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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  July 24, 2017 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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>> announcer: these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. >> hi. and thanks for watching. i'm michael alden. folks, if you're one of the millions of americans suffering with arthritis, osteoarthritis, if you're suffering from joint pain, knee pain, foot pain, back pain, or if you know someone who is, you're not going to want to miss this next half an hour. my guest today is one of the nation's foremost sought-after health and wellness experts, and he's here today to introduce to us a revolutionary all-natural product that is helping thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people eliminate pain. please help me welcome mr. jim shriner. jim. >> hey, mike. it's a pleasure to be here. >> thanks for being my guest. you know, jim, for those of our viewers that don't know you, why don't you just tell us a little bit about how you got involved in the world of health and nutrition. >> well, it's a pretty amazing story, if i have to say so
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myself. at about 16 years old, i was actually paralyzed by a tumor in my third vertebra. they rushed me up to riley children's hospital up in indianapolis, indiana. specialists told me that i'd probably never walk again. i spent quite a few years laid up in the hospital. it was a miraculous recovery. a surgeon came in from germany. they removed my third vertebra and literally built me a new vertebra using my pelvis -- used one-inch squares and built me a new vertebra. well, mike, i was in the hospital at 16, and after the surgery, they put me in a full-length body cast from head to toe, and when i left the hospital, i weighed 105 pounds. now, a lot of people hear that story -- and i'm very proud of being able to recover from that. but that was just the first step in my life into the health industry. as i was going through rehabilitation for my back, my father went into the hospital for his first open-heart surgery at the age of 43. so, mike, that really scared me to death. so i decided right then to take a very close look at our lives, our family history, and try to
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understand what was going on. i mean, both my parents had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease. you know, i had back problems. you name it, we had it. so if hereditary was a part of the issue, i needed to make sure that i was doing everything that i could to rebuild my body and take care of this body that god gave us. i went back to college, studied exercise and nutrition, sports medicine. i rebuilt my body, and through that exercise and nutrition program, mike, i built my body up to 220 pounds and went out to california and became one of the 16 original "american gladiator" contenders. so i'm living proof that you can overcome adversity. but, mike, early on in my career, i got to noticing some things. had back problems. i always suffered with back problems. well, i'll be honest with you. growing -- you know, being a gladiator, going through college, i abused my body. >> yeah, i've seen that show. you probably took some abuse in that. >> i got beat up pretty good, and i did some beating, but i got beat up pretty good.
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i got a -- i tore a left rotator cuff. i tore my right knee cartilage. i twisted my ankles. i had concussions. plus, remember, i had back surgery, so -- >> right. right. at 16. >> at 16, so i had always struggled with back pain. now, you talk about god in a life. i don't believe in coincidence. i believe god plans everything. i was actually up in boston during a production, and i was telling one of the cameramen about this story i'm just telling you. i said, "man, my rotator's hurt, and my--" you know, i said, "i'm 40 years old, and if i don't figure out how to get rid of some of this pain, i'm not sure what's gonna happen." >> okay. >> and being in the industry, mike, i've tried all the products. so trust me -- nothing worked. well, while i was telling this story, a woman comes to me, and she says, "here, try this." >> this is the product we're talking about. >> this is the product we're talking about, the formula we're talking about, and i said, "well, what's this?" and she started to go over the ingredient, and i stopped her, and i said, "ma'am, you know, i've been doing this for 25 years, and i've seen the best of the best. i've tried the best of the best.
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nothing worked." >> right. >> she said, "try this." and i said, "i just told you nothing worked." she said, "i'm telling you, try this. it will work." and i said, "what have i got to lose?" she gave it to me for free. mike, i'm not exaggerating. i went home -- the first couple of weeks, didn't notice anything. about the third or fourth week, i thought i started to notice something. maybe i was feeling a little better. about the fifth week -- and a lot of people don't realize this, but about the fifth week, my wife said, "jim, did you notice that you did not get up in the middle of the night last night? you slept through the night." it had never dawned on me that my pain -- my shoulder pain and my knee pain and my back pain -- was keeping me from sleeping. so the next thing you know, five weeks into it, i got up and i said, "wow. i don't have any pain." mike, i'm telling you, i've been taking this product now for almost five years, and at nearly 50 years old, i do not have a pain or an ache in my body -- nothing. >> you had mentioned to me yesterday when we were talking about this that you had tried all the -- some of the drugs
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that are on the market, some of these drugs that can cause some severe side effects. in fact, we were talking -- you were telling me that these labels say "may cause death." >> all right. have you ever listened -- and i encourage someone watching the program right now -- before you take a pharmaceutical drug, i'm gonna ask you to do one very simple thing. tune in to your evening news tonight. tune in the news and listen to the drug ads, listen to the disclaimers, and if you don't laugh at the end of one of those disclaimers, i promise you, you're on the wrong planet. because my wife and i listen to the disclaimers, and sometimes i'm thinking i'm getting punked. >> right. >> i mean i'm listening, and it causes diarrhea, headaches, blindness, and if you don't -- hard of hearing, and if you go blind, it may not come back. and at the very end, "and in severe cases, may cause death." well, mike, i'm not sure about you but, that's a pretty harmful side effect. >> well, some of these products, and depending on who you read and what report you read, have killed anywhere -- upwards of between 50,000 and 100,000 people, not because they had cancer or because they had some other disease -- because they
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were just in pain. these people -- they wanted to get out of pain, and they died. >> let me give you -- exactly. let me give you a perfect example. the drug you're talking about -- my sister-in-law is a pharmaceutical rep, and i was blessed because i was trying to do everything that i could to not only get out of pain, but i still do a lot of training. and every person that i train is living in pain. as we get older, everybody has knee pain, joint pain, back pain. i don't care what it is, everybody that i talk to has pain. and my sister-in-law was a rep that was selling one of these nsaids, one of these pharmaceutical drugs. she happened to have called us about a month before they pulled them from the market, and i had really seriously thought about taking these nsaids because i was in serious pain. nothing was working. and i know that there's people out there watching right now that have tried everything. nothing was working. >> right. >> and mary says, "jim, don't take it. they're about to pull it off the market because that product has been proven to kill thousands and cause hundreds of millions of people very severe side effects, irreversible side
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effects, including death." mike, these drugs are chemicals. they're manufactured from chemicals. let me give you a good example, and that's why we're going to be here today. i have a really good friend of mine, and his wife is a -- i'd say a part-time triathlete. she's a stay-at-home mom, 47 years old, has got three kids, but she loves triathlons. i was actually at a birthday -- or a christmas party, and we were just talking, and she comes up to me, and she overheard us talking about vioxx. and she said, "boy, i hated when they pulled vioxx off the market because that stuff really worked." and i said, "robin, did you listen to the disclaimer?" she says, "jim, i don't care if it does cause death. it worked." and i said, "robin, i want you to think about something. what if -- what if i could give you an all-natural joint-relief product that worked just as good, maybe even better than the pharmaceutical drug?" >> and it won't cause death. >> "and it won't cause death. i guarantee it." >> without a possibility of causing death. >> all natural. and she said, "jim, i've tried all the products. just like you, i've tried all
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the products." and i said, "robin, so had i, until someone introduced me to this formula. you got nothing to lose." i said, "try this product. try it, and if at 30 days it doesn't work for you, you give it back to me -- no harm, no foul." >> sure. >> i didn't see her for about two months. we didn't have any parties, didn't see her for about two months. bumped into her at the grocery store. mike, she came right up to me and said, "i've been looking for you. i was trying to call brad to get your telephone number. where can i get this product? for the first time," she said, "i've been able to compete in the triathletes," and she said, "i'll be honest. at about five weeks, all the pain wasn't gone, but," she said, "jim, it was livable. i was able to compete, and i could enjoy my quality of life. it wasn't all gone, but i felt so much better." and i said, "robin, you're only talking about a month. as this natural product goes into your body, it's gonna get better, and it's gonna get better." why? and that's what we're going to show today, mike. unlike pharmaceutical drugs that do cause harm, damage to the body, an all-natural
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product, an all-natural joint relief is not only going to eliminate the pain from the cause of this, but it's gonna get to the root of the problem. and, mike, that's what we've got to discuss today. because i need people to understand where the pain is coming from. let me run a scenario by you, mike. here's what's happening in the pharmaceutical industry. let's say you're working around the house and you accidentally step on a nail. now, what's the first thing you got to do? you've got to get to the hospital. okay. we have the best acute medicine, trauma medicine, right here in the united states than anywhere. now, you don't pull the nail out. the nail's stuck in your foot. so your wife rushes you to the e.r., okay. you walk into the e.r., and the doctor looks at your foot and says, "yep, mike, you got a nail in your foot." and you say, "well, what are we gonna do about it?" and you say, "well, doc, what are we gonna do about it?" and he says, "i tell you what. here. take this pain medicine." >> sure. >> "okay. well, are we gonna remove the nail?" "that's not really hurting anything, mike. let's just leave the nail, but we're gonna give you this pain medicine and this anti-inflammatory medicine --" >> so you'll forget about the
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nail. >> exactly. you'll forget about the symptom of the nail. you'll forget that it's the nail that's causing the problem. now you got pain. you're gonna start swelling up. you're gonna be in excruciating pain. the first thing he should have done was, "mike, let's figure out how to get the nail out." >> right. >> that's what we're gonna be talking about today, mike, is let's figure out what the problem is, and the problem is quite simply that the cartilage in our joints is deteriorating and that -- it's my opinion that osteoarthritis is not a disease. the drug industry would like you to believe that osteoarthritis is a disease. no, it's not. it's an issue that needs to be addressed -- a serious pain issue that needs to be addressed. but let me explain to you what's happening. >> so let me just cut you off there for a second. you're gonna show us a little bit about the actual joints and what's going on in the body and how we can actually be proactive on a natural sense, and we'll talk about that in just a
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minute. folks, we've only been talking with mr. jim shriner for a few minutes, but if you're suffering from joint pain, knee pain, foot pain, back pain, or if you know someone who is, pick up the phone and give us a call. jim's product, arthri-d, has been helping thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people live pain free. so pick up the phone and give us a call. we've actually worked out a special arrangement with our guest, mr. jim shriner, where you'll receive a substantial savings off the regular price of the product. plus, if you call within the next five minutes, ask how you can receive your first month's supply absolutely free. folks, this product is unconditionally guaranteed to work. it's worked for hundreds of thousands of people for years. so pick up the phone and give us a call. now, jim, earlier before -- this week, we were talking a little bit about, you know, what's actually going on in the body. and you brought with you here -- what is this here? >> this is -- imagine this is a knee joint, mike, and what i want to show you is, just about every joint in the body works
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very similar to your knee joint. but the knee joint is where a lot of people are feeling a lot of pain. i talk to people every day. i train thousands of people. now, unlike some trainers, i don't train professional athletes, and i don't train superstars. i train everyday-joe people just like you -- housewives, mothers, guys -- i got an electrician who's crawling through gutters and going up through pipes to run electricity, and he's always -- >> real everyday people. >> real everyday people. i train thousands of ordinary, everyday people, and their number-one complaint is joint pain. well, very quickly, if i can get you to understand where the pain is coming from, then it will make sense why this arthri-d works. it's real simple. imagine -- this cartilage right here between your knee is called your meniscus, and i want you to imagine what is this meniscus doing. all this cartilage is doing is keeping these two bones from rubbing together. >> okay. >> it's a cushion. all cartilage is is a cushion, and it protects bones from rubbing together.
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because when those bones rub together, what happens, mike? you get friction. what happens when you get friction? you get inflammation. what happens when you get inflammation? you get pain. it's not rocket science, mike. what's happening is these cartilages are getting damaged, and that can happen several reasons. it could be an athlete who has damaged the cartilage. as we age, cartilage disintegrates. it destroys itself. also, they're not adequately nutrient supplied. we're obviously not eating a great whole-food diet, so the body's not able to repair that cartilage, and if you add in the fact that a lot of americans have put on weight -- americans are gaining weight, it seems like epidemic proportions. well, think about it, mike. that excess weight is now causing a lot more weight to come down on these bones. if that cartilage starts to get hard and brittle or it disintegrates, those bones are gonna start rubbing together. >> so that's what's happening in the human body. >> exactly, in the human body. >> and this is just a knee, but a lot of people, they have, you know, pain in the elbows or the
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shoulders, right, and you mentioned the knees. >> exactly. all over the place. these joints are connected and protected by cartilage. well, no pharmaceutical drug, in my opinion, will ever help your body. all it's gonna do is send a signal to your brain to stop feeling the pain. >> it makes you just forget about it. >> exactly. >> and then it just gets worse. >> exactly. it gets worse because they didn't address the issue. the issue is, mike, you need to work on that cartilage because guess what. you still got to walk, you still got to play with the kids, and you still got to go get the mail, and you still got to go to work, and every time you walk or move your shoulders or step on your ankle, that cartilage is trying to protect the bones from rubbing together. i say that's absolutely wrong. your body does not need to fall apart. michael, i'm nearly 50 years old. i have no aches in my body. i run circles around 20-year-olds. i just hiked the grand canyon. i can literally do things now
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that i couldn't do in college. >> wow. >> having no joint pain will completely change your quality of life. i've helped thousands of people change their quality of life by doing one simple thing -- taking arthri-d twice a day. because what it does, mike -- in the short term, it's going to send the response to the brain to not feel the pain. >> you know, you mentioned earlier -- you brought up the cox-2 inhibitor. isn't that what's in the drugs or -- >> that's a pharmaceutical version. that's a great point, mike, because the pharmaceutical industry would like you to believe that a cox-2 inhibitor can only happen in a drug form, and that's a lie. cox-2 inhibitors are naturally occurring in your body, and what they do is they're going to help you with inflammation, they're going to help you with pain, and at the same time, then -- mike, think about this -- we are going to bring the body back to balance. think about it like your car. why do you use oil in your car? >> just to keep the parts working. >> exactly, keeps the parts working, and what it does, if
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you watch the car ads, oil cuts down on friction. >> sure. >> synovial fluid in cartilage cuts down on friction. it allows your joints to be more mobile, more flexible, with no friction. >> right. >> if you don't have friction, mike, you don't have inflammation. if you don't have inflammation, you don't have pain. now -- >> and this product has... >> both: natural cox-2 inhibitors. >> all types of joint pain, knee pain, back pain -- >> 'cause the pain is really -- it really doesn't matter where it is. >> doesn't matter. >> it's the same thing. it's just inflammation. >> it's inflammation. exactly. and what we're going to do is we're going to introduce the body to natural components to allow the body to heal itself. i teamed up with a doctor friend of mine in florida, dr. rick nelson, owns a geriatric specialty, which means that he specializes in the elderly, and our phrase is -- and i'm proud of this -- our phrase is "we help people age gracefully." >> okay. >> that's our phrase because his number one -- every patient that comes in to him, number one, is
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joint pain. "doc, i can't even walk with my wife anymore because i have lower-back pain." golfers can't play golf anymore. give me a quick -- i'll tell you a quick story. just not two -- three weeks ago at the club, i bumped into a guy, don't even know him. his name's gary. gary comes up to me. he doesn't even know what i do for a living. he sees me on the stepper, and he's complaining about his knee, and i'm talking to him about golfing. he's got a -- i don't know anything about golf, but he's got a three handicap. i guess that's pretty good. >> yeah, right. >> okay. well, he's traveling to texas to be in a tournament, and he's in the senior division 'cause he's 55 years old. and he says, "jim, i'm telling you, my left knee is hurting me so bad that i can barely golf anymore." and he said, "i've tried all the --" he said, "i tried the drugs, then they pulled them from the market. i've tried these products, and nothing worked." and i said, "gary, i've got a product for you. i'd just like you to try it." and i said, "the reason why this one is going to work for you, gary -- it's not just glucosamine and it's not just chondroitin. it's the synergistic blend. that's why it's going to work for you." i handed him a bottle.
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three weeks later -- and i thought he was just pulling my leg -- three weeks later, he comes, "jim!" and he's laughing, and i said, "what's so funny?" he said, "i was just playing golf in a tournament in texas, and my knee does not hurt at all." >> wow. >> now, that's impressive. >> sure. >> mike, i didn't create this product. it's all natural, comes from the earth -- god created it. >> yep. >> it's all natural, and what it does is it takes the body and puts it back in balance. that's how it works. mike, i said earlier i don't believe in a coincidence. i believe in fate, okay? i met the woman who introduced me to this product by fate. she heard me talking about my joint pain, introduced me to this product, and i believe that was destined to happen. i believe that someone today is tuning in to this program that's laying on the couch and is living in pain. they have joint pain, back pain, they have knee pain, arthritis, and they can't walk. you're just not able to enjoy the quality of life that you
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deserve. try this product. i guarantee it. it works. if it doesn't work, send it back, and i'll personally refund your money, but i promise you there's somebody watching today that fate has caused them to turn on this channel, and you're sick and tired of being in pain. you're sick and tired of not being able to enjoy the quality of life that you deserve. let us allow you to give you back that quality of life. today is your day to get out of pain. >> you had mentioned you take -- how does it work? you take two capsules twice a day? >> two capsules twice a day. now, again, we're not talking about a drug. we're talking about a natural approach. if you have severe joint pain like i did -- i had chronic joint pain. every -- my knees, my back -- i'm not kidding. i always have a smile on my face, mike. you know that. you know me, i always have a smile, but i was living in constant pain, because i did -- i abused my body. i played football, basketball, i was a gladiator. i got beat up. >> sure. >> i was always in pain. i'm no longer in pain.
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>> how long does it take, really, for it to work? because we were talking earlier. you were saying that because of the human body and because of the abuse we've actually -- 'cause of the abuse that we put on our bodies throughout the years, whether it's through bad nutrition, through, like you said, through athletics, or just our everyday lives, people, sometimes, are looking for an immediate result because of these drugs that trick the brain. right? how long does something like arthri-d take? >> it really depends on the body. a lot of factors involved. >> sure. >> how well are you eating? >> right. >> i've got a really good friend of my wife's, carolyn, and carolyn's got two kids in college, and they go to northern illinois university, and carolyn tells stories of why she just loves, a couple times a year, going up to the university and just seeing the campus with her kids. imagine this -- 48 years old, not even 50 yet. the last time she went to visit one of her daughters on campus, her daughter had to push her around in a wheelchair because she couldn't walk around. her knees and hips bothered her so bad.
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it was demoralizing. she was in tears. she said, "jim, can you imagine? i'm just going to visit my daughter at college, and she has to push me around in a wheelchair." and i said, "carolyn, try this product." about four weeks later, she came back and said, "jim, my hips no longer hurt. as a matter of fact, i started running again." she had to stop running. first, she stopped running 'cause it got so bad. then she started power walking, 'cause she needed to control her weight, and guess what -- now she's running again. >> that's amazing. >> that's amazing, but it gave her back the quality of life that everyone deserves. if you eliminate pain, mike, so that the bones don't rub together, so you don't have friction, guess what. that is how you eliminate the problem, not a drug. remember, we talked about the nail. first, take the nail out. now, if you still need some pain, we'll address that, but let's get rid of the nail. that's what arthri-d does. >> it addresses the problem. >> the problem, not the symptom. we're looking at it all wrong. doctors are looking at it all wrong. when you walk in to your doctor
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and you say, "i've got pain," then instead of asking, "let's figure out where the pain is coming from --" >> they just write you a prescription. >> "here, take this." >> "you won't be in pain anymore." >> "you won't have any pain." >> and you think you're all better. >> yeah, and now they even open rehab centers because they're writing so many prescriptions for pain. it's an epidemic in the united states. people are going to get drugs for pain. now they got to go to rehab just to get off the drugs instead of addressing the problem. the problem is you've got to get your body back in balance. you've got to get the cartilage in your body to start absorbing nutrients again, to absorb water, because it's a cushion. that cushion protects your joints from colliding. remember, collision -- when they start to rub together, you're going to get friction. let me give you a great example -- and i'm telling you, god is amazing, and i thank him every day that he brought me to where i am with this formula, because i told -- you knew earlier, my wife suffers. >> you had mentioned, too, that she had severe foot pain. >> oh, foot pain. you can't even describe -- you talk about pain. >> couldn't even walk.
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>> it's debilitating. she started taking this formula, and through her doctor helping us -- luckily, her doctor is a really great doctor, and he does believe that the future of arthritis is in natural products. he's been helping us take this product in conjunction with her drugs. now she is able to take the lowest amount of her drugs because, mike -- >> there are some people out there like your wife, you said. they have been in pain for so long and it's so severe that, realistically, they're not just going to go off their drugs right away. >> absolutely. mike, that's a great point. get with your doctor because, like you said, think about this -- the great news here in america -- over 50% of americans have now figured out that the way that we're currently practicing medicine has failed, so they are seeking out alternative physicians. more people last year visited an alternative physician, a physician who doesn't use drugs, than the practicing m.d.'s. >> they're calling them "alternative" now. >> alternative now, yeah.
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they're called alternative because the alternative is other than drugs. well, what happens is these doctors are now realizing that there are products like arthri-d that are actually working, so they're helping people wean themselves down off of the pharmaceuticals while allowing arthri-d to take away the pain, and hopefully, one day, get you totally off the drugs, because drugs are chemicals. >> jim, earlier we talked about some of the people that have experienced results, but you also have some more amazing stories. tell us a little bit about some people that have benefited from this formula. >> let me tell you about randy. i told you i do a lot of training. i don't train athletes, i don't train movie stars -- i train ordinary people, and i've got a guy, randy, i've been working with for a while. well, one day, he comes to the club, and he says, "jim, you know, i didn't mention anything, but, you know, the last couple of weeks," he said, "my joints have been aching. my knees bother me. my ankles bother me. it's not bad yet, but it's bad enough." and he said, "i'm thinking about canceling working out this week." that was the perfect opportunity for me to introduce him to
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arthri-d. i said, "randy, you know i don't push products on you, but let me tell about a product that i've been taking for about five years, and i feel like i'm 20 again. all my joints feel great." gave him the product. three weeks later, he's still exercising, still working out as hard as ever, joint pain totally eliminated. >> wow. >> now, mike, let's talk about that. how did we eliminate the joint pain? remember, we didn't mask over the symptom like the pharmaceuticals do. what did we do? we went to the problem and fixed the problem. >> naturally. >> naturally. >> jim, we only have a couple minutes left. are there any last thoughts you'd like to leave our viewers? >> absolutely, mike. you know, for years, i suffered with joint pain so bad that i could barely sleep, and i've tried every product on the market. i've been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. trust me -- i've tried them all with no success. i found this formula a little over four years ago, and it's changed my life. i know that it can change your life. i'm so confident that arthri-d can eliminate all of your joint
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pain that if you try this formula and it doesn't work for you as well as it has worked for me and thousands and thousands of other people, send the product back and i will personally refund your money. i'm that confident, mike. >> well, jim, it's been an amazing show. we'll have you back. folks, if you've been watching and you suffer from joint pain, back pain, knee pain, elbow pain, if you're one of the millions of americans that suffer with arthritis, if you're suffering from joint pain, knee pain, foot pain, back pain, or if you know someone who is, pick up the phone and give us a call. jim shriner's product, arthri-d, has been helping thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people live pain free, so pick up the phone and give us a call. we've actually worked out a special arrangement with our guest, mr. jim shriner, where you'll receive a substantial savings off the regular price of the product. plus, if you call within the next five minutes, ask how you can receive your first month's supply absolutely free. folks, this product is
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unconditionally guaranteed to work, so pick up the phone and give us a call. jim, thanks again for being my guest. >> appreciate it, mike. >> my name is michael alden, and we'll see you next time.
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>> announcer: these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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