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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we will have that story in just a moment. but first let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. a lot of fatalities, unfortunately, this morning. >> reporter: yes, a very busy and saturday morning and we will get to all the accidents here in just one moment. we will toss it over to you. >> that certainly isn't good news. good morning, everybody. get outside right now, head over to ocean beach where the coast is clear and that's where i want to go today. it's going to be 70 degrees right there, rockaway beach, boy, gorgeous conditions, but well above average by a good 17 degrees in some neighborhoods. right now we are at 50 in cement santa rosa to 58 in redwood city. 13 in fairfield. these winds will be lifting out of the northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour late in the day, but meanwhile, offshore flow temperaturewise, we should be at 64 in san francisco, instead 78 degrees. nearly 90 in concord, that's 17
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degrees above average. temperatures at the coast, again, 60s to 70 degrees. 70s and 80s common across the peninsula today. 86 degrees in san jose bested by 86 degrees in santa clara. 88 in los gatos. temperatures across the trivalley today approaching 90 degrees as well. i had to flip on my ac last night. 90 brentwood, tracy, orwood, discovery bay, mountain house as well. temperatures around the carquinez strait in the mid- 90s. blustery late day winds. temperatures pretty much settling around 90 in the st. helena area. full forecast slated for 18 minutes after the hour, but right now here's jaclyn. starting with a fatal accident and this is the third fatal crash we have tracked this morning. second one on 880. the accident northbound 880 as you are approaching fifth
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street, all lanes currently blocked. chp has issued a sigalert and big rigs will be -- need to use 580 and all other drivers need to start heading on over to 580. the backup right now is beyond high street. it is stretching towards 66 avenue so near the oakland coliseum. we will take a live look right now at the 880 and you can see traffic on the right side of your screen up towards the top there, it starts to really slow down and that's because drivers will need to exit and get off of 880 and make their way on over to 580, so do expect delays on 580 if that's typically your route and you don't usually take 880, you're going to be in bigger crowd this morning. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, well, we have had a couple of problems on the upper deck and that's not making things easy for drivers heading into san francisco. right now it's getting close to a 30 minute ride from the maze all the way over into downtown san francisco. we will take a closer look at those drive times coming up in the next traffic report.
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today across america, may day protests are making clear the fight for workers' rights isn't over yet. >> kpix5's anne makovec is live in san francisco to show us what's happening locally and why the conversation includes a range of issues. anne. >> reporter: yeah, may day is known around the world as a day to fight for workers' rights. but immigration is also a huge hot topic right now politically and it has really been sort of woven into the thread of this day for some time and since it is such a hot topic right now with everything going on nationally, we are certainly expecting to hear a lot of passion behind the immigration issue but as several unions have told their members to walk off the job today and some businesses are going to shut their doors completely, activists all over the country have been preparing for a long day of demonstration, may 1st is a day of reflection about the workers -- rights of
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workers but the rally cries have expanded. all sorts of issues of justice. some organizers say rent control also plays in. >> it affects immigrants and it affects poor people and that is a majority of the people who will be out on the workers holiday of may day and we want to send a message to our elected officials, if you're not on the side of the -- you're not on the side of the people. >> reporter: longshoremen say they will walk off the job today and there could be walkouts at school. organizers say they are hoping to show their economic power and get the attention of the president so here's a rundown of some of the big events happening at 11:00 this morning, rally starting at justin herman plaza here in san francisco. at noon frank aguywa -- aguywa plaza in oakland. second rally at fruitvale plaza and at 4:00 this afternoon in
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concord, todos santos plaza another site of a rally. the one at justin herman plaza this morning is going to end here at civic center plaza. expecting a lot of people. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix5. congressional leaders reached a tentative deal late last night to keep the government running through september. the $1 trillion in federal funding would avert a government shutdown later this week. the bipartisan $1 trillion plus spending deal does not include one of president trump's campaign promises to build a border wall. but it will include $1.5 billion aimed at repairing infrastructure and improving technology at the border. something the president talked about during a rally in pennsylvania on saturday. >> we need safety. we need cameras. we need all of the things that we are going to be putting in and we need the wall and we will build the wall. >> mr. trump also got a $15 billion downpayment on his pledge to strengthen the u.s.
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military and fight isis. over the weekend during mr. trump's day 100 interview with "face the nation" moderator john dickerson, the president spoke about congress. >> it's just a very bureaucratic system. i think the rules in congress and in particular the rules in the senate are unbelievably archaic and slow moving. >> in the proposed budget bill the g.o.p. walked away from efforts to defund planned parenthood. the white house also backed away from language to take away federal funding from sanctuary cities. in a statement senate democratic leader chuck schumer said this agreement is a good agreement for the american people and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table. the house is expected to vote on the budget this week before sending it to the senate for approval before friday's midnight deadline. if this deal passes congress it would mark the first significant bipartisan legislation passed by congress since mr. trump took office.
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back in california, governor jerry brown's administration is releasing proposed regulations for the sale and use of medical marijuana. this comes after lawmakers passed prop 64. the state now has to merge the rules for medical pot with those of recreational pot. proposed rules require applicants with licenses to grow and sell marijuana undergo a background check. dispensaries would also have to use a track and tray system to monitor activity involving the pot they sell. a hearing will be held in june to discuss the rules. new this morning, there's an alarming new report about sex assaults in schools. the associated press finding that many of the cases are not properly reported. kpix5's jessica flores is live in the newsroom with the details. >> reporter: the investigation reveals shocking data from schools across the country. the a.p. looked at high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools. the report finds thousands of students have sexually assaulted fellow students. so unlike colleges and
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universities, k through 12 schools aren't required by federal law to track sexual assaults. still 32 states do require schools to report offenses. california is one of them. california reported more than 4500 sexual assaults involving k through 12 students from 2011 to 2015. nationwide schools reported 17,000 sexual assaults over the four-year period. but the investigation also finds schools are underreporting sexual assaults. the a.p. found some schools reported no sexual assaults, even when public records or news stories showed otherwise. in the newsroom, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. time now is 6:08. tornados and flooding claim lives across five states. next the aftermath left behind and where the storms are headed now. and here we go on this first day of may. we've got temperatures averaging 17 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year.
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i'll pinpoint the hottest locations. right now chopper 5 over the scene of a deadly accident we are tracking for you if you're making your way through oakland this morning. 880. we will have all the details and the backups coming up. plus in our tech report, the new source -- the news source twitter is teaming up with to bring you video coverage around the clock. ,, closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. ,, yes, the toyota mirai runs on hydrogen. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week,
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♪ morning. a city-employee strike was set to begin afte wage negot looks like the city of sunnyvale will be back to work this morning. a city employee strike was set to begin after two years of failed wage negotiations but that may have changed overnight. kpix5's sandra osborne is live in sunnyvale with the details. sandra. >> reporter: and good morning to you. yeah, we are getting some of the details right now because the strike was cancelled
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overnight. we actually have a news conference happening right now with the president of the sunnyvale employees association so let's listen in for a minute here. >> pardon me? >> reporter: are you able to talk about the terms of the agreement? we know it was on the table with the city. >> city. >> i know what they are but what i'd like to be able to do is get it out to my members before they hear it from the public. i owe it to them and they stood behind me and the bargaining team so we want to make sure they can hear that this morning before we release the details. >> is it posted what the city was offering? >> there was a little bit more put on the table and it wasn't quite what we were asking for so, you know, we like to maybe say we found a happy medium. >> reporter: how long had it been since you had a raise and what was the vibe from your members going into this? >> yeah, it had been over five years since we had had a raise to our take home pay and it was definitely being felt by the
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members, so it was -- i think they are going to see -- feel the reprieve a little bit. but realize that a lot of us are still playing catchup from some of the recessions that -- you know, concessions that we had to give so, it's going to help our families. >> reporter: right now you're listening to a news conference happening in sunnyvale, this after the city finally created some kind of negotiation and agreement with the workers union for city employees. we of course are going to listen in, get more details for you right here on kpix5. reporting live in sunnyvale, sandra osborne, kpix5. in our bay area watch as soon as june carpool lane hours could be extended for southbound highway 101 in marin. the metro transportation commission is hoping for better traffic flow between north novato and the civic center which is considered very degraded. commuters with two or more passengers would be able to use the carpool lane from 6:30 to 10:00 a.m., which is an extra
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hour and a half. you likely won't see any self-driving cars at the san francisco airport. the airport's director sent a letter to the dmv asking for a ban at the airport. he says he wants to install license plate readers so they can be notified of any south driving cars. so far no response yet from uber or lyft who plan to start testing the vehicles. time now 6:15. if you're listening in the east bay, we've got a lot of traffic situations out there including some fatalities. >> yes, this is our third accident, fatal crash that we have tracked this morning and two of them have been on 880. so that is a very dangerous stretch, apparently, this morning for drivers. you will need to be careful as you hit the roadways, as you would any day, but live look right now at chopper 5 over the scene of this deadly crash, this is along northbound 880 as you're approaching fifth street. we just got word from chp that one lane has reopened, but still expect those delays to build. we have another accident in
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this same location just south of that crash there and it is definitely going to keep drivers very slow, so if you're getting ready to head out the door and this is typically your normal route, instead of trying to use that one lane, i would still head on over to 580. you will be in good company but it is still moving right at the limit there and we will get a quick check of those travel times here in just one moment. but chp has advised that the big rigs, use 580 at this point. we have seen a big backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we did have a couple of earlier problems across the upper deck of the bay bridge. things look like they are starting to clear up but slow again as you are approaching fremont street. one car possibly blocking that off-ramp there. northbound 880 from 238 towards the maze, just under a 30 minute ride except that's likely to get much worse now that they have opened that lane there and along 580 for drivers who would like to use that as an alternate route, that remains in the green.
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again, your ride across the upper deck of the bay bridge very slow and still in the red. that is a check of your traffic. i will send it back over to you, kenny. in florida firefighters are turning to the national guard for help battling fast moving brush fires. this helicopter from the national guard helped drop water on a fire ripping through pasco county on sunday. firefighters say at one point the flames were moving at 15 to 22 miles an hour through tree tops. crews contained one brush fire in the county and are still fighting a second. right now severe flooding is battering much of the plains and midwest. in oklahoma many have been forced to leave their homes after 8 inches of rain fell in less than 24 hours this weekend. and in missouri several people had to be rescued from high waters. tornados also struck several small towns in eastern texas. strong winds knocked down trees and powerlines. at least 15 people were killed across five states. the threat of severe weather moves to the mid-atlantic and
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northeast states today. for more on our weather here in the bay area, here's roberta. >> yeah, what a difference. we are unseasonably warm by a good 17 degrees. you know what i love going out on the delta on the weekends? you know why? i find places like this, pirates lair, this is in isleton, population of about 800 people there. it's really sacramento county but, boy, you get there by boat. on the way back yesterday this is the visibility, unlimited heading towards discovery bay and you can see mount diablo there. an offshore flow looks like this, there seen from mount diablo, clear skies, visibility is unlimited. the winds are calm right now but the winds will be increasing later today. northwest 20 to 30 late day. temperatures very mild out the door this morning, right now we are clocking wind speeds calm san francisco, calm around the bay. up to about 7 miles per hour now in the antioch area, 13 in
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fairfield. again, blustery winds late day, offshore, coast is clear, we are going to be stuck in this weather pattern through about wednesday, so we will stay unseasonably warm as we kick start a brand-new month. your beach forecast in santa cruz today, temperatures in the 70s, going up to about 78 degrees late day but pretty much in the early afternoon hours in the low 70s. sunrise 6:13, the sunset is at 8:00 and your san jose forecast today typically this time of the year should be right around the low 70s. instead today forecasting a high of 86 degrees at monetta international airport. 83 degrees towards the rose garden district and willow glen. perhaps even take it up to 84 degrees. your pollen report if you're sneezing and wheezing, hey, you got company. i'm right there with you. boy, it's the oak, ash and grass count. it's on the medium side but with the gusty winds, it ushers the pollen into the air and look at the count continue to climb on tuesday and on
6:20 am
wednesday. today's temperatures climbing from 70 at rockaway beach to 78 degrees in san francisco. 90 santa rosa, again, mid and high 80s across the santa clara valley. yesterday our warmest location was concord at 85. today tagging 4 degrees onto that to 89 degrees, 90 fairfield, vacaville, also back in through brentwood, tracy, orwood and discovery bay. tuesday, wednesday, additional warming takes place. we drop the temperatures almost 10 degrees on thursday, an additional 10 degrees on friday. you're going to feel the difference and increasing clouds on sunday. that's your may day forecast. michelle. >> roberta, thank you. now in our tech report, twitter is teaming up with bloomberg to stream 24 hour news conference. according to the wall street journal, the finance news site will produce exclusive video content which will air on the social media platform. today michael bloomberg and twitter's ceo jack dorsey are expected to make a formal announcement about the partnership. uber is making it easier for you to delete the app from
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your smartphone. users can now delete the app without having to contact customer support. but the ride share company will retain a user's data for 30 days after they opt to delete their account. beyond making it easier to delete uber, the app is also introducing more privacy features. users can now choose to no longer receive notifications for ride updates or for discounts. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up the warriors can finally plan for their next opponent. we will tell you who that is and when it's going to be and could the giants closer close it out? we are up next. ,,
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good morning, everybody. do you know what today is?
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today is may 1st. and there is no team more thrilled to see april in their rearview mirror than the giants who had their worst opening month since 1984. and the show in the cove is better than the show on the field right now. let's face it. mark ma lancein, san francisco leading 2-0 over san diego. there's go hector sanchez off. that's a three run jack off george contos, san diego wins 5-2. the giants go april 9-17. the worse in the league. bottom of the eighth, trailing houston 4-1, gonzalez deep off the foul pole, three run shot, houston wins 7-2, the houston's month of april 11-14. beyonce and jayz in l.a. for game seven between the clippers and jazz. third quarter utah up.
6:26 am
68-48 utah. they walk away 104-91 to win the series. the jazz now face the warriors in the second round. game one is tomorrow night at oracle. the jazz will have practice this afternoon, our cameras will be there and we will get their reaction about facing the warriors tonight at 6:00. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great day. time now 6:26. a live look at sfo where travelers may face delays or cancellations. next, the work underway that could impact your flights. and it is may day, that means we are going to see rallies for workers and immigrants. the message these demonstrators hope the president will hear next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up, we will be live inside the white house. >> we are feature john dickerson's interview with president trump on his first 100 days. >> that's coming up on cbs this morning. live from the cbs bay area
6:30 am
studios, this is kpix5 news. >> thoughts and prayers and hearts go out to the victims, their families and to anyone who witnessed this tragic event. >> a gunman opens fire at a southern california pool water. we are live with more on the investigation unfolding into the deadly attack. plus -- >> we actually have -- forget about unaffordable. what's unaffordable is obamacare. >> president trump pushes forward with one of his original campaign promises of overhauling obamacare. but first, may day demonstrations are planned all over the bay area and across the country. good morning. it is monday, may 1st. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. kpix5's anne makovec is live at san francisco's city hall with why immigrant rights are in a spotlight. anne. >> reporter: yeah, international workers day is may 1st. but may day has really become a rallying cry around the country and we have seen these sort of local rallies get bigger and bigger. this plaza, civic center plaza is going to be full of people
6:31 am
later this afternoon. a lot of unions across the country have asked their members to walk off the job today. and some businesses will be shutting their doors. activists all over the country have been preparing for a long day of demonstrations. this day is a day of reflection about the rights of workers and here in the u.s. it's really been big about immigration rights. organizers hoping to get the attention of the president. >> marching and organizing demonstrations have had an impact on him because if you see after every protest that's happening in this country, he changes his tune. >> we are all a community and as a community, we should be feeling safe but immigrants have to fear being separated from their families and children have to fear being separated from their parents. >> organizers say they hope to show their economic power. longshoremen at the port of oakland say they will walk off the job today. and there could be walkouts at
6:32 am
schools as well. rundown on your screen of some of the big events happening. 11:00, a rally that will end at civic center plaza. at noon in oakland, 1:00 p.m. big rally in san jose, at 3:00 in oakland again, that one at fruitvale plaza. and at 4:00 this afternoon there will be a rally at todos santos plaza in concord. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix5. >> thank you. just into the newsroom, a plan to repeal and replace obamacare could almost be complete. the president hasn't been able to pass a new healthcare plan like he promised during his campaign. there's been a big debate within the republican party over whether the bill would cover preexisting conditions and how that would be done. the president sat down with "face the nation's" john dickerson last night. >> people out there with preexisting conditions they are worried are they going to have the guarantee of coverage if they have a preexisting condition or if they live in the state where the governor decided that's not a part of the healthcare or if the prices are going to go up. that's the worry the american
6:33 am
medical association says effectively make coverage completely unaffordable for people. >> what's unaffordable is obamacare, john. >> i'm not hearing you, mr. president, say there's a guarantee of preexisting conditions -- >> we actually have a clause that guarantees. >> president trump's advisor garry coen says a vote on the revised plan could come by the end of this week. coming up on cbs this morning, a special broadcast from the east room of the white house. john dickerson will bring us more of his interview with president trump. friday i spoke with charlie, gayle and nora about what to expect. >> we are going to bring this very table into the east room because we want to sit with president trump's senior advisors, his cabinet officials and national security officials to find out what's going on inside the trump presidency. >> he's changed his mind on a lot of pointing and the question is, will he be changing his mind on other important points and what brings about these changes and when he reaches out to talk to
6:34 am
so many people on the phone or in person, you know, what is he learning and how often does that have a change impact on him? >> those white house insiders include reince priebus and sean spicer. this special edition of cbs this morning starts at 7:00. time check, 6:34. roberta is back with a check of the forecast. >> what a weekend. >> it was beautiful. >> yeah. >> it was the warmest weekend so far this year and now we are entering the stretch where we will see the hottest temperatures again so far this year as we kick start a brand- new month. our numbers are averaging 17 degrees above where they should be for this first day of may. this is a live weather camera from mount vacca and you can see it is wavering the winds there this morning out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. the visibility is unlimited. that is an offset flow -- offshore flow. temperature 50 santa rosa to five in oakland. 57 degrees in san jose. this right here is our satellite and radar and this again is what an offshore flow
6:35 am
looks like. the coast is clear and we are going to continue with this weather pattern through wednesday. the winds right now around the bay are calm but in our higher elevations today and along the coast we could see some of these wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and that is late day. north wind right now 13 in fairfield. take a look at these temperatures, concord 17 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. san jose mid-80s, oakland 78 degrees, nearly 80 in san francisco today. so many people inland are switching on that ac. it's a natural wind along the coast today at 70 degrees. 85 degrees in sunnyvale, 84 in fremont. temperatures in our inland areas 90 antioch, brentwood, discovery bay, 90 through the trivalley to 89 degrees in santa rosa. the full forecast coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. first send it over to jaclyn. right now we are live over the scene of a deadly crash. this is the third deadly accident we have tracked this
6:36 am
morning, the second one along 880. chopper 5 over 880, the accident northbound direction and it was just near fifth street and they have reopened two of those lanes so traffic is able to get through, but take a look at that backup. it just continues to stretch for folks making their way out of hayward and you're definitely going to want to head on over to 580, use that as your alternate route this morning. you can use 880 but again only two lanes open at this point and traffic nearly at a stand still heading up towards that direction. we are also tracking a couple of earlier problems over on the bay bridge. looks like all lanes are clear now but we continue to see the delays and you're travel times continue to show speeds in the yellow and red. we have a problem southbound 880 at whipple and that's causing a major backup to 238. that is a check of your traffic. back over to you, kenny. >> thank you. a live look at sfo right
6:37 am
now where travelers could experience delays or cancellations due to runway construction work today. a repaving project lasts until noon today. it sparked hundreds of delays and dozens of cancellations just yesterday. and this construction work set to span each weekend through june. airport officials suggest that travelers with weekend flights call ahead. we've got new details on a planned strike in the south bay. it was announced that the strike has been cancelled for hundreds of city workers in sunnyvale planning to walk off the job today. kpix5 sandra osborne is live in sunnyvale with the latest. sandra. >> reporter: michelle, we heard from the president of the workers union, he says city employees will be back to work today. they were fully prepared to have that strike this morning but they reached a deal, a tentative deal with city leaders at about 2:00 this morning. they had two years of failed negotiations and five years without wage increases, he said. now, this morning he did not give us numbers from the agreement because he wants to share them with members first.
6:38 am
he says the city did offer more than their previous offer, however, which we know was a 5.5% wage increase. you did see part of the news conference live here on kpix5. here is what sunnyvale employees' association president said this morning. >> we are going back to work today, taking care of not only our families but the citizens here in sunnyvale and we can go back and do our jobs taking care of every aspect of the city. >> reporter: so again, that strike has been cancelled today. i should also note this is completely unrelated to may day, just a coincidence in the timing. reporting live in sunnyvale, sandra osborne, kpix5. >> when should we know the details of the contract? >> reporter: well, the president said he plans on speaking with members first giving them all the details before the public hears about it and he says he plans to do that online. so he's going to get out the information here in a little bit, have some time to speak with members, hopefully we should know the details by mid- morning.
6:39 am
>> sandra osborne live in sunnyvale, thank you. new information now about a shooting in san diego. we now know one victim has died. it happened at a party, a pool party in la jolla. erica mandy with cbs l.a. is live there with the latest. erica. >> reporter: that's right, michelle, police say seven people shot, one of those victims a woman, has died. it all happened just around the corner of this apartment complex in the pool area during a pool party, during a birthday party as well. i spoke with a witness who took some video on his cell phone and posted it to snapchat. take a look. he remembers seeing the gunman looking very relaxed with a gun on his lap after opening fire causing several people to be lying there on the pool deck. others were running and screaming absolute chaos. police soon arrived and say they saw the shooter reloading his large caliber handgun. officers did eventually take him out there on scene. that suspect now dead here on
6:40 am
scene. but not before he shot four women and three men. here's another witness's take on that chilling and terrifying situation yesterday evening. >> from our clubhouse we could see the pool area where the suspect was sitting drinking a beer in one hand with his gun out in the other. >> reporter: police say that gunman was 49-year-old peter celis who did live here at this apartment complex. we do expect to hear another update from police, so hopefully we will get that soon and know if this suspect knew any of his victims. michelle. >> any word on a motive? >> reporter: police have not confirmed a motive at this point. but they are indicating that they are looking into the possibility this was a racially motivated hate crime. we do know all seven gunshot victims were people of color, six african-american, one hispanic. the shooter was white. so that is a possibility and
6:41 am
some witnesses have indicated that possibly this is a racially motivated hate crime but, again, that is not confirmed. we are hoping to learn more from police. >> that was erica mandy reporting from san diego. thank you. right now a manhunt underway in maryland for an escaped prisoner, david watson has been on the run since friday. this after he overpowered a guard while being taken in for a psychiatric evaluation. he was serving a 100-year sentence for attempted murder. maryland police are hoping a $5000 reward will help lead to his capture. new this morning, an investigation from the associated press finds that there are thousands of sexual assaults reported at k through 12 schools across the country. kpix5's jessica flores is live in the newsroom with the details. jessica. >> reporter: the investigation reveals shocking data from schools across the country. the a.p. looked at high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools. the report finds that thousands of students have sexually assaulted fellow students. unlike colleges and universities, k through 12
6:42 am
schools aren't required by federal law to track sexual assaults. still 32 states do require schools to report offenses. california is one of them. california reported more than 4500 sexual assaults involving students from 2011 to 2015. nationwide schools reported 17,000 sexual assaults over the four-year period. but the a.p. investigation also finds schools are underreporting sexual assaults. some schools reported no sexual assaults, even when the offenses were documented in public records or news stories. in the newsroom, jessica flores, kpix5. >> jessica, thank you. breaking news out of france this morning where may day protests in paris have spiraled out of control. demonstrators taking to the streets to show their support for workers' rights and voicing their anger at french presidential candidate marine le pen and just a short time ago police fired tear gas at some rowdy protesters along the may day march route.
6:43 am
time now is 6:42. battling fast moving flames. next the southern california homes being threatened by a brush fire this morning. plus, san francisco based airbnb launches a new tool this week designed for business travelers. and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. quick look at the big board here. the dow is up about two points, coming up we will get an update from kcbs reporter jason brooks. ,,
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6:46 am
let's check in with k-c-b-s radio financial re ks for those stories consumer spending stalls and twitter gets a new 24 hour newschannel. >> let's check in with kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks for those stories and the rest of the day's financial news. >> reporter: good morning. americans were just not in a spending mood in the first quarter. the commerce department says that in march spending was flat for the second straight month.
6:47 am
that was backed up by the gdp report last week that showed barely a gain at all in consumer spending in the first quarter. but also part of the report for march in the congress department is that inflation pulled back from a five-year high in february. that is a key inflation gauged followed by the federal reserve, it fell below back 2% which is the fed's inflation target. that takes pressure off the federal reserve for potentially lifting interest rates again. it has been expected that the fed will raise rates one or two more times this year possibly as soon as june. twitter is trying to amp up its 24/seven live programming and it's going to get help from bloomberg. the two are going to announce a new newschannel on twitter. that bloomberg will staff using its global boroughs. there will be 24/7 live programming with a world view coming to twitter. and twitter did have 800 hours of live programming in the first quarter. that was a big jump from the prior quarter. it says it wants to have live
6:48 am
programming 24/7. shares of twitter are surging higher on that news. stock market off to a positive start this morning starting off the month of may although the dow has apparently turned negative, now lower by a couple of points. the nasdaq up 25 points and the s&p moving higher by four points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. >> uh-huh. airbnb is launching a new booking tool for business travelers, it's hoping to quadruple corporate travel business this year. the tool allows travelers to filter homes and apartments that are business travel ready. that means the host provides a desk, wi-fi, self-check-in through a doorman and amenities travelers would expect at a hotel like shampoo, a hair drier and an iron. >> yeah, makes sense. >> yeah, it does. time now, 6:48. we've got a pretty good traffic app here in the studio. jaclyn dunn, how are things looking? >> still slow for drivers making their way along 880 heading through oakland due to a fate al accident.
6:49 am
live chopper 5 over the scene of this deadly crash. two lanes remain blocked northbound 880 as you're approaching fifth street, we have also had a couple of accidents in that backup due to that accident there, so do expect delays if you're heading out the door right now, make your way on over to 580 and use that as your alternate route this morning. if you can see, chopper 5 showing that big backup. it extends i don't know the 238, beyond highway 92, it keeps crawling. so do expect major slowdowns. take it over to our drive time, thank you, live high-def doppler radar -- live chopper 5, not looking good for drivers heading on 880. carquinez bridge to the maze 35 minutes, and from the maze into downtown, 37 minute ride. that is a check of your traffic. let's get a check on the weather now, roberta. good morning, everybody. today near or record warmth and it will continue through wednesday. head outside from treasure island, take a bird's-eye view
6:50 am
of the city of san francisco and also the transamerica pyramid. look at all of that blue sky. how about another view this time around from our kpix5 studios looking out towards the bay waters where the sun officially came up at 6:13, will set tonight at 8:00 straight up and how about this view, from the bay bridge now to the golden gate bridge, visibility unlimited. you can see all the way to sausalito this morning and tiburon. temperatures right now into the 50s from santa rosa at 50 degrees to 55 now in oakland, back in through berkeley, alameda same, winds are calm around the rim of the bay right now, same along the seashore. these winds will increase later today, northwest to 30 and the highest elevations, right now fairfield at 13, mount vacca at 15. here's our weather watchers. right now bill in orinda, 50s
6:51 am
to now 63 degrees and linda says it is a little bit on the windy side. coast is clear, that is what an offshore flow looks like. we had the clouds out over the open waters, we do see that these lines here whenever you see them tied together, that is a wind, a pressure gradient. we will see that again later today. but, boy, high pressure encompassing the entire state of california. temperatures today soar into the 90s away from the water. 88 degrees sacramento, so just as hot here as it is in the central valley. if not even hotter. 68 degrees, christine in monterey bay, back in through caramel. make sure you have the sunblock today in santa cruz. low 80s back into sap tola -- capitola. our temperatures away from the water, 90 fairfield, 90 around the santa rosa area, also 90 brentwood, discovery bay,
6:52 am
orwood, byron, nearly 90 throughout the trivalley, 86 san jose, santa clara, 84 mountain view. you get the feel of it. temperatures up to 17 degrees above average for this time of the year. we will keep working this weather pattern through wednesday and then we have a shift in our wind on thursday, bringing down the temperature almost 10 degrees, it will be 10 degrees cooler than that on friday, then increasing cloud cover on sunday but computer models are bullish on any chances of rain at this time. kenny. >> thank you. right now a brush fire is threatening dozens of homes in riverside county, it erupted yesterday afternoon at a field in high grove. officials say it started around 30 acres but quickly exploded to more than 1000. air tankers, helicopters and hundreds of firefighters are on the ground trying to get it under control and at last check it was just 25% contained. time now is 6:52. late last night congressional leaders hammered out a $1 trillion budget avoiding a government shutdown later this
6:53 am
week. next with a bipartisan deal -- what the bipartisan deal includes and what it doesn't. and it is may day. that means demonstrations nationwide. the rally cries up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. "huelga" day ... that's strike day. and if you have to go to work, we're asking people not to shop. it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where civic center plaza will be filled with people this afternoon rallying for workers and immigrants' rights. unions across the country have called on a lot of their members to walk off the job today and some businesses will shut their doors. it is may day, international workers day but the rally cries have expanded to all sorts of issues of social justice and especially immigration reform. >> we are shutting down our businesses across the country. we are not going to work. it's a strike day and if you
6:57 am
have to go to work, you know we are asking people not to shop. >> reporter: longshoremen at the port of oakland say they will walk off the job today and there could be walkouts at schools as well. we are expecting rallies in san francisco, in san jose and in oakland. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix5. time is 6:57. time for your final five. >> president trump's first 100 days in office came and went without the republican controlled congress passing any major legislation. lawmakers might hold a vote this week on a revised bill that would repeal and replace obamacare. this comes after congressional leaders reached a tentative budget deal late last night to keep the government running through september. the city of sunnyvale reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for city workers averting a strike scheduled to begin today. workers had been at the negotiating table for two years without a contract. police have now identified the man suspected of shooting eight people near uc san diego. police say 49-year-old peter
6:58 am
celis opened fire at a birthday party in the pool area of an apartment complex yesterday. and a massive and deadly weather system swept across the south and midwest over the weekend. tornados striking several small towns in eastern texas, killing at least four people. back in california, this morning the final sierra snowpack survey of the season will be taken. this is a live look now. look how beautiful it is out there. record breaking numbers are expected. according to electronic sensors, the snowpack is nearly double what it normally is. e for weather!! pause for weather!! chopper 5 remains over the scene of this deadly accident, along northbound 880 as you're approaching fifth avenue and that backup continues to stretch. two lanes open, two lanes closed and traffic backs up beyond 98 so if you are heading that direction, do yourself a favor, head on over to 580 and use that as your alternate route because 880 is close to or just a little over an hour and a half ride, 580, 42 minute
6:59 am
ride. and the east shore freeway, bay bridge toll plaza jam packed heading into san francisco. i need your best arghh, give me a pirate's argh. one more shoutout to pirates laird in isleton. 800 people there. they watch us. they say good morning. we go from the delta now over towards the ocean where the coast is clear, temperature wise into the 50s, get a good look at that blue sky because that's what you will see today. temperature from 70 at rockaway beach to nearly 80 around san francisco including the mission district. mid-80s peninsula, look at all of those 80s and 90s. santa rosa 90s for the first time this year. repeat performance tuesday, wednesday, bring it back 10 degrees down on thursday and another cooling on friday. >> i need to sneeze. >> do it. that's the way to say goodbye.
7:00 am
>> have a wonderful day.'s mondait. welcowelcome tp welcome wef 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we'll take you through the executive mansion where history has been made for more than 200 years. >> john dickerson spends the day in the white house and on the road with president trump. we'll talk to white house ders including chief of ce priebus. press secretary sean spicer. and chief economic adviser gary cohn. >> take a look at this view. very few people get to see it from the blue room balcony at the white house. we are thrilled to bring ito


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