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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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inappropriately. but it wasn't until the "mercury news" asked questions that san jose put him on leave. the santa clara county d.a. looked into how san jose state handled the investigation, specifically whether two administrators lied. a former dean and associate dean allegedly told a university investigator they knew of no other formal or informal complaints against the professor. but there was another case against him a 2014 anonymous complaint. the word anonymous is key because chin and mcvay said there weren't any formal or informal complaints. in other words, they didn't technically lie since according to san jose state, an anonymous complaint is not the same. kpixobtained this email from a deputy district attorney who explains to a whistle-blower why the investigation went nowhere:
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and what's more, that prosecutor went on to say in his email that his investigation was hampered because of a lawyer at the university who objected to witnesses being recorded. he said in his 23-year career, he had never heard of an attorney objecting to that. by the way, aptikar is on paid leave which means he is not teaching here at the university but he is still getting paid. veronica? >> all right. maria, i do understand that you were able to reach out to the university for comment here. what did they have to say? >> reporter: so a spokesman initially said she would do an interview and then a few minutes later she said they were not going to do an interview because that 2014 case against aptikar is still ongoing. she did admit that this was the not the best moment in history for the university and that they have learned from this and they have made a few changes. back to you.
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>> thank you. kpix 5's maria medina, live in san jose, state, maria, we appreciate it, thank you ... a development involving legalized pot and an effort to ban growing it. the santa rosa city council is meeting tonight on an emergency measure banning outdoor cultivation even for medical use. city leaders say the measure is the result of complaints with the smell and concerns over security. the city sped up the timetable because of proposition 64. that's been push back from the community because of smell, sight and security and those were brought up for discussion. the other thing we found with the passage of prop 64 it adds the ability for anybody to grow up to 6 plants. >> opponents of the back say it would force users to buy more expensive commercial products. if passed tonight, the law would go into effect immediately and last 45 days. a green light for san francisco
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cyclists. the sfmta voting today to add protected bike lanes on upper market street after disturbing numbers reveal 70% of the city's serious and fatal traffic injuries happen only on 12% of city streets. new at 6:00 oakland's experiment for a city sanctioned homeless camp is up in flames literally. earlier today an area was cleaned up after a fire broke out last night. juliette goodrich reports from the 580 overpass in west oakland. >> reporter: this is a huge setback for the people who live here and, in fact, behind me would be tents but those have been burned from the fire. its' setback to residents and county and city leaders who spent months turning the area into a homeless shelter to help residents back on their feet. now they are back to square one. >> reporter: this city sanctioned homeless shelter under the highway overpass at the mercy of a destructive
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fire. spoke could be seen for miles. this woman called the shelter home the last six months saying she doesn't know where she will go now after the fire. >> i'm still here. you know? i'm 62 years old and it's driving me crazy. >> reporter: 12 tents destroyed and other important necessities gone. while there were no reported injuries, more than a dozen people lost all they had and are displaced again. >> i lost everything. we lost everything. it's the second time. and they are putting us out friday. so i don't know what we gonna do. >> reporter: we highlighted this area last october when it was turned into a homeless shelter with barriers, toilets and washrooms with resources and programs. it was called one of oakland's compassionate communities but last night's fire melted the washrooms and toilets making them unusable. today work crews were busy cleaning up the burned debris and other garbage from city
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sidewalks and streets. as if fire wasn't bad enough, to these homeless people who have been living here, now there's a vacate sign a notice to vacate this illegal encampment. it was posted today and said, public works will be out to clean this site on friday. a little sign of comfort today though. oakland residents dropping comforters and blankets to those who lost everything to fire. >> i mean, they don't know how they gonna get they stuff out here. no cars, you know, so -- not a good situation. but at least while we're here we can bring 'em some food and blankets stuff like that. >> reporter: the city has been reluctant to enforce safety rules because people have nowhere to go when it comes to open fires for cooking and that sort of thing. but they will be out on friday. it's because of safety issues. he cause is under investigation. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. under an overpass in san
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jose, red tape is around a chain-link fence where police found a man's body under highway 87 near willow street. investigators say no sign of foul play. the man may have been homeless. a grocery cart and other items were found near the scene. a mother admits to stabbing another woman after a car crash in san francisco. it happened this morning near sheridan elementary school in san francisco's oceanview neighborhood. kpix 5's jackie ward on why the mother says she is making no apologies. >> reporter: 34-year-old lizett says another driver didn't yield when she should have and ended up swiping the side view mirror of her car before they even pulled out of the intersection, she says she and the other driver a 41-year-old woman started arguing. >> and she just started cussing and yelling and i'm literally had me behind my car, my child was in there i'm, like, i will defend myself if you don't back up. i'll giving your forewarning because when do you something like that you have to give them warning, she -- i had my 4-year-
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old child in the car. she didn't lins. so i had to defend myself with a little knife. >> reporter: she said it looked like the woman was going to hit her and that's when she decided to act. >> if you are little people will try to intimidate you. you have to help people and no one wants to act like an adult and, you know, aggressive and showing that you're bad is, you know, the latest trend. and it's really not. mothers will defend their children with their life. of course, i'm sorry that this happened. but i hope that she learns, don't treat people that way. you know? don't bully or intimidate people because you never know who you're messing with. >> reporter: after being questioned on the scene, neither woman was arrested or charged. the victim is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. east bay cyclists can enjoy more scenic weekday rides. kpix 5's jessica flores went to yerba buena island to show us where cyclists can now ride
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every day of the week. >> reporter: the 2.2-mile bay bridge bike path ends here vista point. it's a recreational facility that gives you sweeping views of the bay looking east. new bike racks benches bathrooms and breathtaking views is what will now greet cyclists and pedestrians at the end of the bay bridge bike path at yerba buena island. oakland mayor libby schaaf rode from the east bay marking the opening of the path 7 days a week. >> fascinating to see all the bridge traffic, the seagulls. this is a fabulous way to get around. >> reporter: mayor schaaf, supervisor jane kim and transportation officials cut the ribbons for vista point. the facility years in the making. the bay bridge bike path was completed in october. but only open on weekends. now with the new landing spot, it will be open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. >> it's about creating places here, place making for folks to enjoy, as well as sustainable infrastructure and transportation. >> reporter: the path stops short of treasure island.
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but plans are already in the works to extend the path in 2019. and plans don't stop there. >> it's a dream for the bike path. >> the dream for the bike spat to go ahead and connect it to the western span and bring a new western span bike path into san francisco. >> reporter: the vision a bike path to san francisco may be years away. but this vision at the halfway point will have to do for now. vista point costs $2 million. it's paid in part by the san francisco county transportation authority and bay area toll authority. reporting on yerba buena island, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the university of california president grilled at the state capital. how she is answering to claims that the uc system was keeping a hidden slush fund while raising tuition. >> bay area drivers are usually asked to carpool but now there's some new advice. change your diet. >> it is sunny and hot in the east bay hives 92 to 94 degrees
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-- highs of 92 to 94 degrees. once we get chilly how long does that stick around? the forecast is coming up live from san ramon next. janet ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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classrooms.. and in this view from skydrone 5.. you can see why. two roads leading hundreds of students in aptos waiting to return to their classrooms. in this view from "skydrone5" you can see why.
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two roads leading to an elementary schools are in bad shape because of recent storms. one is collapsing. a landslide is blocking another. kpix 5's devin fehely on when the school plans to re-open. >> reporter: valencia elementary school has become a ghost town. its classrooms are empty, its playground deserted. and the children who once went to school here are gone, scattered. it is part of the long and lingering aftermath of this winter's wet weather. >> we have two washouts above here and if you bring in a school bus, you have the potential if the road fails to lose the bus down a ravine. >> reporter: two mudslides have damaged the road to the school and that's before you get to this, the collapsed crumbling road near the entrance to the elementary. valencia road fell after a culvert caved in causing the road above it to collapse. and for people living nearby, what was once a short trip into town is now a long detour. >> you know, i used to be able to walk to the post office to
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pick up my mail. it's three-quarters of a mile. i don't do that anymore. >> reporter: but the greatest impact has been to the students of valencia who are being bussed to three different campuses depending on their year in school. >> it's disruptive for the parents who may have their children out two or three different sites because the little kids are at one school, the middle kids are at the high school, and the older kids are at cabrillo college. >> reporter: the school district hopes to re-open in the fall in time for the new school year. but only if the storm damage and roads have been repaired. in aptos, devin fehely, kpix 5. the people of petaluma will once again hear the train horns. [ bells and horn ] >> oh, yes. engineers on the sonoma-marin area rail transit authority or smart trains began sounding their horns again today. the city implemented a quiet zone at crossings 11 days ago
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but the rail authority said it would be putting safety at risk. federal authorities ordered engineers resume the horn sounding. a live look over a toasty bay area skyline. rising temperatures prompting the first "spare the air" day for tomorrow. but leaving the car at home isn't only way air quality managers want us to help. kpix 5's kiet do says they would also like us to change our diets. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district has a clean air plan that has 85 points in it that's trying to get us carbon-free by 2050. they are going to focus on the big things like pollution at plants and carpooling. but they are also going to focus on the less obvious things like eating less meat? >> we're not saying that everybody has to become a vegetarian. but we want to start the conversation about maybe going vegetarian one night a week. and what that might do region wide to reducing our carbon
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footprint. >> reporter: the district says meat production is hard on the planet. think of all the feed and water that has to be trucked in. the cows that have to be moved, the energy it takes to slaughter and process the cattle not to mention the methane in the manure. the district knows the push to go meatless is new territory and a sensitive topic for many. what do you say to critics who say you're an air quality management district, how dare you tell me what i should eat? >> we would never tell people what they should eat. we can give people information and say, you know, um, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and if you, you know, want to help reduce your impact on global warming, this is one way you can do it. >> this is what we're protecting ... >> reporter: to help sell the plan they have put out an ad showing the choices consumers can make besides just meat. the district says if we can't pull it off here in the bay area then who can? >> i can do it because i have done it before. i just, you know, for those who have grown up with meat and
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potatoes, i don't see that being an easy task. >> so no regulations or laws have been passed but the district is devoting $4.5 million to try to work in partnerships over the next couple of years. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. we're all going vegan. >> there was no sizzle to that -- that steak. >> no. >> paul deanno in san ramon where it's toasty out there. >> hey, paul. there's hot and then there's july hot. we are san ramon and dublin in the tri-valley and san ramon valley will go up to 108 but compared to all the cold and the cloudy and the wet that we had for half a year, it's kind of toasty outside today with high of 92. in the hills it's green. quickly browning up but what a gorgeous view from the san ramon community park where today we made it to the 90s for a second straight day. as did napa. you are the hot spot for a second straight day. 94 degrees in napa. that chardonnay is cooking
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today. concord 91. >> we'll see a change because of this ridge of high pressure that's finally moving but one more day it stays close, strong, it stays just off to our west. so another hot one away from the water coming up tomorrow. 3 futurecast will show the santa clara valley into the 80s in san jose by lunchtime tomorrow. stay there for the balance of the afternoon and evening. and likely top out right around 89 degrees. these are your highs tomorrow.
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san francisco comfortable with a high of 75. san rafael tomorrow 87. hot in napa 91 and 93 in livermore and hot in oakland 83. temperatures going down as the onshore flow returns on thursday. friday much cooler. the hills around san ramon and dublin and the tri-valley are looking gorgeous because this is the transition period. everything is going to be browning up soon. but right now, we still have all the green from the wet winter and now we have the weather of a beautiful spring so the confluence of the two making for a nice tuesday evening. back to you. >> thank you. a bit of a weighty issue in one bay area city. should people be able to keep miniature pigs as pets? the fears the cute animals could become too hard to control! >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. it's been 10 years since the
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utah jazz beat the golden state warriors in the play-offs. golden state hoping tonight is payback in game one. that story straight ahead. ,,,,,,
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welcome back to oracle arena. the warriors and the utah jazz in game one golden state warming up, 10 years since the we believe team that took the nba and the bay area by storm. they lost to the jazz after upsetting dallas in round one but the legacy of that team is not lost on steph curry. >> it means a little more to me because i was one of the only ones the -- only one to wear that same uniform when i first got here. that's what everybody talked about was, you know, can y'all do what the we believe team did and to honor them during the play-offs another play-off run. coincidentally against the jazz. we'll hopefully give them some
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-- rectify that situation that they went through. >> reporter: 10 years later, the roles are drastically reversed. the jazz this time on the heavy underdog. they beat the clippers in round one to get to this, the second round for the first time in many years. >> i don't mind that we're young or we're green or -- i just want us to be good and it's hard to be good against the warriors but that's what we're up against. >> reporter: the jazz have less than 48 hours to prepare for the warriors but he seems to have a good idea what they are up against. >> the most dangerous part you is can't choose. the most dangerous part, there's so many of them. >> reporter: utah showed in the first round that they have plenty of dangerous parts themselves to surround all star forward gordon hayward. >> there's teams in this league where you stop this one guy you win the game. >> right. exactly. >> they're not that team. >> reporter: while the warriors were the highest scoring team in the league, utah was 28th finding it easier to stay in tune with the smooth jazz over
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the cool jazz. >> playing slow doesn't necessarily ring attractive. we don't associate slow with good things. someone calls you slow, you don't say thank you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the other western conference the rockets beat the spurs. popovich in the postgame press conference. [ pause ] >> too late to go anywhere. [ laughter ] >> there's nothing for except to get the take on what happened. >> we lost. and they won. and they played better. >> greg, they had a lot of open threes. >> he was just kidding about more questions. [ laughter ] >> no, go ahead. i got nothing to do. just make sure the --
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>> reporter: that's gregg popovich. curry is about to do his bit, he shoots just before he goes to the locker room and he will take a shot and he keeps -- oh, he is going -- oh!! oh. didn't make it. okay. guys, back to you. jazz and warriors game one tonight. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, tough questions for the university of california president. leaders accused of hiding millions in reserves while hiking student tuition. what janet napolitano admitted at the state capital this evening. >> just when you think a fight on a flight is over the punches keep coming. >> there's heckling and then this, red sox fans shouting racist insults at a black player. he said ejecting them isn't enough.
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sacram state lawmakers demanding answers about a scathing audit that revealed millions of budget dollars hidden the president of the uc system called on the carpet in sacramento. state lawmakers demanding answers about a scathing audit that reveals millions of budget dollars hidden away while
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students were forced to pay more money. janet napolitano's office accused of stashing state money in a secret fundraising tuition and paying administrators huge salaries! kpix 5's melissa caen was in sacramento for the president's testimony. melissa? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. the office of the president is sort of the headquarters of the uc system. it provides i.t. support, human resources support. it even sort of deals with all of the university's pension funds. but since 2012, the budget for that office has increased $100 million. and that got the attention of some folks here at the capital. and they demanded an audit. today, we heard from the state auditor and the president. >> my 17 years as state auditor we have never had a situation like this. >> reporter: the state auditor says auditing the uc office of the president was unprecedented. the auditor found that the office did not disclose $175
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million in reserves it has socked away that it's paying exorbitant salaries to employees and benefits. >> i am sorry. >> reporter: janet napolitano apologized for her office's meddling in the audit and promised to change the way finances are handled. >> the auditor made 33 recommendations and we have agreed to implement all of them. >> reporter: san francisco assemblyman phil ting was one of the assembly members who asked for the audit. he still is skeptical we have. >> we want to make sure they actually implement the recommendations. there was a previous audit in 2006 and the recommendations were supposed to be implemented. i don't think any of them were. maybe there was one or two that were. so we want to make sure there's real follow-through not just words, that there's actions. >> reporter: now, the way the office is funded, basically even of the uc campuses sends money to the office each year.
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one of the things that the legislature could do here is eliminate that system and say, okay, office of the president, every year you have to come to us in the legislature and lobby your funding giving the legislature more oversight. >> $175 million definitely very significant. was there any talk of criminal charges at today's hearing? >> reporter: i have to say i was surprised. there was a number of members of the assembly asked, is this criminal? can we bring criminal charges? the state auditor said look, i'm not a lawyer. i can't tell you about that. but right before the hearing started, a letter was sent and this is an effort spearheaded by catherine baker from the east bay, this letter was sent to the speaker of the assembly and it demands a subpoena of a raft of documents and information from the office of the president and the purpose
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is to, quote, gauge whether or not criminal activity has taken place. so not the last we'll hear on this. >> thank you, melissa caen in sacramento. melissa, we appreciate it, thank you ... the university of california is going to be on the hook for some hefty overtime costs related to last week's protests in berkeley over ann coulter's planned appearance. several law enforcement agencies were on hand thursday to assist with demonstrations over the cancellation of coulter's speech. it cost nearly half a million dollars in overtime. the alameda county sheriff's department says its cost is about $80,000 and it signed a contract stating the agency would be reimbursed. the demonstrations were peaceful and there were only a few arrest. president trump is threatening a government shutdown next fall to fix the mess in congress. as meg oliver reports, the president is frustrated that democrats are declaring victory over the budgeter deal. >> the president actually cut a tremendous deal for the american people. >> reporter: the white house calls it a good deal but
6:33 pm
president trump is frustrated about the compromises he had to make to get the 60 votes needed to pass the spending bill in the senate. tuesday, he tweeted, our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix mess. >> that's not the way to govern. that's not the way to come up with bipartisan compromise. that's not the way to run america. >> reporter: democrats are claiming victory after blocking funding for the president's proposed wall as well as cuts to planned parenthood. on the other side of the hill president trump is personally lobbying house republicans to get behind the latest changes to the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we are excited about this policy. we are making very good progress with our members and our president has been instrumental in that. >> reporter: a new amendment allowing states to opt out of protections for people with pre- existing conditions has won support from conservatives. >> they get insured like everyone else. it's just that their expenses get paid out of a different bucket and that allows them to
6:34 pm
have coverage without driving premiums up. >> reporter: but moderates say that would allow insurance companies to raise rates on people who need insurance the most. >> i can't help think if they took it forward now they would end up having the votes they need. >> reporter: cbs news confirmed 20 house republicans oppose the bill as it is now with more undecided. three more no votes would kill the bill. meg oliver, cbs news, capitol hill. >> president trump and russian president vladimir putin discussed the crisis in syria today during a phone call. the white house says both leaders agreed the suffering in syria has to stop. the two are now saying they want to step up u.s.-russian diplomatic efforts. they hope to bring about a cease-fire. the white house says the call was a very good one. former secretary of state hillary clinton taking personal responsibility for her loss last year in the election but also blames fbi director james comey and alleged russian
6:35 pm
interference. >> i take full personal responsibility. i was the candidate but i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who may have voted for me but got scared off. the election had been on october 27th i might be your president. >> clinton made the comments at a woman for women conference in new york today and added misogyny played a role in her loss because it remains a part of the landscape. clinton said she would be speaking more about misogyny in her new book expected out in the fall. a vicious brawl on a plane. two men pummel each other as a flight attendant desperately tries to break it up. >> a german shepherd with an important skill stolen from his owner. the search to bring him home. ,,
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is ,,,,,,
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hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. bound flight slug it out before takeoff from tokyo... it's just the latest bad behavior caught on video aboard two passengers aboard an
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l.a.-bound flight slug it out before take off from tokyo. randy paige talked to a terrifying incident who said this incident started with a threat. >> reporter: passengers say the man in the red shirt instigated the fight. after throwing a few punches, the two were separated, 30 seconds later he was back. [ yelling and cursing ] >> it was absolutely frightening. >> reporter: the woman on the left whose name is kumi was traveling had her mother and 1- year-old son -- traveling with her mother and one-year-old son a few feet away. we spoke to her by telephone from her home in orange county. >> it was frightening not only because of the situation but because i have my son with me. and i, you know, obviously felt the need to protect him and that was probably the scariest part. >> reporter: here's a closer look. kumi says moments before the fight, the man in the red shirt
6:39 pm
was ranting about a government conspiracy. i'm going to vegas to kill someone to uncover it and don't you want to know about it? that's when he starts yelling at the guy behind him like what are you looking at? >> reporter: she didn't get a chance to thank the man who stood up to the violent passenger and she said the flight attendant was also heroic. >> that brave flight attendant there, she put herself between the two people and that's not easy. >> reporter: moments later, security officers were called and the man was taken into custody in tokyo. the identity of that violent person hasn't been released but it was a drunk 44-year-old america and he attacked an airline employee when he was taken off the plane scratching and choking him. he is being detained in tokyo. we are learning more about the 15-year-old boy murdered while driving through san
6:40 pm
francisco's sunset neighborhood. police say raijon jackson was driving on sunset boulevard near kirkham street yesterday when a gunman in another car sprayed his car with bullets. the 15-year-old was a dropout from jefferson high in daly city from last fall. police have not released any information about the killer who is still on the loose. a baseball game turns into an ugly display of racism. fans thrown out after taunting a black player. his call for punishment. >> the sun is getting low in san ramon but temperatures still into the 80s. it's our first heat wave, if you also of 2017. how long does the heat last and wait until you see how chilly we'll get soon. your forecast is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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boston has a lot of people talking today.. not because of foul balls.. but e of foul lang a major league baseball game in boston has a lot of people talking today. not because of foul balls but because of foul language. red sox fans hurled racist taunts at orioles centerfielder adam jones last night. jeff nguyen is getting reaction from the fans at the giants- dodgers game in los angeles. >> reporter: 70 years after hall of famer jackie robinson
6:44 pm
broke the color barrier by donning dodger blue, race in major league baseball is being discussed again. this time, it went over the line. for baltimore oriole adam jones. [ indiscernible ] >> i heard the "n" word. >> reporter: he said he was heckled last night in fenway park in boston bay fans who hurled a racial slur at him. >> jones coming hard and he will make the play. >> reporter: this all comes weeks after the dodgers unveiled a statue of robinson at chavez ravine. fans at tonight's dodgers game say -- as a fan and as a dad i think overall we shouldn't use that word as human beings. it's demoralizing as a human being, you know? it's wrong. >> it's immature. i'm all for, like, teasing and getting into the players' heads but that's not okay. >> reporter: the boston red sox have apologized to jones for the taunting. management says 34 fans were ejected. jones did not report what
6:45 pm
happened until after the game. >> it's hard to look at someone when you're focused on potential ball being hit in your direction. >> reporter: during the game, jones appeared clearly annoyed. but the five-time all star stayed focused and put on an impressive show. >> jones trying to cover, makes an outstanding play. >> reporter: to help his team beat boston. >> i thought we moved past that a long time ago. but it's unfortunate that i had to be involved with it. >> jeff nguyen reporting from l.a. now, bay area-based apple released its latest quarterly earnings report. revenues were down short of the estimate. apple reported 52.$9 billion but expectations were closer to $533.02 billion. the company also sold fewer iphones than expected. shares are down 2% after hours. one of apples's biggest rivals is now getting into the self-driving car business.
6:46 pm
samsung has just received approval to test an autonomous vehicle on public roads in south korea. they are in competition with "waymo," uber and apple testing self-driving cars on public roads. a santa rosa pest store is boarded up after a man suspected of driving while high crashed through the front window. santa rosa police arrested the driver who they says may have been high on marijuana. he lost control of his car and hit the store at 9 p.m. the village pets and supply store is part of a strip mall at montgomery drive. the fire department tweeted out this photo of the damage. no people or pets were injured. and police in castro valley trying to track down a therapy dog who was stolen from his home. murphy is a 3-year-old black and tan german shepherd taken from a front yard on sunday. murphy is not just a therapy
6:47 pm
dog. he has helped mentor hundreds of rescue dogs by helping them learn social skills. murphy's owners are trying to raise $10,000 for his safe return. at last check more than $8,000 were raised. so they thought that it was their dream home. >> yeah. but when a minnesota family moved into their new split level they learned it was home to something, all right. snakes. hours after moving in they found one snake in the bedroom. it has been six months and she has found nearly 100 nonpoisonous snakes. time to move. it was hard not to be outside and enjoy the sun today. although some places pretty toasty but we found people out paddle boating and taking walks at the lafayette reservoir. an absolutely gorgeous day. paul deanno live in san ramon for us. hey, paul. >> reporter: hey, guys. it's, yeah, hot but not crazy hot. it does bring out the opinions everybody do you love the rain or not? do you love the heat? do you not love the heed?
6:48 pm
that's been tested over the past couple of days. and if you love the heat, if this is for you, this is your kind of weather, get outside now, once the show is finished or get outside tomorrow because some significant changes are coming in. we are rancho san ramon community park. the kids were here in the splash pad earlier. mother nature will do that for us cooling us off this week but it is toasty out still. >> it will be another mild to warm night tonight with overnight lows in the low 60s. for concord vallejo fremont and livermore 56 for san francisco. there's a big ridge of high pressure off to our west.
6:49 pm
what that is doing it's inducing a north to northeast wind that's an offshore wind so all that cold air over the pacific ocean stays over the pacific ocean. it is not invading the bay area. but as soon as the winds will change to a southerly or westerly direction, hint thursday, that onshore flow and that much cooler air will move over the bay area and temperatures will respond by dropping significantly. so the surface winds you can see the beginning of the return of the onshore throw along the coastline where it's not going to be as warm tomorrow but away from the water places like san ramon or san jose will still have the offshore element with hot weather around for one more day. so clear tonight, tomorrow a "spare the air" day as the high pressure ridge compresses the pollution in the atmosphere and sticks it down by us. so watch out for that. and cooler changes do begin coming up on thursday. highs tomorrow still well above average away from the water. 91 for campbell.
6:50 pm
>> back out here live, the hills are green, the sky is blue. a wonderful palette that mother nature is providing tonight on a toasty tuesday evening in san ramon. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a pot-bellied predicament. a bay area city ponders small pigs at pets. they are feisty. >> and coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat we're talking about jimmy kimmel's speech about his son born with a heart defect. the video has been seen by millions. does what he said ultimately make a difference in the healthcare debate? tweet me your thoughts on this at #veronicadlcruz. we'll have your comments coming up tonight on nightbeat over on
6:51 pm
our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12. at 10 p.m.
6:52 pm
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about.
6:53 pm
her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. toddler being run over... surveillance cameras show the child run into the busy intersection. ivers turning into the video out of china of a toddler being run over.
6:54 pm
surveillance cameras show the child run into the busy intersection. drivers turning into the intersection apparently don't see the girl and then two cars run over her. you see her in a street after the second car passes. you also see her grandmother rush into the street to help her. she survived with no major injuries. she had only a scrape on her head. people in the bay area love their pets. and soon there could be a new option in one city. >> in benicia, they want to legalize pet pigs. not kidding. here's kpix 5's don ford. >> reporter: to pig or not to pig. that is the question people are pondering here in benicia. a proposed law would allow people to keep pet pigs if they are under 100 pounds, kept on a leash while in public, and obtain rabies tags just like dogs. >> think it's an amazing idea.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: suzanne manages feather and pet grooming and says, pigs are good for business. >> we already see quite a few pigs here at the -- >> reporter: already? >> we do. nails and hoofs trimmed and giving them a bath. >> reporter: a pig? >> a pig. >> reporter: generally described as a pot-bellied pig they are pets sleeping on couches or with cats dressed up. they are not livestock. they are pampered. >> people who come in with pigs will do one of the adjustable harnesses. if you want to go all out, then you get the fill blown bling in every color available. >> sit. >> reporter: wendy loves her pot-bellied pig pinky. she talks to her pig. >> when their mommies talk to them a do a deep oh, oh, oh, and then ah, ah,ah. it's like a hello and excited. >> reporter: she says pigs like people all have different personality. >> they can be aggressive.
6:56 pm
oh, oh!! no. oh, oh!! >> there we go. >> i said no!! no, pig! no, no! >> throw a temper tantrum if they don't get their own way. they do scream and squeal. >> reporter: can't wait to get them. the proposed ordinance is expected to pass. there's no opposition. benicia will then join cities that already allow it. in benicia, don ford, kpix 5. >> don was looking uncomfortable. >> we almost lost him on that one! it's when you get the other variety. then you're in trouble. [ laughter ] >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, h are. >> and don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12. and you can see us back here tonight at 11. >> enjoy the great evening tomorrow. good night. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,
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