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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in the north bay. later today the highs will warm with clouds dissipating at the coast and mid-60s at the beaches with highs 60s and 70s across the bay and 80s around the peninsula and 94 in the tri- valley and 95 toward the delta. the full forecast, a cooling trend and when to expect it. over to jackie. drivers heading into the city and along the galena bridge are dealing with the fog and here's a live look with headlights. you can see them. a little bit difficult as you have the roadways with traffic moving freely in both directions. no major delays. over to bay bridge toll plaza, looks like everyone is on their best driving behavior. there was an earlier crash and the crews were able to clear that to get it out of the lanes. slow downs westbound 580 typical and nothing to write home about. in the green with 25 minutes.
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right now, investigators are on the scene of an officer involved shooting that happened early this morning and san francisco's bayview district. kpix is there with the latest. >> reporter: they took down the crime scene tape but there are two or three suspects still on the loose and police have called off the search because they believe the suspects are out of the area, now. one person -- one man -- is under arrest and we have a map of where this went down last night. police said they tried to rob a home. three or four guys tried to rob a home near rankin around 11:00 last night in bayview. someone escaped and called police and when police got there, the robbers took off through a back door and one fired a shot at the officer and officers fired back but no one was hit. >> the suspects fled over
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fences and through adjoining backyards and the officers initiated a foot pursuit and one of the suspects was detained and the other continued to flee. >> reporter: police blocked off the neighborhood, looking for these robbers and have and processing the scene all night long, all morning long, looking for evidence in that house and we know that one person in the house did have minor injuries. they were all adults in the house, from what police say. live in the bayview, anne makovec, kpix5. president donald trump is in israel continuing his first overseas trip since taking office and spent the weekend in saudi arabia where he inked $110 billion arms deal with the saudi's and urged muslim leaders to join the global fight against terrorism. the president steered clear of the words radical islamic terrorism, opting for a message of unity. in washington, some of
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president donald trump's party criticized him for staying silent on human rights abuses in the middle east. >> we have to stand up for what we believe in or we are no different. >> the president and first lady touched down in tel aviv, receiving a warm welcome from israeli officials including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders in the region and the president is expected to releases first major budget or postal. according to the washington post, it includes more than 800 middle -- more than $800 billion in cuts to medicaid over the next 10 years. those are included in the packed with house republicans. some gop lawmakers have expressed serious reservations about the plan and the congressional budget office estimates that could cut off medicaid benefits for 10
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million people over the next decade. north korea said it successfully tested the medium- range ballistic missile. it was the second test in one week over the weekend and flew more than 300 miles before plunging into the water. this is north korea's eighth ballistic missile test this year. the u.s. security council will meet to discuss the threat. the search for a missing man that was boating near the pittsburgh marina will pick up again. kpix has the latest from jessica flores. >> reporter: the man has yet to be identified but we are told he is 59 years old, from air- filled and still unaccounted for. he's been missing since saturday. this happened saturday just off the pittsburgh marina, where i'm standing. he was with three other individuals, one was reportedly his son. his child fell in the water and the men jumped in after him. the child was recovered and treated at the hospital but the man did not make it back up on the boat. neither the man or child was wearing a life jacket.
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u.s. coast guard said it's critically important to wear a life jacket when boating, and just as we can, i school senior drowned in the san joaquin river . he was set to graduate as the valedictorian of his senior class. 85% of those who drowned in recreational boating accidents were not wearing life jackets. these accidents are coming at a time with coast guard's kicking off the national safe boating week, just ahead of memorial day. they want to remind folks on the water to make sure to wear life jacket. live in pittsburgh, jessica flores, kpix5. officials in contra costa county could put the district attorney one step closer to leaving his post. sandra osborne's live in the newsroom with the scandal he faces and what a no-confidence vote could -- vote could mean. >> reporter: a contra costa grand jury recommended that district attorney peterson, unanimous vote, no-confidence. the entire union membership, 90
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district attorneys will vote on whether to affirm the petition. they wait for a potential trial and peterson has agreed to pay a hefty fine for spending campaign money on personal expenses. they found the da spent more than $66,000 of campaign contributions on travel, hotels, restaurants and movie tickets. >> the contra colony -- contra costa grand jury submitted an accusation accusing district attorney mark peterson of willful or corrupt misconduct in office. >> reporter: peterson, credited with helping target violent gangs and cutting down crime in richmond acknowledged the mistakes and repaid the campaign fund and a hefty fine of $45,000.
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what is next? the recommendation from the grand jury decision goes before the contra costa superior court judge and they can appoint a special prosecutor or assign a district attorney from a neighboring county and any potential trial could take well over a year. a vote from the union could affirm the decision to symbolically show thoughts and put pressure on the da to potentially step down. in the newsroom, sandra osborne, kpix5. jury selection gets under way in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the 79-year-old comedian is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his montgomery county, pennsylvania, home in 2004. cosby's lawyers pushed to have jurors selected from a county 300 miles away. they argued the diverse makeup would fine jurors who hadn't been influenced by media coverage on cosby. more than 60 women have accused him of sexual misconduct and he has denied every allegation. the time is 5:07 in another state is poised to set bathroom
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bill decisions on transgender bathrooms. a cat missing for six years finally turns up in the bay area. hello from the weather center. fog is back and we will talk about the impact on your monday forecast. we are tracking an accident just off the toll plaza and you can see crews on the scene. it is getting busy. expect delays if you are heading out the door away. more is coming up.
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good morning and welcome back to kpix. the morning news, we are looking at the transamerica pyramid and we have the return of a foghorn this morning with clouds, drizzle and the impact in your morning commute and we will talk about that in less than four units. texas is poised to pass a bathroom bill. the law applies to public schools and requires transgender students to use public bathrooms based on the gender listed on their birth certificate. the texas house is expected to approve the bill today. the race for the chair of the
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democratic party divided democrats. kimberly ellis refuses to concede the race after the vote over the weekend. she lost to eric baughman, a longtime party activist and the margin was 62 votes from nearly 3000 votes. she has serious concerns about the vote count. palo alto residents have until friday to pitch new names for two public schools. they voted unanimously in march to change the name of jordan and terman middle schools. public surveys are due friday and a committee will meet to select names for the campuses. a cat wandering the bay area for six years has a chance to save a life. this couple spotted mello roaming their apartment complex and a trip to the vet showed he had a microchip and that help the husband and wife discover the owners, a military family now living in georgia. the name mello rang a bell. >> within 15 minutes, the owner
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called and she was crying on the phone. she was so happy. >> the owner had to leave the cat behind when they were transferred a few years ago and are now trying to raise money for mello to catch a flight to their atlanta home. >> after six years! >> she is almost at her final destination with a reunion for the family. the time is 5:13. let's get a check of the traffic. that cat definitely looks mellow. we are tracking a mellow start to your monday morning commute for drivers in the south bay, san jose, it's looking good with no delays and going along 280 or 680 westbound out of tracy and into livermore, you will be tapping those great's. our time is close to the 30 minute mark, 29 minutes and if you go toward 680, we will take you to antioch on westbound highway 4 looking good, in the
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green if you go toward i-80 with slow downs in the eastbound commute direction and we have not seen any accidents come in and we will let you know if anything is going on. here's a live look at your ride along 880 through oakland with traffic doing fine in both directions and no delays as you go toward the maze but at the bay ridge toll plaza, car czar joining the monday morning commute and we haven't seen this just yet, but they are usually activated in the next five minutes or so. there is an accident at the toll plaza and the cruising speed is 20,000 miles per hour. we go over to roberta. good morning. 5:14 with the return of low clouds pushing back on sure and limiting visibility. to look at the transamerica pyramid, we can only see half of it. it is about 500 feet and the
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golden gate bridge is very cloudy. for the condensation, it is all associated with that deep marine layer. the weather watcher in san francisco says carl is back and it's true. today, the return is a deep marine layer and by the end, more seasonal with the inland areas and the winds are at 10 miles an hour and will increase later today to about 15 out of the northwest and now, westerly winds with the stratus hanging tight and pushing into the bay and by mid-week we will see low clouds pushing inland. here's your futurecast, a deeper marine layer trying to penetrate the ban work toward the inland area and by mid-week
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, a little bit of a disturbance rolls through and as that happens, there will be some partly cloudy skies and we are talking about any participation. it's well in command but unseasonably hot commission -- conditions from the bay. 64 in monterey bay, 65 in the greater lake tahoe area ravalle 80s in sacramento. it is a spare the air day. i called up the futurecast to see what the forecast high temperatures are and meanwhile, the average high in san jose is 74 and we forecast 88-89 degrees. the official station, 88 around the rose garden district, alan rock, and 60s and 70s around
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the bay, mid-80s in san rafael and 93 in fairfield. 95, it was a scorcher in discovery bay. 96 or 97 degrees and cooler inland, sharply cooler by wednesday with clouds floating through and more seasonal conditions to the bay area by the end of the workweek. that's a look at your monday forecast. what is trending today? a lot is trending. first up, billy bush breaking his silence. he opened up to the hollywood reporter nearly seven months after a video of him and president donald trump leaked. they were talking about grabbing women. the video was about bush being fired on the today show and since then he said he's done a lot of soul-searching, taken up yoga and meditation and went on a healing retreat in napa. he apologized for his comments
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and said it was a horrible moment and he wishes he would've changed the topic with trump. a big night in the music world. the annual billboard music awards took place last night in las vegas. ♪ cher performed and took home this year's icon award. there she is. celine dion hit the stage and they marked the 20th anniversary of titanic by singing, my heart will go on. the biggest winner was drake, taking him top artist and not to mention, a record 13 billboard music awards. james corden is hosting a second primetime special tonight, carpool karoake, built around his late nights get. ♪ the guests include katy perry and jennifer lopez and it starts at 10:00. watch it right here on kpix5.
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coming up, could the a's sweep a game series from the red sox for the first time since the oval office had a new member? let's t this up, next. what's cool about your school? you can send nominations you may see it on your thursday morning show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning and happy monday. here's a look through walnut creek, 680 at main street with taillights moving southbound approaching highway 24. getting a little crowded, but no major delays for your monday morning ride. that is a check of your traffic. good morning. the a's went through a four- game sweep of the red sox and if they got it, they would have climbed more than two games in the 500 mark. a 3-2 lead, but all boston after that. the third homer of the series, the red sox scored 10 unanswered and they avoided the sweet. the giants, in the sweep in st.
5:23 am
louis, seven runs with five in the third and an average on the road, the cardinals painted the giants 8-3. the celtics, 44 on friday with a different story in game three. avery bradley hit the game- winner with winning 111-108 to handicap the first loss in the playoffs. in golf, two strokes back, the holdout got to the playoffs. watch what happens. >> it goes! you are kidding me? >> just barely missed an incredible eagle attempt that would have been in the playoffs. the warriors tonight. i know you will turn over to
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kpix to watch my sports cast at 6:25. see you then. the yankees and the american league matchup in tampa. >> a shot to the right centerfield! a diving catch. did he get it? he made the catch! >> full stretch, spectacular catch and he threw back to first to double off. every bit of the 6'7"-inch frame was used and that is your play of the day. armed robbers are on the loose after robbers broke into a home in san francisco. the neighborhood on lockdown four hours and we tell you where things stand now. a man still missing in the waters off the pittsburgh marina. the latest, coming up. ,,,, whoa!
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whoo! i mean, whoo. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. president donald trump arrived in israel this morning after delivering a closely watched address on islamic extremism. from the kpix weather center, good morning. it is a spare the air day and we have a change in the forecast you need to know about . it is getting a little busy with the new accident along southbound 680 and we will have the details, coming up. good morning. it is monday, may 22nd and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi and the search is on for the suspects that broke into a home in san francisco. it happened earlier this morning in bayview. anne makovac has the latest. >> reporter: police have been
5:29 am
removing some of the crime scene tape around the neighborhood and we have just gotten a little bit closer. you can see the house where this started behind me on rank and in san francisco's bayview district. police are on the scene and they are searching the home for any sort of evidence or something that might lead them to the three robbers, two or three robbers still on the loose. one man is under arrest and you can see that we are talking about if you look at the map. the house was robbed at 11:00 last night and someone inside the home managed to escape and called police and when police got here, the robbers took off through a back door and one of them fired at least one shot at the officers and the officers fired back but nobody was hit. the robbers started jumping fences to get away and they told the entire neighborhood to shelter in place so that they could find these guys but no such luck and after six hours
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they reopened the neighborhood and are processing the scene to look for evidence. we know that someone had minor injuries in the house and that person should be okay with adults in the house and one of the suspects has been arrested. they are questioning that man and there's a chance he will lead them to the others. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix5. a missing man -- the search for a missing man in pittsburgh arena is picking up again. jessica flores has the story. >> reporter: we don't know the man's identity. his name has not been released but what we can tell you is he is 59 years old from fairfield and has been unaccounted for since saturday, missing in the marina in pittsburgh. the man was fishing here with three other individuals and one, we are told, was his son and the
5:31 am
son fell into the water at some point in the man went after him. the child was recovered and treated at the hospital but the man did not make it back on the boat. neither the man or child was wearing a life jacket. >> the search continued and the boaters were found to be safe and treated and transported to local facilities and we currently are in an active search for the fourth boater. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard said it's critically important to where life jacket while on the water. just this weekend, a high school student drowned in the san joaquin river. he was set to graduate as a valid taurean of his senior class in fresno. u.s. coast guard said 85% of those are drawn in recreational boating accidents were not wearing life jackets. this is also coming in, the
5:32 am
boat safety week is kicking off and folks are reminded to wear life jackets if you are on the water this memorial day weekend. live, jessica flores, kpix5. >> jessica, what else should the boaters know before going on the water? >> reporter: u.s. coast guard recommends marine flares and they want people to have a plan to let people know where they are going, family or friends, to have some type of plan. you want to check the water conditions and the weather conditions. it is very chilly and if you fall in the water you can suffer hypothermia. back to you. it was a fantastic weekend but we are expecting a cool down? along the coast, but not everywhere. in the inn areas will have a high of 95. in pittsburgh and where jessica is, in brentwood, tracy, back there, temperatures in the mid- 90s. good morning. low clouds, fog and drizzle on the coast and the cool down, we
5:33 am
see an onshore push right now. look at the golden gate bridge commute this morning! totally saturated with drizzle and a deepening marine layer is pushing onshore and into the bay. in addition to the return of the stratus, we have a spare the air day in effect and areas affected adversely will be the east bay and the santa clara valley. we see a lot of particulate matter and fog and it is trapped close to the surface. the good breeze may kick in out of the northwest and today's temperatures across the bay area, 60s and 70s and 80s in the north bay and 80s in the south bay and approaching 90 degrees. 86 in redwood city and 90s in the inland areas.
5:34 am
a cool down may return to the bay area with seasonal high temperatures by thursday and until then, we are shrouded in drizzle and clouds. here's a look at your morning commute. thank you, roberta. we are tracking more cars on the roadway because everybody is joining the monday morning ride. getting very crowded on the 680. here is a live look at 680 on walt creek and southbound, toward highway 24, everyone is there. 580, approaching the dublin plaza interchange, if you are heading southbound, it is getting very slow with an earlier accident and it has traffic slowing down to about 16 miles per hour and it looks like quite a bit of debris from the traffic. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is starting to back up toward the foot of it, toward the upper deck into san francisco. today, the contrapuntal
5:35 am
coast he da is one closer step to being ousted. sandra osborne has more on the scandal and the vote that could cost his job. yes. mark peterson has acknowledged spending more than 666 -- more than $66,000 in personal expenses. the district attorney association board voted unanimously it had no confidence in peterson and the rest of the membership, 90 district attorney's vote on whether or not to affirm that decision, mostly symbolic but more pressure on the da to step down. the grand jury vote is appointing a special prosecutor. >> a district attorney maybe from the adjoining county to bring the case forward and if it comes to trial there will be a jury trial and if convict did,
5:36 am
it's not a criminal penalty but mr. peterson would be removed from office. >> reporter: peterson acknowledge wrongdoing and paid back the missed spent campaign money and paid a hefty fine of $45,000. it should be interesting to note he acted as his own treasure of the campaign committee until 2015 and has been fending off calls for his resignation since he admitted to inappropriately spending the money. today's vote will be symbolic, and it pressures him to sit down before a potential trial in the future. in the newsroom, sandra osborne. president donald trump arrived in israel and who will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the western wall. it comes one day after delivering an address to muslim leaders. >> the nations of the middle east will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves. >> the president's speech will have implications on the next leg of his trip.
5:37 am
hamas, labeled a terrorist organization by the u.s., blasted the remarks, calling president trump biased toward israel for laboring -- labeling them a terrorist group. arnold schwarzenegger is promoting climate change with the documentary at the cannes film festival. he talked against the executive order trump made on fossil fuel and said the president is responsible for 25% of the environment. >> a very important message. overall, i've been on the environmental crusade since i became governor. i really learned about the dangers of pollution and since then i've been fighting pollution. this falls into that category. >> schwarzenegger's film is called, wonders of the sea 3d and takes viewers on a ride through the ocean and tackles environmental threats.
5:38 am
thousands of documents from facebook were leaked. they touch on the rules for extreme content. joe wagner has that story and more. >> reporter: ford is replacing its ceo. mark fields is out and will be replaced by jim hackett who runs self-driving car efforts. ford stock has been dropping and fell about 40% in the three years since he became ceo. a british newspaper published thousands of leak internal facebook documents outlining how they decide what is okay to post when it comes to extreme content like violent hate and animal cruelty. it has become a contentious issue since the shooting and suicide were broadcast on facebook live. >> a pharmacy chain is selling sun care products with only spf of 15 and higher. no more tanning oils on the
5:39 am
shelves. cvs is adding skin care organic options. they are trying to raise awareness about skin health. >> it seems like people don't just post pictures of food and pets on social media. there are more than 4 million posts about traffic. >> yes. the auto insurance center analyzed them to figure out which cities had the worst traffic. number one is santa monica, california and miami is next, followed by atlanta. san francisco did not make the top five. the worst day for traffic is friday, meanwhile. >> san francisco might not be on the top five but we know it is bad in the bay area. not good here., thank you so much. it is 5:39 and the massive fire at a bay area home with a sophisticated marijuana growing operation. sharks forced the closure
5:40 am
of yet another southern california beach. a live look at 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along and jacqueline dunn will be along to let us know about the hotspots in the bay area. we will be right back.
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the time is 5:42 and on this monday, a spectacular sunrise in progress. this is the scene looking toward the rio vista windmills where we have clear skies and air temperatures 56 with the winds up to six miles an hour. however, clouds are shrouding and we talk about the impact on your monday forecast with traffic and weather in four minutes. a deadly stabbing at the
5:43 am
university of maryland is now being investigated as a possible hate crime. the victim was an african- american visiting friends at the college park campus and he and his friends were waiting for an uber driver early saturday morning. a white attacker went after the victim with a knife and took off. the victim died at the scene and the attacker was later arrested and police said the attack was unprovoked and the suspect is a member of a white nationalist facebook group posting racist material. >> suffice it to say, it's despicable. it shows extreme bias against women, latinos, members of the jewish faith and, especially, african-americans. >> the suspect has been charged with first and second degree murder and a vigil for the victim's plan for this evening
5:44 am
on the university of maryland cap is. investigators are looking to an illegal grow house in contra costa county. firefighters were called to a house fire and found plans taking up most of the home. officials that whoever managed it rigged electrical wires to get extra electricity to the lighting system. >> it's not necessarily that they were growing marijuana, they may have all the permits, but what they did in this circumstance was illegally use power and they bypassed the electric meter and probably weren't paying for power from pg&e. >> so far, no one has been arrested. a fire forcing evacuations in san diego county sparked a criminal investigation. the gate fire broke out early saturday afternoon, spreading quickly through rush because of hot and dry conditions. it burned more than 2000 acres and is 70% contained in investigators said and instagram video shows what seems to be a group of adults setting the fire. the person who posted it is cooperated with police. a beach in southern california is closed due to
5:45 am
sharks. nearly two dozen were spotted 100 yards off the coast of san clemente, yesterday and no word on when the beach will reopen. a world record for the highest tight rope walk has been set by a math professor in the making. a 27-year-old german student crossed a line between two massive mountain cliffs in southern france and his walks band dickstein hundred meters at the staggering height of 600 meters. high lines are a much more difficult tight rope track since the rope can potentially bounce or stretch. that is crazy! >> the ropes course? at the gymnasium? >> i went to a camp where they had a ropes course. >> was it that high? >> it felt that high. [ laughter ]
5:46 am
>> when it starts bouncing, you completely -- >> that would be scary. >> i have done the math. [ laughter ] right now, we track some slowdowns, if you are going out the door. southbound 680 is a mess due to the earlier hit-and-run crash. the car is gone, but the debris from the accident is scattered all across the roadway causing cars to swerve. the backup is moving closer to 580. you are looking at a pretty slow ride, clocking in at 32 minutes. so, just a heads-up if you are going in that direction. a 30 minute ride for drivers west bound along 580. approaching 680, it is a busy start to the monday morning commute and 880 is looking great through oakland with no
5:47 am
delays in either direction. accident free along that stretch and along the bay bridge toll plaza, a 27 minute ride into downtown san francisco. it is in full swing, the monday morning ride and foggy for drivers across the golden gate bridge. headlights are moving southbound and be careful as you hit the roadways this morning because we are tracking foggy conditions along the 101 and where -- and roberta will have more. we are looking out toward the bay bridge, and on the slide, it suggested a low-level wind but look at this, this is an incredible view this morning. in the background, it's poking through the deck of clouds and about 970 feet high, you can see it is a deck of low clouds
5:48 am
hanging very tight to the ground, 49 in santa rosa, xd in livermore and 51. john miller is the weather watcher in santa rosa and picked up .01 inches of rain, drizzle and condensation associated with that deck of low cloudiness. thanks for reporting in to let us know that. along the coast into the bay and the inland areas of north bay, eight deeper marine layer on tuesday and cooler everywhere by midweek. the winds, it is at 12 with napa at five and northwesterly 10- 15. the coast is no longer clear. it is clinging to the seashore with the disturbance enhancing the marine layer to the north and it will bring inland highs in to the mid-90s.
5:49 am
the seashore has an onshore push with temperatures into the low to mid-60s at best and we are overcast in san francisco and the san mateo coast and tomorrow morning, same story. by wednesday, it may enhance the marine layer and partly cloudy conditions with a cooler air mass aloft may bring down the temperatures to cool off the inland air. fresno, triple digits, 103 and greater lake tahoe, in the 70s. officials sunrise is at 5:54 and it was set at 8:18 and overcast beaches with drizzle and mid-60s, 60s and 70s around the bay today and aid is around the peninsula. many people do not have the ac.
5:50 am
toward discovery bay, 86 in santa rosa and the forecast calls for a cool down on tuesday but you will feel the difference inland by wednesday. you can shut off your ac and then we have the sea conditions returning through sunday where the coast remains cloudy with no chance of sunshine. that is a look at your monday forecast. hope you have a great day. the time is 5:50 and video of a sea lion grabbing a little girl in canada -- in british columbia has become an internet hit. the end of the era with a final performance from the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. 5:53. the marine layer is roughly 1200 feet and producing light drizzle on the coast. cloudy skies and away from the day, a spare the air day and effect with unhealthy levels of particulate matter in the east they -- they. the drive on southbound 680, we had an accident having traffic slow.
5:54 am
expect a 34 minute ride past highway 84. today is harvey milk day, the first openly gay politician elected to public office. he was a san francisco city supervisor in the 1970s and fascinated by warm her supervisor. the lgbt history museum on 18th street offers museum admission that is free from 11:00 until 6:00. there is officer training and you might want to avoid the 1400 block of b street where the department will conduct training exercises starting at 9:30. the road is expected to reopen around 1:30 this afternoon. [ cheering ] oh my god. oh my god! >> more than 1 million people watched this video of a sea lion lashing out at a little girl in canada.
5:55 am
a man jumped in just in time to prevent the girl from getting hurt and the man who shot the video said her family may have a ton the seal by accident. >> huge crowds gathered and a young girl came to feed the animals. they fed breadcrumbs and were getting too close to the animal. >> canada's department of fisheries stress the maximum fine for disturbing a marine animal is $100,000. the greatest show on earth is ending after 100 46 years. the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus had its final performance. >> the greatest show on earth! >> the last show happened in new york last night and the company said they no longer will be doing shows because of declining ticket sales and complaints from animal rights groups. 74 animals will move to new homes. armed robbers are on the loose this morning after police let them slip away. in the meantime, part of the
5:56 am
neighborhood is on lockdown and we tell you what happened. a man is still missing in the waters off the pittsburgh marina. i'm jessica flores with the latest, coming up. ,,,, food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all...
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. we must work together to build a future where the nations of the region are at peace. >> president donald trump makes his first official trip to israel, hoping to revive prospects of peace in the middle east. an intense seen in san francisco's bayview district. the investigation after home invasion ended in gunfire. good morning. it's monday, may 22nd and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. we have jaclyn dunn tracking our commute. i went to ocean beach and
6:00 am
we saw crews putting up the finish line and all that stuff for bay to breaker. i typically don't see the finish line. >> saturday or sunday? >> saturday. >> was a overcast? >> overcast going to the beach and bright and sunny and gorgeous when i was leaving. >> yes, in the evening. >> inland, temperatures in the mid-90s. the first time before we had to play. >> [ laughter ] i watched the ball go down further than that. i'm glad everyone had a nice weekend and i hope you all had a nice weekend. we are tracking a busy start to the monday morning commute. we are wasting no time. 101, near trimble, traffic is okay along this stretch but we


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