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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 9, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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look at the conditions this tuesday morning. a live look at the bay bridge and 880 in oakland right now. we are going to get a check of the forecast and, of course, traffic. >> of course. >> of course. >> of course. it's jacqueline's favorite day of the week. >> it is. happy tuesday. >> okay. >> love the enthusiasm. >> it's my most productive day of the week. i get more done on tuesdays than any other day. >> and tuesdays i'm always dragging. >> i'm going to get all of you guys on board with the tuesday thing. >> no. i like friday. friday is still my favorite. >> you don't have to abandon friday. >> we don't have to sign up for tuesday either. i think we are pretty productive each and every day but i'm glad you like tuesday. and just because you like tuesday i have a special forecast for you. warmer day today than yesterday. visibility rye now is -- right now is unlimited. look at that view. wow, it is a terrific tuesday. looking out from sutro tower in an easterly direction towards the bright lights, look at the hills there, you can imagine them, the bright lights of the
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berkeley hills, oakland as well. temperaturewise 47 degrees in santa rosa, 54 degrees now in oakland and in san jose. the coast is clear. a little stratus off the immediate seashore but that's going to stay there. today we will experience temperatures in the 60s at the beaches. the winds right now are on the light side, under 10 everywhere. pretty bearable. bearable winds late day today, 10 to 20 miles per hour, but our numbers stacking up warmer than yesterday, low 60s at rockaway beach, 60s and low 70s around the rim of the bay to nearly 80 in mountain view. it will be 80 today in san jose, 78 degrees on monday. how about mid and high 80s east bay, almost 90 towards the delta, 84 napa. full forecast featuring a cooling trend coming up 18 after the hour. right now let's send it over to jacqueline. >> a nice and easy ride for drivers heading through oakland. take a look at this. this is 880 and your way from 238 up towards the maze there
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remains in the green. traffic on the ride, that is the northbound direction, 20 minutes up to the maze. no delays as you make your way out of livermore, but heading into livermore out of tracy, you will be tapping those brakes, speeds drop right around 37 miles per hour. that is your cruising speed. we are still in the green from 205 out towards 680, tracking our travel time, a little over 20 minutes so not too bad but if you want to avoid the roadways, you can use mass transit, b.a.r.t. running right on time. >> thank you. in just a few hours, we should learn the fate of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the jury is expected to read the verdict in the case. kpix5's anne makovec has been following the trial and joins us live outside the courthouse. anne. >> reporter: the jury had so much circumstantial evidence to deal with in this case. the burden of proof of course is on the state and this verdict is going to be read here at 9:00 this morning. the defendant, antolin garcia torres, he is charged with
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capital murder in the disappearance of sierra lamar who disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill in 2012 so that was five years ago. her body has never been found. the prosecution highlighted forensic evidence throughout this case, like sierra's clothing fibers in garcia torres' car, her hair in a rope on his -- in his trunk and his dna on her jeans. the challenge for the prosecution is that there is no body and no crime scene. garcia torres is also accused of trying to kidnap three other women in 2009. and at the end of closing arguments last thursday, we heard from sierra's father. >> it's been a long trial but it's just a blink of an eye compared to how much time we haven't had sierra with us, so it's not anything. now we wait and we pray and we hope for justice for sierra. >> reporter: throughout the three month trial the defense
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tried to cast doubt on the dna evidence saying it may have been tampered with. the defense suggests that sierra lamar was unhappy at home and simply ran away. the defendant has never spoken in his own defense. again, we are expecting this verdict to be read this morning at 9:00 a.m. and antolin garcia torres is eligible for the death penalty should he be found guilty. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix5. today san jose city council considers immediately enacting an ordinance that prevents landlords from evicting people without a reason. the council recently approved a policy putting a stop to no cause evictions. at least nine tenants claimed they have been handed evacuation notices since that ordinance was passed. now mayor sam ricardo joins the council members who says an urgency ordinance would -- emergency ordinance would prevent -- steering young people away from flavored tobacco products. kpix5's jessica flores is live
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in oakland on the ban they are introducing this afternoon. jessica. >> reporter: michelle, oakland city council will consider banning all flavored tobacco products. now, their big motive here is to keep kids away from trying these products. federally there is no ban on candy or fruit flavored cigarettes but when it comes to cigars -- excuse me, there is a ban on those candy and fruit flavored cigarettes, but when it comes to cigars, tobacco and videotape oil -- vape oil, there is no federal regulation. oakland wants to keep shops from selling any of those flavored tobacco products. san francisco is also considering a ban, leaders from both cities say big tobacco uses flavored products to entice young people to try the product. >> big tobacco is a predator and they are guilty of profiling, always looking for new customers to backfill the ones that their product has killed. >> reporter: oakland wouldn't be the first east bay city to
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take a stand against big tobacco. berkeley bans flavored tobacco products near schools. now, today city council members will be here at franco galo plaza on the steps, they will be announcing this piece of legislation at 4:00 p.m. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. >> thank you. more questions this week about the u.s. role in afghanistan and the trump administration's connection to russia. >> and these concerns come just as a new and not so flattering biography of former president obama hits bookstores this morning. for more insight, we turn to our washington insider, mark sandalow. what's the buzz about this new biography? >> reporter: good morning. this is nine years in the making, 1500 pages. this is written by pulitzer prize historian david garyo. this is not the most flattering picture of barack -- barack obama. it makes him sound like a calculating man who early in his life in his 20s decided he
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wanted to be president of the united states and in order to do that, he needed to embrace his african-americanism. he had a white girlfriend who he said, according to this book, that a white wife was not going to let him go too far in african-american politics. there's no law against calculating and ambition and in fact probably you need a huge degree of that to succeed at the level barack obama did. but now that he's left office, this book presents a picture of him which is probably not the way that a lot of his supporters would like to see him portrayed. >> let's shift gears a little bit. president trump, meanwhile, has some decisions to make this week on afghanistan. >> reporter: so the pentagon has presented a plan that's been circulated where about two or 3000 troops would be added to afghanistan and the pentagon would have new powers to on its own go after the taliban much more vigorously. what's interesting about this, if you go back it has been
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since october of 2001, shortly after the terrorist attack that the united states has been at war with afghanistan. that not only makes it the longest war in american history, 16 years, it also makes the third president, president trump, bush, obama, trump who have all felt it necessary to continue a war there. it is something that is seen in that intelligence which still is not apparent, i don't think, to the american people that tells each of these presidents all of whom have said we need to get out of afghanistan, that it's critical to keep an american presence there. at some point some of that intelligence is probably going to have to be made more public. >> finally, what did we learn from yesterday's congressional hearing on the trump administration dealing -- administration's dealing with russia? >> sally yates, she talked about what had been wildly reported but she confirmed under oath that she, six days after donald trump was inaugurated, went to the white house and told them that michael flynn, their national
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security advisor, was a security risk because they had evidence he was not being truthful when he said he hadn't spoken to the russians before he became national security advisor about sanctions being put on them. what's remarkable about this story is this, at the time nothing was done. trump did nothing. about two weeks later the "washington post," who trump berated as fake news, printed this story and trump said this is ridiculous, and then a week later flynn was fired. it makes it look very, very clearly as if the trump administration wasn't so much worried about flynn's russian connections as they were it becoming public and getting caught with it. that was what was disturbing out of yesterday's hearing. >> mark sandalow live in washington, d.c., thank you. two northern california men killed in a plane crash at lake berryessa. why coworkers say the men were always pushing the limits of what's possible. new parking restrictions in effect in one south bay city.
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good morning from our kpix5 weather center, where today we are forecasting a warmer day than yesterday but i'll talk about the cooldown and we will check in with our weather watchers. and it's been a pretty smooth ride so far, but we are seeing a few delays. are they slowing down your commute? find out coming up. ,,,,,,,, ,$8drw
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lice in arizon good morning. our time check now is 5:13 on this tuesday, may 9th. we are going to show you a beautiful view from san jose, thanks to photographer gym flanagan -- jim flanagan who is positioning to almost nearly full moon. it is 98% illuminated, on its way to becoming the full moon actually tomorrow. we get a little glimpse of it tonight before the low clouds push on back in. that marine layer is going to affect our forecast. we will talk about that as a cooldown begins tomorrow and that's in less than four minutes. police in arizona have announced an arrest in a mysterious string of deadly shootings. nine people were killed in 12 separate attacks in phoenix from march to july of last year. police say tips from the community led them to 23-year- old aaron sa sade doe who was already -- sa sade saucedo.
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the accident happened yesterday morning near the eesh end of the lake at a spot called little portuguese cove. the victims have been identified as john murray car cow and kyrie sever. both were pilots who worked in vacaville. parkow worked as an experimental test pilot. friends of both say they will be remembered as pioneers. >> a lot of people out there doing touchdowns with their boats, their float boats and stuff like that so it's fairly common to have a lot of planes up here at the lake. >> the plane had been flying for about 20 minutes before the crash. investigators still don't know what brought it down. new parking restrictions on now in effect in palo alto. anyone parking on naked streets near downtown will necessity -- neighborhood streets near downtown will need a permit to stay in the spot for more than two hours. the restrictions in effect from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. 5:14. get a check of the traffic with
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jacqueline, who has had a very busy morning as she always does about tuesdays is her day. she is on it. >> she is the most efficient and gets everything done, right, jacqueline? >> that's right. my favorite day. i will be running around all morning long. we are tracking some minor slowdowns for drivers making their way out of livermore, as you head on westbound 580 and heading over towards 680 there. you're going to be tapping the brakes. we have speeds with our travel times showing in the green, 23 minute ride. however, you can see speeds drop as you head out of tracy. your cruising speed, just under 25 miles per hour. so we are starting to see the brake lights there. out of antioch, still looking okay. westbound highway 4 still in the green as you head over to hercules, still at that 30 minute mark, making your way over to the bay bridge toll plaza, everyone on their best driving behavior, no metering lights just yet. although they will likely turn those on here within the next few minutes. we are tracking an easy ride as you make your way across the span from the maze into
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downtown, still under a 20 minute ride. heads up if you are traveling to the east bay today on the lower deck of the bay bridge, crews will be having alternating lane closures so one lane will be closed until at least 2:00 p.m. you could experience some slowdowns headed in that rectio check on the forecast now with roberta. >> we are going to have sunshine from the coast all the way into our inland areas. take a look at this very quickly here, it's our live weather camera from our kpix5 studios at broadway and battery street, looking over the embarcadero and pier 9. look up above the bay bridge. can you see it there? that's the morning star. that's venus. we can see it because the skies are clear. a few high, thin cirrus clouds draped across the horizon from our mountain vacca cam. isn't that gorgeous? it was 85 degrees yesterday in vacaville, today a couple of degrees even warmer than that, flirting with 90. today's numbers out the door, 47 degrees in santa rosa to 53 in san francisco, 54 in
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oakland, we have 53 with the clear skies in redwood city and in san jose 54. the winds are under 10 miles per hour everywhere but again for the second day in a row, the winds are all over the place, west at seven, sfo, west- southwest at half moon bay. calm in pleasanton, east in livermore, west now in antioch, so you're getting the gist of all of this. verifiable winds and increasing later 10 to 20. say good morning to dave and his co-pilot there, yeager, reporting 50 degrees, say the moon is shining through the thin layer of clouds in napa. you know, dave, that's spot on. i had the same scenario this morning as i began my commute out of pleasanton, almost a full moon. it will be entirely full tomorrow. about 98% waxing today. huge ridge of high pressure, we still have the departure of that area of low pressure and you notice the lines here, it's a pressure gradient, those winds up to 20 later today. here's your futurecast. what i have done is gotten a series of computer models, i
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segued them together, edited them together so you can come up with your own forecast. lunch hour today, clear skies at the coast. good looking day to eat lunch outdoors in justin justin herman plaza. this time tomorrow morning, the clouds gathering around the san mateo coast and then thicken as the day progresses and push onshore to by thursday morning we have the reaching sfo clouds and the fog, the marine layer a good 50 miles inland and you have to imagine a lot of cooler air mass aloft. that's what's going to bring down the temperatures. light rain offshore by thursday morning. temperatures today from the 60s in pacifica back in through colma into daly city. playing our numbers out into the 70s and 80s around the peninsula today, 70s to 80s to the north, 80 in san jose, upper 78 degrees yesterday. today 83 degrees in livermore. 87 degrees towards fairfield and also discovery bay,
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brentwood, tracy, orwood. enhancement of the marine layer on wednesday. and on thursday a little bit more mild over next weekend. play ball. it's been so exciting. you have to admit it, oakland as baseball is exciting. three walkoff wins in a row, playing host to the angels tonight. we have cotton, he's great. he's on the mound for the good guys tonight. game time temperature in the 60s. go as. hey, kenny, i think you are talking about one of my favorite people on the planet today. >> jimmy kimmel, that's who we are talking about. he returned to his show last night, one week after he revealed that his son was born with a heart condition. last week he made an emotional speech about how important it is for everyone to have access to healthcare. last night he had a message for his critics. >> and i would like to apologize for saying that children in america should have healthcare, it was insensitive. it was a offensive and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. >> kimmel at his best. he also gave an update on his son billy. says he's back home and doing
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well. he's sleeping, eating and getting bigger. a lot of people are sharing this next video, it's something you don't want to see while riding your bicycle. a man captured it on his helmet cam when he was mountain biking in slow valk i can't -- slovakia. he was following his friend down a trail when a huge bear jumped in front of him. the man in the back started yelling to get the other guy's attention. the bear ended up running back into the woods. oreo fans, listen up, there are new limited edition flavors. the first one could make your taste buds explode called fire work and standard made with -- and it's made with pop rocks. there's also word that the company will release a waffle and syrup flavor cookie and mississippi mud pie oreo later this summer. if those flavors aren't good enough, you think you have a better idea, nabisco is holding a flavor contest. the grand prize is half a million dollars. you can enter on twitter and instagram using the #myoreocreation.
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and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on our thursday morning show. ,,,,,,
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the first time in nba history two teams are started the postseason 8-0. two days ago was the cavs. last night the warriors. mike brown wanted golden state to start fast in utah and man did they respond. first quarter, missed the shot. warriors up 24 points. utah used a 4-0 run to get back in it. little resistance from the blue jerseys, the warriors lead was down to six in the third. check out the tough shot by steph curry over rudy gobert. combined for 51 points. draymond green was filling the stat sheet as well. one of his 11 assists. he had his third career playoff triple double. fourth quarter and the warriors pull away. curry knocks it down from the top of the key. warriors win 121-95. and they sweep the jazz. they now wait for either the spurs or the rockets in the western conference finals.
5:25 am
>> i guess tonight on tnt the guys were complaining that your series was boring too. >> worst playoffs ever. >> that's not the worst playoffs ever. >> ever, chuck? >> ever. >> basketball playoffs are boring and these two dominant teams on a collision course. what do you think about that? >> blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. >> the warriors moving onto the conference finals. tell you real quickly, the giants lose in a walkoff to the new york mets. the as, they win their third straight game and a walkoff with a jed lowrie home run. they are red hot. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. we've got the play of the day. blue jays and indians, we have already seen kevin pillar from trent a couple of -- toronto a couple of times this season but may be his best work. take a look at this. >> ramirez with a line drive to deep centerfield, oh, no, you have to be kidding me. >> wow, look at that catch.
5:26 am
pillar js teammates can't believe it. makes a spectacular catch on that dead sprint, saves at least two runs and that would have been the margin in the game. jays win it 4-2 and pillar with your play of the day. and i'm sandra osborne live in studio. a local congressman is making a big accusation about the president's colluding with russia but does he have any proof? we will have details on his claims coming up. and in a few hours we will know the verdict in the trial of the man accused of killing sierra lamar, we will review some of the facts in this case next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. 49ers legend joe montana
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files a lawsuit in connection with the infamous sinking high- rise in san francisco. and a big victory for tenants rights advocates in one south bay city. well, our oakland as are certainly hot and the weather is warming up. i will pinpoint the warmest day for this workweek. yes, we are tracking a few new hot spots. we are definitely seeing a backup over at that bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. coming up we will take a look at how far that backup stretches as well as a few other incidents we are tracking for you. good morning, it is tuesday, may 9th. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm michelle griego. in less than four hours we should learn the verdict for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the jury is expected to read it at 9:00 this morning. anne makovec has been following the case and joins us live outside the courthouse. anne. >> reporter: i've been following this case for five years, and sierra lamar's body has never been found so we are dealing with a lot of circumstantial evidence in this case and the defendant is
5:31 am
eligible for the death penalty if he is found guilty of capital murder. antolin garcia torres has pleaded not guilty in the case of the 15-year-old sierra lamar. she disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill in 2012. garcia was arrested after investigators found her dna on his -- his dna on her jeans in a field near her home. sierra's dna was then found on an interior back seat door handle and on the outside of a pair of work gloves in garcia torres' car. the defense suggests that sierra lamar was unhappy at home and just ran away. >> the defense did a good job of relating to the jury in what is a very difficult case when you talk about the kidnapping and murder of a teenager. >> reporter: garcia torres is also accused of trying to kidnap three other women in
5:32 am
2009. now, if he is found guilty, we will move to the second phase of this trial, the penalty phase, and the jurors will weigh if there are enough mitigating factors to give him the death penalty. he has never spoken out in his own defense. this verdict will be read at 9:00 this morning. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix5. today we expect to hear more witness testimony in the trial of three santa clara county jail guards charged with murder. deputies jarre, rafael and matthew ferris are charged with the beating death of michael tie rein august 2015. text messages to and from fairer took center stage in court yesterday. in one exchange ferris wrote to another guard about a troublesome inmate saying, quote, we got him, bro. he was expletive ha ha, the guard texted back i want to hit him today. that guard took the stand and told jurors the texts were, quote, sarcasm and banter.
5:33 am
>> if any of you are foolish enough to use text messaging that i can go back into your text messages and make something out of them that doesn't exist. they will be explained. and they are not a conspiracy to do anything. >> all three men have pleaded not guilty. state water officials say they are facing half a billion dollars of debt to fix the oroville spillway. the department of water resources says it borrowed the money from wells fargo. so far it spent 67 million to fix the oroville spillway responsible for thousands of evacuations this winter. president trump has declared a major emergency over the spillway crisis and now the state will reportedly seek reimbursement for 75% of the repair bill from the feds. time check, 5:33. what's in store for us today? >> i was just pulling up on my different weather cameras, i love doing it, i'm driving all the cameras and i wanted to pick one of the best ones so you can get a good idea on what to expect as you head out the door this morning. the skies are clearing, only a
5:34 am
few high, thin cirrus clouds and, bam, what do you think? >> yes, pretty. >> we are looking out towards the island from the embarcadero past pier 9 and i used the flag to gauge the wind speed as well. winds have been under 5 miles per hour this morning in san francisco. otherwise it's 47 degrees now in santa rosa. we are in the 50s around the rim of the bay, 51 degrees in the trivalley. 53 redwood city. we have a couple of clouds off the coast, very shallow decks of low clouds developing right there behind me. we also have these clouds that have been developing around inverness through bodega bay. we will enjoy sunshine from the coast through the bay into our inland areas. now, our winds again are under 10 but they are variable. west-southwest fairfield we have a south-southeast in berkeley, winds later today, variable 10 to 20. here are three things you need to know about this forecast.
5:35 am
today pans out to be the warmest day of the workweek, significant cooling begins tomorrow and then all the way through the weekend pretty much below average temperatures, albeit on the mild side. pinpointing your forecast today, 60s, a string of 60s backing all the way to monterra beach. this does include ocean beach and the sunset district. 60s, 70s around the lip of the bay today to 78 degrees at mountain view. talking 80 in san jose which is well above average and up from yesterday's high of 78 degrees, low 80s around santa rosa back in through healdsburg into occidental. approaching nearly 90 from fairfield into vacaville and approaching the delta, brentwood, also discovery bay, byron and orwood and low 70s from berkeley to oakland to richmond. we will talk about the cooldown that will occur at 48 after the hour. right now send it over to jacqueline. right now we are tracking problems for drivers. if you're heading over towards the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on, pretty typical for this time of morning. the backup stretches to the
5:36 am
maze and now we are getting reports of a big rig crash. two big rigs got into it. this is on the upper deck heading westbound right as you're heading into the tunnel. now, we will take a look just past those metering lights and it looks like traffic is still moving okay, but we will continue to keep a close eye on that. bridge crews trying to get that cleared off as quickly as possible. san mateo bridge in the green, 16 minutes from hayward over to foster city. getting a little crowded out there. so likely to jump into the yellow there any minute. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it over to you, kenny. today a vote scheduled in oakland on a measure that would require the city council to approve any new police surveillance equipment. been under discussion since the battle over a centralized surveillance center was announced back in 2013. it would have allowed police to monitor feeds from city traffic cameras, license plate readers and cameras at public schools among other sources. concerns about the secrecy surrounding the project forced the city to scale it down
5:37 am
considerably. local congressman is making a big statement and an accusation about president trump and ties to russia but the trouble may be lack of proof. >> kpix5's sandra osborne is live in the studio with a look at democratic representative eric swalwell's claim. >> he represents california's 15th district which covers most of alameda county and if you have looked at his twitter account in the last year or his website you will see his thoughts posted about the president and russia. well, yesterday on cnn he says he has seen classified information convincing him of ties between donald trump and russia. >> there is a public information that we discussed, you assert that at points of collusion we were questioning if it does have you seeing things on the classified side that you cannot tell us about, though, that is even stronger evidence than what is out there publicly. >> yes. >> okay. so there are things that you cannot tell us that you think are more, you know, perhaps
5:38 am
more convincing than the public information? >> there's a pattern here, john, on the classified and unclassified side of deep personal, political and financial ties that donald trump and people in his family, in his businesses and on his campaign had with a foreign adversary in russia that converged at the same time that russia was interfering with our campaign. >> and swalwell was pressed for any further proof, he did not give that but he did go on to say that there was evidence of collusion. now, the president took to twitter yesterday on the topic tweeting these two statements back to back, first, quote, director clapper reiterated what everybody including the fake media already knows. there is no evidence of collusion with russia and trump. he also tweeted this, the russia-trump collusion story is a total hoax. when will this taxpayer funded sha charade end? former super bowl mvp joe
5:39 am
montana is suing the developers of san francisco's sinking tower, the lawsuit alleges the millennium tower has sunk a total of 16 inches since 2008. the developers knew about it and they failed to tell prospective owners like himself. the city of san francisco has launched an investigation to figure out what went wrong and determine if it's fixable. there's new information about rent control in mountain view. the california apartment association is dropping their lawsuit against the city. the group says that they will likely lose the case because of the judicial climate. they wanted to challenge the measure voters approved last year, calls for rent rollbacks to 2015 levels on apartments built before february 1st, 1995. last week the government reported that u.s. worker productivity has fallen to a near 35-year low. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger shares some practical tips on how we can use our time more efficiently. how can we better focus our attention during the workweek?
5:40 am
>> reporter: you start by establishing a routine and then, of course, challenge, you've got to stick to it. of course more work hours does not mean more productivity. and we tend to be more focused and efficient when we have a limited time horizon. so you want to schedule your day, group those meetings and communications into specific blocks, then a separate block can be really maintained for uninterrupted work, that's when you can complete those harder tasks that require deeper concentrated thought. always prioritize your days past. the one thing you really need to get done during the day and of course don't forget to schedule a few breaks in between. >> always comes down to discipline, jill. so the things that we are supposed -- were supposed to make us more efficient have become a distraction in many ways so what should we do? >> reporter: okay. let's admit it, we are dithering on our phones, surfing social media and it has been a -- has become a time suck. that's limiting our ability to
5:41 am
focus on more important and worthwhile activities. to help you out, schedule the periods of time when you're allowed to use the internet and engage on social. the rest of the day stay away. you know that even glancing briefly at your in box or looking at your friend's facebook page reduces your cognitive capacity to focus. it also takes a long time to get back to what you were doing. so consider using auto responders, letting people know you don't respond to e-mails during certain times of the day and, of course, limit the number of apps on your phone, turn off those push alerts and sounds for text messages to prevent interruptions. you will probably become more productive but even better, i think you're going to be a little happier. >> time to delete some certain apps that are distracting. jill schlesinger this morning from new york city, jill, thank you so much. >> like temple run. >> snapchat. >> yeah, exactly. 5:41. people on both sides of canada are dealing with historic floods this morning. we will have a closer look at all the damage.
5:42 am
in oakland it's shaping up to be a big blow against tobacco. i'm jessica flores with the story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
flooding. search and rescu there's a state of emergency in canada because of deadly flooding. research and rescue crews are looking for any residents who might be trapped in their homes or cars. this is what it looks like in quebec. we are told that at least three people are missing, more than 1000 military members are helping victims right now pack up and get out. the storm system is also causing problems on the other side of the country in british, columbia. authorities believe that two men were swept away in a mudslide. the slide also destroyed several homes. >> the house up behind it had a giant hole in the basement that covers about 50% of the basement from what we could see
5:45 am
and there was water raging through it and logs coming through. >> authorities say that this is the heaviest amount of rain the region has seen in nearly 50 years. today in oakland, big tobacco is seeing pushback from city officials. kpix5's jessica flores is live in oakland on the flavored tobacco ban they are introducing this afternoon. jessica. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. oakland city council leaders will consider banning all tobacco products that are flavored, candy flavored, fruit flavored and they are doing that today. federally there's already a ban on candy and fruit flavored cigarettes but when it comes to cigars, tobacco and vape oil, that's the issue, there's no federal regulation. san francisco is also considering a flavored tobacco products ban, leaders from both cities say big tobacco uses flavored products to entice young people to try tobacco. but shop owners say a possible ban could have its own negative consequences. >> people with backpacks out on
5:46 am
the street selling singles out of backpacks that are not regulated, i mean, that's what's going to happen, a black market is going to exist. is that the way we want to go? >> reporter: and oakland wouldn't be the first east bay city to take a stand against big tobacco. berkeley bans flavored tobacco products near school. today city council members will be here at franco ogawa plaza at 4:00 p.m. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. we have learned that more and more millennials are passing on six packs and embracing local wines instead. california wineries saw a boost in revenue last year with sales totaling $34 billion, and many local growers say 20 and 30 something customers are to thank. this customer base is apparently willing to try all kinds of varieties of premium products grown throughout california. leave it to the millennials. >> yeah, they are so entitled. sorry.
5:47 am
>> oh. >> ouch. >> outside voice. >> you said that out loud. >> i would say that the millennials are kind of like the godfather. they like wine more than i used to. yeah, from i godfather. i drink wine more than i used to. >> take the gun and leave the cannoli, i remember that. >> you know what i like about that? livermore valley if you want to bring in your own bottle of wine to a restaurant, as long as it's the livermore wine they cut the price on the corkage fee. isn't that cool? >> yeah, it is cool. >> have you been to the livermore valley lately? >> no. i have to go there. >> let me show you the way. >> you're the expert. >> i love my valley, i do. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> we will leave it at that. >> i love the valley too. we are tracking some problems, though, that we do need to hit the roads. right now this motorcycle crash, this is along northbound 880 right at north first street. the motorcycle down, it looks like at that off-ramp there. typical to see a lot of motorcycle crashes when we have
5:48 am
nice weather, so be on the lookout, remember to check those mirrors before you change lanes. okay, so we will take it over to the san mateo -- excuse me, the richmond san rafael bridge and you can see a little bit of a backup at that toll plaza, nothing major so write home about. your ride along 880 heading through oakland getting a little crowded, northbound direction, those tail lights, we are in the green tracking our -- the maze very busy, very crowded. we have the metering lights on, traffic is backed up beyond the foot of the maze there and it's spreading onto the east shore freeway but we are also tracking an earlier accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge, so do expect delays. it doesn't -- it looks like -- it doesn't look like the lanes are blocked anymore but seeing the residual slowdowns so your drive around 30 minutes making your way from the maze into downtown. supercommuters, westbound 580 from the altamont pass towards 680 in the yellow, 30 minute ride. that is a check of your
5:49 am
traffic. i will send it over to you, roberta. >> i have a special treat for you today, good morning, everyone, at 5:49, take a look at our live weather camera from treasure island looking at the beautiful skyline of san francisco. isn't that glorious? it's so pretty. and you can see the rising tower there spanning over 1000 feet tall. you can see how it eclipses the transamerica pyramid at 853 feet but boy, what a stunning morning with unlimited visibility. another view this time around from san francisco looking out towards treasure yard and yasha baena island, a few high, thin cirrus clouds. take a look at that. isn't that glorious? even jacqueline is turning her head to take a look at that. we have that finger of fog working its way in towards the gulf coast gulf coast this morning -- golden gate bridge this morning. the fog bank is shallow and will dial back to the immediate seashore today and ample sunshine from the beaches to the bay into our inland areas.
5:50 am
the winds west-southwest at four around the half moon bay area. west-southwest at four in fairfield. these winds become a little bit more variable later today, 10 to 20 miles per hour. good morning. jerry antioch, 58 degrees, linda fairfield, clear skies in the low 50s, and katie just woke up and checked in with us at hayward. she is reporting clear skies, gentle breeze, 52 degrees, thanks for playing along with us. we have high pressure right here, holding for one more day as this scoots in and that pushes to the south and it jets to the east, we have a pressure gradient, that's why we pick up the winds to 20. here's your futurecast during the afternoon hours, clear skies in the north bay to the santa clara valley, then the clouds gather. by this time tomorrow morning you will feel the difference with an enhanced marine layer, even a little bit of localized condensation and cooler air mass aloft reaching all the way at least 50, 60 miles into our inland area. cooldown begins on wednesday. 6:05 officially is our sunrise but we are already seeing a
5:51 am
glimpse of what's going to pan out to be a terrific tuesday. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s bay side, 70s around the peninsula to the 80s away from the bay. the temperatures away from the bay, easily a good five to eight and even 10 degrees above average. 87 degrees my outside number today towards the delta. low 70s, look at that drop-off in temperatures on wednesday, thursday, friday and then moderate temperatures over the weekend. a little bit more seasonal. that's a look at your wednesday forecast. we will be right back with kenny, michelle and jacqueline right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ ♪ good morning and we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see traffic nice and light, easy driving conditions as you head on into the city. those headlights making their way southbound. different story at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are also tracking a few new hot spots that could slow you down. the details on that coming up. chaos at the ft. lauderdale airport. hundreds of passengers were stranded when spirit airlines cancelled flights. >> several people posted videos online last night. passengers were clashing with deputies when they tried to
5:55 am
break up the fights. total of nine spirit flights were cancelled. the airline says the pilots association is to blame. they claim that the pilots are refusing to fly if they don't figure out labor negotiations. an east bay man attacked by the mob of teens who rushed a b.a.r.t. train and robbed people has now claimed -- filed a claim against the agency which opens the door for a lawsuit. rusty zap was with -- stapp was with his wife, he teens ran into his car, two suspects started punching him and a third started kicking him. state lawmakers are considering a proposal that would allow bicyclists to legally roll through stop signs but could take a few years to clear legislative hurdles. the bill faced strong opposition yesterday prompting lawmakers to hold it until next year. opponents of this bill say if passed, it would encourage bad habits that might leave too much up to the bicyclist's discretion but supporters say
5:56 am
in idaho where it is legal to yield at stop signs, bicycle injury crashes have dropped 14%. >> not all intersections have a lot of cars going through and if it's more of a yield thing, it's more convenient for bikers in general. >> the earliest date a final vote would be anticipated is in january of next year. time now 5:56. working towards transparency, next when the san francisco police chief plans to talk with the public about the investigation into a recent officer-involved shooting. and a verdict in the case of the man accused of killing sierra lamar, that verdict will be read in three hours. coming up we will hear from a man who has been searching for the teenager since the beginning five years ago. the details on the case next. ,, whoa!
5:57 am
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6:00 am
in just hours a resolution will be revealed in a high profile bay area murder case that's stretched on for five years now. plus the warning former acting u.s. attorney general sally yates says she gave the white house. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, may 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's start first with weather and traffic this morning. jacqueline tracking our morning commute. >> good morning and happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. >> we are tracking a couple of problems out there on the roadways. could slow you down if you are heading through san jose, a motorcycle accident and the problem with that, we are going to see a lot of those over the next coming weeks as the weather is nicer, everyone is hitting the roadways on the two wheels so please be careful if you're making your way, this is along the northbound 880 as you are approaching north first street. not really causing much of a backup right now but the delays building along southbound 101 typical for this time of morning. heading out of tracy into


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