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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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didn't turn off the lights? [ laughter ] >> this morning. >> the city. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we are supposed to conserve, right? >> but it does look beautiful. >> it's coit tower on top of telegraph hill and pioneer park below one of our favorite places to run up the stairs. >> you run, i walk. >> you can run now. i know you got some endurance. you have been working ton. >> i have been workingat any. >> i'm so proud of it. >> everybody else is sleeping. nobody else has the lights on except for coit tower this morning. somebody is sleeping! [ laughter ] >> good morning. overcast skies and now cloudy in oakland mid-50s. winds have been blustery this morning. check out san francisco to oakland across the bay bridge 13 to 17 miles per hour. san ramon valley into the teens also. west-southwest winds 24 at fairfield. winds will blow 10 to 20. that's a weak disturbance
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passing through enhancing the marine layer. lowering the ceiling. there will be delays at sfo on some arriving flights after 6 a.m. now, this is what you need to know as you get ready for your thursday. it's may gray today. cooler conditions, significant cooling really through saturday. and then on memorial day, lots of sunshine and warmer conditions away from the beaches. number-wise, 58 in pacifica to 68 degrees in santa rosa and in fremont. newark, union city, tri-valley, good morning to you, low 70s. you know you like that. you were in the low 90s just 48 hours ago. full forecast including the holiday still coming up but right now, let's say good morning to jaclyn. >> good morning. and here's your positive spin on traffic. the "diamonds & rubies"! don't they look beautiful? here's 580 as you are approaching 680 and it's a pretty smooth ride for drivers out of tracy into livermore. 25 minutes. we had earlier reports of a couple of crashes along that stretch but that didn't slow anyone down. still moving at the limit
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there. we were reporting some bart delays but it looks like that's cleared. san mateo bridge no problems. golden gate bridge no problems. bay bridge toll plaza a few cars in the cash lane. still no metering lights. hat's a check of your traff ic; over to you. thank you. tesla employees are revealing trouble news saying the company's growth is costing them their safety. anne makovec is live outside the factory with more on the claims reporter: we are hearing from former workers saying that they were exposed to conditions here at the tesla factory exhausting and dangerous. a health and safety advocacy group called work safe says
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injuries at the fremont factory was 31% higher than the industry average in 2015 and serious injuries double the industry rate. tesla employees say they were worked to exhaustion. >> we're trying to run as hard as we can. by the time we look for a break we were so tired we were ready to walk right into the highway and sat on the ground. >> reporter: now, we did hear from a current tesla factory worker who wanted to remain anonymous. he says, do i see unsafe practices? yes. however, he says, they aren't tolerating them anymore. the electric car company admits some employees worked significant amounts of overtime so the company could survive but they have now added a third shift to improve safety. further they said, we may have had some challenges in the past. but we now have the lowest injury rate in the industry by far. the company certainly has grown over the past decade. we'll hear more from both sides coming up throughout the broadcast this morning. live in fremont, anne makevoc, kpix 5.
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>> you can see much more of the interviews with the tesla employees on "cbs this morning." that starts right after our newscast at 7 a.m. today in brussels president trump is set to attend his first nato summit. just months ago on the campaign trail president trump suggested the military alliance was obsolete. at the summit the fight against isis will be the key topic. ahead of the summit he met the newly elected french president. protestors had their minds on president trump's travel ban and border wall. [ screaming ] >> protestors say they are planning more demonstrations today and after the day's nato meetings end, president trump and the first lady take off for italy to attend this year's g7 summit. the u.s. education secretary is under fire once again. this time, for suggesting that charter schools should be allowed to discriminate against students. betsy devos testified on capitol hill yesterday about
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how president trump's budget plan could affect education. one lawmaker brought up a school in indiana which receives more than $600,000 in state voucher funds but denies access to students with lgbt parents. [ pause ] >> president trump's budget proposal would cut overall education spending by more than 13% but provide $167 million to help states expand charter schools and another $250 million to study and expand private school vouchers. today in sacramento state lawmakers could bring a single payor healthcare system closer to becoming reality in california. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from the newsroom reporter: single payor systems like this have been shot down twice before. in 2007 and 2011. the appropriations committee will vote on the bill today before it heads to a full vote on the senate floor by early
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june. the healthy california act focuses on costs. it's co-author senator ricardo lara says californians would be required to join this public program and insurance companies would be barred from offering coverage for services already included in the plan. the bill aims to provide healthcare coverage for all 39 million people who live in california. >> we need to get the profit motive out so that people can get the healthcare they need. >> reporter: this is happening as the proposed gop healthcare plan would help the federal deficit but leave millions uninsured. the california pan ethnic network says older americans and those with pre-existing conditions would suffer the most and that 23 million americans would lose healthcare coverage by 2026. the threat of congress repealing the aca is why state senator lara is calling the healthy california act timely. details on how it would be financed are still pending but his office says it would be from taxes. jackie ward, kpix 5.
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the case against three san jose jail deputies accused of murdering an inmate two years ago is now in the hands of the jury. defense attorneys for the deputies charged with fatally beating michael tyree gave their closing arguments yesterday. they argue tyree died from falling back on a sharp edge of his jail cell sink while standing on the toilet back in august 2015. the defendants are charged with one count each of felony murder. there's another deadly case of botulism in the bay area. health officials say that a person in napa county died last month because of it. the case is related to canned goods. the death is not connected to an outbreak traced to this gas station in walnut grove. earlier this month a man from antioch died after he ate tainted nacho cheese. other people got sick from the cheese including one woman who is now paralyzed. 5:07. students are training to become the animators of the future and getting a hand from a major
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movie studio. >> reporter: could bart finally be cracking down on fare cheats? today the board takes up the pricy problem. i'm leave with the details coming up. >> and here we go. good morning, everyone. 5:08 from the kpix weather center. it's thursday. otherwise known as pre-friday! we'll have the memorial day weekend forecast coming up. >> and i have been watching the camera bounce around along 880. if you are making your way through oakland some windy conditions and wind advisories coming up in the next traffic report if it's your route. ♪[ music ]
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good morning. time check 5:11 on this thursday, may 25. we are looking towards the golden gate bridge. it looks so much better than 24 hours ago, right? we have fog and overcast. clear away from the bay this morning. we'll talk about the forecast and cooler conditions to come. it's traffic and weather coming up in four minutes. bart's board of supervisors is meeting later this morning. it is expected to provide an update on next year's budget. kpix 5's jessica flores is live at the san leandro bart station
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with more details on today's meeting. jessica. >> reporter: bart officials continue to tackle the budget and one of the big ticket items is fare evasion. just this morning, i already saw someone go through without a ticket. and the bart representative here tried to stop him. he is still working to stop him but it's something very difficult for bart to crack down on. it costs them about $25 million a year. so very costly for bart. today at the bart board of directors meeting they will hear an update on the fare evasion task force, tasked with coming up with a way to crack down on cheats. right now the bart director says a new california law is in the way. so if you are under 18, you get a pass because lawmakers don't want juveniles to have a mark on their records for such a petty offense. >> juveniles currently can't be held accountable for fare evasion. the problem continues and gets worse. >> reporter: bart officials are considering following what muni does. they give out tickets to youth offenders and those tickets do
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not go on the young person's record. bart could spend more than a million dollars on such a plan to beef up enforcement. and bart officials tell us anywhere between 3 and 5% of riders are not paying for tickets. today that meeting is at 9 a.m. in oakland. reporting live in san leandro, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. some bay area high school students are gearing up for their careers early with help from pixar and that's just part of what makes oakland tech this week's "cool school." >> you have a little scene here. >> reporter: this is just one project this senior at oakland tech is working on in her animation 2 class. she is learning that animation is all about making choices. >> do i want this person to walk? that's a choice. i want this to person, how fast you want them to walk, how big are the strides and do they drag their feet? and so these are all choices you have to make and you have to be deliberate as an artist. >> reporter: the class is
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learning the principles of animation, needed on projects like animating a walk cycle. >> figuring out the position of the hips, the position of the knees and the feet and all that stuff and making it seem smooth and natural is really difficult to do. >> reporter: the students have help. not only from their teacher, mr. heckle, but a mentor from world-renowned pixar based in emeryville. >> this awesome studio and everyone wants to work there. so to have, you know, somebody come from pixar to the high school and work with these students is, like, a very kind of unique, um, fantastic opportunity for the students. >> reporter: this year's volunteer kc, who worked on movies like toy story and "up" meets with the students every two weeks. he gives them assignments and then critiques their work. >> when it's done, you get a good sense of completion. if it looks good, it gives you something to be proud of. >> reporter: the studio mentor program was established through project 7, a computer animation
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project started by a couple of parents and mr. heckel. not only do students learn the skills of the trade but personal stories to help them navigate their own choices in the future. >> having a mentor that can talk about how they got there and how they got to the point that they're at is really helpful to be able to see what it might be. >> it's cool. it's a mentor on a whole new level. they just send out the kc plans to return to help them next year which is awesome and they are not the only school in the bay area that's part of the program. claremont middle school also takes part. >> i think they are one of the hardest parts is getting your foot in the door and this is a step in the right direction. >> yeah. they are getting coached by somebody from pixar. i mean, that's huge. >> absolutely. hat's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. 5:15. time to get a check on the
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roads. >> westbound 4 in the green to antioch. but we have a wind advisory for the antioch bridge so both hands on the wheel. keep a firm grip. through walnut creek this is 680 near north main street and taillights moving southbound as you make your way towards highway 24. no major delays there. 580 a wind advisory over the altamont pass so be careful. we are seeing speeds drop into livermore and speeds pick up in the yellow 26 minutes over to the dublin-pleasanton interchange. over at the bay bridge toll plaza still no metering lights and no delays. looking good heading into san francisco. i hooked up with my newspaper man tim this morning for the "san francisco chronicle." did you guys realize that bottlerock is this weekend? i mean, did you realize that? i didn't even know. it's in napa valley off 3rd
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street. in the "chronicle" they are talking about once the music stops, the partying continues. there's all these different venues to party at. well, anyway, the temperature tomorrow in napa at 69 degrees. over the weekend it climbs to mid-70s on saturday and nearly 80 by sunday. and if you want to hear who the line-up is, go to you'll be able to type in bottlerock and you'll see who is playing this year at that wonderful music concert. it's a festival, right? there you have coit tower. somebody left the light on this morning. we have overcast skies. currently temperatures into the 50s across the board. 51 degrees in santa rosa to 58. everybody is reporting cloudy skies. linda our faithful fairfield weather watcher thanks for checking in, she says winds are up to 24 right now in fairfield with an air temperature of 55. national weather service says 13 in san francisco, oakland at 17. it's a breezy start to the day,
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livermore at 15. there you have the national weather service's site reporting 23-mile-per-hour winds. so linda, great job with your weather analysis this morning. oh, did you see that? let me track this one more time. watch what happens here. that's a weak disturbance. it's digging down from the north in a southerly direction enhancing the marine layer. it's pulling down some cooler air so today and tomorrow, three things you need to remember: >> lunchtime today. we are still cloudy along the bay and the coast. partial late day clearing bayside. then we fill in quickly tonight. tomorrow morning at this time, equally as cloudy. the marine layer races in further to the delta and then backs off. saturday morning may gray. and then it backs off.
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so we see sunnier and warmer conditions on sunday and monday due to that right there, high pressure will be building in beginning late friday clearing out your saturday night into your sunday. today's numbers 50s, 60s and 70s. just a couple degrees below average now in our inland areas. the winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. so breezy cool afternoon. but when you look at these temperatures right here at least for today, pretty seasonal. slightly below average on friday. we rebound gradually on saturday. then you see that warming trend over the weekend for memorial day. we are talking about coastal cloudiness for your plans. we have temperatures in the mid- 80s inland. what are your plans, kenny? >> plan to queue a little bit maybe a little cycling. thank you. time to see what's trending today. a lot of people are excited about this. winter is coming. the new "game of thrones" trailer has been released. ♪[ music ] this teaser for the season 7 promises some unusual alliances
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and unrivalled battles. this is going to be the second- to-last season for "game of thrones." it's set to air on july 16. "star wars" is celebrating a big milestone. the movie first premiered 40 years ago today. >> okay, hit it! >> the disney store in san francisco is hosting events all day long. tomorrow, the giants are having "star wars" day at at&t park. first pitch is at 7:15. a student at stanford got a big surprise at her door. the knock on her dorm room door was from reese witherspoon. the legally blonde star dropped by her old school this week. she posted this picture on instagram with the caption, i popped by my old dorm room and met its newest tenant, caitlyn. caitlyn responded saying that my jaw dropped. good morning, everybody. a good news/bad news day for the locals. the giants muscle up in the 9th inning and a game that ends in
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controversy. we're up next.
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good morning, everybody. chicago cubs's manager says that baseball should use an automated strike zone. good thing for him they weren't using it last night against the giants. wind blowing out meant that long ball city at wrigley field. four in the game.
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anthony rizzo has five hits in his last four games. four of those are home runs. he hit two last night both off matt moore. top of the ninth, giants with the tying run at second base. on a 3-2 pitch, wade davis got a gift from the umpire. joe panik can't believe it. the game ends, bochy said it was a shame to end the game on that call. cubs win 5-4. bleacher creatures trying to put the curse on the marlins in oakland. a's leading 2-1. 5th inning lowry doubles home joyce. lowry 4 for 4 with two doubles in the game. plenty of support for sonny gray. he went 7 innings allowing just one run on three hits with 11 strikeouts. that is one off his career high. and the a's win, 4-1. ford left the texas basketball team after just two years in college. in 2003, for his shot at the nba. but his coach rick barnes made sure that ford would one day finish school.
5:25 am
and after 14 years, that dream finally came true last week. >> proud is an understatement but he deserves it more than anybody. when he called me, what, about a month and a half ago and said, coach, may 19th, i'm walking and he said, you better be there and i said i wouldn't miss it for anything. i love him. i love him. you know? >> that's a great story. we need a little bit more of that in newscasts and social media than all the hate going on right now. tj ford's nba career ended with the warriors. they cut him in 2012. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, from major league baseball, angels and rays from tampa. [ play-by-play ] >> look at that snag. tampa's shortstop daniel robinson shifted to the right side of the infield to make the
5:26 am
grab and the strong throw to first. that is your play of the day. at a time when the affordable care act is being repealed, state lawmakers are voting on a bill that would create a single payor healthcare system for californians. wheel detail the vote today. >> reporter: and the new report is calling into question the safety of workers here at the state-of-the-art tesla factory. coming up, we'll hear from some former workers about what it's like inside.
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♪ more arrests in the wake of the manchester concert bombing.
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>> people looking for a disappeared person of interest in the disappearance of an uber driver. >> i'm going to talk about winds and cooler conditions and the effect on your holiday weekend. >> and we are tracking speeds in the green for drivers heading along 880 through oakland. but the roads are starting to get more crowded. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. tesla employees are flanding changes at the factory in fremont. they are concerned for their own safety. kpix 5's anne makovec is live outside the facility with more on the claims reporter: we are hearing from some former workers and also from a nonprofit about the working conditions inside the fremont tesla factory calling them dangerous in some
5:31 am
circumstances. now, this report from the nonprofit is from a group called work space. it's a health and safety advocacy group. and it says that injuries here at the fremont factory are 31% higher than the industry average. that was in 2015. this rate of serious injuries about double the industry rate. tesla employees said they basically worked to exhaustion. >> everybody is burned-out. we are working they underbody at the time. we were like four of us doing a six-man job nonstop running a marathon. >> reporter: we heard from a current tesla factory worker who wanted to remain anonymous. he said, i do see unsafe practices but they aren't tolerating unsafe practices anymore. the electric car company says some employees worked overtime for survival but now they have added a third shift to improve
5:32 am
safety. furthermore, tesla wrote in a statement: we are going to hear from one of the managers here at the tesla factory coming up in the next half-hour. right now live in fremont, anne makevoc, kpix 5. you can see much more of the interviews with the tesla employees on "cbs this morning" at 7 a.m. today in brussels, president donald trump is set to attend his first nato summit as his nine-day foreign trip nears its end of the the fight against isis will be a key topic of discussion. >> nato joining the isis coalition, we do think that would be a really important step for them to take. they have been an observer. >> thousands of people took to the streets of brussels to protest our president's travel ban and border wall proposal. after today's nato meetings wind down, president trump and the first lady head to italy for this year's g7 summit. today our state senate considers the consequences of
5:33 am
bringing a single payor healthcare system to california. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in our newsroom with the stakes involved in today's vote. reporter: this vote comes at a time when at the federal level the gop is trying to dismantle the affordable care act. senator lara is putting forward the healthy california act what the appropriations committee will vote on today. this plan would allow californians to choose their doctor from a list of providers and it would cover californians while traveling, as well. senator lara believes this bill is timely given the threat the aca is under. dismantling that would allegedly cause older americans and those with pre-existing conditions to suffer the most allegedly. >> it would be charged based on your health status. >> reporter: details on the how the single payor system would be financed are still being discussed and right now they are vague. all we know is what we have heard from senator lara that taxes would pay for it somehow.
5:34 am
in has been proposedthis has been shot down in 2007 and 2011. jackie ward, kpix 5. voters in montana head to the polls for a special congressional election today. less than 24 hours after one of the candidates was charged with assault. a reporter says gop candidate greg gianforte body slammed him and broke his glasses as he was trying to get an interview. gianforte faces democrat rob quist in the race for montana's only house seat. time now 5:34. so roberta, michelle, you guys are getting ready to buy lar this evening. >> every time i bring up carnaval she goes like this. the parade sunday. you're going to be doing play- by-play. >> there are 69 [ speaking spanish ] >> you and joe vazquez. >> joe vazquez and i are going to be out there and you're going to be in a low rider.
5:35 am
>> i'm going to be in a low rider. low rider ♪ >> so anyway, i wanted to give you guys all a preview of what i'm going to be wearing just so you our viewers will know what i'm wearing so you know who to look for out there. [ laughter ] >> i thought -- i don't want to go unnoticed. >> i love it. >> do you like that? it was made by carol. she made it. and she is number 47 with her group and they made all their costumes. 80 of them. >> i want one. >> what i found out is i thought you can go to the costume place and just get one? you can't. they are hand made. >> right. >> so carnaval is all weekend. but the parade steps off on sunday. what's the starting line? >> harrison and 24th. >> okay. so i'm going to be on bart with that headdress on to get there. temperature over the weekend in the city overcast and into the mid-60s. hope to see you there. come by and say hi or you can say ola! overcast skies in the city by
5:36 am
the bay. we have a breezy start to the day. winds at 13 to 17 across the bay this morning. 14 at sfo, 13 coastside. fairfield at 23. winds will continue to howl during the afternoon hours 10 to 20. we have a blanket of areas of low clouds and fog to the delta bypassing the peninsula from redwood city into the santa clara valley. may gray, sunshine away from the coast on memorial day. >> the full forecast coming up. >> both hands on the wheel across any of the bridges due
5:37 am
to high wind advisories. we're tracking wind advisoryings also along the altamont pass. crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. eastshore freeway still in the green just under 20 minutes as you make your way from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and then 12 minutes across the upper deck. i have a feeling that's going to jump into the yellow here any minute. we'll take it over to san francisco where everyone is on their best driving behavior this morning. speeds in the green across the san mateo bridge out of hayward to foster city, 13 minutes no delays eastbound and look at that, green all the way across the board, happy thursday! back to you guys. two more people were arrested overnight as police try to track down accomplices of the suspected manchester bomber. 22 people were killed in monday's explosion at an ariana grande concert. at least 8 suspects are now in custody including salman abedi's brother. this morning, prime minister
5:38 am
theresa may said the national threat level is still critical. former president barack obama spoke about the tragedy from germany where he is attending a discussion on democracy. >> we had a chance back stage to send a message to the people of manchester about how heartbroken we are by the loss of life and to grieve with the families. and it's a reminder that there's great danger and, um, terrorism and, um, people who would do great harm to others just because they're different. >> prime minister may is in brussels today for the nato summit. she is likely to press president trump on intelligence leaks connected to the manchester attack. san francisco police are trying to unravel a murder mystery in the marina. a man was found unresponsive in the doorway of a home on alhambra street just after noon on saturday. 32-year-old kelly freeman had been shot. freeman died at the hospital later. there are no suspects or motive. police believe a missing
5:39 am
bay area uber driver a father of two is the victim of foul play. and the last person to see him alive may have fled the country. piseth chhay has been missing since mother's day. now san francisco police are searching for 48-year-old bob tang. officers suspect foul play because tang was scheduled for an interview with sfpd but never showed up and the two men are family acquaintances. >> i was in disbelief that bob tang is the suspect on my husband disappearance because we been -- we are friend for five or six years. >> officers think tang fled the country possibly to his native cam bode yeah. search warrants have been served at two properties in san francisco and one in antioch where tang was last seen. memorial day weekend kicks off summer travel season but roughly half of us take no time off at all squandering $50 billion in benefits. cbs news business analyst jill
5:40 am
schlesinger is here with more. what's your advice for those who haven't planned a trip? >> reporter: if you are looking to fly both southwest and jetblue are the top airlines when it comes to frequent flyer seat availability. if you don't have the miles start with a search of google flights or kayak, and then you have to kick it old school. call the airline. they are holding back best fares. they might give you one of them. check the regional airports outside major cities. know the day of the week can make a big difference in fares. for lodging, airbnb has really changed the landscape. it's put the pressure on hotels to come up with better deals. check out hotels for budget hotels, another for midrange and expensive ones. >> are there credit cards that can help defray some travel costs in this summer? >> reporter: i'm loath to talk about using credit cards a lot but i know we use them for travel and between initial bonuses and lucrative ongoing rewards, there are some travel cards that can save you more
5:41 am
than $1,000 over the first two years of use. according to an analysis by wallet hub the best overall card for travel is the barclay card arrival plus world elite. that bonus card chase sapphire preferred. the one that delivers the best hotel rewards, the starwood credit card. i'm taking my own advice. i'm out of town for two weeks. make sure everything goes okay while i'm gone. >> we'll hold the fort. thanks, jill. ♪[ music ] 5:41. starting today a brand-new attraction at the world famous winchester mystery house. we'll have details on the new tour. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. traffic looking good at this hour. jaclyn dunn will give you a full traffic report when we come back.
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we're ee expected to get an update this morning from bart officials on next year's budget and the fare evasion task force. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from the san leandro bart station this morning with more on today's meeting. jessica reporter: well, it's a pricy problem. bart says many people are just not paying for tickets and getting on bart anyway and they're having trouble cracking down on it costing them about $25 million a year. and today, bart officials will hear an update on the fare evasion task force. that group is tasked with coming up with a way to crack down on cheats. right now, the bart director says a new california law is in the way. so if you are under 18, you get a pass because lawmakers don't want juveniles to have a mark on their record for such a petty offense. >> without accountability and consequences, it's going to be difficult to reduce this fare a vegas problem.
5:45 am
>> the problem continues and gets worse on this fare evasion problem. >> muni gives out tickets to youth offenders and the tickets don't go on the young person's record. bart could spend more than a million dollars on such a plan to beef up enforcement and bart officials say that anywhere between 3 and 5% of riders are not paying for their tickets. the meeting is today at 9 a.m. in oakland. reporting live in san leandro, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> so how many riders a day are evading fares? >> reporter: the number is 22,000 riders. so that's a lot of money. bart gets a lot of the money from tickets. they are trying to figure out a way to crack down on this major problem. back to you. >> thank you. today in a legendary bay area mansion rooms off limits for nearly 100 years will be revealed to the public. brand-new tours of the winchester mystery house are under way. guides will announce to visitors the home's witches cap and third floor corridors not seen in the mansion's 94-year
5:46 am
history. this explore more tour also includes access to the north wing where people can check out artifacts from san francisco's 1906 earthquake. have you been to the mystery house yet? >> no. i have passed by it but haven't gone in yet. >> you should go to it. it's awesome. >> i have been in two or three times. it's eerie just walking through there. i know you spent the night in there. >> the only person who has ever slept in the seance room. >> wow. >> it was a dare and i was stupid and i did it. you hear a lot of creaks in the night in an old mansion like that but i just had one of those coalminer lights on my head and when you have go to the bathroom in the middle of the night -- >> i want a picture of that. >> not when you're in seance room of the winchester mystery house. >> better to have one, though. [ laughter ] >> it's a great sight. it really is. it's so crazy. it's across the street from a
5:47 am
great shopping center. >> that's true. >> and great food. >> i see the signs on the freeway. >> you should check it out. >> they are shooting a movie there now about the winchester mystery house. yeah. they had to be very careful because it is so old they don't want to -- i mean, they could even -- some of the lights could be harmful for the wallpaper. memorial day weekend is coming up. are you hitting the roads? >> no. >> no. >> no. [ laughter ] >> we're working. >> aaa saying that expected 40 million drivers hitting the roads. that's a million more than last year. >> that's a lot of gas. >> it's going to be a busy weekend on the roads. if you are planning on heading out for the weekend, a lot of folks are leaving today to beat the friday rush. a smooth ride so far. leave early, the best advice, especially if you are coming back on monday because that is the slowest day. golden gate bridge looking good checking in problem-free at the
5:48 am
bay bridge toll plaza. hm. there you go. metering lights on. and we are still in the green along the eastshore freeway. but in the yellow across the top heading into san francisco from the maze. we are tracking a travel time clocking in a little over 15 minutes. everyone on their best driving behavior no accidents. we have a weekend closure for bart if you are traveling to oakland airport this will impact your commute. track closures between fruitvale and west oakland. they will have a free bus bridge that will get the riders around those closures but this is taking place saturday, sunday and monday. and it will add an additional 20 to 40 minutes to your ride. so if you are trying to catch a flight, definitely will cause some major problems so give yourself some extra time and plan accordingly. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, i didn't realize that was an interesting step that people are leaving town today, huh? >> yeah.
5:49 am
they are trying to beat the friday rush. >> well, as they head on out today, we do have mostly cloudy skies. this is the scene looking out to the embarcadero towards the bay bridge this morning. we have low overcast conditions. we will see delays at sfo again today on some arriving flights due to the gray conditions. we have this marine layer stretching onshore all the way inland. right now sfo reporting winds that have been gusting up to 13 to 15 miles per hour. we have air temperatures from 51 in santa rosa to 58 degrees in oakland. right now weather watcher time we have linda in fairfield, john in santa rosa and dave in napa. all sporting gray skies temperatures in the 50s and everyone reporting that we have a breeze. winds are 15 in the tri-valley, 23 in fairfield.
5:50 am
slighter breeze in santa rosa. a weak disturbance from the north sagging south. as it does so it enhances the marine layer this morning. we're back to may gray and cooler conditions all the way through friday. memorial day warning up with lots of sunshine. this disturbance passing through is bringing us a southwest wind late day breezy 10 to 20 also bringing us the gray skies from the coast to concord, clayton and walnut creek. back through pittsburg and pleasant hill. santa rosa to the north. to the south morgan hill. meanwhile we'll fill back in late tonight. tomorrow 24 hours from now, same deal. even a more expansive marine layer but then watch what happens on saturday. we'll wake up with the gray skies. and then we clear out and that's just in time for our sunday heading into monday as high pressure rebounds flexes and strengthens across the bay area. bottom line, in san jose, today
5:51 am
it's a cool day at mineta international airport. official reporting station 59 degrees right around 68 degrees as well towards the santa clara valley but i'm going with a high 71 degrees in willow glen, cupertino, campbell, rose garden district, 70s tri- valley, 68 redwood city. san rafael in the mid-60s. there's your extended forecast. memorial day in the mid-80s. make it a great thursday. time now 5:51. a skydiver falls to his death in northern california. why people in the area say safety regulators should have seen this coming.
5:52 am
food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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5:54 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. at the deputies are trying to figure out how a sky to diver fell to his death in lodi. authorities found his body yesterday in a vineyard. he was wearing a wingsuit but was also car trying a parachute. this is the fourth deadly accident in two years in the area. residents think there should be tighter regulations. >> i think they need to regulate. >> authorities believe the victim's parachute malfunctioned. his identity hasn't been released yet. bart is hoping an outside consultant can determine the cause of a recent derailment. the trouble happened saturday
5:55 am
when two train cars jumped the tracks near the daly city station. bart's own employees haven't been able to determine the cause so the agency hired a colorado consulting firm for answers. none of the riders or employees on the train were injured. the jury will begin deliberations today -- [ pause ] >> -- in an oakland murder trial. four men are accused of killing a 30-year-old mother two years ago. chyemil pierce got caught in the gunfire. it started when a large group of women got into a fight. yesterday attorneys for the defendants say it was self- defense. state lawmakers say they are prioritizing health care in a bigger way now that the affordable care act is dismantled. up next, we'll explain the latest plan for single payor healthcare. >> reporter: and tesla has been ramping up production of a state-of-the-art vehicle for several years now but at what cost? some accusations from its employees next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
trouble at tesla. the electric carmaker facing questions about worker safety at its fremont factory. >> plus, today a proposed single payor healthcare system could become one step closer to becoming a reality across california. what the changes would mean for your insurance. good morning, it's thursday, may 25. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking what we can expect. >> reporter: you can expect the roads to get business engineer and busier throughout the day. a lot of people leaving for memorial day weekend earlier.
6:00 am
today busier than to. so just a heads up. 580 towards 680, headlights westbound. we have a wind advisory for the altamont pass so both hands on the wheel. bay bridge toll plaza we are starting to see a backup stretch towards the foot of the maze there. 17 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. speeds in the yellow along 880 from 238 -- excuse me, down to 237 -- just under a 30-minute ride. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. 6:00 straight up. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! this is what we call may gray. it's our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. you see layers and layers of gray skies. we do have anywhere from mid- to high-level clouds. it the return of the marine layer is socked in at the coast this hour from the cliff house ocean beach and the camera is wavering in the wind. it's blusterth


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