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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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alternative rock band wild and celebrity chef ayesha curry cooking for guests and steph curry. >> i just came to eat. >> reporter: but safety is also a concern. >> feel like it's definitely on our minds, you know, for an event but beyond that we're here to have a good time. >> reporter: 40,000 people streamed in the bottlerock festival for music, food, wine and beer. at the front gate this explosive sniffing dog from the california highway patrol in sacramento is one of the most visible additions to bottlerock security strategy this year. otherwise, napa police have said there's no major difference because then fine- tuning the approach over the year. so like last years authorities used metal detectors and bag searches. >> pretty safe here. i see police everywhere. >> i feel safe. i feel good. >> the level of security seems good. i mean, it was the same as it always is. >> reporter: bottlerock representatives would not talk about security on camera. but they deferred to the written statement earlier this week. it reads in part:
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>> reporter: we have seen napa police officers, highway patrol and private security in and outside of the event. one napa resident says she would not have minded seeing even more. >> maybe a little bit more would have been nice at night but right now i feel safe. >> reporter: so far no word of any major problems. tonight,'s headliner is maroon 5 at 8:00. allen? >> sharon chin live at bottlerock in napa, thanks. we have posted a bottlerock survival guide with details on the weekend line-up and tips for getting in and out. find a link at the bottlerock headline on a single-engine plane missed the runway in concord and crashed into an intersection. it happened this afternoon right outside airport grounds. the plane came to a stop on solano way and marsh drive in
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concord. kpix 5's da lin is there right now. he has the latest. da. >> reporter: veronica, this small airplane came to a stop after it hit that traffic light pole right behind this suv here but i want to take your attention over to this way. that airplane actually was coming from this way. you see the fence? it actually hit the fence crushed it to the ground. actually hit the pavement and see all that skidmarks? it skidded all the way to that traffic pole before coming to a stop resting at that location right there. i want to show you aerial shots of this accident which happened around 3:00 this afternoon. investigators say the single- engine airplane and the pilot based out of the buchanan field airport, he actually had taken off shortly before 3:00 but experienced some mechanical issues. he decided to turn around to get back to the airport. unfortunately, he did not make it. he made this hard landing here on the street here. i want to show you some ground
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footage. we don't have identity of the pilot. he was the only person on board according to official. he sustained some injuries. paramedics were saying that he was actually responsive and breathing and he was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. want to take you to a photo now that was sent in to us by a viewer. it shows a car that was damaged. apparently during this landing of this plane, it damaged a car that was parked on the street. now, police are now waiting for ntsb investigators to arrive at the scene here to start the investigation. [ inaudible ] [ extremely loud background noise ] >> reporter: this car actually rested at this corner here right next to to a dealership the chrysler dodge dealership. nobody was affected there and nobody was hurt for the most part. i want to come back out live
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now. earlier i saw the left wing of this plane actually it was clipped off after hitting this. and so investigators i saw them actually grabbing that wing and dragging him back to where the airplane is right now. it appears that the pilot was trying to land on solano way. but unfortunately, he didn't have enough air to make that landing. so ended up crash here. right now the tail is sticking up and the front, the cockpit area, is on the ground. but the good thing again, the pilot appears that he will survive this hard landing here. live here in concord, da lin, kpix 5. in this video you can see the pilot on the ground, the paramedics surrounding him and then contra costa county fire posted this video. you can see a firefighter plugging a fuel leak from the plane. developing news in gilroy. a man trying to stop a car burglary got shot. it wasn't even his car. it happened early today at hyde
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park and victoria drive west of highway 101. kpix 5's devin fehely with the frightening chain of events. >> the terror in his voice, i could feel it in my bones. >> reporter: it was the raw terror of a good samaritan who tried to stop a green of teens from breaking into a car -- a group of teens from breaking into a car and got shot instead. >> during that confrontation, one of the suspects shot the resident multiple times. >> it's scary. >> reporter: jennifer salcido heard two gunshots through her open bedroom window and a call for help. >> i could hear the terror. i felt it in my gut. his -- he was terrified. like maybe for his life it felt like. >> reporter: as police arrived the suspects scattered. officers managed to arrest one of them at the scene. and they believe they tracked the others to a nearby home where they brought the s.w.a.t. team to take them into custody. >> three teenagers were being arrested. all three of them were at
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gunpoint. >> reporter: those officers using metal detectors searched for the missing gun used in the shooting. the focus of their investigation would shift dramatically. three of the four suspects were released. and police now say they are looking for two more men including the shooter. the victim is expected to recover but police say he paid a heavy price having tried to stop one crime, he would become the victim of another. >> he was looking out for his neighborhood. he saw a crime and he decided to take action. >> reporter: in gilroy, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the d.a. in napa county is filing criminal charges against several high school football players accusing them of hazing teammates. six minors who attended napa high school now face criminal charges. 11 other juveniles are under investigation. the prosecutors have decided not to charge the team's coach because of insufficient evidence he broke the law by not reporting the abuse. that hazing happened during the
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last two football seasons. teammates held others down, grabbed them, hit them. the school district already expelled five students after conducting an investigation. several construction workers hurt in oakland. cal/osha says a subcontractor has had problems with safety in the past. kpix 5's maria medina joins us live at the construction site in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: this was the scene of chaos and panic this morning. one worker described to us why he rushed to the site. >> some of those coworkers are my family members. >> reporter: the screen dramatic, the injuries minor but the investigation could mean serious citations for the subcontractor largo concrete incorporated. >> they want to preserve the site to see what happened. >> reporter: cal/osha will try to find out what happened. the scaffold collapsed as workers poured concrete sending
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up to 20 people falling to stories into the wet cement and now they are dangling from the now bent rebar. >> like quicksand. but they were only trapped up to their knees. >> reporter: oakland firefighters say when they arrived, workers were already helping the victims using shovels and pieces of plywood. >> it was a very great rescue. >> some of them were not doing their job. >> reporter: lewis says someone is supposed to always watch the site in case something goes wrong. but he claims no one got a warning. a closer look at cal/osha records shows the agency opened four accident inspections into largo concrete one of them resulting in a serious citation in 2015 for failing to protect workers from rebar. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: today's incident another blemish on the company's safety record. >> just a few broken bones and everything but nothing major. you know? nothing major. >> reporter: all right. so it's also important to note that cal/osha says that accidents on construction sites
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are not unusual. they do say, however, if they do find safety violations in today's incident, they will cite the company. veronica? >> thank you, maria medina in oakland. this is an artist rendering of what the building is supposed to look like when it's complete. it is a 423-unit housing development along oakland's auto row. the project had been expected to open by next year. there is no word if that deadline has changed. a top secret project inside a silicon valley hangar. what we have learned about a google billionaire's plans to build the biggest airship in the world. >> and the memorial day weekend rush at sfo will come with more headaches than usual. the runway work that could mess with your travel plans. >> and he can't hear music but he found a powerful way to communicate through dance. meet the man as the king of carnaval. >> camera in oakland is shaking because of the breeze. and we're finally getting a
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little bit of sunshine around san francisco bay. will any of this change? the cold? the breeze? the clouds? as we head toward the holiday weekend, the answer in my forecast coming up. ,,
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new at 6:00 the world's biggest aircraft is being built right here in the bay area?
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one of these hangars at moffett field, the google cofounder reportedly behind it. len ramirez live at moffield field trying to find out what's going on. >> reporter: we can tell you that there are reports that a big secret mission is going on in one of the big hangars behind me. those hangars were built in the '30s and '40s by the navy to house airships back then. and now it may be "back to the future." although details are scarce about what's going on behind the giant closed doors of this hangar at moffett field, it involves google cofounder sergey brin and construction of the world's largest aircraft and piqued the interest of neighbors in mountain view. he is allegedly spending up to $150 million of his own money to build a modern airship inside hangar number 2. it would be giant more than 2 football fields in length but shorter than both the
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hindenburg and the u.s.s. macon, a navy airship based at moffett field in the 1930s. the hydrogen filled hin denyberg crashed and burned in new jersey killing 35 people. the helium field macon crashed in a storm off big sur. most of the crew survived. despite the history, brin is said to be fascinated with airships and wants to bring them back both for transportation and as a method to bring relief supplies to inaccessible areas during disasters. >> it's always the crazy ideas which turn out to be good. >> reporter: test workers are fascinated with the idea speculating about how brin's airship would be filled with technology unavailable 80-plus years ago to make them better and safer. >> having smart balancing controls and things like that so that the low won't get out of balance. and we have much better navigation tools like gps which they never heard of way back when with the macon and so on.
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macon had its issues but it also had its promise. >> reporter: and speaking of the macon, you're looking at hangar one here at moffett field built to house the macon back in the 1930s. you can see how big that structure is and the word is, if this project is actually happening, it can't stay secret forever because it has to be tested and it will be visible because of its size. things are back to normal at apple after an evacuation in cupertino because of a gas leak. officials say a construction crew ruptured a gas line at 2 p.m. firefighters cleared people out of one building on north wolfe road and set up a perimeter until pg&e could cap the leak. no one was injured. live look at sfo right now. if you are flying into or out of the airport this weekend, expect some delays. the airports in the final phase of a runway face-lift. here's a look at runway 28- left.
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it's one of the primary runways used for landings. it's going to be closed for repaving from 10:00 tonight until monday morning. kpix 5's don ford tells us when that project will finally be complete. >> reporter: american 931 contact norcal. >> reporter: clearly one of the nation's busiest airports and memorial day weekend is not a good time to do a were maintenance. >> tonight we begin our second- to-last closure of runway 28- left for repaving activity. >> reporter: sfo says the work was scheduled to be completed before memorial day. but this spring's exceptionally wet weather delayed the work. >> we are going to close to tonight at 10 p.m. do most of the work on saturday, sunday when it's quiet here, re-open it 8 a.m. on monday morning when it starts to get busy again. >> reporter: runway 28-left seen near red is one of the major runways at sfo. it's been nearly 10 years since the last repaving and in addition to new asphalt, it's also getting new l.e.d. lighting. but repaving a runway is a
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little different than repaving your street. and this special instrument measures and confirms the surface is exactly smooth. and as everyone knows, a smooth runway is important. >> there is no good time to close a runway. that's -- that's for sure. >> reporter: with the new revised construction schedule, they are confident they will be able to complete the work this time before 4th of july. at sfo, don ford, kpix 5. >> some airlines have changed their schedules but they are still warning passengers to expect delays. and if you are taking bart this weekend, expect some delays. crews will be rebuilding trackway between fruitvale and lake merritt. no trains will be running on that stretch. you can use the free bus bridge. give yourself some extra time. especially if you are heading to oakland airport. i was talking to sharon chin earlier and she said the weather at bottlerock is perfect. not too cool, not too hot. it's perfect. >> hopefully folks brought a light jacket for when the sun
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goes down. >> good timing. >> if you are waiting for hot weather expect delays just like on the road or bart or apparently sfo. it's going to be a while before the hot stuff comes back but it will be pleasant. we'll have a very pleasant afternoon all three holiday weekend days. you made it memorial day weekend, can you believe it? concord 70. 69 high in san jose and fremont. redwood city 67. >> type in severe weather in a google search and see the mess around the country so let's be thankful that we have lower than average temperatures. we have a little sunshine in san francisco. it's "star wars" night at at&t park. [ laughter ] >> braves giants matt cain on the mound partly cloudy cool 57 degrees your first pitch temperature and here's your forecast for bottlerock as sharon chin said and veronica confirmed 73 degrees, that's nice for an outdoor music festival 93 wouldn't be good especially with all the wine.
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a weak ridge of high pressure will mean modest warming. we are not going to see a big strong ridge like monday with 98 degrees. this is not the same kind of ridge. it is to our north. it's not as strong. it will just lessen the onshore flow which will have most of its impact away from the water. we'll go from the 60s to the 80s by memorial day but near the water near the bay at the coastline things aren't changing much. so low cloud cover tonight. it will be on the cool side of average. we are talking about temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. fremont 51. concord 49. san francisco 51. so a cloudy start to your weekend. we'll see some warming as the sunshine will come out earlier tonight earlier again on sunday and monday even earlier. temperatures will rise each day. not that much near the water. oakland 66. san francisco 60. fremont 69. livermore it will be milder 7 degrees warmer tomorrow. 73 in napa. 71 and we'll stay chilly along the coast as we see the extended forecast here only the upper 50s through the holiday weekend mid-60s near the bay and we'll make it across the 80- degree mark by sunday afternoon
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and stay there for a couple of days. your memorial day forecast, we have a wide swath of temperatures here: big win for commuters this week but the cheers may have come too soon. the new threat to plans to electrify caltrain. why critics are accusing the transit agency of a bait-and- switch. >> hey, is a homegrown guy going to win the indy 500? are you ready to get hammered with warriors, cavaliers, nba finals talks over the next few weeks? i predict it will come up in a few moments.
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nba finals up top. we have six more days to dissect this battle royale, cleveland and golden state. get ready!
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the trilogy has begun. and they are on a collision course of the warriors and cavaliers, a history making third straight time in the finals. vegas has weighed in they have the warriors a big favorite, 7 to 10 points favorites to win game one. lebron james was asked about it moments after taking out the celtics last night. >> golden state has been the best team in our league for the last three years. and then they added a mvp. that's all i can give you right now. i'm happy and i don't want to be stressed. i'll get there when we start to prepare for 'em. >> now, last season, lebron james played out of his mind! he willed cleveland back from a 3-1 deficit. insiders say he is now having his best play-off run ever! even draymond green acknowledges cleveland last see snatched victory from the jaws of defeat on the warriors' home floor. >> it was taken. they took it. so, you know, we want to go
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take back a championship. that's just the nature of the competenttors and that's the mind sess of everyone in this organization and the nature of competitors to take back what they took from us. to the nfl. next time you see chip kelly on national tv, he will be in a suit. five months since the 49ers showed him the door, kelly has been hired by espn as an in- studio nfl college football analyst. kelly went 2-14 in his only season as 49ers head coach. if it's memorial day weekend it must meantime for the indycar super bowl the indianapolis 500 sunday. the bay area has a driver up front and he has some unfinished business, too. >> oh, no! no! he hit the wall! >> reporter: six years ago this weekend jr hildebrand a rookie from sausalito crashed within a quarter mile of winning the indy 500. >> when i look back at it now i
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just think like, man, i'm so much better in the car as a decision-maker, understanding how the strategies work out. so much better at all of those things now than i was back in 2011. >> reporter: now the redwood high school product is back. he will start up front on the second row with another legitimate shot on sunday. >> for you, what's going to make the difference then? >> i think for you it's just -- i -- i view it as being so much more important to just be among that group of cars at the end of the race. >> he is still looking for his first indycar win. thank you, vern. coming up in our next half hour, the professor accused of bashing a man with a bike lock faces a judge and some outraged protestors. the show of support today for the victim of the vicious attack! >> and after several days of silence, ariana grande announces she will return to manchester. her plans to help the victims
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of the deadly concert attack. >> and hillary clinton makes some of her sharpest jabs yet at president trump since the election. her fiery commencement speech.
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our top story at 6:30, we started the week learning the feds will fund the electricification of caltrain. that was billed as a big win for commuters but we learned of a new lawsuit to stop the whole plan. >> new at 6:00 kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen tells us one bay area community is accusing caltrain of a bait-and- switch. >> is what you read on the ballot trustworthy or is it just a pile of [ censored ] >> reporter: when voters approved $9 billion for high- speed rail, did they think that $600 million would go to improve caltrain? stewart says no. >> what we're saying is, you're getting that money on false pretenses. you are not building high-speed rail. you're building caltrain. >> reporter: the lawyer is suing on behalf of the city of atherton to stop the state from using $600 million of high- speed rail money to electrify caltrain. >> the only way they're able to use that money is by being able
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to say, oh, but eventually, we'll be building high-speed rail here. >> reporter: now, the state says they plan to connect caltrain to high-speed rail later. but flashman says that's not what voters elected. the ballot measure required all projects to be suitable and ready to operate high-speed rail and caltrain is not. >> caltrain right now should be fully funded and operational as electrified caltrain. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee says that the caltrain upgrade is useful even without high-speed rail. >> caltrain and electrifying of it is a story and an important project in and of itself. >> reporter: if it's a separate project, should we be using high-speed rail money to fund it? >> i think we should use any source of transportation that we have to make sure that this part gets done. this is the connection that we have to have. >> reporter: flashman says whatever you think about the caltrain project, the high- speed rail ballot measure was limited to the construction of
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usable high-speed rail projects. >> i don't think people would have voted for it if they said, give us $9 billion to build high-speed rail system and trust us. >> reporter: for now, caltrain plans to move forward with its upgrades and the electricification will be completed by 2021. >> the judge will set dates for hearings in the next several months. the former bay area professor accused of violently attacking a pro-trump rallier is in court today. he used a bike lock to hit a pro-trump rallier in the head. the victim was bloodied last month at a rally in berkeley. outside a berkeley courtroom today, trump supporters showed up to support the victim. many of them were angered by the suspect's attorney who was trying to get his client eric clanton released. clanton is a former professor who taught at diablo valley college in san francisco state. >> absolutely unstable. he shouldn't be anywhere near
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people or impressionable minds. >> i think there are lots of issues in this case including identification and what in fact occurred. >> clanton pleaded not guilty to three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. british authorities have now identified all 22 victims of the attack outside an ariana grande concert on monday night. elizabeth cook joins us now with more on the investigation. liz. >> reporter: allen, police made two more arrests today bringing the total number of people taken into custody to 11. we're also learning ariana grande is planning to return to manchester. the pop star is said to be planning a benefit concert to raise money for the attack victims. the singer made the announcement in a letter middle east ised to twitter. details are still being finalized. meanwhile, officials also say the suicide bombing suspect salman abedi called his brother in libya just 15 minutes before he detonated his explosives. investigators are working around the clock to track down
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associates of abedi who may be part of a larger terror network. martin was one of 22 people killed when the suicide bomber attacked fans at an ariana grande concert monday night. >> then i think of martin. all i can think of is smiling because i have so many fond and funny memories. >> reporter: to raise money for victims' families, people across manchester are getting tattoos of a bee, the city's unofficial symbol. worshippers at a local mosque were urge friday to report anyone seeking to be radicalized. >> we could not really sleep that night knowing that this happened to the -- in manchester. >> reporter: police raided a barbershop where the bomber 22- year-old salman abedi, was seen frequently. it has been empty since the bombing. >> we have to chase this down to make sure we can remove the risk of any recurrence. >> reporter: armed police are patrolling transit hubs and trains as part of a big
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security bust around britain. the terror threat in the uk is at its highest level of critical but londoners say they won't let fear get in their way. >> you always just keep an eye out but actually people are really kind and -- and i'm not scared at all. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson signed a book of condell lenses to the victims. in a joint appearance in london with britain's foreign secretary. >> all of america's prayers are with those who have lost loved ones. >> bomb threats, racist taunts and graffiti are among a spike in hate crimes in the greater manchester area since the attack. the number of hate crimes reported doubled from 28 on monday to 56 on wednesday. masked men carried out a deadly attack on a bus carrying coptic catholics in egypt. at least 28 people died south of cairo. they were heading to a remote desert monastery when militants
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in three suvs sprayed the bus with bullets. later thousands of mourners attended funerals for the victims. tonight egypt retaliated with air strikes against militant bases in eastern libya. meantime, the world's wealthiest democracies have agreed to do more to fight terrorism. president trump and other heads of state signed a declaration today in sicily. british prime minister theresa may whose country of course had the attack this week in manchester thanked her counterparts for the renewed determination. separately mr. trump talked with japan's prime minister about threats from north korea. >> big problem, it's a world problem and it will be solved at some point. >> the g7 talks that continue tomorrow also include climate change. european leaders are trying to persuade mr. trump to keep the u.s. committed to the paris paris climate accord. hillary clinton was back at her alma mater today making the
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commencement speech telling graduates about her time there in the 60s and drew parallels between now and watergate. >> we were serious about the past presidential election. [ laughter ] >> of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice. [ laughter ] [ applause and cheers ] >> after firing the person running the investigation into him at the department of justice. [ applause and cheers ] [ whoops and hollers ] >> clinton's also told the class of 2017 they are graduating at a time when there is a, quote, full-fledged assault on truth and reason. 48 years ago, then hill rodham delivered wellesley's student commencement speech. toddlers trapped in a deflated bounce house and now parents are shaming the neighborhood grouch who pulled the plug. >> and floating fun this holiday weekend. we check out a new bay area waterpark that is actually on the water.
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an uber ride ended suddenly when the car fell into a sinkhole early today in denver. look at this. the driver said he had no idea the hole was there, of course. fortunately, he and his customer were not hurt. the accident happened just as crews were trying to close off the street because of that sinkhole. here in california, uber is facing new scrutiny of its self- driving trucks. the dmv and the highway patrol want to know if the trucks violate state rules. this follows complaints from the group consumer watchdog about tests on bay area freeways. today state officials will soon be visiting the san francisco division of uber's truck driving division. someone is always behind the wheel to take control. bmw is recalling 45,000
6:40 pm
cars because the doors can suddenly fly open. the recall applies to bmw's series 7 cars from the model years 2005 to 2018. bmw says the door may appear to be closed but can inadvertently pop open due to road conditions or if an occupant contacts the door san francisco police want to know who is shooting darts at pigeons in the castro. at least two pigeons have been spotted near 18th and sanchez seats hit by darts. officers have been out trying to catch them but haven't. it appears the birds are still ability fly and eat. >> you have a blow gun first of all they are illegal in california. so there's really nothing good to be done with it. it's cruelty. we are talking about putting forth a reward for information leading to prosecutions. >> so far investigators say they have no leads on who might be shooting the birds.
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the suspect or suspects could face charges of animal cruelty and fines of up to $20,000. two new water parks opening this weekend and one of theming is actually on the water. we check out the floating playground coming up. >> we know the water is going to be cold. is the air going to be cold too? it was chilly today. we are going to see any changes for the holiday weekend? yes. find out which place will warm up the most next.
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in florida a neighborhood party pooper created a potentially dangerous situation during a little girl's birthday. the man seen here walked across the street and unplugged a bounce house at the party while children were playing inside. parents freaked out as they began to lose air and collapse. one mom described the chaos. >> we were very nervous and worried about the kids because it was hot and they were trapped inside. >> two children had minor injuries after they were briefly trapped inside the hot heavy plastic. police tracked down the neighbor soon after and they
6:45 pm
say he could be charged with trespass. a new survey shows most millennials want to buy a home but don't have enough to make a dent in the down payment. in its annual renters survey apartment list found 80% of millennials have less than $1,000 put away for a down payment. 40% of those ages 24 to 35 have saved nothing. some of the factors holding them back include student loans high cost of living and the thought they may never be able to afford a house anyway. new exhibit in the south bay is exposing people to virtual reality technology that's not even on the market yet. reboot reality is what they call it. it's at the tech museum and lets you hop on a simulator, fly like a bird, sculpt with digital clay even paint in 3d. the people behind it say it's a way to open yourself up to new experiences. and learn some problem-solving skills at the same time. >> we want our businesses to get creative confidence to go
6:46 pm
out there and to work and challenges and design new solutions to problems that they face in their everyday life and that's the purpose of this new experience of this new place. >> the tech museum partnered with pa doby, google, facebook and hh to create the exhibit, partnered with them. a new waterpark is opening in santa rosa just in time for the long weekend. emily turner went to go and check it out. >> reporter: there's the wedge, the trampoline, the swing, lily pads and the blob. starting tomorrow, they are all open and ready for you to use in sonoma county. >> the kids can get out there and play, with their life vests on. they are safe. you can watch as kids have a blast it's beautiful. >> reporter: this floating waterpark is on the lagoon at springlake. last year was the first go at it and it was so popular they
6:47 pm
brought it back. >> we saw an increase and it was exciting. >> reporter: admission is $10 a day and for the first time you can buy a season pass for 60 bucks. the money goes to the parks department to support the lifeguard staff and programs. and there's more to do than just the waterpark. they have taken over the boat rental on the big lake including stand-up paddle boards, paddle boats and kayak which are free for an hour if you get the season pass and with closing weekend on labor day there's plenty of time to hop in. >> it's the second time i'm on it and it has new, um, stuff on it. >> i think everybody should come out this weekend and come try out the new inflatables and get on the boats and go have some fun. >> that was emily turner reporting there. also tomorrow a new $43 million waterpark in dublin called the wave. it features six slides and an
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indoor pool. it will be open all year long. it's that sun, paul. >> short supply. >> you make it sound like we have a switch. >> santa rosa 64. lake weather? maybe. maybe not. livermore right now 65 degrees. close to dublin. eh, waterpark weather? it will be warmer over the weekend but you get the point it's chilly outside. san francisco only 60. traffic flowing better than an hour and a half ago heading into san francisco. oakland 62. concord currently 65. livermore a high today of 66 degrees making this on the eve of the unofficial start of summer the third coolest day of the month and 30 degrees cooler than it was just 4 days ago. we hit 96 on monday today. only 66. tonight 49 degrees. we'll be cloudy tomorrow morning in the tri-valley. fairfield 49. san rafael 49. pacifica 49 degrees. cloudy just about every where including oakland low of 52 mountain view 53. warm spots are up and down the
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central valley from 86 in reading to 83 in fresno. look at tahoe, sunshine 67 degrees. beautiful also in yosemite. and some morning cloud cover in eureka and monterey. living in northern california has its benefits with nice places to visit. low pressure is moving out. what's moving this is -- all ridges are not equal and not all in the same location. this one a little weaker than last week and also farther north. some subtle changes. but more than enough to cut into the heating that we are going to have this weekend. at first glance couple of days ago look like we might see some 90s by memorial day. we'll stay cool side of average for the next 48 hours and not much warming next monday and tuesday. that said, sunshine tomorrow, santa clara valley low 70s. that's pleasant. 70 at 4:00 in san jose tomorrow. futurecast shows that cloudy start much like the past couple of days but lots of sunshine in the afternoon except right along the coastline. then on sunday, the low cloud cover won't go as far and won't
6:50 pm
last as long but it likely will be another cloudy start to your day on sunday. so low clouds each morning over the holiday weekend. yes. we will see some warming but most of it will be inland and not much warming more than two or three degrees near the water. and afternoons will be sunny and pleasant but if you are having the barbecue if the backyard or doing something outside maybe an evening hike, evenings will be chilly so bring a jacket. 5 degrees below average in concord tomorrow 72 degrees. 72 san jose. 58 in half moon bay.
6:51 pm
it's the holiday weekend. it will be pleasant all three weekend days. >> thank you. coming up, it's a bay area parade that stands out. he is a dancer who happens to be deaf. now he is inspiring others as the king of carnaval. >> and at nightbeat 10:00 we are talking travel ahead of this busy holiday weekend. tonight we're asking you, are you headed out of town this weekend? if so, where?
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
people are gearing up for the party of the year in mission carnaval. today crews brought out metal barricades and post the no parking signs. you can expect to see some elaborate costumes and here's some lively samba music when it -- and hear some lively samba music when it kicks off. we have this year's carnaval king and queen, joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: his dance moves are elegant and graceful.
6:55 pm
antoine hunter is a professional director, choreography and dancer and deaf. >> dance itself saved my life. people don't understand me as a deaf person. dance was a way to communicate. >> reporter: antoine is a force of nature. he performs internationally and brings dancers here too as director of the bay area international deaf dance festival. now he holds a new position, king of carnaval san francisco. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: sunday morning, thousands will take to the streets for carnaval 2017 one of the bay area's most unique colorful festivals. parade participants will move to the music in the mission dressed in colorful costumes. sitting high atop one of the floats will be king antoine hunter along with the queen of carnaval 2017, [name] >> carnival is not only the street party, but it represents the different cultures coming together. >> reporter: she is a healthcare worker by day but her passion is dance.
6:56 pm
she ran for queen four times before she won it. she says carnaval is infectious like a catchy song. spectators can't help but want to join in. >> you'll start moving and dancing and then you might join in. >> reporter: antoine says not being able to hear the music doesn't stop him from doing what he loves. he can feel the vibrations. he hopes his story will inspire others. >> i would love to let my community know that you know, when you reach your dream, you should always remember where you come from. >> it's always in your heart. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> and joe will be hosting of our coverage of the carnaval parade along with morning anchor michelle griego. and you can watch the live stream 10 a.m. sunday on >> looks like it's going to be fun. >> infectious. i think it is. [ laughter ] >> all right. the latest is always on >> join us for nightbeat at
6:57 pm
10:00 an kbcw and see us back here tonight at 11:00.
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