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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ken bastida. a izabeth cook. kpix 5's joe vazq scene of the deadly police shooting shot down a major street for hours, tonight how it all started over a subway sandwich. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. joe vazquez is live with the story. >> reporter: the subway shop is closed tonight following the stabbing of an employee and the shooting of the assailant. these photos were taken of a man with a bloody face sitting on a curb along market street wearing a subway uniform. san francisco police officers may have saved his life. it happened around 11:30 a.m. inside subway. a man with a knife began arguing about a sandwich sources tell kpix5. just as two beat cops arrived to help, witnesses say the assailant began stabbing the employee, then refused to drop his knife. >> there was yelling back and forth like oh, i'm doing this and i'm not even doing it and get on the ground, get on the ground and after that it was
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pow pow and you'll right here at the corner. >> during the course of the intervening at least one officer discharged a firearm. >> reporter: the knife wielding man died of his gunshot wounds. it's the first officer-involved shooting in san francisco this year. supervisor james kim tells kpix5 police told her the victim was an asian male who was an employee at subway. the chief is reluctant to call his officers heroes this early in the investigation. >> i don't really have anything additional to add to the facts. any commentary i think would be inappropriate at this time, but i am very, very happy and pleased and i think we all should be that the individual that was being attacked is alive and expected to survive. so that's a good thing. >> reporter: in san francisco joe vazquez, kpix5. breaking news in marin county where a golden gate transit bus struck and killed a pedestrian, a man in his 20s about 9 p.m. just west of sir francis drake high school on sir francis drake boulevard in san anselmo.
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investigators are still at the scene. traffic is deterred. it is finally starting to cool down a bit tonight after several days of some record heat. lots of 90s again in the bay area today, but paul deanno tells us that's all about to change. >> a heatwave is finished. it finished with acre a crescendo today, livermore tying -- with a crescendo today, livermore tying the record high, san francisco 82. you can already see the change because that's a live picture of the golden gate bridge. it has gone foggy, a stronger on, breeze for the entire bay area tomorrow, no 90s in the forecast and some parts of the bay area will be up to 30 degrees cooler when you compare today's highs to the highs friday. we'll detail about that and two days with a chance of rain coming up. tonight house republicans say they have the votes they need to pass their new healthcare vote on it.
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the house is set to vote on it tomorrow. the new plan would repeal and replace large portions of obamacare. republicans did add an amendment to help those with preexisting conditions. the bill will set aside $8 billion in five years for their coverage. >> we're going to pass this. we're going to pass it. let's be optimistic. >> tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi had this to say. "trump care has meant higher health costs, more than 24 million hard working americans losing health coverage gutting key protections, a crushing age tax and stealing from medicare." the republicans shelved their original healthcare bill in march because they did not have enough votes to pass it. tonight we have exclusive new information about the sexual harassment allegations against a proffer at san jose state university. raymaria -- maria medina is live on campus. >> reporter: tonight we're
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learning a professor is suing the university for heaid he wan students, but the university wanted to protect itself. this is the professor at the center of a university investigation put on paid leave accused of sexually harassing students. according to the lawsuit we obtained, it was another professor who brought one of the student's complaints to the university, but then professor jason laker wondered why his colleague stayed on the job even after sjsu concluded he had acted inappropriately. because laker did not agree, he says administrators including former dean elaine chin and associate dean mary mcveigh made up lies about him and encouraged others to file grievances against him. his lawsuit against sjsu says in part, "these retaliatory actions were taken to intimidate laker and show his protected activity of opposing sexual harassment by his colleague." now if you remember, we also
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uncovered an investigation that was launched into a couple administrators possibly lying about one of the complaints against professor apticar. a spokesperson at sjsu said there was no evidence they were lying, but she wouldn't go on camera. maria medina, kpix5. new information about the man shot and killed by chp on highway 101 last friday identified as 25-year-old luis pacheco of san jose. investigators say that he was trying to carjack a woman that he just crashed into in san mateo and refused to drop his gun when officers confronted him. the three officers who fired are on paid leave. the coroner's office is still waiting on pacheco's toxicology result. in san leandro tonight the search is on for a car that was stolen and along with it a family's dog. kpix5's andria borba with their
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plea to bring coda back. >> reporter: inside maria perez's san leandro home her dog's water bowl sits empty. >> he means a lot to us. we miss him a lot and we love him a lot. >> reporter: it was april 22nd when maria's eldest daughter took their dog coda -- >> come on. >> reporter: -- seen here in happier times on snapchat for a ride in their 1994 honda accord, one of the most stolen cars in the bay area. it only took minutes and the car and coda were gone. the car theft was caught on surveillance video here at san leandro's marina square shopping center. this is a still photo of the car implicated in the theft. san leandro police are looking for the car while the perezs put up flyers and a facebook page hunting for the 13-year- old scottish terrier. >> to be honest, my car was the second thing i thought. it was more coda. it was just devastating knowing how he is, where he is.
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if he isn't treated right because we treat him like a family. >> reporter: coda isn't healthy and needs daily medication. >> if he doesn't take the medication, he probably will be dead because he was very, very sick a couple months ago and he was very sick like three days in the hospital. >> reporter: donations are pouring in for a reward for coda's safe return. it's up to $800. meanwhile maria and her daughters hold out hope their beloved pup will return home to his empty bed. >> it just breaks our heart just to know who has it, if they're treating him like the way we were treating him. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. tonight investigators trying to fit what led up to the -- figure out what led up to the moment a teenager was killed by a freight train in san lorenzo. the 16-year-old was riding his bike to school flare the tracks on grant and railroad avenues when he was fatally struck about a block from his school.
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grief counselors were on campus to help students deal with the tragedy. the teen's principal said the honor student was loved by many in the community. >> he had a big heart. he will be incredibly missed. we are all incredibly heartbroken. >> investigators are looking into whether the teen was wearing earbuds during the time of the crash. after 13 weeks of testimony the jury in the sierra lamar murder case is expected to begin deliberations tomorrow. veronica de la cruz tells us about the theatrics in the courtroom today that made some jurors smile. veronica? >> that's right, liz. during closing arguments today the defense referred to a bucket of shame in a top 10 list to try to clear his client. 25-year-old antwon garcia torres is accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar five years ago. today defense attorney al lopez
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cited a top 10 list why the jury should dismiss the charges including his calm demeanor, no tools to hide the body, no murder weapon, no witnesses, no crime scene, no cause of death in that sierra is still a missing person. >> the defense did a good job relating to the jury in what is a very difficult case when you talk about the kidnapping and murder of a teenager. 'bucket o >> the defense attorney also piled small balls into what he called a bucket of shame. he placed one in front of the jury for every piece of what he called weak evidence. several jurors smiled. the prosecution will get one more chance at rebuttal. the jury will likely get the case to begin deliberations tomorrow afternoon. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a pot club protest in san francisco tonight at the center of it, former oakland mayor jean kwon and her husband. their plans for a new medical marijuana dispensary in the sunset aren't getting high
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marks from many residents who say put it somewhere else. ers of support the kwons say their dispensary, apothecarium sunset, has received more than 1,000 letters of support. >> we're going to continue to talk to the community. we think it's really important because there's so much misinformation about medical marijuana in this community. >> that is a family district. there are children's programs. there is a nursery there. so i'm very concerned about the safety. >> the apothecarium sunset would offer bilingual services in both english and cantonese. facebook announced its hiring 3,000 more workers to review videos. the social media giant has been criticized for not doing enough
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to remove violent images. in response facebook says these new workers will specifically look for criminal content, anything that glorifies content against facebook's rules, but experts say in most cases videos are only reviewed and removed if users report them. tonight google is warning about a sophisticated attack targeting millions of g mail users. reporter peter dowd tells us how the scheme works and how to protect yourself. >> reporter: it looks like a realistic e-mail from a trusted friend inviting you to click on a google docs link, but be careful. it's a nasty trick. the latest phishing scam spread quickly wednesday across the internet seeking to gain control of people's e-mail histories and contacts. >> this degree of sophistication is very, very clever. >> reporter: alan miles is the ceo of cyber security firm telesign. he says journalists and people connected to large companies are big targets. >> potentially as a journalist or anybody in a large company,
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you have a lot of contacts and so it helps the speed that this phishing attack could travel. >> reporter: while the malicious e-mail looks like a real message from a contact, there is one key give-away, an e-mail with a lot of hs in the main recipient field. google says they've removed the fake pages, pushed updates through safe browsing and their abuse team is working to prevent this kind of spoofing from happening again. the countermeasures are likely to stop the spread of the phishing attack, but miles said the best way to protect yourself is with two factor authentication. >> it means if somebody wants to access your account, there's another step that they need to make to get to your account. >> reporter: so what do you do if you've already fallen victim to this scam? you need to immediately revoke access to google docs and then report it to the company. in venice peter dowd, kpix5.
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tonight stephen colbert talks about his internet outrage. >> sir, you attack more skinheads than free rogaine. you have more people marching against you than cancer. you talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head. the only thing smaller than your hands is your tax returns. >> that was the tame. colbert addresses the uproar on the tonight show right after this newscast. caitlyn jenner dishing about her new tell all memoir. betty yu on her journey from olympic gold medalist to transwoman activist and what jennifer has to say about president trump. [ applause ] >> reporter: a soldout crowd of 500 welcomed katelyn jenner to the stage at the commonwealth club tonight.
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>> there's nothing worse than going through life sneaking around. >> reporter: it's why she wrote a new york times bestseller the secrets of my life. she said she needed to free her soul and be honest with herself and loved ones after years of hiding her truth. >> today my life is so simple. i just get up in the morning and be myself. how simple is that? it's a wonderful feeling. >> it's just getting there. >> reporter: katelyn acknowledged she's had a privileged life but is using her platform to make a difference, especially when it comes to the lgbtq community. she also took on politics. >> my loyalties are not with the republican party. my loyalties are not with donald trump, okay? just because i believe in like the constitution, limited government, obviously lower taxes for everybody, less regulations, a thriving economy. i'm not a fan of the government. >> reporter: katelyn went on to say that she has been disappointed by president trump since he took office.
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tomorrow on national prayer day he is expected to sign an executive order on religious liberty that is likely to anger the lgbtq community. >> if he messes with us, i will come after him. i will look at it very closely. if he does stuff like that, i honestly will probably call him the most anti-lgbtq president we've had. >> reporter: when i asked if katelyn would run for office, she said it is a possibility but right now is trying to figure out why she can be most effective in the transcommunity. wherever that may be she said she will not be afraid to speak out against government. in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. new cell phone video appears to show a california family removed from a delta flight after demanding to use a seat they paid for. the couple and their two toddlers were headed from maui to l.a.x. and bought an extra seat for one of their kids, but when the
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flight was overbooked, the airline insisted they give it up. when dad fought back, the whole family got the boot. that before you oversold the flight. i paid for that seat. i paid for that seat." 20:41:41 tonight delta had this to >> i got two. i've got nowhere to stay. there's nowhere flights. what are we supposed to do, sleep in the airport? no, no. you should have thought about that before you oversold the flight. i paid for that seat. >> delta said, "we are sorry for what that family experienced. our team reached out and will talk with them to better understand what happened and come to a resolution." tonight a major push for airlines to get your baggage back to you on time. late" .. as a san francisco federal court just ruled that airlines that charge baggage fees can be sued for delivering baggage late as in not on the baggage carousel when you land. most airlines charge fees for checked luggage, anywhere from 25 to $75. fed up with those baggage fees, long security lines, cramped cabins?
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well, we found out you can enjoy luxury travel for the cost every commercial. only on 5 tonight julie watts revealed what may just be the bay area's best kept air travel secret. >> reporter: oh, the perks of a private jet. >> it's the only way to fly. >> easy, quick, no stress. >> you don't have to wait for tsa or go through tutor. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: a stark contrast to the commercial airline horror stories we've become so a. canned to, but a few -- so accustomed to, but if you think the luxury flights are out of your price range? >> actually they were only $89 per person each way. >> reporter: they're talking about jet suite x, a startup airline boasting all the convenience and luxury of flying private for a commercial range price, 79 to $350 each way depending on route and how far in advance you book, but even with a slight premium the public says it pays off.
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in addition to complimentary snacks and cocktails, bags and pets fly free and free parking steps from the tarmac, but the biggest bonus for most? >> you get here five minutes before you fly and give them your id because you're prechecked, so even if i'm late, i'm on time. >> i just discovered it through an 18-year-old. >> it was on instagram. >> i tell people all the time and they're like what? >> reporter: this couple flies jet sweet x out of concord three times a month. do you ever fly commercial? >> only if i have to. >> reporter: the planes are refurbished with 30 seats with wi-fi and no middle seats and retouches like wood paneling. you're kind of a throwback. how can you afford to do this? >> jet suite x's vision is to provide flying that moves people's soul and from a modeling perspective we want to price accordingly so that it's affordable and everything is inclusive. >> reporter: he said flying
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fewer passengers at underutilized airports help keep them competitive. jet sweet x is not alone -- suite x is not alone. there are a growing number of public private startups on the east coast as well as several out west. >> it is becoming more common between airports either not well served or communities with not as large of population base. >> reporter: these startups don't generally nickel and dime like commercial carriers which have increased fares on short haul flights. can you see this cutting into the commercial market? >> the only time the commercial airlines will pay attention to these startups is if the startups gain frequency. >> reporter: he said the biggest drawback to public charters is limited flights. jet suite x only offers a couple routes daily to burbank and concord and vegas and the most popular routes fill up about more quickly. >> the more people start knowing about it, the higher prices will get. >> please do not put this on the air.
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>> jet suite x is the first airline to fly scheduled flights out of concord since the '80s and the county says it is working to get more, not only for convenience for folks in the east bay, but the airline and the airport bring in much needed revenue for the county. in the newsroom i'm julie watts. >> looks pretty good. although the weather has been really nice here lately. who would want to leave? >> stay right here. they can fly jet suite x to concord. what a beautiful view from sutro tower early. look at the background. watch that river of air just envelope the golden gate bridge, marin county, san francisco and there's a weather element to that. that's the beginning of the end of our heatwave and it looks fantastic. it is 54 and foggy in san francisco, but still 71 and clear in livermore, so a 17- degree temperature spread overnight tonight. we'll see that throughout the
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night. pacifica 49 and very foggy, but fairfield low 60s overnight. the ocean breeze cranks up tomorrow, a ridge of high pressure giving us the offshore wind gone and the change will be pronounced even inland this time that wind racing through the golden gate, through san pablo bay out toward the delta. everybody comes off tomorrow by 10 to 15 degrees, up to 20 degrees in san francisco. there's a simple reason why. we have a fluid atmosphere. this ridge of high pressure will not stay in the same spot forever. it's moving over southern california now, will be over southern nevada and northern arizona by tomorrow. as it moves, the wind direction changes, the onshore flow is back. we've got fog and low cloud cover tomorrow morning pushing inland. once we hit tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening the 680 corridor and 880 corridor will fill up. towards the weekend potentially wetter weather as a low pressure area passes to our west and our south definitely rainfall up toward tahoe and
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the sierra, scattered showers possible around here, so heatwave is absolutely finished. 83 tomorrow for livermore, 80 in san jose, 77 for vallejo but 68 with a foggy start in oakland and san francisco will go from 82 to 63 degrees. even cooler friday, 70 inland, that's it. we go cooler than that? yeah. saturday and sunday 50s and 60s for highs. hello, winter, a few scattered showers, nothing significant, but once we get cool, which is happening right now, we will stay cool for at least a week. the pendulum is swinging back to the chilly stuff. >> we're used to it. thanks, paul. pretty incredible, everyone got out of this plane alive. tonight a spectacular crash caught on camera. ,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. pretty dramatic plane crash caught on a dash camera in washington state. >> it's incredible that everybody was okay. look at this. the driver's dashcam video captured the whole thing. you can see the single engine aircraft flying so low it clips some power lines, then a
11:26 pm
stoplight and bursts into flames before hitting the street north of seattle. there are no serious injuries unbelievably. in fact, both people on board the plane walked away from the crash. coming to play tonight the giants had won only one series in april. do april showers bring may flowers? they did for one giants pitcher next. ,,,,,,
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced
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hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. o far this season, >> i know it's just play, but there is a growing sense of urgency for the giants to get their act together having won just one series so far this season. how about a chance to match that tonight with a win in los angeles. vince scully was inducted into the giants ring of honor. the shark allowed three hits, an unearned run and 11 strikeouts over eight innings, but the game went into extras. the 11th inning a double off joe panik. ken is laughing because the score he gets. giants win 4-1 to take two of three from the series. the a's trevor plouffe fan club, the whole family there to
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watch trevor. bottom of the 3rd twins leading 2-1. kenny vargas takes kevin graveman deep. minnesota wins 7-4. a's lost eight of the last nine. nba, warriors steph curry missed practice today but is expected to play in tomorrow's game versus the jazz. curry appeared to hurt his leg in last night's win. in their game one win golden state committed a season low seven turnovers. during regular season they averaged more than 14 a game, but since mike brown replaced steve kerr three games ago the warriors have given only 24 turnovers. coincidence? >> steve, i hope you're watching this, you know. we had i think a total of 24 turnovers in the last three games. that's an area i'm doing a lot better than you. i've gotten the point across to our guys a lot better. i'm taking the credit, steve. they think i should take the credit. i'm going to take the credit.
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>> take the credit or you can get it. alabama softball bailey hemphill homered against ole miss but jumped over home plate to celebrate with her teammates. old mess saw that and tagged hemphill out. okay. she never touched home plate, right? alabama lost 5-4. >> oh, no. >> kind of a tacky rule, right? we'll be right back. >> wow. . or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> good night, everybody. ca nsored by cbs >> just when you thought it was safe to get sick comes a g.o.p. health care plan that we all thought was buried! "nightf living bill"! scream in horror as congress tries to take your health care yet again! >> they're coming to get you, barbara. >> "night of the living bill" starring barack obama. paul ryan. the freedom caucus! and as the bill, this truck! "night of the living bill"! coming soon to a-- wait, no, it just got killed again.


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