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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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sheriff's deputy killed on his way in a crash on his way home from work. tonight we're hearing from tesla employees on board the bus that crashed into him. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix 5 maria medina is there tonight. >> reporter: this is where the deputy worked for a decade. you can see the flag at half staff in memory. investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the accident. >> reporter: an inpromote ceremony followed by -- impromptu reception followed by a ceremony. after they found the sheriff deputy's badge in his car. >> he had just worked the
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midnight shift and was headed home. >> reporter: the most recent assignment at the jail. investigators say he slowed down or stopped for unknown reasons going eastbound 580 just after 7:00 a.m. when a bus carrying tesla employees slammed into him. one stockton man wrote on facebook, "got into a major accident, rear ended a buggy." everyone was asleep on the shuttle. >> it is a tragic loss for their family and for our law enforcement community. >> reporter: the department still mourning the loss of a deputy killed by a prison bus a few months ago. now grieving ken's sudden death. as words spread his friends reached out to each other on social media. i sit here and look at the photo in disbelief you're gone. he was a wonderful hard working partner wrote one person. >> it's just too much too soon. >> reporter: he died on his way home to his family. and just hours away from his birthday. >> he'd be 51 years old
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tomorrow. >> reporter: as for that bus driver he claimed the sun was in his eye and didn't see the car. live in dublin maria medina kpix 5. an arsonist in the east bay has struck again tonight. tonight the firebug is still on the loose. there have been at least seven vehicles torched in these cities in just the past few days. firefighters found this car burning on cresena court at 2:00 this morning. 911 calls came in as firefighters were putting out another car fire on juanita drive. the owner of the car woke up to flames and smoke. >> i heard it was a neighbor, yeah. it had been left to me it would have ended up in my house
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because i was asleep. >> reporter: so far investigators say it appears the vehicles were chosen at random in the middle of the night. right now they're collecting surveillance footage from nearby homes that may have captured video of the arsonist. tonight, these four candidates are on the short list. ahead the department justice officials will interview acting fbi director andrew mccabe. assistant attorney general alice fisher, the judge michael garcia, and the former texas attorney general senator john cornin. the trump administration is considering nearly a dozen candidates to replace james comey. tonight the president trump is taking the extraordinary step of threatening the fbi director he fired. veronica de la cruz shows us he is try -- is trying to intimidate comey with fear. this morning he tweeted james
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comey better hope there are no tapes before he starts leaking to the press. the president asked for his loyalty the night of the dinner. comey said he refused, but promised to be honest. the president told fox news that topic never came up. >> did you ask that question? >> no, i didn't, but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. loyalty to the country and to the united states is important. i mean it depends on how you define loyalty. number two i don't know how it got there because i didn't ask that question. >> within hours a pair of top democrats sent a letter to the white house. they warn the actions this morning raised the spectra of possible intimidation and obstruction of justice. his tweet raises another question tonight. does the white house have a secret recording system? >> is the president of the united states currently recording conversations taking place in the oval office?
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>> the point i made with the tweet is the president has no further comment on that. >> now all of it comes amid the probe of the possible ties to russia. tonight he's declining to testify next week about russian interference in the u.s. election. president trump said there is no need to investigate. veronica de la cruz kpix 5. >> the president also fired off this tweet today suggesting he cancel all press briefings and replace them with written responses instead. the president claims it's for the sake of accuracy. tonight a cyber attack has spread to every corner of the world. hackers demanding money, paralyzing computers in at least 99 countries. numerous companies were targeted including fedex. kpix 5 is in the newsroom with details on how this attack happened. >> reporter: well ken, one security expert is calling it ran some ware at a sign --
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ransom ware at a sign to come. computer screen fired with gibberish. a cyber attack based on files stolen from the national security agency hit with a vengeance. in great britain hospitals attacked with surgeries being canceled. >> reporter: kpix 5 security analyst said the attack was likely a classic set isup with an e-mail and a-- with a setup and an e-mail mistakingly open. >> if you send it out to 30,000 people or 300,000 people, somebody is going to open it and click on the attachment. once they do that they use that as a means to get into the system they're trying to target. >> reporter: and in this case the malware program threatened to delete files if ransom wasn't paid in three days or
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data would be destroyed. >> once they got into your system it is pain stakingly difficult to get it out. it causes a dissection is of a lot of different thing -- causes a dissection of a lot of different things through the internet. >> reporter: he says it is possible the hackers could be caught because of digital fingerprints, a cyber brag if you will taking responsibility for the chaos. >> a lot of the times these cyber criminals are proud. they will prominently display what they are capable of doing. so the group could be identified. >> reporter: now a part of the reason white attack spread so quickly because it targeted a vulnerability in microsoft's window servers. computers should immediately download a patch. in the newsroom andria borba
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kpix news. jeff sessions is telling federal prosecutors to go after the harshest penalties possible. in this two-page memo, he pushed for more severe criminal punishment including mandatory minimum sentences. >> and i trust our prosecutors in the field to make good judgment. they deserve to be handcuffed and not micromanaged from washington. >> the new policy is not tough on crime, but it is dumb on crime. from george cascone, "america's criminal justice system is being returned back to the one- size fits all approach to define this country's drug war." he went on to say strategies like this lead america to incarcerate more people than any other developed nation in the world. well a bay area man was put in handcuffs for selling fruit
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on a street corner. a lot of people saw the photo of it and said really? tonight kristin ayers report they are trying to set the record straight. >> reporter: the alameda sheriff department is fighting back against allegations this was a case of harassment over a victimless crime. janet paige didn't see the fruit vendor who usually sets up shop on this corner for days. >> this morning i came in and thought he didn't come because it's windy and he didn't want to be out in the win. >> reporter: a picture posted on social media shows what happened to him earlier this week. a sheriff deputy is seen standing over his produce here in kent. his hands cuffed behind his back. >> the man didn't bother anybody. all he was trying to do was make an honest living. >> reporter: today the alameda county sheriff's department posted the picture to facebook saying he was stopped for
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selling produce without a license. when the deputy asked the man for his identification, he became resistant and tried to flea. we learn the man is on federal probation. to us it had nothing to do with his race. that has not stopped people from accusing the sheriff's department of bias or harass. nothing better to do than to pick on the little guy. others defended the police. thank you for your service to the community. and for doing the right thing in this situation. >> i don't think he should have been thrown in jail. >> reporter: one neighbor told us authorities crossed the line. >> they should settle down a little bit more. >> they're carrying the law a little bit too far. they're not going after the right people. >> tonight the amtrak engineer who caused a deadly derailment in pennsylvania has been charged with several criminal counts. eight pads were killed when the train creamed off the tracks two years ago in philadelphia.
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federal investigators say the train was going more than 100 miles per hour when it should have been going half that speed. the engineer 33-year-old brandon bostian faces nearly a dozen charges including eight counts of involuntary manslaughter. prior to the derailment he reportedly lived in the bay area and worked for cal train. criminal charges were announced today just hours before the statute of limitation was set to expire in the case. warnings going out in san jose tonight. don't be shocked. len ramirez explains. >> reporter: a warning going out for people who live near these tracks. the electric third rail is now energized with a thousand volts of electricity, enough to electrocute anyone who touches it. today workers went door to door in the neighborhoods around the tracks here in northeast san jose handing out information and warning neighbors to be aware and to stay away from the
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tracks. he's worried people might confuse the bart tracks with regular train tracks and that could be a fatal mistake. the new extension is expected to open to the public later this year. in san jose len ramirez kpix 5. the hunt is on for a tagger in san francisco who keeps vandalize -- the hunt is on for the tagger in san francisco who keeps vandalizing the buildings. the murals get defaced every few months and it is worse every time. next week the center plans to meet with police to figure out what to do. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water a great big shark has been sighted. >> attention in the water, this is the orange county sheriff's department. >> reporter: the announcement
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was both chilling and blunt. >> even though you're paddling approximately to 15 great white sharks. >> reporter: the deputy and the pilot jeff vanet sees sharks every time they patrol the beach from above. >> you think the swimmers newt sharks were there? >> no. after we made the announcement, everybody got out of the water. this has been the largest number in terms of the great white sharks i've seen along the coast in the the last 24 years. >> the reason why we're seeing more sharks because they have been protecting u.s. waters since 2005. >> reporter: cal state long beach marine biologist chris lowe says young great whites feed on small fish and sting rays in a-- abundance -- feed on small fish and sting rays in an abundance. >> the babies are afraid of pretty much everything. they may not be as much different from us. >> reporter: tony fareer is heading back into the water.
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>> i know they're out there every day and everyone takes a risk whenever they go out surfing. if it is showing aggressive behavior it's not the best to paddle out. >> most are staying ashore. >> are you going swimmer here? >> not this summer. [ laughter ] >> you've seen enough? >> i've seen enough. that is carter evans reporting. one day this week nearly 30 sharks were spotted near the beaches along 60 miles of shoreline. the in and out livermore is back open tonight. it was closed after a group of college athletes said they got sick after eating there. tonight county health officials says it appears several members of the softball team were sick. they are still screening employees and the restaurant has undergone enhanced cleaning and sanitizing based on cdc recommendations. officials suspect the teammates had norovirus, but they have not confirmed that yet. if you have been sniffling
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and sneezing, you're not alone. doctors say this is the mother of all allergy conditions. tonight the worst is yet to come. >> reporter: peggy sutton feels under attack. >> running nose, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, you know, burning eyes. >> reporter: dr. james wolf says patients allergic to pollen are pouring into his san jose offices for relief. >> we're in the midst of a worse spring as far back as i can remember. >> reporter: wow, and you've been in practice for how long? >> more than 35 years. >> reporter: fueled by drought- ending rain, all the pollen counts are about four to five times stronger than what we usually see in the spring. >> it's a typical breeding ground. not a lot of wind, rain, a more moderate temperature. >> reporter: he says it will
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get worse before it gets better. >> but if the tree pollen count goes down, then the grass levels will rise. >> reporter: to alleviate the symptoms, doctors have some suggestions. wear sunglasses to keep pollen from your eyes. keep windows closed and turn on the air filter. days before beds to remove pollen stuck in your hair, skin, clothes. take non-drowsy over-the- counter medicine like clareton, allegra. meanwhile hope for the pollen killers. >> what should we hope for? rain or real hot weather. >> reporter: in san jose sharon chin kpix 5. tonight, elon musk is going full speed ahead to build an underground incomer of tunnels. this is a part of the giant booring machine. the vision to whisk automobiles along electric sleds at speeds of up to more than 125 miles an
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hour. they are digging a demonstration tunnel and a parking lot at spacex headquarters in hawthorne. elon musk plans to build the first tunnel from lax. wind turbines generate clean power, but there is a downside. sometimes they are bird killers. but tonight there is a green energy breakthrough of a safer smaller alternative and it's designed for your own. it's a story you'll only see on kpix 5. >> we are generating electricity right now. >> reporter: the blades stand five-feet tall, quieter than a whisper. right now this turbine is generating enough electricity to instantly power a tv. >> we developed a very simple way and we love to generate clean energy using wind. >> reporter: where today you can find its turbines powering street lights. a part of the sheraton hotel.
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the renewable wind, energy start-up moved to nasa research park last year. wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the world. expected to triple. the way the blades are designed to allow the turbines to keep spinning at 10 miles per hour, which is the bay area average. the turbines are made of aircraft grade aluminum and crafted and manufacturerred. installation will take less than an hour and you can already spot test turbines at home in pacifica and uc davis. traditional wind farms operated rule areas. they rely on speeds of 30 miles an hour or greater to operate. the wind turbines are notorious bird killers. surveys estimate each year there's more than 5,000 bird deaths.
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these new turbines are safe for wildlife. >> i'm going to stop it just to show you how it is to stop it. >> they actually say it is the the best wind turbine on the market for homes and businesses. the smallest model starts at $4,600. to offset the cost you can qualify for incentives from the state and federal government. >> if you are living in a very small apartment in san francisco, you can put one on your balcony to generate queen energy there. if you want to charge your electric car, sell one. >> reporter: by comparison solar energy averages about $0.08 per kilowatt hour. if your pg&e bill faunder $150 a month, one medium-sized turbine could generate 100% of your energy usage. all you need is this converter. you plug it in and it sends energy back into the grid.
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you can keep track of your savings with the app. >> this is an innovative company. they've got interesting technology. >> reporter: gupta is the director of the business programs at sf state. his research focuses on new product development and tech innovation. >> if it is really fast, then this will be beneficial to people. for example if it is a cloudy day and so on and they don't have enough solar, then this will be a nice compliment. >> reporter: betty yu kpix 5. >> the company is taking its first u.s. orders on tuesday through its website. get those turbines cracking tonight. mt. diablo with a few up there. 49 miles per hour with a peak wind gust today. sfo at 45 miles per hour. greater than 30 miles per hour for you in san jose. fremont, napa, also concord.
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a windy day, a chilly evening. look at this vallejo 46. only a month away from summer. concord 47 degrees, santa rosa 44. pacifica 48 degrees. no fog tonight, mainly clear skies. tomorrow lots of sunshine. look at the temperatures, not that warm. monterey temperatures in the 60s. lake tahoe sunshine with 60 degrees. excuse me, allergies, previous story. 64 degrees, tieing everything into the weather today. it's that breeze coming in from the ocean. look at that ocean temperature 49 degrees. that's a chilly ocean air. you felt it when you went outside. you saw the sunshine, i don't need a jacket. you walk outside and you reconsider because of the breeze. the breeze will be with us tomorrow because of the low over the pacific northwest is not going to move. so a repeat of today and that sunshine in their morning and afternoon. a beautiful day to get outside. but if you are seeing the weather, it will be chilly. rain stays away a little bit
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more in the way of cloud cover with a couple of showers towards the sierra. we're going to be fine. rainfall helping out with the allergies. allergy-producing rainfall is possible, but not a guarantee. looking likely for next tuesday. maybe one day we would all sneeze less. repeat performance tomorrow with the sunshine. it's going to be chilly. mother's day just fine. not warmest we have ever seen and plan on some showers next tuesday. 64 in napa. fremont 64. san jose 67, santa rosa 70 degrees. mind your sunshine all day. sunday and monday a little pleasant. showers on tuesday. when do we get the heat back isn't the answer is next thursday and friday. just updated those days likely hitting the low 80s by this time next week. nice in san francisco to be so generous to give the entire bay area for a dayoff. >> free air-conditioning. >> yes. at least for that day. >> that is my hope on tuesday.
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>> thanks, paul. well notice anything wrong here? chp officers sure did. tonight, a bay area driver is in the hot seat. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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c-h-p officers found this doll well, a driver in oakland got busted in the fast lane for this. >> chp officers found this doll inside his car on i-80. they say he tried to passenger it off as a passenger. he used the car pool lane. his punishment is a $500 fine. >> hey, the giants and reds play a game in about the time it takes to drive to crease -- yosemite. umpire award for tony. 92 miles an hour away.
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johnny cueto...8 tough innings...vs the reds no one tougher baseball on top. nine intonight to want was not enough to set -- nine innings tonight was not enough to
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settle this one. 92 miles per hour to the chin. he stayed in the game until the end of the 13th. back to the 5th, denard span, an rbi to tie it letting off the giant's game with the home run. they are tied up at two all the way around. in the top of the 14th inning. meanwhile the a's, santiago garcia trying to hold them down with a 2-2 game, but the rangers were raging including a walk-off three-run job here from joey gallo. blown save for garcia. second walkoff home run for the rangers. a loss for the a's 5-2. in soccer, say hello to the english premier league champions chelsea on the strength of this goal. the blues' six-lead title. manager antonio conte is just loving it. look he lost it.
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why not? they won it in the 82nd meeting. as i lock at the score still tied at 2 all the way around in the 14th inning, but the reds are threatening. >> wow. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well a basketball game tomorrow. >> yes, sunday mother's day a 12:30 start. warriors and spurs. all the pressure on the dubs. >> okay. need this one. >> they can handle it.
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the latest with steven colbert is next. have a great weekend. go warriors. captioning sponsored by cbs >> if you're watching this, it means you're one of the survivors. there aren't many of us left. it all goes back to the trump presidency. everyone thought he would destroy civilization with nuclear war or his environmental policies or army of clone steve bannons. but it wasn't any of those. it was this comet that changed the world. >> thank you, mr. president. denise morrison from the campbell soup company. >> good soup. >> after, that companies began to invest more in soup technology to appease trump. soon, all soup became networked. they smarter and self-aware and rose up against us and started using can openers on us. oh, dear god! a chan of c


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