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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 1, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hear. definitely unprecedented for this neighborhood. >> reporter: this is of course a very active fresh investigation as far as police go. they caught up -- they talked with us within the hour just a couple minutes ago. here's the latest from them. >> being the driver of the vehicle is definitely secondary at this point. obviously the victim was a homicide and that's what we're focused on. if that's part of the situation that led to this incident, then we're certainly going to figure that out. >> reporter: the shooting happened around noon today. the area has been since cleaned up, just about an hour or so ago since police cleaned up the area. but they did shut down several intersections while the investigation was going on. it has now been opened to the public. a major development in a high-profile murder trial in the south bay. closing arguments are set for
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tomorrow in the sierra lamar case. both the prosecution and the defense rested their cases today. torres has been on trial for the last 4 months. he's accused of kidnapping and killing lamar even though the 15 year old's body has never been found. he could face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. . a warning from the sierra. check out the unique bird's eye view from sky drone 5. you can see there's a lot of snow out on the mountains and now comes the thaw. the numbers from the final snow survey of the season. emily. >> reporter: the numbers are great. and you know with everything, that's a double edged sword. on one hand, we really need that water. but on the other hand, we need the water to melt slowly or we're have flooding down
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stream. it's the last amendment of the year. and the final snow pack survey promises good things for california's drought. >> 2016, 2017, really good years in terms of the snow pack compares favorably with 2005 and 2011. >> reporter: in the northern sierra, the snow pack is at 190% of its historical average. it was the wettest winter on record and will make for a soggy spring. we're already starting to see run off from this year's snow pack. the american river is normal, but there are several rivers around the state that are expected to hit flood levels as early as this week. flooding is predicted as early as this week in yosemite as the merced river swells with snow melt. as long as the heat is slow and
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the snow is stubborn, summer will prove to be very green. >> not unexpected. it's may 1. sunshine in the sky, so we're gaining a lot of solar energy and you can see the snow is -- got a fair amount of dirt on it, which means it absorbs even more energy. >> reporter: so the northern sierra doesn't have as much snow as the southern sierra. the southern sierra is actually better. all of those reservoirs according to the department of water resources are full at the moment. they're keeping a close eye on how that melts to make sure there's no flooding and also there's no waste. >> emily, we see the mountain behind you, the north-facing slope still has a lot of snow on it. is there any skiing going on in the area still? >> reporter: there is skiing going on. most of the resorts are closed. but if you just can't let go of
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winter quite yet, i know jaw and alpine meadows are open still and the skiing is pretty good. >> thank you emily. around the bay area, blue skies. one of the warmest days in almost 6 mobs. paul takes a look at how long it's going to last in a few minutes. this rally at san francisco's justin herman plaza one of many held across the country demanding better pay and working conditions. chopper 5 above another may day rally this. happening right now in oakland. thousands of people marching along international boulevard. this group takes up at least three blocks. at an earlier oakland may day rally, 4 people were arrested for blocking the entrance to the alameda county administration building. hundreds also took part in may day marchs in san francisco
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today. kpix 5's anne makovec with the crowds that flood the financial district. >> reporter: huge crowds gathered here at justin herman plaza and civic center to demonstrate for a myriad of issues including race, equality and workers' laws. san francisco's demonstration started at 8:00 this morning in the financial district, a group of 200 people taking over the intersection of samsung and washington. protestors linked arms to block a driveway to protest an increase in deportation under the trump administration. two main themes as demonstrators moved through the downtown streets this morning: workers' rights and immigration policy. >> for the first time, i see so many people getting up and waking up finally and saying something's wrong. >> reporter: roberto hernandez kept his son home from school today to honor the call for
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immigrant and social justice groups. and the people behind this gathering say they are better organized than ever and will continue to work with other social justice groups to keep the heat on the current administration. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. that was san francisco. this was the scene in san jose. a silicon valley coalition of immigration rights groups and various unions held an afternoon rally at the mexican heritage plaza. and some students in san jose holding their own version of may day. today, parents and their children held a march and dance performance at cesar chavez elementary school. airbnb and the city of san francisco just signed a deal. the two sides had fought over
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whether airbnb should be fined every time a property owner offers a short term rental without registering with the city. now owners will have to register, but they can do that right on airbnb's website. and the company must give the city a monthly list of all rentals. other bay area headlines, a strike has been averted in sunnyvale. the city and its employee association has reached a tentative agreement. terms of the agreement have not yet been released. a tractor trailer's cab was engulfed in flames this afternoon on an east bay freeway. blocked all but one lane on 580 westbound on eden canyon road. the big back up as cars squeeze by in the left lane. a second lane has opened while the clean up continues. two people were killed including a child in a crash
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this morning on interstate 880 in oakland. the chp says the driver of a bmw drifted off the road and hit a disabled truck that was parked on the shoulder. the car then hit another truck when it bounced back on to the roadway. three other people in the bmw were taken to the hospital. chp says the child did not appear to be properly restrained in a car seat. chaos and panic at the university of texas at austin. a college student is in custody after a deadly stabbing spree on campus. one student was killed and three others were wounded in a rampage this afternoon. kendrix white was arrested. he was armed with a hunting knife. police are still investigating a possible motive. we're learning the reason why a man shot 7 people at an apartment complex near uc san
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diego. peter seles was distraught over a break up with his girlfriend. he then opened fire at a random birthday party in the pool area yesterday. officers then killed seles. he pointed his gun at him. one woman died from her injuries. . hackers targeted bay area netflix and demanded a ransom. the security breach involves one of the hottest tv shows. >> reporter: isn't commenting on the hack attack involving orange and the new black. although netflix did stand firm against the hacker group, refusing to pay a ransom for 10 stolen episodes. the episodes were then leaked online. >> copyrighted material. >> reporter: kpix security analyst says it's a complex
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case for the fbi which is trying to track down the hackers. >> it's not just the internet crime, they're attempting to export money. >> reporter: netflix early early said the security breach happened to one of its production partner companies. >> they're going to start making sure when they meet with a vendor, that vendor meets their certification standards for all security protocols. >> reporter: orange is the new black is a prison series known for its dark humor. melissa says it would be more fun for her to wait. >> we're all used to talking about it on twitter and snapchat, oh, my god, we're watching it. and everyone gets hyped being able to watch it at the same time. >> reporter: its stock finished 3 points up today, new episodes
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officially being released on june 9th. another fox executive is out. the network's copresident, bill shine has resigned . shine was promoted after roger ayl es was forced out. . still ahead, these horses were found alone in a bay area park. the work now to try to find their owner and get them home. >> plus turbulence so bad that passengers have broken bones and head injuries. new video of the chaos on board this international flight. >> and don't mess with mom. see what happens when a pod of killer whales come after this gray whale and her calf. ,,,,
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a shelter in martinez.. after lanes of highway 17 are closed in santa clara county... the problem: a grass fire just nort traffic alert in the south bay. three southbound lanes of highway 17 are closed in santa clara county right now. the problem is a grass fire. those lanes will be closed until at least 6:00 p.m. we'll keep you updated. new at 5:00, three horses are recovering at a shelter in martinez after being rescued by animal control. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich on the effort to track down their owner. >> reporter: those three horses are recovering inside that barn behind me at the shelter. it's two mares and a golding. and the shelter has its own theory why they were roaming around. these three horses are pretty friendly, which means they
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likely belong to somebody. how did they end up roaming around mount diablo state park? >> due to the weather we've been having and an impact to the fence line, something like that. >> reporter: when the horses were brought here to the shelter, veterinarians immediately checked them out. you can see there's already a bandage on that back leg. this horse was treated for a wound. the contra costa county animal shelter has been getting a lot of calls about loose live stock. >> when we're talking about horses or live stock, tell shut down a whole highway. we respond quickly to these. >> reporter: you may recall these horses roaming the fast lane on 680 in march during the commute hours. the shelter responds to live stock calls as quickly as possible. >> there was a bull on the highway 4 corridor that's its land is right up against where
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the highway is, it actually got out and caused an 8-car pile up. >> reporter: these horses aren't microchipped but have certain markings on them that only their owner might know. these horses are in good care right now. anyone with information about these horses or if the owners are spotting their horses on the news program, contact the animal county shelter to get more information or to get them back. >> they are beautiful animals. thank you. pretty incredible video just into our news room. a drone overhead as a mother gray whale fends off a pod of orcas, killer whales, to protect her calf. this was yesterday in monterey bay. at some point, the mother holds the baby on her back to deflect the attack. this was taken by a whale- watching group. they say they have seen 6 orca
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attacks in recent weeks. scary video from aboard a jet. the plane hit clear air turbulence. dozens of people suffered broken bones and injuries. the galley area was covered in food and debris. there was even blood smeared on the overhead baggage bin. it was coming from moscow and about to land in bangkok. the people hurt were not wearing their seat belts. new poll shows damage to united airlines' image after a passenger was violented removed from a plane last month. the negative numbers are up 500% since last year. unite's c.e.o. is due to testify on capitol hill tomorrow. white house and republicans in the house are counting votes
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again. reporter meg oliver says they may be ready to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: make good on president trump's campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we're convinced we've got the votes. >> reporter: the current bill does not guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions, despite the president's assurances. >> what the gop bill does is will basically will turn insurance companies loose to discriminate against people who have pre-existing health conditions. >> reporter: lawmakers could vote as early as wednesday on a one trillion dollar spending bill. >> the bill increases money for border security, but won't pay for a border wall. it also keeps funding for planned parenthood.
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it prouds $15 million for the military, but that's only half as much as the president wanted. it's a bipartisan win for the american people. >> the american people can beern couraged that washington is working again. >> reporter: he is also working to roll back regulations in the banking industry. the white house expects to have a tax reform plan by the end of the year. the white house says it is up to speaker paul ryan to decide when to bring the healthcare bill to the floor for a full vote. a successful and spectacular lift off for spacex as it carried a top secret spy satellite into space. >> 3, 2, 1, zero. lift off. >> clouds gathered to watch the falcon 9 rocket take to the skies today from kennedy space center in florida. what's on board is surrounded
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by secrecy. it is spacex's first launch with the national reconnaissance office. some of you were about to complain about how hot it was outside. coming up, how long parts of the bay area stay in the 90s and when we transition back to the 60s. that's coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it's a case shining the spotlight on the silicon valley justice system. a wife allegedly beaten for years by her tech executive husband. her powerful statement against the plea deal she calls too lenient. >> first, the markets closed mixed today. a record high for the nasdaq and here's a look at the numbers for wall street. ,,
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cbs evening news yeah, got a little toasty out there today. 90s away from the water, even as we approach 5:30, we are close to 90 degrees in a big chunk of the bay area.
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concord 88. livermore 87. our proximity to water has cooled you off. 80 to san francisco. 78 degrees at sfo. 84 degrees today, that is the warmest day out of the past 206 days. october 6th of last year, the last time we were this warm and you will likely be warmer tomorrow. we'll stay in the 60s for fairfield. 58 for san jose. santa rosa, 54. a mild night in san francisco, fifty seven degrees. this time of year, it is all about the wind direction. a north wind, an off-shore wind will continue tomorrow and that can get us out. the wind is coming from land, not from the ocean. concord, even martinez, you will stay in the 90s tomorrow because the wind direction is eliminating the ocean
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influence. our ridge of high pressure is getting closer. it will make its closest pass over the next two days. it's a strong ridge, it's close, but it's not staying here forever. we talked last week about it being here at least a week. this is how long it's going to last. no ridge of high pressure on friday, instead a pretty broad area of lower pressure diving down from alaska. this will return the on-shore flow. some models are saying we will see rain showers from this. we don't believe there will be rain showers. 51 degrees is the ocean temperature about 40 miles off shore of san francisco. when that ocean breeze comes back, it's going to get chilly in a hurry. not tomorrow or wednesday. we stay warm to hot. everybody is up to 20 degrees cooler by the end of the week. the weekend will have a tiny rain chance. the bigger legacy will be the
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temperature drop. hot tomorrow, 93 in livermore. 82 degrees in san francisco. but watch the change. it's near the water on thursday, much cooler. everybody is cooler and cloudier on friday. and saturday and sunday, nobody even hits 70 degrees. we will get cooler soon. we'll be right back. ,,,, when denny's adds melty gouda cheese to a 100% beef burger a certain amount of classiness is to be expected. woah, okay. not that much. the all new bacon gouda burger from denny's. it's classy.
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scott pelley is here with a preview. :12 "hi ken and liz. up next... [take vonumber:550a] president trump opens the ...and question the cbs evening news is up next. >> scott pelley up with a preview. >> up next, president trump opens the door to meeting the
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north korean dictator kim jong un. and mr. trump questioned the origins of the american civil war. >> have any u.s. schools made any progress on bullying? we'll show you a program that let her graduate from college before she graduated from high school. those stories coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> kind of a neat trick. the british royals are celebrated princess charlottes birthday. >> they released a new photo of the toddler. this picture was taken by duchess kate at their home in england. the royal family is sharing it to celebrate charlotte's second birthday, which is tomorrow. her brother prince george will turn 4 in july. >> she looks like her brother, but a lot like dad. >> al and veronica are back in
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30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a meeting with north korea's dictator. president trump says he'd be honored to do it. >> obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. >> pelley: also tonight, don't know much about hickory. mr. trump on his hero andrew jackson and the civil war. >> he was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the civil war. >> pelley: which broke out 16 years after jackson died. >> oh, my gosh. >> pelley: tornadoes and flooding in the heartland leave more than a dozen dead. >> that first initial hit was the loudest thing i've ever heard. >> pelley: and two degrees of separation. >> reporter: so when do you graduate from college?


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