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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> everybody is pushing. it was just smoke. and embers, falling down from the roof. >> reporter: the explosion killed 22 people including 12 children under the age of 16. 18-year-old georgina callinder had met ariana grande 2 years ago. an 8-year-old is the youngest victim. a suicide bomber attacked as crowds left the stadium. 23-year-old salman abedi arrived by train and detonated his explosives near one of the main entrances. >> our police counterterrorism network continues to establish whether he was acting alone or working as part of a wider network. >> reporter: manchester police raided the suicide bomber's home, blowing down his front door before entering. they also arrested an unidentified man in his 20s. british prime minister theresa
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may raise the uk's terror threat level. >> the threat level should be increased for the time being, from severe to critical. a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: she said the investigation may suggest there may be a wider group involved. more than a dozen people are still reportedly missing. more than 24 hours after this deadly terror attack. >> tina, we understand it is still up in the air as to whether he was part of a bigger group. do we know if the bombing suspect was at the scene by himself? or might there have been other people there? >> reporter: that is exactly what investigators are trying to figure out. this was a local man who attended a mosque in manchester, but a moderate mosque, not radical. how did he become radicalized? are there other people behind him? was he a lone wolf or was is part of a larger terror plot? these are things police are trying to get to the bottom of
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tonight. now we are learning more about the victims killed in the attack. >> veronica de la cruz joins us now with more about the young lives lost. >> reporter: so far, officials identified two of the 22 victims killed. one was an 18-year-old college student, a huge fan of ariana grande. the other, just 8 years old. people who saw saffie roussos at the concert monday night say the 8-year-old was wearing an ariana grande t-shirt when she died. her mother and sister are among the wounded. 18-year-old georgina callander was also killed when the bomb went off. the college student was said to be a super fan of the singer, and even took photos with her a few years ago. in manchester and across the uk, there is anger and disbelief that a terrorist took a the community's youngest and most vulnerable. >> these were children, young people, and families, that those responsible chose to terrorize and kill.
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>> reporter: a number of other people are missing including charlotte campbell's 15-year- old daughter, olivia. >> i am heartbroken. i don't know if she is alive. >> reporter: in england, prince philip stood for a moment of silence. the queen released a statement saying, quote, the whole nation has been shocked by the death and injury. meanwhile, the city of lights briefly went dark. lights on the eiffel tower were briefly turned off at midnight to honor the victims. paris was the site of a terror attack on french police last month. and in 2015, terrorists planned targeted attacks across the city that left 130 people dead. ariana grande arrived in miami a short time ago after suspending the rest of her world tour. san francisco police tell as there are no known threats to the city but security is being stepped up at other high- profile fights across the country. that includes game four of the eastern conference finals getting underway right now in
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cleveland. heavily armed police are patrolling new york's times square and other popular tourist spots. the department of homeland security says it knows of no specific threats against music venues. cbs evening news anchor scott pelley will continue our coverage of the terror attacks. he will be reporting tonight for manchester and will have more on the terror threat level in britain being raised to critical. but also the story of a city that has come together in the wake of this tragedy. that is coming up right here at 5:30. our other big story, mounting troubles for contra costa county's district attorney. first, a civil grand jury, and then, prosecutors and mark peterson's own office said he should resign. now, contra costa residents are speaking out. kiet po with the results of our exclusive poll. >> reporter: this has been a tough couple of days for the d.a. and isn't getting any better. we've got the results of this
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poll this is a vast majority of the people in contra costa county who have been following the drama says the d.a. must go. we polled 800 people, 316 of them had been following the news, 45% of those folks say that he broke the law. 35% say he made errors but committed no crime and 15% say the d.a. did nothing wrong. we asked what they think peterson should do. a whopping 70% say resign, 22% said remain in office. last week, a civil grand jury accused him of willful misconduct in office for misappropriating money from his campaign and spending it on travel, hotels, restaurants and movie tickets. on friday, board members of the district attorney's association voted unanimously to recommend a vote of no-confidence. yesterday, a large majority issued a vote of no confidence against their own boss. mark peterson gave a written statement saying in part, although this was a poll of 800 or 316 individuals in a county
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of 1.1 million residents, i expect opinions and can assure everyone that our office is working hard to serve all citizens of this county. live in martinez, kiet do, kpix 5. police are trying to find the man who robbed a burger restaurant and shot an employee at 3:00 this morning. employees say the man stormed into sam's burgers on 14th street, demanded cash. as he was leaving he opened fire, hitting an employee in the leg. that worker will be okay. a bank robber with an unusual disguise is in custody. we have learned she was holding up a bank in danville this morning. the description may have been a giveaway. investigators say 36-year-old jennifer mcclary was wearing a painted on beard. president trump is now in italy, on the third leg of his international trip. the president and first lady arrived a few hours ago. security is tight there, with 1000 extra officers on duty for the visit.
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president trump will meet with pope francis at the vatican tomorrow, before italy. the president visited bethlehem to meet with the palestinian leader, and, in israel, he visited a memorial, and laid a wreath at the site where ashes from holocaust victims are buried. he also visited the western wall, the holiest site in judaism. back in washington, president trump places questions over whether he tried to influence the investigations into possible collusion with russia. seth lemon is on capitol hill with new testimony from top intelligence officials. >> reporter: it is not appropriate for me to comment publicly on any of that. >> reporter: national intelligence director dan coates refused to answer questions about whether president trump pressured him to deny claims the trump campaign may have conspired with russian officials. , cbs news has confirmed a washington post report that president trump urged him and nsa director mike rogers to
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publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion. both men refused. >> it is just one more bit of evidence that there was an attempt by the president. to undermine the investigation. >> reporter: on the opposite side of capitol hill, former obama director john brennan testified before the house intelligence committee, telling why he was concerned russia may have gained influence and cooperation. >> i have encountered and aware of information and intelligence that revealed contact and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon, the senate intelligence committee responded to fired nsa director michael flynn's decision not to comply with a subpoena to produce personal documents related to his connections with russians. >> at the end of that option is a contempt charge.
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everything is on the table. that is not our preference today. we would like to hear from general flynn and see his documents. >> reporter: the committee issued subpoenas for documents from general flynn's businesses. seth lemon, cbs news, capitol hill. meanwhile, the hearing with fired fbi director james comey is delayed. he asked to speak with mueller first before testifying publicly. a sheriff's deputy's wife has her day in court. she is responding to charges stemming from a crash that killed a toddler. plus , a housing crunch and teacher shortage. a plan to solve both problems. and, an exclusive first look at the mega waterpark in dublin opening just in time for summer. when you can catch the wave, next. ,,,,
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the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy entered a plea today to charges stemming from a crash that killed a toddler. >> kpix 5's anne makovec was in the courtroom. >> reporter: today, the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy pleaded not guilty to charges of gross vehicular manslaughter and dui. yarenit malihan faces up to 11 years in prison for a suspected dui crash last september that killed a 3-year-old boy. today, her face was hidden behind her lawyer and mirrored glass as she pleaded not guilty during her arraignment. police say she was on drugs when her suv slammed into the back of elijah don's mother's car. on the shoulder of highway 680 in san ramon. but, yarenit malihan was released on bail the next day. and, that was not her first dui run-in with the law. three months earlier, she was arrested on suspicion of dui and child endangerment
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involving her own child. she pleaded not guilty and was given a provisional drivers license, just days before the deadly crash. >> the case is under investigation and we are making sure we are making the right decisions as we proceed. >> reporter: recently, police say she was found lying on a sidewalk in pleasanton for which she is facing charges of public intoxication. she turned herself in on felony charges a few days later. her bail is set at $3 million. her next court appearance, june 15. anne makovec, kpix 5. a former football player at day lasalle high school has been found guilty of felony sexual assault in juvenile court. the boy was 15 years old when the assault took place in november. it happened on the day lasalle campus in concord during a varsity football game. the victim, a student at a nearby hospital -- high school, reported it to police.
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the district attorney is praising her for coming forward. back in november, kpix 5 spoke exclusively to the girl who had a message for her attacker. >> it is not okay for this to happen to anyone. and, it is not okay for people around the society to make a person that has been hurt feel like they have done something wrong or feel ashamed about the situation. >> no further details have been released about court proceedings since this is a juvenile case. an assistant preschool teacher is under an arrest for calling in a bomb threat to his own school. 22-year-old pablo munoz works at laporte montessori in san francisco. police got word of bomb threat voicemails targeting that school on may 8, and again may 16. no devices were ever found by police later traced the voicemails back to him. a housing proposal being backed by san francisco mayor atlee will potentially help teachers live in the city. kpix 5's reporter says this is
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a start. >> reporter: for the last year, this space has been a playground, community park and garden. soon it will be affordable housing. if the plans are approved to build these new condominiums, this would have to be torn down. right now it is being used for strictly administrative purposes. teachers would not move into the new space until 2022. >> is it a day care issue right now? no. but it is a step we are in favor of. >> reporter: lena blanc, the president of united educators in san francisco, says the teacher shortage is dire. while housing like this is a step in the right direction, it is just one piece of the puzzle. >> there is a constant turnover of teachers in particular, and the schools that serve our most needy students.
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we have projected over 600 vacancies, double what would normally happen. >> reporter: the supervisor says the city has to figure out a way to pay teachers a livable salary and provide them with affordable housing. >> that means a lot of them are not qualifying for affordable housing being produced in the city right now. we need other programs to help provide those middle and income households. >> reporter: she says that would help. right now, 30% of educators are commuting to the city. typically the newer, younger ones deal with tighter living conditions so they can be near the school when they teach, but once they start a family or get more space, that's when the city loses them. >> the district puts and resources to track and train new teachers. then they go off to a district that is either paying more, or warehousing is either significantly or modestly more reasonable. >> reporter: in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> because the school district owns the property, there are no approvals that need to go to the board of supervisors for the housing site. the district has already committed the funds to it. new video of a very rare
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dolphin. a dolphin, notorious for his speckled look. he was seen swimming off the coast of southern california and has been nicknamed patches. because of a pigmentation condition, patches was first cited in 2006 and has been seen between san diego and palos verdes, a few times since then. just in time for summer, a new place to cool off in the east bay. >> the wave waterpark open saturday in dublin. juliette goodrich got a look inside today. >> reporter: well, welcome to the wave. this is the class zone, appropriately named because of all the water. i want to show you, here are the main features. the six waterslides you can see twisting and turning. at the very top, i'm going to wave to him. that is our slide inspector. that is his job for the day. at the end of this i'm going to have him go down the slide to
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make sure he is in tiptop order. first, talk about preparations underway for saturday. it is a barefoot kind of day for the dublin mayor. >> you can see that the top two are the most exciting ones. but i'll tell you, the one that swirls at the end is also pretty cool. >> reporter: the mayor took us behind the scenes for the finishing touches. the grand opening to the $43 million aquatic park is this saturday. >> trust me, if i could go down this slide, i would. however, they still have to do final testing. california osha comes in friday to make sure each and every waterslide is in working order for saturday. this particular slide is called the emerald plunge and for good reason. it gives you quite a ride heading down this slide. >> we opened with everything osha would let us do. >> but you think it is a thumbs- up? >> both thumbs up. >> reporter: the 31,000 square
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foot facility in emerald park can hold up to 14 million visitors. the wave has six waterslides. and then, there is the shamrock swirl. the golden wave, riptide river, mount diablo, and the dublin screamer. slide inspector damien sand home was doing test runs today. >> are you nervous? >> yes. i am nervous. >> and you are the slide inspector. >> we are going to show you the dublin screamer coming up at 6:00. the bottom falls out from under you. standing by is our lifeguard. this is a very serious operation. at the top is our slide inspector. i'm going to give him the q and he is going to go down the emerald plunge. ready? three, two, one. [ laughter ] oh, my. all right. opening day is on saturday. how are you doing, slide inspector? >> doing well. it was a great ride. back to you guys.
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>> two questions. number one, how do you get that guy's job? and number two, is the water heated? or is it cold? >> okay, actually, the water is heated. i should say he is the recreation supervisor. i just gave him that title today. you know how we kind of embellished things. >> that is still a cool job. it gets so hot during summer time. it will be nice to have cool water. >> somebody has to do it. >> it is a tough job. >> thanks. oh, man. 1400 folks? they will need 13,000 this weekend. near 90 in dublin. look at this, the fog is getting closer to dublin and all of our inland communities. find out when you will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler next. coming up at 6:00 tonight, the heated fight over plans to build a new east bay high school, just blocks from a jail. parents are asking, is this the best the district to do? -- can do?
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per hour if you are driving through oakland or berkeley today, looking toward the san francisco skyline, you would notice the marine layer is getting thicker, a sign that the marine layer will eventually push inland. by tomorrow, 10 to 12 degrees cooler away from the water. here comes the fog about to envelop much of san francisco, berkeley, oakland and alameda, up next on the menu. 58 in san francisco, 86 right now in concord. 83 livermore. cooler today, santa rosa, 69 degrees, oakland, 64. speaking of oakland, a five dollar ticket tonight, that sounds like a great night to go to the oakland coliseum, as they take on the miami marlins. first pitch, 60 degrees. the low tonight in oakland, 52. school inland, concord, 53, livermore, 54. a chance of a cloud cover, cloudy start in san rafael and redwood city, in san francisco, overnight lows in the 50s. the winds are changing
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directions. a cool breeze from the ocean tomorrow which means temperatures are going to drop. low cloud cover, yes, cooler, yes, for most of the bay area. the one exception is if you will, the marine layer shadow of the santa clara valley. that will not make it over to the santa cruz mountains so the warmest spot will be in san jose, gilmore, morgan hill. your temperatures want to move much, mid-to upper 70s were as much of the bay area impacted by the cool ocean breeze will be 10 to 12 degrees cooler. as for why we are seeing cooling and the wind direction change, i don't see a ridge of high pressure anymore, it's leaving. low pressure to the west and southwest, pushing to the northeast, that is going to dragon the cool ocean influence and keep us near or cooler than average for the next seven days. cooler near the water overnight tonight. afternoon sunshine, yes. but the afternoons will be much cooler. also rebounding a bit, back to the low 80s.
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fremont, 71. san jose, 77. fairfield, 75. only the 60s in oakland, san rafael, santa rosa and pacifica. 50 degrees. extended forecast, look at the droppings -- drop in temperatures. low 50s at the coast, we climb back to the low 80s sunday. next week, a ridge of high pressure will warm us up once again. that is your forecast, we'll be right back.
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and, cbs evening news is next.
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>> scott pelley is here with a preview. >> up next, we are in manchester, england where terror struck the young and innocent at a pop concert. we introduce you to some of the heroes who helped the fleeing find safety and details on the investigation. started plus , new testimony from top intelligence officials on russian medley in the -- russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. all omg in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. the temperatures were spread yesterday. >> i compare the coast from danville which could be a big temperature spread. today i looks, on one side of berkeley, it was 60. 4 miles away on grizzly peak road, it was 76 degrees. we talk about a degree per mile, that was 4 degrees of mile. of course, you're going above the marine layer. ahead at 6:00, a look at course changes you will see along the russian river.
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we should have an excellent rafting season. we will have all that and more in 30 minutes. captioning s captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the terror attack in manchester, england. >> oh, my god. >> everybody was running from the back towards the front. ore than 20 are killed by a suicide bomber. many others are wounded. tonight, words of caution. >> the further attack may be imminent. >> pelley: and defiance. >> the attempts to divide us met countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together. >> pelley: also tonight, the russia investigation. >> did you see evidence of collusion, coordination, conspiracy between donald trump and russian state actors? >> pelley: a new study says even one drink a day can raise the risk of breast cancer. all that


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