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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  May 18, 2017 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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morning at 4:30. >> we'll have all the news you need, traffic, weather to start your day. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> an extraordinary scene unfolding here on a washington d.c. highway. a white suv is being pursued by a p halanx of police car, authorities believe the passenger in the car to could be president donald trump, the chasing comes on the heels of a special counsel being appointed to the russian investigation. the suv appears to be driven by long time companion steve bannon. oh, we've just been told that trump is holding a taco bowl to his mouth. hold on, we have the president on the phone. >> this is a witch-hunt. no one has ever been treated more unfairly than donald trump. >> sir, put the taco bowl down. >> i already ate it, oh, by the way, this is the highest rated
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police chasing ever. it's tremendous, the best. steve, pull over. i want to get another taco bowl. >> it's the late show with stephen colbert. and musical guest xx featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now live live from tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: whooo! whooo! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: hey!
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welcome, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the late show. i'm your host, stephen colbert. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you very much. you know, the word dumpster fire gets thrown around so casually these days. but when a special counsel gets appointed to investigate your administration just four months in, that's a new high and low. i mean this thing, i mean this is just the beginning of this, okay. he just gets put in. he has the ability to spp, to empanel grand juries, this is a snowball just at the top of a hill right now. if the snow were brown and came out of the back of a bull. >> jon: oh man. >> stephen: don't get in its way is what i'm saying. now the announcement of the special counsel shocked everyone, including the white
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house which reportedly only got 30 minutes warning before the announcement went public. sean spicer barely had time to dive in the hedges and cover himself with mud. yeah. he learned that from schwarzenegger in "predator" now the twist is that the counsel was appointed by deputy attorney general and lesser buscemi rod rosenstein, remember rosenstein, last week when the administration was looking for someone to blame for the comey fire, they tried to throw rosenstein under the bus forgetting that his deputy ag, he's actually the bus driver, okay. next stop, indictment avenue. here we go. whooo whooo! down to indictment avenue. ♪ and then we'll take you higher. ♪ oh lard. ♪ and-- thank you.
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and the new special counsel is former fbi director and macho john kerry robert mueller, who is done all trump's worst nightmare, a competent adult who owes him nothing and who i am guessing has not seen "the apprentice." but trump should have seen this coming, okay. this should be no sur prietion to him,-- surprise to him, especially because after all it is just keeping one of his campaign promtions from the debate. >> if i win, i'm going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> stephen: yeah. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: he's a man of his word. >> jon: he keeps his word. >> stephen: he's a man of his word. and there's going to be no shortage of stuff for mule tore investigate because the man is he center of the scandal is former national security advisor and father-in-law who won't set foot in your foreign carmichael
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flynn. and we just learned that the trump team knew flynn was being investigated for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for turkey during the campaign. well, they should have suspected something when they saw what he wore to the convention. (laughter). >> stephen: and, and, and it gets worse. because after taking $500,000 from turkey while preparing to be trump's national security advisor, flynn for some reason stopped a u.s. military plan that turkey opposed. yeah. yeah. it is just like the patriot at bunker hill who cried don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes cuz i'm getting paid by visine. now we're also-- we're also learning more about the meeting where donald trump allegedly asked james comey to layoff the flynn investigation. efltly,-- evidently, before he twisted comey's arm, trump told
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those present including mike pence and attorney general jeff sessions to leave the room except for mr. comey. oh, comey should have known better because nothing good happens when you are alone in a room with donald trump. once, once the room cleared, trump started by saying that mr. comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information. you can't put reporters in prison just because you don't like what they are publishing? that's like burning down a movie theater because it's showed "king arthur: legend of the sword." i hear it's tallly very goodment now three separate committees in congress want comey to testify. so of course it's hard for house oversight committee jason chaffetz to get in touch with comey because chaff eth-- chaffetz says since he left government the old telephone number that i had for him i haven't been able to get through. (laughter) someone's being ghosted. (laughter)
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give it up, jason, he's just not that into you. but many republicans are ducking the scandal. in fact, apparently republican lawmakers are answering fake phone calls to avoid commenting on comey's trump memo. sorry, sorry, i would love to answer that question. i have to take this. it's the apple store. what's that? what's that, you say my iphone is finally fixed, i can stop speaking into my hand, okay. guys, what am i going to do, i'm sorry, hello, hello? i lost him. meanwhile, trump baif another commencement speech. this time at the u.s. coast guard academy and faced with that shining sea of brave young people in uniform, trump kept his eye on what is most important to him. >> i've accomplished a tremendous amount in a very short time as president. a brand new supreme court justice who is going to be fantastic for 45 years. >> stephen: it's a little
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unsettling that he seems to know the exact date neil gorsuch is going to die. be careful, neil. trump found the strength to continue praising himself. >> i've loosened up the strangling environmental change wrapped around our country and our economy, change so tight that you couldn't do anything. >> stephen: yes, he's loosened the strangling environmental chains around america, especially those chains about global warning which is good news for the coast guard because soon they'll be able to patrol the coast of kansas. trump also, trump also wanted to take the opportunity to give the graduates some advice. >> now i want to take this opportunity to give you some advice. over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. you will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve.
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>> stephen: for instance, look at me, i became president. (applause). >> stephen: we have a great show for you tonight. ricky gervais is here. and when we come back, i will-- ,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> stephen: jon batiste and stay human, everybody. give it up frr the man right
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there. >> jon: yeah! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: all right. folks, you know, you may know if you pay attention to the show i'm a dad. and as a dad of course i live in a constant state of fear about my teenagers. we parpts never know what dangers our teens are secretly hiding from us, sex, drugs, a capella music. and if you don't know what to panic about, just turn on the local news. >> the secret lies of your teens putting them in danger. >> teens trying to outdo each other using duct tape. >> they're using hand sanitizer to get drunk. >> smoking alcohol. >> sexting. >> putting lip balm on your eyelids. >> watch out for teens who may jump into the way of traffic. >> stephen: of course you're going to jump into traffic when your eye lips are hopped up on lip balm. i'm about to show you a terrifying new trend among teens, so so pour a tall glass of hand sanitizer and brace
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yourself. this is the late show's "teen secrets." (laughter) >> teen secrets. >> stephen: the last time we exposed teen secrets we warned you about the dangers of teens using emojis to communicate in code. so teens can't be trusted with emojis. and now according to kpnx12 in arizona, arizona's news leader, they can't be trusted with everything. >> hidden in plain sight. how some teens hide drugs from their parents. >> this next story will change the way you look at almost everything. >> this is a picture of a teenager's bedroom. looks simple enough, clean, tiddy. but what if i told you there are more than 70 items hiding drugs and alcohol. >> stephen: 70 items. that's in addition to the 200 items your teen is using for masturbation. (laughter) so how exactly are these defious
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teens stashing their stash? >> here is a slit that has been cut in this flipflop so somebody could literally walk out of this room with pills in their shoes. a tea light candle on its own doesn't mean that your child is using drugs but the tea light candle holders are one of the most popular ways that kids are cooking heroin. >> stephen: cooking heroin in tea lights. that explains the new yankee candle scent lou reed. and this story is everywhere just like drugs. >> does your teenage son or daughter spend a lot of time holding on to small electronic devices like graphing calculator or alarm clocks. >> well, kidsk i have to tell you that according to law enforcement officials, those small devices are being used by teenagers to basically store their illegal narcotics. >> stephen: yes, according to law enforcement teens are hiding drugs in their calculators. of course, it all makes scents.
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we already knew teens were storing pornography in their calculators. don't believe me? boobies. (laughter) all right? that's math. (applause). >> stephen: that's math! we have gotten-- haven't gotten to the worst hiding spots of all. >> oddly enough the dea says teens are also using stuffed animals and belts. >> stephen: drugging up stuffed animals? how could you, teens? i should have known, all the warning signs were there with my beloved mr. itchy skins. he's in a bad place. i caught him in the alley snuggling for cash. thankfully these local news hounds have taught me to question everything. >> parents can have a huge impact on the choices that their kids make. >> stephen: because what you think you are seeing may actually be within optical illusion. >> stephen: oh my god!
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that wasn't his real tie! am i high right now? did teens hide drugs inside of me? (laughter). >> stephen: lassees and gentlemen, this is just the tip of the drugberg it is time to learn all the other places your teens could be hiding drugs right here at the teen secrets narc desk. all right, parents. question, does your teen ever eat sandwiches? yeah, there it is. a sandwich, looks innocent, right. not so fast. the so called meat is actually a bag of angle dust. -- angel dust, uh-huh, turkey club? more like turkey drug. next is your teen always on the phone? of course they are. but are you sure their phone isn't actually just a brick of hash labeled to look like a phone? yeah, it happens all the time. hello, promising future, hello? it just hung up on me.
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now if you are a responsible parent who loves his kids you have already torn up your teen's teddy bear in front of them and smashed their calculator. still they'll need something to use for math class. why not the family abacus you say. i'll tell you why not, do the math, drugs plus drugs equals drugs, to the power of casual sex mine us a condom. this next one is a heartbreaker, moms and dads. have you ever seen your teen walking around with their childhood mack ronnie art? hmmmm, hey, cute, huh? yeah, but look a little bit closer. each one of these is a tiny crack pipe. (laughter) yeah, look at this. look at this. yeah. uh-huh, i would sell my body for
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another hit right now. here's an a bore-- adorable pillow from your teen's room that says i love my family. nothing wrong with that, right? except for the fact that it's a cover for the real pillow, drugs. okay? this is what they're dreaming of, okay. and i'm sorry to have to break this one to you. your teen loves your family cat, right? uh-huh. they love burrito. family cat, oh, burrito loves being on camera too. this is burrito. oh, they pet burrito all the time, they just love burrito. you ever wonder why? well, look what happens when you just shave the little guy's hair off. turns out the whole time burrito wasn't a cat, he was a duffel bag full of weed. okay. that's why dogs hate cats. they can smell the drugs. so remember, burrito's fine. so remember, drugs can be
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anywhere. because as our friends at kpnx arizona say, what you think are you seeing could be-- an optical illusion. it was a clip-on the whole time! (applause) we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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(applause). >> stephen: hey, welcome back, everybody. ladies and gentlemen, folks, you know my first guest from "the office requesting and" extras "and now on his first standup tour in seven years, please welcome ricky gervais.
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(applause) snoatd. ♪ >> stephen: nice seeing you. >> what a lovely audience. >> stephen: marvelous people. >> it seems to strange to spoil it. >> stephen: we could just sit here and look at each other and they could project on to us that this is going be to be an interesting kfertionz. >> they're lovely. >> stephen: we had a very interesting conversation last time you were here. >> we did. >> stephen: we debated the existence of god. i smoked you. >> and where did it get us. nowhere. so what's the point. >> stephen: well, hell in the end, i suppose. >> no, you'll be all right. i'm going to hell because i don't believe in him. >> stephen: i am going to hell because i do believe in it. just because you believe in hell
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doesn't mean you won't go, you probably will because i'm a sinner. >> yeah, we're all sinners, aren't we, according to your lot. >> stephen: right, right and we're only saved by the grace of god. >> sure. >> stephen: but you know, we don't deserve t we don't deserve it, ricky. so what-- well, i got no guarantee i'm going to heaven. only one person is guaranteed entrance into heaven. >> who is that. >> stephen: the good thief who was hanging next to kleist who said this very day shall you be with me in paradise. that is what he said, kleist, boom, tbaif him a stamp, validated his parking right there. >> but wasn't kleist god in a different form. >> stephen: both god and man, yeah. >> but he, god was jesus, wasn't he. >> stephen: three persons in one god, yeah. >> right. >> stephen: the bed rock of western civilization. >> so he-- so he knew he was sending himself to earth to die for our sins and then go to heaven. >> stephen: yeah, because he sees all time at once.
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>> sounds a bit far fetched to me. (laughter). >> stephen: i completely agree. i completely agree, yeah. religion is the crazy story that it's okay with you to believe in, you know. it's okay for me to believe my religious story. everybody else's religious story is a cult. (laughter) >> yeah. >> stephen: yeah. >> exactly. your god is real, all the other gods are silly made up nonsense, but not yours. >> stephen: that's right. that's why my god is greater than every other god. >> exactly, yes. >> stephen: now you are in a world comedy tour. >> i am, indeed. >> stephen: where in the world. >> you wouldn't think so. >> stephen: part of the world, we're in the world right now. what constitutes the world for ricky gervais, when you say the world tour, in america we have the world series but it is just us. >> exactly. and same of mr. universe always comes from earth, you know what i mean. >> stephen: yeah. >> it's a fix. it's a fix. >> stephen: yeah. >> i even put on the post before the tickets went on sale, ricky
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gervais live coming to a town near you if a town near you had anarena and a five star hot well a helipad. >> stephen: so you don't-- you rough it. >> i stay in hostiles and riddick does-- i do, yeah, why i go live in a cave in iraq. why would i do that. >> stephen: there's something in between those two. >> yeah, normal people, everyone else. >> stephen: cleveland. >> yeah, no, i do. i make it very easy for myself. i two or three days on and four days off, so yeah, my world tour is taking me a year cuz of all the days off in between, yeah. >> stephen: you haven't done the standup tour in seven years, something like that. >> seven years if you don't count the golden globes, which you shouldn't. >> stephen: i do have questions about that in a minute, we'll get back to that. >> okay, sure. >> stephen: so why go back to it after seven years in.
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>> you know what, i always thought standup was the first thing i did, as a writer, director or actor. and it always got pushed back. i've got more important things. but now for the first time i think it is the favorite thing i do. it is such a privilege that people are coming out to see you. you can say anything you want. there are no restrictions, it's just your own morality and 10,000 straryngs it is a real privilege. and i think i'm finally a goods standup. and that sounds weird and everybody that came to see me before there, you're not getting your money back. but i'm saying now, do you know what i think it is, i think it is seven years off, and i sort of miss it. and also i have reached the age, because i'm old, i've gots old people rights so i can say whatever the whreep [bleep] i want. and i'm not a maniac. i don't go out to offend, that's too easy. but you just, it just happens. >> stephen: is there anything that offends you? >> everything offends me. honestly, noisy eaters, people-- eating lake that. oh, god, lateness, people who
12:06 am
are late, i can't stand it. i'm always early. >> stephen: you are punk actual. >> i'm early so if they ray bit late they are twice as late as i think they are and i'm furious. i just can't believe anyone would be late to meet me. what are they thinking? it's crazy. it's-- do you know what i mean? plaws plawls. >> stephen: whistling. >> whistling, when people really loudly whistle, and changing rooms, people whistling-- they're basically-- . >> stephen: like a locker room. >> a man walking around naked whistling is baiflt going i'm in the looking at your [bleep] that's all-- it's just-- and sniffing, oh, this is the worst noise in the world. >> stephen: sniffing in the locker room. >> no, no, no. (laughter). >> stephen: i didn't know. >> yes, i know. >> stephen: you put those two ideas together in my brain. >> why-- why are you sniffing. >> stephen: and then he goes. >> i know, no, people who do this. oh, you pig. i hate it. so everything offends me.
12:07 am
yes. >> stephen: can you explain to me what is going on here. is this part of the world tour, what is this? >> yeah, i was-- that's me in a bath in my hotel in icelander, rjevik is my favorite place on the tour so far, i haven't played new york yet, i'm playing this weekend. >> stephen: are tickets still available? >> no, i'm putting-- no, this one is sold out, madison square garden but i'm putting another madison square garden on sale tomorrow, friday, 10 a.m. thanks for asking. >> stephen: so the picture. >> this is me and i try and do a bath pic where i ever i am the world. i go to a novelty shop and get that, and smeer myself-- look at that, those are real breasts as well, there's no-- those are real puppies down there. >> stephen: the caption says after only one day in iceland. >> yeah, exactly. >> stephen: what do you do in iceland, i have always wanted to go. >> it's just beautiful, it's
12:08 am
great, the the geography, the people are great. >> stephen: what makes them laugh, what makes. >> me. >> stephen: english, they speak enough english. >> they speak better english than we do, honestly, the whole of scandinavia, there is no language barrier. most of europe speaks fantastic english. >> stephen: they believe in elves in iceland. >> they don't really. >> stephen: they do. no, they actually believe, the majority of icelanders actually believe-- no, as adults, they will build roads lake say there is a rock outcropping right here that is traditionally the home of like these elfish creatures, they will build it around it rather than disturb the home of the elf, that is why i want to to iceland because i'm a huge toll keen fan which i know are you not, you are not a fan of jrr toll keen. and why aren't-- tolkien, because why aren't you, you have the-- you could be a hobbit. you have the look. >> there is a con spirs see. >> stephen: no, just seems natural. >> i've got hobbit's feet. >> stephen: yeah, you don't
12:09 am
like tolkien. >> and huge testicles that every hobbit has. >> stephen: that's true. >> they just never in its film, either, enormous testicles. >> stephen: they would have lost their rating, they would have lost their rating. there is an uncut there is an uncut version, that's in the director's cut. why don't you like tolkien, i don't understand. >> because it's nonsense. >> stephen: it's fantasy, what did you mean, what's wrong with nonsense? >> well. >> stephen: does everything have to be true to you. >> okay, i'm a catholic. >> stephen: welcome. welcome aboard. >> >> stephen: so i won the debate. >> if nonsense is okay, i'm in. >> stephen: okay, good. >> and can i drink as much red wine as i want. >> stephen: right, because it's not wine any more. >> it's not wine any more. i'm absolutely off my [bleep] on the blood of christ. (laughter)
12:10 am
(applause). >> stephen: speaking-- speaking, speaking of being off your [bleep], let's get back to the golden globes for a second. you have hosted that a few times. >> yeah. >> stephen: and i'm hosting, you have done a great job. i'm hosting the emmys in the fall. you can give me any advice-- (applause) other than, like other than like pissing off earn in the room or should do you that, is it a good thing to do? >> i don't try to, but again, i think when you do those things, with the golden globes i have a choice as a comedian, do i pander to 200 people in the room or the 200 million people watching around the world. and there is no contest, you know. i play it for the audience at home. because they're not winning awards. i'm the fat guy at home on the couch, do you know what i mean. so i sort of-- i don't-- i'm not that nasty. but do you know what the emmy vote is then because i'm up for emmy consideration for-- life on the road, best tv movie and best
12:11 am
television. >> stephen: are you a voter. >> i don't think they asked me to vote. >> stephen: have you ever won an emmy. >> yeah. >> stephen: then are you automatically in to vote. >> i have won two but i lost 21. >> stephen: oh, wow. >> that's terrible-- . >> stephen: that is pretty bad. >> that is a terrible batting average. >> stephen: yeah, wow. i thought were you talented, i didn't know. >> yeah, i know, i know, i think it's a big joke. they're like come to l.a. you are going to win, am i? nou. >> stephen: louis c.k. >> i think fun-- . >> stephen: you can drink at the golden globes. >> that's the thing. the golden globes is probably better to be at than host that because you are getting drunk and you don't care. whereas the emmys they are all sitting there and but they are sober so it is good to perform at but-- when i'm up for emmys which is every year, i don't win them. but they say do you want to hand one out. and i always say yes because i know there will be a break and i will get backstage and have a beer. because it is three hours without a beef watching it. so basically, blood of kleist,
12:12 am
that's all i say-- say,. >> stephen: done, peace be with you. ricky in new york and l.a., tickets go on sale tomorrow. ricky ger-- gervais, everybody. we'll be right back with corey hawken. ,,,,,,,,
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody. folks, you know my next guest is the star of 24 legacy and as dr. dre and straight outta compton. please welcome coree hawkins. yes, yes. >> stephen: this is one of those happy guest crossovers where i found out that you knew
12:17 am
this cat before i did. >> that's right. >> stephen: because you went to july yard. >> yes. >> stephen: you are a little bit younger than jon. >> a little bit. >> stephen: what did you know about him. >> he's a genius ious, man, are you a lucky guy for having him on. >> hey, my man. >> it's been so long. >> >> jon: good to see you, man. >> oh man. all those cats, man, i know a lot of those cats. i'm a huge jazz fan. at july yard, you are lucky to be at july yard because are you surrounded by so many talented artists. and i remember when i first got there, you know, you hear jazz in the hallways and all of a sudden you know, a little jam session will break out and you think you know how to sing, you know what i mean, you join in and stuff like that. but it was great, man, it was great. i'm proud of you. >> stephen: well, i'm sure there mus be a sort of sense how do i get in here, do i belong here. what about the process of getting in. that must be pretty intense when you are trying to audition to be in july yard.
12:18 am
>>-- juillard. >> they only take about 18 people in the drama division. and you know, thousands audition each year. so i remember i didn't audition straight out of high school. i was, you know, i'm just going to go to california and try my luck. and then i wanted to get back to the east coast because i'm an east coast dude. so i remember-- and i remember you know just thinking i want to go to juilliard i want that structure, and rigor and classical foundation. and i remember flying up to san francisco. i saved up all my money. i was broke as a joke. i saved up all my money, flew up to san francisco to auditionment and this monologue, i had it preparedment i mean hi been work on this monologue since i was a kid. from james baldwin's-- and i remember walking in, james baldwin fans, okay, all right. i remember walking into the room, getting down on my knees and i was like all right, this is it. i'm about to act my behind off. they about to accept me into
12:19 am
juilliard and completely blanked on the monologue. >> stephen: so they said any time are you ready, and you had nothing. >> nothing came out. i was sitting literally on the floor like this and i was like. you know that moment where everything flashes before your eyes. >> stephen: that is normally death. >> i was pretty close to it. it was very strange. and-- . >> stephen: where are you from, where did you grow up. >> d.c. . >> stephen: okay, yeah, yeah, in the city itself. >> d.c., hometown southeast d.c., i grew up born and raised and moved out to maryland. >> stephen: so how did you first start to perform? like did you do plays as a kid and that kind of stuff. >> i actually started singing. that was kind of like my first love was singing in the church. my grandma used to bring me to church, you know, back and forth. i was like her tape recorder, almost. like back in the day. she was the choir director too, so i would have to sit on the front pe-ws and listen to everybody, all these old people sing. and we would go home and she would, you know, she would
12:20 am
forget, sometimes forget the melodies or little things that wasn't on the tape. and i would start singing them. and and she would just kind of-- that is when she noticed. then from there shall-- . >> stephen: were you literally the living tape recorder for her. >> basically, for my grandma. she would put a strap on me and took me around. >> stephen: is your grandmother still with us. >> yes, yes, i'm bringing her actually up to the tonys actually coming up. >> stephen: well, that's a nice date for your grandma. speaking of which, i met you two or three weeks ago, something like that. >> yeah. >> stephen: a met gala. >> that was fun. >> stephen: and then the next morning you found out that you were nominated for lead actor in a play. (applause) for six degrees of separation. >> yeah. >> stephen: congratulations. >> thank you. >> stephen: first of all what an extraordinary role to play. >> thank you, man. it's such a-- it's a blessing and an honor to kind of be able to come back to my rooting. after i graduated, that was what i knew i wanted to do was theater. you know, did a little film and
12:21 am
tv here and there but coming back to broadway and coming back to broadway with this play. i know alison was on and-- and john benjamin hickey and this incredible character written by john, it is a joy, man. >> stephen: how did you find out you were nominated? >> well, you know, the met ball was fun, it was the night before and everybody came kept coming up and good luckk good luck. and i'm like i am going to try not be hungover for the show. i thought they were talking about good luck for tomorrow night, for the show. i didn't realize they were talking about the nomination. one thing lead to another, i woke up at like noon the next day. my phone was like vibrate on the floor and i found out from my friends, you know, that i was nominated. >> stephen: now i understand that you are-- , now as i said,e you in 24 legacy on foxment and your mom is a cop, right? >> yeah, she served on the force
12:22 am
for about 28 years. in washington d.c. (applause). >> stephen: get any advice from her? >> yeah. >> stephen: of how to be an officer with a beat. >> how to keep the peace, she actually-- my producers found out that she was a cop. and they were like wouldn't it be funny if your mom, because the show is set in d.c.. wouldn't it be fun in your mom played a cop in d.c.. i was like yeah, that would be fu she was joking about it, and she ended up down in atlanta on my first day, she had a trailer bigger than mine. people running up to her. >> stephen: that's cool. you got to be nice to mom. >> yeah, she deserves it, man. >> stephen: lovely to meet you. thank you so much for being here. congratulations. >> appreciate it. (applause). >> stephen: you can see corey in six degrees of separation on broadway and at the tonys. june 11th on cbs. corey hawkins, everybody. we are back with a fabulous performance by the xx. ,,,,,,
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>> stephen: and now, performing "i dare you" from their new album, "i see you," ladies
12:30 am
and gentlemen, the xx! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ singing oh-oh-oh go on, i dare you ♪ oh-oh-oh i dare you ♪ i'm in love with it intoxicated ♪ i'm enraptured from the inside ♪ i can feel that you want to wake up high on it ♪ feel it suspending i'm enamored ♪ way up in the sky i can see that you want to ♪ i've been a romantic for so long
12:31 am
♪ all i've ever had are love songs ♪ singing oh-oh-oh go on, i dare you ♪ oh-oh-oh i dare you ♪ i get chills heartbreak multiplies ♪ i'm on a different kind of high ♪ a rush of blood is not enough i need my feelings set on fire
12:32 am
♪ now i'm deep in it infatuated ♪ strong attraction side by side and i know that you want to ♪ i've been a romantic for so long ♪ all i've ever had are love songs ♪ singing oh-oh-oh go on, i dare you ♪ oh-oh-oh i dare you ♪ i can hear it now like i heard it then ♪ i can hear it now like i heard it then
12:33 am
♪ i can hear it now like i heard it then ♪ i can hear it now like i heard it then ♪ singing oh-oh-oh go on, i dare you ♪ oh-oh-oh i dare you ♪ oh-oh-oh go on, i dare you ♪ oh-oh-oh i dare you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:34 am
( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thanks so much! the xx, everybody! ,,,,
12:35 am
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>> stephen: that's it for the "late show," everybody. tune in tomorrow when my guests will be jennifer garner, demetri martin and paula poundstone. now stick around for james corden and his guests, benicio del toro, diane lane, and michael fassbender. good night! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun ♪ feel the love tonight don't you worry 'bout ♪ where you come from it's gonna be all right ♪ it's the late, late show


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