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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> a deadly officer involved shooting in fremont. and right now an investigation is underway into what went wrong. it's monday, april 10th. and i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. >> reporter: the whole encounter ended behind me at a breezeway near the walgreens. i want to show you where it started down the street at a 7- eleven. police say an east bay regional parks officer had an encounter with a group in a vehicle. and he put out a call to officers saying this guy has a gun. and officers rushed to the scene. and at some point, the person, the suspect with the gun left the 7-eleven but police officers are not telling us what happened right there. if he just took off or if there was some type of scuffle. they ended up at the walgreens
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and that's where the suspect was killed. take a listen. >> some officers saw him leaving. and that's where the contact occurred initially. i to not know if there was some kind of pursuit. it ended up behind the walgreens parking lot. >> reporter: and officers fired their weapons. two of the officers are on paid administrative leave. and we're also told right now that because it's still under investigation, they are not saying if the suspect had a weapon or if a weapon was found near the suspect. the suspect's body is still on scene. and they are early in the investigation. reporting live in fremont. i'm jessica flores. kpix 5. a man was arrested last thursday in sacramento. the ex-boyfriend of a woman who was shot while driving her did i understand to daycare. somebody pulled up and shot
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her. franklin had a restraining order against mcbride and the mercedes matches the description of the car. bail setose $2 million. police spotted a stolen vehicle in millipedes -- milpitas. they found stolen property and drugs in the car. three of the four suspects were on parole or probation at the time of the crime spree. monday morning commute has a couple of rough spots, and sandra osborne is tracking it for us. >> i would say so if you're in hayward, 880 northbound. we're seeing debris on the roadway. and potentially wooden chairs. we're just getting the details
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from chp. this is near tennyson road. it's a crash involving a semi truck. another crash, look at those speeds. we're seeing delays getting bigger and bigger. a three car crash and one of the lanes was blocked. they are in the clearing stages. speeds down to 6 miles per hour. altamont pass area, seeing the typical slowdowns, especially for the monday morning just after 6:00. speeds about 11 miles per hour. and we are seeing heavy volume of vehicles on the bay bridge. you can see the maze to downtown san francisco is going to take about 14 minutes so we do have the slow conditions. here's a look at the sensors across the south bay. cupertino, santa rosa, san jose, things are up to speed on the major highways, on 87 a few minor slowdowns, about 64 miles per hour. and things are on time for mass transit. caltrans is getting new schedules in today. check their website before you
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actually head out. and now to roberta gonzales with a look at the forecast. >> i'm confused about spring break. you don't know about traffic. the smattering of light rain in the overnight hours is out of here. and picking up absolutely nothing on your screen. but we do have a light dusting of snow in the mount hamilton area. we're starting to brighten up as we take a bird's-eye view of the transamerica pyramid. anywhere from partly to mostly clouds. it's 40 in livermore. a cool start. 49 in san francisco. and mid-40s around the peninsula. and easterly at seven in oakland. the winds will be variable throughout the day. and 5 to 10 miles per hour. increasing later on tonight. more out of the north at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. so watch this right here. we had this weak disturbance, it sliced through the bay area. the tail end of it at least in
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the overnight hours with the light rain in the far north bay. and the snow in the mount hamilton area. we have a chance of rain showers tuesday and wednesday. and it's going to remain unsettled all the way through thursday. a spot on day for the san francisco giants. 60degrees for matt moore. and otherwise, the daytime high in the low 60s. we should be at 67 degrees. that's a typical stat. and that's where we'll be. and high 60s in san jose. the full forecast, including easter sunday is coming in about 18 after the hour. this morning israel is closing the border crossing into egypt after warning of an imminent military attack there. this comes after the bombings at churches in egypt. dozens were killed and about 100 injured. isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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right now top officials from president trump's administration are defending the decision to launch air strikes on syria. this comes as secretary of state rex tillerson heads to italy to meet with leaders from the g-7. talks will focus on how to increase pressure on russia to distance itself from the syrian regime. they are calling on vladimir putin to rethink his alliance with syrian leader bashar al- assad. >> they've been outcompetent. and perhaps outmaneuvered by the syrians. >> vladimir putin agreed that the u.s. strike violated international law. happening now on capitol hill, neil gorsuch being sworn in as the 101st justice of the supreme court. chief justice roberts is administering the constitutional oath during a private ceremony. and justin anthony kennedy will administer the oath at a public
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ceremony in the white house rose garden. he was confirmed mostly along party lines after republicans made a historic decision to go nuclear and change senate rules to confirm him. lieutenant governor gavin newsom is getting a boost from the gubernatorial bid. new data shows that employees from the company have given $225,000 to newsome's campaign. he plans to run to replace term limited jerry brown. good morning, everybody. we have an unsettled weather pattern. let's talk about the effects this will have on your easter sunday. and a red hot debate over bus only lanes in the mission district has been brewing. and the benefit the project is
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bringing to the neighborhood. and several crashes to talk about, including this one on westbound 80. details on this coming up. force three medical marijuana and we're inside at&t park for the giants home opener. it's all about the fans today. we'll be speaking to someone from the communications office about what fans can expect this season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dispensaries to fork over even have to fork over more money - to the city. the city council gave the greenlight to a 6- percent tax on all "gross receipts" through ju e tax will cli in san leandro, a new test on medical marijuana. the city council gave the green light to a 6% tax on all gross receipts through june 2019. but the tax will climb to 8% by
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july 2021. they predicted that a tax of 5% would bring in $500,000 in annual revenue. the ferry dock is getting a makeover. the crews will replace 1800 feet of the deck and the handrails. officials say the project will not disrupt any ferry services. work is expected to start in may. walking and driving on mission street? san francisco has gotten safer. and after the city painted the bright red uni only lanes. the city painted the bus lanes a year ago. speeding was down 36% since then. and hard braking declined by 21%. and cell phone use also went down. time now is 6:12. a great way to get to the
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ballpark, probably the bus. >> i like the pedicabs. >> i always see them. [ laughter ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> i could see roberta doing that. >> roberta -- don't pick her up. >> look at those calves. >> i'm going to take a ride with you and we'll have a realtime. >> great conversation. >> get up that hill. >> it's definitely good advice to take public transportation to the game. we're going to see lots of people coming in to town. it's at 1:35. you'll have the lunchtime traffic in addition. westbound 80 before highway 4 is a three car crash. we are now seeing the speeds dropping more and more. we're seeing two lanes blocked there now. reports of some nails on the
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roadway from chp. about 5 miles per hour. and you'll definitely want to give yourself extra time heading through the area. and another crash this morning. northbound 880 before tennyson road. it's an accident and there's some wooden debris all over the roadway. chp says possibly wooden chairs. 46miles per hour. and overall we're not seeing a major impact on the roadway. let's get over to the pedicab lover roberta gonzales with the forecast. >> thanks, sandra. good morning, everyone. and what are you showing this for? we had light rainfall early in the santa rosa area. i picked up a dusting of snow at mount hamilton. 48degrees in our weather
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watcher's neighborhood. an inch and a half of rain. here we are already up to a wet start. cloud cover as we take a look at the transamerica picture -- transamerica pyramid. remember the wind and the precipitation? that's left a cool air mass in place. livermore is at 40. mid-40s from san jose to the south and santa rosa to the north. here with the weak disturbance banging up the northwestern corner of the state of california. and as that exits to the north and jogs to the east, behind it is this brand new area of low pressure in the development stages. and according to my future cast, computer models that i've edited together. here's 135 today for the giants home opener under partly cloudy skies. and then we fill in with all
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the clouds later on tonight. we have rain with the far north bay. and that's 6:00 tomorrow morning about this time. lunch hour same drill and as we forge ahead to wednesday, spotty hit or miss scattered showers. and look what happens thursday. this is a brand new area of low pressure slicing through the bay area while most of us sleep. from the first system, in the north we have the rain, about a quarter of an inch of precip. and that could produce up -- low 60s in monterey bay. and 48 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. we had 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow in the high sierra. effort is boarding and skiing conditions. by the time the sun sets tonight at 7:41 we'll have a beautiful full moon. and you're not going to see it due to the mostly clouds.
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we had the pink full moon for april on tuesday night. not going to see it then either because we have the rain showers in the forecast. spotty on wednesday and the line of activity that's heavier moves through on thursday. and we clear out on friday for a big getaway day. and then for the easter sunday, we're talking about partly cloudy skies. opening day for the san francisco giants. and sun and clouds and at 60 degrees. it's always advisable to dress in layers. you and me, kenny? >> got the tickets? >> today is the day to wear orange and black. this monday marks the home opener for the san francisco giants. jackie ward has the details before the first pitch, about seven hours away. plenty of time to warm up the arm, jackie. >> no kidding. among the so. i think i'll leave that to matt
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moore. i got hunter pence with me. he says hello. he's got his psychedelic look. it's the first day here at home. he was plenty of time to grow that hair out. and another season. here we go. >> here we go. it's like ground hog day. we are excited to get going. >> reporter: you always provide your fans with a lot of fun things to do. what can fans look forward to? >> we have a lot of fun activities. we have our traditional opening day calendar we'll hand out to all of the fans. and we have a performance artist who is going to create a canvas of the field to music. and he paints. his name is david garabaldi. >> and we have the skyler sisters singing the anthem.
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and a few other surprises the fans will be treated to. it's going to be a great day. the weather is supposed to be great. and the team is glad to be back home. a little different things by left field. i notice the minibaseball field was not there. and you're making improvements to the area, right? >> every year we try to improve the ballpark and add some new fan amenities. we have a toyota fan zone in the left field area. the children's baseball field will be completely redesigned. and we'll have televisions and scoreboards out there so parents can watch the game while the kids are running around the bases. we have new food offerings. and new padded seats. and we're just ready to welcome everybody back to the ballpark. >> it's always such a great experience to be here at at&t
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park. on june ninth if you want a hug from buster posey. is this backwards? >> yes, it is. >> all season long they have great fan promotions. first pitch is at 1:35 this afternoon. from at&t park, jackie ward, kpix 5. i'm going to get some hug blankets for kenny. now in the tech report, google announceds the rolling out a new fast check feature when you use the main search engine or google news section. you'll find labels like mostly true or fast next to stories that have been fact checked. it's the next step to combat the
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spread of fake news. air -- a charging station for several devices. apple just published 250 new patents. and in a few years, the uber ride could be taking to the sky. the ride sharing company has its sights on flying cars. uber elevate is an on demand air transportation system. uber says regularly using the service could be cheaper than owning a car. and coming up, a masters finish for the ages yesterday in augusta. could sergio finish it off finally for the first career major? we'll tee it up next. ,,
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million dollar homes trashed in san jose. what the builder just told us about five years ago, sergio garcia said he wasn't good enough to win a majors. yesterday he faced off against justin rose for a chance to prove himself wrong. rose had putting issues all day. his putt for birdie on 18 slid right. garcia had a chance to win the tournament in regulation -- no! and we go to a playoff. how about that? rose drove his tee shot into the pine straw. and garcia nailed his. he's got another chance to win. and this time he did not miss. he wins his first major in his 73rd try. these guys in san diego getting
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a free bowl of soup with the outfit. buster posey, opposite field, first home run of the year. giants win 5-three and avoid the sweep. struck out 10 in texas and in the second gave up a 300 home run to the rangers. texas won the game 8-1. and we do have playoff opponents this morning. the warriors will be taking on the trail blazers. now for me. i'll be at opening day. the giants and the d-backs at at&t park. it's 6:26. and million dollars homes trashed in san jose. what the builder told us about the damage costs and the search to find the vandals. and fremont police are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. one suspect is dead and no
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officers hurt. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm kenny choi. and i'm anne makovec in for >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix news. >> the field is set from tickets to food. everything you need to know as the giants prepare for the home opener. and vandals trashed luxury homes. >> i feel sorry. it's a good neighborhood. >> the search is underway to find those involved and one person is dead after an overnight shooting. >> the east bay regional parks police officer was in the city. they parole parks within the city. it's monday, april 10th and i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec.
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fremont police are at the scene where one of their officers shot and killed a suspect. >> jessica florida is live with more -- jessica flores is live with more on the investigation. >> there are a lot of questions as to what led up to the shooting. detectives have been trying to piece together exactly what happened. what we've gathered is the shooting happened in an alleyway next to the walgreens. and two officers fired their weapons, killing the suspect. it's unclear if the suspect had a gun or another weapon or what exactly prompted the officers to use their weapons. and it starts just down the block at a 7-eleven where the regional parks officer put a call out to fremont police asking for help. >> it was basically one officer
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by himself was with moisture occupants in a vehicle involving a firearm. so we're going to come as soon as possible for that kind of call. >> reporter: and at some point the suspect moved down the block to the walgreens and that's where the two officers fired weapons. we're told the officers are on paid administrative leave. and we're also told that fremont police have arrested one of the occupants who was in the car with the suspect. reporting live in fremont. i'm jessica flores. kpix 5. a group of vandals trashed several luxury homes in san jose. it happened in the hill neighborhood. and we got a look at the damage. the vandals broke windows and destroyed fireplaces. the homes are part of a new subdivision. some of the homes are listed as high as $1.6 million. >> they find properties and
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projects that are almost done. and they all rally together, show up here, and just terrorize it. >> the contractor says the homes were about to hit the market. so it's a real setback. luckily, the company is insured. a necklace from a jewelry store in napa was stolen. the man tried on the necklace and then ran off. it happened on april 1st and police just released the surveillance picture. it's 6:33 and roberta is joining us. this weekend you had a lot of fun with your new blower. >> you scared me for a second. >> hair blower? >> a leaf blower. >> leaf blower. love those. >> got to watch what you talk about in the makeup room. >> and i have neighbors with beautiful trees and they always
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shed into my backyard. and it's the plum leaves and cherry leaves. and finally, i thought how about getting a leaf blower. and it was like a toy for me. >> you know what they are also good for? >> my mom has a house. and i go on the roof and blow out the roofs from the gutters. >> that's why it's called a leaf blower. >> but not many people go on the roof. >> that was the extent of my weekend. hi, everybody. good morning, i saw a smattering of flurries, some light dusting of snow in the mount hamilton area. and i called up this mount ham cam. and the sun is officially coming up. no rain or snow around the bay area. we had light rain and now we have a deck of cloudiness. temperatures 40 to 48 degrees. the winds are 10 miles per hour
6:35 am
throughout all of our reporting stations. weak disturbance to the north of us brought that little bit of flurries to the mount hamilton area. a chance of rain showers tomorrow. it will be unsettled by midweek. 50s and 60s. and we talk about the easter forecast that's coming up. and morning, sandra. i have good news. that crash on westbound 80 near hercules has been cleared. and the bad news, residual delays are left behind. still drive time is taking you 19 miles per hour through the area. another crash southbound 680 in the clearing stages. and we're seeing the speeds at 35 miles per hour. northbound 880. debris all over the road has been cleared. and once again you can see the red on the map that we're watching. and the altamont pass, we're
6:36 am
seeing slowdowns there as well. let's send it over to anne. >> a new gallup poll finds 55% of americans support the affordable care act known as obama care. that's a major turnaround when 53% disapproved of the healthcare law. and attitudes have not changed much among republican voters. a quinnipiac poll found that 55% of republicans want parts of it repealed. and only 2% of americans said it should not be repealed. robert bentley is set to face impeachment, accused of using state law enforcement to intimidate staffers and prevent word of his affair from spreading.
6:37 am
governor bentley stresses he does not plan to resign. the white house is defending last week's missile strike as legally justified and strategically necessary. secretary of state rex tillerson criticized russia's alliance with basharal assad's regime in syria. the u.s. bombing of a syrian airfield got quick response from members of congress. >> a lot of people say the president should have gotten congressional approval. >> reporter: the short answer is president trump is fine for now. but the whole issue of military force in syria could end up at the u.s. supreme court. the constitution says that the president is the commander in chief of the military. it also says that only congress can officially declare war.
6:38 am
in 1973, congress passed the war powers act. the president has to report to congress when using troops for hostilities. here's the thing. every president since 1973 has maintained that the war powers act is unconstitutional. and even president nixon vetoed the act and was overridden. if he's the commander in chief, the congress can't encroach. >> and president trump submitted a report to congress as required by the war powers act. does that mean he wants to abide by it? >> not necessarily. when the u.s. military was active in libya in 2011, president obama sent a report to congress, a war powers act report, 60 days came and went and nothing. congress didn't approve the actions but didn't try to stop it. the president got to do what he
6:39 am
wanted to do there. if congress did try to force president trump 30 withdraw troops from syria, there could be a court battle all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. and the question would be if only congress can officially declare war, what is war? members of congress is send out angry press releases. and the president gets to act quickly and so long as he doesn't send in a lot of troops, can pretty much do what he wants to do. we will keep watching. and we hear you have a new role with the morning show. >> for folks who are watching, i'm sure you're early risers, starting this sunday, i'll be coanchoring the sunday morning show. it starts at 7:30. we'll have a double dose of politics as you lead into face the nation on sunday. >> have fun when the alarm goes
6:40 am
off at an un-godly hour on the weekends. >> can't be worse than mondays. we are here live at at&t park where there's crews already out on the field making sure the grass is in tiptop shape for the giants home opener. plus prices at the pump ricing. what is causing the change and how much you can expect to pay. and the stock market opened 10 minutes ago. starting off not too bad on a monday morning. the dow is up just about 40 points. we'll be right back.
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this afternoon - is the team's home opener! kpix five's jackie ward is live on the field - with the details.
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it's not a typical monday. >> it's the giants home opener. and live on the field with the details. >> reporter: i didn't know you were bilingual, anne. this is one of the best days of the year for me. we're live inside at&t park. it's the home opener for the san francisco giants. and a guy who has seen many -- we'll leave it at many -- of opening days is mario, one of the guys behind the business operations. and you had something sweet to say. there's almost like a giddy feeling. >> if you're a giants fan, there's no better day than opening day. i had the alarm set early and still woke up before the alarm. we saw the sunrise and we have a special san antonio planned. if you're planning to come to
6:45 am
the ballpark, get here early. we have always have a surprise or two. you're not going to want to miss what we have planned. it's hoping day. >> you guys take good care of the fans. it's always a lot of fun. you're trying to start a new tradition. >> we introduced it a little bit at the end of last year. when we win a ball game. we play tony bennett's song, i left my heart in san francisco. you'll see a giants flag with a heart and sf and that will be part of the san antonio. we're hoping to win today. we'd love to introduce it on opening day. >> we're coming off momentum. let's hope they keep it going. >> who gets to raise the flag? >> depending on how it goes, we
6:46 am
may have some celebrities, fans, we'll see. when we introduce it, we have someone ready to go. we're hoping to give it a shot. >> i can't wait. let's hope we see it out there a lot. we play 162 games. it's a long season. and it really matters where you end, not where you start. and we have an unbelievable fan base. and here we are back home, opening day, best day of the year. >> it's a treat for us too. best of luck this season to you. first pitch is 1:35 this afternoon. maybe i'll stick around for it. i'm jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the best seat in the house. everybody has an airline horror story. a new report suggests that airlines throughout the u.s. are doing a better job of
6:47 am
arriving on time and getting customers' bags to where they should be. information from the u.s. department of transportation was collected to rate on time performance, baggage handling and complaints filed with the government. the percentage of flights arriving on time climbed to 81.4%. up from 80% in 2015. the wells fargo board of directors blames bank executives for the culture that led to the fraudulent accounts scandal. a new report blamed executives for pushes sales goals. and wells a fargo will attempt to take back millions in bonuses. industry analysts say that increased oil price experience the u.s. missile trike in syria have contributed to the rise.
6:48 am
drivers in san francisco are paying $3.12 for a gallon of regular. in oakland, .99 dollars. and $3.02 in san jose. interesting developments in one of the crashes. hayward, 880 northbound near tennyson road was cleared and as they started to continue clearing it another crash happened. and now a double whammy. we're seeing residual delays as they are working on the second crash. speeds down to 15, 18 miles per hour throughout that area. another crash that we've been keeping an eye on the actually causing some slowdowns. it was cleared and we're seeing slowdowns all the way to the carquinez bridge. you'll want to give yourself extra time out the door.
6:49 am
and altamont pass. 14miles per hour. to go on 580 to 680. that's going to take about 30 minutes right now. to we're seeing a heavy volume ticking off the workweek. let's see how you need to dress this morning. do you need the sweater? >> it's a little cool. we'll be taking a look at our weather watcher dave in in a that. and look what he's sporting? we woke up with a few light showers across the bay area and a few flurries in the mount hamilton area. and dave, napa reports partly cloudy conditions and 39 degrees. wow, all that cooler air mass in place with the passage of the cold front on friday night. you can see a hint of the
6:50 am
sunrise. looking out over the embarcadero. we're in oakland and it's 48 degrees. 46degrees in santa rosa. and this right here. watch it again. that's the beak disturbance. the tail end sweat through the bay area while most of you were sleeping. this is the area of low pressure. and here is the development of a brand new disturbance. and that promises to bring spotty showers to the far north bay tomorrow. while the giants play host to the d-backs, partly cloudy skies and we cloud over tonight and you won't be able to see the full moon. rain overnight and also during the early afternoon hours. wednesday, very light rain showers. and in the overnight hours, wednesday to thursday morning when we're driving in to work
6:51 am
in the morning hours, and that could produce an inch of rain in some locations. and we could see up to a quarter inch of rain in santa rosa and lesser amounts to the south. travel-wise across the state. 60s and 70s. and low 60s, monterey bay. 2 to 3 feet of snow has accumulated in the sierra since thursday. layers on top of layers of powder. the extended forecast. there you have it. unsettled weather each and every day through thursday. friday, the partly cloudy skies and sunshine on saturday. and quite seasonal. if you're heading to the ballpark, daytime temperature near 60 degrees. and matt moore takes to the mound for the good guys. let's take a live look at lake tahoe.
6:52 am
plenty of fresh powder in the area. more than 87 inches of snow in the northern sierra. and the region is just 1 inch away from the all time record set back in 1982, '83, looks like we'll surpass it this week. >> reporter: and fremont police officers shoot and kill a suspect. detectives have been here all morning investigating what happened. i'll have the details coming up. he one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. officers shot a suspect in a breezway next to the walgreens...the body is still here...and police aren't saying what prompted the shooting... or if the man was found with a gun...we do know those officers have been interviewed and answered some basic questions... dur n they wil >> reporter: i'm jessica flores live in fremont where detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting. it happened in an alleyway next to walgreens. police officers were not hurt but two police officers shot
6:56 am
one suspect. we're not sure what prompted police to shoot. we know that the officers have been interviewed and they'll be on paid administrative leave. it started at a 7-eleven and it's unclear exactly what happened there but investigators say an officer from east bay regional park put out a call asking for help. >> the officer asked for expedited cover which basically means get there now. our officers got the information from their dispatch. the officer was out with a vehicle with multiple suspects involving a firearm. that's all the information our officers got. >> at some point the suspect moved from the 7-eleven and went in the alley way. we're unclear what prompted the officers to shoot at the suspect. and we are told that one of the occupants in the car has been
6:57 am
detained. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now is 6:56. time for the final five. >> the man charged with killing a richmond mother in front of her kids returns to court. the-- arrested thursday in sacramento. franklin was driving her kids to daycare and somebody pulled up next to her vehicle and shot her. police in san jose are looking for a group of vandals who trashed luxury homes in the hill neighborhood. >> top officials from president trump's administration are defending the decision to launch air strikes on syria. secretary of state rex tillerson meets with leaders from the g-7 to discuss the issue. neil gorsuch is being sworn in to the supreme court. a private ceremony took place a short time ago.
6:58 am
this morning we have several incidents to report on the roadways. northbound 880 after tennyson road. there was debris on the road and that's been cleared. and another crash popped up. and we're seeing speeds between 13 and 17 miles per hour. this one heading westbound. you can see the speeds down to 21 miles per hour. we've seen the crash cleared and delays all the way backed up to the carquinez bridge. the altamont pass also seeing slowdowns with speeds 11 miles per hour. right now i-680 -- that will take 26 minutes. and before san marco boulevard, one lane is blocked. here's a live look at the bay bridge. we are definitely seeing red on the sensors. from the maze to downtown will take you 16 minutes. and in oakland, overall, things are moving smoothly. and 880 northbound we see a few
6:59 am
areas with minor slowdowns. no matter what you're doing, stop and turn around and take a look at the tv screen, that's a sunrise. all together now. ooh. isn't that pretty? and you can see the tower. changing the skyline of san francisco. as after the cold front on friday we have cool air mass in place. we have dipped to 40 degrees in redwood city. san francisco at 48. and low 40s tri-valley. and 46 now in santa rosa. cooler in san jose. and we do have delays at sfo on some arriving flights due to the deck of clouds. that's a weak disturbance that passed through while many of your slept. upper 50s. and low 60s around the bay to mid-60s away from the bay. extended forecast calls for unsettled weather. and 60 degrees for the game. >> are you out there for the
7:00 am
noon show? >> yes, i am. >> have a great day everyone. >> i know you're a stomper girl, roberta. good morning to our viewers in the west.ning to our viewers monday, april 10th, 2017, welcome to "cbs this morning." russia and iran threaten to respond with force if the united states attacks syria again. the secretary of state heads to moscow after calling russia incompetent for allowing syria to maintain chemical weapons. >> churches and schools on alert in wisconsin as a manhunt intensifies for a suspect threatening to attack after police say he raided a gun store. he sent an angry manifesto to president trump. and chaos and confusion after all of the emergency sirens in one of america's biggest cities blair for 90 minutes in the middle of the night. this morning, thar


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