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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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river that never existed. one of our favorite sandbars where we used to swim, most of it is gone. now we are going to stop and swim 300 to 400 yards. now there is a new gravel bar. >> reporter: this winter's storms basically reconstructed the russian river's bed. they also filled the reservoirs. to keep safe in the lake, flows have as -- been as high as twice the normal. record rainfall usually starts this season, but this year they're waiting until memorial day because they say the river was way too high to be safe for their customers. sonoma county parks is taking precautions as well. they have a program handing out lifejackets at the most popular beaches. and rescue personnel are already in training. >> it is not the same river year in and year out. there are higher flows. if you step somewhere it may not be the same as last year. >> reporter: this year's warm
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temperatures are sure to drop people to the water and onto it. while navigating it might be different, it should still be exciting. >> be aware. there are changed conditions. be aware of your surroundings. understand it is not the same and take those precautions. >> all through the summer we are going to have great water levels for people who want to come out and recreate and paddle on the river. >> reporter: so, to make sure that you are safe, make sure you have a life vest on. make sure to stay next to your kids. if you are too nervous about it, come here and swim where they have a lifeguard. reporting live on the russian river, emily turner, kpix 5. a heated fight over a new high school, parents fighting back on plans to build a new campus blocks from a jail. dublin could make a decision tonight on plans for a much- needed second high school. the proposed location is on hacienda and gleason drive, two blocks from the santa rita jail.
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we are live in dublin tonight where concerned parents are expected to sound off. >> reporter: we are here at dublin high school where the usual school board meeting has been moved to the gymnasium because the school board trustees anticipate dozens of people, maybe hundreds showing up to weigh-in on the proposal for a new high school. the school district says it is safe and innovative but a lot of community members are saying, this is allowing high schoolers to be sitting ducks for criminals. >> the jail is about two blocks away from here. >> reporter: less than a mile from the jail and next to the courthouse maybe a new high school. one that three of my's children may go to. >> it is more accessible. plus , high school students spend more time after hours, walking by themselves, and,
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that is a dangerous situation for them. >> reporter: tonight, the dublin school district trustees will vote on whether to purchase a building at hacienda and gleason for use of the high school. the new school would be closed to the santa rita jail although there is currently an elementary school nearby. >> the community is on all sides of us. people who live here know that there is a jail facility here. >> reporter: the alameda sheriff department has no position on the school debate, but the jail has not cause crime in the city. >> we cannot correlate any crime that can execute prisoner releases from our jail, to them walking out to the community. >> reporter: while the jail can't keep tabs on people once they are free, most people are picked up by friends or family members and leave town. >> we don't have any statistics or data that tells us anything different. >> reporter: michelle mcdonald's says dublin unified is doing its best but they have huge needs beyond high school,
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like preparing for 4000 new elementary students. >> if we could have gone back 20 years ago and anticipated growth in our community, they were previous boards it may decisions about land-use and things like that. we can't go back now, here we are, trying to address needs. >> i love dublin and would love to stay here. but if this is the school, we will see, i have not really thought that far coming at. >> reporter: now, in june of last year, voters in dublin elected to give over $283 million in bonds for schools. a number of folks here said they wish that this district would spend more money on the high school proposal instead of the pennypinching plan they support so far. now, the meeting starts and after public comment, the board is expected to vote.
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melissa cael, kpix 5. >> of the board approves the purchase of property, there will be a 120 day period before the agreement is final. a man is facing charges after allegedly using social media to sell drugs. this is one of the photos agents used to make their case against 20-year-old marcus hatch of hayward. another suspected dealer allowed them to follow him on instagram. a search of his home turned up several drugs and weapons including an ak-47. turning to the attack in manchester, england. we are getting our first look at the suspected british bomber. a british newspaper posted this photo of salman abedi. the 23-year-old was born in britain, his parents immigrated to the uk from libya. in the aftermath of the attacks, the uk has raised its terror threat to critical, meaning another attack may be imminent. the number of dead has also risen. 22 people killed, 59 injured at yesterday's ariana grande
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concert. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack, and this evening, ariana grande has returned to florida after suspending her world tour. in a show of strength and resilience, as hundreds gathered outside manchester city hall for a vigil. some latest signs that read, love for all. more on the attacks including a live report from manchester at 6:30. acts of terror designed to sow seeds of mistrust. >> a bay area woman is working to bridge divides and culture. john ramose with more. >> reporter: at the whistle stop community center in san rafael, people gathered to get to know a complete stranger. moina is a muslim woman from fremont, introducing herself to the bay area. a place she has lived for more than 40 years.
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>> i did not realize that after 40 years i would be reaching out to people, telling them who i am. come meet me. >> reporter: she created a person -- program called, meet a muslim. she answers questions that anybody may have about muslim people. she says those who. muslims usually don't know any. >> it is very important for people to come out and have one on one interaction. so they can talk, see me as a person and human being. >> reporter: she says it only gets worse with each new attack, like the one in manchester. >> there is no answer for us. it just keeps going down and down and down and people keep associating us and people think it is immigrants coming and doing all of this. this is not the case. >> reporter: she knows that those who hate her probably will not, and she is usually preaching to the choir. >> they have to take care of
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each other. >> reporter: so she asked her audience to help her. to speak with her neighbors to convince them of her humanity. >> because they know who among the friends are those hard-core people. they only can make a difference. i cannot. >> reporter: the idea is simple. it is easy to fear people until you meet them's -- meet them face to face. >> her first meeting last year drew more than 100 people. now she averages between one and two gatherings each which. -- week. thousands of dogs and cats have found a loving home thanks to the partnership with the stockton shelter. a fight over a plan to chop down more than 200 trees in the south bay. the new twist in this environmental battle. and, welcome to the wave. kpix 5 gets a first look inside it's brand-new bay area waterpark before opening to the public. >> waterpark psych that are very inviting when the temperature is 90 degrees.
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but how inviting is it when the temperature drops to 70 degrees. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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eight sounds like today's plan to chop down more than 200 trees has been uprooted. kpix 5's len ramirez explains
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the trees are staying put for now because of a possible violation by city leaders. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking about hundreds of trees, some of them right here in this very popular park. environmentalists are crushing the need to remove so many trees and also the city's methods in pushing it through. no one knows that the trees in these pictures are part of the 235 trees the city of gilroy plans to chop down. 35 of them are supposed to be in christmas hill park, home of the garlic festival. but none that we saw appear to be marked in any way which is a big part of the problem. >> at some point, somebody has got to get it and stop the insanity. >> reporter: herman garcia is one of several in gilroy that believes the state may have violated ethics code regulations when it approved a $258,000 contract to remove trees. rules call for community oversight and review which has not happened. garcia, the director which monitors and cleans up waterways like this creek, says
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gilmore has a history of questionable and environmental practices. >> i suspect a supervisor in one or two of the departments that is just doing things on his own. you know? and, not complying with state or federal law. and these environmental issues. >> reporter: a city spokesperson tells kpix 5 that the trees identified for removal are dead or dying because of drought, or were damaged by the recent storms. but no one was available for further comment. one environmental activist hired an arborist to review the city plan and found the trees for cutting put profit for more trees chopped down rather than less. >> the reasons for these various checks and balances is to make sure we don't have trees getting unnecessarily removed. especially if you have a supplier contract, and they are also profiting from the removal, there is where we have an issue or conflict of
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interest. these are the types of things we want to check into. >> one activist hired an environmental attorney who has drafted a letter and send it to the city, asking the city not to take action until there is proper review. so far, the attorney says the city has not responded. reporting live in gilroy, len ramirez, kpix 5. the raiders cleared another big hurdle in their move to las vegas. the nfl signed off on a 30 year stadium lease. ken was the first bay area reporter to tour the loft, they will start playing in the stadium by the 2020 season. owner mark davis told reporters about 1000 secret -- season- ticket holders in oakland have gotten refunds. a mailing mistake is adding insult to injury for east bay area smud customers. the city will have to cough up money to resend notices about a water re-hate -- about a water
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rate hike. they may have left out as many as 20,000 customers. the utility has to notify customers by law. rates are expected to go up 19% starting july 12. three pools, six slides and a half billion gallons of water. going to feel good this weekend. dublin's $36 million new waterpark will open. we were the first to dip our toes in. a preview will -- you will only see on 5. what did you think? >> reporter: we are in the middle of it. this is the splash zone, pretty are properly named. you can see the water coming down. this is one area kids and adults can enjoy when this opens saturday. here is a sneak peek at all of those slides. >> all right. >> reporter: a barefoot kind of day for the dublin mayor. >> you can see that the top two
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are the most exciting ones. but i'll tell you, the one that swirls at the end is also pretty cool. >> reporter: the mayor took us behind the scenes for the finishing touches. the grand opening to the $43 million aquatic park this saturday. >> is that supposed to fill up with water? >> that bucket will hold hundreds of gallons of water. it takes a while to fill up but when it does it is going to tip over and splash and burst around the whole area below it. >> trust me, if i could go down this slide, i would. however, they still have to do final testing. california osha comes in friday to make sure each and every waterslides is in working order for saturday. this particular slide is called the emerald plunge and for good reason. it gives you quite a ride heading down this slide. >> we opened with everything osha would let us do. >> but you think it is a thumbs- up? >> both thumbs up. >> reporter: the 31,000 square
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foot facility in emerald glenn park can hold up to 14,000 visitors. the wave has six waterslides. and then, there is the shamrock swirl. the golden wave, riptide river, mount diablo, and the dublin screamer. slide inspector damien sandholm was doing test runs today. >> are you nervous? >> yes. i am nervous. >> and you are the slide inspector. >> a great ride. the bottom drops out and you fall down until the water catches you. >> reporter: that is true. the bottom drops down, you go straight down that vertical drop. that was the supervisor of the recreation department. he called himself the slight inspector today. they allow the community to come up with those great names
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for the slides, pretty appropriate i might add. we will see everyone saturday, i'm sure. >> don't fall backwards. >> i know. >> i know, right? [ >> was it called the screamer? was not it? >> it literally feels like a freefall. >> it is borderline freaky. >> referee: >> there are so many others with a 50 degree pitch. >> the mayor look straight out of a council meeting. well, you want warm weather, we have had warm weather. now just in time for the waterpark opening, it's going to get 20 degrees cooler in dublin. 75 saturday, not bad, the water is heated. right next to dublin, we had livermore at 92. you may not keep that 92. 12 degrees cooler. morgan hill, 74, fremont, 80, 78 degrees with sunshine. san francisco, 62, half moon bay. only 60.
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usually i show you town to town for our weather extremes. we could stay right in berkeley. close to the water at ashby and san pablo, the high was 60 degrees. 4 miles away, grizzly peak boulevard, grizzly peak road, 76 degrees. of course you are going above the marine layer, changing elevation. 16 degrees over just 4 miles. that is a bay area microclimate. the reason why things will be changing, the high pressure which baked does for about five days, it is gone, replaced by two not so huge areas of low pressure. it is changing the wind direction. southwest wind does return tomorrow. it will expand inland calling us all down. tonight, anyone near the water will experience low clouds and fog. livermore, your low was 61, tomorrow morning, 54. san jose, 55, napa, 49. cooling continues tomorrow, not as warm.
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mountain view, 73. mountain view, 72. mountain view, 77 and san francisco, 61. the big story is, the heat, the 90s are gone and likely for a while. thursday, friday, even cooler. low 70s inland for highs. near the water, temperatures aren't moving much. you will stay in the 60s across the board and at the beach, foggy and cloudy with highs in the upper 50s. that is your cooling kpix 5 forecast. back to you. the bay area brush with james bond as the world remembers roger moore. we look back at some of 007's daring scenes in our own backyard. breaking news, the spurs had coach addresses another reporter. lynch hits the field today for the raiders. but, why was he upstaged in alameda? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nba fans are salivating at the prospect of a warriors cavaliers rematch. one small problem, cleveland has not held up to their end of the bargain quite yet. leading boston 2-1, in trouble in game four. it was an incredibly muted celebration after the warriors won their third straight western conference title and set a lead record by starting the playoffs 12-0. it is so good, that is spurs coach gregg vich cou not quite find a superlative. >> reporter: 12-0 in the playoffs, how impressive is that to you? >> really impressive. >> not really, really? >> does anybody else have a question that makes sense? >> game one of the nba finals, thursday, 6 p.m. at oracle.
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here's a question that does make sense. are the oakland raiders going to the super bowl this year? today we got our first glimpse of the silver and black. the team had their first off- season workout. he read his, marshawn lynch in a raiders uniform. rounding himself up into beast mode shape after one year of retirement. speaking of retirement, form alliance propyl receiver calvin johnson working as an advisor with the receivers, just after the season. >> i was cool, yesterday. i asked him, hey, are you sure you got it right because you came out of retirement? a couple of coaches were asking, is here -- here to play? >> not yet. the flat drops on the indy 500. for two drivers, and sadly behind the wheel came off of the tracks. two racers were robbed at
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gunpoint while waiting in a taco bell drive-through by two teenagers. everybody is fine and the suspects were caught. he spoke with jr hildebrand today in san francisco and found a little humor in the situation. >> did it shock you? >> a little bit. maybe not as much as others. i know scott dixon very well and very little gets between him and taco bell. so you know, the fact that they were at taco bell did not surprise me at all actually. >> maybe they should have opted for a fillet of fish instead. that is a huge fish! >> this is steve gutierrez in the middle. he is fishing with his buddies who got some halibut and striped bass. i am guessing that they caught these at the rockwall. apparently there is a place called the rockwall. oh! >> you just gave it away. >> that is a marlin.
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do you think you could do that? send us your fishing pictures, catch of the day at >> i will divert that. coming up in our next half hour, the uk raises the terror threat level after the deadly bombing at the ariana grande concert. we will have a live report from manchester. new details on the suicide bomber. a shelter success story, the partnership that helped thousands of animals find homes in the bay area. and what's going to happen now that it is ending. the bay area athlete on track to make high school history, running a mile under four minutes. ,,
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you are watching kpix 5 news. >> our top story at 6:30, officials have raised the country's terror threat since the attack outside the ariana grande concert. we are also learning more about the suspected suicide bomber seen on the front page of the british newspaper , ken. reporter, tina krause, begins our coverage live from manchester. tina? >> reporter: good evening. investigators tonight are
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trying to determine if this individual has accomplices, if there were people who knew what the suspected bomber had planned for the arena last night. and if these people may know of more attacks that could be on the way. hundreds gathered outside manchester city hall to honor theyoung victims of monday night's attack. >> love in the end is always stronger than hate. >> reporter: the bomb exploded shortly after ariana grande had left the stage, sending off a wave of panic, as concertgoers tried to rush out. >> everybody is pushing. everybody is shoving. shoes are being lost. it was just smoke and embers falling down from >> reporter: -- falling down from the roof. >> reporter: the explosion
6:31 pm
killed 22 people including 12 children under the age of 16. 18-year-old georgina callander had met ariana grande 2 years ago. 8-year-old saffie roussos is the youngest victim. a suicide bomber attacked as crowds left the stadium. 23-year-old salman abedi arrived by train and detonated his explosives near one of the main entrances. >> our police counterterrorism network continues to establish whether he was acting alone or working as part of a wider network. >> reporter: manchester police raided the suicide bomber's home, blowing down his front door before entering. they also arrested an unidentified man in his 20s. british prime minister theresa may raised the uk's terror threat level. >> the threat level should be increased for the time being, from severe to critical. a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: may said the investigation may suggest there may be a wider group involved. more than a dozen people are still reportedly missing. more than 24 hours after this deadly terror attack.
6:32 pm
>> tina, the officer mentioned earlier in the day, does it seem still the the bombing suspect was working alone? >> reporter: that is what investigators are trying to figure out. it is something that they think that raiding the suspect's home where he lived with several other family members may eventually lead them to. they are trying to figure out if he was a lone wolf or part of a bigger terror network. and with the british prime minister raising the terror threat level, it is clear that the british police and now military are taking chances. darkness has spread across the city of lights, the eiffel tower in paris turned off its lights for a time this evening. it was in a show of solidarity with victims and people of manchester.
6:33 pm
here's more now on these young lives lost. >> reporter: it is just a shame. anytime this happens and when it involves young people it is even more sad. so far officials identified three of the dead, a college student, a dancer, and a little girl who was just 8 years old. people who saw saffie roussos at the concert last night said the 8-year-old was wearing an ariana grande t-shirt when she died. her mother and sister are among the wounded. 18-year-old georgina callander was also killed when the bomb went off. the college student was said to be a super fan of the singer and even took photos of her a few years ago. john atkinson was a 26-year-old dancer. friends posted tributes to him on facebook, calling him a true gentleman. in manchester and across the uk, there is anger and disbelief that a terrorist took aim at the community's youngest and most vulnerable.
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>> these were children, young people, and families, that those responsible chose to terrorize and kill. >> reporter: british authorities say 12 children under the age of 16 are among 59 take into the hospitals. a number of people are also missing including charlotte campbell's 15-year-old daughter, olivia. >> i am heartbroken at the moment. i don't know if she is alive. >> reporter: ariana grande reportedly is just devastated about what happened. she arrived back in miami earlier today after suspending her world tour. >> very sad, thank you. we are following breaking news, just getting word that an airplane heading to san francisco has made an emergency landing at the newark new jersey airport. we are told passengers had to use the emergency slides to evacuate the aircraft. details just coming in. first reports indicated as a united airlines flight 1570.
6:35 pm
we have heard reports that all ground operations have stopped at the newark airport. apparently we have the video that was just posted to twitter. a passenger on board the flight says he had to evacuate on the emergency slide. but then flight attendants told him to run from the airplane. you can see the flashing lights, several emergency vehicles out on the tarmac. recapping the breaking news, a san francisco bound flight made an emergency landing at newark new jersey. we have calls out to the faa, officials at sfo trying to get more information. we will bring you that as we get it. a former freshman high school football player has been found guilty of sexual assault on the day lasalle campus. the assault happened last november after a varsity football play -- game. the student was a student at a sister school. she reported it to police three days later. now the district attorney is praising her for coming forward. at the time, she spoke exclusively to kpix 5. >> it is not okay for this to happen to anyone.
6:36 pm
and, it is not okay for people around the society to make a person that has been hurt feel like they have done something wrong or feel ashamed about the situation. >> this is a juvenile case so at this point, no further details have been released. the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy entered a plea today to charges stemming from a crash that killed a toddler. yarenit malihan's face was hidden behind her lawyer, she is facing up to 11 years in prison for a suspected dui crash last september that killed three old elijah dunn. police say she was on drugs when her suv slammed into the back of the car the child was in on the shoulder of 680 and san ramon. her bail is set at $3 million. her next court date is june 15. it was a perfect match. a shelter in need of help finds ways to connect loving pets
6:37 pm
with homes in the bay area. what is going to happen now that the deal is ending?
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it has been a lifesaving partnership, and has rescued thousands of pets. >> and now it is about to end. here's more on what is behind the change. >> reporter: for the past 5 years, the san francisco society has helped a stockton animal shelter improve operations. 5 years ago, the stockton shelter was anything but a shelter. most animals that entered were put down. that is when san francisco spca stepped in. >> it was terrible. so, the euthanasia rate was 75%. which i think was over 8000 animals per year being euthanized. >> reporter: now after 5 years of training, financial assistance, and support, the stockton death rate is down to
6:40 pm
15%. still high but much better. the spca says the average rate in san francisco is a 7%. they also say it is time for the city of stockton to take back operations. >> the city of stockton has been great to work with. we are grappling with the cost of it and how they have endured the ongoing costs. we are happy to work with stockton to make the transition as smooth as possible. >> reporter: the ongoing cost last year was $750,000. the city of stockton estimates they would need more than $1 million if they had to run the program themselves. but there is no disagreement that thousands of dogs and cats owe their lives to the improved shelter services. the spca here says they are walking away and taking lessons learned from the experience and will use it to help additional animal shelters and other parts of the central valley. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. coming up, james bond showdown on the golden gate bridge.
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we are following breaking news, passengers evacuated from an airplane heading to sfo. >> this happened at the newark new jersey airport. ken bastida is live with the latest. >> reporter: we are learning it was an apparent engine fire on board a united flight bound for san francisco that led to the emergency landing at new jersey airport. now, we have heard reports that all ground operations at the airport, at the newark airport, have been halted. because of the emergency. this video has just been posted on twitter. a passenger on board the flight says that he had to evacuate on the emergency slide and flight attendants told him to run from the airplane. you can see several emergency vehicles on the tarmac. we have a couple of photographs of the airplane on the tarmac
6:45 pm
as well. and you can see the emergency chutes are deployed, the emergency exits are open. we have calls out to the faa and officials at sfo to try to get more details. again, an apparent engine fire, we don't know if it was before the airplane took off or if it occurred in flight. but it forced the sfo bound aircraft to land, again, at new jersey newark airport. as far as we know, there are no injuries but people had to deplane the aircraft, via the emergency exits. that's the latest we have, ken bastida, kpix 5. here's a look now at the forecast. seeing a bit of a cooldown out there, paul. >> we are. the reason why is right behind me. look at all of that low cloud cover moving over san francisco which is not a new phenomenon. what will be in the next 24 hours is the marine layer moving inland, taking those 90s and 80s and moving them
6:46 pm
elsewhere. let's take a look at temperatures outside which are still warm, livermore, concord, low 80s, san francisco, 58. san jose, 73, baseball tonight, you can still go over to the stadium. why do i suggest that? i am told it is five dollars tickets and free parking. what is it, 1962? miami marlins, oakland a's, partly cloudy and cool, low cloud cover, low of 53, it will be cloudy tomorrow morning. napa, same story, 59. fremont, cloud cover and 53. i think it'll be tomorrow night and thursday when we get clouds and lows in the mid-50s. the winds are turning southwest. it is always about our wind direction and wind speed. a northwest wind is an offshore wind. we will be warm. the opposite is a southwest flow moving southwest to the northeast which will give us pretty chilly temperatures tomorrow ritual of the -- relatively speaking.
6:47 pm
temperatures in the santa clara valley, dropping down to the 60s, overnight tonight. low to mid-70s though tomorrow afternoon. that is the one spot that will keep the heat if you will. you will stay in the upper 70s because the santa cruz mountains will block a decent amount of that marine influence. that ridge of high pressure which got us warmth is gone, replaced to the south and west. that is the catalyst to the southwest flow of air which will keep a school the next couple of days. futurecast does predict 93, a new ridge moving in, temperatures rebounding by the weekend. what to expect. widespread fog and low cloud cover overnight near the water. the afternoons are going to be much cooler with temperatures rebounding to the 80s inland by sunday. san francisco, all of this talk about temperatures moving, don't worry about you. you stay chilly in the low 60s, 4 degrees above average. palo alto, 75, marine air blocked by the santa cruz mountains. walnut creek close to 90.
6:48 pm
73 tomorrow. san ramon, 75. alameda, only 66 with low cloud cover. 84 degrees for the high. much cooler thursday and friday, barely out of the 60s inland by friday. rebounding into the weekend. some 80s inland and 60s near the bay. all in all, pleasant weather, temperatures moving away from the water. back to you. >> my name is bond. james bond. all new at 6:00, roger moore, the actor famous for his role as 007 has died. his family making the announcement this morning, saying that he had a short battle with cancer. he was 89 years old. bond fans will remember "a view to kill." the last film to start roger moore. >> i think these 007 films are
6:49 pm
always coming back. >> reporter: if you are a fan of james bond, 1984 was a magnificent time to live in san francisco. roger moore was here and the city rolled out the red carpet all the way to the bay area. the actual title will be, "a view to kill." >> christopher walken who plays the villain. >> reporter: a psychopath bent on destroying the tech world, a plot 30 years ahead of its time. >> the domination of silicon valley. >> reporter: so, bond went on a tour of the city, dropping some signature informant code language. there was the hook and ladder chase down market street. a chase that ended at the bridge, almost unrecognizable because the landscape now is dominated by its new neighbor
6:50 pm
pick back at city hall, we may have had the largest set piece of the movie and to this day, serves as a great reminder to always take these beautiful stairs. because if you are james bond, you don't want to get caught in the elevator. then, there was the heart stopping rides over the city. here is our helicopter video, the actual helicopter that carried the dangling bond over the bridge. >> i was 10 years old when i watch the duo at the top of the bridge. i know at that point a lot of you are pining away for the sean connery era. i get it. it is sort of a generational thing. for anything saddened by the passing of sir roger, kind of nice to know he left footprints in our backyard. those footprints, they will stick around for a little while. in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> now there is uber and lyft. an east bay student in a race for time.
6:51 pm
we try to keep track of the high school start trying to cross the four minute mile. coming up, legal analyst, paul henderson joins us to talk about the trump russia administration and what a possible impeachment process could look like. tonight we are asking whether or not you think president trump will be impeached. send your thoughts right now by tweeting me, we will read your comments tonight at 10:00 on our sister station, 44 cable 12. kbcw, after months of pressing the state agency, we finally got pension data. tonight at 11, who is retiring on easy street. >> how much do you think administrators are trying to get into the system? >> why some get hefty double- digit raises, while teachers paychecks are shrinking. >> everyone is not on a level playing field. >> an original report tonight at 11:00 on kpix 5 news.
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in the time this story errors, alameda's cooper tear will have run about a half-mile. it is why he might be st. joseph high school's most dominant athletes since basketball legend jason kidd. >> we run them all the time. i will run a 5:30 which is jogging to me. >> reporter: cooper barely breaks a sweat in st. joseph's pe class. in the amount of time some of his peers run one mile, he has possibly gone four. >> they used to think if you ran under four, you would just die. >> reporter: last month come he came as close as it gets to that magical sub four minute mile that runners obsess about.
6:55 pm
the margin? 17 hundredths of a second. >> the snap of a finger. if i could have leaned a little bit more, taken one more step, i would have had it, and carved my name into history. >> reporter: history is nothing to scoff about. since 1964, there have been nine high school runners to crack the four minute mark. jim ryan and two others did it in the 1960s. then, the sport had to wait 34 years before the next crop of boys came along post-millennium. more college and professional runners have done it since roger bannister began the first in 1954. but, four minutes is a sacred number on high school tracks because of the runner's physical development. >> when he said, i am going to try to break four minutes this year, i thought, that is a great thing to say. nobody does that. >> reporter: gabe is cooper's father and has done very little to push his son toward the sport. >> the first time i ever took
6:56 pm
him to a race is when he was 9. he came in second. it was just so natural and i thought come he looks beautiful running. >> reporter: was even more beautiful is a scholarship you will receive next year at the university of oregon. until then, the st. joseph track coaches are hoping that good things come. >> he will submit his status as one of the best high school runners in track and field. >> cooper has one more shot to make history on june 17 in seattle. >> we wish him well. another update on their breaking story out of new jersey, within the past hour, passengers evacuated a flight heading to san francisco. faa, telling us it happened before the airplane took off. flames reported from the right engine of the boeing 757, and emergency evacuations. >> this happened as united flight 1579 was on the taxiway. you can see, the parachutes were deployed. much more at 11:00. who are these people?
6:57 pm
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