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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but her murder, her family say, could have been avoided if only immigration agents had enough time. >> this shouldn't have happened, that's for sure. but, you know, someone makes a mistake and he was here and he killed her. >> reporter: veronica's boyfriend is accused of beating her to death. he was arraigned today on that murder charge just weeks earlier arrested for beating cabrera ramirez and was released after making bail. the man is undocumented from guatemala. ice wanted sonoma county to alert them when he bailed out but the county says they didn't show up. >> if they come or choose to pick somebody up, that's's ice's responsibility knows ours. >> reporter: i.c.e. says sonoma county did call to say they would be released estrada mar goes at 8:20 p.m. but sheriff's deputies released
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him 16 minutes later at 8:36 p.m. hardly enough time for i.c.e. agents to get to the jail. that was friday august 4. two weeks later cabrera ramirez was dead. if ice had been given time to get here, he would never have been able to commit this murder and they are frustrated and they want answers what do you say? >> first of all our condolence because losing a family member is always really hard. we can't predict somebody's behavior. we have laws that we have to operate within. we can't change those laws depending on the various people that come through our doors. >> they should notify sooner. they should give them more time to send this guy back to his country. right now, he is going to be in jail hopefully. >> reporter: in our conversation with i.c.e. today, they said this is none an isolated incident. when it comes to dealing with
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the sonoma county sheriff's office, they said, quote, a vast majority of notification conveyed by sonoma county to i.c.e. in the past six months have failed to provide sufficient advance notice to pink these criminals. so in fact they went on further to tell us that about 88% of the cases they are involved in, so from now until the end of -- excuse me, from the beginning of the year until end of july, about 137, 139 cases, 88% of those i.c.e. says they didn't get sufficient time to get here from san francisco where they are based which as anyone knows is about a 45-minute drive on a good day without traffic. >> sonoma county has a new sheriff. is that going to change the policy on cooperating with i.c.e.? >> reporter: no, because they already changed their policy. their new policy actually went into effect on august 18th. it will make it harder for i.c.e. to get notified by this law
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enforcement agency. in fact, under the new policy that went into effect after the initial arrest of this murderer, i.c.e. would never have even been notified like they were this go around. >> thank you. new at 6:00, what's in a name? it depends on who you ask. the conservative group planning to rally at crissy field this weekend is adamant they are not white supremacists. that's what nancy pelosi called them. so kpix 5's melissa caen went to ask democratic leader to explain her choice of words. melissa. >> reporter: yeah. terms like neo-nazi, white supremacist, white nationalist, "alt right," all the left, fascist, marks sis, these loaded terms are being used daily these days. as we prepare for this weekend, we looked at the "patriot prayer" group. some of them are trump supporters but we wondered, does that make them extremists? in a press release, house minority leader nancy pelosi called the event a white supremacist rally and today she
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said crissy field is a special place. >> now they are going to give it the venue to nazis and white nationalists. >> reporter: but is "patriot prayer" a bunch of white supremacists or nazis or white nationalists? not according to the southern poverty law center. "patriot prayer" is not listed as a hate group and its leader joey gibson is not listed as an extremist. the center reported that at the most recent "patriot prayer" event, gibson shouted from the stage, f white supremacists, f neo-nazis. >> nancy pelosi feels like she has to oppose our group so she lies and says it would be a white supremacist rally even though there's only one white speaker. it's frustrating. >> reporter: the splc points out that white supremacists have showed up to "patriot prayer" rallies before and "patriot prayer" invited the often armed anti-government oath keepers to provide security on saturday. >> the "patriot prayer" group says they are not white supremacists or nazis. they're diverse. people just show up.
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how can they be held accountable for it? >> they are accountable for it. >> reporter: she disagreed with the park service's interpretation of the constitution. >> giving them the ability to cry wolf in a crowded theater. we're all committed to our constitution and freedom of speech, god knows, in san francisco. but not to endanger people. so the park service has to balance their ability to protect with their misguided view of the constitution. >> reporter: barbara lee is focused on preventing files. >> we have to keep our people, cities, counties safe. but the free speech of anyone is something that we all agree on in terms of first amendment rights. >> reporter: now, we keep hearing the term, you can't yell fire or wolf, in a theater. but that's not actually true. you probably can. that phrase is from a 1919 supreme court case that's been overturned. when it comes to protests, there are generally two
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exception to the first amendment. first, speech that's meant to and likely to incite imminent lawless actions. second rule, any direct face- to-face personal insults that inflict injury or breach the peace. there may be much of that this weekend. melissa caen, kpix 5. the city of berkeley is also bracing for a free speech showdown this weekend. the mayor is urging people to stay away from sunday's no to marxism rally for their own safety. he says, hate groups will use it as a platform to spread their message. but the organizer told us the event is focused strictly on denouncing marxism and she wants nothing to do with white supremacists, racist or violent counterprotesters. >> people are walking around like this violent terrorist in masks and this mayor does nothing about it. >> we stand for free speech. we don't stand for violence. violence is not free speech. >> the city is still working out the security details for sunday. tactics may include physically separating the two sides with barriers and enacting a one-day
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ban on weapons in the park and other public spaces. in just under an hour, president trump will host a campaign style rally in phoenix. we're taking a live look now inside the convention center. the white house is expecting a large crouse. the fire marshal has set capacity for 19,000 people. president trump is expected to tout his accomplishments over the last 8 months. here's a live look outside where protestors have gathered holding signs and chanting against our president and the policies. things will calm. dave bryan has the story. >> reporter: in a state where immigration has always been an issue as hot as the arizona sun in august, it was no surprise that president trump's first stop was the border city of yuma where he shook hands with some military veterans and military servicemen and -women and toured a border control facility. >> we love you, president
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trump! god bless you and your family! >> reporter: waiting for him in phoenix were his loyal supporters, standing in the furnace of nature for hours waiting to get into the convention center where president trump will rally his constituents in an hour. among them were folks who lived in orange county before moving to arizona. >> people neat to get together and not be so divide -- need to get together and not be so divided. we're not racist. we want the best for our country and everybody. >> reporter: the law enforcement presence here is impressive. there are police officers at virtually every corner in the downtown area. and in some cases, streets are blocked by lines of officers and they have plenty of help. the sheriff's department and other law enforcement agencies are pitching in, as well. all in an effort to keep things from going south on a night that's filled with tension. i asked trump supporters and navy veteran joe davies if he was concerned about president trump's comments after
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charlottesville. >> he never said there was good nazis or white supremes. there were good people on both sides of the issue. there were. >> we'll have a live report from dave coming up at 6:40. crews mopping up this evening after a grass fire that burned through camp parks in dublin this afternoon. it torched about 200 acres and for a time, triggered some evacuations in the wallace ranch area. it started around 2 p.m. at the army reserve training area north of interstate 580. the flames created a wall of fire and at one point, they crept towards a housing development. flames dropped fire retardant to stop the fire from spreading while crews on the ground attacked the line of fire. the fire is out. those evacuation orders are lifted. crews will stay on the scene for hot spots. light, airy and comfortable aren't words you normally hear in the same sentence as bart. but that's exactly how people are describing the new milpitas
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station near the great mall. kpix 5's len ramirez takes us on a tour. >> reporter: the new underground milpitas bart station does away with the darkness of the older stations, instead letting in light from above. massive skylights, stained glass, and cool l.e.d. lighting gives the station a comfortable look and feel. >> light and airy. you prefer natural lighting. it helps give a sense of openness. >> reporter: bart and vta officials gave us a preview of the station which is still under construction. it's on track to open in june of 2018. but because of vta's earlier boasting that passenger service could begin as early as december, officials had to backtrack to the june time frame. >> to be ahead of schedule in construction is a great feat. we want to share it with the public. now we just really want to set the expectations that we are still on schedule for that
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june2018. >> reporter: the milpitas and berryessa stations in northeast san jose are part of bart's 10- mile extension into santa clara county. one significant part of the story that has not gotten a lot of attention is how this project when completed will allow commuters to accomplish what has been a long-term dream here in the bay area. and that is to completely encircle the bay on rails. this footbridge will be the missing link connecting bart to vta which connects to caltrain. >> now you'll have this full ring around the bay where you can get from san francisco into mountain view to milpitas and back up to oakland. >> reporter: although a massive parking garage is included, transit officials hope bart will finally make enough connections so that many south bay commuters won't need a car. in milpitas, len ramirez, kpix 5. two decades of fighting to keep tahoe blue. the annual summit reveals good and bad news for the health of the treasured lake. the urgent threats to the water and the land. >> rats take over a bay area
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grocery store. it's been sitting vacant for two years. we asked, is anyone doing anything about it? >> from over the moon to stranded in oregon. how a bay area school's road trip to see the eclipse turned into a travel nightmare. >> sunshine in san jose and all the south bay right now. temperatures as much as 12 degrees warmer over the past 24 hours. we have another 12 to 15 degrees to go. find out when the 90s and 100s return to parts of the bay area next. iful.
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now the fight to keep "tahoe blue".. is at a turning point. "sky drone 5" giving us a striking view of lake tahoe just beautiful. well, now the fight to keep tahoe blue is at a turning point. today, lawmakers held the 20th tahoe summit to talk about how to protect the lake and as wilson walker tells us, there has been progress and there are new challenges. >> so tahoe today is healthier and more resilient because we never shied away from a challenge. >> reporter: 20 years after the first tahoe summit, we find ourselves with a mixed report card. on one hand, we're doing a better job keeping pollution and sediment out of the lake finally halting that long-term decline in lake clarity. but now, tahoe faces a new
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challenge staying blue. >> it is warming 10 times faster than it did in history. global warming is affecting this lake. >> reporter: that warmer water makes it easier for algae to grow and with the warm summer having increased by 26 days over the last 50 years, we also see greater threats on land. >> the fill-in of our forests and the fire potential and the actual fires that take place. >> reporter: on that front, multiple agencies will now start tackling some 136,000 dead trees in the tahoe basin and get more aggressive with forest management, something republicans have wanted for years. >> we have certainly turned the corner. management tools are now in place. we must use them with the urgency that our forests's' conditions and if and pray we're not too late. >> reporter: the real focus onkie climate challenge that extends beyond tahoe.
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>> the proverbial ground on which we stand continues to shift and the change we confront today is in fact much larger than tahoe. this is change that quite literally is global. >> reporter: one thing they have managed to control so far is invasive species, weeds, clams, mussels. that's why they have inspected and decontaminated tens of thousands of boats. but one species that's coming in greater numbers is us! 3million people now visit tahoe every year. that number is expected to surge and that of course will require management, as well. >> just seeing the sky drove photos makes me want to go up there. a pilot killed when his plane crashed over the weekend in oregon has been identified as a 58-year-old man from menlo park. mark james rich died saturday after his home built plane went down in the city of madras about 120 miles southeast of
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portland. first responders found the plane engulfed in flames. he was pilot a 2002 fixed week single-engine wheeler express. he was approaching the madras airport when the plane went down. he cause is under investigation. in our bay area headlines now, a san jose woman sunday arrest in connection with the fatal crash on highway 17 in los gatos. police have taken the 50-year- old woman into custody on suspicion of felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. chp says she was driving sunday morning when she lost control and went down an embankment the passenger was ejected and died. hillsboro police released surveillance video of a couple of burglary suspects breaking into two cars. this happened outside a home on summit drive early yesterday morning. you can see the pair searching the car's glove boxes and center consoles. the suspects are still on the loose. three men have been arrested in connection with a jewelry heist this month in san
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francisco. police say michael alexis, marshall harris and ray hall entered the store, demanded the employee to hand over jewelry at gunpoint. the trio was booked into san francisco county jail and pled not guilty. warm outside today and more 80s. yesterday was 60s and 70s. today the highs are coming in at the 80s and 90s including one 90-degree reading which was you in livermore. other highs concord 89. san rafael 86. san jose much warmer and sunnier than yesterday. wish we had that weather for the eclipse but it is what it is. 81 for your highs today. fremont 78 in san francisco. actually cooler today even with more sunshine. 67 degrees. mother nature's air- conditioning turned on more. a couple of clouds tonight. let's go for another shoutout. game two of the series first pitch 7:15. 63 degrees. so a few things going on. another round of thunderstorms you look off to the east, you see some cloud cover. those are the tops in thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra again because of the stationary area of low pressure
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sitting off the central and southern california coastline. as soon as that moves, something else is going to move in. that something else will be a rather strong, rather hot ridge of high pressure currently sitting over west texas and southern new mexico. as it gets here, temperatures inland will climb likely another 10 to 15 degrees exceeding 100 degrees as soon as this up coming sunday. that said tonight, coastal fog will be with us. and we'll see some low cloud cover near the bay. overnight lows not as warm as the past couple nights but low sixes for some of you including fremont 62, livermore 62, fairfield 62. temperatures in the 60s and 70s through the end of the week at the coast. inland in the 80s to low 90s. big change comes starting saturday and sunday. highs tomorrow looking good:
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>> we get hot. we save the hot word for triple digits. we'll be there starting sunday inland heat, three days in a row with the hottest inland spots in the low 100s, most inland areas in the mid- to upper 90s. but near the water, we stay relatively cool. we get an inside look, before it's torn from firefighting horses, to spiral staircases.. how mu the final day for a century old bay area firehouse, we get an inside look above it's torn down from firefighting horses to spiral staircases, how much it's changed in 100 years. >> we have a major trade in the nba. who the warriors likely won't be seeing in the nba finals and a 49ers coach becomes the first openly gay coach in the nfl. next.
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openly when they named katie sowers as their first female coach in team pened up to the 49ers made history last week when they named katie sowers as their first female coach in team history. today, sowers opened up to out
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sports becoming the first openly gay coach in the nfl male or female. sowers worked with the new 49ers coach kyle shanahan last year in atlanta where her orientation was first raised with falcons management. she was finishing a coaching internship this summer when the 49ers decided to hire her officially. today, i asked kyle shanahan about his new coach. do you think it's harder for a female coach to reach a male player? >> i think it's -- i don't necessarily say it's male or female. you have to earn players' respect and i think sometimes it happens with coaches that maybe never played football growing up, um, they need -- they are not just going to be able to tell a player something. they will listen to you. i don't care players care whether you're old, young, male, feel may, just can you help them.
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a patriots spokesman confirmed owner robert kraft gave president trump a championship ring when the team visited the white house in april. kraft and trump are friends and kraft gave trump the ring that players received covered in 283 diamonds. kyrie irving got what he wanted and is free of lebron james. he was traded to boston in exchange for three players, including isaih thomas and a draft pick. aids rookie boo pal hit his first home run last night in the most appropriate place in baltimore. it happened in the 1st inning before the a's lost to the orioles. the ball landed in boog powell's barbecue joint in right field named after the orioles slugger to played 14 years in baltimore and was the 1970mvp. boog is a nickname for both players. and there is zero relation between the two. today they met each other and had barbecue. >> do you remember when you
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first were called boog? >> no, i don't remember the first time. but i know i hated it at first. [ laughter ] >> it's never gonna leave you. >> i don't want it to. >> is that your grandson playing down there? i said, well, no but i wish he was. the thrill of victory and agony of defeat in the little league world series. veteran. the pitcher cried when he lost. the opposing team picked him up. coaches and players in the end of the perhaps that's the most important lesson of all. >> that's what it's all about. >> yeah. >> yeah. all right. thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, rats make their home inside a closed bay area grocery
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store. it's been vacant for two years. who will maintain it? >> a plea from the wife of a bay area man killed in the barcelona terror attack. why she wants to track down the last person who saw him alive. >> the judge in the stanford rape case fighting for his job. the new twist in the effort to recall him.
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an empty grocery store in san jose has been attracting new tenants.. but not the kind anyone wants in our top story at 6:30, an empty grocery store in san jose has been attracting new tenants but not the kind anyone wants in their neighborhood. rats! the trouble is happening in a shopping center on santa teresa 15 boulevard and as kpix 5's kiet do shows us, it's catching the attention of one city council member. >> reporter: council member sergio jimenez heard the rumors about the old hill grocery store and had to see it. when he looked in, something was looking back. >> i saw the rats. and so they were literally crawling everywhere. >> reporter: jimenez took these photos himself, rats everywhere, both dead and alive. the council member then called code enforcements for an inspection to begin the process of cleaning up the site. that was last month. and the rodents are now long gone.
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hill's parent company raley's hassan advertised the building and crews are emptying the store removing everything to prevent future infestations. what did you think? >> it was disgusting! [ laughter ] >> it was disgusting. um, i thought that this didn't belong in our community. >> reporter: hill shut down two years ago because of lagging sales. the problem, the lease with retail opportunity company, roic, lasts until 220. so begins the finger-pointing. raley's has been trying to sublease the property where stewart tan told the "mercury news," they won't give the location back to us or put any effort into subleasing the building because they don't want competition to come in. >> it seems like folks are talking past each other. we are trying to bridge the gap and bring people together. >> reporter: jimenez is considering legislation to crack down on vacant long term vacant property. >> i don't know if it will get there but we are exploring it. to the extent the city can take
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an active pro-active approach to make sure this doesn't happen again, i think it's the best interests of the whole city. >> reporter: raley's has issue a statement that says in part it is not a normal practice for raley's to leave a store vacant. we have given roic keys and security access to market the building and have been waiting for roic to present a sublease option to raley's. there's been no proposal to date. we got the ceo of roic on the phone today. he hasn't called us back. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the man police say killed an off-duty oakland firefighter and injured another faced a judge today. lawyers blocked our view of oliver juinio in court. he is the man prosecutors say shot the two off-duty firefighters outside an event in san jose on thursday night killing one of them. authorities don't think there is any connection between the suspect and the victims. prosecutors say the firefighters were caught off guard. >> it does appear to be an
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unprovoked attack in which both these off-duty oakland firefighters were shot without warning and without professorcasion. >> this would be a third strike for juinio. he is due back in court in september. a memorial is planned for the firefighter who died. a service will be held for jake walter at 11 a.m. on saturday at the oakland scottish rite center. the wife of the lafayette man killed in barcelona says she is trying to find a waiter who may have been the last person to see her husband alive. heidi nunez tucker says she saw a video after last week's attack showing the waiter trying to help her husband. 42-year-old jared tucker's father told us that as the family watched the attack on tv, they also spotted his son and a good samaritan giving him aid. the family now wants to find and thank the waiter. tucker and his wife were in barcelona celebrating their first wedding anniversary. the top u.s. commander for the middle east says the first
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new forces will arrive in afghanistan within days or weeks. now this comes after president trump announced plans to recommit the u.s. military to ending the 16-year afghan war. secretary of defense james mattis says troops will have to go through a new set of training to prepare but the fighting will still fall mostly on afghan forces. >> we believe that we can turn the tide of what has been a losing battle over the last year and a half or so. at least stabilize the situation and hopefully start seeing some battlefield victories on the part of the afghan forces who have fought very bravely but they have been fighting i think with less than full capabilities that we can give them. >> right now, secretary of defense james mattis james mattis hasn't given a specific number of troops headed to afghanistan. the attorney general's office filed a motion siding with the campaign to recall judge aaron persky under fire for sentencing -- for his sentencing in the stanford sex
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assault case. a group gathered to get signatures for a petition to recall him. judge persky filed a restraining order to halt their efforts. the judge says that because he is a state officer, it's up to the california secretary of state to decide if he should be recalled, not the county. but the attorney general filed papers which should allow the recall effort to continue. >> very upsetting to the women of this county that he is trying to silence us, sexual assault survivors are familiar with the feeling of being silenced. this is one more attempt by judge persky to further silence sexual assault survivors and we're not having it. >> if the recall goes through, and they collect more than 90,000 signatures, it would come up in the june 2018 election. the city of santa clara is demanding a big turnover from the 49ers. a new city audit shows the 49ers owe nearly $2 million to cover their costs at levi's stadium. that includes money spent on
6:36 pm
public safety, parking fees and city staff. >> taxpayer money has been spent. it needs to be reimbursed and we need to change the way we do business on how we manage and operate that stadium. >> the team claims it only owes a little over $100,000. in a statement, team president chalked it up to bad accounting: l 115- thousand in expenses -- something which sponsibility. the mayor says: the team doesn't pa th ay pursue legal ac a li from phoenix.. president trump, min way from taking th for a rally. >> the mayor says if the team doesn't pay the city may pursue legal action. here's a live look from phoenix. president trump minutes away from taking the stage for a rally. supporters and protestors squaring off. we'll have a live report. >> and they witnessed history, then things went south for bay area students road tripping to see the eclipse. the rough night stranded in oregon!
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. let's take you live to phoenix... we are just minutes away from
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president trump's campaign-style rally there. you're looking live at let's take you live to phoenix. we are just minutes away from president trump's campaign style rally there. you're looking live at the big crowd inside. we have also seen people protesting. chris martinez is there now with more. what is the mood outside? >> reporter: it's contentious where we are right now. we have protestors around us here. for the most part, they have kept a pretty healthy distance from the folks going inside the rally. those are some of the folks going in. all of these people have been waiting outside for hours. bow proceeds and supporters and triple-digit temperatures. police are hopeful that everything here will remain peaceful tonight. president trump touched down in
6:40 pm
phoenix tuesday afternoon where he is hosting a campaign style rally. the president plans to energize his base inside, protestors outside are making their voices heard. >> it is 2017. >> reporter: several groups protested throughout the day criticizing the president for failing to condemn white supremacist violence in charlottesville, virginia. and opposing his immigration policies. >> we refuse to stand idly by while president trump destroys america. >> reporter: a group of bikers who support the president say they will alert police if any protestors get inside the convention center. >> we don't want troublemakers. i don't care who it is. >> reporter: the phoenix police chief says the force is prepared for peaceful demonstrators. >> we will support the free speech concept. but criminal conduct will be immediately addressed. >> reporter: president trump was actually asked by some officials to delay his trip here over concerns it could inflame passions and further divide the country. >> it's not only the rhetoric that needs to be toned down. it's -- it's the -- it's the
6:41 pm
policies that do damage. >> reporter: earlier, the president toured u.s. customs and border protection in the city of yuma, close to the mexican border. the commander-in-chief also visited with u.s. marines thanking them for their service. >> reporter: some republicans that are not expected to be here tonight, the governor, senators flake and mccain. they are not expected to take the stage or be in the arena tonight. once president trump here is he will overnight, the president, here in arizona and then tomorrow morning, he leaves here from phoenix and heads to reno nevada. >> back to you. >> thank you. bay area skating sensation kristi yamaguchi back on the ice with a little help from her daughter. the star-studded celebration for a good cause. >> southwest winds got us chilly yesterday. a look at the current winds throughout the bay area. it's breezy but most of the winds coming out of the northwest. that's added 5 to 7 degrees to
6:42 pm
the thermometer today. coming up, when we are going to add another 15 degrees. looking at the bay bridge, we're talking triple digits next.
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that turned into a traffic nightmare. a group of bay area students just got back from oregon.. day after yes new at 6:00 it was the field trip of dreams that actually turned into a traffic nightmare. a group of bay area students just got back from oregon a full day after yesterday's total solar eclipse. they told kpix 5's john ramos before they even made it to the california boarders night had fallen again. >> here they come! >> reporter: when the bus pulled up to de la salle high school, it marked the end of a long journey for the 38 students aboard, the road trip to see the eclipse did not disappoint. >> it's hard to say what it meant but it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. >> reporter: after a year of planning, the group found itself in a campground in oregon. on monday morning, mother nature put on her show. dawson diaz was the official photographer for the group and had practiced for weeks to capture these images. >> that one minute and 20
6:46 pm
seconds that we got, i probably spent the majority of it working on my camera but the few u that i got to look at it, it was in-- the few seconds that i got to look at it, it was incredible. >> i didn't know everywhere you look would be a sunset. i didn't know stars would show up. i didn't know animals would be weird. >> reporter: even if it was brief, the journey home was another matter. the roads were so clogged with traffic that time began to standstill. >> we kept checking how long and kept saying nine hours, nine hours, even though it was like three hours after the first time. >> reporter: and the problem worsened. the group's bus driver was not allowed to drive for more than 12 hours straight without rest. so they pulled over and slept on the floor of a hall at oregon institute of technology near the california border. >> we're still in oregon. >> we're still in oregon. we didn't leave oregon until late this morning. >> reporter: finally, the group arrived home at about 3 p.m. the long trip made them miss a day of school, but it will be one more thing to remember
6:47 pm
about this adventure of a lifetime. >> it was a longer ordeal than i could have expected it but i never would have wished it could have gone any other way. >> reporter: in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. cat transis making good progress bridging the gap to big sur. they began installing the girders that will support the pfeiffer canyon bridge to be done by the end of the week. the bridge opens late next month. the original bridge on highway 1 was so badly damaged by winter storms it was demolished five months ago. people all over the bay area are scrambling to get their hands on a powerball ticket for tomorrow's drawing. the jackpot now, $700 million. now, we caught up with a few hopeful san franciscans as they collected their tickets at 7/eleven this afternoon. the jackpot has been building since june. if someone hits it tomorrow, it would be the second largest lottery price ever handed out in the united states. 25 years kristi yamaguchi
6:48 pm
became an olympic gold medalist. now she is celebrating back on the ice here in the bay area. but she is also raising money for a cause. her golden moments show at the "s.a.p. center" will be a star-studded event all proceeds going to her always dream foundation which supports literacy for under served children. she found the motivation to lace up her skates from her 11- year-old daughter who will perform with her in the show. >> i typically don't skate anymore but i have gotten back on the ice specifically for this show and, um, she is giving me the courage to get back on the ice and have fun with her. >> you can still buy tickets for the show on september 3. just check out ticketmaster, the s.a.p. box office or the always dream foundation website. >> she makes it look so easy. >> all right. the heat is on, paul. huh? >> it is. it's going to be warm around here. i can't believe it was 25 years ago. where has time gone? it's going to be warmer later this week.
6:49 pm
tonight beautiful for a walk in concord, soccer practice in the tri-valley? warm 83 degrees there. san jose 77. santa rosa 76. seemingly all summer long always trailing behind by, like, 20 degrees we find oakland in san francisco, same sunshine, but you have mother nature's air-conditioning set to medium to high and your highs are current temperatures are only in the mid- to upper 60s. still watching a few thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra. avoiding lake tahoe, currently down towards bear valley and yosemite we are still picking up lightning strikes most of this activity to the northwest so it will avoid the bay area. some of you in san jose and los altos had some rain yesterday evening the leftovers from the thunderstorms i do not expect a repeat performance this evening or tonight. mainly clear in fremont tonight, 62 degrees. fairfield 62. napa tonight 59. san francisco you will have fog again 57 degrees. we have a big dome of high pressure, not offshore. it's going to stay out there. this ridge over old mexico, new
6:50 pm
mexico and arizona will build in our direction as soon as this low which has been causing those thunderstorms over the sierra as soon as that leaves. that will be later on this week. you will feel the difference especially away from the water as this ridge will bring back triple digits for the first time in two weeks. tomorrow morning cloud cover near the water spilling across the bay hayward, union city, fremont getting cloud cover. alameda and berkeley, as well. afternoon sunshine with the coast being the exception should be a pleasant afternoon. with temperatures near normal the one big deviation from normal when it comes to afternoon temperatures will be the heat late this weekend early next week. look at the purple color. stretching all the way from phoenix and yuma arizona past death valley up to redding, california. 105 or hotter in the central valley. triple digits likely in a few of our inland spots as early as sunday lasting into next week. next couple of days, just like today, temperatures near average really comfortable we'll begin to warm up mainly inland. starting on friday. by the weekend mid-90s to low 100s very hot weather coming to
6:51 pm
the bay area about 5 days from now. tomorrow 4 degrees below average for san francisco. 65 for highs. santa clara 81. union city 77. 63 pacifica. pleasanton 88. 60s berkeley. 70s petaluma. 80s novato. 90s lakeport and ukiah. warmer friday. triple digits on the weekend sunday inland. look at the temperatures near the water, 30 to 40 degrees cooler. this is not the time of year yet where everybody warms up to once again we're having heat but the heat will only be inland. back to you. >> thank you. a bay area firehouse answering calls for help for 100 years. but before it's torn down for a modern makeover we look back at its rich history.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
but kpix 5's don ford says that doesn't mean its rich history is being left behind. natsâbell (gong!) for a hundred years, this bell ha r help. a call t a century old bay area fire station is closed but don ford reports its rich history is not being left behind. >> reporter: for ever 100 years
6:55 pm
this bell has been signaling a call for help that hundreds of firefighters have answered without hesitation, without fear and now soon without old station 51. >> this station is going to be torn down. >> reporter: deemed unsafe during earthquakes, plus modern fire trucks simply don't fit. >> we actually had some damage here during the napa earthquake. never intended for motorized fire apparatus. >> reporter: built in 1917, horses were still in the fire service. >> parts of the reason we have some design features are horses. >> you have a hay loft. >> and then we have our spiral staircase which was an important feature that took up less space and made it more difficult for the horses to come upstairs. >> reporter: so the horses would try to go upstates? >> if the spiral staircase wasn't there. >> reporter: at least a centuries old brass pole. the original doors complete with modern stripe marks from trucks and, of course, the bell. all of to be saved and used in
6:56 pm
the new firehouse. this interesting note we found scribbled inside one of the old lockers. >> december 7, 1941,. >> reporter: it says december 7, 1941. japanese attack honolulu. times have changed. now the historic building is being torn down and replaced with a center that will house both the fire and police departments. the project is expected to take three years n san rafael, don ford, kpix 5. >> a lot of rich history there. >> mm-hm. >> before we go let's take one more live look at phoenix. president trump is expected to take the stage at 7:00. we'll have coverage his comments and the protests on nightbeat on kbcw 44/cable 12. ♪[ music ] >> we have flaunted sexual immorality to the world. we have failed to protect our young and our innocent. who are these people?
6:57 pm
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: i really appreciate that. thank you. thank you, folks. i appreciate and thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got another good one today. returning for their second day, from crawfordville, georgia, it's the champs, it's the williams family! [cheering and applause] and from st. louis, missouri, my man, cedric the entertainer, it's the dangerfield family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might just drive out of
7:00 pm
here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] give me pet. give me camille. ladies, top 5 answers on the board. here we go. name a tool a construction worker might put in his pants to impress a lady. camille: a hammer. steve: a hammer. ha ha ha! a hammer. family: yeah! play, play! camille: we're gonna play. steve: they gonna play. [cheering and applause] dequincy, what you do, man? dequincy: man, first of all, i'm a proud husband of this beautiful lady right here. we have two beautiful young daughters name ava and makenzie. and then all day i'm a sex symbol for big men. [laughter] now, really. now, you know... [applause] you know... steve: this boy says, "all day, i'm a sex symbol for big men." dequincy: the husky genre. you knhu


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