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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> unhappy surprise of having none of their files. >> new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a hack attack expected to cause monday morning chaos. why the worse cyber attack in history will get much bigger. i am juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. kpix 5's betty yu tells us what to watch out for. >> reporter: people could be seeing red screens as they boot up their computers. experts say people that are most vulnerable are those using older version of windows. authorities are hunting for whoever is behind the software which came from stolen codes from the u.s. national security agency. experts warn the problem will get bigger in the new work week. >> what's happening is people will go back to their offices that could have been infected
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and they will turn on their computer and they will have the surprise of having none of their files. >> reporter: already ransom wear locked up 200,000 computers in 150 counties. it distributed operations at helmets -- disrupted operations at hospitals. >> the principle cyber threat. >> the attack holds your system hostage forcing users to pay $300 or risk their data being erased. >> once they got into your system it is painstakingly difficult to get it out. causes a dissection of a lot of different things through the internet. >> reporter: over the weekend a
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cyber security engineer stumbled on a way to limit the spread of the worm. it bought precious time for organizations trying to block the attack. exadministers urge companies to update their operating software and back up data to protect themselves. microsoft put out a post that says there needs to be greater cooperation between the government and private sectwer it comes to cyber threats. betty yu, kpix 5. arson the cause of a fire at a construction site and tonight streets are still closed. kpix 5's joe vazquez explains why the area around the site remains dangerous and how one major hazard was removed. >> reporter: it wasn't just the huge flames. saturday's fire also posed a safety athlete the neighborhood in emeryville because a giant
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construction crane was in danger of melting and crashing to the ground. last night emergency crews decided to lower the crane by tieing a large cable around it. >> unstable and posed a risk to residents. >> reporter: this is cell phone. the crane's removal is a controlled fall. >> great job. >> whether it reached a structure, i don't know, but it could have fallen and taken other pieces of debris from this with it and ricocheted into windows and put residents at risk. >> reporter: there are other risk factors as well. firefighters tell me all the twisted metal at the top is in danger of crashing down to the street below which explains why some of the streets are still closed for the time being. what caused the fire of the apartment construction site? investigators are leaning towards arson.
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the developer says it is the second time it caught fire under suspicious circumstances in less than a year. >> two fires in 10 months. iam flying by the seat of my participant. >> reporter: some say gentrification is unpopular here and driving people out. >> they are not with the people. okay? this is about money. straight up money. and that is the -- about they don't want the building there. >> joe vazquez, kpix 5. atf joined investigators to search for the cause. >> as you can imagine with a fire in the same location, you know, within a 10 month period the investigation team has a very big task ahead of them. >> investigators say they could be at the site for up to a week
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as they search for clues into possible arson. the suspects involved in a deadly police chase in concord. the passenger of this white car was kill during the pursuit and crash yesterday. now we know the driver who was arrested and then taken to the hospital had a run in with police in 2009. she was pulled over in a stolen car. she sped off and dragged an officer. the officer had minor injuries. it isn't clear when the suspect will face charges for the deadly crash yesterday. the u.s. and japan called an emergency meeting in response to north korea's ballistic missile launch. it was the country's 7th missile test to date. >> reporter: according to u.s. intelligence the missile was launched near north korea's west coast.
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japan said it reached 1200 miles before splashing down into the sea of japan. a u.s. official says it landed 60 miles off the coast of russia. it was the first successful test after a string of failures. the regime continues to test ballistic missiles. despite world wide condemnation but the u.s. says the flight pattern was not consistent with a icbm. the type that could reach the u.s. mainland. in january north korean leader kim jong un said a test was imminent but it hasn't happened yesterday. this test comes day after south korea elected a new president who wants to engage them, not isolate it. today he said dialogue is only possible if north korea changes course. the white house called for
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stronger sanctions and pointed out the missile landed near rush territoria and president donald trump can't imagine that russia is pleased. russian president vladimir putin expressed concern over the launch. china called called for restraint and calm. china has been pushing there negotiate -- pushing for negotiations. cbs news. the trump administration continues to interview replacements for fired fbi director james comey. the criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: dozen lawmakers, attorneys and law enforcement officials emerging as candidate for next director as the fbi. while the search goes forward debate continues over how president trump handled the firing of fbi director james
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comey. >> bothersome, disturbing to me. i think in many ways our institutions are under assault. >> reporter: form director of national intelligence says president trump is responsible for the assault. some lawmakers are criticizing prump for james comey's dismissal because the fbi is investigating whether anyone from the trump campaign was involved in russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> the president needs back off and let the investigation go forward. >> reporter: lindsey graham wants a candidate from inside the fbi to lead the agency. chuck schumer wants a leader who has surge and experience. >> the nominee should not be part of either party. this demands a down the middle investigation. >> reporter: president trump says he may pick an fbi nominee
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by friday. a bill could help immigrant farm workers get their green cards. dianne feinstein and kamala harris introduced it. it allows documented workers to get a blue card. after several years of typicalled work they would be eligible for a green card. >> if not for then americans would not be able to give thanks every day. >> 70% of california's farm workers are documented. a rally for tomorrow to support two document workers detained this month. he and another documented worker were picked up by i.c.e. when they showed up to their construction job at the air force base. the father lived in san rafael and been in the u.s. illegally for over a decade. tomorrow community members will
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urge immigration officials to release the two. gathering happens tomorrow evening in san rafael from 5:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. a secret university slush fund will be on the agenda. officials had a secret fund of $175 million. it also showed bloated salaries and u.s. officials inter-- uc officials interfered with an audit. many believe there should be no tuition hike till the issue is cleared up. >> they should freeze issues till all the recommendations are adopted. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom says the hike should not go into effect this fall as planned. more shark sightings today in southern california.
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a news helicopter spotted juvenile great whites below the surface in long beach. life guards say they haven't seen any of the sharks acting aggressively. a woman described a lot a lifeguard told her. >> there is 15 sharks right now. that is a little intimidating. >> yeah. i mean. >> the sharks are showing up in coastal areas because that is where the food is. stingrays and easy prey. authorities posted shark advisories in los angeles and orange counties. blue whale was shotted off the southern california -- potted off the southern california coast today. experts say blue whales block to southern california to hang out for the summer. this kitten was hanging on
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today underneath a highway patrol car. officers in oakland kept hearing a cat meowy as they went from dual call. the cat was clinging to the bottom of the patrol car. officers finally discovered it and gave it food, water and a name. they are calling it chip. up next, back to back wins. the miss u.s. winner who brought home the crown for a second year in a row. >> unraveling a medical mystery surrounding lung cancer. a special investigation into group of women at greater risk. >> great game. captivating. it was going down. >> why warrior fans got their money's worth during the western conference finals today at oracle arena and the back to work forecast.
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real changes. the forecast coming up and more news after a break. [ whistles ]
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internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars. huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. defended their ground at oracle arena today... pulling off a for three. tie game. what a start the western conference finals. golden state warriors defend their ground at oracle arena today. a stunning late game come back to win. >> it was a great game.
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captivating. it was going down. >> 20 point deficit. made a huge run. 33 point. 34 points. terrific game. >> fans are ready for game two tuesday night at oracle arena. dennis o'donnell will have more tonight on game day. new tonight the nation crowned a new winner that miss u.s.a. pageant in las vegas. >> district of columbia. >> for the second year in a row miss washington, d.c. took home the tiara. a chemist works for innuclear regulatory commission. -- the nuclear regulatory commission. hundreds of bay area kids living with cancer got to take a break to have fun. great america, the 28th 28th
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annual courageous kids event. 600 cancer fighting families. ronnie lott was there to meet with patients and survivors and we spoke to one of them who wants kids to stay positive. >> what advise do you have for kids fighting cancer? >> stay strong and never give up. >> cancer is something you go through every day. way for the families to come out and forget about cancer for one day. he vents crucially always have a big impact on the health of patients. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. what cancer kills more women than breast, orvarrian and uterine cancer combined? lung cancer. she battling lung cancer even though she never smoked. kpix 5's elizabeth cook shows us why she and others may be at a greater risk. >> reporter: she packs a lot into life.
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born in vietnam and immigrated to the u.s. as a teenager. >> immigrate here to the u.s. with my family when i was 17- years-old. >> reporter: after graduating from usc she launched three start ups. sold one to a silicon valley gaming company for a million dollars. >> i work. i have so much fun. i work in silicon valley for a year and have fun. >> reporter: last year she traveled to vietnam to produce a film and landed in the er with a terrifying diagnosis. >> they confirm i had lung cancer. >> reporter: in california doctors revealed her disease advanced. she had stage four lung cancer. >> you never smoked? >> i never smoke in my life. >> reporter: she isn't alone. doctors are seeing a grow proportion of lung cancer in
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women who never smoked. 1-6 female. there is no hard evidence. there are many theories. birth control pills, environmental toxins. maybe hpv infections may play a role. still it is a mystery. >> something in the environment, something in our practices, whether it is, you know, 88, dit. -- weight, diet. we don't know. >> the people are great. >> reporter: he says among those diagnosed with lung cancer non-smokers are more "likely" to carry a certain mutation than smokers and this mutation is more prevalent in asian women. >> many of us have seen that
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same story. >> reporter: while her cancer cannot be cured new therapies are keeping her cancer at bay and under control. the hope, to hold on as better treatments get developed. >> we are getting better and better at treating it. >> reporter: she is focused on leaving a life that counts. >> normal people ask how much time they have left, how much time i have left doesn't matter. >> reporter: from creating a new app for cancer patients to clearing the pacific crest trail for other hikers. she lives every day like it is her last. >> i have no regrets. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> we wish her the best. she had a story on her mother who had lung cancer that was accidentally discovered. the progressinosis is very good and she never smoked.
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for us in the bay area, we have a beautiful forecast. numbers in the mid-50s. santa rosa straight degrees. address 48 degrees. sea breeze -- 48 degrees. low pressure. triggering isolated showers like it did today in the hire elevations. not much. the majority will see another partly cloudy day and then warming trend by the end of the week. in the 80s again by the time we hit thursday and friday. 80 degrees at redding. 99 in fresno 73. airport tomorrow in san francisco windy and breezy. chicago, los angeles, new york all okay. san francisco with strong winds
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and a forecast of 59 for tomorrow. concord 70 degrees. 5 degrees cooler than average. san jose 67. oakland 62. south bay tomorrow low clouds and then we will look for things to warm up in to the 70 degrees. cupertino. east bay low 70s. brentwood 74. marin mostly sunny skies. build ups over the mountains in the afternoon. and temperatures top out in marine and napa in the mid-60s. warmer than that for ukiah and clear lake. upper 60s. winds tomorrow 72 degrees. extended forecast, sun for us tomorrow and for tuesday. and tuesday is the coolest day of the week and then we will turn around. wednesday, thursday and friday, by the weekend near 90 degrees
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inland. warm times ahead after a big chill in the bay area. still to come, the warning from united airlines, what they are saying about people getting accessed to locked doors and caught on camera, the unexpected dinner guest who decided to barge on in. and i am dennis o'donnell, coming up next on game day, was this the spur's best shot at the warriors? >> good observation. >> we will be joined by the spurs beat writer to get his perspective on what went down with san antonio. >> i was a cripple. >> the story behind his high school championship and the story you didn't know about. that is game day coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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billion dollar high speed rail project rolling. governor jerry brown is pushing president trump for hope to get california's $64 billion high-speed rail project rolling. he wants the foods transfer federal over sight of environmental revows to the state rail authority. brown believes it could pave the tracks faster between san francisco and los angeles. president trump sports high- speed rail lines but it is unclear if they will grant the governor's request. information on how to get inside a locked cockpit door may have been made public.
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it was sent to united airlines employees. they did say it was not a hack or a breach. united and the faa are looking into it. still to come, the couple who needs a new front door after a wild intruder shows up for dinner. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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door of a texas home thursday.
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the family couldn't believe their eyes. as you can see... the wild animal had a tough time on those wood floors. the family control who oh, dear. a deer burst through the front door. the wild animal had a tough time on the wood floors. the family call animal control. and a repair man to fix the door. why the deer crashed through the door, who knows. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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