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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sudden halt to a construction plan along the midway overpass -- [ birds squawking ] >> reporter: it's the protected hawk. >> i see them all the time. >> you do. >> yeah. >> reporter: owner of the olive tree farm and market right by the i-80 overpass. >> eggs are not hatched yet. >> reporter: the midway bridge is right over interstate 80. the plan was to demolish this bridge and construction the new one that met seismic safety standards. but then biologists made a discovery. right over there, in the tree. they discovered the swankton hawk was nesting in there and during a second inspection they discovered a nest. caltrans shut down the project altogether. these birds are protected and on the threatened list since the '80s. caltrans can't do anything within 600 feet of the protected area. "skydrone5" is also staying clear of the area, as well. >> everybody that builds in california in the central
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valley knows the rules of the game. >> reporter: this woman is president of friends of the swank ton hawk. >> historically there were about 17,000 swanktons hawks. today there are about 4,000 breeding hawks. >> reporter: for now they will focus on the meridien overpass down the round until the hawk and its future family of hawks relocates to a new home. the midway overpass is on home indefinitely. the meridien overpass works begins friday. in vacaville, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. drivers should expect lane changes in the area around the meridien overpass for the next three to six months. now, the bay area has seen its share of animals interfering with infrastructure projects. caltrans spent more than $30 million to move hundreds of state protected birds nesting on the old bay bridge. a plan to widen highway 1 in
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pacifica was rejected over concerns about red-legged frogs and san francisco garter snakes. and a hummingbird egg delayed crews working on the richmond/san rafael bridge construction for a few weeks. officials in moraga are considering a temporary solution for a bridge shutdown because of a landslide. it would cost $2.6 million. the town closed it last month after discovering damage. they are going to destroy it and build a temporary one lane bridge. a permanent bridge would be built to the east of it. the embattled trump administration now facing a new investigation. live look at the white house. an independent special counsel will lead a probe into ties between russia and the trump administration. >> kpix 5's elizabeth cook with the former bay area federal prosecutor picked to oversee the investigation. liz. >> reporter: the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein announced he has chosen former fbi director robert mueller to lead the probe feeling it was
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necessary to appoint muller in order for the american people to have full confidence in the outcome of this investigation. he added mueller will be authorized to look into any links between the russian government and those who worked on the trump campaign. mueller has already issued a statement saying he accepts this responsibility and will perform it to the best of his ability. president trump meanwhile issued this statement saying: my campaign ign entity." more about eller and his ties to the bay he actually headed the cri division at the u-s at 's n san francisco in 80s. in 19-98 he re >> reporter: we'll have more about robert mueller and his ties to the bay area. now, he actually headed the criminal division at the u.s. attorney's office in san francisco in the '80s. in 1998, he returned and was named the u.s. attorney for the northern district of california. and in 2001, he left to become the fbi director. reaction from democrats overall
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has been positive. >> the decision by rod rosenstein to actually identify a special counsel and name robert mueller is remarkable. it took a lot of guts for him to make this decision and to place someone with such sterling credentials to take over this position. everyone in this country should breathe a sigh of relief right now. >> coming up tonight at 6, 30 we'll have a live report from washington, dc at 6:30 and hear from a bay area assemblyman who is calling on the president to resign. new at 6:00, san francisco's cable cars are taking center stage in a tight race on the other side of the country. they are being used in an attack ad against georgia democrat jon ossoff. kpix 5's phil matier tells us that muni is crying foul. phil. >> reporter: as you and i know, san francisco's historic cal cable cars have long been a favorite of hollywood and the ad world. but this is one role that muni
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officials they want to pull off the curtain on. here's the story. >> rice-a-roni the san francisco treat ♪ >> reporter: san francisco's cable cars have long been used in commercials and action movies like the rock here. but there's one ad that muni officials want to go away asap. >> hi, georgia! san francisco just wanted to say thank you. >> we already have nancy pelosi as our congresswoman. now you're going to give us jon ossoff as our congressman! >> reporter: the spoof ad isn't even airing in san francisco. it's airing in georgia. and it's part of a republican effort to derail democratic candidate jon ossoff in a tightly contested georgia congressional race. the idea? point out his close ties to san francisco. >> we're proud that california is the leading funder of the jon ossoff campaign. >> he is one of us. >> reporter: but it's the shot of a city cable car with an
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ossoff ad supposedly on its side that has muni officials calling for it to be pulled. >> congressional leadership is responsible for this advertising. >> looks like that cable car depiction was photoshopped and they imposed a picture of the congressman. >> reporter: and even though it was put on with special effects, muni says it violates their no political ads rule. >> we don't want to get involved in political campaigns. >> reporter: so they have sent a "cease and desist" letter to demand it be pulled. >> this is a misrepresentation of what they said they were going to do in san francisco. it's a photoshop of our cable car and it's a misrepresentation and we don't want that to carry on. >> reporter: republican committee member and lawyer dillon says that the city just needs to lighten up. >> i'm not sure whoever -- whichever humanless bureaucratic drone thought it was a good idea to send a letter like this, a humorless drone. it has no merit and will be laughed out of court. >> reporter: muni says they don't have a chance in court
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and they are not going there anytime soon. but they are trying to get it off the air. it's interesting to note, the republican committee the super pac sent muni a check today for $600. muni is not going to cash it. they are going to be sending it back. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. back to you guys. >> thank you. developing news right now out of contra costa county. we're learning more about the man accused of setting a string of car fires. he is 36-year-old james bishop of pittsburg. he was tracked down over the weekend after his 1996 toyota rav-4 was spotted in the area where several of the fires broke out. he is currently facing more than a dozen counts of arson in a string of fires dating back to the beginning of april. voters think he could be responsible for even more. >> at this time, the fire investigations unit and partner agencies are investigating 30 or more incidents as possibly
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related to this series and we are asking for help from the public and the media. >> investigators are asking anyone with home security cameras video of bishop or his 1996 rav-4 to contact their arson tip line. that's 866-50-arson. new at 6:00 the sonoma county district attorney stepping outside of her office to tour a homeless camp. the kind of field trip was organized by neighbors who wanted her to see the situation firsthand. kpix 5's emily turner went along for the tour. >> reporter: it's a less than scenic tour with the intention of showing off guerneville's homeless problem. it's gotten so bad, the guerneville community alliance says that they invited the district attorney out to see it. >> we have kind of a overpopulation and sub culture that's you know, not very considerate for a community and our environment and we have had a spike in criminals. >> reporter: they want to encourage the d.a.'s support of
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law enforcement efforts to combat that crime. they hope seeing the high numbers of homeless will do just that. the district attorney says it's a priority and solving it is a challenge. >> certainly i can prosecute people that are breaking the laws but i can't find homes for them. i can work with others to find solutions to address homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol addiction and things like that. >> reporter: the sonoma county d.a. says almost 30% of the inmates in the sonoma county jail are homeless. there isn't a year-round shelter in guerneville. and there's not an emergency room at all. with the possibility of cuts in the sheriff's office, locals worry the issue may get worse before it gets better. they say the more allies they have in their efforts, including the d.a., the better. >> just want to reach a balance to where the town is, you know, safe and healthy for everybody that's here. >> reporter: mily turner, kpix 5. new at 6:00 dozens of faculty and staff at mills college in oakland could lose
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their jobs after the school declared a financial emergency. the small women's college has been around for 165 years. but it says it is no longer generating enough revenue to support itself. mills is facing a $9.1 million shortfall for the up coming budget year. the board of trustees met this afternoon to start brainstorming ways to cut costs and boost enrollment. but at this point, there are no plans to start admitting men to the undergrad program. >> it's been around for 165 years. there's always potential for change down the road but right now no change in the undergraduate admissions policy. >> the college says 30 to 35 faculty and staff could be fired in the restructuring. the board is expected to vote on a final financial plan sometime next month. more layoffs coming to silicon valley tech giant cisco. the company announced today it is letting 1100 more employees go. it continues to sharper its focus on software and services.
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that's on top of the 5500 employees laid off last august. at this point the company not giving details on where the latest round of job cuts will take place. a history making concert at levi's stadium. but u-2 is getting caught in the middle of some concert drama. the fight over when to end the show and how to get the fans home. >> drivers out of luck at the dmv today. the problem causing even more frustration than usual. >> and it's like a chop shop for bees. the man accused of making big money by stealing california hives. >> sunshine is back. that chilly breeze has been erased. and we have a warmup coming. but it's not going to be an even warmup. coming up, who goes up 5 degrees and who will go up 30 degrees. details next. ,,
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stadium. it's not just about bono & the band possibly blowing past the city's 10 o clock curfew. devin fehely tells a lot of discord in santa clara over the u-2 concert at the levi's stadium and not the curfew alone. kpix 5's devin fehely says there's a little dustup over how the concert-goers will get home. >> reporter: ever since levi's stadium opened the valley transportation authority has been providing extra trains and service to get fans and concert-goers to the stadium and back home at the end of the events. but they say that they are losing a ton of money,
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millions, and they want the 49ers to pay up. >> there will be extra service to make sure people can get there and get home safely and efficiently and in a timely way. >> reporter: the valley transportation authority and the 49ers averted a potential showdown which could have left thousands of concert-goers stranded at the end of tonight's u-2 show at levi's stadium. the vta says the extra trains and staffing it provides for special events at levi's stadium are costing the transit agency dearly because 2 and $3 million a year. >> we were told informally that the concert may be going later and so we offered to the management company of the stadium the 49ers to have that extended extra service and we asked them to please reimburse us for that. >> reporter: a spokesman for the 49ers who declined to talk on camera described the vta's last-minute request as a ultimatum designed to strong- arm the team into footing the bill for services that currently no other stadium, arena or concert venue pays
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for. the vta is staring in the face of a $21 million operating deficit this year. and they say they only want the 49ers to pay their fair share. >> vta has to incur overtime and other costs to make sure that there are adequate numbers of trains available at the end of an event. >> reporter: now, right now, the 49ers are simply refusing to pay. they say, why should we when the s.a.p. center or avaya stadium aren't paying? but the vta is considering a policy that would require potentially all of those venues to pay a little extra if they incur extra costs as a result of providing their services. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. bart is rushing to fix its emergency lighting system after recent power outages. today, bart admitted the battery powered backup lights failed at 14 of their 46 stations. they are supposed to turn on immediately in a power outage. bart became aware of the problem after a widespread
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blackout in san francisco last month and another outage in richmond a week later. so far bart has already installed new batteries at six stations. and the dmv scrambled to get computers back up after the system went down this afternoon across california. people looking for new driver's licenses and registrations had to wait for hours. by late this afternoon, most of the offices were back in business. the dmv is still checking to make sure the system is fully working for tomorrow. well, for people in danville who like to buy and sell items on craigslist, the city is helping to make those transactions safer. a safe exchange zone has been set up in the parking lot outside police headquarters. hidden cameras are fixed on the spot 24 hours a day. it's going to give customers the option to meet people they don't know or aren't sure about with added security. >> this is for their safety. so if something does happen, we can go back and look at the video and see who was here, see the cars and maybe even get a license plate. >> i personally do a lot of selling of things online and
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also buying things online. but when i'm selling, i just don't necessarily like people knowing where i live. >> police say the spot can also be used for child custody exchanges. the central valley man is accused of running what you might call a bee chop shot. the 51-year-old man is accused of stealing thousands of hives worth a million dollars from california's almond orchards. he found thousands of hives from several sites in his possession. the orchard lost $200,000 in profits because of the thefts. >> bees are big business. >> what's the buzz, paul? >> in weather? >> buzz in weather is going to be rising temperatures. we're looking at temperatures that are going to be shooting into the 90s away from the water by this weekend. so we are getting warm. but those of you watching us in pacifica or half moon bay if you are lucky enough to be spending the weekend in capitola your numbers aren't going to move that much. let me show you the highs from today. half moon bay only 60.
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but napa has warmed up to 76. we'll see a doubling of the temperatures spread from 16 to 2 or 35 degrees by this weekend -- 32 to 35 degrees by this weekend. "bay to breakers" this weekend, partly cloudy skies, low to mid- 60s i call that nice running weather but they will be out there "bay to breakers," join thousands of your friends on sunday. we have a ridge of high pressure which is moving in. but this one is not going to sit directly over the bay area. we can get a really strong onshore flow which keeps everybody chilly like last week. we can get a very strong offshore wind which gets everybody warm even at the beach. we are not going to see that. with the ridge off to the west, light onshore flow, ocean influence remains right at the coast but inland you're not going to get the ocean influence and you'll bake friday into the weekend. overnight tonight, very localized patchy fog at the beach and it will stay seasonably chilly. it wasn't that warm today.
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clear skies this evening and overnight tonight. we'll see 40s in the area. that said tomorrow as that ridge gets closer inland temperatures begin to climb likely into the low to mid-80s. 82 for livermore. 84 for fairfield. redwood city you hit 79. santa rosa hit 82. but still, the mid-60s, 64 with sunshine in pacifica. and low 90s are likely inland coming up this weekend. your extended forecast: we level off the heat near the bay by friday mid- to upper 70s. we are already there at the beach mid-60s. but inland, your temperatures continue to climb to the 90s through sunday where you will be up to 92 degrees. we'll stay warm to hot away from the water through the middle of next week. so the cold stuff is done. time for the warm stuff away from the water. back to you. >> thank you. some unwanted buzz in wine country. neighbors in napa making noise over plans for a private
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helipad. the fears it could disrupt their quite rural life. >> tom brady's wife puts the quarterback at the center of a concussion controversy today. i'm dennis o'donnell. if it's the giants and dodgers, what else would you expect? benches clearing. we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the press box today and said, "dennis, did you know the giants 5-game winning streak is the best since the obama administration?" man.. sports writer says in the press box today and said, dennis, did you know the giants' five-game winning streak is the longest since the obama administration? and doesn't that seem like year? [ laughter ] >> giants going tort sweep today. johnny cueto discussing the latest on james comey's dismissal. top of the 1st, cueto one strike away from getting out of the jam. he went down and got that pitch out of the dirt and two runs come in. another run scores. cueto gave up five runs in six innings more than enough for clayton kershaw. he threw 7 shutdown winnings to pick up his 20th career win
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against the giants. 6-1 the final as the dodgers snap san francisco's five-game win streak. >> what was your frustration with gondal? [ speaking spanish ] >> none whatsoever. i threw the pitch and the ball slipped out of my hand. i told him it was not my intention to throw at him to his head that if i was going to hit him, i was going to hit him below. >> i think they exchanged pleasant tries the next time he came to the plate. it's all cleaned up. tom brady has shown no signs of slowing down as he approaches 40 but brady's wife giselle told "cbs this morning" that her husband had concussion in 2016. and in previous seasons. none of which were reported by the patriots. the nfl had to release a statement saying, they have no record of brady suffering any injuries. there's a shock. a spurs fan is suing the
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warriors and zaza pachulia for injuring kawhi leonard. true story. the lawsuit says, the pachulia, quote, devastated the quality of the spurs chances of being competitive [ laughter ] >> at having additional games in their home arena. it's come to that. now, the warriors have outscored the spurs by 61 points, since kawhi leonard sprained his ankle to take a 2- osiris lead and gregg popovich took some of his frustrations out on the media. >> was it immediately from the start that you saw this? or did it take a couple of minutes -- >> oh, quit slicing hairs. 1 minute and 37 seconds is when we fingered that out. >> you talk about belief. does that come from leadership? is that any one guy or just a collective belief? >> it looked pretty collective to me. i mean, i don't think it was one guy who didn't believe and he infected everybody else. >> you said he was timid. any idea where that comes from? >> i'm a psychologist now?
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santa rosa press. >> santa rosa about an hour north. >> where the red wine country is. >> there's some wine up there. >> i'm very envious of you. [ laughter ] >> especially at the moment. >> on the air waves today pop being pop. but i think it's sometimes pop is a bully and it's sort of unnecessary. in fact, if i was on the receiving end, i would file a lawsuit. >> of course you would because that's what it's come to. >> he terrifies me. >> right? suing zaza pachulia. [ crosstalk ] >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, a live report on the dramatic developments in washington. the justice department handing the trump russia probe to a special counsel. and hear from a bay area democrat taking formal action to get the president to resign. >> a new twist in the sierra lamar case. the questions raised about a detective's testimony. what it could mean for the convicted killer's fate. >> and the a's step up to the plate for a fan who got his phone smashed by a home run. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the trump administration- now facing a new investigation... a unsel will lead our top story at 6:30 in what's turning out to be a long week for the white house the
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trump administration is now facing a new investigation. a special counsel will lead the probe into ties between russia and the president's campaign, alleged ties. cbs reporter mola lenghi has more from washington with why the justice department decided to make this move. mola. >> reporter: allen, former fbi chief robert mueller has been tapped as special counsel of this investigation. he has been really given broad sweeping authority to gather all the relevant facts in the russian investigation and wherever those facts might lead including subsequent matters that arose from the investigation like the firing of james comey. he has also been given authority to pursue federal charges if he sees fit. the department of justice appointed former fbi director robert mueller as special counsel for the investigation into alleged meddling. he will prosecute federal crimes. it came after president trump fired james comey and the
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president allegedly pressured comey to drop his investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. the white house denies it. the president complained about his treatment at the coast guard academy graduation. >> no politician in history, and i say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> reporter: it's caused lawmakers on both sides to distance themselves from the president. other top republicans say they remain confident in president trump but are calling for all available evidence for the investigation. >> i want to get facts. that's our job to be sober and dispassionate and get the fact and to do our jobs and follow the facts wherever they may lead. >> reporter: three congressional committees have formally requested the comey memos plus any documents the white house might have detailing conversations between comey and the president. cbs news has learned that
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deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will give house members a classified briefing on the russia investigation friday morning. allen? >> well, mueller seems to have broad support but what about on capitol hill, what are you hearing? >> reporter: certainly broad support on capitol hill. here, as well. both sides of the aisle democrats and republicans. it's hard to imagine a more respected figure in washington being tapped for this role. he served as fbi chief from 2001 to 2013. he is a career prosecutor decorated vietnam veteran with the marines. he has wide respect here on capitol hill. >> he had it here in the bay area, too. mola lenghi in washington, thank you. a bay area democrat calling for president trump's removal from office. no audio ] >> a resolution today asked the president to resign and if he doesn't, it calls on congress to impeach him. citing the recent allegations
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of obstruction of justice and allegedly leaking classified information. >> when you focus on the president there's historical context. we cannot wait any longer for an additional shoe to drop so we need to take affirmative action. >> only congress has the power to start impeachment proceedings. stocks fell this afternoon. a manning is walking fre this evening... soldier was released prison today after se time for leaking cla d in ion. manning admitted to >> chelsea manning is walking free this evening. u.s. soldier was released from prison today after serving time for leaking classified information. manning admitted to giving secret government documents to wikileaks. that's back in 2013. he served nearly 7 years of a 35 year sentence. president obama commuted the sentence before leaving office. he was bradley manning before transitioning in prison to a woman. the former intelligence analyst will remain in a special status of active duty. it's unpaid but does the person
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to military medical care. a dramatic development in the sentencing phase of the sierra lamar murder trial. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us a key witness's past testimony is being called into question. >> reporter: while the jury continues to hear testimony from the friends and family of sierra lamar, causing some jurors to cry, there were significant developments outside the presence of the jury. prosecutors and defense attorneys are reviewing the conduct of one of the main detectives in the case after a judge in another case found he gave false testimony about a 2009 murder. the judge in that case found he testified to crime statistics that were so inaccurate, it was enough to overturn the murder conviction of two defendants. one legal analyst says this development could help spare antolin garcia-torres the death penalty or lead to motions for a new trial, especially if the district attorney knew about the earlier case and failed to disclose it to the defense. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix
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5. marin county investigators say the shooting deaths of two people near novato may have been a murder-suicide. family members found the bodies of a man and woman both in their mid-70s inside the home this morning. that's off atherton avenue in unincorporated novato. deputies searched the house and property and say they believe there is no threat to the community. the names of the victims in a their 70s are not released. a show of support for a fruit vendor seen getting arrested in a viral photo. friends say he got a raw deal. why deputies aren't backing down. >> and even the people who make road signs need spell check. caltrans rushing to fix this embarrassing mistake. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in san francisco today. ((nats of breaking down wall)) u-c students broke down a symbolic wall... they want the re the university of california regents met today in san francisco today. [ screaming ]
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>> the uc students broke down iowa. they want the regents to roll back a tuition increase approved in january. they broke down a wall. an audit showed uc failed to disclose $175 million in funds. >> we're fired up. we can't take it any more. we are tired. we don't do this for fun. >> [ indiscernible is ongoing. students are at the university for at least four years. so that is why we certainly are advocating for more money from the state to help with enrollment to help with the cost of teaching. >> the board is scheduled to vote on a budget tomorrow. they will also consider a proposal to cap out-of-state student enrollment at 18%. a pile of fruit was stacked up outside the alameda county sheriff's office today. it was a show of support for an east bay fruit vendor. organizers called the event a fruit-in. they are protesting the arrest of pedro martin aguilar a photo of the scene posted to facebook and went viral.
6:39 pm
demonstrators accuse the deputies of racial profiling. >> he is trying to make a living like all over oakland there's people that are selling stuff. i'm sure they don't have permits. >> do you think he was targeted because of his race? >> oh, yeah. >> do you think this is racial? >> the officer is black. the detainee is hispanic. is it racially motivated? i don't think so. >> they don't typically cite fruit vendors but tries to get them to move to different locations. but they asked him for identification and he tried push past the deputy and walk away. then he was arrested. the fears a private helipad could hope a can of worms in wine country. ♪[ music ] >> all sunshine all day long in stanford today. buhl with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. we'll trend warmer. find out when we'll see the 80s and then the 90s and when san
6:40 pm
francisco will get a crack at 70 degrees. that's coming up.
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has neighbors buzzing tonight. kpix 5's john ramos on their fight.. to keep the idea from getting off the ground: new at 6:00 a proposed addition to one napa valley winery has the neighbors buzzing tonight. kpix 5's john ramos on their fight to keep the idea from getting off the ground. >> reporter: people who live in napa valley enjoy their quiet rural life sometime and react passionately to anything that interrupts it like, say, a helicopter flying by. [ loud noise ] >> this is going to ruin my life! this is going to make me not want to live here anymore! >> reporter: pat lives next to a winery just outside napa and is outraged over the proposal to build a helicopter landing pad on the site of mount george just above the vineyard. the owner a chopper pilot is requesting a permit from the county to allow him to take off and land from a spot close to his business and home. >> this project has unique features. >> reporter: he wouldn't speak with us on camera today but he
6:44 pm
told the planning commission that his project abides by all regulations and the limitations he agreed to would set a high standard for anyone else requesting a helipad in the future. but that's exactly what some of the neighbors are worried about. >> once they have allowed helicopters, hundreds more come in and it will literally destroy the bucolic nature of the napa valley. >> reporter: county rules allow for private helipads but there hasn't been one approved in decades. the commission staff is recommending approval saying the plan says the law. but that would send the matter to the board of supervisors who may be equally interested in satisfying the voters. and a lot of them don't seem to think much othit's not a pleasa >> airplanes fly over all the time. but it's a completely different animal with a helicopter. >> reporter: in napa valley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the fight over the helipad has been going on for three years. the planning commission put off its decision again today saying they will vote on the matter at a future meeting. well, you may have noticed
6:45 pm
there's a new freeway sign on 280 in san jose. but there's something wrong with it. you spot the problem in the picture? look closely. it should read, saratoga. caltrans says people started notifying it through social media and that the sign was misspelled there. the crews immediately went out and taped over the mistake. caltrans says it was the contractor who made the error. >> it's a big deal for our commuters because it looks like i have been passing through this location for a series of times and there's an o instead of an a so we appreciate the public notifying us. sometimes things happen. >> toga, toga! the contractor already agreed to fix it at no additional cost. [ laughter ] >> to taxpayers. >> whoops. the warriors all star forward giving back to oakland in the form of basketball courts. kevin durant shot a few hoops with kids today on a newly
6:46 pm
refurbished basketball court at lincoln square park in downtown oakland. the courts were cleaned up as part of his build it and they will ball initiative. he wanted to do this he said because that's where the dream starts. >> i just wanted them to have a safe place to play somewhere that they can call their own, something they can feel proud of walking through the neighborhood. that's how we felt as kids growing up. >> durant recently refurbished courts in his hometown outside washington, dc. and he has plans to clean up several more bay area courts this summer. a seattle mariners fan cheering for the a's after a mishap in the stands his iphone shattered in seattle last night when a home run hit him in the pocket. >> oh. >> peter tweeted the a's this picture saying, can you guys please buy me a new phone? your two-run shot broke mine. the a's replied. >> i think it's the least we could do to have a huge bomb by ryan healy and a lot of people
6:47 pm
are saying it was one of the hardest hit balls in all of major league baseball this year. yeah, i think it's all right if we have to get the guy a phone. >> johnson says he took a lot of heat on twitter for letting the ball hit him but who's laughing now? i own a new iphone 7. >> that's why you always bring your glove to a baseball game. you have to pay attention. never know when you're going to catch a home run in the upper deck at safeco. good job, healy. 73 oakland. livermore 68. still chilly in san francisco and this warmup won't impact you that much. you may get to 65, 67 this weekend. moses of the warming is inland like santa rosa turning 75 into 90 in short order but overnight we drop to uniform temperatures. we even do this in summer with a 50-degree temperature spread we'll all cool off to around the same place and start in the 40s.
6:48 pm
>> i strongly suggest anywhere around tahoe. you can go skiing in a couple of spots with 68 degrees with sunshine on saturday and 72 degrees with sunshine coming up on sunday. and you have all that snow to play with. so not a bad place to be. if you are hanging out around the bay area, always a nice choice. we have a ridge of high pressure which is getting closer. we have that pesky low which gave us that strong ocean breeze for about 7 to 10 days. that's finally moving out. so this ridge is going to be with us for the next seven to 10 days and what it means a lot of sunshine in the city of san francisco tomorrow. we'll hit 60 degrees by 10:00 but level off in the low to mid- 60s throughout the day. should be a very pleasant afternoon strolling through the mission tomorrow. that's where you'll find yourself. up to 10 degrees warmer by tomorrow afternoon but most of that warming is away from the water. the warming will continue into the weekend and we'll likely see a summer-like temperature spread where the coast is in the 60s but inland we are in the 90s. that's a 30-degree microclimate temperature spread which will be playing out on saturday and
6:49 pm
sunday. tomorrow highs: tomorrow highs: >> we get warmer friday but most of the warming is inland. over the weekend pick your climate. you want the 60s go to the beach. 70s near the bay. 80s and 90s inland. warmer than average through the middle of next week. warm weather moving in but most of it is away from the water. that's your kpix 5 forecast. sounds lovely. >> coming up, getting children wired for learning. how a bay area woman's unique approach is helping thousands of kids learn to read and
6:50 pm
write. >> and coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat we're asking you: do you support or oppose former fbi director robert mueller as the department of justice's pick to lead this special investigation? hundreds of thousands of ,,,,,,
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children all over the world have learned to read and write .. thanks to a marin county woman's unique approach. hundreds of thousands of children all over the world have learned to read and write thanks to a marin county woman' unique approach. >> sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. sharon. >> reporter: dr. jeannine herron had an eye-opening conversation with a 5-year-old in 1965. the girl told her, i want to learn to read and write so i can teach my father. from then on, dr. herron researched how to get kids wired for reading. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: sophia finds her lessons empowering. >> i'm able to write letters and more. >> reporter: her second grade class at audubon elementary school in foster city uses "read, write & type," software developed by dr. jeannine herron. ♪[ music ]
6:54 pm
>> reporter: it's part of a literacy program dr. herron created 20 years ago in san rafael called "talking fingers." the neuropsychologist studied how the brain learns and using federal grants, created a multi-sensory approach using technology to help children read and write more easily. >> they see a picture, they say the word, they figure out what the sounds are, they link those sounds to a letter, and the finger stroke. so they are using the eyes, ears and their motor system to link all those things together. >> in the last 20 years, dr. herron's software has reached more than half a million students in all of the states of the u.s., canada and 33 countries. >> you will never write my virus name unless you win the sound game. >> reporter: the lessons are fun. so this girl wants to keep learning. >> it's exciting to city when
6:55 pm
you pass a level and get a certificate. >> reporter: here at audubon, the technology coordinator says dr. herron's software has taught more than 4,000 students in 17 years. >> the kids love doing this. we find that it does help with their reading and their writing. >> it really makes me feel wonderful. >> i can read, i can write! i can type! >> reporter: so for teaching children to "read, write & type," this week's jefferson award winner in the bay area goes to dr. jeannine herron. >> the curriculum has instructions in nine different languages helping with students whose second language is english. she has an app called talking shapes that teaches speech sounds to preschoolers and kindergartners. >> wow. so software and an app. she is not your typical what we think of as a techie. she is almost 80 years old. >> actually she is not. she didn't set out to become a software developer. she hooked up with someone else because she wanted the curriculum to be fun and to be engaging and it's like a videogame. >> it is, right?
6:56 pm
>> playing a game. >> they are out at recess wondering what level are you at? what level did you learn? >> i love they are so young and learning how to type. they had their fingers on the keyboard the correct way at so young. >> the more senses you can use the more you will remember all these things. >> good for her. >> awesome. >> congrats. >> thank you. if you have been inspired by someone like dr. herron nominate that person for a jefferson award online at okay. quick check of the weather? >> warming up. >> there it is. we have temperatures climbing over on the weather computer. yeah. we'll see some 90s coming up this weekend looking at temperatures climbing. i'll peek over my shoulder. 15 degrees in concord from yesterday to tomorrow. and san rafael 16 degrees warmer yesterday's high 62. tomorrow 78. >> wow. >> love it. >> very nice. >> for now throughout the evening the latest news and weather, always on >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44/cable 12. see you back at here 11:00. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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