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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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now at 5:00 an east bay home goes up in flames, but it's what firefighters found inside that had them alarmed. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. the fire broke out this afternoon as a suspected marijuana grow house in ant -- in antioch about a mile south of highway 4. video shows heavy smoke coming from the ground floor. firefighters needed an hour to get the flames under control. antioch police are trying to decide what started the fire. bart had their cars fully
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restored yesterday after the derailment. none of the two dozen passengers on board were hurt, but there was damage to the track and train. bart is still looking for the cause. today search efforts continue for a missing boater in contra costa county. the man fell into the waters off brown's island. the pittsburgh marina -- near the pittsburg marina yesterday, rescuers got a call that two children had fallen into the water after their boat capsized. one adult and two kids were
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quickly located and treated. but as of this afternoon there is still no sign of the missing man. >> i believe one boy was 7 and the other boy was 8. the 7-year- old was suspected for hypothermia. they're currently being evaluated at the hospital. >> even with this weekend's warm weather, hypothermia is still a concern because of the cold water temperatures. well an emotional end to a statewide amber alert as a missing san francisco toddler was reunited with his mom last night. kpix 5 andria borba was there. >> reporter: this is the moment that the child at the center of friday's statewide amber alert finally saw his mom again. >> happy tears. happy tears. >> reporter: 21-month-old makai bangoura was never returned by her father 30-year-old jason lam. father and son were spotted on surveillance camera in menlo park as well as his toyota. makai and jason were found in los angeles friday night by lapd. >> for us any time we have a child that comes back to the loving arms of his mother we're ecstatic. all the hard work, this is what it is all about.
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>> reporter: 48 hours after his mom walked into the station and reported him missing, makai and mom were reunited. mom didn't want to talk to thecameras and instead issued a statement while focusing on holding his boy. >> thank you all for helping and getting my son back. >> reporter: in san francisco andria borba kpix 5. two investigations are underway into yesterday's deadly police shooting in pleasanton. police responded to a 911 call about a family disturbance about a home on burgundy drive. when officers got there the garage door opened. police say a man advanced towards them while pointing a gun. an officer opened fire killing the suspect. police and the da are doing separate investigations. and today for the second time in a week, north korea test fired a ballistic missile. according to south korean officials, the missile took off northeast of pyongyang and flew more than 300 miles before
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plunging into the waters off the country's east side. japan's prime minister is analyzing the missile's trajectory and height. this is north korea's eighth ballistic missile test this year. president trump is calling on muslim leaders to help fight terrorism. the reporter nicky bastist with more from saudi arabia today. >> reporter: president trump pledges to form new partnerships with muslim nations to fight radical islamic extremism in saudi arabia. >> this is a battle between good and evil. >> the president urged leaders from 50 muslim countries to fight the battle at home. >> drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land. >> they announced an agreement with the gulf cooperation agreement council to work to cut off financing to terrorism networks including isis in
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hezbollah. we are not here to tell people who to be or how to worship. >> reporter: some of mr. trump's critics in the u.s. are praising his actions in saudi arabia. >> i think his trip so far has been excellent. i think the sunni and arab world and particularly our traditional friends there are encouraged because of the very strained if not estranged relationships. >> the president and king solomon toured a new command planner that will monitor extremism on social media. israel is the next stop on the president's nine-day trip. the israelis are already pushing back against the $190 billion arms agreement mr. trump made with the saudis. nicki batist, cbs news new york. >> president trump promises to hold a news conference in the next couple of weeks for an update on the fight against
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isis. melania trump spending the day visiting the national school in saudi arabia. she played with students and met with students there. vice president mike pence encountered a walk-out as he began a commencement address. pence spoke today in indiana. he did not comment on the walkout that happened right in front of him. but he mentioned disputes that led to the cancellation of appearances by controversial speakers. those incidents amounted to suppression of free speech. >> while this institution has maintained an atmosphere of civility and open debate, far too many campuses across america had been characterized by speech codes, safe zones, tone policing, administration- sanctioned political correctness. >> notre dame considered inviting president trump, but administrators decided to ask
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pence instead after objections from students and faculty. a fight in the works over the leadership of the democratic national party. they met it many sacramento. while they might be reunited with republicans, melissa caen found that's where the unity ends. >> i would like to offer my welcome to the hundreds of bernie crowds. >> reporter: team bernie sanders teamed off against team hillary clinton while united against donald trump. the californian democrats showed a philosophical
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it was quite the scene, yes as thousands were not. they took to the streets for beta breakers. some 40,000 runners took off from howard and main, 12 kilometers. about 44 minutes later the first winner crossed the finish line. look at that. philemon cheboi finished with a time of 44 minutes, 48 seconds. exactly five minutes later is buze diriba breaking the tape as the winner of the women's race. people from all walks of life gathered in mill valley today as well to do more than just walk. they came to dance. john ramos has their story.
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♪ [ music ] >> >> they have chosen to spend their time when they are not working dancing. >> reporter: they're called the don't quit your day job dancer. a marin county troop founded by dory clark some 30 years ago. while dory is classically trained, the rest of the group comes for the fun of it. >> i love my dancers because they come with no sense of what they can do. because of that i can do anything with them. >> reporter: right now the troop is practicing a new production called the kiss. from a g o dfather kiss of death to where a homeless guy tries to swipe a snack. these are everyday people enjoying a chance to lose a moment of fantasy. >> you can't do that on the normal life, but you can do it on stage. he's an environmentalist consultant who has never danced before meeting dory and decided
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to give it a try. that was 26 years ago and he still doesn't know what to make of it. >> do you consider yourself a trained dancer now? >> i have improved a lot. >> you have been doing it for 26 years. i have improved a lot. >> there are no big egos here. and just a circle of friends who prefer a dance studio to a cat ring. while they all work hard at it, most are like rodney who have taken the whole thing in strive. >> don't quit your day job dancers. i'm sticking with dentistry, but i'm here for the fun of it. >> reporter: in mill valley kpix 5. >> the troop will be performing the kiss june 2 and 3 at the marin civic center. for more information visit our website well new at 5:00 a cat that was missing for six years has turned up in hayward. there is an effort underway to get the feline reunited with its owners thousands of miles
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away. a husband and wife noticed afriendly cat named melo. they took the cat to the vet and realized he had a microchip. the owners who once lived in the bay area are now in georgia. >> within 15 minutes the owner called. she had was just crying on the phone. she was so happy. >> the owners are in the military. when they were transferred a few years ago they had to leave without their beloved cat. well now they're trying to raise money online so melo and the woman who helped find him can fly to the atlanta area. all right, here is a live look now at sfo speaking of flying where you can see crews are still doing runway work and it is causing some delays. that's only a part of the reason. construction projects at major hubs like lax and jfk are also contributing to
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has changed -- but the show has changed overtime. and after those fans -- and after the elephants were removed, ticket sales tanked. >> reporter: performers will move on to other jobs and 74 animals to new homes. >> you know, we care about them. we want them to be happy and healthy. >> reporter: this high-flying family has only a few more hours to clown around before they come down for good. for cbs news union dale new york. >> ask and ringling had two touring circuses -- and ringling had two touring circuses earlier this month in providence, rhode island.
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>> well, it was cool along the coast once again today. very warm inland. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. held in for much of the day. take another perspective at the bay bridge and the blue sky and this is what most folks across the bay saw today. that's moving right along the coast where you were. most folks enjoying sunshine. satellite perspectives are showing the clouds hugging the coast. we will continue to do so as we make our way through the evening and once again a carbon copy. we will see a little bit of sunshine for you and the clouds will roll back in for the evening hours. high pressure, the ridge will remain for one more day and that means temperatures are flirting with 90s once again
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for the warmest spot inland tomorrow. but by tuesday this ridge begins to shift inland. as it does the temperatures will shift down. we start to cool things down just a little bit beginning on tuesday especially along the coast and even more so as we make our way into the workweek. tomorrow one more day of pretty much the same thing. we will see the weak sea breeze along the coast to help keep things cool on the coast. but inland locations are more of a northerly flow, warmer away from you once again tomorrow. that means temperatures in the low 90s for the warmest spots. looking at the possibility of 94 degrees. a low 90 for concord and fairfield and mid-80s for mountainview and upper 80s for san jose. 60s along the coast. low to mid-70s around san francisco tomorrow and napa at 83. two things to remember foggy morning and cool on the coast. sunny skies, cooler weather will begin for everyone on tuesday. extended forecast will show you just that. and one more day with temperatures in the 90s.
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cooling will begin on tuesday and certainly more significant cooling towards the end of next week. all right, a rare day for the bay area 9s. both the a's and the giants will have a chance to sweep. and they will pull off a miracle. you've got to see this to believe next.
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the a's were trying to deal the boston red sox their first sweep in two years. the a's could climb within twgames of .500. they figured the warriors would do the same in san antonio, looking for their 6th win. he's been impressive. dustin pedroia down the left field line. mark picked it up. this ball goes into left field, all of this allows bets to score from 1st base. red sox lead 4-0. bottom of the 4th a's down 2-1. chad pender is not quite as impressive as yesterday's 475-
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footer, but it put oakland on top. fifth home run of the year. now the top of the 5th tied up at three. pedroia finds a vacant left side and they kept running from 1st base. khris davis not much of a throw scoring all the way from 1st base. boston has a 4-3 lead. later in the inning mitch moreland tacks on the shot to the right where they will be plenty happy. moreland hit three home runs in the series. the red sox scored their final 10 runs and they avoid the sweep 12-3. they headed into st. louis with sixth road wins, but they were hoping to lead them with their first three- game series of the year. it would be the first sweep under the yard and 1998. if you are watching from those windows you probably saw them struggle as they loaded up the bases in the second and then randall richard cleared the deck with the three-run double. st. louis on the board early. christian played here last
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night with another clutch drive today drives one over their head off their starter adam wainwright. 4-1 st. louis in the third. the 4th inning eduardo nunes has been learning to play on the fly and capturing them too. robbed wainwright of a base hit. 5th inning cain leaves a pitch over the heart of the plate to matt carpenter. oh mercy. that's a two-run shot. he allowed seven runs. 7-1 8th inning, giants are dead last. they've got a couple out of the way of st. louis. and then eduardo nunes goes back to back. cardinals win it 8-3. who was t
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back. and he needed to hold this. are you kidding me? they just barely lifted it out and so he went out there to settle for the 2nd. he was in with the par on the first playoff hole. he misses his par putt. he's three jacks from about six feet and cost him the title. almost apologetic with his first win in nearly three
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years. >> he almost had it. >> oh yeah. game day tonight, we will take you to the river walks, san antonio and we will hear what they had to say about the warriors and their possible sweep tomorrow. it looks like certainly leonard is not going to play. what do you do? no leonard or david lee. the team is in trouble. >> we'll be right back.
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we'll see you in a few. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the president calls it a "battle between good and evil." in his highly-anticipated first speech overseas, president trump urges muslim leaders to stand with the u.s. to wipe out terrorism. >> drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your holy land. and drive them out of this earth! >> quijano: also tonight, the view from inside iran - a nation not invited to the president's speech. did china jail and kill cia operatives working in their country? an nba star claims he was detained overseas for criticizing turkey's leader. and, tonight the curtain closes on "the greatest show on earth. s">> there are future


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