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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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problems. the latest highway 17chp data is out and it shows a disturbing trend of more crashes and more death, but change is on the way. first up, crashes. the number of collisions on highway 17 has more than doubled in the last 4 years. in 2016, there were 983. the same goes for fatalities, roughly 130 to 160 people died per year on the highway. last year, that number jumped up to 262. the chp says they've lost the glut of officers to retirement. also veterans are taken off patrol to train for up to 4 months. that means fewer speeding tickets. in 2013, it was 27 tickets a day. in 2016, that number dropped to just 18 a day. i'm sure everybody's going yea.
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>> i'm trying to remedy that situation. we have officers on highway 17 now dedicated. >> reporter: the santa cruz office says they've hired 15 new officers in the past year with more on the way. it's not just about writing more tickets. having more officers on the road is a visual deterrent. >> when the public sees the highway patrol up here, they slow down. >> reporter: finally, there are just more cars on the road. the number is climbing every year. the latest numbers are likely much higher. keith has been commuting over the hill for the past 30 years. he's not sure more officers writing more tickets will stop speeding. >> more of them will give me greater problems. >> reporter: the chp santa cruz office says they have a whole new round of cadets fresh out
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of the academy that will be ready to go by the end of summer. a lot of them look out for speeders and writing tickets. if you're coming through the mountain this is summer, consider yourself warned. kpix 5. new at 6:00, bars are b.a.r.t.'s get-tough attitude with law breakers appears to be all bark and no bite. the agency has caved on enforcing its own rules. we're at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station with why they are giving up. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. barks loud, no bite and from the looks of things, the law they passed to try to control sleeping in the trains is going to go bust as well. anyone who rides b.a.r.t. sees people sprawled out, taking up two seats or more with little or no regard for anyone else. >> people are homeless and need a place to sleep. i don't want them doing it where i have to commute. >> reporter: then there are the
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people who use the seats as if they're their own personal luggage rack. >> that's annoying as well. >> reporter: while b.a.r.t. passed a rule over a year ago calling for a fine for seat hogs like this, it's never been enforced and if -- >> i've always been opposed to the ordinance. >> reporter: she gives three reasons the seat hog law should go. >> i don't think it's a good use of our police resources. when police officers have to come on to a train for any reason, it usually causes a delay. >> reporter: and three, it could target the poor. >> riders tend to report homeless more than maybe a commuter with a suit and luggage. we don't want these large police actions for somebody who's sleeping on the train or taking up two seats. >> reporter: but former
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b.a.r.t. club member debra allen sees things differently. >> b.a.r.t. seems to have trouble implementing most of the user laws they put in place. we have too much focus on helping the homeless, on helping dug addicts, on helping a variety of social classes. and we are not focused on b.a.r.t.'s mission, which is to provide clean, reliable, safe transit. >> reporter: now, it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem for people, say in oakland, san francisco and berkeley, because the trips are shorter and the trains are usually crowded. but out here in walnut creek where a ride can take a while, you might find yourself about not just another passenger, but a roommate as well. san francisco is pouring more money into much-needed road repairs. today while a crew resurfaced a street in richmond, mayor lee
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announced plans to spend $90 million over the next two years on road repairs. still, he said, he wished it were more. >> we always could use more money. maybe if the federal government got into infrastructure like they promised, we'd be able to do more. >> reporter: the san francisco- oakland area has overall the highest percentage of roads in poor condition in the entire nation. a rally is happening right now for an undocumented immigrant at risk for deportation. he was arrested after he walked right into federal hands. emily turner at travis air force base. >> reporter: these undocumented immigrants were here to do their job, hanging sheet rock. a military police who ultimately called i.c.e. on them were doing their job.
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at that intersection is where this disagreement began. while these folks gather in support of hugo mejia, he sits in a cell waiting to find out if he'll be deported. he was arrested after trying to get on to travis air force base for a job hanging sheet rock. while going through security, military police discovered he and a coworkers' illegal immigration status and i.c.e. was called. immigration law is by the book on a military base. >> it's really easy to enforce the immigration laws that the administration has recently passed because they own that base. >> reporter: the security level at the base is the second lowest level. but visitors are still required to show identification. they also have to have their social security numbers run through the california law enforcement telecommunications system before going through the gate. >> to be rounded up and
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processed for immediate deportation simply because he showed up for work at a federal facility and somebody ran a database query and it show the he was undocumented, this is the kind of inhumane summary deportation that even president trump said we weren't going to see. >> reporter: both men have been deported at least once before, according to i.c.e. the two could have opted not to go on the base, but congressman huffman argued they were doing the right thing. >> they do have a threat level and you'll see when they go there, what that threat level is. they'll tell you all kinds of different things they can do for the various threat levels. >> reporter: we did ask. neither one of these two men has ever been on travis air force base before, but both of
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them have worked on federal projects before. emily turner, kpix 5. we are learning about a bizarre family connection about a man who died after he was tased by officers at a hotel. an attorney identified the man today as branch roth of [ indiscernible ] roth was acting strangely at the budget inn friday. police say he told the officers he had been poisoned with chemicals and became combative. the officers employed a taser and forced him to the ground. he became unresponsive and paramedics couldn't revive him. his brother made headlines for a taser confrontation caught on camera. he was tased 23 times by deputies in 2013 while being booked on drunken driving charges. new at 6:00, city of san francisco versus the suburbs. san francisco's mayor is laying
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the blame for the housing crisis on the door step of the city's neighbors. mel isa cane in newark with the threat to neighbors. >> reporter: it seems like in the bay area, the word housing is always followed by the word crisis and of course we have now mayor ed lee and san francisco state senator scott wiener saying bay area cities are going to have to start pulling their weight. >> some of the jurisdictions around the bay area just want transportation money, but they don't want to build the housing that's needed to support the work force. >> reporter: ed lee is working to pressure other cities to do their fair share when it comes to housing. >> we're having very interesting incent vising conversations that say, you know, look, if you want transportation money, you're going to have to do your share building housing so there isn't all the pressure on cities that are limited like san francisco.
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>> reporter: from 2007 to 2014, the bay area only build 57% of needed housing. >> housing prices go through the roof because we for decades have not created enough housing. >> reporter: santa clara built 74%, although much of that is market rate housing. broken down by city, some of the biggest offenders are newark, moragga -- >> right now we have communities that will not build any housing and that no longer works. every community in california needs to participate in solving this crisis. >> reporter: scott wiener has introduced a bill to make it easier to build new housing. >> sb35, what it does, it says to local communities: you get to figure out how you create housing, but you can't just refuse to create any housing. >> reporter: that all sounds
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great to trance, assistant city manager of newark. >> the city of newark has never -- well i can't say never, but it's been decades since they've rejected a housing proposal. >> reporter: one big development was held up for more than 4 years with lawsuits, so he's open to this stream lined process. >> anything that helps this city meet its goals about what it wants to accomplish with less red tape and difficulties makes sense. >> reporter: now, we're in newark right now looking at developments that will soon be about 300 units of market-rate housing. we did reach out to other cities, but they were either unavailable or did not respond to our request. live in newark, kpix 5. what did president trump allegedly tell the russians? new reports he shared highly
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classified intel in an oval office meeting. >> bay area high school students will have to retake their ap exams. >> tired of the sticker shock from pg&e. the bay area's biggest city considers a new plan that could cut down on energy bills. >> are you tired of the cool weather? if you are, you'll love the forecast. a cold front is the key to warming us up. ,, who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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a-p exams, all because of where they well, some north bay high school students are getting some bad news. they will have to retake their ap exams all because of where they were sitting during the test. kpix 5 susie steimle here to explain why some words of encouragement backfired. >> reporter: this started out as the president of marin catholic high school trying to encourage students as they got their ap test started last week. the tweet ended up getting the school in trouble and put 177 students here at risk of losing college credit. >> to have such a monumental, you know, failure to follow the rules, i guess, is kind of
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stunning. >> reporter: miles is one the 177 students at marin catholic high school disappointed in administrators today. a mistake made by the president forced the college board to throw out his and other students' ap test scores. this letter went out informing him a tweet caused the damage. the president tweeted a picture of the students saying: ap test in full swing. that picture made its way to the ap college board. apparently the students weren't far enough apart during the exam. rules about how students sit during testing are very specific. >> it means a lot to me because it has a lot to do with college credit, but also even college admissions. >> reporter: students will be allowed to retake the tests next week with the exception of kelly who had already plan to
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be out of town. >> cancellation fees are too much, so i can't take the retakes. >> reporter: if she doesn't retake this test, she won't get college credit. >> if they see that some people retook it and i didn't, it could affect me in comparison for colleges. >> reporter: the president here says he went through multiple appeals processes with the college board and was unsuccessful in getting this decision reversed. he was able to get students their $93 fee back for each test they wanted to take. students don't actually have to take this test, it's just if they want that college credit, theyville to come back here and take that test next week. susie steimle, kpix 5. cutting the cord with pg&e. san jose is set to decide whether it wants to start its
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own power company. the focus is on renewable energy. >> reporter: san jose city hall is looking to the sun and the wind for the city's future energy needs and it just might save people money. >> consumers are typically saving 1 or 2% over the pg&e rate. >> reporter: a plan to start san jose's first community choice energy program. it promises to give consumers options to create their own mix of energy sources. under the plan which goes to the city council tomorrow, residents can choose to stay with pg&e or opt in to a range of green energy choices like solar sources and wind farms. those can be cheaper because they don't have to give it credits to shareholders. >> we see a great opportunity to move the needle in reducing our carbon footprint. >> reporter: san jose gets energy from renewable sources right now. but it could go up to 40 or
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50%. aron's pg&e bills just keep going up. he likes the idea of energy options if it can save him money. >> if you can provide me a new option, i'll take it, definitely. >> reporter: pg&e won't be going away. the company's infrastructure will still be used to carry electricity. several cities in the bay area already have community choice programs but san jose's would be the largest so far. cyclists completed one of the toughest sections. american ian boswell finished third on this reg. cool down for one day, then warm up after that. right now, we have plenty of
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sunshine. it looks so warm from this particular picture, but with the breeze from the ocean, nah. low 70s napa, concord and san jose. it will be cooler tomorrow. believe it or not, the first couple days of may has skewed these numbers, but we're running warmer than average halfway through the month. two degrees above average in santa rosa. and one degree above average in san francisco. your weather headlines: tomorrow will be a cloudy day with a tiny chance of a few showers. tonight, tell be chilly. partly cloudy skies by tomorrow morning and overnight lows will again drop to the upper 40s in many locations including those of you watching us in fremont, mountain view. livermore, 48, napa 48, san francisco 64 degrees. we have a cold front coming through which would give us cloudy conditions. not that warm of a day.
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58 for san francisco, that's it. fremont, only 63. concord, only 64. napa 67 and mountain view 64 degrees. a cold front in much of the country has cooler air behind it. but around here, we get a north wind behind the cold front, that warms us up because it actually cuts off the ocean influence. we'll go from 68 to 80 in 48 hours. inland will be -- close to 80 near the water over the weekend and we'll have 90 degree weather likely by sunday. thanks to a cold front, we will warm up. it's going to be a tough season for mosquitoes. but some hungry fish can help for free. how to get them in your backyard pool. >> the spurs just lost their best player and their coach went off. >> who gives a damn about [ indiscernible ] ever hear of
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manslaughter? >> why gregg popovich thinks a dirty play by the warriors took out his mvp. next. ,,,, this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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player, will miss tomorrow night's game two with a left ankle injury suffered in the third quarter yesterday. with leonard's absence, the spurs kawhi leonard, the spurs' best player will miss tomorrow nights game 2 with an ankle injury. the spurs collapsed and the warriors ignited a dramatic come back victory. today gregg popovich was -- >> how much more difficult would that be? >> and that was just the beginning of the coach's rant. popovich says zaza pachulia putting his foot into leonard's landing area was dangerous and foul play. >> this particular individual has a history with that kind of action. you can go back and look at
6:25 pm
dallas games. the play where he took kawhi down. ask david west how things went when zaza was playing for dallas and he and david got into it. then think about the history he's had and what that means to a team, what happened last night. and because he's got this history, it can't just be oh, it was inadvertent. who gives a damn about what his intent was? ever hear about manslaughter? you still go to jail. when you're texting and you kill somebody, you might not have intended to do that. >> i don't care if he says i'm a dirty player. i'm not a dirty player. i just love this game and i'm playing hard. that's how i was taught since day 1. >> if he would have played and they end up winning, i go get dinner, have a glass of wine, wake up the next day and go to practice and move on.
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but this is crap. what about and refor the warriors? >> what's andre's status? >> mri [ indiscernible ] different we get the results back of the mri? >> we'll find out about that tomorrow. more injury news. this time in baseball. the giants have placed hunter pence on the disabled list. matt [ indiscernible ] will start tonight against the dodgers. >> i'm not dead. >> not dead yet indeed. the giants have won three straight games for the first time all season moving them out of the [ indiscernible ] in the national league west. the bull pen has seen 4
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straight scoreless innings. 12 of the last 13 home runs have been solo shots. coming up in our next half- hour, the white house denying a bomb shell new report. he claims president trump shared secrets with with the russians. the live report from washington on the alleged intelligence leak. >> a tragic end to a night of celebration. a teenager killed while riding home with her mother after the senior ball. how her school is remembering her. >> sharing her pain through painting. now the mother of murdered intern shunned raleavey is honoring her daughter. ,,
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that president trump gave highly classified information to russian officials... during a meeting at the white house. c-b-s reporter weijia jiang join us live... weijia, a top official has even rd to try and shoot during a meeting at the white house. cbs reporter wijia jiang joins us live. a top official has even come forward to try to shoot down this story. >> reporter: just a couple hours ago, in fact, the national security adviser stood
6:31 pm
out here and insisted no sources or message was revealed. [ indiscernible ] tells cbs news that president trump talked about, quote, something inappropriate. the washington post is reporting president trump revealed highly classified information to russia's foreign minister and ambassador to the u.s. at the white house last week. the paper says the classified information had to do with an isis terror threat against airplanes. according to the washington post, the president went off script and began describing details about an islamic state terror threat related to laptop computers to aircraft. >> there'sing in the president takes more seriously than the security of the american people. two other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of state, remember the meeting the same way and
6:32 pm
have said so. their on-the-record account should outweigh the anonymous sources. >> reporter: was considered so sensitive it had not been shared with other countries. >> the suggestion that he might have shared highly classified information inappropriately with the russian foreign minister is deeply troubley, particularly in a time when we have so many other challenges facing us. >> reporter: the u.s. press was denied entry to the meeting last wednesday while the russian press was allowed in. reaction continues to pour in from capitol hill. democrats calling the reports deeply disturbing and appalling. and the republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says the white house has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and order. veronica. >> in the midst of all of this, we understand the trump team still looking for a new fbi
6:33 pm
director. where does this search stand? >> so far, the administration has interviewed at least 8 candidates. they're looking at more than a dozen. the president could make a decision as early as friday before he leaves for his first overseas trip as president. it's not just his decision to make. the senate must approve and confirm the decision and that could be difficult with democrats threatening to make it hard, insisting they won't approve anyone unless there is a special prosecutor leading the russia investigation. >> wijia jiang live for us at the white house. senator kamala harris of california had this reaction: let's be clear, this is extremely dangerous and a real threat to our security. arguments before the 9th circuit court of appeals have wrapped up in the second challenge to the president's travel ban. the three-judge panel seemed unwilling to reinstate the
6:34 pm
executive order during oral tournaments today raising aspector of a showdown at the u.s. supreme court. >> i think counsel here has implicitly recognized below that if some other president had done this, without these statements, that this executive order would almost certainly be constitutional. >> he could say what president bush did right after september 11th: the face of terror is not the true faith of islam. that's not what islam is about, islam is peace. >> saying the executive order failed to give travelers enough notice. this new order gives more notice. north korea suspected as the source of a global cyber attack. the biggest ever, according to experts. programmers say the wanna cry ransomware uses the same code
6:35 pm
as one targeting sony in 2014. other experts say code is often copied by hackers all over the world. in the meantime, a los angeles based it expert says he and dozens of colleagues have snuffed out the virus. more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries were infected. a tragic accident takes an east bay teenagers life just a few weeks before her graduation. shane marcelino was heading home from the senior ball with her mother early sunday morning when they collided with a pickup truck. it happened just blocks from the family's home. juliette goodrich on the grief that has gripped the community. >> reporter: these are the last photos 18 year old shane marcelino ed online before she died. photos of her and her boyfriend from the senior ball. shane was just 17 days away from graduating from james logan high school. >> i try to keep strong because there's a lot of people who are
6:36 pm
also hurting. >> reporter: sea mantha is shane's godmother. >> she had the most beautiful smile and beautiful personality. our community is really going to miss the shining light that she was. >> reporter: around 2:30 sunday morning, shane was in the car with her mother, getting a ride home from her boyfriend's house after the senior ball. police say just a few blocks from home, shane's mother was turning left on darwin drive when their yaris was struck by another car on fremont boulevard. >> probably ran a red light. it looked like they were traveling at i pretty good rate of speed. >> reporter: shane was pronounced dead at the scene. her mother was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> she was killed on mother's day. absolutely terrible. >> reporter: today, grief counselors were at the high school to help students cope with the tragic loss of one of their beloved students. >> an absolutely gifted musician. she was in advanced placement
6:37 pm
courses, had wonderful grades, wonderful attendance. >> reporter: a prayer service will be held at saint anne's catholic parish this evening. shane played the flute and this was a recital scheduled for tomorrow evening. that recital has been postponed. the driver and passenger in the other vehicle were in their 20s and suffered minor injuries. this evening, an eyewitness account in the bus crash that killed an alameda sheriff's deputy. philip khin died when a bus rear-ended him. the driver said he didn't see khin's car because the sun was in his eyes. >> it just doesn't make sense.
6:38 pm
did the bus not see him? >> that impact, that moment it hit, boom, everybody felt it. everybody instantly just woke up and we were like what happened? >> khin died one day before his 51st birthday. he leaves behind his wife and 4 children. his funeral is set for this weekend. two people were shot late last night on i-80 in hayward. both victims are going to be okay. it is drawing attention to east bay freeway shootings. today, officials announced plans to install a high-tech surveillance camera system. the cameras would be placed along highways 4 and 80 to try to catch suspects. the sound of gunshots will trigger the cameras and then alert law enforcement. the locations of these cameras are not being released, but 15 locations have been identified as hot spots for violence. two firefighters nearly
6:39 pm
electrocuted. why the home owner could face criminal charges. >> and a new extreme sport on san francisco's steep hills. skate boarders hooking on to cable car tracks. ,,,, nobody told me to expect it. intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. it's not likely to go away on its own. it took my most honest friend to help me do something about it. she told me premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue
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illegal electricity set-up. crews it was a close call for a pair of east bay firefighters. they were shocked by an illegal electricity set up. crews were working to extinguish a two alarm fire in antioch last night. the two firefighters were standing in water when they were nearly electrocuted. the were poaching power, bypassing the home's electric meter. they're looking into whether criminal charges should be filed. the blackened ruins of a fire from a construction site
6:42 pm
in emeryville. the fire-alarm fire broke out early saturday. this is the second fire in 10 months to hit the same project, which includes some upscale apartments and commercial space. a brutal beat down was punishment enough from some jurors. this guy was the activist who threw a pie in the face of former [ indiscernible ] johnson. the case ended in a mistrial. >> i would have rather the jury come back and deemed i wasn't guilty of these crimes. i don't believe i was. a mother seeking justice now sharing her grief through art. theshow casing the art in honor of chandra levy. coming up, when we go cloudy and chilly and in the same forecast, when we will be sunny and 90. we got it all for you next.
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she's the intern from modesto who was found murdered in a new at 6:00, new art exhibit has its roots in the
6:46 pm
story of chandra levy. she's the intern from modesto who was found murdered in a washington, d.c. park. how levy's mother turned her grief into art. >> reporter: susan levy still isn't sure what happened to her daughter chandra. what she does know is her daughter lives on through her art. >> my daughter's memory is alive for me every day of the week. and i think that doing the show, it's important for me. i hope it's important for others and moves them in some way. >> reporter: a mother's tears in poetry are, pictures and paintings overred years. it's helping others in similar situations. >> that's what this is supposed to do is touch other people, to feel the clarity of how
6:47 pm
precious life is, how precious our children are. and how, as a world, we need to find a way to be kinder and caring for each other. >> reporter: maxeen host her son in 2005 after he was murdered in china. she's visiting the show to pay tribute to him and chandra. >> you're going to get through this and most of us do something to honor our loved ones. >> reporter: susan is working to bring her art show to other cities in the hopes of finding truth to what happened to her daughter chandra. >> it gives you purpose and it gives you a reason to carry on. >> reporter: a mother's tears runs now through june 1st at the modesto jr. college art gallery. >> hard to believe it's been 16
6:48 pm
years. a federal judge is -- develop the self-driving cars. for the time being, anthony is not allowed to work on technology called lidar. google's self-driving unit accuses him of stealing documents while working this and using them at uber. uber should have known about the theft, but a judge did not order a complete shut down of uber's self-driving program. a skate board is specially designed for the cable car lines in san francisco and is sparking a new extreme sport. watch them glide down some of the steepest hills in the city. a couple of skate boarders in portugal designing these boards with a special wheel that fits right in the tracks. there's two wheels on the back to stabilize the board. the original idea was to get
6:49 pm
around on cobble stone streets, but the idea spread around the world for fun rather than practicality. >> it's going to work really well until it doesn't. and when it doesn't, they'll be back on the news. we have low 70s out there right now. concord, 70 degrees, santa rosa, 72. san francisco, all in the mid- 50s. sunshine in livermore, but only 63. san jose 64. we still stay on the cool side of average despite another sunny day because of the cooling influence of the chilly pacific ocean. from now through about the end of the season. 7:15, the dodgers are back again. breezy and cool, 56 degrees, the first pitch temperature about 30 minutes from now, go giants. vallejo 49. oakland, 50. a couple degrees cooler than average. pacifica, you are low tonight,
6:50 pm
48 degrees. you may have noticed yesterday a cloud build up over mountain diablo. that was a low pressure area to the south and east causing that. that low is exiting. opening the door for something else to come in. that is a very weak front that is causing rain in the valley in north western oregon. tomorrow is going to be even cooler than today and feel about 10 degrees cooler because we lose the sunshine. the santa clara valley, not even hitting 60 until lunchtime. mid-60s, that's it under mostly cloudy skies. there's a chance of shower, but the bigger deal is mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. behind that front, we finally get the wind direction change we've wanted. large ridge of high pressure will build in. even though it's coming from the north, it is going to be a warmer flow of air for us because the chilly ocean, the
6:51 pm
influence gets limited. by thursday and friday, we're going get warm, perhaps even hot. so we're bottoming out tomorrow and the winds change starting wednesday where it will be sunnier and milder. tomorrow under cloudy skies, a little brisk. concord, 12 degrees below average. tomorrow only 64. couper teeno, -- cloudy in fairfield, 67. only 58 in san francisco tomorrow. breezy and chilly. san rafael, 62. lake port, only 61. tiny chance of shower in the north bay and east bay. look at the 80s, they're back by thursday. we will likely hit the low 90 coming up on sunday. the winds change and the weather changes dramatically as
6:52 pm
well. coming up, they're the mosquito's most enemy. these tiny fish with an appetite for the insects. >> and we're talking about president trump's meeting in which he may have shared intel with the russian foreign minister. send me a tweet. we're going to have your comments tonight on night beat. that's at 10:00 tonight on our sister station. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and that brings the yearly reminder to get rid of standing wa well, mosquito season has arrived and that brings the yearly reminder to get rid of standing water. >> there's a way to avoid doing it yourself. hungry fish are hungry for the job. >> reporter: more than a million hungry mosquito-eating fish, yours for the taking, free. >> we're talking gunnies here; right? >> yes, mosquito fish are [ indiscernible ] , which are a type of guppy. >> reporter: each fish can eat 500 larva a day. it's a big operation. >> we generally produce an average of about 3 to 4,000 a day, but we have a range of 200
6:56 pm
to 15,000 a day. >> reporter: but the adults are cannibals and will eat their own babies, so they are quickly separated. liz is getting three fish for her horse farm. >> i'm going to go around to all of the water tanks that the horses drink out of and dump a few fish in each one. >> reporter: for free. >> for free. >> reporter: here, mosquitoes are a real issue. >> that is an environment that the mosquitoes love. >> reporter: a nearby creek just adds to the problem and using mosquito-eating fish is one way to combat the problem out using chemicals. this is the beginning of the mosquito season, but the vector control season say they have fish available year-round and with the mild temperatures, we have mosquitoes year-round. good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good. i'm doin' great. how y'all doin'? i appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from birmingham, alabama, it's the champs, it's it's the lewis family. [cheering and applause] and from shippensburg, pennsylvania, it's the shamshudin family. [cheering and applause] steve: hey! [laughter, cheering and applause] steve: [chuckling]
7:00 pm
everybody's here supposed to be trying to win a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here in a new car. [cheering and applause] steve: let's go meet the shamshudin family. [cheering and applause] ok. you put yours down. you put yours down. and you put yours down. the reason i want y'all to put y'alls' down is 'cause you're all pretty. women: aww! [laughing] steve: this is an improvement over your funny. y'all two need them pictures up. [cheering and applause] steve: [chuckling] ok, so it's...jamila. jamila: jamila. steve: jamila. the indian way. farook: because we're indian... jamila: there has to be some dancing, steve. a little bit of dancing. i'm gonna show something, 'cause i'm the dancer of the family. can we go up to the dance floor here? farook: yeah!


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