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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  June 10, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dahler: an insider attack on american troops. at least two u.s. soldiers are killed when an afghan army soldier turns his gun on them. also tonight, she was sexually ansaulted by director roman iclanski when she was 13. now the victim wants the judge 't drop the case. >> it just wasn't as traumatic for me as everybody would like to believe it was. >> dahler: six years after she was nearly killed in a mass hoooting, gabrielle giffords is honored with a u.s. warship bearing her name. >> i will never forget this day. >> dahler: and we remember classic tv "batman," adam west. >> square the button, robin. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> dahler: good evening. i'm don dahler. this is our western edition. three u.s. soldiers were killed today and at least one wounded fighting america's longest war. it was apparently an insider attack in eastern afghanistan. an afghan army soldier opened fire on the americans before he was killed. the u.s. casualties have not been identified. the taliban is claiming responsibility releasing this photo of the man they say was the gunman. the attack comes as the trump administration is considering sending more troops to afghanistan to help in the fight in the fight against the taliban, al qaeda, isis, and affilated terror groups. since 2001, more than 2,200 u.s. troops have died in afghanistan. more than 20,000 have been wounded. the 16-year war has cost american taxpayers more than $800 billion. president trump is following the developments in afghanistan from his golf club in bedminster, new jersey, about 50 miles west of new york city.
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errol barnett has the weekend white house covered. >> reporter: around midday, president trump was briefed on the situation in afghanistan by deputy national security adviser rick waddell. the president is here spending t me at his bedminister golf property after what has been a bruising week in washington. >> thank you very much. ay reporter: at the white house friday, president trump responded to former f.b.i. director james comey's testimony a day earlier. >> no collusion. he obstruction. >>'s a leaker. >> reporter: he forcefully lenied pressuring comey to drop the michael flynn investigation and said he did not ask for his loyalty. >> i hardly know the man. i'm not going to say, "i want you to pledge allegiance." who would do that? >> reporter: mr. trump did say he was willing to speak to special counsel robert mueller about their private conversations. >> reporter: would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of these events? >> 100%. >> reporter: but he refused to confirm or deny if there were boy recordings of those
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inscussions. >> well, i'll tell you about that maybe some time in the very near future. >> just call it a "matter." >> reporter: roughly 20 million people watched comey's testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee when he explained why he didn't report his concerns to attorney general jeff sessions. >> our judgment, as i recall, is ngat he was very close to and inevitably going to recuse vmself, for a variety of erasons. we also were aware of facts that i can't discuss in an open setting that would make his agntinued engagement in a russia-related investigation onoblematic. >> reporter: late today, we learned attorney general jeff sessions accepted an invitation to appear in front of the senate intelligence committee on ueesday. there, he will address mr. comey's testimony in "the most appropriate forum." don. >> dahler: errol barnett, thank you. protests against islamic law turned violent in seattle today. riti-sharia demonstrators were met with counter-protests. similar events were held around the country.
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activists say anti-sharia groups promote a distorted view of islam. pressure is building on british gnime minister theresa may to resign following her election debacle this week. jonathan vigliotti has the ftest from london. >> reporter: don, prime minister may called for this week's snap vote three weeks early hoping to increase her party's majority and strengthen the u.k. ahead of its divorce from the european union. instead, the results showed a nation divided. >> every vote for me... >> reporter: may and her conservative party were expected to crush labour party leader erremy corbyn. while ultimately he came in second, it was close enough to any may a parliament majority. and in british politics, that's a victory. two of may's top aides have now stepped down. may herself has ignored calls to resign. she met with the queen yesterday ssd discussed her plans to try ov govern with the help of the d.u.p., a smaller political party from northern ireland. the group's anti-gay, anti-abortion beliefs make them
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complicated-but-necessary allies if may is to lead the u.k. k.rough brexit negotiations. it's a tricky deck of cards to hold, and the european union is closely monitoring, if not cready capitalizing on this. it's clear they do not intend to pause negotiations with the u.k. as they deal with their own housekeeping. the election happened in the shadow of last week's terror ettack in london, and along with this political turmoil, the prime minister is dealing with tn ongoing terror investigation. it was revealed today that the three attackers tried to rent a bigger truck but didn't have enough money. police believe they have honed in on the entire group behind the attack, but several questions remain, including how could these attackers, some previously known to police, have slipped through intelligence? don. .> dahler: thanks, jonathan. closing arguments are set for monday in the manslaughter trial of a minnesota police officer charged in the shooting death of a black driver during a traffic stop. it comes after emotional testimony from the officer who
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testified he was "scared to death." here's barry petersen. >> no comment. >> reporter: among 26 witnesses to testify over five days, officer jeronimo yanez was the key witness at his trial about what happened in a matter of seconds. in july of last year, yanez stopped philando castile for a broken tail light. castile said he had a fireman, and despite being told to stay still, yanez says castile was pulling it out. yanez fired seven times, hitting him with five shots. >> bop, bop, bop! don't move! don't move! .> reporter: castillo's girlfriend, diamond reynolds, and her daughter were in the car. she live streamed the aftermath on facebook. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to get his hands open. >> oh, my god. please, don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: castile died on the way to the hospital. on the stand, the 29-year-old yanez was crisp and olsiness-like until he remembered that night. ik started to cry. "i did not want to shoot
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mr. castile at all," he told the court. "that was not my intention." then he stopped, overwhelmed by tears. on monday, there will be closing eaguments and then jury deliberations begin. vuthorities are already braced in the event there are protests if yanez walks free. barry petersen, st. paul, minnesota. >> dahler: she was sexually assaulted by director roman telanski as a teenager. now she wants a los angeles judge to drop the case. danielle nottingham has the story. >> i'm just here to try and get things resolved, and not on roman's behalf but on the behalf of a fair justice system. >> reporter: samantha geimer delivered a passionate plea to end a case that's kept her in the headlines for the past 40 years. she says the trauma of media scrutiny has been more painful than the crime. >> i do not want to have to explain to my granddaughter why she cannot go outside or answer the phone and why there are camera crews outside my home, red eventually what happened to
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.er nana in 1977. >> reporter: geimer was 13 when director roman polanski, then 43 years old, gave her champagne and a pill during a photo shoot in the hollywood ywlls and sexually assaulted her. the oscar winner pleaded guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor in 1977. ua was sent to a state prison for a 90-day evaluation but was released after 42 days. polanski fled the country to noid additional time in 1978. in was notably absent from accepting a best director orademy award for "the pianist" in 2003. hiday's hearing was part of an effort by polanski's lawyer to dismiss the case and get an international warrant lifted that would allow polanski to travel more freely outside of the u.s. >> he was arrested once in switzerland and arrested once in poland. so his concern is that if he travels with his family, he could get arrested. >> reporter: outside of the
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courtroom, geimer said she felt the case was never about her. >> i'm standing here saying, i'm fine, and nothing you can do to him will help him or anybody else." suddenly it's the state, not me, that counts. it's a really hypocritical view. either victims count or they don't. >> reporter: despite the victim's request to have the case dropped, don, prosecutors ghe fighting against a dismissal. >> dahler: danielle, thank you. more than six years after she was nearly killed in a mass shooting, gabrielle giffords was honored today with a new u.s. warship bearing her name. roxana saberi has more on the emotional ceremony in galveston, texas. th ♪ t reporter: out of thousands of ships commissioned by the navy, this is only the 16th named after a woman, and the first named after a living woman since martha washington in 1776. >> the honorable gabrielle giffords, escorted by her edsband, captain mark kelly, united states navy, retired. ( applause ) >> i thought of you in my
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darkest days-- the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the united states of america. we ask so much of you. despite danger, you say yes. >> reporter: the navy told former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords a warship would be named in her honor back in 2012, the same day she decided to resign from congress to recover from an assassination attempt the year before. trme secretary of state hillary rdinton praised the decision to name the ship after giffords. >> nothing gives me greater joy and honor than seeing this great aip named for someone whose strength and resilience is a reat lesson to us all. lo reporter: over 420 feet long, the u.s.s. "gabrielle giffords" is designed to take on threats such as mines and submarines in the open ocean and close to shore. admiral bill moran:
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>> and this wonderful lady is inspiration to every single one of us in uniform and every single one of us who lives in this great country. >> reporter: the navy's newest warship reportedly cost $475 million and is armed with missiles and machine guns. or will soon head to its home port in san diego for final tests and training. don. >> dahler: an amazing ship named for an amazing woman. roxana, thanks. the classic tv "batman" many of us grew up with has died. got think i've got it. >> you have, batman? ♪ ♪ >> dahler: adam west played the role from 1966 to 1968. he liked to call himself "the bright knight" in contrast to the darker caped crusaders of later films. west's family says he briefly battled leukemia. burt ward-- who played batman's sidekick, robin-- said he and his friend of 50 years shared some of the most fun times of their lives together. adam west was 88 years old.
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visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. >> dahler: just a week aft president trump withdrew the u.s. from the paris climate accord, a new coal mine has opened about 60 miles outside pittsburgh. ase president claimed the climate deal was unfair to america's coal industry. i paid a visit to the new mine in jenner township, wnnnsylvania. did it feel for a while that this was a dying industry? >> yes, yes, it did. r dahler: a bleak thought for a place where coal runs in the blood. >> my grandfathers were coal miners. my father was a coal miner for a while. >> reporter: rob bottegal rorks for corsa coal. he listened carefully to candidate trump's promises on the campaign trail. mp we're going to save that coal avdustry. believe me, we're going to save it. >> dahler: what did it mean to you to hear the commitment he made to the coal industry? >> oh, i think it felt great
5:46 pm
because, you know, it gave people a little more optimism, tld people had a little more hope in the industry. >> dahler: so that's the coal seam right there? corsa's new mine was in the works before the election, but lest week, the president highlighted it as a rare bright spot. >> a big opening of a brand new mine. it's unheard of. for many, many years, it hasn't happened. >> dahler: the coal industry has lost more than a third of its workforce over the last hecade, with a 69% drop in active mines over the past 20 years. >> it's hard for me to see coal ng going to recover its huge market share. >> dahler: jay apt is codirector of the carnegie mellon electricity industry center. he said steel-producing coal represents just a tiny fraction of the overall industry and won't move the needle on the eigger problem. >> natural gas has eaten coal's market share. it's gone down from 50% to 30%. those coal mines are unlikely to come back any time soon. >> dahler: when did things get sough around here? >> i'd say in the 90s it started, in the 90s, maybe, where all the mines were
5:47 pm
dutting down. the steel mills were going out. and that's what the people worked here. >> dahler: since then, betty maoads hasn't had as many hungry mouths to feed here at the coal miner's cafe. the new mine is only hiring 70-100 workers, but she's bracing for business to pick up. what does the opening of this mine mean to the community? >> everybody is hoping it's necome to everybody. >> dahler: down in the mine, they're just happy to finally be moving forward. you think this is the beginning of something? >> i hope so, yes. i think it will be. >> dahler: about 51,000 americans currently work in coal. no it came as a surprise recently when e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt claimed the economy added 50,000 coal jobs. the industry has added jobs, but anly about 1,000 since january. still ahead, a case of love, infidelity, and murder. was an estranged wife driven to extremes by her husband's mistress?
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5:51 pm
thing or two about jealous fmen, having just finished defending frances hall, a wife charged with murdering her unfaithful husband, trucking executive and millionaire bill hall jr. >> bill hall loved frances and his children, but bill's fatal flaw is that he also liked the itention of younger women. >> reporter: in 32 years of chrriage to frances, bill deeated plenty, as he confided to his cousin, hank hall. what's more, frances knew about bill's affairs but always forgave him. >> bill loved frances so much that it was unbelievable, but when you cheated in the past and she stuck with you, right, it kind of makes it seem like it's okay, right? >> reporter: and frances might have forgiven bill yet again, but this time, bill's mistress, bonnie contreras, wasn't letting go. during their three-year affair, bill had paid her rent and even wought her two cars, a bmw and a
5:52 pm
mercedes. >> bonnie contreras would take compromising photos, kind of nst gather all these nuggets, that if things ever went south, she had all the proof she needed to kind of force you to do what ote wanted. ak my mother was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because bonnie was taunting her constantly. >> she's texting and calling frances. bonnie would call her every explicit name in the book. >> reporter: it was a toxic love triangle destined to explode, and it did. frances hall was stopped at a saght on this road outside of san antonio when she saw her husband, bill, atop his harley davidson, followed closely by bonnie, driving the hall family car. >> i get a phone call from my mom, and she said, "i just saw your dad, and i just saw bonnie. i'm turning around. i'm gonna confront her." >> reporter: frances was revved up and driving her own cadillac escalade. she hit the gas and began pursuing bonnie's car. so her husband and mistress, they're driving toward us on
5:53 pm
this highway? co exactly. they're coming this way. they're still going 85, 90 miles an hour. >> frances was out for blood. >> reporter: prosecutor stephanie paulissen. >> frances hall took a two-ton death tank to what should have been a fist fight. to i don't think anyone imagined by the end of that day there would be a dead body and someone in handcuffs. >> dahler: peter's report, "driven to extremes," is part of of a "48 hours" double feature tonight on cbs. up next, a major brush stroke of luck. a painting found in a garage may be worth a fortune. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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ask your doctor about eliquis. >> dahler: timely tonight, you ne you never know what you'll find when you clean out the garage. a painting, believed to be the work of abstract expressionist jackson pollock recently turned up in arizona. it goes up for auction in scottsdale on june 20, and vladimir duthiers says it may be urrth millions. ls we asked ourselves immediately what everyone else would-- why is this in arizona? >> reporter: when josh levine's auction firm was called to this retirement community in thizona in 2015, they thought they were going to examine memorabilia signed by laker's star kobe bryant. instead, they stumbled on what appeared to be hidden treasure. >> it was all packed up, just all in piles. you could see library boxes of personal effects, tax returns, letters, correspondence, and then these stacks of art.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: inside this garage, levine says he found famous works of art and what he believes is the work of abstract impressionist jackson pollock. >> this will be the biggest thing i've ever represented in he life. >> reporter: the art had been sitting in the arizona garage honce 1992 when the owner, who wishes to rename unnamed, inherited it from his sister. is jenifer gordon was a socialite in the new york scene, en the art world, at the right tlace at the right time. ntl the artists were hanging out at her apartment, including jackson pollock. >> reporter: finding the painting was the easy part. levine reportedly spent more than $50,000 on forensic reports to date the pigment and on a private investigator who confirmed gordon hung out with new york's famous art lovers, the guggenheims. >> i really looked at it all over, under magnification.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: appraiser sean morton was asked to assess the painting. >> when i first saw the painting, i was a little skeptical until i learned of the owner, and her relationship to jackson pollock. >> reporter: numerous lawsuits pve erupted through the years over the authenticity of pollock's paintings. many have been found in unusual inaces. this one, the real deal, was found in a new york garbage dump. levine is convinced his discovery is genuine. >> i'm putting my entire reputation and business on the t ne saying this. there are people that will go, "you are nuts." but i'm sorry. d have everything we know. the only thing i don't have is a photograph of jenifer standing next to jackson going, "hey, look, here's our painting." >> reporter: the painting is set to go up for auction later heis month. when the owner's family was told oney just might have a jackson pollock expected to fetch as much as $15 million, some responded, "jackson who?" vladimir duthiers, cbs news, new york. >> dahler: struck gold in a garage. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. i'm don dahler in new york. for all of us here at cbs news, thank you for joining us.
5:59 pm
live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> dueling demonstrations in the bay area and across the country today as protesters square off over shariah law. plus, sacred ground gone to the dogs. the bay area cemetery where people are playing sports and picnicking on the plot. and what in the world happened in cleveland last night? i think the warriors lost. disappointment across w nation. good evening. we begin with breaking news in san francisco where a cloud of smoke shut down the embarcadero bart station. passengers scrambled to the escalators to get out. at one point it's unclear if it was a train or piece of equipment at the station. riders heard some sort of
6:00 pm
explosion, but so far bart has not said what that was. here is another look at the evacuation. the smoke has dissipated and normal services resumed. no injuries. demonstrators took to the streets to rally against islam's strict shariah law. counter-protesters said fears about religious principles amount it a distortion of islam. devin fehely was at one of the dueling demonstrations in san jose. >> reporter: the protesters say they organized the demonstration in response to what they consider an extension threat to american democracy. >> i am concerned there are places in the united states that there is a push to have shariah law implemented. >> reporter: shariah is a set of religious laws. part of the tradition of islam. but organizers have a counter demonstration across the street say the protesters' fears


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