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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 5:00 p.m. the slide that sent a bay area boy flying is a copy of a slide seen at parks across the globe. good evening i am brian hackney. >> i am michelle griego. cal-osha is examining whether two new water slides are safe following yesterday's mishap. kpix 5's wilson walker has the latest at the park called the wave. >> when he came in to the run out area he seemed to get on top of the water and he ended up sliding across the edge and then he was shaken by the experience. >> reporter: shaken and scratched up but that boy walked away from his wild ride
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down the emerald plunge. the dramatic center piece in the water park. >> considered the thrill slide. largest drop. >> the divides remained closed as investigators took a closer look at things. specifically the landing area where the boy hit and went shooting back into the air. >> the manufacturer of the slides will be on site tomorrow. >> reporter: that is what so puzzling, right? the only thing unique about the emerald plunge is probably the name. you can find this equipment in water parks all over the world. >> this is not a custom slide made for the city. this is a slide that is an off the shelf slide. >> reporter: everyone here today knew what happened on day one. >> someone fell off. >> reporter: this on day two. >> disappointed we couldn't go
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on it today. >> disappointed. >> stuff happens. >> reporter: parents being parents looked that bright side of that. >> i figured people might be scared off and not come today. >> kids will be kids. >> reporter: would you do it? >> yeah. >> i will go for it. >> reporter: but that will have to wait as investigators try to figure out how it sent a child off the rails. >> till we can, you know, resolve what occurred the slides will remain closed. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. today the park closed a third slide the rip tide so they could look at whether they have enough water pressure. criminal investigation is underway an inaction wielding man was shot and killed by a san jose officer late last night. officers were responding to a disturbance call.
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two suspects refused to let them in and then they started a fire. officers forced open the door. one suspect was arrested but police say another suspect refused to comp ply. police tried to tase the man but it had no effect. >> not till he began to threaten the officers with the ax and began to advance on the officer the officer was given no other choice than to discharge his firearm in defense of his life and other lives in the immediate area. >> the suspect who suffered from mental illness died in a hospital. police chief says this is the 6 6th officer involved shooting in san jose this year. the coast guard says there is no sign of a man who jumped into the water near the antioch bridge. crews spent yesterday looking for him. the coast guard sez at 5:00 p.m. the man tried -- says at 5:00 p.m. the man tried to grab his hat that fell in to the water.
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search and rescue crews will be back out on the water tomorrow. a car port went up in flames earlier today at 6 thirty a.m. the fire also damaged the adjacent house. firefighters got it undercontrol in 20 minutes and kept it from spreading. nobody was hurt. cause of the fire is under investigation. more about what led up to the death of 8 people including a sheriff's deputy in mississippi. more on the suspect who is in custody. >> what is next for you? >> reporter: willie corey godbolt sat on the side of the road in handcuffs. he shot and killed 8 people in saturday night. >> talking about me taking my child and auntie called police. >> reporter: authorities believe willie corey godbolt gunned down four people at this home including a sheriff's deputy. he told a newspaper he was remorseful. >> he was just there.
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>> reporter: witnesses say willie corey godbolt had been arguing with his estranged wife and some of her family members when the deputy arrived on the scene it remove him, he pulled a gun and opened fire. >> intervened. i am sorry. >> reporter: police found four more bodies at two other location. willie corey godbolt said he didn't want to be taken alive. >> my intentions was to have you kill me. i ran out of bullets. >> the suspect's wife and aortfamily member escaped from the home. cbs news. >> two of the victims were young boys. the suspect is in good condition after he was shot. the search for suspects linked to the suicide bombing in manchester, england. today police arrested a man in south manchester and now they are holding 12 suspects. investigators dismantled much of the suicide bomber's
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network. hundreds of people are getting tattoos of bees help rel receives of bombing victims. a -- help relatives of bombing victims. word of the idea spread on social media with people joining in. >> the bees are a symbol of manchester. we get through everything. we work for what we have. >> each customer is asked to donate $64. the goal is to raise $64,000 for the families. by this afternoon they raise 85% of the amount. north korea tested a new anti-aircraft weapons system according to state media which is also reporting kim jong un ordered mass production. the north has been pushing to develop a wide range of
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weapons. it has been ramping up missile tests. president trump is back at the white house today. but he will now have to shift his attention to the ongoing investigation into ties between his administration and russia. >> reporter: president trump launched a tweet storm morning about the relation election for montana's seat. the reaction of britain's prime minister. many of the leaks coming out of the white house are lies fabricated by the fake news media . fake news is the enemy. the tweets came following reports friday that white house adviser senior white house adviser jared kushner tried to establish secret communications with russia in december. the information came from
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anonymous u.s. officials. department of homeland security secretary john kelly defended the communications sunday morning. >> i think any channel of communication back or otherwise with russia is a good thing. >> reporter: democrats disagree saying they want jared kushner to explain his actions. >> to have the president's son- in-law, a key player within the trump organization trying to establish a back channel with the russians, you have to ask, why are they hiding the conversations from. >> reporter: investigators and committees are looking in to russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and what kinds of connections the trump campaign had with russian officials. tighter security measure coming to airports across the country. department of homeland security secretary john kelly said he is considering banning laptops. he discussed the restrictions on fox news sunday.
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>> there is a real threat. numerous threats against aviations. that is really the thing that they are obsessed with. the terrorists. the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight. particular if it is full of u.s. folks. people. it is real. >> the current laptop ban prevents passengers from 10 muslim countries. how today's san francisco ceremony brought together two sides. >> and carnival takes over the seats of the mission district with an important message. >> itch to for a cool change in the -- time for a cool change in the bay area. and wait till you hear about the warming trends. we will explain it all when we come back.
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new at 5:00 p.m. a ceremony in san francisco honored the memories of the men who saw combat during ww on the same ship. kpix 5's john ramos was there today as veterans and a japanese diplomat marked an important anniversary. >> reporter: each year at lands end in san francisco there is a ceremony to remember those killed aboard a world war ii ship named for the city. today's was a solemn anniversary. 75 years ago the world was at war and uss san francisco was part of a naval struggle to take the pacific island. he remembers the midnight battle of 13, november, 1942. >> a lot of shooting going between the two ships and as we
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see one of their big firing ships, all set fires. >> reporter: 100 sailers and 7 marines died on the san francisco. one was an anti-aircraft cunner killed when a shell hit his position. his nephew traveled from north carolina for today's ceremony to honor the young man he never got to meet. >> he was 21, 22-years-old. a baby. the bravery of the people. the last greatest generation. >> this isn't the day to remember us veterans, it is a day to remember those who did not come home. >> reporter: today for the first time a representative of the nation of japan spoke at the ceremony. >> on behalf of the people and
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government of japan i hereby offer with profound respects our enorthwestern do understand the souls who lost their lives in the battle field. >> reporter: the lost is still remembered and the history not forgotten but 75 years later those who were once enemies now stand together on common ground. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the uss fran made it through 17 major battles -- san francisco made it through 17 majorles in world war ii. people in oakland can now apply for medical marijuana permits. the mayor says the measure will create an equal playing field in the industry and will remove barriers. anybody who want to grow, distribute or deliver medical marijuana can apply. in san francisco today the streets of the mission district
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turned into a dance party. the carnival parade. kpix 5's jessica flores was there. >> reporter: an explosion of color. a celebration of community. the 39th annual carnival in san francisco show cased the diversity. >> here in san francisco -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> all about diversity. tradition and culture. >> reporter: more than 60 groups participated in the parade. >> i grown up in the mission, this is an event that happens every year, celebrating the diversity of the mission. >> reporter: groups performed dances from across latin america and the caribbean. the rich history of countries. while hundreds danced, some paraded down the street several feet off the ground.
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some even walking on their hands. >> i think it is great san francisco is bringing so many cultures here so many people can see it. it is like our own place in rio. >> reporter: she has attended carnival for three decades and watched gentification change her neighborhood but today the community's roots are in full display. >> our culture is still here. they are here for a couple years, they get a taste of it and then leave. but we still come back. our heart is here. >> reporter: the theme this year, the heart of san francisco. in san francisco, jessica flores, kpix 5. looks like fun. michelle griego and joe vazquez was out there anchoring our coverage. airs june 3. not a bad day for
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it. chilly side with over cast skies near the shoreline. much of the same for us tomorrow. morning drizzle around the area. near the coast and then sunny around the bay. inland looks good. by the afternoon, mid-70s inland. carbon copy of today. golden gate bridge 80 years and one-day-old. opened may 27, 1937. celebrated its 8th yesterday. oakland 64. san jose 68 degrees. we have mostly sunny skies around the bay area but chilly at the shoreline. inland, a degree or two cooler tomorrow but cooler on tuesday. high pressure is moverring to the east. the low pressure approaches. i don't like that batch of high clouds that is coming in to san francisco. abandon be surprised to see a
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sprinkle -- wouldn't be surprised to see a sprinkle over night. future cast isn't picking that up. sometimes it works, sometimes it works not so well. for tomorrow we have mostly sunny skies inland. and drizzle near the shoreline. a sprinkle or two over night tonight. drizzle tonight. more clouds. warms up into the 80s inland friday. mid-80s. we will have to wait for it. mountains, thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. redding up to 96 degrees. fresno 93. the airport tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. winds from 15 to 30. and in new york tomorrow, rain. with chicago a few thunderstorms. seattle 83 degrees. tomorrow. over night lows 51 for napa tonight. close to average. temperatures in the 60s around san francisco. south bay, doesn't look bad. 76 campbell. 79 degrees morgan hill.
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east bay a few low clouds. 80 degrees inland. and mid-70s around walnut creek. looking at temperatures warmer than that around uciexpo lake port and clear lake. mid-80s. extended forecast, memorial nice. seasonal temperatures. friday and saturday the heat will be on. straight ahead, more nba finals rhetoric. racing on display and giants, man, they got happy.
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. baseball up top. you know something? for all the breaks against them the giants deserved a game like today. baby, baby. yeah. series finale with the braves.
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johnny cueto on the mound. one handed grab in front of his lady friend. knuckleball baller r.a. dickey. wild pitch. nunez opened the scoring. scored two in the first and then johnny cueto, so much for blister problems. he was dealing. struck out the side in the second. 8 for the game. snapped a three game winless streak. 4-0 giants in the second inning. brandon crawford found a hole in left. that brought in two. he had three rbis in the game. 7th inning, defense. hernandez flashed some leather. we are done here. giants won it 7-1. they took 2- 3 from atlanta. nationals come in tomorrow. mean time a rollercoaster ride for the a's. get away game at the yankees.
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a two rbi shot. sadly he was thrown out at second. bases loaded. judge, swung on. gone. that is a grand slam. 5-2 new york. bottom 8th. yankees kept finding empty fair territory. two rbi bloop. yankees 9-5 final today. a's at cleveland next. a's 22-27. auto racing. you would think after 100 of indy 500s there wouldn't be much more history to be made. wrong. the make it pit -- snake pit pre-race. 2-1/2 miles. 200 laps. jr finished 16ing.
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lap 53. watch -- 16th. lap 53. watch this. kiss the sky. incredibly both drivers got up and walked away. watch this crash. 17 laps left. 5 cars involved. only 19 cars finished the race. 6 laps to go. the spotlight on helio castroneves. trying to win it for the 4th time but the move by takuama soto, back and forth they went. takuama soto held off helio castroneves. takuama soto became the first asian orn driver to win it. fifth -- asian driver to win it. showered himself with the celebratory milk. nba finals talk. i know, there is the godfather
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trilogy, been done with bat man. but there has been nothing like this. three straight years same two teams in the finals? looks like no steve kerr on the bench. i wonder how mike brown really feels? he will go against a team he coached two different times. he is also familiar with the cav's current coach. brown won 100 bucks off of him in a bet in 1998. >> we had a shooting contest. i lost. he wouldn't take the money. 19 years in a row he said you owe me $100. he won't take the money. >> reporter: does he say that every time -- >> every time i see him. every time i see him. you owe me $100. i try to pay, he won't take it. >> great anticipated match-up. i shot a guy in oakland, he
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painted his entire house in warriors motif. nothing but gold and blue. >> yeah. i don't blame him. they are excited. >> it will air later tonight. >> well, sounds like fun. thursday night? >> yes. 6:00 p.m. [ talking at the same time ]
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that was fun. that is it at 5:00 p.m. see you back here at 6:00 p.m.
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>> for an hour of news. news updates always on captioning sponsored by cbs ng a suspected mass murderer's chilling interview. >> i ain't fit to live. not after what i done. in quijano: eight are dead in mississippi including a deputy sheriff. >> my intent was to have y'all kill me. i ran out of bullets. >> quijano: also tonight new details about the victims of a possible hate crime in oregon. our chief washington correspondent on the president's overseas trip and the turmoil he comes home to. >> what did president trump accomplish on his overseas trip. >> quijano: we're on the front lines of the battle to run isis out of iraq second largest city. and diver down in the heart of time square. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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