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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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on a bay area beach, the murder mystery haunted police more than a decade. tonight a suspect is finally in custody and police say he gave himself away. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba is in the newsroom with more on the suspect's mistake that cracked the cold case. >> well, ken, liz, the suspect in this case was arrested six days after the murders on stolen property and weapons charges. deputies interviewed him about jason and lindsay but never detained him in this march on the charges when another shooting death unraveled the 13- year-old case. station in sacramento spoke to the owner of the river it was august 18th, 2004, when a sonoma county sheriff helicopter on a different rescue mission spotted the lifeless bodies of lindsay cutshall and jason allen on a driftwood stream beach in jenner. the gruesome murder of the engaged christian camp counselors became a local and national obsession. >> it's pretty steep to just
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single out somebody as a target for murder. >> despite one thousand 200 tips called into -- 1,200 tips called into detectives over the years the case ran cold until march. >> we feel confident that we have jason and lindsay's killer in custody. >> that's when 38-year-old shaun gallon allegedly killed his brother seamus with a rifle in forestville, the same kind of weapon that killed jump -- jason and lindsay. gallon had been a person of interest in their murders, but detectives couldn't find concrete evidence to arrest him. while interviewing gallon about his brother's murder, sonoma county detectives broached the subject of lindsay and jason. >> 14 years ago maybe you were real in tune with what you were not going to say if you were interviewed, but 14 years later you may have forgotten all about that and slipped up during the interview. >> that's exactly what detectives say happened. >> he had information about the killings that no other person
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could have known and we have located evidence that corroborates this statement. >> gallon was known to sonoma county law enforcement. he even served time at san quentin in 2010 for shooting a man in the head with an arrow. were now tonight our sister station in sacramento spoke to the owner of the river rafting company in el dorado county lindsay and jason worked for. he said he was losing hope that a suspect would ever be caught. >> i thought it was a cold case because i thought all the evidence was gone, all the opportunity for getting someone is gone, but i didn't think it was gone in their mind and that was always encouraging to me, that i knew that they were looking and waiting for the opportunity. still without a >> now tonight sonoma county detectives say there was no sign of robbery, fighting or sexual assault leaving them still without a motive for lindsay and jason's deaths. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. chemical flaring is expected to continue through the night at the valero refinery in benicia.
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hundreds of people fell sick earlier. the sky was filled with thick black smoke. christin ayers is in benicia with why the refinery says it could happen again. >> reporter: tonight you can still see the flaring from the valero refinery smokestacks. evacuation orders have been lifted, but tonight residents are lift wondering will this happen again if there's another electrical outage? it began with a power outage at the valero refinery, the first sign, a fiery flare and plumes of black smoke leaving some people gasping for air. the smoke left the air hazy and forced evacuations of two elementary schools and a nearby industrial park. a valero spokesman tried to explain that without the flaring system a power outage could be catastrophic. >> the equipment would fail. it would rupture and you release this material uncombusted which is a far more hazardous outcome. >> reporter: but he admitted after an expansion in 2002 the refinery does not have strong enough backup generators to prevent this heavy flaring from
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happening again in the event of another power failure. >> adding another co-generation unit to the refinery only increases our carbon footprint. >> it seems like any refinery should have a becomeup generator. i am concerned -- a backup generator. i am concerned in the event of an earthquake or something else what would happen. i live very close to the refinery and i can see it whenever they do a burnoff out of my front window. >> reporter: officials with the epa and bay area air quality management spent the day monitoring the air after the incident. they confirm tonight it's not in the unhealthy range but only in benicia. >> we have been sampling primarily in the benicia area. there hasn't been discussion about sampling beyond that further. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. remember that big blackout a couple weeks ago in san francisco? tonight the city is telling pg&e pay us back. a fire at a pg&e substation knocked out power for about eight hours to a large portion of the city. now city officials are seeking
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$187,000 in reimbursement for lost revenue. they say the biggest hits were lost transit fares and parking ticket money. tonight pg&e says, "pg&e is focused on making things right for businesses and others who suffered financial losses resulting from the outage." one of san jose's newest employees mysteriously quit just after two weeks on the job. tonight some are wondering did his past catch up to him? kpix5's maria medina is live in san jose. maria, you discovered some red flags when this guy was working for another bay area city? >> reporter: well, ken, we're talking about a man who was hired to help the very poor find housing in richmond, but while some lived in horrible conditions he was eating $400 meals and taxpayers were paying for it. >> roaches or mice, bedbugs. >> i can't put them in my cab
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because bugs get in there. >> reporter: several years ago residents at the richmond hacienda apartments got so fed up with living conditions . >> there's still dead roaches underneath my sink. >> reporter: -- they called for the firing of jim jones. audits found under his watch it was at a $700,000 deficit while he ate on the taxpayers' dime. last year he landed a job with san jose as deputy director for the housing department. considering his past, what does the city see in him to hire him? >> he's extremely knowledgeable. >> reporter: the city spokesperson said they knew about jones' past issues when they hired him but say that experience actually made him a top candidate. >> when you have somebody who has been through a spot of troublesome areas, you learn from that and become very, very -- have a deeper knowledge and
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awareness. >> reporter: but after only 13 days on the job jones who would have made $169,000 a year suddenly resigned. >> it was his decision to do so. >> reporter: it's unclear, why but the spokesman says they stand by their decision to hire him. >> the american philosophy is people deserve second chances. >> reporter: one of the reasons why the city says he would have been a good candidate is because jones was overseeing public housing in richmond. in san jose they don't deal with public housing. we tried to reach jones through the city but have yet to hear from him. in san jose maria medina, kpix5. tonight we're learning several oakland fire inspectors don't have the proper certification to do their jobs. the city started looking at hiring more inspectors and during that review they found that the certification standards have changed. this comes after 40 people died in two fires in oakland including the ghost ship warehouse fire last december.
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mayor libby schaaf is vowing to overhaul the inspection unit and triple the staff. the city inside a statement, "it is not uncommon for there to be changes in professional certifications. we will work with our labor and employee partners to insure that there is proper notice and time for current employees to secure the appropriate certification." tonight president trump is at his summer get-away, his trump golf club in new jersey. the president keeps racking up taxpayer bills for his weekend travels and secret service protection. nica? as veronica de la cruz shows us, the president now says he's doing everyone a favor. >> right, ken, that's what he's saying. the president stayed out of the public eye today, but this morning he tweeted this. "rather than causing a big disruption in new york city that he would be working in bedminister, new jersey. the mayor sent congress a letter asking for an estimated $300,000 to cover the
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president's upcoming visit. that does not include the price tag for surrounding towns or even the state of new jersey. >> the bottom line is the president no matter where he goes is the president and he doesn't get to control the level of costs and security that may come along with that. >> now trump's new jersey golf club is cheaper to secure than his new york penthouse. the police department estimates that would cost more than $300,000 per day when mr. trump is there. that's double the $146,000 that the nypd is paying per day to protect the first lady and their son baron. congress agreed to budget an extra $6 million to reimburse localities for costs associated with all these get-aways. a ruling this week from the u.s. supreme court said miami can sue wells fargo and bank of america over lending practices.
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the oakland city attorney accused wells fargo of systematically making predatory loans to african americans and latinos. she says those loans are more expensive with a greater risk of foreclosure. cities... that have filed barbara parker said in a statement, "this is a victory for oakland, miami and other cities that have filed lawsuits against wells fargo and other big banks to stop these unconscionable and racially discriminatory mortgage lending practices and to recover damages." tonight wells fargo says it never approved abusive lending and it's confident that it has controls in place that are stronger than ever. tonight the oakland a's became the first major league baseball team to create a peanut free zone for all of their home games. sharon chin shows us it's a big win for those who suffer from peanut allergies. >> reporter: oakland a's fans tell us they can't even bring some friends to the game because they are allergic to peanuts. >> we have a friend that if
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they use the same knife in the peanut butter and they use the jelly and go back in the jelly jar, that they get really sick and she ended up in the e.r. for that. >> reporter: rooting for the home team in person may now be an action. >> knowing there says a place for them -- there is a place for them to be, we could bring them. >> reporter: there is a peanut control zone, a suite in 66 left field. these 60 seats are reserved as peanut free and at $27 a ticket, that's a pretty good deal. it's so new no one was in it. the team said the seats will be cleaned and checked before each game. terry phillips said it's like what teachers do to keep schools nut free. >> it keeps it so even the air is clean for them. there's nothing there. it's a good thing. >> reporter: fans will have to still be careful since the ballpark sells peanuts elsewhere. many other major league teams offer a peanut free day during the season. the giants had three last year. a group of a's fans lobbied for
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one peanut friendly day three years ago but today got more. joe evans is allergic to wall nuts about. >> if -- walnuts. >> if it is save lives, it's worth it. >> reporter: in oakland, sharon chin, kpix5. heads up if you're taking b.a.r.t. this weekend. the tracks between fruitvale and lake merritt stations will be closed as crews rebuild the tracks. trains won't run between the stations and the lake merritt station will also be closed. riders can catch free shuttle buses during that closure. there's been a wave of shark sightings in southern california. tonight we're hearing from a surfer who came out of the water bloodied. she tells stacy butler she thinks she may have been bitten by a shark. >> it was just beyond the most terrifying experience of my entire life. >> reporter: 18-year-old
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sophia reeb was surfing off sunset beach in the palisades. it was 2:30. she rode in her last wave. as soon as she jumped off close to shore waist deep in water she felt a pain shoot through her leg. >> i looked down and my leg is like opened in half and there's like a flap of skin and fat hanging from here and i'm like in the water knee deep. the water is rushing by and i only get glimpses of it through the top of the water and i just began screaming bloody murder. >> reporter: her leg was cut badly. she'd managed to drag herself to shore. >> i was trying to get out of the water and there was no one on the beach. my girl friend was still far out in the ocean and the lifeguard tower is up on pch, so my scream is getting outheard by the cars on the street. >> reporter: finally another surfer and her friend came to help her. she was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. she never saw a shark, so she thought a fin cut her leg, but
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when her doctor looked at the 13-inch wide cut 4 inches deep, he told her she was bitten by a 4 to 5-foot juvenile great white shark likely feeding close to shore. >> it almost seems as though the shark bit my leg when i fell out of like fear and got the end of my fin as well because there's tooth marks on my fin. >> reporter: reeb told me as soon as her leg is better, she plans on getting right back in the water. she set up a gofundme page in the meantime. she's just a student and doesn't have enough money to pay her surgery bills. that's the latest from santa monica, stacy butler, kpix5. tonight the fcc is investigating steven colbert and his rant attacking president trump. on monday the late show host launched a series of insults aimed at the president. the federal communications commission says it's received a number of complaints about the monologue. so it's investigating if the late show broke any rules and promising to take appropriate
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action. coal barrel said that he -- colbert said that he does not regret his jokes. the late show airs on cbs. from fitness model to fugitive, a california man is in custody after a cross- country manhunt. 34-year-old david byers of solano beach appeared on the covers of four romance novels. police say he robbed banks and a gas station in connecticut in just 48 hours last week. after nearly a week on the run the fbi and sheriff's deputies tracked him down in san diego. byers faces several charges including reckless endangerment and first degree robbery. only on 5 - julie watts reports: bank robbers aren't the only ones who may empty out your safe deposit box. only on 5 julie watts reports that some customers are complaining that they were blindsided when their bank drilled open their safe deposit boxes. now they're missing tens of thousands worth of valuables. >> it's not replaceable.
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>> reporter: family player looms, jewel -- heirlooms, jewelry she wore on her wedding day gone forever after the couple says bank of america drilled their safety box without any warning. this goes with the missing jewelry? >> yes. they just took it. >> reporter: a single tag all that was left in their drilled box after the bank shipped the contents to a holding center on the east coast. the couple asked we not reveal their real names for security but say when the bank eventually shipped some of their stuff back, $17,000 worth of jewelry was still missing and what they got back -- >> stuff in here, so it took us over one hour to untangle it. >> reporter: several delicate pieces damaged or broken. >> everything was dumped in this plastic bag. >> reporter: wendy woo's experience was strikingly similar. she said her b of a safety deposit box was drilled without notice, her mother's jewelry also shipped back ups damaged and in disarray.
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>> safe deposit box, that's what the name is for, safe. >> reporter: attorney chris land said his clients lost more than jewelry when b of a emptied their safety deposit box without notice. >> bank of america lost their real deed to property in china. >> reporter: he said they may rules their property. banks may drill a safety deposit box due to nonpayment or if the bank is closing a branch. >> they claim one of the signer's information was missing. >> they claimed my social security was not there. >> they said they were missing the date of birth and address of one of the co-renters of the box. >> reporter: all information the bank is required to get before opening an account under the federal bank secrecy act. b of a claims it sent lets requesting the missing information. >> we never got it. >> there's no evidence of any registered or certified mail. >> reporter: the bank later provided copies of two letters allegedly sent in november of 2015.
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the boxes were drilled 10 to 15 months later. >> meanwhile our clients were going in and out of the bank with regular banking. >> i went in every month. >> they never informed they. >> reporter: all three customers point out they had other accounts the bank could have cross-referenced. >> i currently have 17 different safety deposit litigations i've been hyped as an expert witness -- hired as an expert witness on. >> reporter: this safety consultant said the bank should have flagged all their accounts to notify them in person of the missing information. federal regulations are clear. banks must provide adequate notice. >> ledgesterred letter or certified return -- registered letter or certified return of receipt letter must be done. >> reporter: in a statement the bank said we notify customers prior to drilling a box and have protocols to verbally communicate the manner when the customer comes into the financial center to access their box. that didn't happen in this
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case. most things are not insured unless you purchase a separate policy. the safety deposit insurance corporation said over the past three years approximately 50,000 boxes and 1.3 billion worth of property has been impacted by things like theft, floods, fire and other natural disasters. however -- >> we have no way to track how many boxes have been drilled and the amount of property that's been taken by banks. >> reporter: banks are not required to report that to regulators and insurance policies don't cover items lost when the bank drills your box. >> this is from my grand mom. >> reporter: after we got involved the bank agreed to reimburse michael and maggie for their lost jewelry and pay to repair mrs. woo's, but in two cases the missing information wasn't missing at all. >> the original agreement in the box showed they had all that information. >> social security numbers, their dates of birth is there, everything. >> reporter: $17,000 worth of jewelry and a property in china gone due to missing information the bank had all along. >> i just got robbed by the
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bank. >> reporter: consumers can file a complaint with the comptroller of currency which regulates safety deposit boxes. we found b of a accounts for about 20% of their recent drilling complaints. the agency tells us it does have broad authority to take supervisory action. however, the agency doesn't generally take enforcement action on behalf of consumers, so unless your losses are significant, experts say consumers have little recourse in these cases. in the newsroom i'm julie watts. >> important information there. >> yes. so we are only, what almost 30 minutes away from the weekend? >> oh, we're there. >> it's not going to be perfect weather. >> a few wrinkles in the weather over the weekend. one wrinkle is the wind howling outside right now in san francisco, 43 mile-per-hour wind gusts currently at both mount tam, mount diablo prompting a wind advisory in effect for tonight and most of tomorrow, especially the city,
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coast and higher elevations could see isolated wind gusts in excess of 45 miles per hour, so a windy night and breezy to windy day tomorrow. it is 51 in livermore, 54 in san jose, mid-50s in concord, san francisco and santa rosa. tonight a widespread upper 40s, seasonably chilly. vallejo 49, fremont 48, 50 for san francisco, concord and fairfield. santa rosa is the cool spot, 45 degrees. why the wind? it's coming in from the ocean. we'll be windy throughout the day tomorrow caught between a big ridge to our south and east and big broad area to the north and west and temperatures stay on the cool side. the ocean temperatures in the low 50s. there's the big ridge, the big low, in between the bay area, windy for much of the state of california now. also a little cloudy tomorrow morning, not low cloud cover. we'll see clouds moving in as a weak boundary passes by, tiny chance of an isolated shower in
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our north bay mountains tomorrow afternoon. most of us will stay dry, albeit cloudier in the afternoon, sunny, nicer choice to get outside will be sunday. tonight breezy to windy. we stay that way em to, not as cloud -- way tomorrow, not as cloudy. sunday is the better day of the weekend to get outside. neither day is bad. next week we trend warmer but not hotter. tomorrow we'll hit 70 in concord in the afternoon, 67 for san jose and san rafael, 63 for san francisco, windy saturday. sunnier, less wind sunday. monday and tuesday we warm up. wednesday and thursday we cool down. so all in all not horrible, but it will be a hold onto your hat kind of saturday or more hairspray depending on your passion. >> we can deal with that. thanks, paul. a pack of peek peekatyous start to perform and then
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the pokemon go craze seems to have lost a little steam. >> tonight pikachu is deflating, yes. at the pokemon world festival in south korea dancers dressed up as pikachus. then the one in front started to deflate, poor thing. >> oh, no. >> men in suits rush in, tackle the pikachu and haul it off stage. pretty dramatic. bout giants christian arro >> wow. hey, straight ahead you looking for some sports sizzle tonight? well, how about giants christian arroyo going yard, that do it for you? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. ...they've played 30... >> baseball up top with the giants, usually you need 40 games to make an assessment. they played 30 and tonight worked over pretty rough. giants fans in cincinnati, a couple arroyos facing each other, bronson about to serve up christian. they're not related, but they went to the same high school in florida and they can talk about this at alumni weekend. a 2nd inning big play by the kid got the giants on the board. they trailed 3-1. matt cain,
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touched for nine runs tonight. suarez found a hole, two runs made it 5-1. cain's first loss of the season. two more giants errors, 16 hit by the reds, 13-3 the final, giants now 11-19. please help me. identify this meal. th, bases that's a big piece of meat! athletics entertained tigers 2- 0 in the 5th bases loaded. jim anusi just cleared the bases, a triple. it was all tigers tonight. final 7-2. ...draym not prac off to the nba, the warriors in salt lake game three with the jazz saturday, draymond green did not practice today, got a day to rest his knee and hip. when they go to the arena tomorrow, they'll see a lot of these nightlife t-shirts. jazz fans took offense to the warriors' complaints of a lack of pizzaz, no pep, a little
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nightlife in town. >> i might go see a movie. they got a nice movie theater by the hotel. i don't know. i'll find something to do. i always go by the saying only boring people get bored. so find something. >> yeah, nothing boring about tomorrow. you've got that jazz game with the warriors, the kentucky derby is tomorrow. do you realize over 120,000 mint juleps are consumed at the kentucky derby? >> i believe it. >> a lot of losers. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a wonderful weekend. stay safe. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mr. vice president, we just made contact with an alien. >> i see. is this alien a lady? >> uh, it's hard to tell, sir. it's an alien. i'm not sure where the genitals are or how it reproduces. >> you know, as i stated before, i won't be alone with a woman without my wife present, so let's figure this out. >> i know, sir, but this could change the course of human history. >> okay. does it look like it's wearing a skirt or


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