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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 30, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00 bay area police open fire in this parking lot tonight after a man armed with a pipe threatened people at a shopping center.
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good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. kpix5's betty yu is at the scene of the shooting tonight in fremont. >> reporter: tonight fremont police are still processing this crime scene near the lucky is from market parking lot near mowry and blaycow road and are interviewing a number of witnesses in this shooting. the man laying on the ground behind the pickup was shot by a fremont police officer moments ago according to the witness who recorded this cell phone video. >> the officer was chasing the young black man and he was telling him to stop, drop it. >> reporter: this woman just finished eating food at wendy's when she witnessed the suspect running from police. >> there was some sort of foot pursuit accident confrontation which led to shots being fired. two of our officers immediately rendered first aid to the suspect. >> reporter: that suspect was taken to a nearby hospital. fremont police say it all started when someone flagged
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down a patrol officer to report a man threatening people with a pipe in the shopping plaza. the officer did find the man and then the drama began. >> i was pulling in and my windows were down. i was backing in the pit over there and i heard some gunshots, didn't think anything of it. i didn't know it was actually gunshots. >> reporter: jimenez started recording this video seconds after she said police opened fire. >> he was crying on the ground and bleeding on the ground and i'm like oh, my god. >> reporter: police did locate the suspect's pipe and tell us there is no public safety issue at this time. they have not released the suspect's name. in fremont betty yu, kpix5. breaking news, in the past half hour panama announced the death of former military ruler manuel noriega who ruled panama from 1983 to 1989. the u.s. ousted him from power because of his ties to drug trafficking. noriega has been in intensive care since march 7th after complications from surgery to
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remove a benign brain tumor. manuel noriega was 83 years old. now a violent high speed crash in the east bay, two people dead, several others injured, kpix5's christin ayers telling us there are a lot of unanswered questions tonight. >> reporter: the crash shut down park street here in alameda for hours. tonight two people are dead and six others were hospitalized, some with critical injuries. from sky drone 5 you can see the silver pickup truck crushed. alameda police say there were seven people inside when the truck came careening down park street around 8 a.m., clipped a minivan, flipped and continued tumble. a man and woman inside the truck died. others inside the truck were hurt critically including young children. cole hickman, an employee at nearby jim's restaurant, rushed to help. >> she was shaking, crying, really scared. it was a traumatic incident for her for sure.
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we helped her ride in. we tried to move her car, do all we could for that woman and she got hit and was just crying like it's scary, definitely scary sight. >> reporter: tonight people gathered to watch the vehicle towed hours after the crash. authorities have not released the names of the victims and are saying little about the crash except that it's possible the driver play have been speeding on a street that is normally quiet. >> it's usually calm, people doing 20, 30, 30 at most on park street definitely. >> reporter: in alameda christin ayers, kpix5. fists flying on the field at at&t park after a fastball nailed a player at bat. the question tonight, did the pitcher do it on purpose? kpix5's sharon chin shows us the bench clearing brawl at the giants game. >> and the pitch and he hits harford. >> reporter: fireworks at the top of the 8th. >> and -- he hits harper. >> reporter: fireworks at the top of the 8th. >> and harper is going out.
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>> reporter: harper exchanges punches with strickland after he hit him with a 90-mile an hour fastball. it's the first time the two faced each other in three years when harper hit two homers off strickland in the national league playoffs. fans disagree whether strickland intentionally struck harper or whether harper's reaction was justified. >> in my opinion, i didn't think it was intentional. >> he hit him on purpose. i think strickland got the best of him. >> if a guy hits you and holds a grudge. three years, i think he had every right in the toward to go back at him. >> reporter: it's strickland's first career ejection, harper's 9th. >> i think it's very typical of baseball culture, but at the same time it's not necessary behavior on either side really. >> reporter: giants manager bruce bochy is glad neither side got injured, still -- >> looks bad.
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>> reporter: both teams back here tuesday night for the second of a three game series at at&t park. in san francisco sharon chin, kpix5. so you just heard the play- by-play from nbc sports bay area. now here's how the mlb called it. >> whoa! history. and bryce harper wants a piece of hunter strickland. here they go! >> the last time the benches cleared at a giants game? against the dodgers september last year. we'll have more from the giants and nationals players coming up in sports. tonight the university of california is changing its policy after revelations the regents threw parties with university money even as they approved tuition hikes. the chronicle had reported that regents billed the university for nearly a quarter of a million dollars since 2012 for dinners every few months including some at posh hotels, but now regents must pay their own way. the board chairwoman and university president announced
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the change tonight. a statement said those events were actually charged to a private endowment and did not use public funds, but the practice will stop nonetheless. two days after a boy flies off a giant water slide in dublin, part of the brand-new water park remains off limits tonight. kpix5's emily turner shows us state inspectors showed up today to try to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: the slide is called the free fall by its manufacturer and emerald plunge by the park and for this 10- year-old boy the name couldn't have been more accurate. he flew off the side of it saturday. >> as an observer you could see when he came into what we refer to as the run-out area, he seemed to get on top of the water and slid off the edge for a bit and was definitely shaken. >> reporter: the boy walked away with scrapes and bruises, but the slide is shut down. what was supposed to be a memorial day grand opening is now marred by the accident and accompanying state
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investigation by cal-osha. >> three, two and one. >> reporter: this is live video of them testing the slide on our air before it opened and cal-osha finally granted a use permit just one day before the little boy went flying. >> it was a great ride. >> reporter: but not so for the 10-year-old. so now investigators are back out again. no one would go on camera, but a spokesperson told us they're looking into what occurred and how and reviewing the ride itself and the manufacturer. >> this is not a custom slide made for the city of dublin. this is a slide that's sort of an off the shelf slide. >> reporter: we checked. the slide in question is made by white water west, a company with slides in concord and fresno water parks as well, but because of the holiday cal osha wasn't sure whether there have been complaints at those locations. the other slides are open. however, the two thrill slides are closed, the green one and blue one that looks like a tube. the parked they did not want to take the risk and also cal osha said the one the boy was on
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must be closed. both will be closed until the investigation is finished and deems they're safe to operate. emily turner, kpix5. on this memorial day police say the two teenagers stole from an iraq war veteran in sonoma county and tonight are in custody. police tracked them down outside taco bell in windsor. they recovered this weapon, an air soft gun with the tip removed. police say the suspects stole it and other items from the army veteran's car last night. that veteran has most of his belongings back tonight. president trump marked his first memorial day in office. tonight kpix5's political reporter melissa kin shows us the ceremonial events came at the same time the trump administration is facing issues and problems on multiple fronts. >> reporter: president trump laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery in honor of our fallen service members. >> we can never replace them.
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we can never repay them, but we can always remember. >> reporter: the president visited the cemetery section 60 where many sold engineers who died in iraq and afghanistan are burr -- soldiers who died in iraq and afghanistan are buried. there he met with two gold star mothers who lost their sons in battle. >> my son loved this country very, very much and he gave his life painfully. >> reporter: president trump also responded to north korea's latest provocations including a missile fired late today. the president tweeted north korea showed great disrespect for its neighbor china. >> this would be a catastrophic war if this turns into combat if we aren't able to resolve this situation through diplomatic means. >> reporter: president trump's administration is also pushing back about reports that his son- in-law and senior advisor jared kushner tried to set up secret communications of russia. >> now there are questions about the integrity of the white house and the only way to find the answer is to get the facts with an independent
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outside commission and let the chips fall where they may. >> reporter: after president trump refused to endorse the paris accord on climate change over the weekend, german chancellor angela merkel said she could no longer rely on the u.s. she did also add, though, that she is committed to trying to strengthen ties. melissa caen, kpix5. tiger woods arrested for dui, tonight the golfer telling his side of the story. he says it's not what it seems. >> this san jose woman was attacked inside her own home. tonight her 82-year-old husband tells us how he fought off the intruder. >> we found these little houses on bay area streets, custom built for the homeless. only on 5 tonight why the city says ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tiger woods is sharing his side of the story tonight. he was arrests for driving under the influence, but reporter rachel kim tells us the golfer says it's not what it seems. >> reporter: in this mugshot
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from florida tiger woods is grim and unshaven after he was arrested on suspicion of dui early monday morning. by monday night the 14 time champion released a statement taking full responsibility for his actions. he said, "i want the public to know alcohol was not involved. what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. i didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly." >> i'm glad he's making the decision about it now so hopefully other people make the decision not to drive before getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: the executive director of the ucla ash center for student health and wellness is also an addiction expert and hopes the golf star's arrest gets the message across dui doesn't necessarily mean alcohol. >> there are several prescription medication categories that can impair you. opioids are sedating. they have sedating properties and they distort your judgment, your perception of the world. >> reporter: woods is now recovering after undergoing a fourth back surgery.
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he recently said he was feeling better. dr. barron wants to point out over the counter medications can also be dangerous. >> these things have antihistamines which commonly cause drowsessiness and a mild -- drowsiness and a heavy headedness and absolutely can impair your ability to drive safely. >> reporter: dr. barron believes these signs are good reminders for everyone. >> it's important i think law enforcement is strict about this and that society doesn't come to be complacent about it. >> reporter: dr. barron also believes marijuana can be equally impairing behind the wheel and he hopes this incident will make people think about that. reporting in malibu i'm rachel kim for kpix5. we're learning tonight about a home invasion robbery in the south bay. it happened on curie drive in gilroy just before midnight saturday. police say these two men barged through the front door, demanded money and ransacked the house, but then a police k- 9 caught up to them.
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both suspect now face charges including robbery -- suspects now face charges including robbery. a home intruder attacked a woman in san jose and that suspect came face to face with a former weight lifter determined to protect his home and his wife. >> and she just tried to push me back to hit me. she just hit like that. >> reporter: 74-year-old christina johannes said she was nearly killed when a female burglar went on the attack clubbing her in the head with this stick on her back porch. >> they tried to come inside, so i locked the door and i run in. i told my husband. i said catch her. she broke my head. >> reporter: youssef, christina's husband of 53 years, came quickly. >> her body was all bloody. >> reporter: by this time the intruder was wielding this sharp garden tool. youssef said he grabbed it from her and started fighting. >> they tried to bite me. >> reporter: so -- she tried to bite me. >> reporter: so he held the suspect several more minutes until deputies arrived.
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the deputies arrested 50-year- old ranu singh and took her to jail. youssef is a former weight lifting champion and showed me his weight room in his garage can help uses daily. deputies tweeted out a picture of youssef calling him a hero, but he and his wife disagree. >> he's supposed to do that because she's trying to kill his wife. >> i am right. maybe i am wrong, but i do my duty. i must protect myself, my family, my home, my country. >> reporter: youssef said he never gave it a second thought that he could be injured or even killed getting physically involved with the assailant. he just said he wanted to do everything within his power to bring her to justice. in san jose len ramirez, kpix5. a man called for help on his cell phone after his girl friend fell 30 feet at luther
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rock in lake tahoe. the accident happened when the woman tried to catch their dog from sliding down the steep hillside. she was airlifted to the hospital. the man and dog hiked down on their own. now appearing on the streets of san francisco, wooden shanties. a nonprofit is building and donating them to the homeless. only on 5 tonight joe vazquez reports city officials are saying thanks, but no thanks. >> reporter: inside some of san francisco's tent encampments wooden shacks have begun to appear. john smith calls this his box house, said it's warmer than a tent and safer since he can lock it. john wants full-time housing, even cycled through a navigation center shelter but had to leave after 60 days, so it was back to the streets. >> i'm on rock bottom right now, you know. you got to start somewhere. >> reporter: these houses are being specially built and donated. >> we need to run some experiments. we need some pilot projects for different alternatives.
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>> reporter: this woodworker makes twine any houses for a ling and partnered -- living and partnered with a group called st. francis homeless challenge to build the box houses. since the city simply doesn't have enough homes, homeless people end up back on the streets, so this group gives out the boxes to keep people safe. >> our goal is to not have shanty towns or enencampments. >> reporter: the city disagrees with her approach and said it's unsafe and unhealthy saying transitional housing like navigation centers are the key. >> i appreciate people who care about the homeless population and want them to be safe and secure and healthy and i know that folks do things from the goodness of their heart and they should continue, but there's other ways to contribute. >> sure. well, what would you do if you were on the street and there were rats trying to come into your tent at night? this is like a third world country here where rats are trying to get in where people are sleeping and one of the biggest -- >> reporter: but a shantytown
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makes it seem even more third world, doesn't it? >> it's better than having the opportunity to be attacked or robbed any time. >> reporter: st. francis homeless' challenge is now building more shacks. these they say are a higher standard up and beyond the safety code for rvs. take a look inside here. it's got a window here, shelves on that side and pull the bench out and it becomes a bed. they hope a private property owner in the mission lends them some space to have a village. they are hoping to build this village with or without city support. paul deanno joins us now. >> temperatures are dropping, low 50s outside now after a high of only mid- to upper 60s even away from the water. so a chilly end to your holiday weekend, cool and cloudy overnight tonight, san jose 55, concord 56, upper 40s in
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fairfield and santa rosa, 51, cloudy skies in fremont, 53 san jose. the ocean breeze, not going away tomorrow. the ocean is still chilly, breeze still coming from the ocean. two plus two sometimes does equal four, another chilly day top. you'll get the afternoon sunshine, but a cloudy start. why is this happening? one area of low pressure moving through northern california now, that's why it's breezy outside. concord in the fast hour 32 mile-per-hour wind gusts. that moves through tomorrow. this bigger area of low pressure may fire off a few rain showers in mendocino county and lake county wednesday and keep us mostly cloudy not only for the morning but also in the afternoon wednesday. after this we will see some changes. the next 48 hours morning cloud cover tomorrow, afternoon sunshine. watch wednesday, though. not only low clouds, but some high clouds passing by. so expect mostly cloudy skies for the entire day on wednesday. when do we get sunshine, maybe warmer weather? the answer is thursday and friday this ridge of high pressure will build in cutting off the flow from the ocean. that will allow temperatures to climb, especially away from the
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water back to the 80s by thursday. foggy, cloudy, drizzly, two more mornings. slight chance of a north bay rain shower wednesday. we turn the corner and get warmer and sunnier starting thursday. it's not chilly tomorrow in napa, san jose 74, vallejo 7, mountain view 72, 62 tomorrow in san francisco which is exactly normal. wednesday cloudy. thursday the sunshine comes out earlier and milder. look at the weekend. we always can look forward to the next one. >> always. >> 70s near the bay and 80s inland. if you had the jacket on this weekend, short sleeves next weekend. >> excellent, something to look forward to. how about looking forward to some basketball? >> warriors had steve kerr at practice today. good sign? what was the story? the late
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nba finals up top three days before the cavaliers and warriors trilogy, guess who was at the dubs team facility today? head coach steve kerr only because acting head coach mike brown here was sick with the flu. still battling comping as from back surgery, kerr addressed the media on this coaching arrangement and his health. >> it is awkward it. is weird, but we're doing okay. as of right now i would not coach thursday night, but it's still up in the air, still waiting for it. it's coming. most exciting local sports video today, this from at&t park. park. what did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night.
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yes, baseball up top. we were just talking about baseball during the commercial break. let's face it. hunter strickland, bryce harper, they aren't besties. harper took him yard twice in the 2014 playoffs and admired his shot. the giants did win the world series that year, but that wasn't enough. facing harper for the first time since he just let it him have it, 98 miles per hour and once the helmet came off in the 8th it was on. both got a punch in before benches cleared.
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my favorite, michael morris jeff samardzija collisions. strickland and harper were ejected, ninth ejection for harper. it would take three players to restrain strickland and get him off the field. nationals won the game 3-0. to the clubhouse we go. >> reporter: what kicks in when you see him coming after you with the helmet in his happened like that? >> it's go -- hand like that? >> it's go time. you got to defend your ground. >> it's been three years. i wasn't thinking about it, but when someone comes at you like that, throws a 90-mile a fastball, took it into my hands and tried to go after him a bit. see the top of your screen here? that's where the warriors will be in about a week. bottom of the 4th a's daniel menden gone. edwin encarnacion got it, second of back to back home runs. indians won the game 5-3. the a's have lost three in a row. give me steelers ben
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roethlisberger in a penguins sweater. stanley cup finals game one against nashville. pens blew a 3-0 lead, got it back and with over three minutes to play the penguins win it 5-3. game two is wednesday. maryland ncaa lacrosse championships 9-6
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father: here we go. we're gonna go out there in the rain. you're gonna get wet. alright, here we go! baby: [squealing with joy] father: oh, yeah. yes! so much fun! you're so wet.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we'll be right here. >> we'll be right here. have a good night.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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