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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it's windy this morning. >> driving away from my house this morning i could see i still had the umbrella up in my backyard. i'm like oh!! >> is it going to be there when i come home? >> now, i don't like going out there at o dark 00 in the morning and bring iting so i left a note for my son. >> i'll say he won't do it. [ laughter ] >> my mom hates putting down the umbrella's, too. we have had a lot of broken umbrellas in the past. winds gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour in the afternoon. air temperatures anywhere from 50 in santa rosa to 57 degrees in oakland. it's impressive the temperature
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in san francisco 53. >> you're listening. there will be a test. thank you sir. riley appreciate that. a little bug. temperatures around the bay area in the 50s. but look at the wind. 16 san ramon. 11 livermore. 13 pleasanton. 15 vallejo. 26 in fairfield. the winds are blowing up to the napa area. here's the deal. we have an enhanced marine layer. it is cloudy at the coast. temperatures down 16 degrees in our inland locations. down to the 50s at the beaches. 50s at the bay. you will feel the difference today. we'll talk about the cooldown, the impact it will have on your weekend, the full forecast 18 minutes after the hour. but right now let's send it over to jaclyn. a live look at your ride across the san mateo bridge.
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taillights westbound out of hayward to foster city, easy 15 minutes. caltrain wraps up with their overnight roadwork with highway 17 with speeds back into the green. they had traffic down to just one lane but it looks like both lanes are opened up in both directions. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. new this morning, former fbi director james comey is back in washington. he landed at ronald reagan national airport overnight one day after president trump fired him. now some members of coming are questioning the timing of the president's decision. jackie ward is following what's happening in washington and joins us now with the very latest. >> chuck schumer seems to be leading the questioning. he told the president he is making a big mistake. in a dismissal letter sent to james comey yesterday, president trump said while i greet grately appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions: maintains that the decision was based *primarily on comey's handling of the hilary clinton e-mail investigation. senator schumer thinks otherwise.
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(sot schumer) were these investigations getting too close to home for the presid nway/white >> the trump administration says it was because of the comey handling of the hillary clinton investigation. charles schumer thinks otherwise. >> were these investigations getting too close to home for the president? >> you want this to be about russia when this is about restoring confidence and integrity to the fbi. >> ... at the los angeles bureau when get to the news yesterday. house minority leader nancy pelosi says: endent and will receive a fair heari e judiciary committee." pres trump and secretary of state rex tillerson will host russia's top diplomat at the white day -- where they'll discuss the crisis in syria -- inclu president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson will host russia's top diplomat at the white house today where they will discuss the crisis in syria including the decision to arm kurdish fighters.
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the u.s. announced yesterday it would provide firearms to syrian kurds trying to take a isis stronghold. turkey is angry. they are part of the same group as kurdish rebels fighting for independence in southeast turkey a synagogue in sacramento is the first sanctuary congregation. a church may follow suit. after getting the green light from its board b'nai israel is going to offer protection and food and clothing to illegal immigrants. staff says their roots as refugees inspired the decision but as a local church debates the move some constituents see downsides. >> we felt that based on our own history as immigrants as refugees as survivors from the holocaust, it would be -- it would be sinful for to us remain silent. >> concerns raised about the facilities, we had concerns raised about our mission. we had concerns raised about
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the costs. >> sanctuary congregations like b'nai israel are checking to see if immigrants are criminals. bay area hillsides are still lush from winter rains but firefighters say they will provide plenty of fuel when fire season starts next week. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in los altos where steps to stop the flames before they ignite are under way. >> yeah. anybody who has driven around the area has seen the beautiful green hills. also very tall. that's thanks to the rain that we have gotten breaking the drought all winter long but it has caused the grasses and the weeds to grow taller and thicker than they have been in many years. and with the weather warming up, the vegetation is starting to dry out. the once green and yellow mustard flowers are already turning brown. >> so you have been here 14 years? >> 13. >> 13 years.
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have you seen the grass this tall ever? >> no. it's very tall right now. >> he lives across the street from the vegetation. he says it's great to see the crews out there mowing down the dry grass on communication hill. they are trying to beat the july 4 crowd that always comes here to watch fireworks and sometimes sets off illegal fireworks themselves. now, santa clara county firefighters are out preparing their equipment. we'll talk more about that coming up. live in los altos hills, anne makevoc, kpix 5. right now in contra costa county, authorities are investigating a string of car fires. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in walnut creek with more. >> leroy lane a quiet neighborhood, you can see
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behind me a car burned-out. this fire breaking out feet from the occupied home. an arson investigator was called to the scene. then another fire started a mile away in lafattwas a white foam put out the fire in both cars. they both started in the driveways of occupied homes. they both started around midnight. they put the fires out. no injuries. there's a question about the two fires. is this a coincidence? is this a work of an arsonist? fire investigators are working to figure it out. it's not just walnut creek and lafayette. several car fires have popped up in recent weeks. another car burned monday in martinez. now, we did talk to the contra costa county fire protection bureau and they work on car fires -- [ signal breakup ] they are investigating if this is an arson but they say this is something that they do work
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on frequently again. as we get more information about what possibly caused these fires, we'll bring that to you. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a san francisco mystery is solved after 140 years. a little girl found inside a coffin finally has a name. the body of the little girl inside. her preserved hands holding a rose, edith cook. her 3-year-old coffin got left behind when the cemetery relocated to colma. records were found tracked down living relatives. people and compared their dna to hers. >> we were able to identify the family. >> the tests discovered that
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she is a great-great aunt of pete cook. >> i was jumping for joy. it would give me more information on my family. >> there will be a public memorial service and headstone with her name on it next month. a proposal aimed at reducing congestion on san francisco's famous lombard street hits an unexpected roadblock. >> and why bay area rescue crews have been extra busy on the water lately. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. boy, do i have a forecast that will blow you away! the winds and how hard they will blow. i'll talk about that coming up. >> and right now things are still moving right at the limit along 101. this is right near sfo, but we are tracking some slowdowns. is it slowing down your ride? find out, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are new details: about the proposal to charge drivers to go this is one of my favorite places in the bay area. this is the palace of fine arts theater. it was originally constructed for the 1950 panama pacific exposition. it's just glorious. and contrary to popular belief
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i was not around in 1915. it was quite the feat. we have thin overcast skies. traffic and weather in four minutes. there are new details about the proposal to charge drivers to go down san francisco's crooked lombard street. yesterday the board of supervisors put a hold on the study funding vote. the study is necessary to see if a toll would be beneficial. the transportation authority need today $50,000 to start the study. -- needed $250,000 to start the study. they will vote again later this month. there's a surge in the number of water rescues in the bay area. last night berkeley firefighters rescued two people from a capsized boat in the bay. while the san francisco fire department says that it's making about 50% more water rescues, officials tell us that they are averaging two rescues a week. and they suggest more people are coming to the beaches because of the recent weather. whatever the reason, the the department says it will be
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ready. >> we are in the process of getting two new surf rescue vehicles which should be here in july. >> like this one out here now? >> like this that you can see behind us. it will be newer. >> the current rescue swimmer class is holding their final exams on ocean beach next friday. if everyone passes that will add another 45 people qualified for beach rescues. this morning, at the oakland zoo, a trio of baby otters trades the quiet life for the spotlight because this boy and two girls are making their public day beautiful repu they make up the sixth litter of otters since 2011 at the zoo. go ahead, i know you're going to make an otter joke. >> no, that's roberta's job. time now 5:14. let's check traffic with jaclyn. good morning. i have some friends that got married at the san francisco zoo. so that's pretty exciting. right now, we are tracking a pretty nice ride for drivers heading throughout the bay area. slowdowns want to tell you
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about if are heading out of tracy to livermore. you will be taking the brakes. our drive times still showing in the green along westbound 580 as ma your way from 205 towards 680. about a 25-minute ride. no delays as you head along 880 making your way through oakland. you can see traffic on the right side of your screen there that's northbound it's just a little over 20 minutes from 238 to bay bridge toll plaza, starting to see more commuters this morning along westbound 80 heading from the maze into downtown san francisco. still, under 20 minutes but you can see those cars are starting to stack up so give yourself some extra time. the drive time looks like this. we are still in the green for drivers heading out of antioch into hercules. about 29 minutes. and westbound 80 the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze 17 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. i don't know what's going on in napa this morning but they are reporting some light rain. i believe that's from the
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condensation all associated with the return of the deep marine layer that's now spreading from the coast to the bay into our inland areas. good morning, everybody. 5:15. just turned 5:16. looking out towards the bay bridge. if you look carefully, we do have some clouds out there. a little bit of blue conditions, too. official sunrise after 6 a.m. right now temperatures span from 50 in santa rosa to 57 in oakland. it's in the mid-50s for the most part, grab a light jacket. the winds are whipping up out of the southwest at 15. check out the wind in pleasanton up to 13. 11 in the tri-valley. 26 miles an hour in fairfield. john milner santa rosa miller in santa rosa, 46 degrees. for some reason we went to
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black there for a moment. now we brighten up and take a look our satellite-radar. clouds gathering at the coast. this is the return of the marine layer. as it pushes onshore, it could produce drizzle. meanwhile, high pressure is beginning to deflate with this approaching area of low pressure. it's a trough. that's what's enhancing our onshore push and with the onshore flow you have to remember we have that cooler air mass aloft. so watch what happens. this is your wednesday afternoon. sunshine away from the bay. then as wednesday evening comes around we start to see that marine layer march all the way inland until it backs up against the sierra foothills causing a very blustery evening and morning tomorrow. at the delta. when you see little green specks that's light precipitation, no rain in the forecast, but we could see light drizzle in the north bay. friday cool with an onshore flow.
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i have seen the cat tail blowing in the wind yesterday, you will have that again today with the blustery winds out of the south-southwest 10 to 35 today from the coast to our inland areas. notice a significant cooldown inland. tumbling out of the high 80s, 16 degrees cooler, 60s only 50s at the beaches and the bay today. that's your midweek forecast. michelle, you have a story about a mother who isn't going to be celebrating mom's day. >> no, she is in some trouble and a lot of people are talking about this, roberta! the former reality dance mom star is going to prison. abby miller was sentenced for a year and a day for bankruptcy
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fraud and taking $120,000 worth of australian currency into the country without reporting it. as part of her punishment, miller has to pay a $40,000 fine and spend 2 years on probation. she says the way she handle her money was not an attempt to deceive anyone but just a way to keep her business running. there's a big reunion on the late show last night. stephen colbert brought back his news team from the "daily show." >> my lucky tangerine ibook, the sleekest most stylist product apple will ever make. there we go. hm. >> i can't believe you're leaving right in the middle of the george w. bush administration. [ laughter ] >> there's never going to be another president this good for comedy. i mean -- [ laughter ] >> love the hair. the group pretended to have a flashback of colbert's last day on "the daily show." jon stewart, samantha and others were part of the special reunion. it marks colbert's 20th year in
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late night tv. next up a viral rabbit, botus, the bun any of the united states. >> so marlin is kind of famous because he is the first bunny to ever ride on air force 2, the bunny of the united states. >> marlin hopped into the spotlight yesterday when the second family was hosting an events at the white house. there reportedly hasn't been a bunny in the white house since jfk. if you want to see more of marlin he has his own instagram account. just search, marlin bundo pence. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can the a's get another walkoff win and can the giants get a win? the highlights a's and giants and the latest from the nba when we come back. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. if you are getting ready to hit the roads heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, here's a live look. things are definitely starting to stack up out there. no metering lights just yet. but likely to be activated here any minute. so give yourself some extra time. here's dennis with sports. good morning, everybody. the a's late game heroics were
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becoming a boon for the pie makers down there at mr. holmes bakery bu he can take today off. kevin durant, bottom one, two- run shot gave oakland a 2-1 lead. alonso hit two home runs last night. he has five in the last four games. but in the next inning, it's 2- 2. and l.a.'s escobar took cotton deep for a three-run jack. angels win 7-3. and they snap oakland's walkoff win streak at 3. could jeff samardzija pick up his first win of the season last night in new york? no. already 3-0 when one goes over hernandez scoring reyes from first. 4-0. plenty of support for zack wheeler who allowed one run and two hits in six innings. mets win 6-1. giants have been
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outscored 58-22 on their road trip. final seconds, james harden going for the tie but watch 39- year-old ginobili come in from behind and block the basketball and that preserves a win. san antonio wins 110-107. what does that mean? well, if the spurs win game 6, the western conference final opener will be sunday in oakland game one. stay tuned. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. let's check the play of the day. major league baseball. braves and astros in interleague play. [ play-by-play ] it's unbelievable! >> bang, back bang, houston's young shortstop showing at it
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off, astros 8-3 and correa gets the play of the day. with the firing of the fbi director come questions about the timing of it. how things played out and what happens next is coming up. >> a winter's worth of heavy rain brings fire danger. coming up, how the bay area is preparing for a new season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. from being forced into marriage... environmentalists fighting a proposed factory in the east bay are about to get some powerful help... one bay area lawmaker is leading a new push to prevent girls from being forced into marriage. >> environmentalists fighting a proposed factory in the east bay about to get some powerful help. >> from the kpix weather center, i have a forecast that's going to blow you away. and i'll talk about just how
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hard the winds are going to blow. >> if you are heading the bay bridge toll plaza, things are slowing down. we'll have a closer look at the bay area drive times coming up. >> good morning, it's wednesday, maybe 10. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi -- it's wednesday, may 10. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. president trump will meet are sergey lavrov today. it's less than 24 hours after the president fired the man heading the fbi's probe into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia during the 2016 election. >> now there are questions about the timing of the president's decision to fire james comey. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: good morning. the president says this decision is mainly based on james comey's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation and not the investigation involving russia. still, this morning, democrats are calling for a special prosecutor to oversee those ongoing investigations into
5:31 am
russia. comey first thought he was being pranked when he saw the news on the tv screen. he was named fbi director by president obama and before that was deputy attorney general the number 2 position in the justice department. kpix 5's security analyst and former fbi agent jeff harp tells us, despite the timing there's no need for americans to panic!! >> the agents work independently. even within the fbi, if you are an agent working a counterintelligence investigation, that information is compartmentalized. your squad conducting an investigation on the russians can sit right next to a squad conducting investigations on any other intelligence activities and one doesn't know what the other is doing. >> reporter: bay area congressman swalwell who serves on the house intelligence committee said it appears president trump is trying to hinder the investigation into his campaign ties with russia. >> the president can't fire the
5:32 am
person who is investigating him. that violates bedrock principles of independence so we wrote legislation to have an independent commission. we think that's the most comprehensive way to get to the bottom of what happened and to make sure that we never find ourselves in a mess like this again. >> reporter: the fbi agents association in a statement asked for an independent fair- minded person to be appointed to the post. president trump's adviser kellyanne conway defended the firing saying president trump didn't have the confidence in comey. so as mentioned before, president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson will host russia's top diplomat today. >> thank you. the heavy rains we faced this winter have spurred the growth of vegetation that's tall, dry and potentially trouble with the fire season now under way. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in los altos where crews are getting ahead of the flames before they ignite. anne. [ pause ] >> reporter: ... here in the los altos hills, they are almost as tall as me
5:33 am
in some spots and i'm 5'9" so that's no joke. and it's beautiful when you're driving around, our hills are really green, but it does mean that this fiber season is going to be more hazardous. so a lot of the bay area fire departments and cal fire have been trying to ramp up for the fire season the santa clara county wildfire department is doing training this week learning how to set up a relatively new tool portable 1800-gallon water container nicknamed the pumpkin. crews pump water into the pumpkin then used to resupply the trucks getting in shape for the heat and stress of the fire season takes time. >> we get out here to make sure we're in top shape for the real thing. reporter: officials are urging home owners to remove
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weeds and flammable debris from the property. the rain is drying things out and that is happening even more so as the weather gets warmer. >> thank you. >> anne, cal fire has a new app for people to use. >> reporter: yeah. it has checklists for people to get your home ready for the wildfire season and make an evacuation plan and then it will also send you specialized push alerts for your area if and when a fire actually starts. you can go to any app store and type in cal fire and find it. time now 5:34. let's check the forecast. >> just what i need another weather app. >> i know. right? >> i just downloaded it. it's cool. >> it is. it really is. it's super cool. we have the accessories on our cbssf app also but that one is
5:35 am
very advantageous because it is specific for your county. anne makovec, very outstanding in her field this morning. [ laughter ] >> in the field. >> but two words for her, though. >> in the field literally. >> poison ivy! that's already going -- now what i have been noticing with all the green that we have around the bay area? a lot of lizards, have you seen that? not so much geckoes. they are just lizards and they are running around ramp pant. you know you've seen them. i have. okay. let's take a look outside this morning. i just love this. it's one of my favorite places in the bay area. it's the palace of fine ard theater and just glorious this morning over in the marina district off lyons avenue. it was constructed back in 1950 and it doesn't look a day older, does it? live weather camera from mount vaca looking in the direction of concord this morning. clear skies, unlimited visibility interest. temperatures inland in the 50s. simple near the rim of the bay
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where we're socked in with low clouds and fog. 16 to 18 from concord, clayton and walnut creek. 13 from oakland back through berkeley into richard. 10 in san jose. upstream we go to 26-mile-per- hour winds in fairfield. today's winds west-southwest 10 to 20 and stronger gusts to 30 so a blustery day plus the return of that right there it's the onshore flow and aloft we have some cooler air mass so the end result is we're coming down. about 16 degrees today in livermore down from 86 to 70 degrees. so inland you will feel the difference. turn off your air-conditioner and open up the windows. only 50s at the coast. 50s around the bay today.
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mid-60s around the peninsula. feels raw for this spring day. we'll have more on the cooling trend and the winds and how it's going to impact your weekend but first to jaclyn. >> reporter: good morning. and right now, we are starting to see those slowdowns heading out of tracy on into livermore. westbound 580 you will be tapping those brakes. your cruising speed below 20 miles per hour. once you get past livermore, things start to clear up but then we are tracking a problem as you are approaching 680 there. we had a car that was blocking that connector ramp but looks like the tow truck just arrived and is in the process of clearing that. moving in both directions, "diamonds & rubies" for you! nice ride 238 to the maze.
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one lane rest bound closed so expect delays into downtown san francisco. >> state lawmakers are expected to introduce the homeless relief act of 2017. it would provide $500 million to help fight homelessness across california. if the bill passes, the money would move from the general fund to the department of finance. it would directed the money to different regions and work with the department of housing. a bay area lawmaker is working to ensure that girls can't get married until they are mature enough to make the choice. sarah was 15 when she was forced to marry a stranger in her religious group. the aclu says not all under age unions are coercive. sarah disagrees saying she lost more than time. >> i watched people my age, um, having careers building their lives and i feel about 10 steps
5:39 am
behind them. >> a new version of hill's sb275 requires a judge to individually interview anyone under 18 who wants to get married. it also requires courts to track and publish data on the court petitions for these marriage requests. the valero refinery in benicia has been hit with two more violation notices. it stems from flaring from last friday which forced evacuations at two nearby schools. they were issued for public nuisance and visible pollution emissions bringing the total number to 6. this morning a san francisco-based union enters the ring to oppose a cement factory for vallejo. a union plans to hold a news conference at 10 a.m. this morning to plead its case. critics say it comes with health and environmental consequences for locals in the area. supporters, however, say they are hopeful it will bring jobs
5:40 am
to the community. vallejo's city council is set to vote on the proposal by the end of the month. shares of yelp have seen a massive drop. ill wagner of has that and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday the dow was lower by 36. nasdaq up 18 third record high in a row. snap is facing increasing competition from facebook and instagram which have rolled out snapchat type features. a bad review for yelp from investments. shares have fallen by as much as 30% in after-hours trading. the company posted disainter30ing sales. they can't hold on to
5:41 am
advertisers. attendance by some parks down by 15%. jill, we hear one teenager figured out a way to get free food for a year from wendy's? >> yeah. wendy's has awarded a nevada teen free chicken nuggets for a year after his tweet about wanting free nuggets became the most retweeted beating some oscars photos. he asked how many it would take. they replied 18 million. 3.4million was good enough. >> all right. hey, the chicken nuggets at wendy's are good. i would have asked for fries but, you know, to each his own. >> interesting. tweet and you shall receive these days. >> ill wagner of, thank you. ♪[ music ] time now 5:41. bay area home buyers looking for a little more peace and
5:42 am
quiet may want to consider a treehouse. details on the rustic retreat that just hit the market. >> reporter: and arson investigators are looking into a string of car fires in the east bay. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minutes. right now, authorities in contra costa county are trying to figure out what sparked a series of thank you for joining us. the weather forecast from mount vaca looking towards the clear skies of the tri-valley, it's deceiving. they are wind-swept blue skies. winds increasing to 20, gusts to 30. we have a cooling trend i'll talk about just how much cooler it will be today plus the impact on the weekend forecast it's traffic and weather coming up in four minutes. right now authorities in contra costa county are trying
5:45 am
to figure out what sparked a series of car fires. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in walnut creek with the details. jessica. >> reporter: could this be arson? we are at the scene of a car fire at walnut creek. you can see how bad it got. it's totally destroyed and that fire erupting just feet from the occupied home here. firefighters work to put out the flames and quickly called arson investigators to the scene. they took pictures of the vehicle. another one then started a mile away in lafayette. the second fire started in a white suv. both fires started around midnight. both ripped through the cars parked in the driveways.
5:46 am
no injuries. now the question is are these two fires a coincidence? or are they the work of arsonists ? it's not just walnut creek and lafayette. several car fires have started in recent weeks. another car burned monday in martinez. the fire protection district says they frequently work on car fires but they are taking it seriously. they have arson looking into this. trying to see what happened to cause the fire and they are looking into the other fire in this early morning in lafayette. live in walnut creek, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. there are some new protections for renters in san jose. they have been rallying for months. last night the city council passed them. under the new law, landlords will not be allowed to evict residents without cause. there are a few acceptable reasons for evictions like no rent payments, property damage and criminal activity.
5:47 am
>> one bay area home on the market may appeal to anyone who wants to capture their childhood. the 1100-square-foot treehouse is in mill valley. it's accessible only by a 130- step mountain trail and deep in a redwood grove with its own streams alongside it of course. it was built in 1913 but it's completely upgraded with modern fixtures. there are two bedrooms and one bathroom. the price, $679,000. unlike any treehouse from my childhood. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> my neighbor asked me to help him build one. it looked like that. it was a five-year project for him. i helped him. >> my treehouse was climbing a tree which asandwich on a deck. >> growing up in barstow we didn't have trees so we had no tree houses. [ laughter ] >> i had a sand dune.
5:48 am
>> a sandbox. >> right. >> not even that. a sand dune. and this is true, i had a tumbleweed that i named and used to drive it around with a piece of yard. a sad childhood. [ laughter ] i don't know how to transition there but we'll go to traffic now. right now we are tracking an accident in el cerrito and you will see this westbound 80 starting to see speeds drop just a bit in that direction. it's not blocking lanes but it's over on the shoulder. slowdowns around the eastshore freeway. we'll take it to the south bay, northbound 101 doing its thing starting to show those delays speeds drop just about below 30 miles per hour northbound. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. things are still moving at the limit out of hayward into
5:49 am
foster city but it's crowded. speeds in the green heading to 101. in the yellow, westbound 580, it's about 26 minutes for folks making their way from 205 out towards 680. we did have an earlier problem on the connector ramp and it looks like things have cleared since then. so things should start to move more at the limit as you approach 680. >> i have the perfect transition. you will have a lot of sand from the great highway blowing onshore today. we have some gusty winds out there this morning, all due to this. it's a return of the onshore push. partial clearing at the bay. but it will fill in rapidly. you can't see it well here but down over there, we have the low clouds the fog the marine layer trying to push inland in fact these clouds are going to be extensive by your thursday. i'll show you what i mena
5:50 am
moment. right now let's go through the status. 57 in oakland. san francisco in the low 50s. look at these winds. then picking up to 13 in pleasanton, 16 san ramon. most of the winds to the east and the north. concord through walnut creek, 20 in napa through sonoma into glen ellen. 26 in fairfield. blustery winds should be noted throughout the day. john miller 46 in santa rosa. satellite-radar, we have the enhancement of the marine layer along the coast. again marching inland this morning. about 30, 35 miles. the onshore flow has a lot of cooler air mass associated with it enhanced through the area of low pressure to the north. watch what happens here. here's your lunch hour. sunshine away from the bay by tonight the marine layer pushes
5:51 am
all the way inland until it backs up against the sierra foothills causing very blustery conditions at the delta. a little drizzle in the far reaches of the north bay as that trough gets closer and continues to make that marine layer thicken up and produce some localized drizzle. sole we have localized drizzle around ukiah and eureka. 86 in fresno. plenty of sunshine. pollen report suggests if you are sneezing and wheezing, you can blame it on the oak, grasses and mulberry. a lot of cat tail plumes brogue around. i saw that yesterday. 50s at the beaches. 50s around the bay. 60s around the peninsula. 72 the outside number. temperatures down about 16 degrees inland. we have additional cooling taking place on thursday and friday. unseasonably cool all the way through the weekend with breezy conditions. that's a look at your midweek forecast. ,
5:52 am
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(nats of fight)... "stop it!" this cell phone video shows a man repeated a violent scene on a southwest flight ultimately bound for oakland. [ screaming and cursing ] >> stop it! >> this cell phone video shows a man repeatedly punching another passenger soon after the plane touched down in
5:55 am
burbank sunday. witnesses say the flight was peaceful until fists start flying when the plane landed. >> the big guy just started hitting the other guy over and over again until a couple of guys went over to help break it up. >> eventually, security was called and 37-year-old chase cable was charged with misdemeanor battery. southwest responded to a flight attendant's role in trying to stop the fight saying its employees are everyday heroes who oversee 4,000 flights a day. california state senator jerry hill is expected to introduce legislation today that will crackdown an illegal use of parking placards and license plates intended for disabled drivers. the bill will also enable users to park in more accessible spaces and park free at meters without time limits. last month a sting in san jose rendered 8 citations. the family of a uc-berkeley rugby player is asking for players after he was paralyzed in a match over the weekend. sophomore robert paylor was injured during saturday's
5:56 am
championship win over arkansas state. it happened early in the game during a rugby maul. robert was left paralyzed from the waist down. after his surgery team visited him in the hospital. in the waiting room they signed well wishes on a cal jersey. >> very good young man of faith. he believes in his faith a lot. so i'm sure that would help him and his family get through it. and anything we can do we will support him in any way we can. we love him and we're praying for him dearly every day. >> the cal rugby team says despite what lies ahead the family is touched by the support from the friends and community. coming up after the firing of fbi director james comey we hear from california politicians and how they are reacting this morning. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the hillsides are gorgeous, but that does mean fire danger. how bay area crews are ramping up for fire season next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this morning, lawmakers are questioning the timing of president trump firing f-b-i director james if the administration had objection to the way director comey handled the clinton investigation, they had those objections the minute the president got into office. >> this morning, lawmakers are questioning the timing of president trump's firing fbi director james comey. this as we learn what it could mean for the investigation into russia's meddling in the election. good morning, it's wednesday, may 10. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. now democrats are calling for a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation. >> jackie ward is following what's happening in washington and joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: everyone has something to say about this, this morning, especially president trump, and you don't have to look too far as to what he is saying. on twitter:


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