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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 1, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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,, captioning funded by cbs it's monday, may 1st, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." deadly twisters, strong wind, and torrential rain ripped through the midwest and south, and that storm system is on the move. >> if he does a nuclear test, i will not be happy. >> president trump sits down with cbs news and talks about everything from north korea to possibly releasing his taxes. gunfire breaks out at a birthday partd in san diego, leaving at least one person dead and six wounded. and a hacker reportedly hits "orange the new black" and
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releases pirated episodes. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning recoveriests from texas are under way following a string of tornados and floods that killed at least 14 people. in texas, four tornadoes cut a path of destruction 35 miles long. one of the towns is east in can east of dallas. good morning, brook. >> reporter: good morning. they gathered in the bathroom, which miraculously ended up being the only part of the building left untouched. others in region were not nearly as lucky this weekend. tornados like this one left the texas town of canton in ruins.
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>> i come back here realizing we almost died. >> reporter: a woman was found dead after this dodge dealership after cars there were turned into twisted wrecks. police believe she was driving and drown off the road. more twisters reflect the extend of the flooding. in mississippi a tearful woman mourns her fiance. winds knocked a tree onto her home. >> it's by grace of god that we're still standing here right now. and my two daughters are in the house because that whole tree is across there. >> reporter: the heavy rain caused the river to rise to dangerous levels and in oklahoma officials released water from u chi dam after more than eight inches fell forcing residents to evacuate. high schoolers in posey county, indiana, were able to take the weather in stride.
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>> it was a bummer but it worked out fine. >> reporter: they dressed up for a second straight day after flooding postponed saturday's prom. the job here now is restoring power and clearing debris. crews worked through the night. again, they were just about the only people we saw on the road driving in early this morning. this are downed trees and debris just about everywhere, anne-marie. >> all right. following the severe weather. >> the severe weather threat pushes through the east. you see the enhanced threat here colored in original. pennsylvania, new york, damaging wind, heavy rain and even isolated tornados will be likely. so as we go through monday afternoon, your hour-by-hour timing puts the thunderstorms 'cross cleveland and atlanta, although not severe. those storms ramp up in intensity and coverage and become severe for monday
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evening. that is moving across new york and new england. by the way, across the northern lakes, the great lakes, you're dealing with snow. this is all part of the same system. winter storm warnings and advisories are up at tleeftd lieu monday afternoon and the storm over the weekend prodoes up to 40 inches of snow in colorado, 8 to 11 across the oklahoma panhandle and about 3 to 6 inches can be expected
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defense mendsing but it eli eliminates cuts to medical and planned parntdhood. thisern mog north korea warned it will carry out a nuclear test at any time and any location, a spokesman for the north korean government said pyongyang was fully ready to respond to any option taken by the u.s. the north has carried out five nuclear tests in the last 11 years. president trump says the leader of north korea is, quote, a pretty smart cookie. mr. trump discussed north korea with "face the nation" john dickerson during a wide-ranging interview. >> mr. president, you said to north korea, don't test the missile. they tested it. is the pressure not working? >> i didn't say don't test the missile. he's going what he has to to. but i have o tell you the man i
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have got on the like and respecting the president of china, president-elect xi, i believe has been putting pressure on him so far, but perhaps so far nothing has happened, perhaps it has. this with us a small miss ielt, not a big missile. this was no at nuclear test which he was expected to do three days ago. we'll see what happens. >> what do you mean not be happy. >>ly not be happy. if he does a nuclear test,ly not be happy. chief of staff reince prebib, press
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secretary sean spicer and vice president mike pence. the president is inviting the president to the white house. mr. trump spoke to him on saturday to secure his trump's comments were made in a general context of cost burden sharing. >> the pentagon says an american soldier was killed in iraq. 25-year-old lieutenant weston sealy was killed by an explosive
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device outside mosul. h was providing support to iraqi forces. it's killed at least 352 civilians since 2014. the pentagon report includes 26 deaths from three separate strikes the march. the penalty again count is below, though, the outside monitoring groups. a gunman shot and killed one person and wounded six others at a poolside birthday party in san diego. the suspected gunman was shot and killed by police. the pool is located at an apartment complex. witnesses say the gunman was holding a beer in one hand and a gun in the other yesterday. >> a lot of people screaming and then about a minute later another round of six or seven shots, more people screaming. i called 911. the police i could hear were on their way as more shots continued. >> the gunman exchanged fire with police before they shot
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him. the six wounded victims are in critical condition and another man was injured as he ran away. well, a wildfire burning east of los angeles is threatening some 40 homes. the so-called opera fire in riverside county was first reported yesterday. it burned at least 1,350 acres and is still growing pushed by strong winds. it's 25% contained. coming up on the "morning news" now, shark attack. a woman is hospitalized after being bitten by a shark off teenager wins a big fight in boxing. this is the "cbs morning news." and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean.
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more than just something you have on the side. more than just one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. a 16-year-old minneapolis girl made sports history saturday night. amejia zafar became the first boxer to wear a hijab during a boxing match.
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>> i paid to be in the boxing match b match, but i couldn't compete. that didn't seem fair. >> they gave her an exemption last month and said it is reviewing its rules. a woman is hospitalized after a shark attack and a controversial adviser is leaving the white house. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the hill says a white house aide hired to advise the president about terrorism will leave this summer. it said he had belonged to a hungarian group linked to nazis. he previously worked for "breitbart news." the san diego "union tribune" reports a woman was hospitalized after a shark attack. she was bitten on the thigh saturday while waiting on the beach at camp pendleton. her mother said she's fighting for her life. officials closed the beach and might extend the closure.
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40-year-old ueli steck died yesterday after apparently falling after a climb near mt. everest. he was known as the swiss machine because of his rapid ascent. "the new york times" says the crackdown on recep erdogan is widening. nearly 4,000 public officials were fired. the government has banned tv matchmaking shows as well. and the province journal says former red sox slugger david ortiz is a beg hit as a commencement speaker. he addressed graduates of the new england institute of technology yesterday. >> it doesn't matter how many times i get knocked down, it's not the important thing. the most important thing is learn how to go back on your feet. >> big papi was awarded an honorary degree. still ahead, a hacker targets a hit show. unreleased episodes of "orange the new black" are allegedly stolen.
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terms, but a british gym chain is touting it. participants show up and curl up. it improves their mood and burns a few calories. i don't know about that, but i like everything else about it. on the "cbs moneywatch" may day is observed around the world and a hit netflix show is allegedly hit by a hacker. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. good morning, anne-marie. the feds start a two-day policy meeting this week. the government is not expected to raise interest rates but could signal when to expect the next rate hike. investors will be watching for that and also the latest job numbers next week. the dow gained 388 points last week. the s&p finished 35 points higher. the nasdaq added 136 points for the week. this is may day, otherwise, known as international workers day. usually it's a protest
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highlighting workers' rights for work. today it will be a protest against president trump. a hacker claims to have released several episodes of the upcoming season's netflix hit series "orange is the new black." new episodes are schedule kwuled for an official release next month. the hacker announced the release on facebook. he asked for an unspecified ransom from netflix for not releasing the episode. the "fast and the furious" was top in the box obvious. the eighth "fast and furious" installment earns another $19.20 million. it's become highest grossing imported film in china. the comedy "how to be a latin lover" came in second followed by the bollywood sequel, "baahubali 2."
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anne-marie? >> i feel like i'm missing out. >> i finally saw "the lion." >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much, jill. still ahead, a fight against the opioid epidemic, how medical marijuana may help people with painkiller addictions. and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara.
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what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. and this year -- many protestors have a very specific focus... at least a dozen people are killed when powerful storms spawn tornadoes and widespread flooding across parts of the u-s... and the hours of operation for the bay bridge bike path are expanding significantly starting this week.... join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's monday, may first... ,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the opioid addiction crisis is making them think twice about using painkillers. >> reporter: christine stenquist suffered through a brain tumor, fibromyalgia, and chronic headaches.
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it led to prescription drugs. >> migraines were constant. >> between the pain and opioids the mother of four was bedridden. she decided to give marijuana a try. >> this is a whole different lifestyle. >> stenquist is one of a growing i'm eating healthier, more active, more alert. >> reporter: stenquist is one of a growing number of americans who have traded many their powerful and addictive painkillers for the green alternative. research in the journal of medical association shows in states where medical marijuana is legal, opioid overdose deaths are down as much as 25%. >> when we're looking at tools to combat the opiate crisis, it's amazing that medical cannabis is the tool we can use. >> reporter: show she's the founder of americans for safe access. >> at the heart of all of our challenges, we have the fact that the federal government sees cannabis as something that is more dangerous than
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methamphetamines. >> reporter: the dea still warns of a high potential for abuse, and attorney general jeff sessions warns it's only less slightly awful. >> i reject the idea we're going to be in a better place if we have more marijuana. >> i have patients that since they have been using their vaporizers with cannabis, for example, they've decreased their use in ambien, clonazepam, percocet. >> within six months i was driving, within eight months i was trying to figure out how to pass a law in my state. >> reporter: but stenquist knows that passing a law in her home state could be an uphill batter. kenneth craig, cbs news. coming up after your local news, "cbs this morning" will broadcast live from the white house. we'll talk with vice president mike pence and press secretary sean spicer. i'm anne-marie green.
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well, a growing number of homeless people in the u.s. are children and teenagers. mireya villarreal looks at what's being done to help them. >> what did you expect when you got here? >> palm trees and sunny days. >> reporter: 18-year-old yums garner say he came to los angeles to escape. >> how hard is it to find a job? >> pretty hard to find a job. finding a place to live is even harder. >> reporter: garner is among a growing number of young people between the ages of 13 and 24 who are homeless and alone without the guidance of a
4:26 am
guardian or parent. many ran away from abusive families. drake hudson said he left home after getting into several arguments with his parents. >> reporter: what's your day like? >> focused mainly on getting food and that's pretty much it. it's just food. >> reporter: some studies estimate there are between 1.6 and 2.8 million unaccompanied homeless youth across the country, but no one knows for sure, so this year the department of housing and urban development is focused on getting a more accurate count. how long have you been homeless? >> i've been homeless about two months. >> reporter: some homeless themselves searched for homeless youth, but finding them can be difficult says usc professor eric rice. >> often what they'll do is be sleeping on a friend's house for a couple of nights, an underpass for a night. they don't want to be associated with homelessness. they don't want it to be their identity. so they do everything they can to be just a normal 20-year-old
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because they are a normal 20-year-old. >> reporter: advocates say the counts will mean more federal funding for programs aimed at helping the young people. the goal is to end homelessness by 2020. garner hopes it's a lot sooner. >> people need to realize the situation we're in and we're not all bad people. our top story, at least 14 people were killed by severe weather in the north and west. four tornadoes touched down in east texas saturday kiddi cutti path 35 miles long, killing at least four people. floodwaters and strong winds are blamed for five deaths in arkansas. today the storm system is headed east. and congressional leaders came up with a deal to keep the government going until september. the $1 trillion-plus deal
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reached yesterday does not help with president trump's border wall. it includes cuts for medical research and funding the planned parenthood. a vote is expected the week. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," "cbs this morning" will broadcast live from the white house. we'll look at the evolution of the first family and the unique roles the president's family members play in his administration and how the east room has been the site of some of the most defining moments in american history. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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it's monday, may first... live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. we start monday morning and this week with a fantastic shot of the city of san francisco and the skyline as we take a live look from our camera on treasure island. it is monday, may 1st. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. it is may. where the heck did april go? just like that.
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>> too quickly. >> but here we go. >> already five months into the year. >> what is your saying? may 1st? >> may day, may day, may day. >> you had a busy month too. >> this was a busy -- well, april was a busy monday for me, came here, had a birthday. >> a lot going on. >> thanks. >> do you know what rabbit, rabbit, rabbit is? >> i don't. >> you're going to hear it all morning. >> the first thing you say when you wake up is rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. berta knows. >> my grandmother taught me that. she also told me when you do a shot of tequila, you have to throw the salt over your shoulder. this is her birthday month. celebrating it each and every day, starting with warmer weather. there are so many candles on her birthday cake that we have warmer weather as a result. >> i'm not disagreeing with you on that. >> thank you, darling. temperatures right now in the 50s, slow to cool and check it out, we are going up to 90


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