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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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containment soon in an oakland hills fire. firefighters gaining ground in challenging east bay terrain. they say they expect 100% containment soon in the fire burning in the oakland hills. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec in for company. >> i'm michelle griego. it erupted yesterday near grizzly peak boulevard on the oakland/berkeley border.
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kpix 5's jackie ward has the latest. >> reporter: the grizzly fire is 50% contained right now and fire crews are in full mop-up stage as they continue to seek 100% containment of this fire. nearly 200 firefighters were able to keep this vegetation fire to 20 acres. today oakland fire is focusing on putting out hot spots and mopping up. >> it means where there is still active fire occurring, but we have reduced and prevented spread of growth of this fire. >> reporter: fire crews will also be removing pine and eucalyptus trees that are hazards for future spot fires or trees that are already damaged. >> we have a variety of fuels here on this incident that make it complicated for us to get direct access of hand crews to some areas. >> reporter: temperatures will be more favorable today because it will be cooler than yesterday. but mother nature still has fire officials a little
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concerned. >> a good amount of humidity that will pose as a problem as well as the monsoonal moisture that's associated with this fire right now. >> reporter: that leads to thunderstorms. yet they remain optimistic that that won't happen here and they will be able to fully contain this fire by the end of the day. the topography around here poses a big challenge for the firefighters. one firefighter from cal fire fell about 50 feet yesterday and received minor injuries, in stable condition in the hospital now. he cause is under investigation. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> grizzly peak boulevard will be closed between south park and centennial drive until 8 p.m. several fires burning in modoc county prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. it was started by lightning. homes are threatened, mandatory evacuations ordered, and so far more than 37,000 acres have burned. happening right now, a news
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conference to announce a multi- million dollar lawsuit against the state over the oroville dam disaster. some butte county walnut farmers say the flooding from the breached spillway last february cost them $50 million in crop damages. the farmers say an award would cover losses and repairs to dozens of acres of flooded farmland. the "washington post" published transcripts grammatical errors and all from president trump's january phone calls with mexico's president. reporter weijia jang shows us what happened when mr. trump urged his mexican counterpart to stop criticizing his plan for a u.s. border wall. >> reporter: the "washington post" published transcripts of president trump's january 27th phone call to the president of mexico. president trump told his mexican counterpart, i have to have mexico pay for the wall. i have to. i have been talking about it for a two-year period.
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pena nieto has repeatedly refused to foot the bill [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: president trump told the president whom he called enrique he can no longer say that to the press. [ quote ] >> reporter: greg miller is a reporter for the "washington post." >> his overriding concern in these conversations is the trump brand, how any of these issues reflects on him personally. >> reporter: in that same call, president trump blamed mexico for new hampshire's drug problem calling the state a drug-infested den. new hampshire senator maggie has zen said president trump should apologize to her constituents. >> what did you think when you first read those words? >> reporter: that the words were disgusting and outrageous and that the president should stop insulting people and actually start focusing on how we can beat this epidemic. >> mr. president -- >> reporter: the president did not respond to a reporter's
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question about it. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> president trump is also pointing the finger at congress for the country's relationship with russia. in a tweet, he described it as a, quote, all-time and very dangerous low. his comments come a day after he reluctantly signed new economic sanctions against russia, which he called seriously flawed. a pothole-filling marathon under way on oakland city streets. kpix 5's jessica flores on the lengthy backlog facing road crews right now. >> reporter: decades of neglect and city officials agree the crumbling oakland streets need urgent repairs. >> this year broke an all-time record for the most potholes filled during our pothole blitz, 5,208 potholes filled during our 7-week blitz. >> reporter: city crews worked 12-hour days and weekends during the seven-week road repair blitz.
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>> overall, year-to-date, we have filled more than 15,000 potholes about the amount we filled in2006 for the year. we expect to do 5,000 more this year. >> reporter: they also repaved 1.6 miles of road. but the city still has a long way to go. there are 800 miles of street in oakland, and officials here say about half of those need some repairs. oakland plans to spend $25 million of measure kk funding to fix streets over the next two years. still, the city has a half a billion-dollar backlog in road repairs. >> over the next few years we are tripling the amount of street we paving from past years. but after these years, we are going to ramp up to actually doing [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: oakland is also getting money from the governor's infrastructure bill to hire 20 new workers to help fix streets. in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. also new at noon, chopper 5 over a homeless encampment in
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berkeley this morning, crews could be seen removing garbage. tonight the city of oakland is going to tackle this issue with the illegal dumping, with a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. more than 67,000 pounds of trash have been collected since november. chopper 5 also over this scene in pleasanton. a body found along 580 near hacienda avenue. the chp says the 76-year-old man showed no signs of trauma and may have died of natural causes. it appears he may have been there a while. police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in the east bay. the suspect was chased from vallejo to richmond. officers say the man got out of his car, ran at officers with a machete. investigators say five police officers opened fire, killing the man. his name hasn't been released. he was wanted for an armed robbery. and the teenager accused of jumping from a plane on to the sfo tarmac won't face charges. the 17-year-old opened the
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emergency exit door seconds after the copa airlines flight from panama city landed tuesday. a construction worker held the teen for authorities. he was later taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. amazon's rapid growth expected to have a positive impact here in the bay area. kpix 5's neda iranpour is here to explain plans to hire thousands of new employees in the bay area! and beyond. >> reporter: amazon in the middle of doing background checks on some 20,000 of the 50,000 employees that they are looking for and here in san francisco, the online retail giant leaving an even broader mark in the form of a big leaf. lines wrapping around warehouses across the country as tens of thousands of people are dreaming of a new job with amazon. >> feel free to look over -- for your schedule. >> reporter: the seattle based online retail giant holding job fairs at 12 locations in romeoville illinois, so many people showing up, the line cut off early. in baltimore they are hiring at a fulfillment center the size of 28 football fields.
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>> it's crazy! but i mean, they need the help. >> reporter: amazon wants associates that can sort, pack and ship, even those who don't shop on amazon can apply. >> no. i never ordered anything online. [ laughter ] >> oh,. >> reporter: here in the bay area, amazon making its presence known with 6 locations in sunnyvale, palo alto, cupertino and three in san francisco. one of those, a major lease at 525 market, san francisco business times reporting amazon will lease 180,000 square feet in this standout high-rise plus right now on its hiring page, the retailer shows nearly 1100 jobs available in the bay area alone. in some of the facilities, instead of staffers walking to shelves, those shelves come to them. >> so it makes our jobs more efficient for our associates so we continue to hire to meet customer demand. >> reporter: hire, they have done. according to geek wire, amazon employs more than 30,000 people in california making the golden state amazon's second biggest market in the country behind
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washington state. amazon leads the way when it comes to growth in commerce. online, that is. but as more people shop online, those brick and mortar stars are suffering. in the last 15 years, department stores are lost nearly half a million jobs. back to you. >> thank you. some lucky south bay kids had a chance today to pick up new school supplies including a new backpack for free. it's all part of the head to toe backpack day organized by sunnyvale community services. from sports themed backpacks to ones with other patterns, they had options. they get a gift card for new shoes and bag of nutritious groceries. >> i have my backpack. i got my notebook i need, markers, crayons, and that's it. >> sound like she's all set. the community service expects nearly 1500 students to pick up school supplies today. steph curry is one of the best basketball players in the
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world. today he is putting his golf skills to the test against professionals in the ellie mae classic. as you can see, curry tries to sink that putt but comes up short. this was his second straight bogey and after five holes, he is 3-over. he has a sponsor exemption so he didn't have to qualify to enter the tour. some of the lowest priced tickets to the classic start around $15. a new study on seatbelt use. we have the numbers on the people who don't buckle up in the back seat. >> and some major changes for visitors of the golden gate bridge. where you won't be able to park starting this weekend. >> right there at the golden gate bridge, the current air temperature is in the 60s. but in the city, it's in the 70s. boy, we've got cloud cover. we have a chance of thunderstorms. and we have your weekend forecast coming up. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
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in a natural gas explosion. developing now in minneapolis, investigators are combing the scene where two people were killed in a natural gas explosion. it happened at a private k-12 school yesterday. the explosion caused part of the school to collapse, killing the school's receptionist and another employee. contractors were working on one of the buildings on the campus. the exact cause of the explosion is still under investigation. officials believe it was a natural gas leak. we all know seatbelts may save lives, but a new report finds many people choose not to buckle up in the back seat. chris martinez shows us the often dangerous consequences! >> reporter: this is what can happen when you don't buckle up in the back seat.
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this family of three was thrown around when the cab they were riding in was hit by another car. >> oh!! >> reporter: in this video, the woman on the right is wearing a seatbelt. the woman on the left is not. [ crash ] >> reporter: and in the accident, she is thrown across the cab. >> people are less likely to buckle up in the back. >> reporter: this woman wrote a report from the insurance institute for highway safety. the survey found while 91% of people always use their seatbelt in the front, only 72% use them in the back. and that number drops to 57% when traveling in cabs and ride hailing services like uber and lyft. this driver says people often don't buckle up on short trips. >> i usually will say something like, um, i notice that you're not buckled. i think it would be good idea to be buckled. >> reporter: experts say riding without a seatbelt puts the back seat rider at risk but also people in front.
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in this test video, the person unbuckled in the back slams into the driver during an accident. >> we know that drivers are twice as likely to be fatally injured when the passenger behind them is unrestrained. >> reporter: she wants more automakers to install the same belt reminders cars have in the front seat for people in the back. she thinks it could get more people to buckle up. and help prevent injuries. [ crash ] >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> only 29 states have laws requiring people in the back seat to buckle up. that's compared to 49 states that have laws for front seatbelts. important news for visitors to the golden gate bridge this weekend. drivers will not be able to park near the bridge from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. those parking restrictions for vista point will be in place for the next five weekends through labor day. that means the only way to get to the popular scenic outlook will be by bus. >> now for a check of the weather with roberta. >> you can ride your bike up to
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alexander drive and just come on down. you just walk on down, got to hike back up again. it's good exercise. hi, everybody. it's time for your solar tip of the day. we have the solar eclipse coming up on august 21. our tip to you is go online! eclipse to give you all the information you need to in about viewing the total solar eclipse coming up in 18 days. mostly cloudy skies over the bay bridge right now. the water is -- we have a small craft advisory in place until 5 p.m. kind of rough out there. another view of the low clouds spilling in over the golden gate bridge, we have several layers of clouds this afternoon. it is overcast in livermore at 91. 84 degrees in san jose. wow, these temperatures are balmy for this hour. heat advisory remains in effect until 9 p.m. for the yellow area. not as hot today as yesterday, but coupled with the high humidity, we're working out a heat index that makes it feel
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extremely uncomfortable. and charlie our weather watcher in vallejo says it's 86. it's been spiking ever since the fog burned off. low pressure to the south of us, subtropical moisture, it's all associated with monsoonal moisture lifting north. cloud cover a chance of a thunderstorm or even a single lightning strike as the sun goes down at 815. sunrise tomorrow at 6:16. before then, we have temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. from 68 to 98, that's our temperature span today. our fluctuating winds at 20 miles per hour. notice similar conditions tomorrow. again, unstable air mass. and then pretty dry through wednesday. we have ourselves the last game of the battle of the bay tonight cloudy at 67 degrees. what a night for baseball. balmy out there but keep your eye to the sky for that chance of a thunderstorm. >> yeah. you want to take note. all right, roberta, thanks so much. let's check the big board. the dow is up about 18 points. just ahead, helping women
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start businesses. the crucial support that comes from this week's jefferson award winner.
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tough even for the most experiencd... and if you're low income... a woman... and a minority... it might seem impossible. but this week's jefferson award winner is he smarting a small business is tough for experienced people. if you are low income, and a minority, it may be impossible.
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this week's jefferson award everis helping women achieve their goals every day. >> reporter: maria flores saw her dream come true 12 years ago when she opened a cafe and deli in san leandro. >> i working in the coffee shop for many years and i doing my husband and me for the have own own coffee shop. >> reporter: she used savings to get the business going but she needed financial help. with no credit history, it was tough three years ago. >> we try to have a loan but was difficult because that's interest is high. and they ask for many things. >> reporter: then maria found out about the nonprofit called grameen bank and its ultralow- interest loans. as branch manager sonya fierst helped maria get started not only with money but a community support system which she says is key to grameen's success. >> in order to get a loan with us, you form a group of five women and each person in that group has her own business and receives her own loan.
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the group together is accountable for each other so it's a social collateral, social support model. >> reporter: founded in 1983 in bangladesh, grameen specializes in microfinancing, low-interest loans of $500 to $35,000 to low income minority women to want to start their own businesses. the branch in oakland opened in 2012. sonya became manager three years later. >> women who start flower shops, video shops, daycare centers and others. >> reporter: working with members is what motivates her. >> i love getting to hear their stories and see their resilience and dedication and discipline. it's taught me so much. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: so for helping women in the bay area get access to low-interest loans to start and grow their businesses, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sonya fierst. allen martin, kpix 5. >> the oakland branch of grameen now has 3,000 members. sonya and her staff helped the branch reach a 100% loan
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repayment rate last quarter. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back.
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catch a child molestation suspect flying into san jose. the big bold clue she just couldn't ignore. that story and more at five. 's it for an alert passenger helped catch a child molestation suspect flying into san jose. the big clue she couldn't ignore. we'll have that and more at 5:00. >> more on the wind-down of our hot temperatures.
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but you're so right about the humidity. >> it feels just as hot due to the increased levels of humidity. but this is a good swim day. >> that's true. >> right. >> bad hair day, good swim day. >> yeah. i know. >> but i usually get bad hair swimming too. >> really wavy and frizzy right here in the back. >> heat advisory in effect for tonight. do what you can do to beat the heat. make reservations for dinner! ♪[ music ] linda macdonald, captioner vitac corporation
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