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in violence so severe that things nearly turned deadly. tonight, the bride blames a mob the party crashers. the fight broke out in the parking lot of the royal palace banquet hall on stevenson boulevard in treatment. maria medina spoke to the owner of the hall in an interview you will see only on kpix 5. >> reporter: the honor of royal palace says the bride invited 900 people instead of the 700 she said she would. when police arrived, they even had a hard time controlling the crowd. the video you are about to see may be disturbing. cell phone video of the brawl shows the violence at arrested outside royal palace -- erupted outside royal palace. you can see three men repeatedly beating one man on the ground.
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the manager of the royal palace and also a witness to what happened. >> all of a sudden i heard a noise.>> reporter: dozens of the wedding party suddenly began fighting in the parking lot and admits he could only get two of the seven security guards he told the bride and groom they would offer that night.>> i agreed that we had security issues. even if we would have had seven or eight, they would not have been out in the parking lot. >> reporter: the security guards are only hired to watch the inside of the building and when one of them did go outside, he got punched as well. the owner of the banquet hall says this same group showed signs of trouble, getting into a fight at their pre-wedding party. he had no idea until it all came to a head on their big day at his business.>> they knew from that moment there was a fight. why did they invite the same group back?
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>> reporter: they say they are working on stepping up security no matter what but on that night they felt outnumbered in a fight that left two with critical injuries. >> we are in hospitality. we like to make people happy. >> reporter: only one man was arrested. he is expected in court on friday. the bride and groom have not returned our calls. live in fremont, maria medina, kpix 5 president donald trump's critics are not buying his explanation for why he told the eye director james comey -- fbi director james comey you are fired. >> he was not doing a good job. comey sent a letter to all fbi employees saying "i have long believed that a president can fire an fbi director for any reason or for no reason at all. i am not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed.
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i hope you won't either. it is done and i will be fine although i will miss you and the missions deeply." kpix 5's andria borba joins us with why some are questioning the president's timing. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news that the f the eye investigation has been picking up speed and that it now includes grand jury subpoenas. james comey's request for more money and resources was assigned the probe was far from over. sources say there is a worry the investigation as well as several and -- several probes will slow down. outside senator dianne feinstein's office at one post street in the financial district , the drumbeat of calls asking for the impeachment of president donald trump grew louder in the wake of the firing of fbi director james comey.
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3000 miles away on capitol hill, senator feinstein herself spoke out on the subject. in a judiciary confirmation hearing. >> as i reflect on the decision to dismiss director comey, i become incredulous thinking about the ongoing f the eye investigation -- fbi investigation into russia's interference into the election. >> the senior senator from california spoke obliquely about two classified break-ins on the russian investigation tampering she received from then director comey on march 15 and may 3. >> i can't go into the specifics but you and i know that it was rather comprehensive for this kind of briefing. the fbi director was precise and he presented us with substantial information.
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it was clear the fbi was taking its job seriously and that a substantial investigation was underway. >> reporter: the senator's statements on the hill echo the calls outside her office. >> this is a big smokescreen. i think that comey should not have been fired. he is leading an important investigation. i think taking him down and taking sally yates down is destroying our democracy. >> reporter: before the confirmation hearings on capitol hill, senator feinstein also repeated her call for a special prosecutor to be named. andria borba, kpix 5 a new poll shows president trump's approval rating is nearing a record low. 36% of those polled approve of the job he is doing.
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58% disapprove. san francisco police giving us a new perspective on last week's deadly officer involved shooting. they are showing it to us from the officer's point of view. joe vasquez has the body camera video. >> reporter: san francisco police released two videos today, both of them showing the events inside this subway store on market street that led us to -- led up to the police shooting a week ago. you can see how it begins from the restaurant surveillance camera. he goes behind the counter and attacks an employee, repeatedly stabbing him with the subway night. others try to help. another man in an undershirt also bravely intervenes. san francisco police arrived quickly and it is over in a flash. today, the chief identified kenneth shaw as the foot officer who opened fire. here is video from the body
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camera. this is the first time sfpd has publicly released body can video. the employee is badly bloodied. the officer shoots him in the lower back, killing him. the body camera was not activated until after the shooting but it is not clear why. once it is on, you can hear him shouting for people to stay away from the evidence.>> i don't really trust you people anymore.>> reporter: some poe -- folks express reservation. >> once the police got there, it appears that the subject was very close to the victim and could have hurt them even further. i felt that the officer's actions were appropriate given the circumstances. >> reporter: this is the first officer involved shooting under new police chief bill scott. >> no matter the supers --
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>> reporter: this is the officer in january after he shot a mentally ill man during a confrontation. the injured subway employee is recovering at home. his coworkers tell me they are grateful for the outpouring of well wishes from their customers and neighbors, all wishing him a speedy recovery. joe vasquez, kpix 5. the search is on in oakland for a man who may have tried to a 10-year-old from his own front yard. police say the boy was standing outside his home before 9 pm when a stranger walk up and grabbed him. they say after a brief struggle, the boy was about to break free but the suspect ran off. he is described only as a large built man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and jeans. the department of homeland security is close to announcing an expanded ban on electronics carried onto aircraft's. veronica de la cruz tells us
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this could apply to all flights from europe to the united states. >> reporter: according to cbs news, homeland security officials are set to meet with airlines tomorrow. he was intelligence suggests terror groups are testing a bomb that could get past airport scanners. currently, the ban applies to people traveling from 10 airports in eight countries in the middle east and north africa. it is for electronics larger than a cell phone carried in the cabin of flights bound for the u.s. sources say the expansion could include all european airports. the department of homeland security spokesperson tweeted this earlier. "no final decision made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins. it is under consideration." dhs continues to evaluate the threat environment and will make changes when necessary. u.s. officials began discussing additional precautions following the laptop bombing on a somali airliner last year. federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies are involved in these discussions and are generally supportive of
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a wider ban. cbs news reports there are no plans for an announcement tomorrow but that could change. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5 state officials are putting the pedal to the metal to try to stop the rash of shootings on bay area freeways. the transportation department just alleged funding to install and monitor surveillance cameras along the highway 4 and interstate 80. there have been 87 freeway shootings in the past 18 months . the pilot project will be launched in contra costa county. this would be the first state- funded project of its kind in california. more than 600 drivers find running red lights -- drivers find for running red lights in fremont last year are getting some of that money back. the original fine was nearly $500. they will be getting back $147. that is the city's portion of the revenue. earlier this year, we found the yellow light timing had been shortened at two intersections
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along mowry avenue leading to an increase in red light citations. city officially started offering those partial rebates today. they will be available to 672 drivers ticketed between february 1 and april 7 of last year. new details on this winters disaster at the oroville dam. we have learned there were two dozen potential problems that could have caused it. reporter drupal leah on the new report that the cities downstream demanding action tonight. ricky shaver is the head of the yuba sutter chamber of commerce . they have more than 600 businesses impacted when the spillway crumbled. >> reporter: that water will get here very quickly. jason bendix is the layer of live oaks. he recalls a hectic 48 hours in february.>> it was crippling. we were forced to do the best
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we can with the information that we had at the time. >> reporter: ian shaver are now part of a coalition of 20 other governments and organizations that are pushing for transparency and a permanent spillway fix from the department of water resources. >> i am not satisfied with their information. >> reporter: a two-page memo was released today by a team of forensic investigators. they cited 24 potential causes that may have contributed to the spillway's demise. they include erosion beneath the spillway, a water increased on the spillway should before the bell what happened and a lack of effective repairs overtime. it only confirmed what was years of missteps. >> what i would expect them to do is repair it if they lived south of it. >> reporter: this is just a preliminary report. the final report is due out in fall. in marysville, drupal leah,
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kpix 5. lawmakers police in chp gathered outside the capital today to simulate dui traffic stops. they demonstrated a new device that tests for up to six different drugs. next year, recreational marijuana use will become legal in california. studies show spikes and impaired driving in states where that is already happened. >> we are aware that there has been an increase. what that will look like in the years to come, we are uncertain.>> there are no legal standards in place right now for stoned driving. even the new saliva test only indicates recent use of the drug. there is no legal limit for the amount of thc that would indicate the driver is impaired. education secretary betsy devos deliver the commencement address at a historically black college in florida today and it did not go well.
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>> i am honored to become a wildcat. >> students at bethune-cookman university in daytona booed as devos took the stage. the university president warned them he would put their diplomas in the mail if they did not quiet down. many graduates turned their back to devos during her speech . devos offended many african- americans this year when she called historically black colleges the "real pioneers of school choice. " those schools were only started because black students at the time were not allowed to attend the white schools. oaklands redirects are cheering the new settlement in their long-running fight over wages. nearly 100 will split a $1.25 million payout. two rater cheerleaders filed a class- action lawsuit claiming the team failed to pay minimum wage
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and overtime. they also claimed the team did not reimburse them for thousands of dollars in expenses from 2010 2014. some of the women who dance or multiple seasons will receive more than $20,000 each. a bay area in and out is closed indefinitely after several customers suddenly got sick. betty yu tells us the exact source of the illness is a mystery. >> reporter: the alameda county health department said norovirus is suspected but that it is not confirmed just yet. this in and out on livermore avenue is usually full of diners but it voluntarily shut down for the day after nine members of a college softball team complained of stomach flu like symptoms. >> seeing the cones out in front of the restaurant is surreal. this is a very responsible thing for them to proactively choose to close the restaurant down while they go through and find out what the cause is. >> the team eight there on
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saturday. the company completely disinfected the restaurant and called in the alameda county environmental health department to conduct its own investigation. company released a statement saying "our investigation did not turn up any indication that there were any issues at a restaurant. we are confident that our customers are safe to dine with us and will reopen once the health department completes their assessment. " the company said is screened its employees and found nothing. tonight, there is still no tentative reopening date. betty yu, kpix 5. people in contra costa county are on edge tonight after a string of suspicious car buyers. there have been at least three overnight fires around the county. a walnut creek family was home this morning when their sedan burst into flames in the driveway. around the same time, a white suv was torched in lafayette. the night before, a car was
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burned in martinez. nobody has been hurt in any of these fires the neighbors are fed up. >> we have a camera for our inside. we put a security system in. we have a large guard dog. >> the police are asking any neighbors who do have security cameras to check them for footage of those fires being set. the bay area has an elite brand of detective who helps solve arson fires and he lives in a kennel. on this national arson awareness week, sharon chen introduces us to one of only a handful of arson dogs in california in a story you will only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: officer bill flickers partner is a three- year-old german shepherd named kodiak with the supersensitive sniffer. >> you can detect 14 different odors, burnt and unburnt. >> may have been a team for two years but the sunnyvale department of public safety.
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>> reporter: kodiak is trained to smell fire starters like gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid , kerosene, camp oils. kodiak is certified to detect an amount of accelerant that is as small as a half to one microliter. that is just a fraction of a drop. in their first tv news demonstration, bill dropped a trace amount of 50% evaporated gasoline in four corners of a courtyard. when kodiak finds the gasoline, he sits. >> they learn the odor and they get paid by toy. for kodiak it is a ball with a string.>> reporter: kodiak detects the accelerant and 14 cases the last nine months i here where an elderly woman died in a suspected arson at her san mateo home. kodiak can do in minutes what would take humans hours or days. >> they can cover a large amount of area with a lot less time.
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>> reporter: there are hundreds of arson dogs nationwide for kodiak is believed to be one of the only ones crosstrained for police work like tracking violent felons. he wears his own badge to prove it. >> for kodiak, he is a resource for the state. it is a great advantage to have bill and kodiak do what they do. >> reporter: it is also a great commitment>> it is a 365 day 24/7 obligation. >> reporter: the team updates its training each month and gets recertified every year. bill keeps his partner on a strict diet with regular breaks so he does not burnout and kodiak goes home with bill as part of his family.>> it is a great bond and friendship we have. >> reporter: together, he and his best friend become an arsonist's worst nightmare. in sunnyvale, sharon chen, kpix 5. a grant helped the city of sunnyvale pay the $12,000 for kodiak. the city pays about $800 a year for veterinarian bills and food.
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it is time to queue the jaws theme song. there was another great white citing in long beach today. this is one of five sharks that was spotted. a group of beachgoers decided to have fun with it. sky drone 5 would give you a perfect view. >> it is not every day you can drop 26 degrees in 24 hours.>> santa rosa, you did that. 83 degrees yesterday with a high of 87 today. all we did was change the wind direction. the front is not even here yet. here is a beautiful shot of california street from earlier this evening. we are mostly cloudy in san francisco right now. concorde, 54 degrees. we will all dropped onto the upper 40s overnight.
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some rainfall to our north on cloud cover rolling into my. cloudy start in livermore and fairfield. upper 40s and low 50s for mountain view. 51 degrees. a ridge of high pressure will be dominated by a big strong area of low pressure to the north and west feeding in the onshore flow. a whopping 48.9 degrees in the ocean. it is chilly in the air above it is also chilly. the ocean breeze will be rather persistent. two reasons for cloud cover tomorrow. tomorrow morning we have the generic cloud and fog. in the afternoon it will be because of the front moving through. don't be surprised in mendocino county if there is an errant shower tomorrow. friday will be sunny but it will not be warmer. we will keep the chill around and some showers are possible tuesday as the low-pressure area gets a little closer. we will stay chilly with one day, next tuesday with the chance of showers.
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plan on a cloudy day tomorrow. the chilly air is not going anywhere. only 58 in san francisco. 59% raphael. 66 in -- 59 in san raphael. 66 in livermore. we will throw in some may showers on tuesday. >> the warmth has taken a little break. >> it will be back. this california grandmother is crossing something offer bucket list, going to prom. ,,
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advance: i'm getting re it is prom season. tonight, one teenager from ventura county maybe as well be elected king in advance. 18-year-old michael gunn chesky decided to ask his grandmother josephine to the big dance after learning she did not get to go to her own prom in 1961 because her family did not have
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the money. >> instantly, that day, i knew i was bringing her. >> at first when he came to me, i said no way. i am an old lady. he said you are my lady. i want you to come. >> the prom is on saturday. as for whether nana should be elected queen, michael said it is not necessary. the giants loaded the bases twice today but did they light up the school board? ecutive games when trailing -- scoreboard -- scoreboard? ,,,,,,,,
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and the most advanced safety features on alitma and our best selling models. that's why we're america's fastest-growing auto brand. get 0% financing for up to 72 months on 11 models. ♪ after 8 innings...the co the giants had lost 133 consecutive games when trailing after eight innings. buster posey homered for the third straight game today but probably pulled his hair out in the sixth. no outs. justin ruggiano bring so made homer. michael moore struck out. they got just one run. this is how you handle a bases-loaded situation. arroyo rallies in the giants
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win. no need for a nap at the coliseum when you have cotton candy. the angels had a 1-0 lead but the a's have a new tool in the toolbox. he is a power tool. get it? chad pender, the a's rookie second baseman. the a's are now two games below 500. >> cardinals pitcher joseph solomon got to punch out to end it. 2-zero ditch -- 2-0 to end it. >> s and penguins. the first game seven since the clinton administration. the first of two goals for pittsburgh and they win 2-0.
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tears everywhere. former sharks coast todd mclellan hoping to leave the whalers to the conference final at the ducks have other ideas. nick ritchie scores in the third . it is the penguins, senators, predators and ducks in the final four. tomorrow is game two. if the spurs win, that means game 1 is sunday. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs whistling )


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