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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. police say fake landlord in the north bay handed over keys in exchange for sex and now at 11:00 p.m. the undercover sting operation that got him busted -- got him busted. the scam allegedly tried to prey on people in an area that has a lot of immigrants and police tell kpix 5's joe vazquez how they broke it up. >> reporter: police say the notes were posted on bulletin boards autotheist laundromat and -- inside this laundromat. he was offering apartments for rent. but police say no, it -- he was soliciting sex for money.
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>> reporter: a community group found out about the strange activity and called police. police investigators had an undercover female cop call him. sure enough, he offered an apartment for $2,000 rent here and then he went on to offer her a discount if he would have -- if she would have sex with him. >> in exchange for the person sleeping with him. in this case he did offer money. discount or an offering up of money so that is what he was doing. >> not a good thing. especially the immigrant area like this. >> reporter: police say he may have been targeting people in the district because it is a working class immigrant community where some victims may be fearful of being turned over to the feds. [ indiscernible ] >> now it is, like, out of control. >> reporter: he was booked for
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felony fraud and prostitution charges. he is out of jail after posting bond. joe vazquez, kpix 5. developing news in san jose. police exchange gunfire with the man earlier today. kpix 5's besy y on what happened -- betty yu on what happened. >> tonight san jose police investigators have their hands full. they are now looking into the third officer involved shooting in less than a week. >> we are very lucky we did not lose an officer today. >> reporter: san jose police say it could have come at the hands of this man. the back seat of the patrol car. you can see the top of the suspect's hair. this was moments after his arrest. and followed a violent morning outside a big 5 sporting goods store. the store was not open. but employees called 911 to report a suspicious person with a gun. >> as officers arrived on scene, and began giving the
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suspect commands, the suspect pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and fired at the direction of the officers. one officer returned fire. >> reporter: no one was hit. the gunman took off running. jumping over fences into the nearby home town mobile home park. he says he saw the man running up and down the street in front of his home holding a gun. armed officers swarmed the community. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she says she saw police order him to come out with his hands up and he did. the suspect also dropped the gun after he hopped over the fence. and it wasn't an ordinary weapon. >> it was reported stolen out of a burglary in 2013. he was not a suspect in the burglary. or that we know of at this point. >> reporter: at this point police say they believe the suspect is homeless. he has a history of mental illness and has been arrested
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on robbery, assault and narcotics charges. the suspect is being booked into jail on three counts of attempted 93rd attempted murder of a -- murder of a police officer. the police officer will be placed on routine administerrive leave. betty yu, kpix 5. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. police are investigating the kidnapping of an off duty uber after picking up a man and woman . they forced the driver to go to richmond to an atm where the driver escaped and contacted police. the driver was not hurt but his car and the two suspects have not been found. uber has no role in the investigation since the driver was off duty at the time. new tonight a $100 million donation to help the homeless in san francisco. a group known as the tipping point community is making the
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donation. it will be used to create permanent housing and will provide help for the mentally ill and drug abuse. the money is being raised privately and will be distributed to various agencies. a former senator mentioned the donation on our morning show. >> the tipping point is putting together $100 million of private funds to partner with the city to address the 1700 chronically homeless people, those who have been there for over a year and dealing with mental health problems. >> san francisco already spends about a quarter billion dollars a year on homeless services. a suspicious fire tonight at a south bay church is being investigated as possible arson. the san jose fire department found a shed behind the church burning before 2:00 a.m. this morning. the flames were put out before they spread to the main
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building. there were no injuries and damage was limited to the shed. north korea detained another american bringing the number of u.s. citizens held by the country to four. the man arrested yesterday worked at the university of science and technology . north korea's news agency says the person being held is accused of hostile acts against the country. >> they keep detaining american citizens at a time of great tension when the u.s.-north korea relationship is in bad shape and they do it to get bargaining chips with the united states it negotiate their release. >> the u.s. state department is aware of the report of the new arrest. it comes four days after north korea said it was holding another american. president trump reached out today the new president of
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france. president trump sent a tweet congratulating emmanuel macron. emmanuel macron told supporters he would fight to unify europe and fight terrorism. he is the youngest leader of france since napoleon. tomorrow a top justice department official in the obama administration will testify about russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. sally yates water fired in january after she refused to defend the president's travel ban in court. more from new jersey. >> reporter: ahead of monday's hearing on russia president trump focused on democrats this morning. tweeting when will the fake media ask about how many the democrats dealing with russia. sally yates will testify for the first time about her warnings about former national security adviser michael flynn.
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senator dianne feinstein. >> she has some information a as to who -- as to who knew what when that she is willing to share. >> talking to ambassadors from around the world. nothing wrong with that. >> reporter: republican committee member said -- >> what was wrong was michael flynn not being truthful about the substance of what he said. >> reporter: president trump's son and law is facing questions about conflictsflicts of interest as his sister spent the weekend promoting the family business and controversial visas in china. they grant wealthy foreigners a conditional two year green card after investing $2 million in u.s. businesses. his lawyer tells cbs news he
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has no involvement. a spokesperson also sent cbs news a statement apologizing on behalf of miss meyer if mention of her brother. the american healthcare act passed thursday and will go before the senate. some say they will write their own bill but the secretary says the house bill already provides relief. >> what we are fashioning is a system that would allow the states to tailor their medicaid program to their specific individuals, saving money and making it so they have a higher level of care than they
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currently do. >> it handles pre-existing conditions better than obama care but critics believe they will have to pay higher premiums. as republicans were passing the repeal and replace of the affordable care act senators were bracing for the potential impact. >> members we have work to do. the point is not to complain and wine. the point is to mount resistance on behalf of those we represent who depend on us to not accept what has just happened in washington, d.c. >> quit wiping and start clean -- kining and start -- wining and start leading. quit blaming republicans. this is a state that is run by one party. time to see you lead. >> one congressman is preparing to fight for healthcare. he is co-sponsor to provide
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medicare for all. why 150,000 people had their eyes on the sky this weekend and the bay area city looking to econvict people who live on the water. the new -- evict people who live on the water. the new rules to get the boats out of the bay. >> washed out roads, mountain communities cut in half. tonight a damage report on our record setting winter. >> mighty fine weather. over the weekend. how long that will last when we cover the forecast after a break. ,,
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"sanctuary cities" in the lone star state. it allow new tonight the governor of texas banned sanctuary cities in the low star state. it allows fleece ask about a person's immigration status and threatens sheriffs with jail if they don't cooperate with federal authorities. texas is the first state to ban sanctuary cities under the trump administration. in the bay area dozens of people who lived on boats for years could soon have to find new homes. the city council passed new rules this month to put a stop to the anchor lifestyle. they are concerned about safety, abandon boats and environmental impacts but the people who live on the waters say they have seen similar evection efforts before. >> every 10 to 15 years somebody who has nothing better to do get upset.
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>> still starting may 18 the city will limit the amount of time a boat can be in the water to 72 hours. after that, they will be impounded. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. our record setting winter left a mess that many of us will never see in person. kpix 5's wilson walker has a look at the after math in the mountains and the water ways clogged with acres of debris. >> epidemic event. multiple slides. cull vets that plugged up. >> reporter: every passing day feels more like spring but our winter never really went away. >> disappeared somewhere. >> reporter: he is showing us boards crossing. one of 500 sights in california where the road was no match for the storms and they are not even done adding up all all the damage. >> the high country the snow is
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very thick. we know we have damage up there but we can't get to it. >> reporter: he can also give you a tour of roads that were. >> we have a temporary mitigation as you can see. eye beam supporting the water fly . -- the water supply. >> 40 incidences that are washed out roads. >> reporter: our epidemic winter didn't just leave a mess on land. head out to the reservoir and the mouth of the river and you will run out of open water. >> estimated 40 acres combined. >> reporter: this is just some of the debris. to see the rest of us you need a tugboat to pull you through the mess.years of drought followed by record rainfall
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headed up to a debris field 4 times larger than average. some produced by the rim fire in 2013 and all has to be kept away down stream. how do you manage this much degree? you cable them together and tie them to a tree, redsy made booms provided by nature -- ready made booms provided by nature. the clean up has barely started. >> $5.8 million damage. road repair budget was $700,000. well, we wept through that in the -- went through that in the first three days. >> reporter: counties can tackle the small stuff but bigger projects require engineers, time and a lot of money. >> our county can't afford to take that kind of cost on. >> reporter: the hit to the local economy. that washed out bridge is cutting off access to a lake
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and a moose lodge and greater cost may lie ahead. boards crossing -- >> the main reason is for fire access. we want it get to it early, not late. >> reporter: communities cut off by washed out roads, lakes and rivers choked with debris. this was a winter we will be talking about and paying for for a long time. >> this clean up will go on for years. >> reporter: we did finally get some -- finally get some rain. >> be careful what you ask for. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. live over san francisco right now. clear skies over northern california. no rain in the near future but not even a hit in to the next 7 days. concord 64 degrees. oakland 56. livermore 60. san francisco 53. tomorrow morning sunshine.
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and temperatures near low 50s to start things out with and then 80 degrees inland. around the coast, in the low 60s. winds ease up. they have all weekend. tonight at this hour calm in the south bay. and temperatures under the influence of the rising high pressure will warm inland. high pressure in the desert southwest will nose over northern california. low pressure over the bay area yesterday produced a half inch of rain in san diego. it had .14 at lax. they got rain, we got wind and cooler temperatures. now we will reverse that trend. fair and chilly tonight. tomorrow 80s inland. we will cool again wednesday. but in the meantime nice and warm. including at sfo tomorrow. 73 for a high. winds to 25. and partly cloudy skies. seattle, chicago, los angeles and new york 57. 50s for over night lows
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tonight. sun up at 6:07 a.m. and then we will have highs above average tomorrow in the bay area. we will be up in to the mid-80s in the south bay. other locations mid-70s in the east bay. but 80 concord. 81 vallejo. north bay 60s. marine mid-70s. lake county you will find numbers in the 80s. nice and warm next couple days inland. at least. then wednesday the temperatures plummet 10 degrees. low 70s inland. as we get fog and low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. temperatures cooling after wednesday. next couple days nice and sunny and warm. >> thank you. up next the injured hiker airlifted to the safety. the bone she broke on a popular bay area trail. >> really pleases me to see this kind of power.
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>> the bay areaaveivation event that happens once every three years. we will take you out to travis air force coming up next. >> i am dennis o'donnell coming up on game day if he doesn't have a bubble gum card, he deserves one. we will be joined by kevin, breaking down the giants' weekend in cincinnati. warriors president unveils good news for steve kerr. >> i will be so happy when he is better. game day is coming up next. ,,,,
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on the do . a hiker is recovering tonight after she was airlifted off the mountain. she broke her ankle on the trail yesterday. she had to get hoisted out of the area by the contra costa county sheriff's office helicopter. she will make a full recovery. well, 150,000 people showed up to travis air force over the weekend for an air show that happens once every three years and kpix 5's john ramos has the story. >> really pleases me to see this kind of power and be inside such a mighty creation. >> reporter: yes, the fast movers are a crowd favorite. from the f-15 eagle to a stand
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back view of a new f-35 fighter. there was even a look back in time with a cold war era spy plane but the mission is moving equipment and supplies to wherever the troops need them. he is proud to work on a c5 galaxy. the largest cargo plane in the military that could transport up to 8 attack helicopters. >> that is our job. we are -- job. we take it really seriously. without us they would be out there with nothing. >> the show featured familiar displays but it was a reminder of the tragedy in 2014 as a pilot was killed when his plane hit the runway and took 5 minutes for rescue crews to arrive. now there are four fire engines along the runway and crews train oo arrive within one minute of a -- to arrive within
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one minute of a crash. >> transformed the industry. >> reporter: but mostly today's show was a chance to appreciate the ingenuity of man in his struggle to defy gravity. john ramos, kpix 5. still to come, how a bay area biologist planted the seed to bring back a rare blue butterfly and how you could attract them to your yard. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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off limits right now. california
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-- is making a comeback in san francisco. you will like this story. a rare butterfly found in california is making a come back in san francisco. thepopulation has declined over the years but then biologist discovered the rare butterfly only eats the california pipe vine plant. he found it growing at the san francisco botanical garden and transplanted clippings in his garden and the butterflies began oappear. >> -- to appear. >> we created a sanctuary where they are almost common here. >> you can now buy the california pipe vine plant at the botanical garden to grow at home. but takes 3 to 5 years for the plant to grow enough to support the butterfly. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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