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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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we'll show you the calorie difference next. ,,,,,,
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now at 11:00 tens of thousands dollars worth of apple products gone, tonight security guards on high alert. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the latest store hit in walnut creek, betty yu on how the crooks got in and got out. >> reporter: this is not the first time this apple store in downtown walnut creek has been hit, most recently in april. thieves grabbed armfuls of products and got out. this time the men used the assault m.o. a customer shot this i phone video, part of today's grab and run before noon and it only took seconds. one man is stacking macbooks before they all run out of the store even though customers and employees tried to top them at the door. police say they stole about 30 products including iphones and
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ipads worth more than $30,000. >> everyone wants whatever apple makes. i guess they don't like the fact that it's too expensive to get. >> well, it's disheartening. we want to feel safe in our community. >> reporter: apple stores across the bay area have become hot targets for crime in the last year. this video from a store in san francisco's marina district shows thieves in hoodies storming in and running out with a fortune in apple products as customers stood and watched. back in march police did arrest most of the burglars that rammed an suv into the palo alto apple store to pull off a smash and grab. >> i'm upset about it. it's scary. we moved to this community because we felt safe and there's a lot of stuff going on and i don't know what to do about it. i don't know if you have to have a security guard at the door. >> reporter: that's what apple has decided to do at some of its stores. tonight there was visible security at the chestnut street store in san francisco. guards have been in place since
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the holiday season when stores became extra vulnerable. in walnut creek betty yu, kpix5. also tonight we're getting a new glimpse of the suspects who allegedly stabbed a san jose state football player last week. san jose police want you to take a close look at this surveillance video. the suspect is in the white baseball cam and is wanted for brandish -- cap is wanted for brandishing a knee and the other with a long braid and black hat is wanted for assault. chad miller was the football player stabbed early sunday morning near post and south first street in san jose. police say a fight broke out between 15 and 20 people before he finally stabbed. no word on miller's condition, but he is expected to recover. an east bay soccer coach is facing charges tonight of molesting a player, an 11-year- old girl. 44-year-old victor juarez was arrested today for lewd acts and molesting a minor. the alleged incident involved one of his former players while he worked as a private girls
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youth soccer coach. investigators are trying to determine if this was an isolated incident or if there are more victims. a new clue in the sudden disappearance of a san francisco father of two. police found his missing friend's suv. investigators think 48-year-old bob tang may have fled the country, possibly to cambodia, after he failed to show up for an interview with police about the case and has since been named a person of interest. his friend has been missing 11 days now. the two went hiking and worked on a repair job together the day he disappeared. chai is an uber driver. his stripped suv was found friday in the bayview. tonight it's been one year since a bay area teenager wassable ducted. the last person who saw her -- was abducted. the last person who saw her alive was killed in a shootout
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with police. tonight andria borba has new information about what may have happened to pearl penson. >> reporter: with heads bowed in prayer tonight the year long search for missing vallejo teen pearl penson may have a small glimmer of hope. investigators in so he lawn open county say the amount of -- solano county say the amount of blood on the overpass where she was abducted and the amount in castro's trunk may not have been enough to kill pearl. >> i'm a believer you shouldn't give up hopeful. >> reporter: in the 365 days since pearl's abduction the i- 787 overpass has been home to a monthly vigil to the teen and has become a shrine of pictures and notes now rain soaked and bleached. >> we all have hope that she's out there alive. we won't give up. >> reporter: the sting of
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pearl's disappear pearl's disappearance was a -- disappearance is a gaping wound. pearl was seen bleeding dragged on the overpass by castro in 2016. the lead led all the way out to jenner. the only person who knew where pearl may be, castro, was killed a day after her abduction in a shootout with law enforcement in . -- law enforcement. in a dusty little league field with pink balloons her family and friends vow to never give up hope. >> if i leave this earth before she comes home and then she comes home and i'm not there, how much it would hurt her to know that some of us aren't here anymore. >> now detectives also said among the binder full of tips that have come in there have been multiple alleged sightings of pearl on b.a.r.t.
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trains. b.a.r.t. pd has stepped in to investigate those claims. so far none of them have paneled out. a four alarm -- panned out. a four alarm fire that got out of control in downtown stockton is under control tonight, but several homes are gone. it started late this afternoon when a pile of wooden pallets caught fire outside a warehouse. the smoke could be seen from lodi as ash and embers rained down, strong winds pushing the fire into the neighborhood across the street and forced panicked families to run for their lives. >> the heat was in my face. my nephew couldn't open his eyes because it was so hot and i seen a gust of smoke and i seen my mom leave and i was worried that she died and i couldn't get in contact with her. >> now fortunately her mother did make it out. she's okay. so did her dog who had to chew through a fence to escape, but the family's home and four
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others were destroyed. a politician accused of body slamming a reporter during an interview yesterday is montana's newest congressman tonight. republican greg gianforte ended up winning more than 50% of the vote in today's special election to fill the vacant seat. yesterday he was charged with a misdemeanor assault after an audio recording of his encounter with guardian rejacob light. tonight gianforte says he learned a lesson and apologized, but he could face a fine and possible jail time if the assault charge sticks. also tonight cbs news has confirmed the fbi's russia investigation has reached president trump's family. veronica de la cruz tells us the president's son-in-law is now under scrutiny tonight. >> that's right. investigators are looking into meetings jared kushner held with russia's ambassador and a banker from moscow. kushner serves as a key aide to the president. in december he held a series of meetings with russian ambassador sergey kislyak and the head of a state owned
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russian bank called v.e.b. that banker has ties to the kremlin. that raises concerns for investigators as they look into possible coordination between the russians and trump campaign during the 2016 election. according to the washington post, kushner is the accused of wrongdoing. his attorney said he will provide details of his russian meetings and including the special counsel, veronica de la cruz, kpix5. tonight we're learning california's new earthquake warning system is on shaky ground. the l.a. times reports the president's new budget proposal would eliminate funding for it likely killing it. the system would eventually send public earthquake alerts to smartphones seconds or even minutes before a big quake. a budget document posted on the department of the interior's website did not elaborate on the reason for cutting funding. the budget proposal also would eliminate critical funding for tsunami monitoring stations. traffic back to normal at the port of oakland tonight
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after a big backup earlier today. a group of longshoremen walked off the job for hours after a noose was found inside a truck. the union tells melissa caen that it's just the latest example of a growing problem at the port. >> reporter: derek mohammad is the secretary treasurer of the longshoreman's union local 10. about 60% of its members of african american. >> this is the third indent in six months but the second -- incident in six months but the second incident in two weeks. >> reporter: the n toward was painted on a piece of equipment in november and two weeks ago a noose was found at the entrance and now this. >> quite naturally a feeling of uneasiness, fear, discomfort and so our members asserted their right to work in a safe environment. >> reporter: sfa marine is a management company running the port and their spokesman says they were not aware of any
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prior incidents. sfa marine also told us that the noose was small, about the size of a key chain. after the walkout this morning an arbitrator was called and he ruled that the noose was not a threat to health and safety. he ordered the workers back to the docks after lunch and they won't be paid for the time spent not working, but mohammad said longshoremen's work is dangerous and they have to know that their co-workers have their back. mohammad also told us that the security camera that might have footage of this thing happening wasn't working at the time. we have learned sfa marine has agreed to fix the security cameras inside and has also agreed to put up a reward for information leading to the identification of who is doing these things at this port. in oakland melissa caen, kpix5. animals running for their lives, tonight the goat rescue on a burning bay area sign. >> tonight police believe the man under the mask is a former
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bay area college professor. >> do you use these to count calories you burn? some bay area researchers say they are way off. tonight our kiet do puts fitness trackers to the test. ,,,,,,,,,,
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some people in berkeley need a new place to stay after a fire ripped through their downtown apartment complex late this afternoon. it started on the first floor, quickly shot through the roof of the second story. no one was seriously hurt. more than a dozen goats are being treated for burns tonight after a grassfire raced across the field in the milpitas foothills. the flames trapped the animals against a fear near zemorah court. maria medina spoke with the rescue team trying to save the
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animals tonight. >> we're hoping that we can save as many as we can. >> reporter: the burns all over their body. >> swollen eyes, severely burned ears. >> reporter: these veterinarians are doing all they can to save them, but only time will tell. >> we still aren't sure how things are going to go with these guys. >> reporter: facing tough terrain and fearful animals, san jose animal care center control officers didn't hesitate to rush to the burning hillside around 1:00 this afternoon to rescue the goats from the flames. >> when the first goat came in, the first thing that we all kind of got hit with was the burning smell. >> reporter: it was pretty much all hands on deck as the goats came in one by one becoming priority for the center that also serves as an adoption shelter. >> we did not expect this. we have to adapt our shelter to make sure that we can have the goats. >> reporter: there are 15 goats in all. most of them are here and this is where they'll stay until they can go home. unfortunately a couple of them are in critical condition. >> one of them is a baby and
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that's one of the most severe. >> reporter: the doctor says it's too soon to say if the goats in critical condition will survive, but the ones in better condition, although a little scared and in pain, show promise. they're also in very good hands. >> this kind of experience actually to me i think brings us closer as a team. >> reporter: in san jose maria medina, kpix5. new video tonight of an 18 wheeler slammed by an amtrak train two weeks ago in richmond. the driver was trying to move off the tracks, but it was too late. it happened at cutting and carlson boulevards. police want drivers to see what a train can do to a vehicle. richmond pd is cracking down on motorists who fail to stop behind the white line in a railroad crossing. tonight a former ethics professors is behind bars accused of bashing a trump supporter on the head with a bike lock. it allegedly happened at a rally that turned into a brawl
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last month in berkeley. kpix5's da lin explains how police used social media to track him down. >> you're the man. oh! >> reporter: a vicious hit. >> hey, medic! >> he's bleeding. >> reporter: a masked man swung a bike lock over a trump supporter's head. the victim in a red srirachi hot sauce t-shirt was playing peacemaker trying to break up a confrontation. police say the u lock attacker is 28-year-old eric clanton, former part-time professor at diablo valley college. a campus spokesman said among the philosophy classes he caught included introduction to ethics. >> we are mostly at diablo valley college received quite a few hundreds, in fact, phone calls and e-mails concerned about the hiring and the fact that we have someone like this in front of our students, potentially dangerous. >> reporter: clanton was a candidate to teach another philosophy class at the college
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this summer, but berkeley police arrested him yesterday. they say aside from this attack cell phone video showed him hitting multiple trump supporters in the head injuring at least three people. these are some of the many fights that broke out on april 15th in berkeley between trump supporters and anti-trump protesters. police say finding the u lock attacker was such a priority they assigned homicide detectives to the case. >> you're swinging a small metal object that creates such inertia that it can absolutely cause trauma injuries. >> reporter: investigators credit cell phone videos for helping them id the u lock attacker. some people posted their open research online -- own research online identifying the masked man as professor eric clan ton. clanton -- clanton. clanton will be in court tomorrow morning. it's no secret doctors often order unnecessary medical tests. tonight the costly consequences
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are revealed. according to a new report in the l.a. times, some experts say americans waste $200 billion each year on excessive testing and treatment. according to the report, overly aggressive care generates mistakes and injuries believed to cause 30,000 deaths each year. well, if you're trying to stay healthy using one of those fitness trackers, a little bad news for you tonight. your tracker is probably lying to you. cbs5's kiet do shows us the calorie difference. >> reporter: to see some of the results firsthand, we bought one of the more popular brands, a fit bit, and tested it ourself. after going up a few flights of stairs and walking a few minutes the fit bit said i covered a total of .6 miles. it says i've burned 871 calories. >> no. >> reporter: you buy that? >> no, definitely not. >> reporter: dr. michael
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matteson said i probably burned just 65 calories. he's an author of a study of the samsung gear s works neoalpha 2, pulseonly, microsoft band, fit bit surge, apple watch. people also wore a clinical grade device to measure caloric output. >> we found they were pretty far off most of the time, between 20% to 90% off. >> reporter: this is the lead author of the study and declined to rank the watches but would only say the median error rate of the fit bit was 27% and the pulseon median error rate was 93%. >> these devices are fantastic at tracking your actual heart rate, so much so they're almost close to medical grade. now these researchers say they're very interested in working with these companies based here in silicon valley to make the next generation of fitness trackers even better in. campbell kiet do, kpix5.
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sky drone 5 giving us an exclusive look tonight at that massive new landslide on highway 1 in big sur. when you see the enormity of it, it's no wonder engineers sale the road may the open until next year. the supplied continues to move. expert say a permanent solution would require a bridge or tunnel and that -- experts say a permanent solution would require a bridge or item and that would cost hundreds of -- tunnel and that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and probably take years. >> gravity will eventually do its thing. we have a lot going on for the holiday weekend around here in the bay area. it won't be terribly warm but pleasant, seasonal temperatures this weekend in san francisco for carnival broadcast here on kpix5 as well, mid-60s in the city this weekend. we're in the mid-50s right now, 55 in san francisco and santa rosa, 56 in concord, san jose
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58, comfortable night tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be cloudy or foggy everywhere. vallejo 51 tonight, mountain view 54. here's why. we have a chilly ocean still sitting at 52 degrees, warmer than last week but still below average. the breeze is coming from the ocean at a pretty good clip again tomorrow. temperatures hit their minimum for the afternoon highs about four days removed from widespread low to mid-90s. one more day of that chill courtesy of this area of low pressure feeding in that ocean influence. once that leaves something new moves in, a ridge of high pressure, not really that strong but just enough to minimize the onshore flow. as that happens, we get less ocean influence and you'll warm up especially away from the water. lots of clouds tomorrow morning. futurecast says everywhere. we are cloudy in the bay area. it will burn off. you'll get blue sky in the afternoon. then on saturday less of that marine intrusion, sunshine earlier leading to warmer weather. a couple things for you to
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remember, temperatures hitting their lowest mark tomorrow, then sunshine earlier. the warmest day is monday. 60s tomorrow, vallejo 68, fremont 67, concord 69, cloudy morning, sunny afternoon, redwood city 69 degrees, beautiful santa rosa 66. milder saturday, warmer still sunday. by memorial day we'll say mid- 80s inland, chilly nearly the water, mid-60s near the bay, upper 50s, low 60s at the beach. we're kind of settling in after a very whacky winter to where we should be heading into the unofficial start of summer. >> there you go. it's here already. thanks, paul. this san jose landmark is full of mystery, but tonight the winchester mystery house is unlocking dozens of new secrets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. the winchester mystery house in san jose unlocking some new secrets tonight. >> that's right. 40 different areas of the mansion have been off limits to visitors until now. among them, a room known as the
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south witch's cap and supposedly haunted third floor corridors. [ ken humming scary music ] >> in the north wing you can see remnants from the 1906 earthquake. a feature film about the house is due out next february. will steve kerr give it a go? and get ready for round 3, seven days of hype tipping off next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> okay. best trilogy of all time, godfather, lord of the rings, how about star wars? pretty soon you can add the warriors and cavaliers to that list. lebron james going to the nba finals the seventh straight year. 1st quarter off the block, kyrie irving drives in for the layup and foul giving the cavs a 21 point 1st quarter lead. i told my producer cut to highlights. 3rd quarter james goes in for the layup. he scored 35. cleveland wins 135-102 to set up the series against the warriors for the third straight year, game one next thursday at
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oracle. now all the warriors are healthy with the exception of the head coach and general manager bob myers said steve kerr is not able to coach right now and his presence is missed. >> somebody asked me is going to the finals three times muted because of what's going on? of course, it is. this should be great. it should be unbelievable and we are excited and we are proud, but our head coach can't coach. it's not an excuse. it's just a fact and that sucks. somebody is playing hooky to check out the giants and cubs at wrigley. give me some of that hotdog. >> interference. >> this is interference. the umpires ruled it a home run, but they never bothered to review it. what's the review for if you don't review it? cubs win 5-1. sidney crosby in ottawa
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and sets up chris kunitz for the game winning goal, pittsburgh the 3-2 winning advancing to the second straight stanley cup finals. they will face nashville beginning on monday. so we had a game seven tonight in hockey and the warriors and cavs in the finals. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, whoa!
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