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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 10, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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tells the f-b-i director.. you're fired. tonight: bay area democrats question the motives.. and demand an >> president trump tells the fbi director you are fired. tonight, bay area democrats question the motives and demand an independent investigation. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. james comey got the ax in the midst of an fbi probe into russia's possible interference in the u.s. election. kpix5's andria borba joins us in the news room. >> reporter: this is only the second time an fbi director has been fired on the job in the history of the agency. it is a change for the president who last month said he supported james comey. in this letter hand delivered to fbi headquarters, president trump fired fbi director james comey. it reads in part, i greatly appreciate you informing me on
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three separate occasions that i'm not under investigation. it is essential we find new leadership for the fbi that restores public trust and confidence in this vital law enforcement in addition. comey was in los angeles, not washington dc at the time. and apparently thought agents were playing a joke on him. when he saw the news flash across a tv screen. jared huffman who was minutes away from conducting a town hall meeting in san rafael said this. >> there is an obvious next step. we have to have a special prosecutor. we know that attorney general sessions has been recused from these things. it is time for the department of justice to make a decision. we have to have a special prosecutor. >> reporter: kpix5 security analyst jeff harp, former assistant special agent in charge of the san francisco fbi office says even without a director, even during an
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investigation into russian election tampering, americans shouldn't worry. >> the agents work independently. even within the fbi, if you are working a counterintelligence investigation, it is compartmentalized. you can sit right next to a squad conducting investigations on any other intelligence activities and one doesn't know what the other is doing. >> reporter: the fbi agents association in a statement asked for an independent fair minded person to be appointed to the post. in a testy ex-change with anderson cooper, kellyanne conway defended the firing. >> i will ignore how unkind that is and says as president of the united states, he needs confidence in his fbi director. >> when was the moment he lost confidence? >> reporter: deputy director andrew mccabe will be taking
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control until a replacement is bill clinton is the only other president who has fired an fbi director. the firing of comey has drawn comparisons to richard nixson's saturday night massacre. andria borba, kpix5. he was supposed to speak in a recruiting event. instead, he boarded a plane and flew back to washington dc. bay area democrats weighing in. congressman eric swalwell told cnn president trump's actions are disturbing. >> the president can't fire who investigating him. elijah cummings and i wrote ledgelation for an independent commission. we think that is the best way to get to the bottom of what happened.
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>> house minority leader nancy pelosi says we cannot standby and watch a cover-up of the possible collusion with a hostile foreign power to undermine american democracy. and this from senator diane finestein. the next fbi director must be strong, independent, and will receive a fair hearing in the judiciary committee. president trump called senator chuck schumer from new york to tell him he was firing comey. he had this to say. >> mr. president, in all due respect, you are making a very big mistake. and he didn't really answer. and, i have said from the get go i think a special prosecutor is the way to go. but now, with what has happened, it is the only way to go. >> tonight, the president tweeted crying chuck schumer stated recently i do not have confidence in him, james comey
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any longer then acts so indignant. #draintheswamp. here is a sneak peek at the front page of the new york times. they are dedicated to firing of comey. same thing for the washington post. one headline reads the immediate echo. saturday night massacre. james comey is the latest official fired by president trump. others on the list, the former acting attorney general sally yates. former national security adviser, michael flynn, the former u.s. attorney barara and angela reed. tomorrow, president trump is scheduled to meet with russia's top diplomat at the white house. now, to a high profile bay area murder trial. tonight, a family finally has justice. >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar has been found guilty though her body has never been
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found. mark sayre is live in san jose with the verdict and reaction. >> reporter: well, ken, just after five years after sierra lamar went missing, tonight, the guilty verdict is resonating not only with her family, but also for residents of morgan hill. antolin garcia-torres bowed his head when the verdict was read aloud. guilty of the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. >> what was the first thing to go there your mind? >> sierra. and then, a rush of emotions from five years of waiting. >> reporter: it took 12 hours of deliberation for the jury to reach a verdict. it was a huge victory for the prosecution tasked with proving murder though syria's body was never found. >> we felt very confident about the evidence we h have. >> reporter: kpix5's len ramirez was in the courthouse as the verdict was read. >> during that time, there was an intense rush of emotions you could tell were going through
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that courtroom, people were embracing and high fiving. there were sobs. >> reporter: it started here in morgan hill. friday, march 16, 2012. sierra lamar set out to catch a school bus. but she was never seen again. her clothing and personal belongings later found in the fields nearby. later that evening, her mom called 911. >> sad, heartbreaking. just glad to see him off the streets. >> reporter: morgan hill residents say this case has been a tragedy. >> the mystery of why. and ... you know, that is all i could say. because we were all like traumatized. >> reporter: for the family, none of this brings back sierra, though they are very grateful for the ongoing support of the community. >> never the same. never the same. it changes your life forever. >> reporter: now, garcia torres will be back in court one week
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from today. that is where the very same jury that convicted him today will decide on a punishment. either life in prison, or, the death penalty. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix5. >> there is a closer look at the time line in the sierra lamar case. she disappeared march 16, 2012. her cell phone, her clothes, and a bag were found a few days later. garcia-torres, arrested may 21. more than a month after investigators seized his car looking for dna evidence. may, 2014, the district attorney announces that he will seek the death penalty against garcia-torres. the trial begins january of this year, the jury heard 13 weeks of testimony. we have new video that makes you wonder what is going on with air travelers? the plane had landed in burbank from dallas and was headed to oakland. kpix5's joe vasquez shows us
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the fight on the flight. >> reporter: as the cell phone video begins it looks like a wrestling match. who men are angry with each other as their southwest airlines plane from dallas taxis in on sunday morning. the fight gets even more violent. one guy just starts whaling on the other. he connected one punch after another. passengers tried to break it up. then both men end up rolling on top of a flight attendant who is trying to make peace. >> stop it! ouch! >> i saw her coming down, she was running down the aisle and she got trapped. >> reporter: michael krouse says it was an absolutely normal quiet flight until they landed and fists started flying. >> the guy just started hitting the other guy over and over again until a couple of guys web over to help break it up. >> reporter: they separated. police are called. 37-year-old chase cable of
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lancaster is the man throwing the punches, he is arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. the other man had a cut to his nose and chipped tooth and bruised eye. the next stop in his flight, oakland international airport. though we don't know if that was his final destination. what started the fight is not clear, nobody else was hurt. southwest airlines went onto praise its employees that managed 4,000 flights and half a million customers every day. in oakland, joe vasquez, kpix5: tonight, an attack at a san francisco bart station is being investigated as a hate crime. a man says he was waiting for a train at the powell street station yesterday when another man came up, called him several gay slurs and punched him. the suspect was wearing a black security uniform. he got on a pittsburgh bay point train and disappeared.
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oakland is talking about a whole new department to prevent violence. christin ayers reports it is touching off a fight between city leaders. >> reporter: tonight, donald lacey brought daughters of his daughter to oakland's public safety meeting. >> she was murdered at 16. across the street from her high school. an innocent victim to a shooting. >> reporter: he is holding out hope the city will stop murders like his daughter. >> we need to have an entity to deal directly with this particular issue. >> reporter: it is council member lannett's brain child. >> this is the number one issue. >> reporter: with an aggressive plan for bringing gun violence down 80% in the next few years. >> we just believe that the mayor's stated goal of 10% is too low. too slow. >> reporter: her request for a department of violence prevention is meeting resistance from the city
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administrators office. a new report claims the proposal would direct funds toward increased administrative expenses instead of toward direct violence prevention services. it says there is a need for more evidence to prove that a separate department would further the violence reduction goal. >> the evidence is overwhelming that we are not doing good enough. >> reporter: the mayor has set aside millions and the violence has dropped but it is still the most violent city in california. >> where is the advocacy from this mayor and administration to say these are the tools we need to get results? they have been silent on that. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the mayor's office says there has been such a major drop in homicides and crime overall, this is not the time to reverse course. the issue will go before the full city council next week. the oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. a dramatic rescue on an ocean cliff in san francisco this evening. chopper 5 was overhead as rescuers plucked a guy off the
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steep bluff. he and a woman were hiking when they got stuck. rescuers had to repel down to bring them to safety. once the man was safe and on level ground, he couldn't resist running to the woman for a hug. the fire department says they are both doing okay. also tonight, the family of a cal rugby play serial killers asking for prayers. he was hurt during a match and is now paralyzed. juliette goodrich shows us how his teammates and friends are rallying around him. >> reporter: robert taylor, a uc berkeley sophomore was injured during saturday's championship win against arkansas state. it was played in santa clara. the six five five starter was injured early in the game. it was during a maul that he got pushed to the ground. left paralyzed from the waste down. this video was from a match in
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february. he was a starter at the lock position. after his surgery saturday, the entire cal rugby team visited him in the hospital. in the waiting room, they signed well wishes to him on a cal jersey. teammates say robert has a strong faith and positive outlook. they say he is always smiling and never fails to light up a room. even with a neck brace on, he is still smiling from his hospital bed. his team says despite what lies ahead, robert and his family are touched by all of the support from friends and the community. robert's former coach from jesuit high school in carmichael says robert is not one hope. >> a good young man of faith. he believes in his faith a lot. i'm sure that will help him and his family get through it. and, anything we can do, we will support him any way we can. we love him. and, we are praying for him dearly. every day. >> reporter: robert's family and friends have been by his side since saturday. he had surgery saturday night. again, he is paralyzed from the waste down.
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he has movement in his arm and his wrist which is a good sign. he is ready to start physical therapy as soon as possible. in san jose, juliette goodrich, kpix5. a bay area from is accused of sexually assaulting a female patient and tonight, detectives believe there could be more victims out there. 36-year-old rajes kumar singma practiced medicine on pete boulevard in walnut creek. he is out on bail tonight. san francisco mystery that spanned 140 years is finally solved tonight. veronica de la cruz teus a little girl found inside a coffin finally has a name. >> reporter: that's righted. 11 months ago, a construction crew found the little girl's body under a home that was being renovated. they found this tomb buried under the garage. the body of the little girl inside, her preserved hands
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holding a single red rose. now, we know her name. she is three-year-old edith rose cook. researchers believe her coffin got left behind after the oddfellow cemetery relocated to koma. they traced down living relatives with dna. >> we were able to compare this to a candidate relative that was identified by the rest of the team. >> and they found a match. turns out edith is a great, great aunt of pete cook. >> i was jumping for joy. because, it will give me more information to find out my family. >> now that the mystery is solved, edith will have a memorial service and a headstone with her name on it. that public service is scheduled for next month. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a major victory for san jose renters. the city council today agreed to immediately enact tenant protections that have been is
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subject of recent rallies. the new rules restrict landlord's ability to evict people without cause. among the acceptable reasons, nonpayment of rent, property damage, or criminal activity. the new rules will protect nearly half a million residents. for many first time home buyers across the country, it is harder than ever to buy a home. the inventory has not been this low in nearly 20 years. only on 5 tonight, betty yu met a young couple house hunting in san francisco with a budget of more than a million dollars. >> so, we heard this is the kitchen, the living area on the corner of seventh and howard. but it is pretty quiet in the unit. >> reporter: natalia and john are looking to buy their first home. they are both 32. and moved here from the midwest with silicon valley dreams. two months ago, they had their first child jason. so now, they are in the market for a three bedroom. >> we need to buy a house to
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save money. >> reporter: their search has taken them four months. starting with the budget of $1.1 million. the median home price in san francisco. >> kind of crazy. like, in minnesota, it is very different. >> yeah. you get used to it. desensitized. when we first moved here, we thought that is insane. how can that be. and now, it is like, the reality. >> reporter: the reality s inventory for homes for sale across the country is at a 20 year low, particularly in san francisco. and competition is high. and, so is the pressure to offer more money for a less than perfect home. >> a few years ago, it was a very sketchy street. now, it is super hot. super chic. >> take this 1960s building in the mission. original kitchen appliances. >> i wonder, can i do this? >> i have no idea how to use that. >> reporter: this fixer upper hit the market at $1.3 million.
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within a week, the seller received 28 offers. for this young family, even stretching their budget to 1.4 million wasn't enough to complete. in the end, the home went for $ $700,000 over asking. >> this is a lower market than it was a couple of years ago. it just doesn't look like it. again, inventory being so low, we still havety of buyers out there. it is still 25% are all cash. >> reporter: high end realtor justin says that leaves his clients with few options. currently, they paid $7,000 a month to rent a two bedroom at nema, a luxury high-rise. john is a senior level software engineer at an hr benefit start- up. and natalia is a senior account manager. >> we make a decent amount of money, and we cannot save anything. it is insane. >> reporter: new research shows
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half of the millennials living in the bay area are looking to leave in the next few years because of sky high housing prices. among the country's priciest cities, those in san francisco are most likely to leave. nearly 20% of potential home buyers in san francisco are searching elsewhere. top destinations? sacramento and seattle. >> it is difficult. yeah. it is one thing if you are a single person or a couple. but when you have is a young family and you have kids and you need separation of spaces, it can be a challenge. >> reporter: still, this family says the convenience of living in a vibrant walkable city near friends is keeping them here. >> we want to make it ly, reall minnesota. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. well, where else can you do this? the answer is nowhere. yes, 54 degrees if you want it cold near the beach. if you want it hot? same day, drive 45 miles away.
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only 35 degrees warmer. point reyes. 54. live live pictures from treasure island. getting cloudy in san francisco right now. 54. san jose, 58. oakland, checking in at 57. low cloud cover does return to san francisco, pacifica, it will work its way inland tomorrow night. concord, 52 low. napa, 49. on shore flow is back. we talk about how the ocean is running super chilly. once the wind comes from the chilly ocean, we will get chilly as well. and temperatures taking a tumble. concord, 90 degrees today. 68 degrees tomorrow. 22 degrees cooler because of the ocean breeze. this ridge of high pressure that gave us a lack of an ocean
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wind moving out. it will not give us widespread rainfall, but lit be close enough that the counterclock wise flow around it will keep the on shore flow going seven days beginning tomorrow. low clouds back tomorrow morning at the coast. low clouds pushing inland tomorrow evening all the way through the delta. we are cloudy all through the day. a tiny chance of a few rain showers thursday. warm weather is gone and likely gone for a while. morning fog and clouds back near the water. tomorrow morning, morning clouds and fog for the rest overall pick the bay area. highs tomorrow. a shadow of what we had today. san francisco, 57. livermore, 70 degrees. napa, 67 degrees. 60s for highs across the board. thursday through the weekend. don't want to call it cold. 67 is not cold. but nowhere where it has been. we will stay coolish for a while.
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>> colder in minnesota. >> it is much colder in minnesota. that is why we are staying here. >> thanks paul. warriors star steph curry ,,nds a special shout-out to
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day. >> during last night's warriors game, steph curry gave a special shout-out to his wife for mother's day. >> take a close look at his shoes. steph wore these custom kicks against the jazz on the inside. a picture of a woman with a chef's hat. on the sole, it says season's life. that is the name of the cook book written by his wife. >> steph's shoes cost 135 bucks. that is $360 cheaper than alonzo. you want a real big baller? yeah. yeah. how about ,,
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,$8drw yeah. how about ,, this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. an take tomorrow >> i tell you what, the as late game heroics were booking a boon for the pie makers at mr. holmes bakery. but he can take tomorrow night off. kevin durant hopeing to get a slice of the pie. oakland, the 2-1 lead. alonzo had two home runs tonight. he now has five in the last four games. how do you like it? but the next ins it is now 2-2.
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la's escobar took it for a three run shot. angels win 7-3. that snaps oakland's walk-off three at three. man, the news keeps getting worse for the giants. they play closer martin lancen on the disabled list with a forearm strain. could jeff samardzija pick up his first win of the season in new york? answer? uh ... no, already 3-0, first. renee rivera puts one over gorgi hernandez. plenty of support for that man. former giant farm hand, zach wheeler. i think he was the carlos betre trade. giant haves been outscored 58- 22 on this road trip. they lose 6-1. an ankle injury kept san antonio's kawhi leonard out of overtime. james harden trying to tie the
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game. look at ginobili from behind. san antonio wins 110-107. one win away from playing the warrior ins a western conference final. last night, after the warriors series clinch a win at utah, draymong green made someone's night with an autograph. the guy ,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your >> late show with stephen colbert is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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