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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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our nation's leader to a growing crisis within his administration. >> a lot going on. thanks for joining us this monday, may 29th, memorial day. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. first let's start this morning off with a check of traffic and weather with roberta gonzales, entering the picture, maybe a second late but we will forgive her for that. >> i was here and then i left. i thought it was jaclyn's turn. >> how was your weekend at carnivale? >> it was great. it was really -- you know what i learned is that the whole community really embraces that, i should have known it's the 39th annual but not until you actually see it do you realize how much this means to the community and the tradition and the history of it all. yeah. >> that's a big festival that goes on in san francisco's mission district, if people aren't familiar with it. roberta was there and she was -- >> saw that feather head dress, right. it looks nice. >> feathers all over the studio. >> i know. i'm still picking feathers out of my hair.
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get a check of traffic this morning. >> if you are getting ready to hit the roadways, good news, traffic is nice and light so leave now because that likely will not be the case later this afternoon as everyone is returning from their holiday weekend. traffic expected to be very busy. right now we are looking at the san mateo bridge and those tail lights making their way in the westbound direction out of hayward heading into foster city, a 14 minute ride, no major delays to tell you about if you're making your way along 101, this is right near 380 so just north of sfo, you can see traffic nice and light, you can also count the cars out on the freeway there, speeds moving right at the limit. we are seeing a few slowdowns approaching the richmond, san rafael bridge. no reports of any accidents. an update for you on that coming up in the next traffic report but first send it over to roberta and get a check on the forecast. our live weather camera from our kpix5 studios, looking out past pier 9 and i just noticed they lowered the flag. you can see it wavering. that must be in recognition of memorial day, an observation.
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thin overcast through the coast to the bay into our inland areas. this is at mount vaca where the sun is making an appearance. mid and high level cloudiness as well today. also picking up a bit of a breeze. right now sfo at 15, 11 at oakland, 12 at half moon bay. the winds have been increasing, now at 24 in the fairfield area. these winds are all associated with a very robust marine layer that's really between about 1000 and 1500 feet deep. so deep it's going to take a while to see any kind of clearing at the seashore today so temperatures will be adversely affected. 50s beaches, 60s, 70s around the peninsula today, jumping up to 76 degrees in los altos back through east palo alto. foster city as well as, high 70s in morgan hill through gilroy. warmest numbers 84 towards the delta. and north bay, northwest 10 to 20, stinson beach at 53. the full forecast is still
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ahead. today is memorial day and you can expect large crowds in the presidio in san francisco this morning. the one frightening annual memorial day commemoration starts at 10:30 a.m. with a march to the san francisco national cemetery. that's followed by a cemetery that includes several speakers as well as a 21 gun salute. well, this morning a memorial day wreath ceremony will honor servicemen and women who lost their lives defending our country. the ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m. aboard the uss hornet. most other bay area cities have ceremonies going on this morning. to find events in your town by heading to our web page, -- cbs anybody flying to or from sfo could be in for more delays. kpix5's sandra osborne live at sfo on the repair work that could cause more late arrivals. sandra. >> reporter: well, it's already a busy holiday weekend and at
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sfo just yesterday alone there were more than 400 delays. however, today they are hoping to have a completely different story despite that construction happening on one of the largest runways here at sfo. now, they do say that this repaving project, it was supposed to be finished before memorial day, however, some wet weather this spring delayed that work. the goal now is to have the $35 million project on the tarmac finished before the summer rush. still getting through the long memorial day holiday weekend aaa expecting 39.3 million americans to travel more than 50 miles. while 88% of travelers will be going by car, more people are taking the skies this year than last. nearly 3 million people traveling by plane before the holiday weekend is over. that is a 5.7% increase over last year. one woman we spoke with says she definitely noticed the crowds this weekend. >> it was packed. i think san francisco yesterday was the busiest i have ever
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seen it. as far as like going up the golden bridge, taking photos, you couldn't pull over anymore. there isn't available parking as usual. yeah, it was pretty hectic, especially yesterday more than anything. >> reporter: well, sfo had 412 delays and 21 cancellations yesterday, they say they are hoping to get that closed runway reopened by 8:00 this morning, minimizing any delays at least from construction. reporting live from sfo, sandra osborne, kpix5. you may want to give yourself a lot of extra time if you're taking b.a.r.t. through the fruitvale area today. there's no service between fruitvale and lake merritt because crews are rebuilding those tracks. you can catch a free shuttle bus during the closure but riders should expect 20 to 40 minute delays, especially for service to the oakland airport. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a young boy to fly off a water slide. it happened at that brand-new water park that just opened in dublin.
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kpix5's jessica flores is live outside the wave with the latest. jessica. >> reporter: and it happened just a few hours after the grand opening here of the wave. that slide was supposed to be a thrill slide but it took a very dangerous turn when a 10-year- old boy went flying off the landing area. now, the slide is right behind me. it's called the emerald plunge and investigators basically say that the boy was going down and fell off the landing area, the edge of the slide. he went 2 feet down. the boy was able to walk away with scrapes. his parents had to take him to the hospital to get checked out. the city of dublin owns and operates the park and after the accident they closed the emerald plunge and the city also closed another thrill slide citing safety. today the manufacturer of that three story slide will be here trying to figure out what happened. osha is also investigating. >> as an observer, you could see was when he came into what we run -- refer to as the
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runout area, he seemed to get a little bit on top of the water and he ended up sort of sliding across the edge for a bit and then he was definitely shaken by that experience. >> reporter: osha permitted the slide and the city says that it was tested extensively before the park opened. now, one interesting thing here the city manager tells us this slide is found around the globe. she basically called it an off the shelf slide so they will try to figure out what happened so wrong mere in dublin. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. this just in, one man is dead after a traffic stop turned into a police chase before police shot and killed this man in vacaville. police say it all started as a traffic stop at about a quarter to 1:00 this morning when an officer ran the car's plates, turned out the vehicle was stolen. police say that was when a short pursuit began coming to an end at the intersection of orange drive and nut tree parkway. officers performed what they
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call a pit maneuver. >> and the officers broadcast over the radio that they had performed the pit maneuver or pursuit intervention technique. they indicated on the radio that it was successful and shortly after that they broadcast that shots were fired. >> the officer involved in the shooting is now in the hospital and an investigation is underway. after nine days abroad, president trump shifts his focus back to domestic matters. today he will mark memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and delivering remarks at arlington national cemetery but he's already digging in his heels to defend his son-in-law. president trump took to twitter throughout the day sunday declaring his overseas trip a great success before moving onto the media saying in part the fake news media works hard at disparaging and demeaning my use of social media because they don't want america to hear the real story. the tweet storm came amid recent revelations that jared
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kushner is under fbi community for allegedly trying to back channel communications with russia. the request came during a december meeting with russian ambassador sergei kislyak at trump tower. homeland security secretary john kelly is among those defending kushner. >> anytime you have channels of communication with a country, particularly one like russia, i wouldn't criticize it. >> but others criticizing the move pointing out it followed alleged russian interference in the election. >> my dashboard warning light was clearing on -- clearly on and i think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community. >> the adam schiff says he wants to know more. >> to have the president's son- in-law a key player within the trump organization trying to establish a back channel with the russians through a russian diplomatic facility, you have to ask, well, who are they hiding the conversations from? >> the president also tweeted on sunday about the republican plan to overhaul obamacare and his plan to reform the tax code. mr. trump signaled those
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efforts are, quote, moving along in the process very well and are actually ahead of schedule. and last night the white house issued a statement in which mr. trump expressed confidence in kushner saying that he's, quote, doing a great job for the country and is a very good person. a new billboard campaign is encouraging all californians to resist president trump's agenda and stand up for what they believe. they have been popping up around sacramento over the past few weeks. the words resist appear in multiple languages as a testament to the state's diversity. many also includes the #stay loud. the california endowment is the group behind the billboard. >> this campaign is about encouraging all californians to make sure their voice is heard, that our voice is heard in washington, that our voice is heard hear in the capitol and sacramento. >> the billboard campaign will continue to spread to other cities over the coming year. time now, 6:10. up for debate next, the latest bay area city seeking to ban
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outdoor marijuana cultivation. from the kpix5 weather center, good morning, everyone, we have afternoon baseball but will it be in the sun? full forecast coming up. and we are enjoying a very nice start to our monday morning commute. really not much of a commute right now. traffic nice and light. no metering lights at the bay bridge. we will take a look at the rest of your ride coming up. in our tech report, tesla's model three spotted driving in the bay area. when production for the new car is expected to start. we will be right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. in our bay area watch, saratoga city council is considering banning people from growing pot outdoors within city limits. the ordinance up for a vote on june 7th. it would also regulate indoor cultivation for personal use plus prohibit commercial pot activity. proposition 64 allows cultivation of up to six plants for personal use indoors and outdoors but cities can, quote, reasonably regulate marijuana use within their bounds. crews are building a mini
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golden gate bridge to test how the real one will stand against the winds. it is all part of the seismic upgrades underway. officials are working to strengthen the center portion of the bridge and crews say they want to build a replica of the bridge to test it in a wind tunnel. ultimately they need to see how big the platform should be and where they should be placed. more flights will soon be moving in and out of oakland, spirit airlines has added nonstop flights to baltimore and detroit. the new flights bring spirit offerings from oakland up to seven nonstop destinations including chicago, dallas and las vegas. spirit is now oakland international's second largest carrier behind southwest airlines. >> i really like flying in and out of oakland. it's so much easier. >> it is. >> you know, there's less drama. you can actually park there and afford it. and we are always talking about delays at sfo between the weather and runway renovations going on. >> the only delays you may run
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into today if you're flying out of oakland or if you're taking b.a.r.t. because they do have the track closure and that is impacting anyone who is trying to get to the oakland airport 20 to 40 minute delays, that's in the east bay between -- >> so you go earlier and then get to the airport and the restaurant there is fantastic. >> i like your style. >> next time i go. all right. how is our traffic looking this holiday? >> traffic nice and light so far. we started off a little rough with some accidents but things definitely quiet on the roadways now. a lot of folks off of work today so enjoying a nice and easy ride. those commuters that do have to go to work, right now oakland 880, no delays between 238 and the maze, you can see just a few cars out there on this early start. heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and no delays. no backups, take a picture, this will last longer because later today it's going to be jam packed with everyone heading home from their holiday
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weekend travel. if you are heading out the doorway right now, keep in mind that chp will have full enforcement, that remains in effect for the holiday weekend. we will have tips for you coming up. but for now i will send it over to roberta. get a check on the forecast. >> live weather camera looking out towards a gray sky from the embarcadero looking out towards the port of oakland. you can see the flag has lowered -- is lowered this morning on top of pier 9 in observation of memorial day. meanwhile we head out to sfo where we now have delays 59 minutes on several arriving flights due to the very low ceiling, roughly down between about 1000 feet and 1500, limiting visibility for the folks there in the tower. currently temperature 51 degrees in san francisco, 56 apiece oakland and also in san jose. it's in the low 50s in santa rosa, also low 50s in concord according to ron who is our weather watcher at queen of all saints school and ron reports overcast conditions in concord so when i saw that observation,
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i went ahead and called up our satellite imagery to see how far inland the stratus has spread. this is an extensive and widespread area of low clouds and some fog that streams all the way out towards the delta this morning. going to take a while to see any kind of burnoff at the seashore where we have the winds at 12 at half moon bay. 15 at sfo, 10 to 15 around most of the rim of the bay this morning. 15 in the san ramon valley. winds have now dialed back to 17 in fairfield where we have been picking up winds all morning up to 24 miles per hour. winds later today northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour, we have a series of troughs that one there and then this one that is going to cool us down on tuesday and wednesday. here's your futurecast, here's your afternoon. see the clouds are still playing tag with the san mateo coast at 1:00 in the afternoon, briefly backs up before it fills back in and moves into the trivalley. this time tomorrow morning. not as expansive, though,
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there's that trough breezing through on tuesday enhancing the cloud deck and therefore cooler air mass aloft. by thursday into friday we will begin to see some warmer temperatures. meanwhile across the state today, 85 degrees sacramento, stockton, davis, otherwise 93 at mother said, mow -- merced, modesto, manteca. a thunderstorm possible late day in the greater lake tahoe area, 95 in redding. in fact, in the tahoe area for the next couple of days we will see thunderstorms. official sunrise 5:50, sunset 8:24. cloudy skies at the coast. only partial clearing at best, 60s bay side, 70s around the peninsula, 70s pretty much across most of the inland areas but if you're going to do any cherry picking in brentwood, 84 degrees, cooler tuesday, wednesday, thursday 80, warmer by the weekend. today at 11:00 a.m. at the senior center in pleasanton we have memorial observation ceremonies going on. it's 66 climbing to a high in the low 80s and we have
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afternoon baseball, partially in the sun today, breezy conditions, cool. looks like matt moore is on the mound for the good guys, the nationals are in town at 61 degrees. enjoy your day. >> thank you, roberta. tesla's much hyped model three sedan was reportedly spotted on a bay area bridge. the prototype was seen crossing the san mateo bridge. tesla expected to reveal the model three sedan before production kicks off in july. the car set the change the company's luxury narrative since this model 3 would start at a mere $35,000, relatively speaking and include more modest capabilities. art official intelligence could be coming to your iphone. bloomberg is reporting that apple is working on a new kind of chip that can process an eye. the chip is reportedly called apple neutral engine. it could be used for -- or apple neuroengine, actually. could be used for facial recognition, some sort of speech recognition and the
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phone's predictive keyboard for the chip. so far no official word from apple. morning, everybody. if you just coming in from a weekend of barbecue, did you see this crash from yesterday? it's the indy 500. we will tell you who, we will tell you what happened in a jiffy. ,, handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys.
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yesterday. johnny cueto had a stuffy fan, eight and eight innings allowed one run. giants gave him a 4-0 lead before brandon crawford cashed in with two more runs. giants beat the braves 7-1, won the series. nationals later on today. coney island and this roller coaster, he's been on a roller coaster. yankees yesterday, as up a run, bases loaded, aaron judge, how about a grand slam. yankees won is 9-5, as the cleveland later on today. indy 500 yesterday, scott dixon airborne, his car integrated on impact with the infield wall. i'm not making this up, folks. incredibly neither dixon or the other driver were hurt. two laps left, tacuma sato on the inside, held up helio castroneves to win is, sato became the first japanese driver ever to win the greatest spectacle in racing from japan:
6:26 am
that will do it at this hour. don't want to go without telling you austin dillon won the nascar coca-cola 600 if you're scoring at home. it was his first ever nascar win. he was a 100-1 shot. pretty good odds. i'll see you later. i'm sandra osborne live from sfo this morning where right now there is construction happening on the second longest runway at the airport but will that cause any delays? i'll have details coming up in just a minute. and a young boy flies off a new water slide in dublin. investigators want to know why. i'm jessica flores live with the details coming up.
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live from the cbs bay areas studios, this is kpix5 news. president trump is back home after his first international trip as our nation's leader. the key decisions he's set to make and the channels his administration is facing. plus how some in the bay area plan to reflect on the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women this memorial day. and -- >> we are literally next to the fire. let's go home. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> too close for comfort. a southern california couple finds themself right next to large flames and heavy smoke while out on a hike. but first, in dublin, a water slide at the new wave party park is closed after a little boy flew off of it over the weekend. good morning. it's monday, may 29th. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is 6:30. boy, this happened right after this new water park opened. jessica flores joining us live now with more on the
6:31 am
investigation into what went wrong. jessica. >> reporter: well, that's right. it happened just hours into the grand opening here at the new wave water park here in dublin. now, the boy was going down a thrill ride, right behind me you can see it's three stories tall. it was going down and somehow flew off in the landing area. now, that's what investigators are trying to figure out, what happened there. the 10-year-old boy was going down the emerald plunge when he fell off the edge of the slide. the ground was 2 feet below, the boy was able to walk away with scrapes, his parents had to take him to the hospital to get checked out. the steve of -- city the dublin owns and operates the park. after the accident they closed the emerald plunge and the city also closed another thrill slide citing safety. today the manufacturer of the slide will be here trying to determine what went wrong. osha is also investigating. >> what we could call the thrill side, have the largest drop and until we can, you
6:32 am
know, resolve what occurred, the slides will remain closed. >> reporter: osha permitted the slide and the city says that it was tested extensively before the park opened on saturday. now, another interesting thing to note here is the city says this is basically an off-the- shelf slide, that it wasn't custom built and you can find this slide around the globe. reporting live in dublin, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. memorial day can spell plenty of traffic and packed airports and now anybody flying out of or into sfo could be in for more delays. kpix5's sandra osborne live at sfo on the repair work that could make for more late arrivals. sandra. >> reporter: they are hoping to get everything all set up, the tarmac set up for peak summer travel and despite major delays yesterday at sfo and the repair work happening right now, they are hoping it will be a different story today and that they can keep those delays down to a minimum.
6:33 am
although we have some delays being reported right now. now, sfo says this repaving project on the airport's second longest runway was scheduled to be completed before memorial day but wet weather this spring delayed the work. the goal is to have the $35 million project on the tarmac finished now before the summer rush. for the third year in a row aaa predicting more travelers on the road than in the skies over memorial day weekend. 39.3million americans expected to travel more than 50 miles. 88% of those travelers will go by car, but more people are also taking to the skies this year than last. nearly 3 million people will be traveling by plane. we spoke with one woman who woke up extra early to get to sfo this morning just in case there were crowds. >> wake up early in preparation for that, i kind of assumed that because it was so busy yesterday and today is monday that it might be a little bit slower today, so -- >> reporter: and yesterday the airport had more than 400
6:34 am
delays and 21 cancellations, we spoke with an on-duty manager out here earlier this morning. they say the closed runway, they are hoping to have it reopened again by 8:00 this morning. but despite that, we also have some low clouds out here, so there are some delays being reported, right now according to flight aware, there are 14 delays and at least one cancellation. reporting live from sfo, sandra osborne, kpix5. today drivers will not be able to park near the golden gate bridge. crews are trying to reduce traffic for the busy holiday rush. there will be no spots available at vista point and the south end welcome center. in honor of memorial day today, several events happening throughout the bay area. several parades planned. one of them starts at litton square in mill valley at a quarter to 10:00 this morning. another one starts at 10:30 this morning at the town hall in hillsborough. a lot of bay area cities have ceremonies or parades happening this morning. and you can find all the events in your own town by heading to
6:35 am get a live look outside, a live look at sfo and a look at 880 in oakland right now. we are of course monitoring your commute which is pretty light on this memorial day. >> uh-huh. well, you had a big memorial day weekend thus far, roberta, right? here's a remnant of it. >> i love this. >> you didn't wear that yesterday, did you? >> it's carnivale, big festival in the mission. you were the grand marshal of the parade? >> i was. it was a big kpix5 effort. we had about everybody working yesterday out there and it was just -- i didn't know what to expect. i have never been part of it, even though it's 39th annual. i just -- it was the feeling of families, four generations of people that would be out there celebrating this but it was quite the scene out there. >> can you approximate us that on? >> what is it called in spanish? >> oh, no, not right now plus i got to get to the weather. we are going to televise
6:36 am
carnivale this saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. dial in for that. morning, take a look outside right now, it is our live weather camera looking out towards may gray, a little bit of a breeze out there as well. clouds are now filtering into the mount vaca area where we had bright sunshine just 30 minutes ago. temperaturewise we are in the 50s. winds have been increasing pretty robust with this onshore push, 15 now at sfo with delays at 59 minutes on some arriving flights due to the very low ceiling. 21 now in the fairfield area. there you have that very robust marine layer roughly 1000 to 1500 feet deep, barely any clearing at the coast today with the -- where the temperatures will be in the 50s. 60s, 70s around the peninsula today, 74 san jose, outside number 84 towards the deltas, 70s around the car quains straight -- carquinez strait. send it over to jaclyn. >> tracking an accident, one of the first for this morning,
6:37 am
right now along eastbound 580. starting to see the yellow sensors hitting our screen. blocking one lane. walnut creek, traffic is nice and light, flowing freely in both directions. tail lights moving in the southbound direction as you make your approach to highway 24. oakland nice and quiet in both directions along 880. that was a check of your traffic. send it back over to you, anne. police in santa rosa are trying to piece together a shooting. officers found two people who had been shot at two separate scenes, the first at around 10:00 last night on grand avenue. the other on colligan avenue. both victims were rushed to the hospital in serious condition. police believe the shooting was gang related. san jose police say that a deadly officer-involved shooting this weekend only involved bullets because a man threatened them with an ax. it happened an at apartment complex on east st. john street early yesterday morning.
6:38 am
officers say when they arrived for a disturbance call, two suspects refused to let them in and then started a fire. after officers forced a door open, one suspect was taken into custody but the other refused to cooperate. police say they tried to tase him but then later opened fire. the 35-year-old suspect suffered from mental illness. president trump back home after his first trip abroad as the nation's leader. at home trump is facing challenges new and old, questions still looming about his campaign and whether his associates had contact with russian officials before he took office. meanwhile the republican house bill -- health bill that narrowly passed the house has an uncertain future in the senate. last night president trump took to twitter suggesting that increased spending could be the key to improving the nation's healthcare system. he wrote, quote, i suggest that we add more dollars to healthcare and make it the best anywhere. obamacare is dead. the republicans will do much better. in response senator kamala harris took to twitter writing,
6:39 am
quote, as a country we have to ask ourselves do we believe healthcare should be a right for all or a privilege for the few? i say a right for all. today marks 100 years since the birth of our 35th president, john f. kennedy. he was born on this day may 29th in balloon, massachusetts, the year 1917. jfk the youngest man ever elected to the nation's highest office. kennedy, of course, was assassinated in -- on november 22nd, 1963 in dallas, texas. he is buried in arlington national cemetery. north korea launched another ballistic missile test this morning, a third in three weeks. the communityist country -- communist country launched another short range missile this weekend, flew over six minutes before landing in the waters offer mainland japan. kim jong-un apparently ordered mass production of a new anti- aircraft weapon system. it was tested in the north yesterday, according to state media. president trump responded to the news on twitter this morning writing, quote, north
6:40 am
korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor china by shooting off yet another ballistic missile but china is trying hard, exclamation point. we are learning more about the man police say was behind the shooting deaths of eight people in mississippi including a sheriff's deputy. willie godbolt is facing seven counts of first-degree murder and one charge of capital murder. the 35-year-old suspect told a local reporter that he was speaking with relatives on saturday when someone called the police as he was handcuffed on the side of the road. >> not after what i done. i was having a conversation with her stepdady and her mama and her, my wife, about me taking my children home. >> later that night police found the bodies of four victims, police say that godbolt moved onto two other homes in a nearby city where they found the bodies of four other victims. police have not yet confirmed godbolt's relationship with the victims. it is 20 minutes before 7:00. homes under evacuation, next the fight underway to stop a
6:41 am
fast moving fire in southern california. plus considering an expansion, why the u.s. may soon ban laptops on all flights into and out of the country.
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good morning, everyone. on this memorial day let's see what you can anticipate. a deep marine layer with only partial clearing at best on the seashore into the 50s. all the way up to 84, well away from the bay into the delta. robust wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. notice a cooldown on tuesday, wednesday, a gradual warmup occurs on thursday and for the first weekend of june we are talking about temperatures into the mid-80s away from the bay. new video shows the mess left behind in tennessee and arkansas after thunderstorms knocked down trees and damaged homes. on the left significant debris on residential streets from a system that left 138,000 people
6:45 am
without power. city officials say it could be a week before they get it back and on your right there you can see some scenes from arkansas, major cleanups in store for homeowners there. firefighters trying to contain a brush fire near los angeles that started yesterday in a brentwood neighborhood. at last check it was burning about 60 acres near mandeville canyon road. authorities say someone who used gas powered weed wacker accidentally started it. at least five homes have been evacuated. >> my back yard and i looked over and it was nothing but black smoke and red flames. i grabbed my dog, i grabbed my husband, threw him in the car, got out, called the neighbors and said put it on the homeowners things and got out as fast as i could. >> as of late last night the fire 70% contained. warm weather have officials concerned about the zika virus. texas and florida two of the highest risk states where health experts say there could
6:46 am
be outbreaks. arizona and southern california are also on that list. experts say more mosquitoes come out when it's warm out. scientists are working on a vaccine right now for the zika virus. it is in its early stages. homeland secretary john kelly is considering significant changes to a laptop ban on flights. a current ban affects about 50 flights per day preventing travelers from bringing laptops, tablets and a handful of other devices on a plane. it affects people flying into the u.s. from 10 cities, most of them in the middle east but kelly is considering a new ban that would apply to all international flights to the united states. british airways is closer to operating at full capacity after a power outage disrupted its computer system and stranded thousands of passengers but the airline is still not -- has still not explained the cause of the power issue. they don't believe it was a cyber attack but it forced mass cancellations at london's heathrow and gatwick airports on saturday. so far today 13 short haul flights have been cancelled.
6:47 am
uber and lyft will be heading back to austin. the texas governor going to sign a bill into law that puts the state in charge of regulating the ride hailing companies instead of local governments. about a year ago, uber and lyft left the texas capitol when the city started requiring fingerprints for drivers. together the company spent $9 million campaigning against that rule but residents voted in favor of the order so uber and lyft moved out. they are expected to hit the streets again in austin today. time check, 6:47 on this memorial day. get a check of the roads with jaclyn. how are they looking out there? >> the roads are nice and quiet right now. we've got a few accidents but really nothing to write home about. we are tracking a pretty smooth commute for drivers so if you are one of the folks that does have to work today, you won't be dealing with too much traffic at least for the morning. this afternoon, i can't promise you anything. here is 101 right near 380 and this is just north of the
6:48 am
airport and no delays along 101 just yet. a little busier. we are tracking an accident and this is north of there, 101 right near sierra point parkway. it's an injury crash, not sure if it's blocking any lanes, still in the green and we are moving just below the limit as you head southbound direction. an earlier crash still causing delays for drivers along eastbound 580, this is right as you are approaching highway 24, the spinout blocking one lane, chp getting ready to clear that crash off the roadway but in the meantime you may see some flashing lights heading through that stretch. northbound 280 at bird avenue reports of an accident and we are seeing some very slow speeds heading in that northbound direction. speeds drop below 15 miles per hour once you get past that, you're good to go and in the green as well as the rest of our travel times, 580, highway 4 and interstate 80, the east shore freeway looking good. that is a check of your traffic. let's check on the forecast now with roberta. >> thanks, jaclyn. morning, everybody. 6:48, live weather camera looking out towards sfo, up to
6:49 am
59 minute delays on some arriving flights due to that right there, look at the cloudiness. we do at this particular time have temperatures into the 50s, it's now 51 in san francisco, 52 in santa rosa. how about our weather watcher time? well, nobody is checking in with us so get straight to our satellite and radar. it shows at this time we do have a deck of cloudiness from the coast through the peninsula, into the north bay, streaming inland at least a good 50, 60 miles. wind speeds right now because of the robust onshore push up to 12 1/2 moon bay, 11 in oakland, berkeley at 10, 21 in the fairfield area, 11 in antioch, 13 concord, clayton, walnut creek. winds breezy this afternoon out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. so it's may gray once again with mild temperatures. tuesday and wednesday we have cooler temperatures slated and for the first day of june we will start to see warmer weather everywhere, sure, high pressure is a key component but
6:50 am
out over the very active specific we have a little trough that's going to breeze through beginning tomorrow through midweek with the cooler air mass aloft. here you have the clouds still lingering around the san mateo coastline and the peninsula, then the clouds fill back in tonight, this time tomorrow morning we have clouds streaming all the way into the trivalley. there's that trough. did you see it breeze through the area? produce a smattering a little bit of light rain showers early wednesday morning. if we see anything it won't be measurable. a little bit of condensation associated with that deep marine layer on thursday morning overnight as well. statewide, state capitol, 85 degrees, 78 in ukiah. look how hot it is in redding. 60 monterey bay back into carmelo. thunderstorms possibility today throughout the sigh sierra in the afternoon. inland areas, 50s, 60s, 70s, a few 80s towards the delta.
6:51 am
84 is my outside number. that will be at discovery bay. also if you're going to be doing some cherry picking in the brentwood area, oakley, you've got yourself an 84- degree reading as well. notice the cooldown on tuesday, wednesday, little bit more modest warmup on wednesday, warmer on friday through the weekend. in pleasanton today at 11:00 a.m. at the senior center they are doing observations for memorial holiday. temperature at 66 degrees, going up to a high there in the low 80s. and meanwhile the boys of summer on this late spring day will have some sunshine, partly cloudy skies, cool conditions as matt moore takes to the mound at 10:05, it's the nats in -- 1:05, it's the nats in town at 61 degrees. hope you enjoy your day. more bay area headlines this morning. one east bay community may be easing up on marijuana. concord city leaders are considering arepeal on its ban -- a repeal on its ban of dispensaries and pot delivery. those who use medical marijuana and rely on dispenseries right now have to go to berkeley or
6:52 am
oakland. city leaders say they are not necessarily opposed to allowing a dispensary on the outskirt of the city as long as the number is limited. next week voters in santa rosa will decide whether to cap annual rent increases at 3%. measure c would also require landlords to have just cause to evict a tenant or pay a fee. the ordinance would reverse any rent increases that took effect after january 1st of last year. landlords could petition the city to allow any rent increases over 3%. time now 6:52. they want to raise tuition but are they spending the money wisely? next the lavish dinner parties being thrown by the uc board of regents. and some delays are being reported right now at sfo. i'll have details on that, plus some construction happening right now on one of the main runways. [music]
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i'm sandra osborne live at sfo this morning where one of the busy travel days we wrap up the long holiday weekend but, two, construction happening right now on one of the main runways at sfo, but will this delay some of your travel? airport officials are certainly hoping not. right now what they are doing is trying to get all of the one raise is -- runways set up for some of the peak summertime travel and despite major delays here at sfo yesterday they are hoping to keep delays to a minimal today. the repaving project on the airport's second longest runway was scheduled tore competed before memorial day but wet weather this spring delayed the work. the goal is to have the $35 million project on the tarmac finished before the summer rush. for the third year in a row aaa predicting more travel in air and in the skies this memorial
6:57 am
day. 88% of travelers will go by car but more people are also taking to the skies this year than last. nearly 3 million people will be traveling by plane. and yesterday alone, more than 400 delays were reported here at sfo. we spoke with one of the managers here early this morning, they say that the closed tarmac they are hoping to have back open by about 8:00 this morning, still we are having some low lying clouds right now so currently there are about 18 delays being reported and two cancellations. reporting live from sfo, sandra osborne, kpix5. >> sandra, thank you. time now is 6:57. time for your final five. >> today cal-osha working to figure out what went wrong at an east bay water park where a little boy went flying over the edge of a water slide. the boy suffered minor scratches, luckily. the ride is at dublin's new $43 million water park. it is now closed down.
6:58 am
san jose police say that the man shot and killed by an officer over the weekend had threatened them with an ax. this is the sixth officer- involved shooting in san jose this year. as the uc regents were poised to raise tuition systemwide they spent thousands of dollars on parties at posh hotels in san francisco. those parties were paid for by the president's budget which the residents -- the regents oversee. dozens of events planned today including the one frightening annual memorial day commemoration. that's underway at the presidio in san francisco at 10:30 this morning. and this morning president trump will mark memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and deliver rookier at arling -- remarks at arlington national cemetery. ahead of that event president trump took to twitter writing, quote, honoring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to america, home of the free because of the brave. and we continue to track some minor slowdowns for folks making their way along 580 as you're approaching highway 24, a crash blocking one lane, slowing traffic down to about
6:59 am
50 miles an hour. in the opposite direction we are starting to see the slowdowns heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza. but look at the bay bridge toll plaza, rarely see this at this time of morning, no metering lights, no delays, barely any cars. on our way to a low tide at 9:06 in the morning. look out towards the fuzzy ocean beach due to the low clouds and the fog, good morning, everybody. official high tide is at 4:32 in the afternoon. temperatures on shore in the 50s. we do have the winds that have been increasing 10 to 15 miles per hour at times up to 21 in the fairfield area, winds northwest 10 to 20 during the day, 50s, 60s, 70s and away from the bay into the 80s towards the delta. your extended forecast calls for cooler conditions tuesday, wednesday, modest warmup on thursday, warmer for the very first few days of june. >> starting to build up like summer. >> the unofficial start today. >> wow. thanks for joining us this memorial day. enjoy the rest of the day.
7:00 am
>> cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it's memorial day, monday, may 29th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump is back at the white house facing new tests from north korea and the russia investigation. the administration is defending jared kushner's reported attempts to set up back channel communication with moscow. the military investigates a deadly tragedy at new york's fleet week festival. an' lease navy s.e.a.l. plunges to his death. a new purpose for keepsakes left at the vietnam veterans memorial in washington. inside the warehouse that stores hundreds of thousands of mementos and how they're being usedhe


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