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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 25, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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police believe this missing bay area an uber driver is the victim of foul play. tonight, the last person to see him alive may have fled the country. good evening. i'm ken bastida. kpix 5's betty yu shows a san francisco police just identified a person of interest in this case.>> reporter: san francisco police now suspect foul play in this missing persons case. they are looking for san francisco resident bob king. he did not show up for an interview with investigators here yesterday and today, his family reported him missing. this is the man san francisco police are searching for. he is
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a person of interest in the case of a missing an uber driver, husband and father of two. he has not been seen since mother's day. >> foul play is suspected because we had an interview scheduled with him and he did not show up for that interview. there is a connection between the two as they are family acquaintances. >> reporter: police now believe came has fled the country, possibly to his native cambodia.>> i was in disbelief that bob is a suspect on my husband's disappearance. we are friends. we went everywhere together and as a group. >> reporter: here is a photo of the two men hiking. the two had hiked the day he went missing, mother's day. later that afternoon he headed out to help him at an apartment building he owned.>> he said i
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am going to go help bob because he said he has something to fix. i offered my time to go help him. it will only take 15 minutes.>> reporter: her husband never returned. police have since served search warrants at two pretties in san francisco and one in antioch where the victim was last seen on monday. a mercedes suv was found friday in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. police believe it had been moved there. >> the chance of finding my husband is pretty grim at this point. i am holding out hope right now.>> reporter: his wife also wanted to make clear that despite what one media outlet has reported, she said her husband is not a gambler and his disappearance does not have anything to do with some kind of deal gone wrong.
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live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5 . chopper 5 over the charred skeleton of a charter bus back off fire with a bunch of kids on board. the children and the driver all made it out safely this evening. one child had an asthma attack but it's okay. the fire started on the western edge of merced county just outside the city of los ybanez. a viewer sent us a video of this fire. the bus had stopped to help an army that was on fire and then the flames spread to the bus and in the nearby grass. the fire was under control and 30 minutes. the trouble at tesla tonight. the electric carmaker is facing serious questions about workers safety at its fremont factory. maria medina is there tonight with what employees are revealing and tesla's response. >> reporter: tesla is not remaining silent tonight. they are speaking out but so are tesla employees who say enough is enough.
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>> i am burned out. everyone in the area is. >> reporter: jonathan gorski was one of several tesla employees who told cbs this morning they are overworked into exhaustion. >> there were four of us doing a six man job. >> reporter: a report by health and safety advocacy groups show injuries at the fremont factory 31% higher than the industry average in 2015. the rate of serious injury is double the industry rate. >> it is coming from a small number. >> reporter: tesla management says there is another side to the story. >> it is not reflective of the environment that you see. >> reporter: kpix 5 spoke to a current tesla factory worker who wanted to remain anonymous. he claims "he sees unsafe crack this is but they are not tolerating unsafe practices anymore." the car company admits some employees work significant amount of overtime so the company could survive. they
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have now added a third shift to improve safety. furthermore, tesla wrote in a statement that they may have had some challenges in the past but now have the lowest injury rate in the industry by far. tesla employees tell a much different story. >> we were so tired, we literally walked right into the highway and sat on the ground. >> reporter: he had factory doors, tesla let's the products over the -- puts the products over the. -- people. they say it is too early to say whether the company is safer. in fremont, maria medina, kpix 5 you can see much more of the interviews with tesla employees tomorrow on cbs this morning at 4:30 am. we are learning about another deadly case of botulism in the bay area. this time in napa county. health officials say the person passed away last month and the cases related to canned goods. the death is not connected to a
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botulism outbreak traced to this gas station in walnut grove . earlier this month a man from antioch died after eating nacho cheese from the gas station that was tainted with a toxin. health officials say several other people also got sick from the cheese including one woman who is now paralyzed. a family from oakland is living in fear and they are now looking for a new place to live tonight after their nine-year- old son was shot on his birthday. police say the boy is still in the hospital tonight after getting hit in the leg and the torso late sunday night by stray bullets. it happened just before 11 pm. the family was out walking the dog. the boy is in stable condition. the shooter is on the loose. investigators are following the terror trail in the manchester concert massacre. the question tonight, is the suicide bombers family part of a global terror network? kpix 5's andria borba is live
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in the newsroom with new details. >> reporter: when police raided the bombers apartment they found no evidence the bomb was made there. that led to tonight's dragnet and multiple arrests. in the raids infecting six arrests including one of the bombers brothers, police in manchester say the bombing act in ariana grande concert is not a lone wolf attack.>> it is very clear this is a network that we are investigating. it continues at a pace. >> reporter: the brother and father of the suspect salman abedi were taken into custody in libya today. libya security forces say ramadan was a member of a group that was a precursor to al qaeda before he fled to britain seeking political asylum. investigators say they were in there shortly before the bombing. surveillance video spotted someone a body lying a backpack
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last week. british security forces think he may have just been a mule. investigators say the bomb filled with nails, nuts and bolts was not rudimentary but quite sophisticated with a detonator held in salman 's left-hand all running off of a 12 v battery sparking concerns a bomb maker still may be on the loose. the concern led to a show of force on the streets of britain today as soldiers during police to protect potential targets like buckingham palace and parliament. >> we have a limited number of police officers in the uk. >> reporter: the investigation is no longer centered on the terror network in britain but it's ties to militants outside the country. tomorrow, theresa may will meet with president donald trump at the nato summit in brussels. andria borba, kpix 5 cbs news
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has learned the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's emails may have been influenced by a document that turned out to be completely fake and it may have come from the russians. sources say the document cited an email saying that former attorney general loretta lynch assured clinton's campaign that she would not let the investigation into her private email server get too far. before anyone discredited that document, it reached the highest levels of law enforcement and in july, former the eye director james comey criticized clinton's handling of classified information. the congressional budget office claims the new gop healthcare plan will help with the federal deficit but will leave millions uninsured. the cbo says the reform plan will save $119 billion over 10 years but over that time, 23 million will lose their health care coverage. kpix 5's chris mares looks at the bottom line here in the bay area. >> reporter: a few months ago,
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olivia cold told us she was worried the gop healthcare plan would leave her out in the cold. >> there are not a lot of options. >> reporter: new numbers from the nonpartisan congressional office confirmed some patients worst fears. >> by 2026, 23 million americans will have lost their health care coverage. >> reporter: the california pan ethnic network says older americans and those with pre- existing conditions would suffer most. >> health plans would now be able to charge based on your health status. >> reporter: the numbers show the bill would cut the deficit by flashing $834 billion from medicaid which would be devastating. >> california itself could potentially see a $24 billion deficit in the medicaid program. that would mean that we would have to make significant decisions about who could get coverage. >> reporter: libby schaaf released a statement tonight blasting the bill and president
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trump's budget at a time when homelessness is on the rise in our city and the opioid epidemic is devastated communities across our country, the proposed legislation and budget would serve only to exacerbate these dire crises. on capitol hill, senate democrats were quick to slam the bill. >> this be the final nail in the coffin of the republican effort to sabotage our healthcare system. while republicans met behind closed doors to draft their own senate legislation. >> the status quo under obamacare is completely unacceptable and totally unsustainable. san francisco police are investigating a murder mystery in the marina. police found an unresponsive man at the doorway of a home on alhambra street just after noon on saturday. they discovered that 32-year-old kelly freeman had been shot. freeman later died at the hospital. there are no suspects tonight and no motive. dansville police say a bearded suspect in a recent bank robbery was actually woman who is also a former police
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officer. kpix 5's julia goodrich tells us what her former boss has to say about her new line of work. >> surveillance photos capture the bank robbery and the bearded robber. police say the robber with the beard is jennifer ray mccleary. she walked into the bank of the west disguised as a man and handed the teller a note demanding money. danville police arrested mccleary a few hours later. we have learned mccleary is a former cop. she worked for the los angeles police department from 2006 two 2008 and then for the police department in the orange county town of placentia 2008 through 2010 where she was fired. >> she was a probationary officer with us. she worked for us just shy of 18 months and then she was terminated for failing to make probationary standards. >> reporter: he was surprised to hear she went from being a cop to an alleged robber.
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>> i was surprised. anytime a police officer is arrested for a crime like that it is a far departure from where the person started. >> reporter: mccleary grew up in north orange county be later moved to the bay area. this is a recent business information on linkedin. there is this photo posted on facebook last year of mccleary flashing $100 bills in front of her face. dansville police say those surveillance videos you saw and witness accounts led them to the arrest. mccleary is in custody tonight. she is charged with robbery and possession of a controlled substance. in danville, julia goodrich, kpix 5 another pr headache for united airlines tonight . a traveler from new zealand said he got stranded at sfo without his passport and wallet after a flight attendant mistakenly took his bag. can -- ben keith is in the united states on business. he flew to the bay area from nashville yesterday. 30 minutes from landing he
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noticed a carry-on bag at his feet was gone. when he asked the flight attendant about the comet she said we have a problem. >> she thought my bag was from the previous flight. she offloaded it at nashville. >> the flight attendant was in tears when she realized the mistake work united flew the bag out to sfo today just in time for his flight home to new zealand tonight. a montana congressional candidate is facing a misdemeanor assault charge on the eve of a hotly contested special election. veronica de la cruz on the news interview that ended in a wrestling match. >> reporter: it started with a simple exchange between a republican and a reporter and then it explodes.
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>> the last guy who was in here did the same thing. get the hell out of here. >> reporter: so far no video of the confrontation has surfaced be guardian reporter ben jacobs a measly tweeted that he had been body slammed. the campaign blamed jacobs saying "greg attempted to grab a phone that was pushed in his face. jacobs grabbed greg's wrist and spun away from greg, pushing them both to the ground." >> we are interviewing the victim and all of the witnesses. once we have all that information we will attempt to interview the suspect. >> reporter: he was once considered a lock for the open house seat but a tightening race with the democratic opponent is heating up. >> i try to be a representative of montana all my life through my music and my poetry and this is just another step.
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part is turning to an outside consultant to try to solve a mystery. these train cars jumped the tracks near daly city on saturday. bart has not been able to figure out why they derailed . the agency hired a colorado- based consulting firm to look into the factors. >> none of the passengers or employees on the trains were injured. ever since the 1989 earthquake, seismic retrofitting has been completed on every state bridge. all except for one. the golden gate. how much of it is vulnerable in a natural disaster? tonight, jeffrey child with a story you will only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: the 1989 loma prieta earthquake, san francisco's famed marina district in flames. interstate 880 lot and. 42 people lose their lives. the
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large section of the bay bridge collapses.>> i am on the martinez bridge which opened up 14 years ago, built to withstand a major earthquake. unlike many of the older bridges around the bay area that had to be representative -- retrofitted more than 20 years ago. with one exception, the golden gate bridge. >> we have not finished all the retrofit work at the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: in the nearly 3 decades since loma prieta wreaked havoc in the bay area, only a portion of the retrofit work on the golden gate bridge has been completed. >> i can't go into detail. >> reporter: ridge district general manager. >> as we are going through this journey of retrofitting the bridge, september 11 happened. we paused and we revisited our retrofit strategy. >> reporter: 9/11 was 16 years ago. in that time, both the southern and northern approaches and anchorages have been secured. the main section, the most
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important section, the entire 4200 foot length of the suspension span including both towers have not been strengthened. mulligan says part of the delay is that engineers had to custom design these massive dampers or shock absorbers to help the bridge withstand a major quake. >> we have gone through an retrofitted the most vulnerable part of the bridge. today, if you are on the bridge and the mother of all earthquakes, you will be safe. >> reporter: here is the shocker. if a major earthquake were to happen well into the next decade, the golden gate bridge could be shut down for months or even years until the final phase of the retrofit work is complete. >> we may have to close the bridge to traffic it was a nearby big earthquake. it would have to be a significant amount of work that would take place. >> reporter: what about the other seven bay area bridges? >> every other state bridge has
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been retrofitted and completed. we spent $1 billion on the richmond bridge to seismically retrofit one structure.>> reporter: the metropolitan transportation commission says it is fair to say that if they owned the bridge it would be done. >> if the bridge district wanted to start the work tomorrow, it does not have the money to do it. the bridge is managed via standalone organization and they can't count on the state or federal government to step in to help. >> reporter: we decided to come to sacramento to get reaction to our story from state leaders. like a hot potato, nobody wanted to touch it. instead, the governor's office and the state secretary of transportation issued a joint statement to kpix 5. it reads in part "at this point, it would be inappropriate for us to offer comment on your story. we would defer to the golden gate bridge and highway district." the state may not want to comment but the work won't get done without their money. >> do you have the money? >> we are working to assemble
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the funding. >> reporter: back at the mtc, that could be a hail mary pass. >> the amount of money lying around isn't that easy to get to. when you are talking about trying to raise $600 million, it will be hard. it is getting foggy at the golden gate bridge. a live look at the bridge right now. 55 degrees in the san francisco. other temperatures around the region, san jose 59. a cool spot is santa rosa, 53. lots of cloud cover. livermore and san jose. we will be starting on thursday with mainly cloudy skies. southwest wind has taken over. i will be keeping us chilly and cloudy for the next several mornings. the cooling trend will continue inland. we now have a low pressure area to the south and west. winds go counterclockwise around that. the ocean running
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at 50 degrees right now. our source of air is a very large refrigerator. we will be looking at mainly cloudy skies tomorrow morning. much sunshine in half moon bay. friday we push the repeat button. lots of clouds once again. cloud coverage tonight. fog at the coast. cooler two afternoons of the next several will be tomorrow and friday. we will be 20 degrees warmer by memorial day. highs tomorrow running below average. san jose will be sunny in the afternoon. cupertino, 73. not hitting 70 in venetia or walnut creek. 63 with a foggy start in san francisco. sonoma, 69. high of 76 with sunshine in the afternoon for lakeport. the coolest weather will be
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thursday and friday. we warm up a bit saturday. we get hot again memorial day and we will be warm much of next week.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a special night around here tonight because after 40 years in television our general manager is retiring. >> tonight we had a chance to say goodbye and thank you to bruno. he has been with cbs for 13 years. before that, he worked in new york and gave matt lauer his big rake. he is also a very accomplished musician. we wish you very well and very happy re,,
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chicago cubs manager joe maddon says baseball should use an automatic strike zone. good thing for him they were not using it tonight against the giants. anthony rizzo had five hits in his last four games. four of those our home runs. he had two tonight, both off matt moore. top of the ninth, giants went to tying run at second base. wade davis got a gift from the umpire. the game ends. reuss said it was a shame to end the game on that call and the cubs win 5-4. >> days leading 2-1. lowery was four for four with two doubles in the game. plenty of support for sonny gray. he went seven innings allowing just one run on three hits with 11 strikeouts. the a's are winners.
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>> colin kaepernick met with the seahawks in what was described as "meet and greet." we don't know if he will get a contract or a tryout or if he hung around for lunch.>> tj for it left a texas basketball team after two years for his shot at the nba but his coach rick barnes made sure ford was one day finished school. after 14 years, that dream came true last week. >> proud is an understatement. he deserves it more than anybody. he called me a month and a half ago and told me he was walking may 19. he said you better be there and i said i wouldn't miss it for anything. i love him. >> that is a great picture. tj ford's nba career
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thank you so much.
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. >> congra,,,,,,,,
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