own credit score on maybe insurance firms purposes. that's soft. but a hard inquiry when you're shopping for a mortgage or car or student loan that can count against you. here's the bottom line. the ubiquitous use of credit makes their accuracy all the more important. that's why you need to go to, reviewed information if there are any errors, you have to notify these agencies. these records are incredibly
5:42 am
important for your entire financial life. >> that is good advice, jill. all right, jill schlesinger, thank you. a jury handed down a verdict in the trial of the former l.a. county sheriff accused of covering up horrific abuse. >> the man known as the "dine and dash" dater has found his latest victim. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
5:44 am
complete forecast in just a few minutes. today marks five years since live weather camera on the embarcadero towards the ferry building. we have areas of low clouds and fog, some very heavy drizzle will greet you heading out the door from the coast through the bay and at least a good 40 miles inland. but that's nothing. we have bona fide wet weather. it is returning to the bay area. i'll talk about the days you can expect the rainfall.
5:45 am
that's coming up with traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. today marks five years since sierra lamar disappeared. and today the trial continues for the man charged in the teen's murder. antolin garcia-torres is also accused in the attempted kidnapping of three other women. prosecutors claim that he kidnapped 15-year-old lamar as she was walking to school in 2012. she was never found. torres pleaded not guilty on all charges. if convicted, he could get the death penalty. the former sheriff of l.a. county will likely spend time in prison. lee baca was convicted of obstructing a federal probe of abuse in county jails and lying to investigators. several of his deputies were previously found guilty of beating inmates and jail visitors. 10 people were convicted or pleaded guilty to involvement in the cover-up. the notorious "dine and dash" dater strikes again. a third los angeles woman claims this man invited her out to dinner only to stick her with the bill. she says she met him through the dating app fumble. the woman who doesn't want to
5:46 am
be identified said he ate and left. >> maybe like a half-baked potato and then received a phone call and said, um, i need to take this call. make sure they don't take the rest of my meal. >> well, he never came back. police also say the man committed a snip and ditch at a burbank hair salon after getting a cut and color last year and has two outstanding bench warrants. >> bizarre. >> you see this guy on bumble. >> what do you do on bumble. >> that's tinder. >> that's left and right. >> tinder, bumbling, whatever. >> that's why. >> that's why i'm not going out on a second date with this guy. >> fumbling, tinder, no. who knew what a snip and
5:47 am
ditch was? >> a lot of effort for a potato. >> traffic? traffic. let's move over to a major problem here in orinda. westbound 24 before fish ranch road, this is a four-car crash causing major delays on westbound 24. nine miles per hour. so take a look at this. it's a four-car crash if you are heading from oakland into orinda before fish ranch exit. it's causing major delays there. if you are heading on eastbound 24 also look at this problem eastbound 24 inside the right bore it's a solo spinout. but a tow truck is on scene. and they are clearing that out right now. so they are in the process of re-opening it so slowdowns just began at 20 miles per hour. so if you are heading to 24, eastbound or westbound, you will have problems. to other slow traffic of the morning in pittsburg westbound 4 from antioch to pittsburg down to walnut creek just give yourself extra time to get through there. 40 miles per hour. and, of course, it's very slow along the altamont pass 13 miles per hour coming out of
5:48 am
tracy off 205 and on to the dublin interchange. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on so expect about a 15-minute drive from the maze to downtown. roqui, i'm so impressed, you named the name of every one of those dating sites. >> tinder. >> eharmony? [ laughter ] take a look at this. it's a beautiful spanning view of the bay bridge as seen from the embarcadero. the pavement is wet. we have very heavy drizzle condensation associated with low clouds and fog. not showing on the hi-def doppler. i have that up and going because we have a series of incoming systems not today just want to get you used to the look of hi-def doppler. here's the live weather camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. you can see a little bit of the water coming up off the road. very slick on the bridge this
5:49 am
morning with the drizzle. santa rosa into the santa clara valley to the east, oakland 58. same in livermore. around the 50s. so everybody is uniform due to the layer on top of layer of clouds. march madness today as our temperatures soar above average. once the clouds lift we'll have partly cloudy conditions. green with envy on friday on st. patrick's day. the east coast will be very green with our temperatures into the 80s. today's satellite and radar suggests green on the screen. that's precipitation well to the north of the bay area. we'll see the clouds filter in and how the today. this is what brought us the spring-like conditions during these last few winter days. that's now hightailing it out of here allowing the storm track to drift south sagging to the south allowing the storms to make tracks towards the bay area. lunchtime today a few clouds in and out but the marine layer should have dissipated. meanwhile tonight's evening commute will be dry. then comes friday we start off
5:50 am
with a marine layer then have a few clouds floating in and out of the bay area. that's about it. statewide today 70s and 80s in the central valley. low 60s once the clouds lift in monterey bay. a few showers in the northwestern section of the state of california. mid-50s in the high sierra no chains needed for the weekend but snow returns next week. official sun-up at 7:18. sets at 7:18. smack in between 60s and 70s. 71 degrees in livermore. meanwhile the extended forecast calls for temperatures to bump up to 80 on st. patrick's day. a slight chance of rain showers late saturday night back in the rain period on monday through wednesday. enjoy your day. time now 5:50. a california bishop is reunited with his stolen holy items thanks to one determined young woman and maybe a little help from god. >> and would you be willing to eat chicken that doesn't contain any meat? that's what a bay area biotech firm is hoping to find out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
sculpture represents our romantic feel to the city. we can see it this morning even though we have limited visibility due to a layer of low clouds and fog and drizzle. the full forecast is still coming up but first here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. okay, major problems on 24. westbound 24 before fish ranch road is a four-car crash blocking the left lane causing major delays at 9 miles per hour so it is backed up all the way to acalanes road from orinda into oakland. keep that in mind. in fresno a bishop fears holy items stolen from his car were gone for good but father ochoa got a pleasant surprise this week when a woman returned everything. a father in a neighboring town said a young woman came into his church and found the items in a dumpster. she learned they were a local bishop's when she saw it on the news. the priest is calling it an act of god. he said it couldn't have come
5:55 am
during a better time. >> especially during this lenten season when i have so many confirmations it's wonderful to know i don't have to put together a little team or a little, um, a little kit every night that i have everything back the way it was. >> father ochoa says some of his personal checks that were taken are still missing. on long island, a verizon store is in bad shape after an suv crashed right through the building. police say that the trouble started when two cars were rear- ended. one went flying through a fence and came to a stop on some grass. the other burst over a median into oncoming traffic finally crashing right through the store. the men whose wives are behind the wheel rushed to the scene. nobody was seriously injured. a bay area startup has a secret recipe for fake chicken. the one thing it doesn't call for is the actual bird. >> that's right. >> can't tell by looking at it. this is grown in a lab not on a
5:56 am
far. memphis meats is making fake meat for a while. we spoke with the ceo at a biotech expo last year where the company unveiled its lab grown meatballs and now it's adding chicken to the menu. >> we wanted to put -- make meat that's delicious, that's better for us, better for the environment and the animal. >> the lab grown chicken is not available yet. right now it's $9,000 a pound. >> oh. >> they will hit grocery stores in five years. >> hopefully a lot cheaper. >> 5:56. in the next half-hour a growing dispute the group that's challenging pot dispensary companies in san francisco and who is fighting back. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
(vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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agreed." "this ruling makes us look weak." now on kpix 5 news: a federal judge blocks president trumps fine the executive order unconstitutional and unlawful and the judge in hawaii agreed.
6:00 am
>> this ruling makes us look weak! >> now on kpix 5 news, a federal judge blocks president trump's new travel ban hours before it was supposed to take effect. now the president is promising action. good morning, it is thursday, march 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> right now, president trump's revised executive order that was supposed to take effect today is on hold. this comes after a federal judge in hawaii issued a temporary restraining order on key parts of the order including the immigration and travel ban for citizens of six predominantly muslim countries. >> discrimination on the basis of national origin or religion is really -- cannot be tolerated. >> the president told supporters at a national rally that he will fight all the way to the supreme court if necessary. >> going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme


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