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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now, a bomb shell report claims that president trump shared highly classified information with the russians. tonight the administration is trying to do damage control. tonight the trump administration denies the washington post report but there have been closed door emergency meetings. according to the paper the president share 9 the secret intell last wednesday when he met with russian's foreign minister. the post is reporting that the president started to talk about a threat related to the use of laptop computers on aircraft. >> other officials that we talked to expressed frustration with a lack of discipline for the president and they try to repair them, this is what--to
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prepare him, this is what you need to talk about. and trump wants them down to a single page of bullet points. >> well tonight they are saying it is just not true. >> there is nothing that the president takes more seriously than the secure reof the american people--security of the american people. >> but if the reported is true, it could maybe expose the source of the information that the u.s. reportedly received from an u.s. ally. >> we cannot have the president of the united states being loose lipped about confirming something, even if it is in the public domain. >> all i can say is that i have seen other stories in the washington post, which is a fine fuse paper, about what
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james comey allegedly asked and i didn't buy it, that didn't pan out to be true. >> during the presidential campaign, mr. trump criticized hillary clinton repeat 9ly, over how she handled classified information on harpers fall e- mail server. now the president does have the- -on her personal e-mail server. now the president can talk about things and a spokesman for paul ryan is hoping for a full explanation of the facts. torrent we are learning- -tonight we are learning a repeat dui suspect arrested in a car crash has been arrested again. this time, for public intoxication. last september [ inaudible ] crashed into another car on 680, killing a 3-year-old boy, it was just a few months after
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she was arrested on another dui. tonight an undocumented immigrant is talking about led up to his arrest. he and another contractor walked right into federal custody. and now here is the jailhouse interview and the fight to get him released. >> hundreds gathered here tonight to show support for their neighbor, two men are in deit is and could soon be- -detention and could soon be deported. they are demanding the release of the two men thrown in federal detention after they tried to work a construction job on travis air force base 12 days ago. tonight, the a man is speaking out from a federal holding
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facility in sacramento county. he says that he and his coworker were going to a construction job. >> [ inaudible - spanish ] >> they just didn't realize that the hospital was on a military base. he says he didn't have a social security number, that led to a background check. >> those are two of the best employee that we have,. >> reporter: their boss of s and r dry wall says he didn't know their immigration status. >> they show us the paperwork, what else can we do? >> reporter: i asked them why they went to a military base. >> they knew they were going onto a federal facility. >> reporter: i got the same answer from the man's wife.
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>> they found out it was a military base but they had worked with federal agencies before, but i don't think the military operation. >> reporter: and they are going to follow procedures. ice says that the judge will decide if they will be removed from the country. >> not only are the men undocumented, but they were also on a deportation list, the feds had issued so called removal orders more than a decade ago. tonight suspected preschool vandal has been nabbed. someone broke into the school earlier this month. windows were smashed, rooms trashed. estimated damage, $10,000. san jose police say that this woman is the person who did it, she was arrested on friday. she is facing charge of
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burglary, felony vandalism, and possession of drugs. tonight firefighters expect to be at the scene of a pig at scene complex in emeryville until at least tomorrow morning. >> reporter: it has been nearly three days since the fire sparked and it is still not out tonight. you can see the firefighters behound me, dousing hot spot spots--behind me, dousing hot spots. this evening crews are also removing debris from the scene. it is a huge job, and you can see dump trucks scooping up bebrionna here. and now--debris here. and now we are hearing word that investigators will be assisting into the investigation to look into the chance of arson. and now they are concerned about that structure, that it is not going to stay standing,
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that ports of it could fall down on--that participants of it could--that parts of it could fall down on to the street there. after bay area freeway shootings, tonight lawmakers promise to install freeway cameras starting summer. the latest shooting on 880 and heyward. two people were hurt and chp officers are still looking for the gunman. since 2015 there has have been at least 87 freeway shootings. >> a message to the shooters on the freeway, it is over. >> today lawmakers announced plans to install a surveillance system along howway 4 reasoned 80--along highway 4 and 80 to catch the suspects. tonight in san jose, they
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are getting ready to go fix # 89 miles of city streets starting this summer. marc park is live--mark is live to show us the to do list, it is a big one. >> reporter: yes, san jose has 2400 miles of roads, that is enough pavement to go from here all the way to cleveland. but if you ask people to drive on the roads, well, they will tell you they are not very good. you don't have to go for a to find by potholes. and the city says that more than 500 miles of the roads are in failing condition. >> they are poor. >> reporter: drivers know it all too well. >> potholes, mostly potholes, i have got to dodge them so i do not damage more, cause more damage to my car. >> reporter: but now, thanks to an increase in the gas tax at the state level, as well as local tax measures passed
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things should be getting betterrer soon. the city is marking about $75 million a year starting this year, to get the roads fixed up. >> so we are starting that now. we have contracts already approved for the summer paising season. >> reporter: one of the first projects, resurfacing heading street in the city's rose garden neighborhood and adds bike lanes and better crosswalks. and there has been a higher priority in recent years. >> unfortunately it means that we put less resources into maintaining our neighborhood streets, where people live. >> yes, it is absolutely good news. >> reporter: now the overall road maintenance backlog in san jose estimates that it is about half a billion dollars. there is still a long way to go.
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tonight an east bay high school is mourning the loss of a popular senior. and 18-year-old was just a few weeks from graduation. she had just gone to the senior ball in union city. she posted photos with her boyfriend at the dance. hours later as her mother drove her home, their car collided with another one, head on. she died at the scene. >> she had the most beautiful smile and personality and she was very bubbly and silly. and we are really going to miss her. >> investigators say it appears that one of the drivers ran a red light. seine's mother and the other drive only suffered minor injuries. tonight we are getting an account to the freeway crash that killed a sheriff's deputy last week. here is that and what the deputi's family is saying tonight. >> it was just all so sudden.
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>> reporter: ronny will never forget that the call that changed his life. >> she said sorry to be the one to you know, to be the one to- >> reporter: on friday, phillip died when a bus rear ended his car, investigators say he was likely stopped on interstate 580. >> it just didn't make sense. i mean did the bus not see him. >> that impact, that moment it hit, boom, you know, like everybody felt it and we all just woke up. >> reporter: one of the tesla employees on the bus that morning get scribed the driver of the bus as always alert and safe. >> he takes his job very seriously. >> reporter: investigators say that the driver claimed that he didn't see the car until it was too late. phillip died one day before his
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51st birthday, leaving behind four kids and a wife. >> reporter: and you can see the flags remain at half staff .t is the second deputy death for the deputy in the last few months. tonight the trump administration is back in court over its travel ban, for the second time, the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will be hearing arguments. the order still bars new visas for citizens from iran, sudan, syria, and yemen, all mostly muslim countries. today questioning from the three judge panel focused on the president's anti-muslim statements, while he was still a candidate. >> we should not start down the road of analyzing what people men in the campaign trail. >> he could say, like president bush did after september 11.
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instead, we get islam hates us. >> a second appeal is awaiting judgment in the fourth circuit court. if they reach different decision the injunction will stay in ifect and there--in effect. that global cyber attack that infected computers in every corner of the world is slowing tonight. 300,000 computers in 150 countries have been infected with a virus. asia was hardest it toad, where chinese university students were locked out from their term papers. germany's railroads were hit and a car factory in france had to to close. the files are encrypted and hackers are demanding $300 to decode them or they are destroyed. it might have been much worse, if not for two young cyber
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security researchers. >> kind of what i do on a day- to-day basis. so for me, it was just another day at the office, i guess. >> researchers are seeing north korea's digital fingerprints on the attack. tonight hackers are threatening to releases a new disney movie on the web unless the company pays them. here is more on the growing threat of cyber crime in hollywood. >> reporter: pirates of the caribbean is just weeks away from a highly anticipated release. en true to the usual ways, several media outlets claim that hackers may have made a move by holding the not yet released movie for ransom.
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>> this is the latest in a long line of recent hacks and ransom requests. >> reporter: and now disney's ceo revealed that hackers claimed to have stole and summer movie from disney. he said that hackers warned if they are not paid a huge the movie they claim to have will be released early. >> they are asking for less than you would lose if people choose go watch the movie for free online instead of going to see it, then you might have that make that call. >> reporter: in april netflix refused to pay tackers hold--to pay hackers and then they released most of the season ahead of schedule. tonight coroners say that a caffeine overdose turned deadly forker for a teen--for a teenager in south carolina.
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he drank a large diet mountain due, a latte, and an energy drink. then he collapsed in a classroom and later died. >> parents, please, talk to your kids about the dangers of the energy drinks. and teenagers, students, please stop bying them. >> the coroners say there was no preexisting hearter condition. addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, food, even sex. what about painkillers? researchers and some adds are now look--addicts are now looking for an illegal substance for help. >> reporter: when it cops to psychedelics, there are new clues on how they can really free your mind. lsd, it is found if magic push rooms and mdma, when used carefully as a medicine these
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other wise illegal drugs may get rid of p t sd and more. >> gives you a view to yourself. >> reporter: now researchers are exploring another use for psychedelics, the hope that the drugs will benefit people are harder to treat addictions. recently 3000 scientists, therapists, and doctors from around the world came to oakland for a sold out conference on psychedelic vines. a big topic, america's growing opioid epidemic. >> it is a therapy, maybe, it is so incredible. >> it is legal in canada and mexico, legal in england. legal in most places of the world. it is just illegal in the united states. >> reporter: and now this is illegal in the united states, people go to foreign countries for treatments. and this man runs a clinic in
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central mexico. >> we have helped a number 06 people from the bay area and california. >> reporter: national geographic in a series followed t j, as he suggest treatment for his opioid addiction. he had been in rehab six times and never managed to stay clean. >> right now i am fighting a life or death battle. >> reporter: t j went to cancun where he ingested a single dose of this, 36 hours later, he was free from his cravings and suffered no withdrawals. >> do you feel like you are in withdrawal? >> no. >> reporter: back home in the u.s.-- >> i has been 39 days since the treatment. the desire to use is still there but the craving is not there. >> it is a tragedy that the drug war has criminalized something that has no reports of anybody abusing it. >> reporter: this is not a cure, experts caution patients need to work on the issues that
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caused the addiction in the first place. >> people do feed support. >> reporter: --do need support. >> reporter: and now do you break the addiction? one theory-- >> it reboots the brain. >> reporter: this group funds ground breaking psychedelic research. she believes that drugs interrupt the addiction. >> they some how reboot it out of that fixed behavior. >> reporter: fielding and others believe that psychedelics may also help with other addictive behaviors, such as overeating, alcoholism, and she tried lsd. >> i stopped smoking. >> reporter: however, before any of the treatments are legalized for medical use in the u.s., researchers urge careful clinical study. >> we want to know are they safe, who are they safe for and no how are they best used?
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>> yes, again, experts say that medical supervision and monitoring with the use, the drug can cause a slowing of your heart, recent study found in the past 20 years that 19 deaths are linked to its use. but all of the patients had a preexisting cardiac problem. switch ising gears, paul, gosh--switching gears, paul, gosh, it is cool er out outside- -it is cooler outside. yes, right now a beautiful view from treasure aland, looking across the bay--island, looking across the bay. we are pain i will clear right now. it is 51 in the city. santa row is a, 50. liver mother, 52-degrees. tonight, upper 40s for many of us, including nap that, 48. santa roll, 49. and redwood city, 48-degrees. mountain view tonight, 48- degrees. change, you may have seen the cloud cover build up yesterday afternoon and a few showers up north, that low is moving out
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over southern nevada. something new is moving in, we have a cold front, which is crossing from the border, that gets here tomorrow, that is going to make us rather cloudy. so tomorrow it is cloudy and chilly, the wind is going to pick up more and it is brisk through the day with highs only in the 60s. showers on fieture cast, a tine any chance for a string thearound here. it is a pretty cloudy day for the buy bay area. wednesday, the wind correction is changing. we get the sunshine and future cast says that a north wind is going to take over in places like kansas and minnesota, it would be chilly. for us, it is going to limit the ocean inflow and it does not matter as much. sunshine and much warmer weather, that is starting on wednesday. the cold is almost over. we bottom out tomorrow with a tiny shower chance. the winds change on wednesday. and they are we are actually warm to hot by the time we hit
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the weekend. concord tomorrow, 64 and cloudy. but look at the forecast, sunny, back to the 70s on wednesday. 80s on thursday. close to 90 on saturday and we will get there on sunday. now near the bay, you will be in the 70s for several straight days. >> all right, sounds good. >> thanks, paul. this giants than spent mother's day at at&t park and got the surprise of her life. ,,,,,,,,,,,, whoa!
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you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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and because its mothers day we have one more surprise for you fans please help me give a giant welcome to united states a sergeant well, an unforgettable mother's day gift at at&t park. >> and because it is mother's day, we have one more surprise for you, fans, please help me give a giant welcome to united states army sergeant tyler [ inaudible ] [ cheering and applause ] >> hi! [ crying ] >> oh, i love seeing those. tyler walsh served two deployments in afghanistan. he had not seen his mom in five
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years, until this mother's day. this coach cries foul over a play that took out his star player. >> have you ever heard of manslaughter? >> tip-off is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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injury suffered in yesterday's game. san antonio blew a 23-point after leonard got hurt... leonar sports star leonard is going to miss tomorrow's game with an ankle injury suffered in yesterday's game. they blew a 20 point lead after leonard got hurt. he rolled his ankle. and it was not the first time that this has happened. today's first coach said the man, putting his foot into leonard's landing area was dangerous and un-sportsman like. >> because he has got this history, it cannot just be oh, it was not on purpose. who gives a damn about his intent. i think when you are texting and you end up killing someone, you may not have member to do that. all i care is what i saw, and what happened. and the history there shows the
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whole situation and makes me very, very anally. >> and the player said today he did not try to hurt leonard on purpose. john wall and the wizards are playing in their first game seven since the carter administration. the celtics win, boston is now facing cleveland in the eastern conference finals. baseball, dodger fans taking over the bleachers at at&t, buster homers for the sixth time this monica day, to make it 7-1. giants in the- -this month to make it 7-1. a final of 8-4. as in seattle, trailing by a run, strikes out looking with the bases loaded, that was too close to take with the bases loaded. seattle wins 6-5. the as have lost four straight. but i think, guys, reports of
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the giants demise have been greatly exaggerated. >> yes, they are doing it right all of a sudden. >> yes, and i think some of the things is gamesmanship. i don't believe that it was thought to be on purpose to hurt leonard and he is looking for a call. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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michelle griego and ave all the news the late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m.
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>> yes, they will have all of the news you need to start your day. good night. >> according to advisors, donald trump has grown enraged by the russia investigation, and when it was reported on the news, he would sometimes scream at the television. in an effort to calm down the commander-in-chief, "the late show" presents the latest installment of our in-house news team, real news tonight. >> welcome to real news tonight. i'm jill news lady. >> and i'm anchorton. president trump made everyone happy by firing james comey for good, normal reasons. this news is pleasing because comey was bad and trump made the bad man go away. >> that's right, jill. democrats and republicans alike are cheering about this because it was a good and smart decision. that doesn't remind you of nixon. nixon bad. comey bad. trump good. >> trump great.


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