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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 29, 2017 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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even closer towards wednesday morning. by wednesday afternoon, then, making another landfall. right near probably port sabine, pushing inland as tropical storm. by thursday, friday, working into the mississippi river valley. downgrading to tropical low. you can see, still a lot of rain. falling through parts of houston. near galveston, that rain spreads into southwest louisiana. new orleans. i sample the rainfall rates. 1/2 inch to inch and a half of rain per hour. adding more rain on top of the 72 hour storm totals. 39.72. pasadena, 32 inches. we are going to see possibly, 15 inches in houston by the time wednesday. thursday. and norah, we'll continue to see, a bit more. as harvey makes another hand fall. >> incredibly, worrisome. thank you so much.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." we should note here in houston, shelters like the one behind me are quickly filling up. some evacuees have been bussed to san antonio. three hours away. mireya villarreal is there. mireya, good evening. >> well, good evening. san antonio has been taking in evacuees for five days. 1,100 people coming here for some sort of shelter. and as we speak, buses stand staged. they're ready to head to husson when it is safe to pick up more people and bring them back here to the alamo city. school buses normally filled with students are filled with families forcinged out by hurricane harvey. they evacuated, rockport with their two small children. >> we have nowhere for them to go. it's, we don't know what we are going to do.
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we don't have any other resources outside. than what we are getting here. >> most of the shelters were unequipped for children. families made due cribs made out of cardboard boxes before a nonprno nonprofit arrived with real cribs. >> we can sleep better knowing they're not going to fall off and hurt their head. >> new arrivals are issued identification tags to keep families together while officials search for empty beds in shelters. so far, four are open. and more are needed. as san antonio is preparing for more than 10,000 victims. >> there is pets. seniors, people in hospitals. the levels of, impact are huge. >> michael guchlt erra in charge of the san antonio food bank. on top of take in, sorting donations. their crews are preparing 4,000 hot meals and 2,000 emergency food boxes every day. >> we're the largest food bank near them. so we are already mobilizing
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forces in texas to come to their rescue and support. we are going to mobilize texas to come to their aid. >> houston's food bank is closed because of the flooding so. major donations are diverted right here to san antonio. as of right now we know that this will continue on, for at least a week until things clear up. norah. >> mireya villarreal in san antonio, thank you. we have much more coming up including our visit to the u.s. coast guard command centers. a dangerous massive coordination effort that is under way tonight. now, let's turn it back to anthony mason in new york. anthony. >> thank you, norah. president trump will fly to the disaster zone tomorrow possibly next weekend. no decision on which towns the president will visit. today he insisted congress will act swiftly to approve a multibillion dollar recovery package for texas. coming up next, new questions tonight about mr. trump's business dealings in russia.
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an important new development into the investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 election. cbs news confirmed that an attorney for president trump's real egstate empire reached out to a top aide of president vladamir putin during the campaign. as major garrett reports the exchange apares to directly tie mr. trump's business inner circle to the kremlin. >> reporter: in january 2016 just as primary season was heating up. michael cohen, long time attorney for the trump organization, e-mailed dimitri peskov, chief spokesman for vladamir putin. sought the kremlin's help. cohen wrote i respectfully request some one preferably you contact me so that i might discuss the specific as well as arranging meetings with appropriate individuals. in an interview with t"the wall
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street journal", cohen says he discussed the deal with mr. trump multiple times and mr. trump signed ape letter of intent in october 2015. by that time, candidate trump surged to the top of the republican polls. >> i will gait long with putin. >> cohen traded e-mails with a business associate involved in the trump tower moscow project. seder claimed to have deep tie thousands inside the kremlin. our boy can become president of the usa and we can engineer it. i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this. i will manage this process. in a statement today, cohen described trump tower moscow as "a building proposal that did not succeed and nothing more." the project was scrapped shortly after cohen e-mailed peskov, the kremlin spokesman. >> the campaign is on its way to victory. >> cohen did not take a for mall role in mr. trump's campaign but regularly appeared on television
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to praise the canned dade. negotiations over trump tower moscow occurred between september 2015 and january 2016. a period during which mr. trump pra praised putin and russia. >> thing of putin. if putin likes me. thinks i am ape good, smart person. i hope he believes i am. actually he is right. i am brilliant, you know that right. >> six months later the president denied having business dealings in russia. >> i have nothing to do with russia. nothing to do with russia. for anything. >> reporter: the white house had no comment on these revelations when asked today if he considered russia a ecurity threat, president trump declined saying, many countries fall into that category. he added he hopes someday to have good relations with moscow. anthony. >> major investigate. thanks. still ahead, more from houston. and north korea flexes its muscles again. ,$8drw
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north korea flexed its muscle again today by launching a missile that flew right over japan. cbs's david martin is at the pentagon tonight with more. david? >> anthony, the pentagon confirms that while this missile flew over japan, it did not fly far enough to be a threat to the united states. according to initial reports, it broke into pieces and fell into waters several hundred miles east of japan. but this representatives a major escalation intentions over north korea's missile program. since all of the other launches in recent years have been fired at a high enough angle, that they would always come down in the sea of japan, short of japanese territory. this time, the japanese government had to warn civilians living in northern japan to take
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shelter, and, japanese government official called it an unprecedented grave threat. anthony. >> david martin at the pentagon. thank you, david. in a moment, norah o'donnell will be back with a look at the coast guard's role in the rescues. the u.s. coast guard is playing a major role in search-and-rescue operations. 550 guard members have flown in from all over the country and more are on the way. 15 to 20 air craft are up in the air at any given time. and today we visited the coast
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guard air station and spoke with commander joe spitler. >> where did they come from? >> helicopters came from all over the nation. cape cod to miami, san diego, back up to traverse city. almost every coast guard uniit has the added helicopters to our fleet. >> we have been having a tough time driving in this. i don't know how your pilots are flying in this. >> the weather is very bad out there. the bands come through. visibility goes to near zee row. wind are gusty, 30, 40 miles an hourch weave train for this. we train for this environment. this its what the coast guard is for. >> how dire is the situation? right now, significant. triaging the emergencies, medical emergencies, kids, elderly. doing our best to get everybody we can. and -- they're just so many people. >> are you worried about meeting the need? >> no, the coast guard will meet the need. we will be here until it is complete. we will continue to put assets on scene. >> that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others check back a little later for the morning news, and
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cbs this morning. for norah o'donnell in houston, i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching. this is the worst i have ever seen. >> we almost died. >> on the first floor, it's up to here. >> my house is gone. it is in half, all my kids' stuff is gone. >> 45 minutes the water was just gushing in. >> his medicine here, had three seizures. >> how are you doing, ma'am? ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this the cbs "overnight news." >> i'm the anthony mason in new york. >> i'm norah o'donnell in houston, hit by unprecedented amount of rain. more than 16 inches yesterday. that is the highest one-day
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total ever. august is the wettest month on record in texas. and to punishment this in perspective, national weather service today added two new colors to its rainfall charts. including light pink, which signals 30 inches or more, and, 40 inches have fallen in dayton, texas. 10 to 20 additional inches are forecast by friday. at least two people have been killed. that number is expected to rise. and there have been thousands of rescues in houston and surrounding towns. anthony. >> norah, must be amazing to see all this play out in front of you. harvey blast add shore friday night as category 4 hurricane in rockport, texas. the area under mandatory evacuation. about half heeded the call today residents returned to pick up the pieces. jac jamie? >> reporter: anthony, the response is remarkable. even in an area that was so hard
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hit. the mobile command center, where officials have been mobilizing for days hoping to get people back into their homes as quickly as possible. but what residents are returning to, is heartbreaking devastat n devastation. all my kids stuff 'tis gone. everything is gone. stacy and her two children, rode out the storm at a family member's home in rock port. they returned to find their home destroyed. i just want hthem to be happy, start over. forget. i want to be done. i want this town to be back like it was. i grew up here. >> the small town of 10,000 will never be the same. after harvey roared towards rockport late friday night. pummeling the town for hours. with 130 mile fer hoper hour wi. and storm surges. the area known for whooping cranes and fishing took the brunt of the category 4 storm along with nearby aranza's pass.
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80% of the buildings are in shambles. there was nowhere to hide. the punishing wind and water leveled buildings. tossed boats and scattered debred debris. the local high school took a direct hit. one person was killed. at least a dozen injured when roofs and walls came crashing down. hundreds of aid workers have poured into town to help out. there is no water. power or food here. and the clean-up process is expected to take weeks. so residents are pitching in. >> blessing. people pull together in things like this. you know? especially in texas and south texas. >> reporter: you can see the wind is still strong here and so many trees are down through out town. the biggest problem is the fact that there is no power. there are lines, all around town that have fallen down that are now turned off as crews are working to restore them and get the power turned back on. but what i was just stoetold by
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officials in the mobile command center it will be six weeks before everyone has electricity in this town. anthony, imagine it will be months if not years, before area is back to normal. >> let's go back to chief meteorologist at our cbs station in dallas fort worth. scott, where's the storm now. >> storm, unfortunately, anthony out over really warm gulf waters. take a look. center of circulation. walter temperatures. # 6, 87. water temperature thousands. 2 degrees above normal. warm walter is 300, 400 feet deep. fuel for the heavy rain that continues to fall over houston. over the galveston area. surrounding counties. into parts of louisiana. so, look at these rainfall totals by county. over the last 72 hours. harris county. houston area. 34 inches. liberty, county, talking about. dayton near 39 inches of rain. we are continuing to see the rain add up. out over the open water. continue off to pull its way out
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over the open water off towards the northeast in the mississippi valley by the end of the week. anthony. >> unreal rainfall numbers. scott a storm threatening the east coast. >> yeah, a threatening. parts of north, south carolina. as right now, it's number 10. doesn't have a name yet. about 40 miles south of charleston, south carolina. it will become irma as we go into the next 24-36 hours. then by the time we go into tuesday afternoon near the outer banks. then said and done out over the open walter. peak of hurricane season, september 11th. >> scott pagett. thanks. become to norah o'donnell in houston. >> anthony, thank you. we should note that some who have made it out of the floodwaters are still struggling to find shelter relief and medical attention. some take refuge in churches as they wait for help to come. here is jericka duncan.
3:36 am
>> this east houston church quickly turned into emergency shemter as evacuees searching for higher ground had no place else to go. like fabian perez and his family, very little belongings left. >> i see your children don't have any shoes. >> nobody, nobody has any shoes. we are doing whatever we can. >> literally escaping for your life. >> some found comfort where they could. sleeping under tables. and on rows of chairs. and the darkness we found an emotional nancy gomez. holding on tightly to her 7-year-old son jesus who has cerebral palsy. cousin linda rojos says he hasn't eaten since yesterday. >> his machines got wet. his medicine got wet. so, he already had three seizures. that's very intense for him. but all we can dupe is wait. >> they have been waiting for vital supplies. with no water and no food. floodwaters are making any deliveries nearly impossible.
3:37 am
this is not funny. this is not funny. >> 59-year-old wanda wilson who arrived before midnight has run out of patience. >> can you please let me have a towel. my child is cold. i am a mother. i am a mother. once a mother. always a mother. my child is cold. >> reporter: some evacuees were sent to the convention center late this afternoon. but others are still waiting. and coaching to go out of here soon. jericka duncan, cbs news, east houston, texas. >> cbs news coverage of the wrath of harvey continues in just a moment. you're watching the "overnight news". because your carpet never stops working
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misery from harvey stretches far beyond the hardest hit areas. manuel bojorquez is along the swollen colorado river, in lagrange, texas. >> 90 miles northwest of houston. just about 12 hours ago there was no water here. the river rose, as people were sleeping, triggering evacuations in yet another part of southeast texas. this is the rushing colorado river. rapids now running right through la grange texas into homes and business like cottonwood in. the owner could'contain his grief. everything is gone? what do we have?
3:41 am
>> reporter: he came to la grange, 20 years ago his motel never flooded. this its now. we found david perry helping others carry out their belongings. >> about 5:00 this morning. swung my feet to go out of bed. standing in water. well time to evacuate. >> reporter: the colorado river reaches flood stage here at 26. harvey's rains pushed the river to more than double that level. it hasn't looked like this in more than a century. >> we are going to hang a -- >> kim smith fled the waters in victoria, texas, closer to the coast, but find herself looking for higher ground. >> this hotel is in danger. they need to make sure they're watching out for themselves here. all these people here like us may need to leave. >> you are having to evacuate again. >> again. >> how does that feel? >> it's worse than horrible.
3:42 am
but at least, i feel, that we had, had running water, and electricity. and safety of a bed. most people that i know of in my family haven't had that. >> reporter: kim smith and a caravan headed north to seek shelter. the river now crested at 54 feet. not expected to go below flood stage until friday. norah. >> manuel bojorquez there along the colorado river. manuel, thank you. one of the most startling images from the disaster came from a nursing home in the city of dickinson. here is omar villafranca. >> reporter: an image quickly coming to define hurricane harvey. stranded senior citizens, many suffering fromdimentia, stuck in floodwaters up to their waist. the owners daughter and son-in-law, kim and tim macintosh went to twitter and looked online for a lifeline. >> we were desperate. desperate to get some one there. and i, given me couldn't get
3:43 am
through to any body. i felt look no one was listening. >> their tweet went viral. and within ape few hours, the residents were rescued. among the most vulnerable during harvey have been the elderly. 94-year-old henrietta bell was trapped in her house with her daughter when the water rose two feet above her head. they wait to be rescued with their neighbors. >> i am feeling a little tired. i've am glad to be here. i want to go in and sit down. put my feet up. and get something to eat. are we going to get something to eat. ha-ha-ha. >> other stranded residents took care of a sick, 95-year-old neighbor waiting for help. >> we have been out here since 7:00. i haven't eaten. he hasn't eaten. he is diabetic. they gave him the last crackers, said, give him the last four. i haven't eaten all day. i take medication with him. i am sure other people out here have medication problems as well. >> reporter: as the the rescuers continue their work, folks from the photo that went viral decided to take their own picture showing they are safely
3:44 am
riding out the rest of the storm. nursing home residents are now safe and secure, at a different nursing home in alvin, texas. their friend and family can't go and visit them because all the air ports are closed and the houston roads, let's take a look. most of them are flooded. more good news though, some of the nursing home managers tell us that everyone, everyone in that picture is in good spirits. norah. omar villafranca thank you for the update. good news. texas governor greg abbott, praised federal response to harvey saying he had spoken on multiple occasions to president trump and members of his cabinet. as nancy cordes reports, several big political fights are looming over the cost of recovery and building. >> reporter: federal resources have begun flooding into texas. 2 million liters of water. 2 million meals. tens of thousands of tarps. all at the direction of fema
3:45 am
director brock long. >> the shelter mission will be a very heavy lift. >> earliest mats for recovery and rebuilding are at $40 billion and climbing. but, fema's coffers have dwindled to $3.8 billion. earlier this year the trump administration, proe prosed sla the budget by 11%. >> you will get your funding. terrible tragedy. >> president trump made no mention of the cuts today. >> we are dealing with congress as you know. it is going to be a very expensive situation. we want to take care of the people of texas and louisiana. >> reporter: congress will be facing several other urgent deadlines when it returns next week. the nation's borrowing lip it must be raised and the government funded by the end of september. president trump has threatened a shutdown if he doesn't get funding for a border wall. >> i hope that's not necessary. if it is necessary, we'll have to see. >> reporter: now some northern republicans are calling out texas senators john cornen and
3:46 am
ted cruz who are pushing for more aid, even though they opposed a $50 billion relief bill after hurricane sandy. new jersey guch n governor, chris christy. >> the congressional members in texas are hip krits. i said in 2012. >> cruz defend the vote from houston. >> i didn't thing it was appropriate to engage in pork barrel spending where 2/3 of the bill was unrelated spending had nothing to do with sandy and was politicians wasting money. >> fema is encouraging flood victims to begin filing their insurance claims. another fiscal flash point. national flood insurance program its currently running a $25 billion deficit. and it is set to expire altogetheren a month, norah if congress doesn't act. >> wow, congress has a lot to do. nancy un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer with
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. harvey's path cut through the heart of the u.s. oil industry. the storm is fueling an increase in gasoline prices nationwide. here is kris van cleave. >> reporter: as hurricane harvey slammed into the texas coast it shut down some of the biggest oil and gas refineries in the country. the houston area accounts for more than a quarter of the nation's gasoline production.
3:50 am
this map shows all oil and gas operations in the storm's path. nearly 20% of the country's refining capacity is offline. that's 2.5 million barrels a day. including the exxon mobile refinery in baytown, texas, america's second largest, typically producing 560,000 barrels daily. gas prices are 4 cents nationally already. >> labor day will be more expensive. >> anticipated prices would go up 5 cents around the country. 10 cents or hire. >> triple a expects those places to include hard hit gulf states. >> a lot yet to be noechblt in terms of damage. if refiners are down for an extended period of time we could see higher gas prices upward of 20 cents. 30 cents. >> when katrina devastated new orleans, gas prices spiked nationally by 46 cents. any increase in energy costs from harvey could extend beyond pain at the pump.
3:51 am
>> people will see higher prices, trickle through. not just higher gas prices but also perhaps higher price for fruits, vegetables, costs more to get them to market. and, a higher price for the airline ticket to visit your mother at christmas time. >> gas price spikes after a hurricane are not uncommon. they're typically short-lived. assuming the refineries are able to get back on line quickly. the longer they say offline, the larger the price increase, longer it will last. anthony. >> president trump will travel to texas later today to get a firsthand look at the devastation in and around houston. mr. trump discussed the trip during a news conference yesterday with the president of finland. >> i'm wondering what you can tell the people of texas to expect in terms of long-term recovery efforts and in particular you have been feuding with some key congressional leaders, you have also threatened a government shutdown potentially next month over border wall funding.
3:52 am
are these going to hamper long term, the funding that will be needed long term for recovery. >> no, i think that, you are going to see rapid action from congress. certainly from the president. and, and, you are going to got your funding. it's a terrible tragedy. your governor has been -- absolutely outstanding. and the job he has done. and this entire staff. and i will say that, that i just spoke with greg, he is, he is -- 24/7. we expect to have requests on our desk fairly soon. we think that, congress will, will, feel very very much the way i feel. in a very bipartisan way. that will be nice. but we think you are going to have what you need. and it will go fast. >> does the situation make you reconsider the possibility of a government shutdown. >> i think it has nothing to do with. this is separate. this is going to go, very, very quickly. >> in e hurricane harvey hitting friday night you chose to pardon former sheriff
3:53 am
joe arpaio. i wonder could you tell us what was behind your thinkingish urg a pardon for the sheriff what do you say to your critics, some in your own party say it was the wrong thing to do? >> well, a lot of people think it was the right thing to do, john. actually in the middle of a hurricane though friday evening. i assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally. the hurricane was starting. i put it out, i pardoned. as we say, sheriff joe. he has done ape great job for the people of arizona. he is very strong on borders. very strong on ill loo illegal immigration. he is loved in arizona. thought he was treated unfairly when they came down with their big decision to go get him before the election voting started. as you know. he lost in a fairly close election. would have within the election. they just hammered him before the election. i thought that was a very, very unfair, thing to do. >> in the aftermath, do you
3:54 am
believe, cutting fema's budget is the right thing to do. >> no, what is going to happen is the fema money is relatively small compared to the rebuilding money. so fema right now we have the funny necessary for, texas, and, louisiana, if we need. but the, the real number which will be -- many billions of dollars will go through congress. i think it will happen very quickly. it will go very fast. and, i want to congratulate you on the net work a great network. >> thank you. if i may follow-up on one other question from earlier. >> yes. >> southern border wall. is your plan to have mexico pay for the wall. >> it will one way or another. mexico will pay for the wall. it may be through reimbursement. one way or another mexico will pay for the wall. right now negotiating nafta. in my opinion, mexico has been very difficults they should be. why wouldn't they be. they had a sweetheart deal for so many years. >> if i may follow up. tuesday you said if we have off to close down our government we are building that wall. >> i hope that its not necessary. let me tell you. i hope that's not necessary.
3:55 am
if it is necessary,
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one of the worst storms in history has brought out the best in texantexans. we were struck by the many scenes of people coming to the aid of their neighbors. 10-year-old jay vaughn and best friends franklin and de leon, 16, 14, ran through waist high floodwaters, to check on neighbors at their apartment complex in houston. when a truck stalled in high water, six teenagers took off their shirts and started pushing. in rockport, miguel juarez handed out free walter. the heb grocery store set up a mobile kitchen, providing free, hot meals. and there were rescues. neighbors used their personal boats to rescue jane rhoads in
3:59 am
friendswood. a woman named janice, was pulled from the water, by her son, and a neighbor. more than 2,000 rescues were made by national guard and local authorities. fortbend county sheriff, troy nells lifted a baby into an air bet. houston swat officer carried katherine pham and-year-old son to safety. and to add to that, anthony, tonight we learned there are more than 1, volunteer thousands in this convention sent secenter behind us helping texans. one reminder that people in texas have a big heart. >> thanks norah. that's the "overnight news" for tuesday.
4:00 am
it's tuesday, august 29th, 2017. this is the cbs morning news. more rain, more flooding spells more trouble for texas. >> i've been here all my life and i don't ever remember it raining this much for this long. >> the need is overwhelming. we as a city entity and government have resources but we don't have enough. >> flood waters have taken over roads, driving thousands of people to emergency shelters.


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