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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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killed by officers. next.
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iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 11:00 p.m. a man armed with an ax shot dead by police. what officers did moments before opening fire and what neighbors say about the suspect's mental state. >> i am brian hackney. >> i am michelle griego. >> shooting happened in downtown san jose. another man inside was arrested and not hurt. kpix 5's betty yu on the terrifying moments before shots were fired. >> reporter: it was a disturbance call about a 10ment from a security guard -- tenant from security guard that brought out police after midnight. when they tried to contact two men inside the apartment police say they refused to open the door. >> officers observed flames and smoke from underneath front
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door. fearing for the lives of the occupants inside they forced the door open. >> reporter: police were greeted by a ax wheeling man. >> the suspect kisguarded the ax and did not comply with commands, a taser was deployed, however it had no effect on the suspect. >> reporter: police say the suspect then picked the ax back up. >> not till he threatened the officers with the ax and began to advance on the officers that the officer was given no other choice than todischarge his firearm. >> the suspect died later at the hospital. >> i was standing -- that is my balcony. i heard six first and three more after. >> reporter: she lives in the building , it opened a year ago. police say the man has a history of violence, mental illness and spent time in mental institutions.
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this is the 6th officer involved shooting this year. all of them involved people with mental illness. >> he kind of -- i can't think of anything he could do that would have that many police men. he was outnumbered. >> reporter: investigators dermed the fire -- determined the fire was set to deter officers. they tell us the officer opened fire has been on the force for two years and he had crisis intervention training. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. san francisco police are investigating another deadly shooting after 12:30 a.m. last night on mission street. when officers arrived they found a man shot. and another man with a gun. the suspect was arrested. his name and the name of the victim have not been released. >> reporter: kite surfers are safe after getting stranded. san francisco coast guard was called into help before 8:00
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p.m. last night. an hour later they found the two clinging to a navigation buoy. neither were wearing life jackets but thanks to the coast guard both made it out okay. another accidents around the bay area in california have not ended well. a man drowned last night near antioch. kpix 5's da lin says it points out the necessity for responsible boating. >> reporter: search and rescue scoured the water last night for a missing boater. they say the 53-year-old man who was not wearing a life jacket jumped into the water to retrieve his hat. he ended up losing more. his friends tried to pull him up but lost sight of him. >> sad to hear. sounds like it was an impulsive decision. >> the second tragedy in the area in recent weeks. last saturday outside the marina a boater drowned trying to rescue his son who went over
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board. the son made it out. the father did not. >> just like a gargle of water could disturb your breathing. scratching for air. >> reporter: this morning at the reservoir a boat and a jet ski collided. injuring two people and killing a man and on friday in the fresno area a boating accident killed uber ceo's mother and injured his father. folks on the bay say the tragedies remind them boating is not just a privilege, it is a responsibility. >> i think it is important to look at the weather forecast. we -- the weather forecast. est stats show california has the second highest number of boating related accidents and deaths. the coast guard says if you are on the water wear a life jacket. 85% of the people who drowned did not wear one. i am da lin, kpix 5.
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in hours investigators will team up with the manufacturer of this water slide. a child flew off it yesterday during the grand opening of the wave. the boy only had scrapes. kpix 5's wilson walker reports three of the signature slides have been closed off to veterans but the same slides could be found around the world. >> you could see when he came into the run out area. he seemed to get on top of the water and he ended up sliding across the edge for a bit and then he was shaken by the experience. >> reporter: shaken and scratched up but that boy walked away from his wild ride down the emerald plunge, the dramatic center piece in the new $43 million water park. >> the thrill slide, the largest drops. >> the two slides remained closed as investigators took a
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closer look at things. specifically the landing area where the boy hit the water and went shooting back into the air. >> the manufacturer of the slides will be on site tomorrow. >> that is what is so puzzling about this. the only thing unique about the epseep the name. you can find this exact same piece of equipment in water parks all over the world. >> yeah. this is not -- this is not a custom slide. this is a slide that is an off the shelf slide. >> reporter: everyone here today knew exactly what happened on day one. >> someone fell off. >> reporter: which meant this on day two. >> disappointed we couldn't go on it today. >> disappointed. >> stuff happens. >> reporter: parent being parents looked at the bright side of that. >> i figured people might be scared off and not come today. >> kids will be kids. >> reporter: would you do it?
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>> yeah. >> yeah. >> reporter: but that will have to wait as they try to figure out how the slide sent the child off the rails as soon as the park opened. >> till we can, you know, resolve what occurred, the slides will remain closed. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. today the park closed a third slide called called the rip tide so staff could look at whether or not it has the correct water slides. three other slides are still open. look at this. nobody hurt in this fire but you can see how intense it was. that is a wooden car port. the fire also damaged a neighboring home. there is no word on how it started. new tonight firefighters are trying to put out a brush fire in los angeles that broke out this afternoon in the bend wood neighborhood. five homes had it -- brentwood neighborhood. 5 homes had to be evacuated. it is already 70% contain.
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the fire was started by somebody using a gas powered weed whacker. mosh about the suspect accused of a shooting in mississippi that left 8 people dead including a sheriff's deputy. willie godbolt says while he was being arrested he was hoping to be killed by police. >> suicide by cop was my intention. i ain't fit to live. not after what i have done. [ indiscernible ] >> willie godbolt says he was having a fight with his estranged wife and her family over his children. when a sheriff's deputy arrived willie godbolt pulled a gun and opened fire. >> a lot of my officers were friends with the other victims. it is all hitting home for lot of us. we had other ties to the
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victims. not just our loss of him. >> his wife and another family member managed to escape. authorities found four more bodies at two other location. a motive is not yet clear. tomorrow on memorial day president trump will lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery. today he blasted the sources reporting connections between russia and his son-in-law and senior white house adviser jared kushner. >> i think any channel of communication back or otherwise with a country like russia is a good thing. >> to have the president's son- in-law, a key player within the trump organization, trying to establish a back channel with the russians through a russian facility, you have to ask, who
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are they hiding the conversations from. >> investigators and committees are still investigating russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. coming up, how two enemies in world war ii came together today to mark a somber and historic anniversary in san francisco. >> we could see something serious was going on. we couldn't tell what it was. >> the deadly fleet week parachuting accident that killed a navy s.e.a.l. [ singing ] >> plus the iconic rap group performing on the uss hornet and what will beha tomorrow. >> live -- be happening tomorrow. >> live, low over cast in san francisco and a cool starlet to memorial day but there -- start to memorial day but there is a warming trend in sight. we will have the forecast for you after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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what if there was a paint... ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. navy s.e.a.l. team member died in the new york area today. falling debris from the parachute was caught on camera, at the same time the man plunged into the hudson river. more on the deadly incident. >> reporter: videos like this one on social media show the precision and skill of the navy
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frogs and in the moments before the tragedy tourists were snapping these photos when things appeared to go just fin till one parachute malfunctioned. the unthinkable was happening here on the water. he cut away from his broken shoot and across on the other side of the water a residents in a high rise horrified as he took these pictures of the unmanned shoot falling to the ground. police immediately had the area blocked off till they could remove it. >> looking and all excited to see the guys parachuting down and then it tumbled out of control. crazy. >> reporter: immediately a rescue operation began on the water as police and coast guard were on hard for the event. but things became more confusing as the activities continued on like nothing
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happened. including this coast guard rescue which was a demonstration, not related to the actual incident. the result, confusion from the shoreline to the water where spectators weren't sure what was happening. >> they asked everybody to not take pictures. we could see something serious was going on. >> looked like chicago was wrong. -- like something was wrong. ceremony in san francisco honoring military members in world war ii, they were all aboard the uss san francisco who made it through 17 major battles. kpix 5's john ramos was there for the important anniversary today. >> reporter: each year at lands end in san francisco there is a ceremony to remember those killed aboard a world war ii ship named for the city. today's was a solemn
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anniversary. 75 years ago the world was at war and uss san francisco was part of a massive naval struggle to take the pacific island. he remembers the midnight battle of 13, negative, 1942. >> a lot of shooting going between the two chips as we received u -- ships and as we received one of their big firing ships, all sets fires all the time. >> reporter: 100 sailers and 7 marines died on the san francisco. one was john williamson, killed when a shell hit his position at the rear of his ship. his nephew traveled from north carolina for today's ceremony to honor the young man he never got to meet. >> 21, 22-years-old. a baby. the bravery and the heroism of these people. you hear people use the statement it was the last greatest generation and it truly makes you believe that.
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>> this is a day to remember those who did not come home. >> reporter: that was true on both sides of the conflict. today for the first time a representative of the nation of japan spoke at the ceremony. >> on behalf of the people and government of japan i hereby offer with profound respects our eternal condolences to the souls who lost their lives in the battle field. >> the loss is still remembered and the history not forgotten but 75 years later those who were once enemies now stand together on common ground. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. [ singing ] [ music ] new video shows headliners performing at this weekend's ship show music festival aboard the uss hornet.
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a world war ii aircraft carrier in alameda. the scene will be different tomorrow. a memorial day wreath ceremony will sawner service men and women who lost their lives defending our country. the ceremony tomorrow starts at 11:00 a.m. a lot of outdoor ceremonies and barbecues. the forecast is very important. no pressure. >> lovely to see you. >> i should be asleep. >> you should be asleep. >> michelle does the morning news at 4:30 a.m. usually but then juliette goodrich didn't feel well so as a result we have you here tonight. fun, fun, fun. good to see you. 57 concord. oakland 57 right now. san francisco 56. santa rosa 53 degrees. well, it will be chilly at the shoreline tomorrow. beach side barbecues bundle up, 50s all day tomorrow. and cooler inland. still plent. memorial day weather, mid- to
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upper 70s. the pacific, a weak trough approaching the california shoreline that will throw high clouds and a few drops over the bay area. cooler off tomorrow. more on tuesday and wednesday. drizzle that shoreline tomorrow morning and tuesday morning. low clouds along the shoreline and mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. tonight partly cloudy skies. some drizzle. more clouds and cooler mid- week. 80s inland for the weekend. thunder atelic and yosemite -- lake tahoe and yoko ono tomorrow. sfo, some clouds. high of 62. chicago, thunderstorms and new york has rain. over night lows tonight bay area mostly in the 50s. and day time highs tomorrow, close to average, 60s near the bay and mid-70s in the south bay. mid-70s and low 80s in the east bay. north bay low clouds to start, sun to finish and low 70s for
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highs. 80s for ukiah, lake county. clouds tomorrow, seasonal tomorrow. cool days. weekend we will be looking at mid-80s. but that the not till friday. chilly along it shoreline. >> all right. thank you. still ahead it memorial weekend beachgoers scared off by sharks. where it happened earlier today. and a celebration, floats, flags and festivities at the carnival parade. >> game day, a chat with the indy 500 champion, the first japanese driver to win the greatest spectacle in racing. he makes the most of his minutes. javale mcgee on his funnel nba finals and name another u.s. yeoman from the 1936 games
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besides jesse owens? you can't. can you? we will honor a forgotten gold medalist from those games. all that and more on game day after the newscast. kpix 5 weather is sponsored by ...
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. expect large crowds tomorrow in san francisco. the memorial day commemoration starts at 10:30 a.m. with a march to the san francisco national cemetery
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followed by a ceremony that includes several speakers as well as a 21 gun salute and a couple bay area parades on memorial day. 10:30 a.m. at the town hall in bills burrow. and most other bay area cities have ceremonies tomorrow as well. you can find events in your town by heading to san francisco's mission district turned into a dance floor today. >> look at the city's carnival parade. kpix 5's jessica flores was there with thousands of performers and spectators. >> reporter: an explosion of color. a celebration of community. the 39th annual carnival in san francisco show cased the diversity pumping through the streets of the mission district. >> in san francisco -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> all about diversity.
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tradition and culture. >> reporter: from traditions to low rider culture, 60 groups participated in the parade. >> i have grown up in the mission. this is an event that happens every year. celebrating the diversity of the mission. >> reporter: groups performed dances from across lateen america, and the caribbean. while hundreds danced, some paraded down had streets, several feet off the ground. some even walking on their hands. >> i think it is great that san francisco is bringing so many cultures from around the world here. like our own place in rio. >> reporter: she has attended carnival for three decades. she watched gentrification change her neighborhood but today the community's roots are in full display. >> our culture is still here. there is so many people that come here. they are here for a couple
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years. they get a taste of it and then they leave but we still come back. we are always here. >> reporter: the theme this year, the heart of san francisco. and the beat of the drums and the traditions. in san francisco, jessica flores, kpix 5. coming up next, a bummer for beachgoers. the busy section of southern california coast line closed off today because of sharks. ,,,,,,,,
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beaches in oregon county are under advisory because of shark sightings. several great whites appeared close to shore today. the beaches were briefly closed. they were reopened this afternoon. last woman had leg injuries when she was attacked by a great white. last week 2 dozen great heights were spot -- whites were spotted. >> it was scary. seeing that. we are not used to seeing that. >> there are big sharks out there. these are 10, 12-footers out there. if you are ignoring that with your child, you are not being responsible as a parent. >> signs are posted saying enter at your own risk. the great whites are juveniles and are feeding on small fish. >> that is why i like staying on land. we will be right back.
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your long day is over. >> so is yours. >> have a good night. >> all right.
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this is lexus' game day on kpix 5. >> did you know the indianapolis 5 human being is not in -- is not in -- 500 is not in indianapolis. that is just for starters. good evening. another game day. the indy 500 champion javale mcgee and the dubs but first the giants, 8 games under .500 and they are not being babies
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about it. they had going the last couple days. johnny cueto against had braves. this -- the braves. this guy. right place, right time. one handed grab. a gift for his lady friend. r.a. dickey control issues. bases loaded. wild pitch. nunez opened the scoring. scored two in the first flame. johnny cueto battling blister problems. did it look like it to you? struck out the side in the second. fanned 8 for the game. snapped a three game winless streak. 4-0 giants in the second. brandon crawford found a hole in left. he had three rbis for the game. 7th inning. defense. hernandez. we are done here. giants won


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