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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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wanted woman tonight. now at 11:00 breaking news, months after the death of this 3-year-old boy, a bay area deputy's wife is a wanted woman tonight. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba tells us tonight there's a $3 million warrant out for her arrest. >> well, she is the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. the arrest warrant for her was obtained in just the past few hours. it was on september 9th of last year that serena molihan allegedly slammed her toyota into the side of a camry in san ramon. 3-year-old elijah dunn was killed in the crash. today chp and contra costa county has obtained an arrest warrant. she was arrested months earlier for driving under the influence
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of drugs in pleasanton. just last week she was arrested yet again for public intoxication. fice h >> we want to make sure that no one else is in danger. luckily last week she was not driving when she was arrested. that's what we're really focusing on, that no one gets hurt. >> now the d.a.'s office had been considering charging molly hahn with second degree murder, but because she wasn't yet convicted of her previous dui, the d.a. decided to charge elijah's death as gross vehicular manslaughter. at this point the chp and d.a.'s office have been in contact with molly hahn's attorney but have not taken her into custody yet. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. alifornia. more breaking news tonight, a san francisco toddler who was the subject of an amber alert is safe tonight in southern california. 21-month-old makai bangoura was reported missing yesterday afternoon. investigators say his father, jason lan took him after failing -- lam, took him after
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failing to return the boy to his mother. investigators found out lam had a recent mental breakdown and could be suicidal. then they learned he might have driven down i5. so they asked the lapd for help. officers in los angeles found the boy and his father together at about 8:00 this evening. they now have lam in custody. tonight get ready for a weekend warm-up, temperatures today 20 degrees above average. paul deanno says it's going to be even warmer tomorrow. >> we have a ridge of high pressure which is getting closer which is warming up the atmosphere and giving us more of an offshore wind. the ocean is still chilly. it doesn't matter felt wind is coming from the north or northeast, which it will, in inland areas tomorrow. the ridge is getting closer. we will continue to warm up. look at the disparity in high temperatures, not even warm today at the beach, nor will it be tomorrow, pacifica 66 degrees, 81 in oakland, 91 fairfield, livermore 92, 92 degrees in nap arc san jose and
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santa rosa -- napa, san jose and santa rosa. scary moments inside this east bay costco, shots fired after masked robbers rushed into the store. the bad guys are still on the loose tonight. it happened at the danville costco near san ramon, the same store robbed just two weeks ago. kpix5's christin ayers is there tonight. >> reporter: yeah, those suspects charged into that costco and opened fire inside. law enforcement says something this violent hasn't happened in years. >> they didn't waste any time. >> reporter: danville's police chief said it happened in under a minute. two masked men stormed the costco on fostoria way just after noon. >> i was entering the store and i heard gunshots and people were racing out of the store and nobody really knew what was going on at that mount. >> reporter: the thieves took hammers to these display cases filled with high end jewelry
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including rolex watches. witnesses ducked for cover as one of the men fired his gun in the air. >> i was with my 86-year-old mother and we were just entering the store and she couldn't hear the gunshots. so i was screaming at her to move and she wouldn't move. so i carried her and we hit the ground. >> reporter: outside authorities say they fired in the air again and got away in a silver toyota camry with dealer plates. >> i can't believe they have the nerve to go in there with that family oriented setting and go in there with guns. >> reporter: authorities say the robbery is similar to one that happened at this very store a week and a half ago. >> we didn't make an arrest in that case and are looking at the obvious similarities. we don't have a conclusive link. >> reporter: what they do have is surveillance video, but the masks and hoodies the suspects wore are making it difficult to identify them. the store has ramped up security. tonight police could be seen here hours after the robbery. an employee told us an armed guard has also now been hired to patrol the entrance and that guard will be on duty for the
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foreseeable future. live in danville christin ayers, kpix5. tonight police are investigating a new sex assault case at uc berkeley. police say the suspect assaulted the woman inside a parked car at the lawrence hall of science parking lot wednesday night. police say the suspect and victim met online and they are not affiliated with the university, uc berkeley. police are still searching for the suspect. tonight it turns out the fired fbi director is going to tell his side of the story afte veronica de la cruz tells us that james comey just agreed to testify. >> yeah, that's right. comey led the fbi investigation into russia's meddling in the u.s. election until president trump fired him last week. tonight comey agreed to testify publicly before the u.s. senate intelligence committee. the exact hearing date is not set yet. it will be sometime after memorial day. now today the president left on his first overseas trip since taking office. just as air force one flew off,
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a new report raised questions about mr. trump's motive for firing comey. according to the new york times, an american official read them a document summarizing the president's oval office meeting with russian officials last week. the president told them, "i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy, a real nut job. i faced great pressure because of russia. that's taken off." today deputy attorney general rod rosenstein arrived on capitol hill telling lawmakers he supported the president's decision to fire comey. he said he wrote the memo recommending it and stands by it. president trump is expected to arrive in saudi arabia any minute now. it is the first stop on his nine day trip to the middle east and europe. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a man is under arrest in hawaii tonight accused of trying to force his way into the cockpit of an airplane. american airlines flight 31 was heading from los angeles to
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honolulu. reporter peter daut said passengers helped subdue the passengers until the plane was able to land. >> reporter: a man led off an americans airlines flight friday in honolulu in cuffs. the man who is from turkey tried to break into the cockpit before he was subdued by passengers, flight attendants and an off-duty lapd officer who used duct tape, pillows and blankets to make sure he could not get out of his seat. >> he was screaming and walked up to the front with a blanket on his head. >> reporter: american flight 31 left l.a.x. for honolulu around 8:30 a.m. carrying 181 passengers and six crew members, but before the airbus 321 had left the ground, airport police say they detained and cited the man for trespassing after he went through a secure door leading to the tarmac. investigators determined he had been drinking but did not meet the criteria for public intoxication, so they released
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him. >> when we were boarding in l.a., i heard the flight attendants talking about this guy had already created an incident. >> reporter: several hours into the flight passengers say he tried to storm the cockpit with a blanket over his head, but a flight attendant blocked the doorway with her drink cart. >> he's wedged in and pushing, but she said you're not coming in here. >> reporter: here's audio from the pilot as f22 fighter jets escorted the plane to honolulu where it safely landed without injuries. the man is held now at the federal detention center in honolulu. his visa has been revoked. his intentions remain unclear, but the department of homeland security said it's not taking any chances and continue to monitor all flights. tonight the trump administration is taking steps to increase the number of beds at private prisons. those prisons are primarily used to house non-u.s. citizens convicted of low level drug and immigration offenses. as many as 1,600 beds could be
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added. the move is in direct op decision to obama -- opposition to obama era policies that aimed to reduce the prison population. new numbers out this week show since president trump took office immigration arrests are skyrocketing. the bay area is home to hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants. only on 5 tonight christin ayers introduces us to one bay area college student who is fighting to keep her family from becoming another statistic. go llege in >> reporter: on the surface 18- year-old jasmine castillo is just like any other college student. she goes to merritt college in oakland where she is studying to become a school guidance counselor. this day after class she finds out her summer school. >> will financial aid cover summer classes. >> reporter: and heads home in an uber. (end graphic) emma p ivist with but when she walks in the door of her parents' house in east oakland -- >> my concerns are just coming home. >> reporter: she is filled with dread. >> it's just hard thinking that
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one day everything is okay and then just the next day my parents are going to get deported. >> reporter: jasmine is a u.s. citizen, but her parents are undocumented immigrants, both born in mexico. they came here for a better life. >> when trump got elected, at first we kind of changed our routines like we would go out less. >> reporter: with immigration arrests up nearly 40% jasmine worries her family will become a statistic, a new human rights watch report finding of the 65,000 or so undocumented immigrants detained each year in california, roughly 10,000 are parents of u.s. citizens. emma pellino is an activist with oakland community organizing. she says she's seen an uptick of the number of children with undocumented parents experiencing signs of depression. >> these kids, they don't have a space to share their fear because they are so concerned about their parents. >> reporter: in workshops like this one she teaches
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undocumented immigrants how to plan for deportation. >> this is like the affidavit for whoever is going to be in charge for my children. >> reporter: without the form children of deported immigrants often land in foster care. pellino also hands out red cards instructing people to give their name but no other information if they are pulled over. >> the value of this card could be the difference between being deported or staying in this country. >> reporter: back at the castillo home jasmine's father miguel is back from work and jasmine is breathing a sigh of relief. her family has now stopped hiding. translator: i started going to a lot of oco meetings and they gave us a lot of tips on how to know our rights. >> reporter: now the castillos have started fighting back marching in this mayday parade. but they still worry. jasmine knows should her parents be deported, she'll have no choice but to give up
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her education to take care of her 15-year-old sister. her father says it would be the death of his dream for his daughters. translator: what i want is for them to continue going to school because we came over here to give our children a better life. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. they'll c morning. take a live look tonight at sfo, runway repairs just beginning again. they will continue through monday morning. so if you're flying in or out of the airport this weekend, be sure to keep a close eye on your flight status. there could be delays. the airport is recommending that you get there two to three hours before your flight. airport officials hope to complete those repairs by next month before the summer rush. tonight singapore airlines is apologizing for a fiasco over breast milk on a flight to california. lee honeycutt brought 50 ounces of milk to the sing more
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airport, but employees told her -- singapore airport, but employees told her she could not bring it in her carry-on on the flight to los angeles. >> i tried to describe the policy in the u.s. does allow you to transport breast milk, but they told me again that it wasn't possible because i wasn't traveling with my infant and that's the point where i had to discard all of it. >> according to the tsa website, formula, breast milk, juice in quantities greater than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters are allowed in carry-on baggage and do not need to fit within a quart sized bag. it says you do not need to travel with your child to bring breast milk. tonight singapore airlines says it is working with its teams to insure this does not happen again. filing a lawsuit to protest lack of disabled access to a retail store is perfectly understandable, but what about filing thousands of those lawsuits? only on 5 tonight andria borba tells us one such serial filer is currently raising havoc in
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the bay area. >> we had no clue whatsoever. >> reporter: dominik fino said it happened without warning last year at the best western hotel in patterson that he owns was slapped with a lawsuit for violating the americans with disabilities act. >> well, this was one of the issues. >> reporter: among the alleged violations, a table in the way of the elevator call button. >> the depth of it from the call button was a 1/10-inch out of compliance. >> reporter: and he recognized the plaintiff's name. >> i had heard about this individual going around to businesses and targeting them. >> reporter: it was scott johnson, a disabled lawyer with a dubious distinction, one of the most prolific filers of ada in california and possibly the nation. we found more than 2,000 cases filed by johnson in federal court going back to 2004. in just the last six months
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federal filings showed johnson has focused on the bay area suing 166 businesses in san jose, santa clara, sunnyvale, campbell, cupertino, los gatos, concord, martinez, danville and pleasant hill. >> in the last six months i have seen more ada cases than ever before. >> reporter: this attorney has represented many of the small businesses that johnson has targeted. she says he's operating a cottage industry out of his home office in carmichael hiring full-time employees to go on 10 to 15 drive-bys a day checking on properties. >> they will run in your business, get out their ruler or camera, take measurements, snap pictures and run back out. i've had people call police on them before not knowing what the heck is going on. >> reporter: she said under california law plaintiffs in ada lawsuits have the right to $400,000 per visit making the
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state ripe fertile ground for serial filers like johnson. >> he said i want $400,000 for all nine times that i came here even though you didn't even everybody i was here. >> we -- even know i was here. >> we have to give businesses a chance to make right. >> reporter: devin mathis' bill would give small businesses of 50 employees or less six months to fix a violation before they get sued. >> i'm a disabled combat veteran who got blown up twice in iraq. i have a son born with spina bifida. to go after every mom and pop business and shut them down just to make a buck is wrong. >> on july 26th the americans with disabilities act will be 27 years old. >> reporter: disabled activist ruthie goldcorn doesn't want any legislative fix. >> an elevator call button behind the table, would it make sense to not go to the lawsuit
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directly but say hey, can you move the table? >> we've done that ad nauseum. there are trash cans that are in front of call buttons. there are trash cans that prevent me from opening or closing a bathroom door or an entrance door and we say move that. and we wait and we wait and we wait. >> reporter: she said it should be up to the courts, not lawmakers, to stop the few bad apples. >> where is the bar association? there are ethics violations involved here in his actions and his activity. >> reporter: after repeated calls to mr. johnson went unanswered we decided to stop by in person, but no one was around. as we waited for him to show up, several cars pulled into his driveway, saw us and quickly drove away. back in patterson meanwhile fino is fighting back, but he's already out thousands in legal fees. >> he might as well have
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brought a gun and said stick them up because essentially this is a stick-up. >> reporter: in sacramento andria borba, kpix5. mathis has given up on his bill, but plans to reintroduce it next year. activists say they'll be back out in full force once again to stop it. the east bay. sky drone 5 giving us an exclusive first look at the new sprawling water park making a splash in the east bay. it's called the wave. there are indoor and outdoor pools and six water slides. the $43 million facility opens to the public next weekend in dublin. >> this weekend would have been a good shock. 91 degrees, want to open it early, dublin, maybe? they weren't listening. 69 degrees now in concord. it will be warm in dublin and all inland areas. what a beautiful shot from chopper 5 earlier today, hugging the coastline the great highway heading south toward pacifica. this is our backyard.
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the beach is the place to cool off this weekend, san francisco 57, foggy in the city tomorrow morning with a low of 50. pacifica foggy, 48, but the fog does not push inland, oakland 54, san jose 57, napa 49 degrees. tahoe still a great spot, 70 on saturday, 72 on sunday and the snowpack is 200% of average for mid-may. if you want the snow, it's still there. 70 degrees is right down the road. no thunderstorms in the sierra. a big rape is sitting off to the west -- a big ridge of high pressure is sitting off to the west. that's key. where is the ridge centered? it's centered west of us right along the coast line. you get a touch of that onshore flow and you don't need much. inland places like antioch for the contra costa county fair, napa, san jose, that marine air will not get to you and you will continue to warm up likely close to, if not hitting 90
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degrees. at the coastline tomorrow fog is back. by afternoon it retreats a couple miles offshore. sunday morning it returns once again. so fog is the only new thing happening to us when it comes to the weather this weekend. otherwise what you had today, what you'll have the next couple days, foggy mornings, cool afternoons at the beach, sunny skies elsewhere and everybody will cool down in the middle of next week, several more warm to hot days away from the water. concord 91 tomorrow, same as today. san jose 88, you'll hit the low 90s. mid-80s for san mateo and union city. benicia 89 degrees, everybody with sunshine. foggy start for daly city, 65. novato 86 tomorrow, lake port 89 degrees on your saturday. extended forecast, more of the same sunday and monday, cooler near the water, hot inland. it is the weekend. pick whatever temperature you
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want with a lot of sunshine. >> beautiful. >> hey, can't go wrong. it's why we live here, right? >> thanks, paul. tonight we remember long time kpix5 sports director wayne walker. stay with us. ,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. tonight we're remembering one of the most popular people in bay area television. re at channel 5. >> wayne walker, we all knew him, played pro football for 15 years. when he retired, he started a new career here at channel 5. he was our sports director for 20 years. wayne's wife says that wayne died earlier today at his home in idaho from complications from parkinson's disease caused by the many concussions that he had playing pro football. wayne played for the detroit lions as a linebacker and a kicker. 'll be right back. >> he did things the right way that allowed him to get answers and trust from players that no one else could do and he did it in a way that half the time you're laughing all the way through it.
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>> wayne walker, we will miss you. he was 80 years old. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5.
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>> baseball up top and the giant kept it rolling in the gateway to the west at st. louis. rain held up play for 46 minutes. drama in the 9th, two on and down a one and nunes back to the base of the wall, plenty of room to bring home two and the giants went ahead and won the game, final 6-5. the giants have won six of its last seven. back home beautiful day in oakland, beautiful ending against the red sox. a's mark hannah, a single, double, triple and a 10th inning walkoff homer. a cycle for the red sox tonight. final 3-2. some little extra treats for him, boom, the pie and yeah, have a shower for the former cal bear. nba, we got the eastern conference playoffs, this fan got a little tired of the celtics. they played tired all night. lebron james and cleveland
11:30 pm
pounded the celtics again. boston was down by 41 at the half, largest halftime playoff deficit in league history. this was over so early that charles barkley and kenny smith played go fish on the set. eastern conference finals a lopsided 130-86 resulted, boston's worst loss in playoff history. meantime out west will there be drama with the warriors pachulia and leonard in game three, both questionable to play. if pachulia plays, bruised right heel in game two, he can expect the spurs home crowd to yell insults. they hold him responsible for injuring their best player. ken durant's response, yeah, so -- kevin durant's response, yeah, so. >> 14 year veteran, grown man with two kids, a couple jokes thrown his way here and there, a couple boos, i don't think that's going to rattle him at all. it's not that serious. >> game three tomorrow and it's
11:31 pm
so obvious that the warriors and cleveland are on a collision course for this one. also tomorrow the preakness, it's a race nobody is talking about right now, but second leg of the triple crown from pimlico in baltimore. don't pronounce the t. it's baltimore. >> only 10 horses in the field. >> down from 20 at the kentucky derby. >> that's right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a fantastic weekend! it's going to be warm. we'll see you. captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump wil much-needed b the domestic controversies. that could come tomorrow. he heads for his first foreign trip, his first marine overseas trip since entering the white house. ( "hail to the chief" ) ( laughter ) ( laughter )


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