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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are counting down to friday. we started on monday though, right? >> she is counting down to tuesday which would be t-minus what, another five days? >> yeah. i can't do the math. >> i love fridays, too. >> yeah. i know. you love every day. you're good every day. [ laughter ] >> how's? >> doing? >> good. good. we're just referring to it as it smells dewey right now. we have very high humidity. we have a lot of thin overcast across the bay area. this is the scene -- who left the lights on? you know? i say that all the time. got to conserve on electricity. that's coit tower. under an overcast sky. 58 degrees in oakland. breezy in the area, 24 in fairfield, 13 in antioch. these winds will be breezy during the afternoon hours. more consistent out of the southwest 10 to 20. there you have the deck of stratus from san francisco
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stretching all the way back through the delta this morning. temperatures coming down as a direct result of that deepening marine layer. 50s, 60s oh, boy how refreshing is that inland. we're talking low 70s at best. your full forecast including the memorial day outlook coming up but right now let's say good morning to jaclyn. >> good morning. and we are starting off the morning commute with an accident involving a car that overturned. this is right as you are coming off the bay bridge. westbound 80 to northbound 101. that connector ramp is shut down and speeds about 20 miles an hour approaching the scene. expect delays in that area as they clear the crash. police believe the man who might hold all the answers about the disappearance of an uber driver may have fled the country. kpix 5's betty yu breaks down why the missing father of two could be the victim of foul
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play. >> reporter: this is the man san francisco police are searching for, 48-year-old bob kay a person of interest in the case of a missing uber driver, husband and father of two. he hasn't been seen sis mother's day. >> suspect him because we had an intervie scheduled with mr. tsang. he didn't show up for the interview and there is a connection between the two as they are family acquaintances. >> reporter: police believe kang has pled the country possibly to cambodia. >> i was in disbelief that bob kang is the suspect on my husband disappearance because we have been -- we are friends for five or six years. and we went everywhere together as a group. >> reporter: in fact, here's a photo of the two men hiking. something they did every sunday in pacifica. they went hiking on mother's
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day the day he went missing and he went to help kang at an apartment building he owns. >> he said, well i'm going to go help bob because he said that he has some, um, [ indiscernible ] i offer my time, offer myself to go help him. and then i'll be back because it only takes 15 minutes. >> reporter: but her husband never returned. police have since served search warrants at two properties in san francisco and one in antioch where kang was last seen on monday. police said he responded to an alarm car at a residence there. the victim's car was found stripped in the bayview. it had been moved there, police think. >> the chance of finding my husband is pretty grim at this point. but i'm holding out hope right now. >> she also said her husband was not a gambler and stressed
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his disappearance was not related to any deal gone wrong. authorities in the uk made two more arrests trying to track down accomplices of suspected manchester bomber salam abedi. six others were picked up in a series of raids in northern and central england including abedi's brother. another brother and abedi's father who both live in libya have also been detained. yesterday manchester residents got a brief break from the horror. a packed out watched manchester united win the final game of the europa league soccer tournament. 22 people were killed monday at an ariana grande concert. a moment of silence was held across the uk in honor of those who died. the search is on for a gunman who shot a 9-year-old boy who was walking his dog. isaiah catalan was celebrating his birthday sunday night when it happened. he was walking with his parents. it happened around 11:00 near 27th street and fruitvale in
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oakland. we are told the boy is in stable condition in the hospital. for now there's not much of a suspect description. tesla is facing tough questions this morning. officials want to know if some workers were put in danger at the fremont factory. maria medina reports. >> reporter: tesla isn't remaining silent. they are speaking out. but so are test will employees who say enough is enough. >> we're all burned-out. >> reporter: jonathan is one of several tesla employees who told "cbs this morning" they are overworked into exhaustion. >> four of us doing a six man job nonstop running a marathon. >> reporter: a report by health and safety group shows injuries at the fremont factory 31% higher than the industry average in 2015. and the rate of serious injuries about double the industry rate. >> it's coming from a small number. >> reporter: but tesla management says there's another side to this story. >> not really reflective of the environment that you see here and that you'll hear from the
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rest of our employees. >> reporter: kpix 5 spoke to a current tesla factory worker who wanted to remain anonymous. he claims, quote, do i see unsafe practices? yes. however, he says, they are not tolerating unsafe practices anymore. the electric car company admits some employees worked significant amounts of overtime so the company could survive. but they have now added a third shift to improve safety. furthermore, they wrote: >> tesla employees tell a different story. >> we were so tired, we could have walked on the highway and sat down. >> reporter: they say they put products over people. >> we are trying to run as hard as we can. >> reporter: they are questioning the recordkeeping of the injuries and they say it is too early in the year to say whether the company is in fact
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safer. in fremont, maria medina, kpix 5. >> you can see much more of the interviews with the employees on "cbs this morning" at 7 a.m. if your memorial day plans take your to any bay area park be on the lookout for this. don knapp came across this rattlesnake yesterday at phoenix lake park at the mount tam watershed in marin county. so be careful. >> that's one of my worst fears when you're hiking and you run into something like this. >> they're very common around here the north pacific rattlesnake and you find them around lake del valle. don't go fetching balls because they are there. the weather is heating up inland. and they can swim. they can swim. i ran across -- >> rattlesnakes can swim? >> yes, they can. i was swimming at lake del valle. i hit something. i thought it was like a tree limb. and i came up and then it went like this as it swam away and
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it was about 6 feet long. >> and you saw the rattlesnake. >> it was. i talked to the fish and bait store and the forest ranger says it's common. they get hot and go in the water to cool themselves and they will flip over on their backs to cool off and then if you bother them, they will flip back and you see the diamond across the back and they won't bother you unless provoke and i kind of provoked it when i hit it. >> you need a new place to swim. >> they are right there on the shoreline and a couple of summers ago somebody tried to pick him up to put him back onshore and he got bit and was in icu for 11 days. don't pick up any rattlesnakes even the baby ones because they latch on -- you don't want to go there. this is the scene at coit tower. we have overcast skies and conditions at sfo, as well. anticipate airport delays temperatures right now in the 50s. the winds are extremely breezy. up to 18 in oakland, 13
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antioch, 17 san ramon and throughout the valley. 30 now in fairfield. cloudy today. today and tomorrow afternoon will be your coolest afternoon and then about 15 degrees warmer inland on memorial day, here's the deal. marine layer pretty patchy. but it does stream all the way inland a good 60 miles. numbers coming down 50s, 60s and 70s. we'll have your full memorial day forecast coming up but right now, let's say good morning to jaclyn. >> good morning. a rough start to our commute. we are tracking an accident involving an overturned vehicle that has shut down the connector ramp from westbound 80 to northbound 101. so this is right as you are coming off the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic slows below 40 miles per hour as you are approaching the scene. it looks like they have just reopened the lanes on the transition ramp. out of tracy into livermore, you will be tapping those brakes speeds dropping around 45 miles per hour. that is your cruising speed. we are still in the green 25
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minutes but first reports of two crashes westbound 580 approaching 680 and looks like another one southbound 680 approaching 580. so take it easy out there on the roads this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. president donald trump is in brussels, belgium this morning to meet with nato members and european union leaders. nato is expected to officially join the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis militants in iraq and syria. the president is nearing the end of his nine-day overseas trip. tonight he will head to a g7 summit in cicely. montana voters head to the polls for a special congressional election today just after one candidate got slapped with a misdemeanor assault charge. it starts as a simple exchange between republican greg jean forte and a reporter. >> i'll talk to you about that later. >> not -- [ crosstalk ] >> please -- [ fighting ] >> the last time you came here you did the same thing! get the hell out of here! get the hell out of here!
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>> no video of the confrontation has surfaced but guardian reporter ben jacobs immediately tweeted that gianfort te body slammed him and broke his glasses. >> once we interview everyone we'll attempt to interview mr. gianforte. >> gianforte was once considered a lock for the open house seat. the polls show a tightening race with his democratic opponent. if convicted of assault, gianforte could face a $500 fine and up to six months in jail. time now 4:41. decades after the loma prieta quake seismic retrofit work isn't finished on the golden gate bridge. we'll have a closer look and what's been done.
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chopper 5 caught the aftermath of a fire in merced county. this is what remains of a bus that had children on board. the driver and the students all got out safely. the flames broke out on a roadway on the western edge of merced county right near the city of los banos. a viewer sent us this video of clouds of smoke. the bus stopped when the driver saw flames coming from an rv and the flames spread to the bus and moved quickly to the grass nearby. crews were able to get the fire under control in just about half-hour. ever since the 1989 earthquake seismic retrofitting has been completed on every state bridge except the golden gate. jeffrey schaub reports. you will see it only on "5".
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>> reporter: the 1989 loma prieta earthquake, san francisco's famed marina district in flames. interstate 880 flattened. 42 people died. and a large section of the bay bridge collapses. i'm on the carquinez bridge which opened up 14 years ago built to withstand a major earthquake. unlike many of the older bridges around the bay area that had to be retrofitted and were retrofitted more than 20 years ago. with one exception. the golden gate bridge. >> we have not yet finished all the retrofit work at the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: you heard him correctly. in the nearly 3 decades since loma prieta wreaked havoc in the bay area, only a portion of the retrofit work on the golden gate bridge has been completed. >> i can't go into -- >> reporter: the bridge district general manager dennis mulligan. >> as we're going through this journey of retrofitting the bridge, september 11th happened. so we paused and we revisited our retrofit strategy. >> reporter: 9/11 was 16 years
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ago. in that time, both the southern and northern approaches and anchorages have been secured. but the main section, the most important section, the entire 4200-foot length of the suspension span, including both towers, has not been strengthened. mulligan says part of the delay, engineers had to custom design dampers or shock absorbers to help the bridge withstand a major quake. >> weaving through an retrofitted the -- we have gone through and retrofitted the most vulnerable parts of the bridge first. if you are on the bridge in the mother of all earthquakes, you'll be safe. >> reporter: but here's the shocker! if a major earthquake were to happen well into the next decade, the golden gate bridge could be shut down for months or even years until the final phase of the retrofit work is complete. >> we may have to close the bridge to traffic if it was a nearby big earthquake we would and it would have to be a significant amount of work that would take place. >> reporter: on a project that hasn't even begun yet. so what about the other 7 bay
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area bridges? >> every other state bridge has been seismically retrofitted and completed. we spent $1 billion on the richmond/san rafael bridge to retrofit one structure. >> reporter: the metropolitan transportation commission: >> i think it's fair to say if the state owned that bridge, it would be done. >> reporter: even if the bridge district wanted to start the work tomorrow, it doesn't have the $600 million to do it. the bridge is managed by a stand-alone organization and it can't count on the state or federal government to step in and help. so we decided to come to sacramento to get reaction to our story from state leaders. but like a hot potato, nobody wanted to touch it. instead, the governor's office and the state secretary of transportation issued a joint statement to kpix 5. it reads in part: at this point, it would be inappropriate for us to offer comment on your story. we would defer to the golden gate bridge and highway district." the state may not want to
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comment, but the work won't get done without their money. >> do you have the money? >> we're working to assemble the funding as we speak. >> reporter: back at the mtc, wrenchler says that could be a "hail mary" pass. >> the amount of money in sacramento and washington, dc isn't that easy to get to so when you're talking about trying tro raise $600 million, it's going to be hard. >> reporter: jeffrey schaub, kpix 5. >> in the peninsula, somebody is paying millions to call this flintstone house their home. the colorful hillsboro property can be seen from interstate 280. it went on the market in 2015 for the first time in 20 years. but its most recent listing price was 3.2 million and that's actually a million dollars less than the original asking price. where's the flintstone car? that's my question. [ laughter ] >> i want to know where's barney! [ laughter ] >> wilma!! >> you know, do you love the san jose giants? do you ever go to their games?
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they're so fun. >> the minor league team? >> yeah, the farm team for our san francisco giants. this was one of the promotional giveaways, this beautiful long sock and i actually do love it, right? but i was doing my laundry other day and i only came up with one. >> happens all the time. >> you are always in search of the other sock. you never give up hope. this is national missing children's month and cbs is a very proud sponsor of trying to get that message out there that these children are always, always thought about. we are always in search of them and so what we like to you do is go on social media, perhaps even twitter, and go to hashtag rock one search. this is national missing children month and let's not give up the search. we have missing this morning the sunshine. nothing but cloudy skies from the coast to our inland areas.
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we have four runways at sfo and they are close together. so when you have those overcast conditions the visibility is limited so therefore you will have delays. right now the winds at sfo at nine. 14 san francisco. 13 along the immediate seashore. 17 in throughout the san ramon valley. 30 at fairfield where it was pretty gusty as far as the winds are concerned all day yesterday. same today. good morning, steve. he says "karl the fog" is moving in. and los altos and into the santa clara valley. 54 degrees. slight breeze at 4 there. thanks for checking in with us. visibility now not so much of an issue due to the fact that we are picking up a wind where we are not like santa rosa or in the los altos area. we do see that stratus close to the ground and we have hampered visibility. see that right there? that is a weak disturbance that's passing through the bay area. it's drawing in cooler air mass and today and tomorrow will be
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the coolest afternoon and then we begin to rebound by sunday back into the 80s away from the bay. so the area of low pressure again is drawing down the cooler air mass all from the north. our winds will be picking up during the afternoon 10 to 20. i'm looking ahead towards the holiday. this huge ridge of high pressure is building and we'll have a warming trend. today cooling down you're going to feel the difference. away from the bay you can turn off the air-conditioners and throw open the windows and allow the cooler air in. we'll have clouds friday at night. today cloudy coast, partial bay clearing. we'll have sunshine peninsula and into our inland areas attempted 50s, 60s 70s. 74 degrees towards the delta. that's my outside number. look at these temperatures holding steady and flirting with 90 degrees by tuesday.
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that's a look at the forecast. here's jaclyn. >> we have an update on the accident. we have been tracking an accident in san francisco. this was along westbound 80 as you are approaching 101 that connector ramp. all lanes have been reopened. speeds are starting to move at the limit again and we are back to a nice start. it looks like an accident at cesar chavez is cleared that happened at the same time. back to 580 and 680 the dublin- pleasanton interchange reports of two separate crashes not slowing anyone down. travel time in the green. 25 minutes. there's though "diamonds & rubies." if you are making your way across the san mateo bridge, traffic looking good at the limit smooth ride hayward to foster city. bart reporting 10-minute delays out of the daly city station heading to pits pittsburg or
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dub. ace no delays. back to you guys. time now 4:52. a man from new zealand arrives at sfo only to discover his passport and wallet are gone. the mix-up that left a flight attendant in tears. >> an assistant professor at one bay area university is being fired after an investigation that stretched on for years.
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united airlines could be facing another pr nightmare. a traveler from new zealand says he got stranded at sfo without his passport and wallet after a flight attendant mistakenly took his bag. he is in the u.s. on business. he flew to the bay area from nashville tuesday and says about 30 minutes before landing, he noticed the carry- on bag at his feet was gone and
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when he asked the flight attendant about it, she said, we have a problem. >> she felt my bag was [ indiscernible ] she off-loaded it at nashville. and so there was no bag. >> kepes says the flight attendant was in tears when she realized the mistake. united flew the bag to sfo yesterday just in time for his flight back to new zealand. next time you fly you could go through extra security. t sa is enhancing screenings at 10 airplanes including l.a.x. other hubs include las vegas, phoenix and boston. at the test locations passengers will be asked to take out all electronics larger than a cell phone from their carry-ons and place them in a separate bin for x-ray screening. the agency says that the program coax spanned to other locations across the kun -- could expand to other locations across the country. an assistant professor at
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uc-berkeley is out of job. blake wentworth made inappropriate sexual comments and touching. he worked in the department of south and southeast asian studies. he had been on leave since june and was fired yesterday after a campus investigation that lasted more than two years. it is 4:57. the california single payor bill is up for a vote today. supporters say it would establish an improved medicare for all type system in the state. >> reporter: and inside the tesla plant. coming up we'll hear accusations from workers about what it was like. is
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good morning, it is thursday, may 25. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside take a look at the traffic this morning as we take live look at 880 in oakland. not looking too bad. and coit tower in the city of san francisco. i guess roberta was asking who
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didn't turn off the lights? [ laughter ] >> this morning. >> the city. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we are supposed to conserve, right? >> but it does look beautiful. >> it's coit tower on top of telegraph hill and pioneer park below one of our favorite places to run up the stairs. >> you run, i walk. >> you can run now. i know you got some endurance. you have been working ton. >> i have been workingat any. >> i'm so proud of it. >> everybody else is sleeping. nobody else has the lights on except for coit tower this morning. somebody is sleeping! [ laughter ] >> good morning. overcast skies and now cloudy in oakland mid-50s. winds have been blustery this morning. check out san francisco to oakland across the bay bridge 13 to 17 miles per hour. san ramon valley into the teens also. west-southwest winds 24 at fairfield. winds will blow 10 to


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