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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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26. i'm kenny choi. [ laughter ] >> i'm michelle griego. >> i think i'm a little too excited about the weekend. >> maybe that's what it is. >> you were going to say tennis. kenneth. >> my full name is kenneth, my given name birth name. kenneth can choi, get over here! >> happy friday. >> yes, indeed >> we made it. >> i know, right? >> right. >> big sigh of relief. >> you know, we're going to take it one day at a time because the weather is going to change each day as we approach the holiday. good morning, everyone. this is the skyline of the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. we are at 54 degrees, overcast, 50s across the board. let's check in on the winds. yesterday at this hour it was breezy. same again today. it's that onshore "pushhhh." winds reaching 13 in throughout the tri-valley, 14 in throughout the fairfield area. breezy afternoon. and cooler than yesterday. 50s at the beaches. 60s bay. low 70s santa clara valley. full forecast still straight ahead but right now let's say good morning to jaclyn.
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>> good morning. happy friday, everyone. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's already busy. it's going to be a busy day on the roads. please be safe. we already had an earlier accident on 680. 580 looking good out of tracy into livermore. and there's that crash. this is northbound 680 at coopman road. all lanes reopened but the cars from that crash still on scene. they are waiting for a tow. tens of thousands of dollars worth of apple products gone in a matter of seconds. the latest walnut creek store just the latest target in a string of grab and run robberies in the bay area. betty yu shows us how the thieves got in and got out. >> reporter: this is not the first time this apple store in downtown walnut creek has been hit. most recently, in april, thieves grabbed armfuls of product and ran out. this time the men used the same m.o. a customer shot this iphone video and it only took seconds.
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you can see one man stacking macbooks before they run out even though customers and employees tried to stop them at the door. police say they stole about 30 products including iphones and ipads worth more than $30,000. >> everyone wants whatever apple makes. i guess they don't like the fact that it's too expensive to get. >> it's disheartening. we want to feel safe in our communities. >> reporter: apple stores in the bay area have become hot targets for crime in the last year. this video from a store in san francisco's marina district shows thieves in hoodies storming in and running out with a fortune in apple products as customers watched. back in march, police arrested most of the burglars that rammed an suv into the palo alto apple store to pull off a smash-and-grab. >> i'm upset. it's scary. we moved here because we felt safe. and there's a lot of stuff going on. and i don't know what to do about it. i don't know if you have to
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have a security guard at the door. >> reporter: that's what apple has decided to do at some stores. there was visible security at the chestnut street store in san francisco. guards have been in place since the holiday season when stores became extra vulnerable. in walnut creek, betty yu, kpix 5. an east bay soccer coach is facing charges for reportedly molesting one of his players. the victim is 11. 44-year-old victor juarez was arrested yesterday. police say it involved one of his former players while he work as a private girls youth soccer coach. investigators are trying to determine if this was an isolated incident or if there are more victims. still no arrests in a homicide at a popular san francisco park. police say that they were called to bernal heights park at around this time yesterday morning. when they got there they found a man who had been stabbed multiple times. neighbors say that they are shocked. >> i would never think twice about any issues being up here
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so it's pretty startling. heartbreaking. i'm hoping they figure out what's going on. >> police tell us that they do not believe the victim is the missing 48-year-old from san francisco who disappeared on mother's day. piseth chhay. but police found his missing friend's suv parked at sfo. investigators have found 48- year-old bob tang's suv. he was supposed to be interviewed by police about the disappearance of his friend chhay but tang never showed. now they think he went home to cambodia. piseth chhay has been missing for two weeks. the two men went hiking and worked on a repair project together the daycare disappeared. chhay is an uber driver. his stripped suv was found friday in the bayview. a grass fire in the milpitas foothills burned a dozen goats badly. they got trapped by a fence. maria medina shows us how a
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team of veterinarians is banding together to save the ghost. [ baaa! >> we are hoping to save them. >> reporter: the burns all over their bodies. >> burned eyes and ears. >> reporter: the lead vet say they are doing all they can to save them but only time will tell. >> we're not sure about how things are going to go with these goats. >> reporter: facing tough terrain and fearful animals, san jose animal care center control officers didn't hesitate to rush to the burning hillside to rescue the goats from the flames. >> when the first goat came in, the first thing that we all kind of got, you know, hit with was the smell. you know, the burning smell. >> reporter: it was all hands on deck as the goats came in one by one becoming priority for the center that also serves as an adoption shelter. >> we did not expect this. we have to adapt our shelter to make sure we can have them. >> reporter: there are 15 goats in all most of them here and this is where they will stay until they can go home. unfortunately, a couple of them
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are in critical condition. >> one of them is a baby and that's the most severe. >> reporter: she says it's too soon to say if the goats in critical condition will survive. but the ones in better condition, although a little scared and in pain, show promise. they are also in very good hands. >> this kind of experience actually to me i think it brings us closer as a team. >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> baaa! we are getting an exclusive look at the massive landslide on highway 1 in big sur. the slide crashed down on saturday. engineers say it's so bad, the road may not re-open until next year. they might have to build a bridge or tunnel and it could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. have you cycled through there? >> every, single year we do 100 miles from the monterey
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area carmel valley all the way into san semien. the topography is changing as we have known it. just in our lifetime. this may last for another 10 years or more. the earth changes. >> especially over the last year. >> yeah. yeah. that's why we're seeing more rip currents. we can go on forever. good morning. but those are some dramatic pictures coming from "sky drone 5." this is the eastern portion of our bay area. we have overcast skies this morning. we have temperatures uniform due to the blanket of clouds 53 degrees in santa rosa to 59 in oakland. the winds are breezy again this morning up to 15 miles per hour consistent again later today. . no clearing at the coast today. we are seeing drizzle this morning. so widespread fog and low
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clouds. afternoon sunshine away from the coast. much cooler today by a few degrees inland. but then the temperatures rebound gradually over the weekend. average high san francisco 65. instead today 60. concord we should be at 77. instead, high 60s. we'll be about 4 degrees below average in throughout the santa clara valley. no sunshine at the beaches today. we'll see partial clearing at best during the afternoon hours around the peninsula. pretty much in the mid- to high 60s. we are forecasting 70 in palo alto and east palo alto. you notice the santa clara valley temperatures high 60s and low 70s back through right there the rose garden district. windy to gusty winds this afternoon. partly sunny skies during the day. 60s, 70 degrees in livermore. remember on wednesday, you were
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at 95 degrees? meanwhile, we're talking about 50s and 60s across the northern part of the state. terra linda and san rafael into the 60s. sunshine in clearlake at 75. memorial day weekend forecast coming up. but how busy will you be today, jaclyn. >> we are dealing with "friday light" in the morning a lot of folks not going to work plus the crowd that already took off for the memorial day holiday. but it's going to be very busy because everyone is getting away. so right now, we are in the green. if you are heading out of tracy into livermore, 580 looking good. that's checking in problem- free. if you are heading out of antioch, we're still moving right at the limit there 28 minutes into hercules connecting with i-80. south bay starting to see just a few slowdowns along southbound 101. but really nothing to write home about. so just be safe out there. back to you. assault charges didn't keep a montana politician from becoming the state's newest congressman. republican greg gianforte won
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more than 50% of the vote in yesterday's special election to fill the vacant seat. just before election day, he was charged with misdemeanor assault after an audio recording of his encounter with a reporter was released. gianforte has apologized to the reporter. the fbi has president trump's son-in-law under the microscope. investigators are looking into meetings between jared kushner russia's ambassador and a banker from moscow. [ clearing throat ] >> excuse me. kushner is one of the most influential advisers to the president. in december, he held a series of meetings with russian ambassador sergey kislyak anded head of a state owned russian bank. that banker has ties to the kremlin. fbi investigators are looking for any evidence of coordination between the russians and the trump campaign during the 2016 election. kushner is not accused of any
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wrongdoing. fitness trackers have exploded in popularity in recent years but stanford researchers say it might be lying to you. >> plus, we'll take a look inside the winchester mystery house. a portion of which was just opened to the public for the very first time. ,, but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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incredible video of an 18- wheeler sliced clean in half by an amtrak train. it happened two weeks ago in richmond. the driver was trying to move off the tracks but it was too late. police hope the video reminds drivers what a train can do. they are cracking down on those who fail to stop at a railroad crossing. americans are spending millions on unnecessary medical tests. according to a new report in the "l.a. times," some experts say that americans waste at least $200
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billion each year on excessive testing and treatment. according to the report, overly aggressive care is causing injuries linked to nearly 30,000 deaths each year. we have a warning for everyone who loves talking steps around the water cooler. your fitness tracker might be lying to you. kpix 5's keit do breaks down the deception with these popular devices reporter: to see some of the results firsthand, we bought one of the more popular brands, a fitbit. we tested it for ourselves. of a few flights of stairs and walking around a few minutes, the fitbit said i covered a total of .6 miles. >> it says i have burned 871 calories. >> no. >> reporter: you buy that? >> no, definitely not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: dr. michael matson says i probably burned just 65 calories. he should know. he is one of the coauthors of a stanford study looking at the accuracy of smart watches. they examined 7
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>> reporter: 60 worked out wearing the devices and a clinical device to compare results. >> we looked at the calories burned they were far off most of the time. anything between 20 and 90% off. >> reporter: the lead author of the study declined to rank the watches. he would say the median error rate of the fitbit was 27%. and another one was 93%. so the good news about these devices is they are fantastic at tracking your actual heart rate. so much so, that they are almost close to medical grade. now, these researchers say that they are very interested in working with a lot of these companies which are based right here in silicon valley to make the next generation of fitness trackers even better. in campbell, kiet do, kpix 5. a lot of people in san
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francisco are complaining about the water. it tastes different. the city started adding treated ground water to it. health officials are testing the water regularly and it's safe to drink. the winchester mystery house is opening new doors. visitors can now check out 40 different areas in the south bay mansion that have never been seen before. among them, a room known as south witches cap. and the third floor corridors which are said to be visited by ghosts according to some. this is also the first time tourists can walk through the front door. they say the owner didn't want anyone to see the area because it wasn't furnished. >> she wouldn't even let teddy roosevelt in. >> in the north wing, you can see the remnants of damage from the great san francisco earthquake of 1906. the mystery house is the subject of a feature film starring actress helen mirren due out next february. >> you know, she kept building because she wanted to confuse any bad spirits that might be trying to get her out of revenge and i just think it
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would have been creepier living in that house with all of these -- i mean, the staircase to nowhere and doors to nothing and -- >> you open a door and there's a staircase that goes nowhere. >> i know. it's a great place to visit though. >> the intricacy involved in the glass work alone, right? and the woodwork. it's just a big giant piece of art. it is. >> she closed off half of it for years. >> now it's open for all of us to enjoy and see. it's amazing. hi, everybody! good morning to you. we are kick-starting your friday off with overcast skies. we'll have gradual clearing earlier each day as we lead to monday. outside now we have thin overcast over the bay waters. pretty calm out there right now. that's what it looks like but it's deceiving. the winds are breezy at 15 miles an hour at the embarcadero. this is another view at the transamerica pyramid looking east towards the bright lights of oakland and the port of oakland and the estuary. temperatures we are in the 50s.
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everybody is reporting cloud cover. i'm checking in with our weather watchers. we have linda, jerry, robert and dave in napa. everybody is reporting 50s and overcast. winds up to 15 miles an hour through a majority of our bay area. blanket of clouds continues to saturate the coastside. right now we have an 8-mile-per- hour wind in the hayward area. we have 11 in throughout the san ramon valley, 13 right around the livermore area. and 13 in fairfield. these winds will be consistent during the afternoon and very persistent about 10 to 20 stronger gusts at times. may gray cooler conditions for this friday. and sun away from the coast on memorial day. we have high pressure trying to nudge in with the passage of this weak disturbance that's been pulling down cooler air mass. today is the last day of the slightly below average temperatures. here's your afternoon. in the city by the bay totally socked in along the coast we'll
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see some gradual clearing. here's your saturday night. we see the clouds move back onshore penetrate the tri- valley trying to work into concord, clayton and walnut creek, as well. then watch what happens on saturday. we see earlier burnoff. we'll enjoy some sunshine and sunday will be sunnier than on saturday. new ridge of high pressure will build in just in time for the weekend. big getaway day 73 state capital, dry conditions throughout the state for your san jose area. temperatures going up today to the low 70s. and that's about four degrees below average. our high temperatures today again, right around mineta international airport, 71 degrees santa clara valley. 60s bayside. 60s in san francisco. 70 in fairfield. full forecast still coming up but first let's send it over to jaclyn. >> good morning. right now, still pretty quiet out on the roads. so if you plan to get away for this holiday weekend, i would suggest early. right now we are tracking smooth sailing in both directions across the golden gate bridge. if you are heading over to the san mateo bridge, from hayward
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to foster city, easy ride in the green taillights on the right side of your screen moving in the westbound direction. we'll take it to oakland where everyone is on their best driving behavior. there's those "diamonds & rubies" this is 880 near 66th and those taillights making their way northbound from 238 to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza starting to get a little busy. we are starting to see the crowds develop but overall not a bad ride. 13 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. bart closure track closed between fruitvale and west oakland. they will have a bus bridge in place for riders but this will add an additional 20 to 40 minutes so if you are going to oakland airport, be prepared. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:50. new indications this morning that a high-profile movie studio hack may have been a hoax. >> and a boy from the east bay is honored for saving a classmate at his elementary school. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good morning. it is your friday, it will be cooler today than yesterday from 57 to 72 degrees. gradual warmup on your saturday with earlier burnoff. same on sunday. earlier sunshine at the seashore into the low 80s. we're talking mid-80s for the holiday and, in fact, your temperatures will be 60s at the seashore to the mid-80s inland. great barbecuing inland. today kick starts bottlerock napa valley. we have ourselves a concert series going on each day through sunday. 60s today rising to the 80s by sunday. and, of course, this weekend is carnaval 2017. the 39th annual featuring festivals all weekend long with
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the parade stepping off on sunday with highs in the 60s. right now we are tracking light speeds for drivers making their way along 101. this is right near 380 so just north of the sfo airport and likely to be a very busy spot throughout the day. give yourself some extra time on 101. the head of disney says a claim that cyber criminals have stole-a digital copy of an upcoming movie was a hoax. bob iger told yahoo finance, quote, to our knowledge, we were not hacked. but that disney took the threat very seriously. various reports said the stolen movie was the new "pirates of the caribbean" which is set to be released today. the state's new earthquake warning system is in trouble. the president's new budget proposal would eliminate funding for it. the system would eventually send public earthquake alerts to smartphones. a budget document posted on the department of the interior's
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website does not abore on the reason for cutting funding. the proposal would also eliminate critical funding for tsunami monitoring stations. a little boy in the east bay learned a major science lesson from his parents to help a classmate who took a fall. john ramos reports about malek. >> reporter: at ruby bridges elementary school in alameda 7- year-old reem assaidi was playing on the monkey bars when she fell 7 feet to her head. >> her left eye go right and right eye go left. >> reporter: malek was playing and when she lost consciousness he remembered something his parents taught him. >> about blowing in the face or mouth. >> reporter: the trick worked. but if reem had broken her
4:56 am
neck, moving her could have been fatal. so blowing in her face was exactly the right thing to do. >> that quick thinking was just awesome. >> reporter: that's what was extraordinary? >> yes, yes. that he knew what to do right away. >> reporter: the school's medical assistant happens to know the town's mayor, and on tuesday, she presented malek with a certificate of awesomeness. which really impressed him. >> it's like [ indiscernible ] like the manager of the united states like she is a big thing. >> reporter: and malek is kind of a big thing, too. >> is everybody calling you a hero? >> no -- just a little. >> reporter: yeah. >> reporter: the mayor calls you a hero, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: and the school thinks you're a hero. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: and we're here so we think you're a hero. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so i guess maybe you're a hero. don't you think? >> yeah. >> reporter: here's the irony in all this. while malek was rushing to save the little girl, his own sister is in yemen unable to join the
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family because people from there are considered too big a threat. john ramos, kpix 5. repair work at a bay area airport could disrupt your holiday travel plans. coming up.
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good morning. we made it, it's friday, may 26. we're excited! i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. the morning rush about to start. as we take live look at the bay bridge, there's an accident near treasure island as well as a look at 880 in oakland. looks good out there right now. >> hey, guys. >> hi. >> it looks calm out there, doesn't it? >> it does. >> calm before the storm. >> no, there's no storm. no. [ laughter ] >> no storm. [ laughter ] [ crosstalk ] it's kind of plusry. i stopped off this morning
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blustery. i stopped off for my newspaper and morning cocoa and it was gusty as far as the winds are concerned. a return of the robust onshore "pushhhh" from the coast to the bay into our inland areas. it is overcast out there. and downright breezy to windy. 53 now in santa rosa to 59 degrees in oakland. there you have it. see all that gray on your tv screen? that is a robust marine layer 3,000 feet deep. this is what you need to keep in mind today. widespread fog and low clouds along the coast into the bay. we'll have some sunshine but much cool today than yesterday. and then inland temperatures rebound back into the 80s by sunday. but today, only 50s at the beaches. waking up this morning with some drizzle, as well. 60s and partial clearing around the peninsula and then jumping up to 70 in palo alto back through los altos into sunnyvale, cupertino, campbell. good morning to you in san jose. in the low 70s. you should typically be around


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