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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i think it's someone' special day today. >> hm. >> my co-anchor michelle turning -- >> 25! [ laughter ] >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm a little short today. [ laughter ] >> no, i told you as we get older we shrink. >> it's true. >> my doctor says i'm 5'4." and i'm 5'7"! when you can't see the top of the transamerica pyramid, that's an indication we may have airline delays. i'm estimating the ceiling is roughly down to about 600 feet. 50s in the area. there you have the intrusion of the marine layer around the bay area. later today as a result of the return of the marine layer, temperatures coming down. 50s beaches, 60s across the
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bay. we'll have some sunshine around the peninsula in the 70s. and finally, you can turn off that air-conditioning in our inland areas out of the 90s to the 70s. the full forecast is coming up. good morning. and right now, we are tracking an earlier fire that had shut down the 66th avenue off-ramp from northbound 880 through oakland. we were tracking the fire crews on the scene and they just reopened that ramp and cleared the scene. 880 moving well in both directions. back to you guys. right now, in the uc a search is under way for possible accomplices in the terror attack that killed 22 people in manchester. with the threat level at the highest point since 2007 investigators are trying to figure out suspected bomber salam abedi's motive. more and more victims are being
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identified, one as young as 8. riley carlson reports. >> reporter: 15-year-old olivia campbell called her mom as she waited for her mom as she waited for her to take the stage. >> she was so happy. ariannathat was the last i heard of her. >> reporter: a suicide bomber identified as salam abedi attended the concert. more than two dozen people died in the attack. the youngest victim an 8-year- old girl, others including a young dancer and georgina callander who met the superstar. she tweeted to her idol so excited to see you tomorrow.
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as manchester mourns, the investigation continues. the uk raised its terrorism threat level to critical and put military on the streets. the prime minister warned another attack may be imminent. but she says the people of england will not live in fear. >> all acts of terrorism are cowardly attacks on innocent people but this attack stands out for its appalling sickening cowardice. let us remember those who died. and let us celebrate those who helped safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win. >> reporter: in manchester, riley carlson. several united airlines passengers finally made it to san francisco. they were supposed to land last night but it was evacuated before it took off from newark. someone in the tower noticed flames shooting from one of the engines. passengers say it was total chaos on board. the chutes were deployed and people got out. didn't take long for emergency crews to get to the scene. [ chatter ]
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>> newark airport was shut down for two hours. one passenger told us he heard the words that no one wants to hear on a flight. >> it was the best thing i can do is call it controlled chaos. you know, i was sitting towards the back. and everyone just started to rush off the plane. the flight attendants were yelling get off, get off. >> those passengers landed at sfo a little before 4 a.m. police are looking for the man who reportedly broke into a woman's home and watched her while she was sleeping. she woke up when he put a flashlight in her face. it happened two weeks ago at an apartment in san rafael. last night, police released this sketch of the suspect. he ran off after he saw the victim's boyfriend with her. the boyfriend chased him but couldn't get him outside the apartment. a suspected drug dealer is
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behind bars after allegedly boasting about it on social media. the dea says this is just one of the photos used to make a case against 20-year-old marcus hatch of hayward. they say that another suspected drug dealer led them to hatch. a search of his home last week turned up drugs and weapons including an ak-47. "skydrone5" caught sight of the russian river looking calm and quiet ahead of the holiday weekend. river rafting businesses are expecting large crowds for memorial day. record rainfall has the river flowing fast in some stretches a welcome rebound after years of drought. so a lot of people are going to be having fun but you always have to remember to be careful. >> and wear life vests, please. i was out on the delta last weekend. i would say 8 out of 10 people had no life vest on. the water is still cold, too. hi everybody. rise and shine! we have the marine layer at the
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coast and into the bay but also penetrating well inland. if we have some things that we want to remind but, it's this right here. sfo anticipate delays because of that overcast sky. 50 in santa rosa, 58 in san jose. you can see the clouds at the coast and you can see the surge of the marine layer across the santa clara valley well into many of our areas. wow, 74 in redwood city. 74 in milpitas. we do anticipate 80 degrees in the campbell area. east bay you will be going from 90 yesterday in the tri-valley to right around the highway 70s and the low 80s. we'll have more of a west- southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. 50s, 60s 70s in the north bay today. we'll have more coming up.
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slowdowns westbound 580 because of an accident near north flynn road. you can see yellow sensors on the screen. cruising speed through that stretch around 40 miles per hour. it's still a 25-mile-per-hour- minute ride from 205 to 680. san mateo looking good. taillights westbound out of hayward to foster city. 13 minutes. no major problems in the south bay and heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights just yet but the crowds are starting to for. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. president trump continues his nine-day foreign trip at the vatican this morning when he had a meeting with pope francis. they shook hands and posed for photographs ahead of a private meeting. president trump and francis have not always seen eye to eye. the pope doesn't like the wall p president trump is hiring a private attorney to represent
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him according to the "washington post." the president hired this man as a special counsel investigates any possible ties between the trump campaign and russia during the u.s. election. the president is facing growing backlash for pressuring top intelligence officials to discredit the fbi's probe. testifying before a senate panel on capitol hill, national intelligence director dan coats refused to answer any questions about the president's request. >> given the nature of, um, my position and the information which we share, it's not appropriate for me to comment publicly on any of that. >> but cbs news confirms president trump urged coats and nsa director mike rogers to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion both men refused. president trump has denied any
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wrongdoing. a john ramos has more on a woman's mission. >> reporter: at the whistlestop community center in san rafael, people gathered to get to know a complete stranger. [name] a muslim woman from fremont who introducing herself to the bay area. a place she has lived for more than 40 years. >> i didn't realize that after 40 years i would be reaching out to people and telling them who i am, come meet me. i thought people would know me by now. >> reporter: miona created a program called meet a muslim where she speaks to groups and answers their questions. she says those who fear muslims usually don't know any. >> it's very important for people to come out and have one- on-one interaction so they can talk to me, they can see me as a person, as a human being. >> reporter: moina says muslims are frightened these days and it only gets worse with each new muslim attack like the one
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in manchester. >> there's no end to this hole for muslims. people think immigrants are coming and doing all this. this is not the case. >> reporter: she knows that those who hate her probably won't come. she is usually preaching to the choir. >> we have to take care of each other and care about each other. >> reporter: so she asked people to help her to speak with their neighbors, to persuade them of her humanity. >> they know who among the family of friends are those hard core people. they only can make a difference. i cannot. >> reporter: the idea is simple. it's easy to fear people until you meet them face to face n san rafael, john ramos, kpix 5, in san rafael. she says her first meeting last year drew more than 100 people and now averages between one and two gatherings a week. time now 4:40. whales are putting on a show off the california coast. what's behind the increase in activity. >> plus, we are getting a
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a town in eastern washington state is evacuated this morning as dozens of firefighters respond to a 40- acre fire. crews say it started at an old log yard in leavenworth. the fire is threatening over 150 homes including several electrical buildings. a shelter for residents who evacuated is open. he cause is under investigation. we are getting a new look at a landslide in big sur covering part of highway 1 in monterey county. crews say that more than one million tons of rock and dirt crashed down from the hillside on saturday. caltrans crews are working to clear it. no word when they will be able to re-open that road. in the monterey bay, more and more whales have been flipped their tails and sending water to the air. kpix 5's betty yu got on a boat to find out why they are
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flocking to the area in big numbers. >> reporter: they came up close, slashed around and swam within 40 yards of our whale watching tour boat. these remarkable sightings have become a regular occurrence particularly in the last month in monterey bay. our first came within 10 minutes of heading out of the harbor. >> it's really powerful to be so close to such a large animal. >> reporter: this marine biology and owner of sanctuary cruises has been studying whales for more than 20 years. >> things are really increasing as far as whale activity goes here out of moss landing. in the last month we have had a significant increase in number of whale sightings and consistency. >> reporter: here's an example. right now you can see three whales blowing and diving back into the water. we are only less than a mile from shore, in fact right outside of the harbor now in moss landing. >> this year, we have had a lot of strong winds and waves and upwelling of nutrients and so
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we have more food. >> reporter: that's why she says we're seeing so many humpbacks this time of year. this last month has also been an unusual time to witness another spectacular show of nature. more killer whales attacking and killing mother gray whales and their calves. it's what's happening here. another captain took this video of a gray losing her fight against a pod of orcas and blood on the water. monterey bay is perfect hunting ground as gray whales go up the coast to alaska. >> we'll usually see, you know, three to four attacks a year. this year, we have -- and they are sort of spread out. we never know, and they're in different areas. well, this year we have literally for a stretch of two weeks we had one just about every day. we had sightings. >> reporter: whatever the reason, the ocean's predators and prey are drawing more people on board every day. in moss landing, betty yu, kpix
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5. >> betty really has the best assignments. >> she does. >> it's so interesting, though, because of the excess food we're seeing more whales and you and i were talking about that a couple of days ago, in hawaii we're seeing more sharks closer to the shore because of the successful turtle launch. they have been trying to safety sea turtle. they did an amazing job but that's food for the sharks. it brings the sharks closer to shore. so kind of a win-win situation. [ laughter ] good morning. rise and shine! out at the ocean today we are socked in with areas of low clouds and fog. we have a more expansive deck of stratus this morning. i have already shared this particular view with you because it's one of the only ones i have. everything is socked in. sfo we are anticipating delays this morning on some arriving flights due to the return of "karl the fog" penetrating the peninsula and well into our inland areas a good 45, 50
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miles. so our temperatures are in the 50s across the board. 51 san francisco. 60 miles to the south san jose sporting 58 degrees. and yes, we even have some overcast conditions there. really impressed this morning. many of my weather observers are up and already at it at their weather stations reporting temperatures in the 50s and everybody is reporting overcast skies so thanks so much from dave in napa all the way to katie sears in hayward. winds right now are all over the place variable west- southwest in san francisco 10 across the bay in oakland westerly that's an onshore push at 13. we have a southwest wind in san ramon as nine upstream. fairfield southwesterlies at 30 miles an hour. this afternoon south-southwest and westerly late day 10 to 20 miles per hour. here's the shield of stratus and on top of it a deck of mid- level clouds all associated with a weak disturbance. today the bottom line is,
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widespread fog and low clouds along the coast and near the bay. that's pretty much all day long. we'll have afternoon sunshine away from the coast. inland temperatures will rebound back to the 80s by sunday. with the shift in the wind due to the area of low pressure enhancing the marine layer, we have a cooldown and for you inland me included we welcome that cooldown because we can finally turn off our air- conditioner and allow that cooler air mass aloft to penetrate into the tri-valley, the delta, as well. so we're tumbling out of the 90s due to the stratus. by the weekend, the clouds begin to thin out and push out over the open waters. sunrise at 5:53. and by the time it sets tonight at 8:20, these are the numbers we will log in our weather books. we are talking about 50s around the beaches. 60s around the bay today. 70s common, refreshing around the peninsula. and yesterday in livermore it was 92. today 78 degrees. wow. a little more seasonal today.
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additional cooling will take place by friday. then we begin to rebound on sunday. memorial day looking sunny and bright away from the coast. we have a baseball game tonight the a's hosting the marlins, dress in layers, boy, it wasn't pretty last night but we're going to go for it tonight, 62 degrees. right now, we are tracking some delays for drivers. if you are getting ready to hit roads. delays on southbound 680 due to some overnight roadwork that caltrans has going on with the ramp shut down until about 5 a.m. then it should be re-opening so in the next 15 minutes or so give yourself some extra time. speeds drop below 10 miles per hour. that is your cruising speed. not looking good. you want to take 880 that's at the limit. 680 further north this is right near north main street through walnut creek. shouldn't have any troubles. those taillights moving southbound making their way towards highway 24. we are still tracking those
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slowdowns with that earlier crash on westbound 580 near north flynn road. once you get past that and head through livermore you will be back in the green but we're still tracking travel times that's showing yellow just under 30 minutes. golden gate bridge traffic moving well in both directions. time now 4:50. a former bay area football player is convicted of sexual assaulting another high schooler after a game. we'll hear from the victim's mother on what she wants to happen now. and a bay area elementary school will shut its doors at the end of the school year due to serious safety concerns. >> wha t's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. who are these people?
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good morning. looking due east, this is as good as it gets. visibility practically nothing at this hour. we have three things to remember today. it will stay socked in along the coast and the bay, pretty all day long. >> a light ride towards the richmond/san rafael bridge. live look headlights moving westbound. no delays heading to one one. 101. more coming up. contra costa county district attorney is under pressure to resign in an exclusive kpix/surveyusa poll found 70% of county residents
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say mark peterson should resign. 22% said he should stay. last week it was found he appropriated $66,000 from his campaign spending it on personal items. he called the money a loan that he intended to repay. this week a majority of the prosecutors in his own office issued a vote of no confidence. peterson responded to our poll calling the matter humbling and embarrassing. he said, quote, i have admitted my mistakes, taken responsibility for them and have paid the price for my errors in judgment. the wife of an alameda county deputy is pleading not guilty for a deadly crash that killed a 3-year-old boy. yarenit liliana malihan is facing up to11 years in prison on the accident in september in san ramon. she was on drugs when her suv
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hit another car the child was in. >> the case is currently still under investigation and we are making sure we're making the right charging decisions. >> her bail is $3 million. she will be back in court next month. a former football player from de la salle high school has been convicted of sexual assaulting a girl in the parking lot after a game. only on "5," the victim's mother breaks her silence about what happened and what she wishes would happen to the attacker. >> reporter: the more of a carondalet team sexually assaulted by a de la salle football playing is talking after the three-day trial that put her daughter's attacker in juvenile hall. >> [ indiscernible [ disguised voice ] >> sickening. >> reporter: the assault happened on november 18 during a varsity football game at de la salle. it was captured on surveillance video at the concord high
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school. >> next to death, this is the most horrible thing to experience. >> reporter: the victim's mother says she was relieved and saddened by the conviction. she says that two families are changed forever. >> what would make me feel better is if that young man received intensive psychological help. >> reporter: as for her daughter -- >> she's telling me how to be strong. [ crying ] >> her shoulders are back and her head is held high. and -- [ pause ] >> -- she's my wonder woman. >> reporter: in concord, andria borba, kpix 5. a school closure is putting many east bay families in a bind. they just got word that alameda unified school district is shutting down lum elementary school over earthquake safety concerns. seismic tests showed the soil
4:57 am
under the school could liquify in a significant quake. the district decided not to take chances. it will close at the endful school year. students will be moved to other elementary schools. -- at the end of the school year. students will be moved to other elementary schools. a local 911 dispatch center needs help. what problems brought this to light coming up next. >> reporter: plus, we are on the scene of a possible police- involved shooting in south san francisco. we don't have many details but we'll bring you what we know right after the break.
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good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, may 24. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. as the morning rush is about to start, a live look at 880 in oakland and, of course, the pyramid in san francisco.
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it's foggy. >> driving over the bay bridge was scary this morning. >> it was spooky. >> yeah. >> we had the clouds coming in, in waves. the winds were blowing. it was drizzly, as well. it was spooky. [ laughter ] >> there it is. [ foghorn ] >> it's our live weather camera looking out towards the weather pyramid. when you can't see the top of it, that means the ceiling is down to about 600 feet. in comparison, the golden gate bridge not as drizzly as 24 hours ago but nonetheless you have the overcast conditions there, as well. currently, good morning to you in santa rosa at 50 degrees. visibility down to about a half mile there. 57 degrees overcast in redwood city. it's cloudy in san jose. and we have thin overcast. march all the way inland towards the tri-valley


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