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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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associated of the suspected manchester arena bomber are being arrested. >> president trump is in italy for the start of the g7 summit. this is the latest stop in the marathon of international meetings. the issues he is expected to bring up. >> good morning, it's friday's, may 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather first. jaclyn is tracking our commute. we have an accident in the east bay. >> yup. it's starting. it's getting busy out there for your getaway memorial day weekend traffic. we are tracking a big backup for drivers heading along 880. we had an earlier accident southbound 880 right near fremont boulevard. all lanes have cleared on that. just as that crash cleared, we
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had new reports coming in of one southbound 880 right near industrial. and that is blocking at least one lane. quite a bit of debris from that crash. it's scattered in the road there so we are seeing that backup extend beyond highway 92. give yourself plenty of extra time if you are heading on 880 maybe avoid it. go 680 if you can. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. we are still in the green but you know, it's getting crowded especially in the westbound direction. taillights moving from hayward to foster city. just under 15 minutes. and just want to remind you of the bart track closure this weekend saturday, sunday and monday. that's between fruitvale and the west oakland station. they will have a bus bridge that is free in place for you. roberta, let's check the forecast. >> yes. i heard you mention some of the traffic in the green. we are in the gray heading out the door this morning. hi, everybody! you know, official sunrise was at 5:51. not seeing it due to the layers of clouds. in fact, my latest report
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suggests that the marine deck is roughly 4,000 feet deep. now, this is not the best view but i wanted to share it with you. you can see one of the ropes towering down from sutro tower as we look at the skyline of san francisco. but what i wanted to share with you is this awesome view looking out towards the east bay. you can see the sun trying to make an appearance there. partly cloudy currently in livermore. we have a full deck of clouds around santa rosa at 52. it's in the mid-50s throughout redwood city and cloudy. oakland now 59 and as you saw that rope waving we have some gusty winds. 16 in oakland now. 11 pleasanton. 10 in throughout the tri- valley. 13 in fairfield. it was blustery yesterday afternoon. same again today. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds very robust due to that push of the onshore flow. wind gusts up to 25 during the afternoon. so three things to remember today:
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the full forecast is coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. right now, redwood city police are trying to find an arsonist before he strikes again. the department shared this surveillance video on twitter. you can see the suspect setting a fire on the sidewalk. this happened near flynn avenue and meadow lane on may 13. the flames charred a cinder block wall. anyone with information about the fire is asked to call redwood city police. the man accused of setting dozens of car fires in the east bay is due in court this morning. the arsonist is 36-year-old james bishop iii. officials have charged him with 14 counts of arson. but they believe he actually set as many as 30 or more cars on fire in contra costa county. home surveillance video in past fires helped lead to his arrest. bishop will appear before a judge for the first time at
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8:30 a.m. the terror level threat in the united kingdom is at critical this morning days after a terror attack in manchester. heavily armed police officers are now patrolling train stations amid the ongoing hunt for accomplices of suspected suicide bomber salman abedi. 22-year-old was reportedly driven to bomb the ariana grande concert by what he viewed as unjust treatment of arabs in britain. 22 people were killed and dozens hurt. a relative told the ap he made a final phone call to his mother in which he pleaded, forgive me. british officials are once again sharing intelligence related not bombing with u.s. counterparts. authorities briefly stopped the exchanged after abedi's identity and pictures of the bomb's construction were leaked to the "new york times." >> intelligence that is shared between law enforcement agencies must remain secure. at least nine people are in custody in britain including abedi's brother. his father and other brother are detained in libya. right now president trump
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is in italy attending the g7 summit. throughout this summit, leaders from nine different countries will talk about a number of issues including terrorism and climate change. ahead of his meeting with other world leaders, mr. trump met with japan's prime minister to discuss north korea. in just a few hours officials will vote on possible changes to the sausalito ferry terminal. kpix 5's jackie ward is live to tell us what's on the agenda. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, this is one of two projects that will be voted on today that will affect people's traveling from larkspur and sausalito back ard forth to san francisco. the city of sausalito has filed a lawsuit because the bridge district is trying to push through plans despite this lawsuit. let me explain here. the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district wants to revamp the ferry terminal in sausalito saying it has to in order to keep up with future federal rules. the see if of sausalito says the district needs city approval to do this. so last september, sausalito
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filed a lawsuit alleging the bridge district is violating a 1995 lease agreement that requires city approval before making, quote, major alterations to the ferry landing. lawyers for the bridge district are arguing parts of the lawsuit should be tossed out claiming the city is basing their suit on a letter the district sent to them in september. the district says it right to free speech is being violated so so far judges in this case have been ruling in favor of sausalito a case management session will take place on august 28. that's the situation. jackie ward, kpix 5. what kind of improvements does the district want to make? >> reporter: they are making a lot of suggestions mainly to increase accessibility as we ease congestion and the city of sausalito actually saw first draft of these plans back in 2014. it didn't fit with their waterfront character. today some of the biggest names of music are heading to the bay area for bottlerock.
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kpix 5's jessica flores is in napa with the fine foods and famous people in store. jessica. >> reporter: michelle, that festival will bring about 120,000 people out here to napa and it's a bit fancier. it will include a day spa and $50,000 suites. the line-up includes headliners maroon 5, tom petty, the foo fighters, 80 acts will be performing across four stages. including fits and tantrum, mclemore and lewis, and others. bottlerock is about the food of course. there will be presentations from curry and stewart and many more. bottlerock is also coming less than a week after that deadly attack outside the ariana grande concert in manchester, england. napa police are confident in their security plans. they will have uniformed police and undercover police and security plus bomb-sniffing
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dogs. >> they will try to do the most damage there. if you are out there you see something, try not to linker in public areas too long. >> reporter: if you are heading out here, definitely plan ahead to avoid traffic bottlenecks. general admission parking will be south of the venue along soscal avenue and lots of parking in garages and lots downtown. now, the gates will open at bottlerock at 11:30 a.m. and the festival goes until 10 p.m. each night this weekend. live in napa, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 608. next, why people in san francisco are flooding city hall with complaints about the water. >> from the kpix weather center, good friday morning. today will pan out to be the coolest this workweek. i'll talk about the warmup and when you should expect it. >> reporter: 880 looking good if you are making your way through oakland but just south of here we're tracking a couple
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of crashes definitely slowing things down. we'll have the details and that backup. coming up. >> and i am spending the morning meeting new friends. friends that might like to join your family. we'll show you how coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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today more than a dozen dogs rescued from a hoarding situation are now at san francisco's muttville. >> they are safe. but now the rescue needs help getting those dogs into homes. anne makovec has more from muttville. we love all your friends this morning, anne? >> reporter: oh, and this one is perhaps the most irresistible. he looks like a teddy bear. this is colby. now, you may notice he is a pomeranian. he did lose some of his fur
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because he was in rough shape when he got here to muttville so they had to, um, start anew with his coat to some extent rescued from a hoarding situation. tell us about their situation. >> they came from a hoarding case in el dorado county. there was a fire actually in the laundry room and when responders came, they found 40 animals in the home an confiscated them. muttville rescued all the seniors that they had. >> reporter: these dogs are now up for adoption. tell us about some of the benefits of adopting a senior dog. >> they are just wonderful animals. as you can see, they're all just so friendly and sweet and loving. >> reporter: jim is giving you a picture my mother of giving you a picture of queen jelly because she sort of hangs out in the corner and reigns over the room.
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but there are so many friends here right now a lot of them pomeranians and chihuahuas from this rescue case. you have all sorts of dogs? >> all sorts. right now, at our headquarters we have a beagle, a japanese chin, we have a pit bull, we have a poodle, we have pretty much the rainbow of breeds here. >> reporter: muttville right now is bursting at the seams with their new acquisition of these 18 dogs from the hoarding case. so if you want to meet some of these dogs including colby they will be here at muttville headquarters starting at 2:00 today. it's on rescue row alabama street in san francisco. we'll check in with you in another half-hour and meet some more friends. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. people are rushing to san francisco city hall to complain about the taste of their tap water. the city started mixing hetch hetchy water with treated ground water. the move helps prepare the system for future droughts. the ground water is regularly tested and the city says it tastes different but it's safe to drink.
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the number of people living on the streets in the bay area is going up. a new count in alameda county shows that more than 5600 people are homeless up 40% from 2015. officials are trying to spend more money on programs and service for the homeless. commuters will have to move fast to catch smart trains. officials met over bus connections between the smart commuter trains and larkspur ferry. commuters will have four minutes to get from the san rafael transit center to catch the shuttle but officials are trying to get a plan to stay on schedule so commuters can make the connections. >> wow, you have to run. when i used to get the evening shift we would get off the air at 11:35 and the last bart train is 11:45. call me speedy gonzales but it didn't happen. i tried. i thought that kind of a commute was a good idea.
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no. no. [ laughter ] >> car is easier. >> definitely. >> tough enough to make any connection sometimes but, you know, with limited amount of time in between, that's tough. >> it's tough enough to get to work, period. >> it's tough. [ laughter ] >> especially at 3:30. >> go ahead. i'm so excited to get to this holiday traffic! [ laughter ] right now the roads are busy out there. if you are going to be hitting the roads, please be careful. we are seeing a lot of accidents. we'll begin along 880. we are tracking two separate accidents. you had one earlier. these two came in the backup. southbound 880 at industrial parkway two-car crash debris in the lane and behind that, we have 880 at tennyson. travel time now 17 minutes from 238 to 84. to the bay bridge toll plaza, everyone looks like they're on their best driving behavior. in the green. no metering lights. happy friday for next making their way along that stretch if
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you are making your way into the city this morning. 17 minutes. here's roberta with the holiday weekend forecast. >> it's may gray outside right now, jaclyn. live weather camera looking towards the bay bridge no chance of clearing until maybe the early afternoon hours. but the deck of cloudiness so thick along the coast with drizzle, how about sfo? right now, right there, one hour 6-minute delays on some arriving flights. even though we are seeing a patch of blue skies around the peninsula. redwood city 57 degrees and in the mid-50s in san jose. livermore partly cloudy mid-50s but we're socked in, in santa rosa low 50s. this is the deck of cloudiness, 4,000 feet deep which gives us
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a good idea that we are not going to see clearing at the coast. we have saturation of low clouds inland a good 50 miles. with it, a robust wind southwest 16 in the oakland area. right now, west at 13 in fairfield. winds will be variable throughout the day, 10 to 20 stronger gusts during the late afternoon hours. we are going to see earlier burnoff during the weekend resulting in the 80s away from the bay into our inland areas by memorial day. so one more day of that cooler air mass aloft all due to the weak trough that breezed through the bay area. here's your afternoon hours across the bay and you see that we're socked in. saturday morning this is interesting, we wake up with gray skies. watch what happens. bam, right there, earlier burnoff all the way to the beaches by lunchtime and the clouds roll back on during the nighttime hours and push back out for sunday by lunchtime. futurecast illustrates high pressure will build in just in time for the weekend. we'll have that strengthening
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ridge so some warmer conditions to come after today. 65 degrees in tahoe today a chance of a late-day thunderstorm otherwise some decent weather through the holiday. 50s, 60s, 70s across the board today. san jose you should be at 75. instead 71 degrees. extended forecast, calls for that warming trend especially away from the bay. all the way into the holiday on monday. and just one quick note. the atlanta braves are in town and matt cain is on the mound for the good guys tonight. what a fun time to kick-start the holiday going to a giants game with partly cloudy skies. hey, michelle, what are you facebooking about today? >> a lot of things. social media, facebook has penned deals with millennial focus news and entertainment hub for scripted shows for its upcoming video service. buzzfeed are on the board for the long and short form shows with ad breaks. facebook won't own the shows. instagram is easing up on
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its no link rule. in the past it only allowed links in bios. now they will allow them in direct messages. it's also changed a feature for pictures sent in a message. you will no longer have to crop images before sending them. snapchat just released five new filters ahead of memorial day weekend. the originals birthday, weddings and celebrations, but now the company is giving you the fixings to showcase proms, businesses, and food and bars. graduations are another new occasion. and maybe best of all, love. that's great. pricing depends on the size of the geo fence plus the duration of the event. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the giants go for the split in chicago. will steve kerr give it a go? and get ready for round 3, six more days of hype. we'll tip it off next.
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good morning, everybody. what's your best trilogy of all time? godfather? "lord of the rings"? how about "star wars"? you can soon add the warriors and the cavaliers to that list. lebron james going to the nba finals for the 7th straight year. 1st quarter, off the block, cleveland's kyrie irving dishes to the layup foul giving cavs a 2 1-point 1st quarter lead over boston. i told my producer, cut the highlights. 3rd quarter, james in for the layup. james scored 35. cleveland wins 135-102 to set up the series with the warriors for the third straight year. game one next thursday at oracle. all the warriors are healthy with the exception of the head coach. and general manager bob mayer said steve kerr is not able to coach right now. his presence is missed. >> somebody asked me is going to the finals three times muted
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because of what's going on? of course it is. this isn't --this should be great. it should be unbelievable. and we are excited. and we are proud. but our head coach can't coach. it's not an excuse. it's just a fact. >> somebody playing hooky to check out the giants and cubs at wrigley field. give me this hot dog! giants up 1-0. 1st inning kris bryant got all of it or did he? did the fan interfere with his home run? the umpires ruled it a home run initially. but they never bothered to review it. the cubs went on to beat the giants, 5-1. they took three out of four. quick hockey note. the penguins beat the senators in game 7. they are headed to the stanley cup finals. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a safe and great holiday weekend. let's check out your play of the day. major league baseball, phillies and rocky. colorado's ian desmond trying to lay down a sacrifice bunt with a man on first.
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>> i think it was quicker than normal. >> a diving play and he throws it to third. first base three up three down. >> got to love that effort. pat neshek fielding his position. the catch doubles off the runner at first for a double play and that is your play of the day. the golden gate bridge district says it has to make a lot of improvements to the sausalito ferry terminal in order to keep up with federal regulations. but the city of sausalito is suing the bridge district. we'll explain why. >> plus a live look at sfo this morning where a major delay is expected this memorial day weekend. next, why the airport says it cannot postpone repair work. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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last night i made a mistake mistake. i took an action i can't take back. >> assault charges couldn't keep him from becoming montana's new congressman. the apology greg gianforte made after last night's election. >> why president trump's son-in- law is under scrutiny. >> its disheartening. we want to feel safe in our communities. >> $30,000 in apple products stolen in seconds. this morning, bay area security guards are on high alert as thieves continue to target apple stores. >> but first, we should learn more late today about proposed upgrades to the sausalito ferry terminal. good morning, it is friday, may
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26. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. kpix 5's jackie ward is live to tell us why the changes could be put on hold. jackie. >> reporter: good morning. so these plans to improve the sausalito ferry terminal has been in the works for years but the city is fighting against them because they claim the golden gate bridge district is violating an agreement that they made decades ago. ago. the golden gate highway and transportation bridge district says that they need to improve the aging sausalito terminal in order to keep up with federal rules for accessibility and plans proposed back in 2014, designs for flatter wider ramps and a better boarding system to ease congestion. sausalito filed a lawsuit alleging they tried to circumvent the environmental quality act by withdrawing city consent on the project. sausalito says per a lease agreement written in 1995, the district must get plans approved by the city before making any major alterations. despite all of that, though, the district is still trying to
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push its plan through. they are voting this morning at 10 a.m. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. starting today there's going to be no parking near the golden gate bridge. crews are trying to reduce traffic for the busy holiday weekend. there will be a limited number starting at 11 a.m. there will be no spots at vista point and south end welcome center. they are in place through monday. >> all right. >> i was stuck in traffic yesterday and i could have killed myself because i know better. [ laughter ] >> i just felt like such a fool. i was like i can't believe this. but there was a san francisco state graduation over at at&t park and i was on the 280 extension trying to get into the city. >> traffic lady stuck in traffic. >> that would be like me going to the beach in a bikini on a
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day like today. >> and barbecuing there. >> i'm telling you i should know better. >> not in a bikini. that's not going to happen. maybe on a cloudy day but not -- hi, everybody. we have business to talk about today. we have memorial day, we have some warmer conditions. we do have temperatures gradually warming up. this is our live weather camera. at this particular time we are looking out towards the port of oakland. we can see the visibility is not an issue and the reason why we have some breezy conditions out there with the winds up to 15. sfo, blame it on "karl the fog." delays one hour six minutes on some arriving flights. temperatures in the 50s across the board. 56 now in livermore with partly cloudy skies there. look at the breeze in throughout the tri-valley at 10. 11 pleasanton. 7 in the vallejo area. 13 at fairfield. winds will be out of the southwest and west 10 to 20 during the day all pretty robust due to the return of that right there, the shield of
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clouds. widespread fog and low clouds along the coast and near the bay today with only partial clearing. afternoon sunshine inland cooler today rebounding to the 80s by sunday. a look at traffic with jaclyn. >> and we are tracking a new crash and this is along highway 17 southbound. so heading into santa cruz, be prepared for delays. this is just past idylwild and blocking at least one lane. we have sensors lighting up our screens starting to slow down for that stretch. let's go to 880. we have seen three separate crashes here and we are getting reports of now a motorcycle crash. so the crash southbound 880 at industrial, still quite a bit of debris looks like they cleared the lanes the vehicles of the lanes. 20 minutes from 238 to the highway 84. here's a look at 101 right near 380 and a very busy day for travelers if you are heading to sfo. right now, 101 no looking good and moving at the limit.
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hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. an east bay apple store robbed in broad daylight. police telling us that the thieves got $30,000 worth of products. the robbery happened just before noon yesterday at the downtown walnut creek store. it's just the latest in a string of grab and run robberies here in the bay area. a customer captured this video. you can see one suspect stacking mac books before they all run out. customers and employees tried to stop them. they stole ipads and iphones, 30 products. police are searching for suspects after a the shooting in coachella left a california deputy in the hospital. authorities say the deputy tried to conduct a traffic stop in the area last night. but the suspect refused to yield. deputies are still trying to figure out how that unraveled into a shooting. the victim was airlifted to the hospital. officials say his injuries are not life-threatening. there is new information about the suspect involved in
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the san bernardino attacks. prosecutors just released a report after talking to nearly two dozen officers who were at the scene that day. they discuss the shootout. one officer saying that he shot farook when he refused to drop his rifle. the suspect's wife tashfeen malik was reportedly shooting at police from their suv. the couple is accused of killing 14 people. cbs news confirmed that jared kushner the president's son-in-law is under scrutiny in the fbi probe of the russian meddling in the 2016 election as well as whether there was collusion by the trump campaign. investigators are looking into meetings kushner with the russian ambassador and a russian baker. kushner will share the information if asked he said. republican greg gianforte will fill the house seat in congress. he was picked in a special election last night. it was against democrat rob quist. both candidates tweeted last
6:37 am
night saying, quist saying thank you to everyone who came out to support the campaign. gianforte says thank you, montana, i'm humbled by this incredible honor. i will always be on montana's side. gianforte also apologized for reportedly attacking a reporter this week. >> i took an action that i can't take back. and i'm not proud of what happened. i should not have responded in the way that i did. and for that i'm sorry. >> and you're forgiven. >> the reporter is okay. gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault. the former professor accused of attacking trump supporters with a bike lock is expected in court today. [ yelling and cursing ] >> whoa! >> this is vicious attack happened during a rally in berkeley last month. the attacker was masked but police believe 28-year-old eric clanton was the man behind the mask. he is a former part-time
6:38 am
professor at diablo valley college. cell phone video helped find him. police say clanton was behind other attacks injuring at least three people. you may want to give yourself extra time if you are taking bart through the fruitvale area this weekend. there's no service between fruitvale and lake merritt today through monday. crews are rebuilding tracks. to catch a free shuttle bus during the closure, expect 20 to 40-minute delays especially for service to the oakland airport. live look now at sfo. flight delays are expected this memorial day weekend. maintenance work needs to be completed on the tarmac before the summer. work on the $35 million repaving project starts at 10 p.m. tonight and lasts throughout monday afternoon. today some of the most famous names in the music business are flocking to napa for bottlerock. kpix 5's jessica flores reports. >> reporter: hey, michelle.
6:39 am
the food and music extravaganza will bring about 120,000 people to napa. it's fancier this year. they are including a day spa and $50,000 sweet. headlinessers are maroon 5, tom petty, we'll also have here foo fighters, 80 acts will perform across four stages including fits and the tantrum, mclemore and lewis, ben harper and innocent criminals, the roots, naked and famous and modest mouth. but music isn't the only reason fans are flocking to bottlerock. >> it's about the wine and the drinks and it's also about the food they have culinary stages, too. eye year shakurry will be there this year. >> also, martha stewart is going to be there. plan ahead to avoid traffic bottlenecks. general admission will be south of the venue. you can also find lots and parking garages downtown. bottlerock is also coming just
6:40 am
less than a week after that deadly attack in manchester. police say that they are confident in their security plans. they will bomb-sniffing dogs and hundreds of cops patrolling. folks will have their bags checked at the gates. gates open at 11:30 a.m. the festival runs until 10 p.m. live in napa, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. today san francisco's muttville saved more than a dozen dogs from a hoarding situation but now the rescue needs some help getting those dogs into homes. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from muttville. we are all betting you're taking a dog home today. >> reporter: i don't know if my dog would be pleased with that and she doesn't like other dogs. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is a friend i met here. all the hoarding -- i'm sorry, all the dogs here in this room came from a hoarding case in el
6:41 am
dorado county. muttville saved them from municipal shelter. you can see colby there and oh, that's frisco with his tongue hanging out. pomeranians and chihuahuas in this case. and bunny rothman is going to tell us about the yappy hour plan for today if you want to meet or adopt some of them. >> reporter: we have a yappy hour today from 2 to 7 p.m. and we'll be open to the public. we are going to have all the dogs you can imagine. and snacks and people can come adopt dogs. >> reporter: i have to mention all the dogs here are senior dogs. and so they have a little extra wisdom and, um, a whole lot of cuteness as you can see. so check it out. muttville here on alabama street in san francisco. i'm anne makovec, back to you. time now 6:41. waterfalls at yosemite are peaking this time of year but so is traffic. how the national park is gearing up for the busiest weekend of the year. >> plus, looking to compete with uber. next the new service lyft is launching.
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time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." alex wagner has more from new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, we are in montana where the republican winner of a congressional race apologized for assaulting a reporter. plus, john dickerson on jared kushner under scrutiny in the fbi-russia investigation. also, homeland security secretary john kelly is in studio 57. we'll look at the terror threat in the u.s. as part of our continuing series, issues that matter. and inside the effort to restore the everglades and protect the water supply for south florida. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds, see you at 7:00. >> thank you. some positive signs for the american economy and amazon is
6:46 am
approaching a big stock price milestone. >> joining us now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: the economy wasn't as bad as originally thought in the 1st quarter. the commerce department went over it again and revised gdp higher to 1.2% from its original take of .7%. consumer spending and business investment was a little stronger as it looks back on that. although consumer spending growth of .6% was the weakest in several years. also, business spending was up just a little bit. one weakness was corporate profit down from the prior quarter. the economy is expected to pick up the pace in the 2nd quarter. amazon stock is very close to hitting $1,000 for the first time. it's only a few dollars shy of that now. amazon's ecommerce sales have continued to grow and its cloud based services are also seeing
6:47 am
very strong demand right now. at the same time, you have shares at department store chains falling as their sales continue to struggle. right now amazon only $4 away from hitting $1,000 a share for the first time. stock market is working with a six session winning streak looking for a 7th. the nasdaq and the s&p each opened at record highs but right now, the numbers are heading just a little lower going into the holiday weekend. dow down by 16. nasdaq down 2. s&p down 1. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. lyft is taking on uber with its own higher end car service. lyft lux and lux suv. drivers can use only certain vehicles like a tesla x, cadillac escalade on a lincoln navigator. for now, the service is only available in new york city, los angeles, chicago, san francisco, and san jose. time now 6:47. it's going to be a busy
6:48 am
weekend. and traffic and also today a lot of backup. >> yeah. we're seeing a lot of folks out on the roads already. we are going to see a lot of accidents, unfortunately. so please don't be one of them. be very safe when you hit the road. we have some tips for you if you are getting ready to do some holiday traveling. a crash on 17, looks like now in the clearing stages. not blocking lanes. this is past idylwild there. travel times 12 minutes from 280 to [ indiscernible ] east bay eastshore freeway right near mcbride, mcbryde, bay bridge taillights heading westbound. it's starting to get crowded especially for our "friday light" conditions. remember this is a getaway holiday travel day. we are still in the green. we have not seen the metering lights on at all this morning over at the bay bridge toll plaza. 17 minutes as you make your way from the maze into downtown san francisco. we continue to monitor two earlier crashes on 880 if you
6:49 am
are making your way in the southbound direction just south of highway 92 near industrial and tennyson. your travel times remain in the green. don't let this fool you. it's going to be very busy later on this afternoon. i was out in traffic yesterday afternoon. everyone already started getting away on thursday. so here are your drive tips for this weekend. i say pack your patience, too. let's check in with roberta on the weather forecast. >> great advice there, jaclyn. good morning, everybody. live weather camera, it's like "big brother" because i'm using my weathercam was and spying on people. and i spy this morning a jogger on the beach. he is running farther and farther away from the camera. it's low tide right now. official low tide was 5:01. high tide again around noon.
6:50 am
we have overcast skies at the beaches even some localized drizzle. currently 52 in santa rosa. partly cloudy livermore 56. socked in, in oakland 59. the coast is not clear as we just saw from our cliff house weather camera. we do have the marine layer. it is 4,000 feet deep this morning. it means we're not going to see any clearing at the coast anytime soon. calm winds in san francisco. winds 10 to 20 this afternoon, gusts late day. may gray today. earlier burnoff over the weekend each day and warmer everywhere for the holiday on memorial day. area of low pressure that pulled down that cooler air mass from the north to the south. as it does so, it enhances the marine layer. so here you are around lunch hour today into the early afternoon hours still only some partial bay clearing socked in at the coast. on saturday morning, we are
6:51 am
overcast everywhere across the bay area but by lunchtime, bam, we have some clearing even at the beaches. we fill in saturday night and clear out earlier for sunday. so if you are getting away today, 75 degrees. stockton, davis and at the state capital, 60 monterey bay with only a hint of some clearing through the weekend. 63 degrees still have that flood advisory in effect for the greater lake tahoe area. a flood warning in effect for half dome area and yosemite due to the merced river and chance of a thunderstorm on saturday in the greater lake tahoe area. 5:51 official sunrise, sunset 8:21. today is the coolest day of the workweek, 50s, 60s and 70s. should be 75 in san jose. instead low 70s across the santa clara valley. upper 60s in livermore. you're saying yay because it was 95 a couple of days ago but we'll see these temperatures
6:52 am
rebound saturday 60 san francisco. 72 degrees outside number in discovery bay. gradual warming saturday. temperatures robust by memorial day. 87 degrees big shoutout to the best thing that ever came out of oakland, michael and spearhead. they are performing on saturday at bottlerock. 69 today. low 70s on saturday. reaching 80 degrees by sunday. giants playing host to the braves tim kaine on the mound for the good guys, carnaval 2017 festivities. it's partying in the city all weekend long. the parade is on sunday. michelle, we'll be there. >> having some fun, roberta. you in a headdress. can't wait. [ laughter ] >> have a great weekend. we are heading into one of yosemite's busiest weekends. the national park is gearing up to welcome visitors from all over the world and to keep them safe, a waterfall at yosemite is peaking this time of year but after such a wet winter rivers and streams are high and the park's swift-water rescue
6:53 am
team is in the river preparing for the worst. >> this is running between 3 to 4,000 cubic feet per second so think about that as two or three school buses go by you every second. >> wow. officials are expecting massive crowds starting today. so they are also finishing up a number of construction projects including an improved parking lot that will greet visitors near yosemite village. the golden gate bridge district is voting on a sausalito rehabilitation project for the ferry terminal. but the city of sausalito has its doubts. we'll tell you why.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i'm jackie ward outside the golden gate bridge district where a volt will be happening
6:57 am
later today. plans to discuss upgrades to the sausalito ferry terminal will be talked about. this despite an ongoing lawsuit between sausalito and the golden gate bridge district. the district says its plans are necessary in order to keep up with federal accessibility rules. sausalito says any major alterations need to be approved by the city for a 1995 lease agreement. the city is suing the district because it believes it's trying to work around the california environmental quality act but the district claims the city is violating its rights to free speech based on a letter they sent to the city back in september. the district is continuing to attempt to push its plans through and they will be voting on the plans at 10 a.m. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. right now president trump is in italy attending the g7 summit back in the u.s., jared kushner the president's son-in- law under scrutiny in the fbi
6:58 am
investigation of alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. the terror threat level in the united kingdom is critical this morning days after a terror attack in manchester. this as the hunt for accomplices of suspected suicide bomber salman abedi. the man accused of setting dozens of car fires in the east bay is due in court in a few hours. officials have charged him with 14 counts of arson. and a live look now at sfo where flight delays are expected this memorial day weekend. that's because of maintenance work that needs to be completed on the tarmac before the summer rush. starting today, there won't be much parking near the golden gate bridge. crews are trying to reduce traffic for the busy holiday weekend. speaking of traffic, we have backups. here's a live look at the toll plaza of 580. this is richmond/san rafael bridge looking at about 13 minutes already in the yellow from marina bay parkway to the west end of the bridge. golden gate still looking great in both directions. no delays. and here's the san mateo bridge getting a little crowded in the
6:59 am
westbound direction out of hayward to foster city in the green 16 minutes. roberta? >> hey, kenny, you were mentioning the potential delays at sfo because of construction this weekend. well, we already have delays at sfo. if you are expecting someone to come into town this weekend for the holiday weekend one hour six-minute delays on some arriving flights due to the low ceiling, that deck of low clouds and fog. 50s out the door this morning it sure is breezy. some of the winds up to 15. litter today up to 20 and stronger gusts. -- later today up to 20 miles per hour winds and stronger gusts. 50s inland right now. clear skies in livermore through fairfield. sunny skies away from the bay today. partial clearing around the bay. no clearing at the coast. maybe a hint of some sunshine late day. coolest day of the week today, warmer by the holiday on monday. >> all right. thank you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. the weekend is here. wahoo!! fist pump! >> we still have the noon show, though. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> have a great day. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, may 26, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." republican greg gianforte wins montana's special house election one day after being charged for grabbing a reporter and slamming him to the ground. we're in bozeman with the victory celebration that included an apology. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner is under bi scrutiny as the russia investigation reaches into the white house. investigators want to know about his meetings with russia's ambassador and a russian banker. plus, the largest wetlands in north america under assault from human activity. we're in the florida everglades with the massive proposal to


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