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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 5, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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tonight, s parents died at th now at 11:00 terrorized, threatened and murdered, so not san jose police say these parents died -- tonight san jose police say these parents died at the hands of their daughter's ex. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the murders happened in the willow glen neighborhood on the private laura valle lane lined with custom homes. maria medina is there and has been talking with family friends. >> reporter: a fell friend said they are degrees -- a family friended they are devastated. the couple really loved their family. two of the kids were home at the time of the shooting. >> he didn't give this family choices. he didn't give my officer a choice. >> reporter: a couple murdered in cold blood inside their home while their kids were there. >> and it's just a tragic,
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tragic incident perpetrated. >> reporter: tonight a family friend tells kpix5 this was a really good immigrant family who did everything right and didn't deserve a fate like this. the co-workers say they just saw the vp of engineering yesterday. >> a good person actually and a very good human being. >> reporter: the suspect identified by a police source as mirza tatlik also now dead shot by an officer after taking the couple's 13-year-old son hostage. >> he was armed with a son and really surprised the victims for all intents and purposes. >> reporter: the police chief said the suspect's failed relationship with the couple's daughter is likely a reason behind his motive to kill. according to a police source, rachel prabhu may have moved to boston to get away from tatlik. his instagram last week included texts from rachel and
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captions such as get betrayed, lied to and left for dead, no mercy on the ones that love you most. >> i know they had troubles, but it's just sad to hear. >> reporter: neighbors say police often went to the suspect's campbell home because of family fights and that he recently seemed sad. the chief said the suspect suffered from a history of domestic violence and mental illness. >> what can you say? it's just a horrible, horrible crime. >> reporter: and the police chief says the couple's daughter filed a restraining order against that suspect. her 13-year-old brother was taken hostage and released and not harmed. live in san jose maria medina, kpix5. police in berkeley arrested a man they say kidnapped a woman and tried to rape her. neighbors reportedly heard a woman screaming for help on monterey avenue early tuesday. police tracked her stolen cell phone to a van about a mile and a half away on hurst avenue. this is the suspect, 60-year- old whittier buchanan, a convicted sex offender released
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in 2014. police are not disclosing the victim's age or hometown. for years republicans have been promising to repeal obamacare. well, tonight they are closer than they've ever been after the republican led house passed its own version of a healthcare bill. d without a single democratic vote... just as >> obamacare's dead. so when you compare something to obamacare, obamacare is no longer living and we have something that's going to be i think one of the best anywhere in the world and we look forward to it. >> well, the house bill passed without a single democratic vote just as obamacare passed with no republican report, the final tally today 217-213. the bill eliminates or alters key elements of obamacare. it does provide tax credits to help individuals buy insurance, but many low income and older americans would get less than under current law. r ones... insurers would be allowed to charge older customers five
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times more than younger ones. obamacare capped it at 3-1. states would also be allowed to roll back the requirement that all insurance plans cover a set of basics including maternity care and emergency services. kpix5's andria borba is in our newsroom with a look at the practical impact if this bill actually becomes law. >> well, ken, the gop plan could affect healthcare and insurance coverage for millions of people. it might be a matter of life and death for one woman we met tonight in berkeley. 33-year-old olivia colt is the owner of berkeley catering company salt and honey. she employs 30 people, but behind the infectious laugh she has -- >> nocturnal hemoglobinuaria.
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there's a twice monthly treatment she gets. >> every two weeks i will do this the rest of mylife unless there's something else and it's $90,000 a dose. >> that's 2.3 million a year just for the medication, not doctor's visits or hospital stays. olivia fought for years to get covered under medi cal but was constantly denied because of her preexisting condition until the affordable care act became law. >> i was able to get access to all these additional resources i didn't have and that was because of the aca and i'm so thankful for that. the other part of it is all my medical bills got covered. >> reporter: sarah degoya of the california health network said olivia is one of 5 million californians with preexisting
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conditions that would find themself without healthcare care coverage if the bill is passed. olivia said the affordable care act support a free ride. >> right now i have a -- is not a free ride. >> right now i have a bill for $5,000. that's my co-pay and that's with getting everything else currently covered. >> she's worried about what the future holds, if she'll even be able to live. >> it's very devastating. it doesn't give you a lot of options. >> now every one of california's republican representatives voted in favor of the gop bill today, all 14 of them. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. california's attorney general javier becerra said today's house vote takes a dangerous step towards jeopardizing the health security of millions of people. i will use every legal tool at my disposal to safeguard the healthcare the people of our state depend on." we posted more details on the
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healthcare bill and how it could affect you on our website tonight some albany high school students accused of cyber bullying their classmates are now suing the school district for punishing them. they say it's free speech. one victim tells christin ayers that's nonsense. >> reporter: this high school junior still gets emotional when she talks about being fat shamed on instagram. she is one of the students targeted in a racist sexist social media scandal at albany high. >> there's another collage that had me on a picture on this side and then a picture of cottage cheese saying that i was lumpy. >> she said her friend who is african american was pictured with a noose around her neck. >> just because of the skin they're in and the body they're
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in. >> she is studying for her s.a.t.s and said since the pictures came to light she's struggled to concentrate at school. to make matters worse, four of the students who liked or commented on the posts are now suing the albany school district claiming their suspensions were a violation of their first amendment rights and the posts are protected political speech. the victims' parents are outraged. >> you don't have a first amendment right to promote a hate crime. >> reporter: but this student is not holding bridges. >> what they did is wrong, -- grudges. >> what they did is wrong, but they have to be forgiven somehow. >> reporter: she's tibeten and she would like to see role models in her school and things more taught at school than academics. >> compassion, kindness and the basic right of human values. a new security alert tonight from the tsa about
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deadly truck rammings, it's warning trucking companies and drivers about use of stolen trucks in those attacks. last july at least 84 people were killed in nice, france, when a truck plowed through a crowd celebrating bastille day. hundreds of other pedestrians were also injured. according to the tsa, since 2014 terrorists have carried out 17 attacks using vehicles. those attacks have claimed 173 lives. new trouble tonight for uber and this time it's a criminal matter. veronica de la cruz tells us ride sharing company is now at the center of a federal investigation. >> yeah, liz, that's right. the focus of that probe, a secret software program known as greyball. uber used that tool to deceive worldwide, specifically in areas where its service is not approved. greyball identified government officials trying to crack down on uber. then the company canceled the rides they requested or showed
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them phantom cars on the app to avoid capture of tonight according to reuters, the u.s. justice department just launched an investigation into the company's use of that software. this is just the latest trouble for the company. in february this video surveillance faced showing uber's ceo travis kalanick lashing out at one of his own employees. kalanick apologized for this rant. the company also found itself in a sexual harassment firestorm earlier this year, so far no response tonight from the justice department or uber on this new investigation. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. berkeley a c tonight we're getting a look at three suspects wanted for taking part in that violent protest in berkeley a couple weeks ago. pro trump and anti-trump protesters clashed in shtick center park and police want you -- in civic center park and police want you to take a good look a these young men. these guys were wanted in connection with a violent attack that day. if you have any information, police want to hear from you.
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it took place last month. trump supporters and anti-trump activists exchanged blows after a protest at berkeley civic center park turned incredibly violent. 20 people were arrested. late word of a victory for student protesters who took over a building on the uc santa cruz campus. the african black student alliance occupied kerr hall, the main administration building, three days ago. they had several demands. tonight it appears they're getting what they wanted. the university has agreed to housing changes and diversity training for incoming students. the university released a statement saying, "we support students exercising their first amendment rights, but we do not endorse taking over buildings. the protesters are in the process of leaving kerr hall." meantime dozens of parents are camping out to sign up their kids for after school
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programs offered by the city's parks and recreation department. returning families are preregistered. parents in this group are hoping to snag the remaining spots. registration doesn't open until 7 a.m. tomorrow. >> without this i can't work, yeah. so it's very important. yeah. rrow will be put on a . >> south san francisco has space for about 600 kids in its programs. children who don't get a spot tomorrow will be put on a waiting list. an art installation 1,000 feet in the sky will soon be coming to san francisco's skyline. only on 5 tonight joe vazquez spoke to the artist who is putting it together atop the sales force tower. joe? >> reporter: liz, the sales force tower is still under construction and, in fact, tonight it's under fog. i talked to the artist who will have this new installation and he tells me he's determined to make sure it doesn't overwhelm the rest of this gorgeous sky line. >> i don't want it to be a
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spectacle. i want it to fit in. >> reporter: jim campbell shows they a mock-up of the electronic art display that will take up the top nine of the unoccupied floors of the new sales force tower. >> occupied floors end here and so there's three floors of glass and six floors of aluminum. >> reporter: the display will have 11,000 lights with varying colors and designs. if a soft video projection will -- a soft video projection will show scenes from around the city and it will be the tallest public work of art in america and only appreciated from afar. >> i'm working on the far largest project i'll earl work on and no one will ever see it bigger than that -- ever work on and no one will ever see it bigger than that. >> reporter: this work of art will be soft, muted, purposefully so. these lights will be pointed inward. >> instead of looking at the lights themselves which are harsh, they face the wall or in the case of the tower, they face the side of the building.
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so you get a much softer image here because it's reflected instead of direct. by being soft and and not flashy and reflective, not direct light, it will be easier to live with, if you will, every day, whether you're looking at it or not. >> reporter: if all goes to plan, the public will get its first look at this new art installation in the fall. a mysterious giant aircraft at sfo caught a lot of people's attention this week. we made a few calls to find out what it is. turns out it's a private aircraft operated by a russian cargo company. the crew has been delivering machine parts to a manufacturing company here in the bay area. it's unique because it has the largest capacity for really odd shaped machine parts. another mystery tonight, what is killing so many sharks in the bay? leopard sharks are dying off in
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droves like this one that beached itself in burlingame today. emily turner found out they could be victims of the wet winter. >> reporter: this is a close- up of this shark's final hours. it is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of leopard sharks that have died in the bay and scientists are scrambling to figure out why. >> people should absolutely be alarmed. >> reporter: the concentration of dead sharks is around the foster city redwood shores area, although numerous others have washed up in the san francisco, marin areas. the shark research foundation has been following the seven week die-off. >> so from a conservative perspective it's very serious, if not critical. this is timed with their annual breeding cycle. >> reporter: this is the third die-off in six years. now u.s. fish and wildlife is on the case. with the help of van sommeran
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and his team they've collected dozens of dead predators. there is a viral fungal infection that somehow makes its way into the shark's brain causing it to swim ashore. >> the healthy specimens are holded with toxins and we have -- loaded with toxins and then we have the infected animals dying along the way. >> reporter: researchers think the toxins are from the dirty runoff from this winter's significant rain. however, u.s. fish and wildlife is responsible for doing all of the testing and they have not confirmed it. the lafayette b.a.r.t. station about to get a major makeover, tonight we have a first look over the next eight months crews repaving the two western most parking lots and making improvements to the station entrance. the project includes more disabled and motorcycle parking, but about two dozen regular spaces will have to be squeezed out to make room. if you forget to feed that
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parking meter in san francisco, you could get slapped with the most expensive parking ticket in history. would be it fair to charge some drivers more than others for the exact same violation? only on 5 tonight susie steimle explains why that could happen. >> reporter: if you park in the city, you know the feeling. >> lost your patience, you know. every two weeks you get one. >> don't tow my car. i'll take my ticket. that's why i was running. >> reporter: that anxious is my car going to be there when i get back to it feeling. >> my truck got towed this morning. >> reporter: or just knowing you owe $74 for annex piered meter. -- an expired meter. >> it's horrible. you're just like come on, man, another one. >> reporter: this couple knows it all too well. >> basically every time that we park we've been getting parking tickets because we can't pay the meters and then we can't pay the tickets because they're
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even more than the meters. >> do you have keys? >> reporter: willow and bianca moved to san francisco in september with their 2-year-old daughter ezra. starting out this van was their home. >> from the minute the meters start until they quit working i am worried about parking tickets. >> in january we had about $1,300 in parking tickets. >> reporter: now willow has a job and they're in transitional housing, but they're still digging themselves out of the deep parking ticket hole. >> i get my $700 for the month and 500 of it goes to the mta. that's money from the government that i now have to give back to the city. >> for somebody making 1 or $2,000 a month, a$500 fine may not even be payable. >> reporter: the san francisco treasurer wants to change the fines and fees system. his suggestion? low income residents should be able to pay a percentage of a ticket, not the whole thing. >> some of the fines and fees
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are so large, people can't pay any of it. so, in fact, the city gets less revenue than other cities where the fee is actually payable. >> reporter: to qualify individuals would have to be eligible for social services. ideally the city it would be able to look up someone's low income status. of course, it's hypothetical right now. >> at the end of the day it's really about fairness to everyone and insuring that people pay a flat fee. >> reporter: paul rhodes with sfmta says muni is not opposed to the idea. >> it's too early to say whether or not we would support any specific concepts coming out of the mta. >> reporter: there are payment plans and community service to pay off tickets. willow took part of that already. >> it has been in place a number of years to insure people who can't pay right away can pay a little at a time. >> reporter: san francisco has the most expensive parking
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structure in the country. an expired meter here is $74, in oakland $54, in new york $65, d.c. $30 and in boston $35. >> at this time in san francisco for the rules we have to enforce it is appropriate. >> reporter: mta makes $200 million a year in traffic fees and fines. rhodes said if the city does change its current program, revenue loss from tickets would have to come from somebody else. this couple hopes lawnmakers realize this systemic change could be just the ticket they need for a shot at success. >> it's really hard trying to get ahead when you got to pay parking tickets. >> reporter: in san francisco susie steimle, kpix5. >> and the next challenge is actually finding a parking space. >> assuming that you can find somewhere to park. san francisco 52 degrees and cloudy now in the city. it got foggy in short order and the cloud cover has pushed all the way inland, san jose 58,
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much chillier in livermore tonight 54, santa rosa 53, san rafael, oakland and fremont low 50s, pacifica 52 degrees. everyone will start off cloudy and chilly. san francisco between yesterday's high and tomorrow's high is a 19-degree drop, concord a 26-degree drop. it was 95 degrees yesterday in concord. we will not hit 70 degrees tomorrow. here's the reason why. a strong oceans breeze isic canning up the ocean temperature -- is kicking up the ocean temperature. as the breeze comes inland, it will be significantly cooler away from the water tomorrow. as for why the wind direction changed, the location of our ridge of high pressure has moved. it was to our west. that kept us sunny, warm to hot. now it hopped to our east, centered over northern arizona and southern nevada. that will promote a southwest wind. that's an onshore flow that will keep us chilly through the
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weekend, chilly and cloudy. those of you who had sunshine all week long it's cloudy now in the tri-valley and napa valley with light rain. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon, but temperatures will stay chilly through the weekend as we deal with this very strong onshore flow. clouds moving inland tonight, below average through the weekend the next three days, tiny chance of a shower mainly in the north bay on saturday. the rest of us will stay chilly but dry. highs tomorrow 68. that's it for san jose, below average for you, cloudy start in napa, high 72, san francisco 63, pacifica 59 degrees. your extended forecast calling for a tiny north bay shower chance saturday afternoon, sunny and milder sunday and then 60s and 70s with sunshine by next monday and tuesday. that's your forecast. hello, dennis. >> hello, paul. recall the warriors unbeatable when draymond starts knocking down his shots? down his shots? ,,,,,,,,
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. food. water. internet. we need it to live.
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but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. th >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. the warriors last lost a game on april 11th. their opponent then was the utah jazz, but now the jazz don't look close to winning a basketball game. draymond was a defensive monster in game one. today he decided to shoot that ball knocking down five of eight from beyond the arc. warriors ran up a 20 point lead in the 1st quarter. in the 3rd up 11, a wild sequence, frontcourt massive jam by kevin durant, 25 points,
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seven assists. utah scored 35 in the 3rd thanks mostly to that man, gordon hayward, the former butler cutting the warrior lead to single digits. there was a nervous moment later. draymond tweaked his knee, left, went to the locker room, returned later. under four minute warriors up 11, steph curry puts the game away with a kiss off the glass. he had 23 points. warriors win game two 115-104. >> reporter: what are your thoughts on he doing the team motivated -- thoughts on keeping the team motivated and focused having not been to the playoffs yet? >> i'm going to switch seats with you next game and then you let me know if you thought that was easy. i knew my knee was just locking up a little bit. i had it before. one time it happened when i was in college and i rebounded in michigan two days later their whole team. so that was pretty good. >> he's moving to utah now.
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ahead how much would you pay for shoes? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, kpix5.
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scoring for both the giants and a's has been difficult. th ee most anemic >> man, it's a good thing the bay area has the warriors because scoring for both the giants and a's has been difficult. they are in two of the three
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most anemic teams in baseball. this guy tip the have sideburns -- didn't have sideburns the last time the a's had a winning streak. there's ryan healey, a solo jack to twins reliever craig breslow. they score a week's worth of runs and beat the twins 8-5. ucla one and done good alonzo bull will be drafted this summer. his father debuted shoe designs today, the retail price $495, but you can settle for the sandals for just 220. morris, it's not the shoes. seriously, $495 for a player who hasn't played a second in the nba. >> somebody is living vicariously. >> yeah. and that could be a problem for
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whoever takes on alonzo ball.
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. reporter jackie ward will show the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we'll look at the proposed traf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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