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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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what's expected to be one of the biggest... may day strikes in iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. llions of people >> now at 11:00 p.m. an hour away from one of the biggest may day strikes in history. millions expected to take monday off. the strike starts at 12:01 a.m. tonight. immigrant workers and supporters say it is time to send president trump a strong message. kpix 5's joe vazquez with the activists getting ready. >> reporter: tomorrow morning may day activities across the bay area. large street demonstrations and your favorite businesses shut down. >> tomorrow in san francisco we are have a day without immigrants. >> reporter: preparing for a long day of demonstrations tomorrow. may 1. may day a day of
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reflections. tomorrow immigrant workers a dominant theme. >> we are shutting down businesses across the country. we are not going to work. it is a strike day. >> if you have to go to work we are asking people not to shop. >> we march because we feel that we need to stand together. >> reporter: in san jose leaders are planning a large march. >> we will be there tomorrow. and we will march for the love of our country which is america. >> reporter: again, immigration is the theme. >> we are all a community and as a community we should be feeling safe but immigrants have to fear being separated from their families and children have to fear being separated from their parents. >> reporter: longshoreman will also walk off the job tomorrow and there could be walk outs at schools as well. they hope to show their economic power and get the attention of the president. >> marching and oregoning demonstrations have had an im--
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organizing demonstrations have had an impact on him. >> reporter: in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> officials convert the work stoppage but the long shor moan are taking part in union activities tomorrow. a repaving project at sfo is turning into major pain for passengers. even one of our employees. a live look. 507 delays because of the runway construction. 42 other flights had to been canceled. one runway is closed till monday at noon. it will happen each weekend through june. make sure to call ahead. kpix 5's emily turner got caught up in the mess. she had to wait three hours for her flight to sfo to take off and she was told it the to do with -- it had to do with the
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runway repaving project. sky drone 5 giving osview of the -- us a view of the sierra nevada. the statewide snow pack at 192% of average. the highest level recorded for april. but it will be melting fast in the warm weather. speaking of which high pressure over the pacific means things will stay warm. we have clear skies as we look towards had golden gate bridge. hot week on tap for the bay area. high pressure edges closer to the shoreline. and tomorrow it will be into the 90s. south bay mid eats. we have rain, all the details -- mid-80s. we have rain, all the details in the forecast. a wildfire in riverside county, it started this afternoon in high grove. several thousand people live
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there between san bernardino and riverside and tonight the fire has grown to 1300 acres and it is 25% contained. three helicopters are helping with the fire fighting effort. 40 homes are under threat. no word on any evacuations. developing news at this hour from san diego. 8 people in the hospital after a man with a beer and a gun opened fire at an apartment complex pool. the shots were fired about 6:00 p.m. tonight at the apartment a few miles from uc san diego. residents heard shots before police arrived and killed the gunman. >> he was sitting by the pool drinking a beer. >> a beer in one hand. a gun in the other. two victims laying on the ground. one trying to crawl towards the other to help. >> there are 8 victims suffering from gun shots. we know that several of them are in critical condition and transported to local hospitals.
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>> investigators trying to figure out if there was a motive. the name of the gunman has not been released. from southern california a big rig plows into the bedroom of an apartment where a woman was sleeping. debris fell over her leaving her with injuries. the driver was also hurt. the truck appears to be basissed out of hollister. the building is evacuated because it could collapse. this deadly explosion in ohio. looks like bomb went off. it was from a crash between a car and a fuel tanker on interstate 75. the driver died. the big rig river was okay. thousands people trying to pick up tornadoes.
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11 people were killed. >> tornado roared through texas taking out nearly everything in its path. it leveled this reception hall where teens gathered for brom. >> there is -- prom. >> there is five people that hid in this stair well. >> reporter: no one here was injured despite all that damage. the owner says the weather alert system saved lives. >> by the time we got to the door, 20-foot, the roar was on top of us. >> reporter: the national weather service says four twisters touched down across texas. >> saw cars and other vehicles stacked on top of each other. it was large swath after large swath of devastation. >> reporter: a driver used his cell phone to capture one of the tornadoes as it rumbled across the texas highway.
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>> reporter: in missouri severe flooding pushed a tractor- trailer down the road. a child was electrocuted in mississippi. the weather is so bad in arkansas the governor declared a state of emergency and residents in oklahoma bracing for record flooding. cbs news, texas. the government won't be running out of money border... one of president trump's ontinues the $1 trillion deal adds to the pentagon and border security. but it doesn't include money for the border wall. ct. votes in c the bill continues funding for planned parenthood and for subsidies for low income americans insurance under the firework firework -- affordable care act. votes are expected by the end of the week. >> reporter: hundreds of city workers in sunnyvale are expected to go on strike. kpix 5's wilson walker tells us why they are walking off the job and what it will mean for
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residents. >> we are going on strike tomorrow. >> reporter: for subby veil's largest public employees union this was the die spread the news. -- day to spread the news. over at city hall this was a day for drawing up plans. >> you can't take 4050 people out of the city and not have an impact. >> reporter: what will happen tomorrow? for starters your most essential services, those continue. >> staffed the water pollution control plant, 911 services will be available in the city. >> reporter: everything else, however will look like this. >> impact at our planning department, people get nothing spections, home remodeling, library services. parks. water outage, if they have a break, any phone calls nide the city the phones won't be
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answered by us. >> for the strike starting on may day they say that is a coincidence. calling it an impasse years in the making. >> long time coming. been at the table for two years out of contract and we are found by our city charter to have a 10 year balanced budget. if we go with the proposals we would not have a balanced budget. >> reporter: without a deal resolving the impasse, it will only get more difficult. >> once we get out and start losing money it will be harder to get everybody back to the table. >> no one wants a strike. >> my phone is on. i am hoping it does ring. up next, call it a come back, why honey bees are out in california after years of dwindling numbers. >> without him there was not enough lsd around.
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>> how the summer of love was cooked up in a psychedelic drug lab. what could be one far out historic sight. >> 200,000 of these baby king amine will be leased into the waters under golden gate bridge. coming up why. >> it could be the cutest video you see all week. the california cub that has take a liking to tires. ,,,,
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kpix five's betty yu shows us: the experiment just started... near the golden gate bridge. nats fish see an effort to restore salmon populations. kpix 5's betty yu shows us the experiment just started near the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: you will see small fish shooting out of the hose in to a hole. inside are 200,000 sacramento king salmon. they will be unloaded under the golden gate bridge to help them get into the ocean and by pass predators. each is tagged. >> the goal is to increase survival so that the fish come back to the river as adults in three years. instead of straining in to other systems. >> reporter: two batches of fish were brought in to this
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boat in different ways. the first traveled down stream in hopes the fish will remember their surroundings and know how to make their way home. the second ecame via truck. >> hopefully they have similar amount of survival but the fish on the boat have a higher rate of return to our river. >> reporter: they are expected to return home to the river in the next two to three years. that the when scientists will analyze the data from the tags located in their heads. bay area commercial and recreational fishermen catch king salmon. their numbers dropped because of dam construction and the destruction of habitat. >> hopefully they -- you have a good run. the more they come back the better the fishing. >> the more they come back the more pure and healthy the pallulation of king --
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population of king salmon. betty yu, kpix 5. the big buzz, bees are making a come back. t in force. swarm sightings in northern california are on the rise. experts say the rains kept them inside till now thanks to the warmer weather. bees play a role in producing foods by pollinating plants. the benefit is huge. >> we got billions of dollars a year for almond pollination each year. very, very important for the environment. >> this is just the beginning for the bees. more swarms in may. if you find a hive on your property do not disturb it. call a professional bee removal service to relocate the colony. the summer of love. the music, the politics, the legacy of 1967 but it probably
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wouldn't have happened without science. kpix 5's wilson walker shows us the summer required a certain chemistry and one mayor is determined to find it. >> you know, i have got old home movies, slides of the neighborhoods. i looked at maps. photos. >> reporter: on the edge not far from the bridge the mayor is looking for his city's next land mark. had probably an upslope house. >> reporter: it is not just any old house. a psychedelic chemistry lab. >> the lab was here in the summer of 1966. you know? it was part of the lead up for the summer of love. [ music ] >> a lot of things fed into what happened in 1967. one of the elements is l sd. that -- lsd.
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that couldn't have happened without his efforts. >> reporter: sound engineer for the grateful dead and the man who fueled the bay area's trib through the mid-'60s. >> without him there was not enough lsd for the participation in that experience by hundreds of thousands of people. >> reporter: he died in 2011 but in 1966 he was cooking up lsd in a richmond rental home. for the mayor, he was not working alone. >> this is a map that i bought in 1966. >> okay. >> reporter: he was a east bay kid turned physics major.
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>> lsd experiences that we had were so compelling that we believed that if we could share that experience with everyone we might save the world. >> i did not know him and i did not drop acid. >> the mayor and the chemist are zeroing in on that house. >> my memory was the lab was down around here. >> they agree when they came over here they turned off the highway. >> close to the oil refinery. the smells would cover up the lab smells. >> they came up marine street like we are going and somewhere down in this area where you see san francisco bay they rented a house. >> i sketched out three alternate floor plans. there was a trap down going down to the basement. >> as we go down the street there are a couple prospects that tim never felt good about but i haven't given up merchandise there are these two
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houses. both upslope houses. views of the bay. the other prospects is a house that used to be here. there is nothing here. nobody can prove it is. put up a bronze plaque with dedication ceremony and invite the characters from those days. >> reporter: we have a new attorney general -- >> we could invite him. sure. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you want to commemorate the former location of an l sd lab. >> it -- lsd lab. >> it wasn't illegal then. >> reporter: the house was demolished in the 1980s and the other two houses have been remodeled so a positive identification alludes us for now. just as the neighborhood has changed so have sensibilities and now richmond finds itself
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with a mayor that wants to commemorate what might have happened on this spot. >> waiting for the right clue. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> name the hollywood icon who used lsd in the 19 50s and 1960s. carry grant is right. totally legal back then. >> the history of lsd. the numbers in the weather department. 66 concord. 57 san jose. warm all the way through mid- week. 90 degrees inland. around the bay upper 70s. pleasant at the beach. high pressure just sitting and spinning. temperatures near 90 degrees inland. future cast where we try to see when the clouds are coming in,
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not a puff out there. clear monday on tap. blue skies and sparkling clear temperatures. highs near 90 degrees inland. clear and cool tonight. and a little hint of sprinkles a week from today. between now and then plenty warm, fresno, sfo, sunny, winds, 30. winds gusty. seattle, they have rain. 55 degrees. chicago scattered showers and 55. los angeles sunny and new york looks good. over night lows mid-50s. sun up 6:13 a.m. forecast highs 76 in the city tomorrow. concord 87 degrees. san jose 84. oakland 78. 10 to 12 degrees above average for this time of year. south bay low 80s tomorrow. east bay in the mid-80s tomorrow. north of bay cooler by the
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shore, 60s. san rafael and santa rosa, petaluma, 80s tomorrow. that will include lake port, clear lake. exat the ended forecast, 90 degrees for the next few days. through wednesday. by saturday a long range clue maybe a few showers. but in the meantime enjoy the sunshine. there is plenty to come this week. still to come, just in time for the great weather, the new hours for a bike path over the bay bridge. plus speaking of wheels, one cute cub may have an obsession. where a crew ran in to this little guy. >> i am dennis o'donnell, coming up on game day, the warriors have an opponent. vacation is over. we will talk warriors
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basketball and joining us marty. >> only the first month, we don't have a reference point. they have to win a few games. [ talking at the same time ] >> we will break it down next on game day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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much every type of business. grocery, drug and liquor stores tomorrow a plastic bag ban expands to every type of business. grocery, drug and liquor stores already stopped from using them
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but tomorrow the plastic bag ban applies to all retailers. they will charge a dime for reusable bags. on tuesday the bike path on the bay bridge will start opening every day of the week. it has been open on weekends since october and it is a huge hit with bike riders. >> so beautiful and -- especially this kind of weather. comfortable. >> since i commute a lot, when you drive, you are in the car, you don't see what is going on. on the side, the cars are a side noise and you enjoy the view. >> tuesday the path will be open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to bike, walk or run. up next the surprise sit down with mark zuckerberg? why the head of facebook showed up in his t-shirt for dinner unannounced at one family's home in the mid-west. ,,,,
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor,
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given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles.
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yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai. the country tonight.. hanging out with what he calls: ordinary americans. zuckerberg surp facebook ceo mark zuckerberg hanging out with ordinary americans. >> he surprise a family in ohio. they call -- got a call asking to host a surprise guest. sure, they said. they had no clue it would be mark zuckerberg till 15 minutes before he showed up. he wanted to understand why they voted for president trump.
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and discussed education, poverty, social services. >> more he talked the more i liked him. the more i was inspired by him. >> mark zuckerberg says his tour of the country is a way to learn about people's struggles and what it is like to not be a multibillionaire. on thursday he visited with auto workers outside detroit. he signed an official inspection sticker. >> i hate it when he shows up without a warning. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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